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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 14, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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from this. al-jazeera was he is from those living with m. and s. in egypt. this is al jazeera. and this is the news hour on al-jazeera the u.s. president is pushing saudi arabia for. a disappearance and as the political stakes for the kingdom rise more attendees pull out of a key investment conference and the stock market dropped sharply on the news an american pastor free by turkey arrives home is it
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a signal of warming relations between washington and. i'm joining with the sports and its first bloods to the houston astros against the boston red sox as the defending champions win game one in the race to reach baseball's world series. so twelve days now since the journalist jamal khashoggi disappeared in turkish investigators still haven't been allowed to enter the saudi consulate in istanbul where he was last seen and so the international pressure is mounting on the stock market the saudi stock market fell sharply when trading opened on sunday media and business leaders have pulled out of an investment conference in riyadh later this month and the u.s. treasury secretary said to be reconsidering his attendance on the day after he said he planned to go remember the saudis deny plotting to kill khashoggi and say he left the consulate but the u.s.
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president says the kingdom will face and that's a quote severe punishment if it is found responsible for a murder in a media interview actually express doubt that the shoji is. still alive before we move on to go back to what we know at this point it was october second to show g m to the saudi consulate in istanbul to collect papers related to his upcoming marriage an opinion writer for the washington post that shows you've been living in self-imposed exile in the u.s. it's twenty seventeen he had written articles criticizing the saudi leadership including the current crown prince and feared for his safety if he went home and the hours before he was due to visit the consulate fifteen people arrived on to private jets from riyadh reports say the group included forensic specialists and military operatives and of course khashoggi has not been seen since so it's going to istanbul now here is child stratford outside that saudi consulate and well no news i guess charlie we still wait to see if anyone will be allowed in.
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that's right kemal we understand that those negotiations to try and allow get access for that joint turkish and saudi investigative team into the consulate and go in. unlike in previous days where we have seen a steady drip of information leaks from government sources to government newspapers or pro-government newspapers and media groups we have not seen that today. we understood that the turkish government was taking its time on how to proceed in order to try and galvanize as much sort of international support before so it says it releases evidence that suggests or evidence that some sources say prove that because shoji was murdered inside the consulate this is what the turkish foreign minister had to say on a visit to london yesterday. there is a link there. thirty arabia must cooperate and allow access for our chief
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prosecutor is our face and experts to enter to saudi cancel it where did it is appear there in the consulate there for that the sake of disinvest occasion in order to bring everything out in the open they must allow access to a consulate we haven't seen any collaboration yet we want to see that our team be allowed to enter the consulate saudi arabia needs to cooperate with us on this matter such as in lieu of any developments maybe we can broaden out a bit with you here we hear from the turks there the saudis obviously involved the united states is obviously involved to give us a picture of what all of this these last twelve days has done to relations between those countries and their leadership. i think it's very telling that certainly yesterday the america's former ambassador to saudi arabia said these latest crises could well represent the worcesters of crisis with
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relationships in the relationship between saudi arabia and the u.s. since nine eleven and certainly in recent days we've seen a number of analysts put together what some are describing is as a catalog of reckless behavior by the saudi leadership in the last couple of years analysts pointing to the war in yemen for example where the u.n. says around twenty percent of least seventeen thousand casualties have been children they also point to the sound the late blockade of cuts which i'm just say many even in the states departments and around the world leaderships around the world were very much against this being a huge destabilizing factor in an already on stable region in the middle east and then of course some even points to the incident of last year where it was on the stood that the lebanese prime minister saad hariri was actually detained on
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a visit to riyadh and coolest into resigning it's understood that was put together as a means of trying to further destabilize lebanon and trying to weaken hezbollah which of course are backed by iran that took international pressure or intervention full saad hariri to withdrawal that resignation and for him to return to lebanon and. many analysts and leaders around the world it's understood looking at incidences like this that have occurred since the crown prince came to power in saudi arabia and in the context of this latest crisis there are asking whether in fact they are backing the right man a man of the sea responsible for such an incredible amount of oil wealth that can have huge impact. not only in the region but the wider world starts to look a little different now doesn't a chance try for its outside the saudi consulate in istanbul back to him for more
