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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 12, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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the treasury secretary said in that interview that he sees saudi arabia as a triffitt partner for combating terror finance that they've been very effective in combating terror but many people taking those comments as somewhat ironic given the accusations that saudi arabia is now facing we are also getting these reports kimberly of a three way investigation u.s. investigators working with people from working with people from ankara do we know as far as the u.s. is concerned i guess the cia slash state department how that will play out. yeah we're getting little bits and pieces you have to to read in between the lines often from these public statements coming out of the state department coming from the treasury secretary moments ago when he gave that interview he said it looks like there could be some information next week add to that the president when he spoke from the oval office yesterday saying that you know there are waiting information there will be a report out soon add to that the secretary the state department press secretary
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heather nauert saying that there is in fact a law enforcement presence of vailable and that they are waiting information it very clearly shows that the united states will keeping its cards close to its chest is involved in this investigation in fact the press secretary for the state department heather now at the spokesperson rather saying that they are also very interested in speaking to the saudi ambassador to the united states and they are waiting that opportunity to speak when he returns home so the united states is certainly taking an active effort in trying to determine the facts on the ground there has been some intelligence that has obviously been leaked to the foreign relations committee and we saw on thursday those very strong and definitive statements coming out of the top ranking republicans on that committee saying they believe that. he was in fact dead so they were speaking with some certainty and certainly their actions are not pressuring the white house to act but as we've
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seen all week it has been somewhat reluctant to do so you get the sense where you all can believe that if this had been a and although u.s. resident the tempo and the exposure of the investigation might have been different in as much as we understand when it comes to the contents of these alleged tapes the audiotapes and the videotapes that are of the existence reportedly it's claimed of what actually happened to jamal shah showed she the turkish authorities have in effect given the states a breakdown of what happened but they haven't shared the tapes with anyone a far as we know outside of turkey. you know the wheels of investigation particularly in the united states tend to move quite slowly so i don't think that this is that unusual what we are seeing move quickly though that is notable is the u.s. congress and that goes back to the fact that they've been pretty unhappy with saudi arabia for some time in fact we saw an effort of blocking still in place in fact
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arms sales that was headed by top democrat bob menendez in terms of trying to no longer provide the u.s. assistance to the saudi led coalition in yemen given the high humanitarian situation and no high number of casualties that is occurring there this is been something that's been on the radar of members of congress for quite some time so this is just adding to that many members of congress have been saying basically look at saudi arabia if you have nothing to hide if he is not dead then prove it we need to see proof of life we need to see that he is still alive and obviously now with more than a week this is not happened the members of congress are incredibly frustrated they are getting some intelligence and piers but there are some very big gaping holes so we are awaiting what it sounds like will be a report whether it is triggered by this human rights legislation put forward by the senators or whether this is something separate and independent as part of one
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of the intelligence agencies that is cooperating with turkish authorities it's unclear but it does appear that there is information that is imminent and we all await it complete thanks very much. plenty more still to come for you here on the news hour including a massage is up there in the south of france where he has something to say trying to replicate the energy the powers the summit in order to try and solve the world's energy problems. and peace it will tell you why croatia and england will be playing friday's nation's heat game behind closed doors that's coming up in about half an hour. turkish prosecutors are calling for an american pastor at the center of a diplomatic dispute between the u.s. and turkey to be jailed for ten years but he also called for andrew bronson to be released from house arrest he's accused of espionage and has been detained since twenty sixteen on suspicion of involvement in the failed coup against president
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earlier one his lawyers say brunson would be free to leave turkey immediately if the judge approves the white house imposed sanctions and tariffs on turkish entities earlier this year demanding bronson's release. pope francis has accepted the resignation of the archbishop of washington this is the latest development in the church's efforts to deal with decades of clerical abuse of children cardinal donald world has been accused of knowing about the actions of abusers during his time as the bishop of pittsburgh thirty two priests who worked under him during that time were accused of abuse in a recent grand jury report though he is resigning as archbishop of washington he will stay on as a cardinal. russia says it will defend russians in ukraine in case of violence after splits in the orthodox church on thursday ukraine secured approval to establish an independent church the decision was made by the ecumenical patriarch in istanbul the spiritual leader of three hundred million orthodox believers
