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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 14, 2018 2:00am-3:00am +03

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very carefully managed as multiple threats begin to loop on the horizon. this is al jazeera. hello i'm so raman you're watching the al-jazeera news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes i think we would have known by now that was our first stop our first hope was that he was not killed. but maybe that's. not working it's not looking too good for the u.s. president donald trump says it's now looking likely that missing journalist jamal khashoggi has been killed also an american evangelical pastor freed from jail in turkey gives his blessing to donald trump but what domestic political impact will his release have also one hundred fifty thousand people march in germany against
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racism and trent nationalism ahead of elections in the area where immigration remains a divisive issue. and the search continues for the missing after a landslide in uganda where at least forty one people have died. u.s. president donald trump has warned saudi arabia of severe punishment if it's found to be responsible for the disappearance of jamal khashoggi the saudi journalist was last seen alive entering his country's consulate dumble arms that kind of october the saudis deny plotting to kill khashoggi and say that he left the consulate but no evidence has been presented to back this claim up president trump says it's now looking likely that she was killed. now as of this moment nobody knows what happened as of this moment you know we're looking into it very seriously turkey is
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looking into it. at a very high level at the highest level at this point it's looking like it's looking like. he perhaps would be or isn't around and that's very sad i think we would have known by now that was our first hope our first hope was that he was not killed but maybe that's. not working and is not looking too good right from what we hear. well correspondent john hendren joins me now live from washington d.c. john the message seems to be getting stronger from the u.s. but still there seems to be a cautionary tone in sort of the potential action from the president. so true the president when it comes to getting tough on saudi arabia is now talking the talk but it's really not clear what he can do to follow up here because he's already ruled out doing what is perhaps the one great using what is perhaps the greatest cudgel he hasn't dealing with saudi arabia and that is an arms deal that
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he himself negotiated with king solomon on his first visit outside of the united states which was to saudi arabia the president says he doesn't want to do that he says the deal is worth one hundred ten billion dollars it's not clear what it will actually eventually be worth but he says he's concerned about hurting american businesses and that saying that business will go to china or russia so that's one affective thing he could do he's ruled that one out the other thing he could do is to ask his treasury secretary steve not to speak at an upcoming investment conference in riyadh a number of companies. media companies like the new york times have pulled out of that conference but steve nugent was interviewed recently and said he still plans to go president trump says he has yet to talk to king solomon he says he will do that within the next twenty four hours that was something he just told reporters while getting ready for a rally in kentucky but it's not clear what else he can do he was specifically
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asked that question a little earlier today and he did not answer it. continues to be bouncing precious suddenly at home regardless of what's going on geopolitically from politicians because politicians way you want the president to do more pressure is mounting. that's right in the u.s. senate twenty three senators signed a letter asking the president to investigate exactly what happened here and it's important to note that we've got midterm elections coming up in the united states in november a lot of those senators are up for reelection so they're very concerned that he this is a u.s. resident a journalist in the united states who according to intelligence reports from turkey was killed in saudi arabia i'm sorry in the saudi arabian consulate in istanbul so there is mounting pressure from congress on the president and that may be responsible for the tougher talk we're hearing from him but again it's just not
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clear what he can do to follow up on this unless he's willing to change his mind either on the arms deal pulling steve he has said that the fiance of jamal khashoggi will be here at the white house that he has extended that invitation and she is expected here and of course that's going to keep this whole issue alive and that will be upsetting to saudi arabia which still calls this story has showed she was killed a lie for the moment we'll leave it and continue to follow vents with you through that i thank you the investigations continue in istanbul to determine what happened to jamal khashoggi but turkey's foreign minister says there's not yet been any cooperation from saudi arabia is in the. saudi arabia must cooperate and allow access via chief prosecutor is a face and expects to enter to saudi can so that when it is it does appear there in the consulate therefore that
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a sake of disinvest occasion in order to bring everything out in the open they must allow access to to come submit we haven't seen any collaboration that we want to see that must be allowed to enter to consider that saudi arabia meets to cooperate with us. pro-government media in turkey say officials of an order according of what happened when jamal khashoggi walked into the saudi consulate over a week ago charles trafford has more from istanbul. pro-government turkish media say it has proof that jamal who showed she was murdered by a saudi hit squad that proof it says is a recording made using an apple watch which the journalist was wearing on the day he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul turkey government sources told al-jazeera the watch was sinks to his phone which he left with his fiance who waited for him outside the watch can only record audioboo the recording so say turkish government sources is clear enough to establish the her soldier was