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updates later right now but more on that warning to saudi arabia from the us president donald trump says the kingdom will face severe punishment if it is found to be responsible for khashoggi disappearance john hendren has a report from washington d.c. . president donald trump is delivering his most serious threat yet to saudi arabia we're going to get to the bottom of it and there will be severe punishment the president's strengthened stance follows turkish intelligence reports that washington post journalist jamal khashoggi was murdered by a saudi arabian hit squad inside the saudi consulate in istanbul leaks to pro-government turkish media suggest the killing was recorded on his apple watch the technology experts have cast doubt that the devices bluetooth technology was capable of recording to a phone his fiancee held outside the consulate i wouldn't say unbelievable there's a few technical challenges a few potential issues with this narrative it's not immediately consistent with the
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story and what we know of the details so questions remain about just how the turkish authorities obtained the evidence they say they have to prove to show jean was murdered when it comes to getting tough on saudi arabia president trump is talking the talk but it's not quite clear what he'll do to follow up he's already all but ruled out what is perhaps his most effective weapon arms sales to saudi arabia. troops first trip outside the united states was to see king solomon in saudi arabia where they agreed to weapons contracts well there are many other things we could do but when we take away one hundred ten billion dollars of purchases from our country that hurts our workers that hurts our factory that hurts for all of our companies here you're talking about five hundred thousand jobs so we do that we're really hurting our country. a lot for the wording saudi arabia but members of trump's own republican party have joined democratic politicians in calling for stronger action well he's under
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a lot of pressure now from the congress to actually impose sanctions on saudi government officials who might have been implicated in this problem in an opinion piece in the new york times show g.'s fiance wrote jamal spoke up against oppression but he paid for the saudi people's demand for freedom with his own life if he is dead and i hope that is not the case thousands of jamal's will be born today on his birthday his voice and his ideas will reverberate from turkey to saudi arabia and across the world oppression never lasts forever tyrants eventually pay for their sins in istanbul in riyadh and in washington what happens next and likely depends on what the investigations find and whether turkey releases the evidence it says it has john hendren al jazeera washington let's wrap it all together with melinda shara now al-jazeera is a senior political analyst in london moment as i said with charles in lieu of any actual developments in istanbul let's look at the bigger picture here what do you
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think about the effect on saudi arabia with saying at the moment the market falling partners business and media partners pulling out of this investment conference is going to make a difference well certainly the immediate effect is nothing that the saudis have expected from this act they thought this would be business as usual remember just several months ago so very even weeks ago the saudis took those severe measures against canada for a simple tweet and the international reaction wasn't really up to the level and it was isolated not so if you're abia for really taking an important position a principled position on human rights. so the saudis thought that they will go ahead just bully yet another. another scene if you will what do the international community bully a saudi citizen in fact allegedly kill us so this isn't
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a not face any consequences it turned out to be a bit different this time thanks to in part to the american media thanks in part to the international public opinion and all of us journalists around the world who really are sick and tired of having our fellow journalists getting killed for expressing their opinion and yes i think the immediate immediate reaction has been severe but it's still symbolic to a large degree because we are awaiting the likes of the united states the u.k. and france america's allies their supporters with arms and other diplomatic cover to take a position and that is yet to be seen yet that u.s. influence particular it isn't known because and maybe you can just speak to this and explain more to our audience just. how much and to what degree mohamed bin salman puts all his faith and all his eggs in the basket if you like of president trump well let me reverse that come out i mean yes he did but so
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did every saudi since nine hundred forty five when the original king met. the president roosevelt on that american warship right. i think what's really interesting this time around is that after the cooling of the relationship between the obama administration and saudi arabia against the backdrop of washington signing that deal the nuclear deal with the iran. the trumpet mr came with the bet of the sun and low. on the crown prince mohammed bin so much so in fact what really was phenomenal this time around is that the american administration has placed all its bets on a young apparently a rash reckless from prince wife ambitious who as a nine hundred fifteen defense minister will. launch the war against