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worldwide the move has caused the biggest splits in christianity for more than five hundred years the break is linked to russia's annexation of crimea from ukraine in twenty fourteen a funerals been held for the bulgarian journalist a tory a modern over who was murdered last week the thirty year old was raped and killed in the northern town of rootsy on her last t.v. show she interviewed two journalists investigating suspected corruption involving businessmen politicians and e.u. money a bulgarian man has been arrested in germany in connection with the attack. amnesty international is warning against an offensive over the last rebel held province in syria the human rights organization says there will be widespread civilian casualties if the syrian government goes ahead with it and misty's urging syria's ally russia to stop the offensive seventy two hours is the deadline that has been given before the offensive begins that's by that time in theory the buffer
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zone should be ready and people can move into safety this is complete illusion first of all we have not seen people moving into the buffer zone in any significant numbers so far and second of all this buffer zone is by far not adequate to protect all of the civilians thousands of them who are currently in the government. the worst part is that we know exactly what's going to happen once they're fans of begin we don't need to speculate we saw it in aleppo we saw it in other opposition controlled areas we know that there will be massive civilian casualties that there will be destruction that there will be disappearances arrests and mass displacement . if these thirty four people have been killed in a landslide in eastern uganda close to the border with kenya a river burst its banks on thursday sending mud and bring down a hillside in the district of. many of those killed were at
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a market which was buried laura purton manley with more. this is one of three villages destroyed by flooding its residents lament and lost way of life and the death of loved ones the intensity of mudslides has left them with no time to bury the dead their only concern now is to find any survivors. but so far only bodies are being pulled from the mud we have it is to be edited down by. those who are missing because of that a million i was just west of today so we asked yet still i says need to know exactly how they knew we had there i was as we were said to have and then from a doctor this is where most of it would be because to me i mean you couldn't believe you could be turned over to many of those killed were to market the river buses banks at the foothills of mt elgon on thursday and the water swept depor
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downstream all the bridges on the board roads are going to cut both but there's just no recourse if we just been taken or did not go over said she took what you're going to establish i don't want to have the door sort taken on going rain is hampering rescue efforts president yoweri museveni is dispatching more rescue teams to the area but due to district is vulnerable to landslides and flooding more than one hundred people died in two thousand and ten and in two thousand and twelve three villages were destroyed the government has tried to move people to safer areas but many residents don't want to leave your about in miami al-jazeera. at least eleven people have died in one of the strongest hurricanes to ever hit the united states many coastal towns in florida are still cut off a day after hurricane michael made landfall as a category four storm well the nine hundred thousand homes are without power in the state governor rick scott says the storm has left
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a trail of quotes unimaginable destruction nigeria's agriculture minister is warning there could be a shortage of rice the country's staple food after devastating floods hit big parts of the country destroying crops just as farmers were getting ready for the harvest when interest visited some of the worst affected areas for three long weeks floodwaters have covered large parts of jigawa state in the north of nigeria. farmlands and damaged roads have become temporary fishing grounds. with their crops rotting and the water some farmers salvage what they can more than one hundred thousand of them have seen this year's harvest wiped out from the best in. two or processing is the whole chain has broken down and it is it is it is mostly lost of money to the economy and they do have a multiplier effect on the on the general economy of the state is the only huge
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huge loss for us only a few of the states rights farms escaped the flood waters more than a thousand hectares of this rice sam has been under water for more than three weeks now the owners say the crop is rotten and lost he like many other farmers would have to find a way of feeding their families before the next harvest that is if the floodwaters don't return sure i will look at borrowed money to expand his farm here in the head age of rally in the hopes of more crops and bigger profits. when our music at it started last year and made a lot of money this year a trickle in of two thousand five hundred dollars to increase output and lost everything. experts blaming climate change for the floods and i warning of long term consequences it is weren't retired in the first place the right if for food security. and ultimately government may have to
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take very serious and my this is just to meet the immediate needs of the old the victims that have been affected. this is disaster came when nigeria's borders are still closed to rise the imports are staple for most families . in one of the state's most affected of issues to helping to ease the pain of some farmers by giving out seat. we are now in the process of given them hybrid seeds mature and seeds so that they will use it a siege or must at least two or to get something out of their land but that may not be enough to save the farmers from economic ruin across eighteen states in nigeria more than two hundred thousand hectares of crops have been destroyed in addition to lives crops and homes there's been a significant damage to infrastructure. forced right can use where highways existed