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murdered inside the consulate but technology experts doubt that the watch could have recorded audiovisual in this case i wouldn't say unbelievable there's a few technical challenges a few potential issues with this narrative it's not immediately consistent with the story and what we know the details. but the technology is capable of creating a lot of time a tree and it's also designed to synchronize it's designed to try to find access point and connect so it's not out of the realm of possibility so there are still questions about exactly how the turkish authorities obtained the audio evidence saudi arabia has called the allegations a baseless lies or friday the kingdom to spanish king solomon's top advisor prince khalid al faisal who met the turkish president received tight order want to try and find a way out of this crisis turkey is pushing saudi arabia to allow a joint team access into the consulate to conduct an investigation of the suspected
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murder scene speculation will continue to grow as to what exactly happened in the building behind me until solid evidence is released that some sources in the turkish government and the turkish media say proves he was murdered the turkish government has yet to release a formal statement on a crisis that is fast becoming a major diplomatic issue with huge ramifications for saudi arabia on the world stage. a stumble. through a shell has more from outside the saudi consulate in istanbul. this by this high profile delegation dispatched by saudi king solomon headed by one of his top advisers prince khalid and face on arriving in turkey on friday there's still be no statements about what exactly is the objective of this delegation and what they will try and achieve because there have been questions raised as to whether this is
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a political delegation trying to find a solution to this crisis with turkey or is it one as has been told to the media that is going to be part of the investigation and if so turkey already has said that it knows the results of this investigation it claims that it has the evidence and has shared the evidence with the united states that actually was assassinated in the consulate now on saturday turkey's foreign minister for another time expressed his government's frustration at the lack of cooperation from the saudis which is a surprise to some because it would have appeared that riyadh and ankara had reached some sort of program or workflow or an at least a basic agreement hence the arrival of this delegation however according to the foreign minister as well as other officials one of the main points of contention from the target is that they have still not been given access by the saudis to search and to inspect the. consulates behind me on top of that they would also like
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access to the consul general's home as well as several vehicles that are registered to the diplomatic mission here internationally speaking there's been word from donald trump he says that there will be a huge price to pay if indeed it is established that the saudis ordered the assassination of federal see that is going to embolden turkey's position that has been the charts have been looking for some sort of international consensus in order to establish what they will do as a result of what they say is the killing of. eleven days have gone by since he entered the building not to come out ironically or interesting really enough such a day was to be the sixtieth birthday his. fiance tweeted that she had planned for a surprise dinner for him she was going to invite some of his closest friends that's obviously hasn't happened and it's a stark reminder that away from the politics away from the diplomacy this is very much a human story about a journalist who went to the consulate's behind me never to be seen again well
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david knox the u.s. deputy assistant secretary of state for near east affairs and also was ambassador to the united arab emirates sudan scholar at the middle east institution joins me via skype from washington d.c. good to have you with us on the program and we can president really inflict severe punishment on saadi without damaging vital economic ties with a nation that he actually regards as a friend. i think the problems are mainly in. president trump's head. we certainly can take measures. against saudi arabia to send them a clear message that there are limits to the degree to which they can. take measures in another friendly allied state of ours turkey. against a us resident journalist who was traveling in turkey at the time. it's true that the united states has very deep relations with saudi arabia in
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a wide range of fields it's true that to his relations are strategically very important to the united states but it's also true that president trump like any u.s. president faces some serious limitations in our political system. in doing exactly what he might like to do with regard to a foreign country ok well in the short term political i just interrupt that and in the short term what could present time to for example could he send saudi diplomats home we've seen not with that with other countries in different circumstances could he restrict saudi student visas i mean there are soft options and there are hard options and there's the options perhaps the in the middle. well i don't or a lot of pressure now from the congress to actually impose sanctions on saudi government officials who might have been implicated in this problem and so he'd
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better look for some other measures such as the ones you suggest he could for example. send a special emissary other than jared cushion or who frankly has not acquitted himself very well and should not have the president's confidence in dealing with this matter he should send if he sent secretary of state pump a zero for example with a qualified saudi expert from the state department and there are several who are very good and that would be a good sign of how you sort of seeing this play out in terms of the geopolitics the region between the u.s. and saudi or when turkey and saudi regionally vying for influence across the middle east the divisions are becoming more obvious well good working relationships between the united states and both turkey and saudi
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arabia are very important for us overall strategy we don't have to be close friends but we have to have good working relationships and the relationships with saudi arabia are in danger of breaking down over this matter which is really only one of a wide range of issues on which we have to have cooperation with saudi arabia arabic culture is a very sensitive thing you know fully aware of it being a former ambassador being insulted doesn't matter sort of regardless of how major role in significant the slight is i mean how could or would saudi retaliate regardless against the u.s. if they were publicly humiliated. well there's a couple of things that the united states has been asking of saudi arabia that they could simply decline to do. president trump has made a big issue out of trying to press saudi arabia to increase its oil production at
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a time when we are approaching a cutoff. of the capability of iran of providing oil to the international markets this is something that trump has been publicly pushing them to do they could simply drag their feet go slowly. another thing that they can do certainly is to themselves curtail the speed with trish they implement these weapons programs these weapons sales are something to trump views as part of his legacy a huge achievement on his part as a result he has given the kingdom of saudi arabia a lever to use against him which would be to pull back from implementing these arms arrangements that are important to u.s. companies or to see what does happen certainly in the coming days for the moment david mike thanks for joining us from washington d.c. so i think you are welcome. still more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour
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including malaysia's and what abraham wins a seat in parliament marking his official return to politics also eternally displaced english speakers from western cameroon find themselves stranded in their own country afraid of going home and in sports another schumacher win another championship michael schumacher son nick secures the european of formula three title peter will have that story in sport. now the american pastor freed by a turkish court has met president donald trump at the white house under brunson was released on friday after being held since the failed coup attempt in turkey in twenty sixteen mike hanna reports. andrew bronson arrives back in the united states just a day after he was sentenced to three years imprisonment by
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a turkish court but then released in recognition of time already served. he and his family were greeted by president trump at the white house the president saying he hopes the release signals the beginning of a better relationship with turkey we feel much different about turkey today than we did yesterday. and i think we have a chance of really becoming much closer to turkey maybe even even having a very very good relationship we know the people and as the pastor said these are incredible people the people of turkey are incredible people and i think we have a chance now to really have a great relationship with turkey i hope that it happens ok earlier president trump tweeted that there'd be no formal concession by the united states there was no deal made with turkey for the release and return of pastor andrew branson i don't make deals for hostages he said there was however great appreciation on behalf of the united states which will lead to good perhaps great relations between the united states and turkey. and in
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a burst of twitter diplomacy the turkish president made clear the release was not a response to u.s. pressure. the turkish judiciary reached its decision independently says president at a one i hope that the united states and turkey will continue their cooperation as the allies that they are and fight against terrorist groups. no indication yet as to when or whether the sanctions imposed by the u.s. in retaliation for the pastor's detention will be lifted but the meeting ended in a prayer for president trump food go sit you will be hoping for governess support among evangelical christians in the moving the term elections mike hanna al-jazeera washington. well as a us political analyst and public policy professor at george mason university joins me now again from washington d.c. and as mike said at the end of his report. be interesting to see what happens in the midterms because this is radio a foreign policy success
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a breakthrough with turkey and the release of a u.s. citizen it always goes down well with the president's ratings i mean will it in this case will certainly this was a play to sew up and inspire the votes of christian evangelicals of conservative christians who did vote for trump in very high numbers in twenty sixteen and who've stuck with him because what this demonstrates to them and present from claim this all day today is that he delivers they voted for him he may not be their idea of a perfect christian and they said one of them said just today i wouldn't want him to be a sunday school teacher but he does the liver and he said i can't tell you how much i love this man that's why a lot of conservative christians feel he has delivered on judicial appointments which is their number one priority he's delivered with the opening of israel in the moving of the american embassy to jerusalem he's delivered on a lot of religious liberty initiatives that have been taken he has supported school
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choice in private school all of those things are very high on the agenda of conservative christians so he expects them to show up and they probably will show up in very large numbers in the midterm election in terms of the brunson really she would agree then that this particular issue is good to play well into the hands of republicans during the midterms that. you know play well with that constituency that's a significant constituency perhaps a quarter of the american electorate calls themselves conservative christians and they voted for they vote republican regularly and the big surprise was how loyal they have been to donald trump and the explanation was very clear in what happened today he delivers he does what they want him to do on a number of issues and this just being the latest one how much of a foreign policy success has this scenario be in terms of the relationship between ankara and the u.s.