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these villagers not only escaped death when their wooden boat capsized a reminder that though the flood has receded the threat to live remains committee agrees. we're joined now judea. let's go back to our top story the disappearance and alleged killing of the saudi journalist jamal segal as a middle east analyst and columnist he joins us from washington. as far as you're concerned are these saudi denials looking increasingly weak or perfectly believable . let me first began by stating that. very close friend and he was very popular here in the washington policy community and every time we would want to understand what was happening in the region and in saudi arabia in particular me and myself and our colleagues would always go to him for advice in an interesting conversation so these the reports that we're seeing in
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the media are really hitting us on a personal level here in washington asked your question we have just seen that this saudi ambassador to united states khalid bin solemn on and a brother of m.b.'s returned to riyadh yesterday for consultations so things are looking extremely difficult right now for the u.s. saudi relationship because some credible answers as to what happened to mr kerry's shogi has to be put forward then so for so far we have not seen anything other than some very grim rumors playing out the new media and we all hope that they are of course not true but we don't quite know as of yet have the saudis misread the potential consequences of this specifically talking about this global conference that was should happen or it should be put in jeddah i noticed in the past ninety seconds or so and this and b. c. are also saying we're not going to go you've got people at richard branson
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international known iconic figure of the world of business and also private space exploration saying no there are questions to be asked to me there is a confluence coming together of pressure on the one hand from very very powerful journalistic organizations combined with the u.s. congress in effect giving the u.s. president donald trump four months to start to do something about this. that is absolutely correct where we're seeing. civil society organizations indian ited states big business and even venture capital firms who had initially planned to participate in this conference are now all pulling out and we also know that instrumental for to saudi vision twenty thirty would be foreign investment so all of that could dry up if this crisis does not evolve and provide satisfactory answers we're also seeing that the president is under extreme pressure domestically
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both from republicans and from democrats to. face to come up with an answer as to what happened as of now the question the answer to the solution lies and and turkey we have seen some media reports in the media this morning that to deter allege that they have recordings audio recordings and video recordings of what took place so we can expect more drift drip leaks throughout the day and that will definitely impact how the president of the united states will respond and most likely what they were going is ations will put their investments in participation in the upcoming conference on freeze and when you talk about those drip drip those leaks we know not so very far away if perhaps from this sort of triangulated investigation where you go u.s. personnel personnel turkish personnel presumably going into the consulate building
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trying to get into the consul general's building trying to track down the two planes that left trying to track down the diplomatic cause might twee not see a. news conference might we see a three way news conference and if we do what does that tell us about mr urgent ones handling of this. i think mr erdogan has handled this case extraordinary well given the fact day prior to this crisis the u.s. turkish relationship was. deteriorating and we have seen just yesterday reports that an abducted christian pastor or mr bronson will be returning to united states and that had been if that had been a condition for normalizing the u.s. turkish relationship so we're seeing that the u.s. turkish relationship is already accelerating towards normalization the question is what does this triangular relationship between saudi united states and turkey how
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can they square d. impossible and on the one hand find satisfactory answers to the public and to everyone who who are sitting on on needles here waiting to hear what happened to our friend and colleague and on the other hand try to understand what this means for the geo political landscape in a region that is already extraordinary unstable and i would even add dangerous i hear what you're saying about your friend and colleague i hear what you're saying of course about how you would go to him you would get his take on some story that was pertinent to this region everyone that we've been talking to over the past ten days since this story broke has said the same thing they've been saying that as far as the crown prince in riyadh is concerned we're learning about a different interpretation of who he is and the u.s. has to react accordingly to that however what does it tell us about mr erdogan because there is certainly surely an irony here mr erdogan in the immediate aftermath of the twenty sixteen failed coup locked up journalists he went off to