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considering there's been so much animosity between the two in the past few months well the president of turkey is consolidating power he's an author or authoritarian leader rapidly becoming a dictator a very there's a lot of criticism of his regime in the united states it's part of a worldwide movement towards authoritarianism that doesn't seem to bother president trump at all but it irritates a lot of democrats a lot of liberals a lot of internationally minute americans wonder why charm makes common cause with so many dictatorial powers all over the world including turkey and the philippines and putin in russia and north korea what do you have in common with them all this is just another instance of his cozying up to dictators and they're doing what he wants bill we've had many analysts on the program this past week because we're quite interested in sort of the connection of the brunson release now and the need for turkey to get closer pap's to the u.s. will get the u.s. on side when it comes to the investigation i mean what's you'll analysis of what's
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going on right now. well the good the investigation of the apparent murder of the saudi journalist is something that really angers and bothers an awful lot of americans primarily the i me among many others the press which is outraged by the fact that a journalist can just be killed in a foreign country he was in america he wasn't apparently he's dad was an american citizen but he was a resident it's gotten a lot of people very angry and very upset in the united states and it may prove a sticking point with congress and with others in the united states who are very suspect of trump's efforts to have a close relationship with saudi arabia he apparently has seen saudi arabia as a potential ally in building a coalition for an opening to israel in building a coalition of arab countries as a counterweight to iran saudi arabia has been a critical country for this president and here it seems to have exposed
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a great weakness in that relationship for the moment so we'll have to leave it there but bill schneider always good to get your opinion thanks very much for joining us from washington d.c. sure. there's ready please on investigating the death of a palestinian woman who died after israeli settlers pelted a car with rocks the funeral of forty eight year old mother a to the home of the rabin has taken place in but the husband says they were traveling through the occupied west bank on friday when a stone hit his wife in the head and burials have taken place for some of these seven palestinians killed during protests of the gaza border on friday they were taking part in weekly demonstrations demanding the right of return to that on sister lands nearly two hundred protesters have been killed by israeli forces since the protests began in march. rescue teams in eastern uganda have been searching through rubble for survivors of a landslide that killed forty one people a river burst its banks on thursday sending mud down the hillside burying the whole market in but due to
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a welcome where is in the village of went and water in relatives have begun burying the dead. the family of could. have come to take it by. a landslide crushed his house he was inside. there where four people found the house at the time it was destroyed and now you can see the body of my son right on the right. lived in the small village of one gen-y. in the foothills of mt elgon in uganda. this is what remains of it is one of several that were hit all of them poor and remote. it wasn't easy for us to get up here the landslide began in this river but it was much further upstream up in the mountains and survivors say it's the amounts of boulders trees and water come crashing along the course of the river smashing through the villages alongside it
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is the remains of one here at this flats area of mud was shops and houses and it was completely washed away along with the people who were inside. there were whole community is in mourning. most people's homes here on the strong simple structures made of wood. which today is used to coffins instead. and it's the steadily growing population here and its need for timber fuel and farmland that means trees are cut down on the steep fragile slopes and that's why the landslides keep happening again and again sometimes killing dozens of. government programs to be locate the people living here have had limited success but it has helped to treat the body that's about forty one the age that didn't last but. very soon do you think.
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that's. where they are going to produce in the. community probates. who. was a father of ten keep going to buy food for them when he was hit by a boulder. his family's one of dozens here who are now doing this. in a community where losing a loved one in a landslide has become tragically common. malcolm webb al-jazeera wondering why uganda early states mountain climbers are confirmed in poll of their. mountain was destroyed in the snowstorm the bodies of four south korean climbers and therefore poorly guides have been found a fifth south korean climber still missing feared dead. one hundred fifty thousand people have marched in germany against discrimination racism and ultranationalist and it was organized to counter ronnie's by right wing groups who held
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controversial demonstrations in recent months tension over migration has increased in germany since the fatal stabbing of a man in which emits orchids. immigration is a major issue in the german state of bavaria as voters there are electing a new regional parliament on sunday a survey suggests an increasing number of people are rejecting the far right and the centrist green party is becoming more popular dominic cain has the story. it's farmers market day in harkin or by am on this autumn morning the election is on people's minds the local green candidate is on the campaign trail but her party is in buoyant mood you did tells me she and her colleagues offer hope for a tolerant multicultural future we're growing ever more into a globalised village and you need to make sure that we're not neglecting local people and local society and nature over interests that may be the other end of it
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and i think this election will breathe new life into democracy in the very in germany and europe and make democracy great again it's a sign of how confident the green party and its candidates are in this election that they're campaigning strongly in areas like this one traditionally seem as hard lines for the governing christie and social union while the c.s.u. finds itself having to fight hard to hold on to places it used to win easily. which explains why it's in battle the prime minister is talking tough on immigration and on policing amid the band's beer and plates at a last election rally marcus spells out why voters machine the greens and vote c.s.u. . the greens stand for an ideological buying culture and i say i do not want that i want to remain the free state instead of becoming a binding state and that's why i say this program of the greens is very far away from the c.s.u.
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with this program there can be no coalition. but by attacking other party's policies some analysts suggest the c.s.u. is tacitly accepting some of their unpopular. you know you always try you all with pretend but you never make it up with if you want someone to deliver proper government opinion polls suggest where once the c.s.u. is supported by almost half the voters now barely more than a third do well one in five people say they support the greens a little more than one in ten back the social democrats we have talking about the issues that really aren't going on in everybody's life for example housing is so expensive and this is the top issue for france but the polls suggest more voters prefer a different message leaving the distinct possibility the greens will force their way into a coalition you did says her party is ready for that but all the voters will find
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out on sunday evening dominick cain al-jazeera hard in. well still ahead on the news hour tens of thousands face unsanitary conditions in overcrowded refugee camps in greece also tends to revive talks with the afghan taliban is yet another campaign rallies targeted in a deadly attack and in sport sri lankan veterans does the damage against being blamed before the weather intervenes peter that story after the break. hello again welcome back to international weather forecasts we're here across united states we do have a lot of weather to talk about hurricane michael tropical storm michael is out of the picture now we're left with much better conditions along the eastern seaboard but take a look at where the snow is going to be over the next few days denver colorado you
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have snow your high temperature only getting zero so you can see where all that cold air is coming from if you go to the northern rockies it is even colder we're talking about minus two minus three as a high across that area down to the south a much bigger difference we're talking dallas twenty six degrees there here on sunday but then we really drop down to sixteen that is that same cold front continue to push down sixteen degrees your forecast high chicago it is going to be a clear day but only nine degrees there as a make a way down here across parts of central america we are looking at a lot of clouds here across managua as well as down here towards parts of guatemala now the next few days that is going to continue but we do expect to see here across parts of havana really not looking to bad with a temperature of thirty two degrees stay partly cloudy in your forecast al as well as up here towards nasa with a temperature of about thirty one degrees and much better conditions across the u.k. and that is where michael formed but now we're looking at partly cloudy conditions there.
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journeys of past on discovery more american here and then more air india al-jazeera is correspondents tell of their past and stories that have marked their lives i feel sad that they have to endure a difficult time. here down like my family's status and wealth has benefited from their choice to enslave people. al-jazeera correspondent coming soon more than seven decades ago a country was split into three big with dick cheney and now at the time common ben been shown to be myopic all it took was a pan a map and a collapsing empire when the british had to draw a line they pulled his servant who had never been to india before al-jazeera examines the violent birth of india and pakistan and asks what the future holds for
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these nuclear neighbors partition borders of blood. welcome back to the al-jazeera news arms a home run with a reminder of our top stories u.s. president donald trump has vowed to punish saudi arabia severely if it's found to be behind the disappearance of jamal khashoggi it ruled out halting arms sales but says there were other measures he could use. also the american pastor freed by turkey has met president trump at the white house hundred brunson was released on friday after being in detention since the failed coup attempt of twenty sixteen he
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was accused by ankara of terrorism offenses charges that he tonight. also one hundred fifty thousand people have marched in germany against discrimination racism and ultranationalist and it was organized to count to rallies by right wing groups who felt controversial demonstrations in recent months. at least seventeen people including several women have been killed in an air strike by the saudi m r r t coalition in yemen jets bombed an area south of the rebel held port city of data according to the rebels a bus carrying people displaced by fighting was hit in the strike the saudi a morality coalition allied with the yemeni government is fighting you these backed by iran thousands have died in the war which has caused a humanitarian catastrophe. and southern yemen separatists controlling aiden's international airport are refusing to let the national airline refuel or maintain its aircraft that means a yemeni flights must be told through neighboring djibouti their morality back
2:35 am
southern transition council wants independence for southern yemen and ben smith reports from neighboring to bt. it's more a military airfield now than an international airport for airline passengers and the u.a.e. backed separatist forces controlling adenauer port have just made it much harder for the national airline yemeni air to continue operating the three remaining routes on a chance. to khartoum cairo and a man are no longer allowed to refuel here and engineers aren't allowed to maintain aircraft in the. saudi u.a.e. led coalition to target these airports and violate all international laws and international treaties and enforce the continued closure of civilian airport and there were conditions airports should operate under what is stated in international treaties and rules however in yemen all sorts of illegal acts some pressures have been exercised to close airports and target them directly airplanes buildings support civilian staff there has been direct targeting with whether it's in sanaa
2:36 am
or in aden the southern transition council controls most of aden including the airport while the prime minister and ministers of the internationally recognized government live in aiden's presidential palace compound the president hadi is only visible on billboard's he's been living in exile in the saudi capital riyadh for three years. of the operations of yemen's national airline is a reminder that while the s.t.c. might be in a coalition with the saudi backed government as they fight to think rebels its ultimate aim is independence yemen airways flights are now forced to make a fifteen minute detour across the red sea here to djibouti for refueling before flying on to their final destinations are just there is seeing two letters written by the airline to the coalition complaining it is costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars to make these details but the coalition has ignored those complaints. bernard smith al-jazeera djibouti an explosion at an election rally in