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people who called themselves the voice of freedom is there a certain double standard here granted mr never did anything very very bad inside the consulate inside the country yes but he does not like himself voices of quote dissent although your friend mr shoji never styled himself as being the voice of dissent. well i think i think what is there for end this time is that all the evidence are very clear it could have been if the saudis indeed are responsible for for his killing if that proves to be the case and that's a big if week as we haven't seen any evidence as of yet but if that is the case it could have been based precisely on the calculation that that the turkish president does not have a lot of credibility when it comes to oppress freedom at least in the west so that might have been part of the calculus taken by the saudis but at this point it is of
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course only speculative ok we have to leave it there. thanks so much thank you know the last few minutes the turkish court has sentenced an american pastor the gentlemen the new boy was talking about at the center of a diplomatic dispute between the u.s. and turkey the court bronson should be released from house arrest soon i'm consumed following that story for us good afternoon just get us right up to speed what else do we know. peter yes finally off there's exactly staying two years in prison under pastor branson pastor andrew branson i'm sorry is free right now his house arrest and his travel ban has a have been lifted by the judge decision and also you was sentenced to three years one month and fifteen days but he over this served two years in prison so the rest
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of one year is suspect and right now technically. brunson is free and to go back to his country if he wants or if you want to say he can stay here of course this is a good news for the americans also also this is a good news for the turkish markets because all everybody was waiting for this court decision as there was the pressure on the turkish there are following the tension between the u.s. and turkey over. bronson's sentence mother of course i right now we are waiting for them to come out to the court right behind me also u.s. officials are here at the court u.s. embassy is charged affair is expected to give a presser right here in front of the gate regarding that this edition of pastor bronson's release so what does this do to all boy does this leave the relationship between and washington between mr and mr trump particularly in the context of
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what's going on in istanbul at the moment over the disappeared journalist jamal khashoggi. well for the last couple of years especially since the last storm of former american president barack obama by late through the way sions between turkey and the united states have been strained especially over syria because the americans washington have have been giving support to the p y d y p g of the kurdish fighters in syria which turkey claims to be an out those terrorist organization and linked to p.k. k. also some disputes over this case pastor bronson brought a lot of sound because two countries post sanctions over each other as he was house arrested but of course. case is very important because turkey's and turkey and saudi relations are at the brink the diplomatic ties are at the edge of being
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cut which means circle will need some international support to have pressure over saudi arabia regarding disappearance or maybe killing according to the official sources so not turkey uncovers hoping that turkey will have support from washington to be able to put some pressure over saudi arabia as trumps trump and saudi relations are very strong but of course time will show because we have been reading it trumps decisions about the a military support to saudi arabia but of course this will bring a positive. positive impact on turkey american by the true liberations as mr pompeo stated it's a very good step. thank you very much. spring time getting a bit stormy done under his rock yes after an entire winter of drought it's quite nice to see a bit of rain but maybe not quite this much
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a tennis ball size hail sized hail i should say at a standstill this is must a cloud of accordions and this is a big change the type do sound swells i think is still in drag queens and maybe didn't pass about labor this is proper stormy stuff now i'd like to show you pictures of tennis ball sized hail i can show you pictures of the damage which is quite significant inland from brisbane inland from gimpy eight hundred chickens displaced with these chicken sheds destroyed i deny me survive but you know that some of these livelihood anyway unfortunately i can't say things are getting better at brisbane's temperature eighteen greens just more storms around for the next day or so they're staying the pacific but the other rim the u.s. now we have and this is a continuation here like of the southwest monsoon the trend where we get rain in the desert southwest that is also tropical storm alex hurrican is on its way across baja california it will follow i think the track of the last one which gives you rain for mexico then arizona and probably new mexico as well and not
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a lot not trend then you for the line across the mid of the u.s. you've been covering this thing did the weather i have to say in the carolinas dieted science is fine for the time being we look toward flooding down in the southwest. rob thanks very much still to come here on the news out of break dancing at the olympic games we'll take a look at some of the sports looking to make an impact to the youth games in argentina stay with us. were. i have dedicated almost my entire professional life to the bench and fight against corruption and what i have heard is that we need champions we need also to shine the light on those shampoos and this award bridges that gap that existed in this.
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nominate your own version of your own child the light on what they do and do it not shine a light on your hero with your nomination for the international space award two thousand and eighteen for more information go to isa war dot com.