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afghanistan has killed at least twenty two people thirty six others were injured in the blast in the northeastern province of parker the explosives were turned to a motorcycle near the rally the crowd was going to hear a speech by a female candidate in the upcoming parliamentary elections the u.s. special envoy has met taliban officials to discuss ending the seventeen year conflict in the country zalmay khalilzad met the taliban representatives in cattle's capital on friday now this is the second face to face talks between the u.s. and the taliban since june the afghan born u.s. diplomat was appointed last month to find ways to end the fighting. has more in kabul the talks between the u.s. and the taliban are quite significant a step forward but he says that this is only mean that we're going to see an end to violence in afghanistan any time soon the americans and the international community say there's no military solution to the conflict afghanistan and therefore they're
2:38 am
willing to have all the parties come on board particularly the taliban and the afghan government to negotiate the terms of a permanent political situation solution to the crisis in afghanistan talks started in the summer the work is to mentor for the three day cease fire that took place in june but then they stalled over differences between the taliban and the americans about. issues like the need to start a prisoner exchange remove some of the senior taliban leaders from the united nations blacklist for them to be able to travel or all over the world and also about how to before the taliban still insist that we're not going to get engaged in any political talks a less foreign troops pull out from afghanistan the afghan government at the same time is quite concerned about any deal that would give the taliban big a say in the can in the near future but then the talks took place at a very critical moment for afghanistan there's been an attack targeting. an
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election rally in the northeastern province of taha fourteen people were killed and dozens injured a few days ago. an attack targeted another volley in the last ga ga which is the provincial capital of helmand dozens of people were killed including the candidates the taliban issued a statement saying that they're going to target every single election rally and they're also going to target polling stations on the twentieth of october raising many concerns about the future of the country the formulation deputy prime minister ibrahim is returning to parliament after winning an overwhelming mandate in a by election it paves the way for him to take over as leader in two years and deal with the current prime minister mahathir mohamad chatah should take reports. and leader in waiting the feeling on what uber hands return to frontline politics.
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back on harappan or the alliance of hope the ruling coalition taking fifty one percent of ballots. this by election victory in a town just south of the capitol represents much more than a local color. is. what. it is it was the may general elections in which on was photo and. a homage swept to power the two men had been enemies for two decades after mahatma imprisoned his former deputy on the sodomy charges but they joined forces to oust the previous ruling coalition. in the weeks after their victory after being jailed a second time on charges of sodomy on while was granted a full pardon and the man who put him back in prison former prime minister najib
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razak is standing trial for corruption the many of those costing ballots in port dickson today their vote was for a new clean and malaysia with this man as their leader. in the world i hope anwar wins because i have long supported him on one ninety three year old stand simply have a deal for him to take over as prime minister in two years this the fest it. al-jazeera . conflict in western cameroon has forced hundreds of thousands of people out of homes into speakers in the region or demanding independence from the government dominated by french speakers those who sought refuge inside the country want to return home but the horrors of what they see holding them have a morgan with one of the displaced families in douala. is this how you follow news back home is. two months ago john fled his village in southwest cameroon he says government soldiers came and attacked and grant houses and he had no option but to
2:42 am
flee with his wife and two children leaving their third child behind the internet has been shut off so he has no way of finding out how she's doing help or if she's still alive than what i've been most what all my calls she was. called tommy said prince seems like a. removed hurts and then him. must read it but. it all started in late twenty sixteen with english speaking lawyers and teachers in the western part of cameroon protesting against the french dominated government they said they were marginalised and demanded more representation the government responded with force which led to armed unrest a year later and the speakers make up about twenty percent of cameron's twenty four million population aids and rights groups say at least four hundred people have
2:43 am
been killed and two hundred thousand displaced by the fighting known as the anger phone crisis there are no formal displacement camps for anyone to run to so many are living with relatives i've been here in the while out or are still out in the bush with no access to basic necessities some have brought in from neighboring nigeria to get the bike crisis sifton security is a challenge with aid organizations saying they can't reach people in need in the north and south west where the fighting is movement is ongoing i think that's the most important thing people are still moving as we speak and there is very difficult access it's difficult for many reasons it's difficult obviously for the insecurity and the ongoing violence but we've also had people moving into what we call the forests which are usually their their their land where they're being you know cultivating and i think these are the people were most worried about because they're the most inaccessible. army soldiers and secessionists fighters are accused of targeting civilians and committing human rights atrocities in the rebellion cameron's government leaders say they want to give in to demands for independence
2:44 am
but are open to talks as far as the marginalization is kosher the government is open. provided does it. clear there are indications. for weeping the framework of course to do shows. john doesn't know when the fighting will end or what the result will be but he knows he doesn't want to see more of what he has already seen and worries that the doctor he left behind is much worst he will morgan al-jazeera douala more than thirteen hundred people have set off from honduras towards the united states the days after washington the honduran president to hold mass migration the so-called march of the migrant includes families with children who are walking from some pedro sula through guatemala and into mexico on to mexico many of them intend to request a visa to pass through the u.s. border president trump in the last few years accuse migrants of traveling with
2:45 am
children who are not their own. and a car carrying migrants has crashed in northern greece killing eleven people it happened near the northern town of karbala now the car was heading to the city of thessaloniki where it collided with a truck and burst into flames police say ten of the victims are believed to be migrants and the eleventh is a suspected smuggler. well it's concerning greece over the cost of supporting these sixty thousand asylum seekers and migrants the european union and they recover seventy to eighty percent of the costs but our government whistleblower has told al jazeera that many expenses may not be eligible for you grounds and the taxpayer might have to pick up the bill johnson reports from a refugee camp in last boss. this is how asylum seekers do their laundry inside moria camp on the greek island of lesbos this waste water has become the subject of an intense political battle the nearest sewage treatment plant to moria is four
2:46 am
kilometers away there's no pipeline connecting the camp to it so tanker trucks shuttled back and forth it's one of a number of services now part of a lawsuit launched by the head of the reception and identification service which runs moria and other camps and the last spoke to al jazeera about why he's blowing the whistle on migration related contracts and so-called fast track funding. i can go directly to interested parties i can do and make a deal without revealing too much information. fast track funding began in twenty fifteen at the height of the refugee crisis but believes it's harder to justify now the government applies for each new money after it's already awarded contracts for work and services and it could be months before it finds out if the e.u. is going to pay. me when a particular expenses not elected for finding it i watch the stayed budget in our case it means when
2:47 am
a funding request addicted it's bayed by greek taxpayers right now it's my impression that a million. what the finding of this ice for service is. seriously another thing al-jazeera has found fast track orders which bypass normal competitive bidding and just sign catering and housing contracts directly to individual companies and nongovernmental organizations these can involve substantial amounts of money this ten day contract to feed more than eight thousand people in moria is worth half a million dollars assigned directly to a local consortium it does not state where the money will come from and the greek taxpayer could end up with the bill in the last four years the european union has allocated one point eight billion dollars to greece in compensation for migration related costs such as food sheltering and search and rescue what is unknown to the greek taxpayer is how much the government has spent through emergency procedures that aren't eligible for you funding and there are hidden costs to this way of
2:48 am
doing business the regional governor says she's been asking for moria to be connected to the sewage treatment plant for two years. not connecting morea to it leads to the sewage being dumped in the surrounding dry river beds we have been forced in the interests of public health and the environment to impose fines of fifty thousand and eighty thousand euros on the migration ministry because the water table is being contaminated the ultimate cost though is borne by the asylum seekers themselves it is they who have to live with the smell of dumped sewage and are forced to eat meals produced without any guidelines allowing caterers to expand profit margins at the expense of quality jumpstart ople us morea. of the market in paris and other french cities to demand more action from world leaders on climate change reports indicate few countries are meeting targets agreed under the twenty fifteen paris climate agreement reducing emissions and pollution rates
2:49 am
scientists are warning of devastating affects as early as twenty forty. well still ahead here on the news it just was a day in shanghai peter will be here with those details and spoke. to. the treasury. the late to some use as it breaks security officials so they were treating crystal just disappearance as
2:50 am
a murder investigation. with detailed coverage the area here was the preschool people thought it would be a safe place to run to the ground beneath them turned to mud and swallowed them up from around the world the local government has been trying to clean up there. the more dangerous a constant loath to leave around eight. times his pizza. thank you very much twenty time grand slam winner roger federer has been shocked at the shanghai masters the defending champion was up against collations born to try to cheat in the semifinals on saturday took the first set six four
2:51 am
federal was unable to swing the momentum back is way thirteen seed bearing on to take the second set six four was well to progress to sunday's final i day as i said i think it's one of the best matches of my whole life or wish to beat roger in it to play like that and i know it was just it was something special for me or. now i have the an enviable task of facing no that's not a bitch in the final blitzed pasta alexander that i have six two six one in they say me this is joke a bitch is one thousand career match and he's on a winning streak of seventeen jimmie's it if he is the world of the five but he had no way past these opponents defenses shock which hasn't been broken in shanghai and these never last the final here either winning all three of them. i was very very focused from the beginning i had a great intensity on the court and the other hand you know from such as part of his he was quite a weird match and i know he can play much better than he has tonight i don't know
2:52 am
whether he was experiencing some you know some some issues physically but you know he made a lot of offers theirs and it happens you had those days you know i try to do everything i intended to do on my end and just played a very very solid match. very slight meltdown thanks to those unforced errors but it worked out well for one of the spectators in shanghai a twenty one year old smashed his racket and then stepped on it just to make sure it was really and truly usable. for the salute given the condition to be kept as a treasured souvenir by the man who caught it when he threw it into the crowd. former world cup winner theory henri has been appointed as the new head coach of french league side monaco the frenchman started his playing career at monaco before moving to you venters and then arsenal where he spent eighteen years this is on reid's first big managerial role having served as belgium's assistant coach at the world cup year signed