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welcome to just joining us you are watching the al-jazeera news thirty eight minutes past the hour let's update you on all the top stories turkey's state run news agency says a saudi delegation has an hour drive to investigate the disappearance of jamal has shoji he was last seen walking into the saudi consulate in istanbul on october the second and there are reports he was killed inside france has now become the latest country to demand more information about what happened to him in the last few minutes an american pastor at the center of a diplomatic dispute between the u.s. and turkey is to be released from house arrest and allowed to leave the country a turkish court sentenced him to three years in jail on a terrace charge but said he wouldn't spend any more time in custody because of time already served. going to these thirty four people have been killed in a landslide in eastern new gander close to the border with kenya a river burst its banks on thursday sending mud and debris down the hillside in the district a buddha many of those killed was a market which was buried. a global partnership of scientists is building the first
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prototype nuclear fusion reactor in the southeast of france costing at least twenty four billion dollars the project could be the answer to the world's clean energy needs when it switched on but that's not expected to happen for another seventeen years as natasha but the explains from karachi and genea say the project is so complex and expensive they fear delays could cause countries to withdraw their funding. set in pine forests in the south of france is the world's biggest nuclear experiment hundreds of experts are working on a unique reactor project called e-tail that could help solve the world's energy problems by capturing the power of nuclear fusion it's run by the e.u. and six countries including the us russia and china. before the their civil society live each other is about until our future energy needs and finding a source that can last for centuries it will consume hydrogen due tyrian interest him for which we have resources for hundreds of thousands of years above all it'll
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be safer and create no long lasting radioactive waste when the react to ricin ishta it will contain one million purpose built components from around the world they must be precisely fitted there's no room for mistakes nuclear energy is currently created by splitting atoms but fusion forces them together it's the same process the power as the sun and this reactor aims to replicators inside the reactor reply as more of heated gas would reach temperatures of more than one hundred fifty million degrees centigrade fusing the atoms to create energy of magnetic field would protect the machine from intense heat if i walk on all the big projects but this one is more complicated and it's all about one thing and that is hitting their lines. sticking to a tight sched jewel is one of each tells me challenges when it launched in two thousand and six everyone thought the reactor would be finished in ten years but
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thirty five countries investing in building components the just sticks politics and the sheer complexity of the project has caused delays and rising costs despite that it is director general says the project is on track by someone half a recent three vis dignity you will be aboard. if you will not be so easy to use any more and saw we will have competent fusion technology ridge will be available for the war. critics say there's a risk that won't work will never lead to fusion energy being commercially viable it could be an enormous waste of time and money but if it does work it could help save the planet from climate change and prove the power of the human imagination for those here it's a gamble with taking the trash butler al-jazeera cata hash france bill dollar and is
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a physicist at the university of maryland who joins us on skype from washington bill dollar and why is this new project such a big deal well it's a very big deal because it's a very big project billions and billions of euros will be spent on it but it's also a big deal because it's an exciting step in the direction of a long term energy or man what's the difference here between fusion and fission well it's like the difference between. we have beers and an illusion farms the barn that dropped on hiroshima was a vision barn of the big ones the megaton one thousand times more power or fusion bomb so fusion will be much more powerful than. how much energy in theory when they hit the on switch how much energy can it provide us with. well the one in france won't produce any energy it's a nick the scientific experiment but when we actually turned on using reactors it's
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enough to run all of human civilization for centuries by the lot all of human civilization i mean everyone on the planet gets hot water electricity conditioning drive the car etc off the back of this one installation oh no no no not this one installation out of an economy of many of them this one of the scientific experiment well we're still as the director on the feet we're still decades away from actually making our reactors that produce that amount of power is this a good idea or a bad idea because across the border in germany post fukushima the german government is slowly disassembling its nuclear power plants is getting rid of nuclear and one can kind of see where they're coming from because people said fukushima is perfectly safe can never go wrong it wasn't perfectly safe and it did go wrong right so this that's a good question actually two things one. with the fission reactor in the fission
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reactors that are inherently. all the ones we have today are inherently dangerous because they you have to cool them off to keep them from having trouble new genre reactors the opposite if you turn it off it turns off so the they're much less dangerous but germany is the excellent example they're getting out of the fish in business and into the fusion is the most exciting experiment in the world today and fusion is actually in in germany and it's a device one twentieth the size five percent of the one in france and it will be extremely it's already running and it's very very exciting and that's a fusion reactor why did the french government say we can do this. well it's interesting it started in the one nine hundred eighty when gorbachev and reagan had their first summit and they came up.


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