2:53 am
a three year contract and replaces leonardo regime who were sacked on thursday now the netherlands have clawed back some respect after a terrible few years by beating neighbors germany in the u.a.e. for the nations league but that's winning three mil having failed to qualify for the last two major tournaments the czech republic defeated neighbors slovakia two one then they were also wins for norway georgia and gibraltar who overcame armenia over in africa had tricked by audi on a garlow help to nigeria hammer libya for no however the big win was only good enough to see the nigerians overtake the libyans and occupy second place in africa cup of nations qualifying group e. south africa lead the way helped by their six nil threshing of the seychelles and in what turned out to be a decent day for southern african nations namibia and zimbabwe has secured good wins away from home this in barbarians are the group g. leaders at the halfway mark of qualifying in other matters they were big wins for senegal kenya fast so and uganda kenya's former sports minister is set to face
2:54 am
charges in court for allegedly skimming money from payments intended for the country's limbic athletes our son wadi zero and five other officials are being investigated over the loss of almost five hundred fifty thousand dollars according to care. chief prosecutor the money was due to go to athletes who gave the east african nation its most successful in them because over at rio twenty sixteen what are you who is now the ambassador to australia had not yet commented on saturday innings cricketers have beaten sri lanka in the second one day international in them both or less of make it so clearly we could have jason roy hallums frank and veteran ended up with five in the match but england captain owen movement had ninety two before becoming one of the victims the tourists two hundred seventy eight for nine both proved too much for sri lanka was target was adjusted for rain delays they fell short by thirty one runs in go one mile up in the three match series. just three days off to being confirmed as candid at stockholm's bid for the
2:55 am
twenty twenty six winter olympics is in serious doubt the new leaders of the city's council don't want to host the games they say the bid should be withdrawn because they don't want taxpayers to fund it if the swedes pull out the other two bids from cities in italy and canada are far from secure with calgary set to hold a referendum next month and a bit the international olympic committee say they'll have no plan b. if all three bids collapse earlier we spoke to professor andrew zimbalist to has written several books about the cost of hosting the olympics he said the solution could lie in ancient greece maybe build let's say for the summer games to build a set of facilities an area somewhere between of athens greece and olympia where they have the age engine gauged goal build the olympic chandra build all the venues that you need all the olympic village and all the olympics in greece every four years that's another possibility so i think there are
2:56 am
a number of ways they can go right now they're stuck with thomas block i think they're stuck in a mindset and a culture that makes it very very difficult for them to move forward but over time if. every four years they're not getting better. for the winter in the summer games they're going to have to take more radical measures michael schumacher son mick has when he's focused major motor sport title the nineteen year old german clinched the formula three european championship with the race to space as he placed second at ease home race in hockenheim it comes just a year after he was twelve anyways debut season for the michael one seven formula one world championships it was skiing with his father at age fourteen when michael schumacher suffered an accident and head injury from which he has yet to recover the teenager took eight victories on his way to the top for the season. i mean i mean is everything. to be on this because it's the first real championship that
2:57 am
i've won and i have done with a lot of hard work say sitting behind it and a lot of hard work not only for myself but really the most where it came from the team in and really just grateful for what they've done all season long for me and. i just happy that i'm able to to be here and really live the moment and you might have noticed how much the sun resembles the now for me no one is taking a break this weekend one of the cause has enjoyed a day at the beach this was the rave all beef seven racing across miami beach it's part of the team's road trip through the united states once had left miami the call went to drive three thousand meters further up in colorado's rocky mountains the next race in the f one calendar is the u.s. grand prix in austin texas. and that's what will support from us from now we'll have another update for you again later on. thanks peter that's the news and there's more news on the other side of the break thanks for joining us.
2:58 am
brother leader or brutal dictator. with discontent spreading through north africa time was running out for libya's self-styled king of kings. in the first of a two part series the big picture charts the rise and fall of one of the few and the events that have fueled the violence of his final hours. a must for libya on a. volcano kill way it erupted explosively
2:59 am
thing boiling clouds of steam and ash and rock high into the atmosphere scientists say it's not unusual for eruptions to stop and start up again later as for kill away a it has been spilling lava continually for more than thirty years. native hawaiian spiritual beliefs say eruptions reflect the mood of the goddess. as native hawaiians fairly is always nice to us whether she takes our home or not we accept this type of event. one simple mistake could be from cold. fishing as a deep sea diver carries immense risk to the lives of those willing to take the chance but for former north korean and so jack the opportunity for a prosperous new life in the south with his family was an even risk to take.
3:00 am
a witness documentary on al-jazeera. i think we would have known by now that was our first hope our first hope was that he was not killed. but maybe that's. not working is not looking too good for us president donald trump says it's not looking likely that missing journalist jamal khashoggi has been killed. hello i'm so raman you're watching al-jazeera lines one headquarters here in doha coming up in the next thirty minutes.


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