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a neighboring country without even telling his american allies and then manufacture the crisis with another neighbor discus qatar again without telling even lying these american allies and that are you know going through major crackdowns against business against critics against the religious scholars and others within the kingdom up to manufacturing the crisis with canada and now the killing of about a plea of. so really anyone in washington with with any you know sober thinking like some in congress apparently or some in the american media would say it would say the you know we made it probably the mistake we cannot bet our our our alliance our interests in the middle east a lot of hostility towards iran if you will were to politics in the islamic world on saudi arabia and certainly not on this rash reckless crown prince so what will the united states do now if president trump calls king solomon will he be
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would he be able to tell him look we are getting tired of your son you know you need to replace him would he be able to do with king salon be able to the place is his crown prince isn't the crown prince effectively the actually read the actual king boy if you will of saudi arabia of course you know we don't know for sure what we've heard from president trump and of course him and of course his usual is we would see what happens so in his press conference as well. as in his interview with c.b.s. sixty minutes program he basically said everything and nothing meaning he talked about severe punishment he talked about maintaining the hundred ten billion dollars of arms deal with saudi arabia he talked about calling the saudi king you're talking about his son in law talking to the saudis and then denying but there is no real commitment so my guess and here's my last point on this my guess is come on is that unfortunately it's might sound cynical but i think the american ministrations
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like others are really losing now. using. these apparent assassination as a bargaining chip was so now under sharia we will see joining us from london thank you. plenty more ahead for you on this news hour we'll see how sunday's election and germany's by various state could change the political landscape of the country . u.s. midterm elections are only a few weeks away we looking to say to the american economy and the impact it may have on the outcome. and in sports like father like son make sure mark of the son of formula one legend michael when his first major motor sport title joe with the details a little bit later. in other news the u.s. president has thanked turkey for freeing the american past to andrew brunson but denies he cut
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a deal with ankara brunson met and prayed for donald trump at the white house after being released by a turkish court on thursday the turkish president which up time thirty one has insisted the court's decision was independent it trumps repeatedly thanked him for helping the case and i want to thank president ernie got turkey he was it was terrific we all work together wasn't easy was it easy that one was a tease. and we don't pay ransom we don't pay ransom was i do i want to thank the president i want to thank the people of turkey and i think we'll probably now really establish a terrific relationship with turkey we appreciate the thoughts now bill schneider a us political analyst public policy professor at george mason university thanks frank how brunson's release is likely to affect the u.s. midterm elections. this was
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a play to sew up and inspire the votes of christian evangelicals of conservative christians who who did vote for trump in very high numbers in twenty sixteen and who have stuck with him because what this demonstrates to them present from claim this all day today is that he delivers they voted for him he may not be their idea of a perfect christian and they said one of them said just today i wouldn't want him to be a sunday school teacher but he does the liver and he said i can't tell you how much i love this man that's why a lot of conservative christians feel he has delivered on judicial appointments which is their number one priority he's delivered with the opening of israel in the moving of the american embassy to jerusalem he's delivered on a lot of religious liberty initiatives that have been taken he has supported school choice in private schools all of those things are very high on the agenda of conservative christians so he expects them to show up and they probably will show up in very large numbers in the midterm election you know play well with that
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constituency that's a significant constituency perhaps a quarter of the american electorate calls themselves conservative christians and they voted for they vote republican regularly and the big surprise was how loyal they have been to donald trump and the explanation was very clear in what happened today he delivers he does what they want him to do on a number of issues and this just being the latest one one of the not considering turkey at least fifteen migrants including children died when the truck they were in overturned in turkey this is in the western province of izmir local reports of a truck was carrying the migrants from i didn't when it flipped over turkey has been the main route for migrants trying to cross into your it. speaking of europe german voters are electing a new regional parliament in bavaria and the results could increase tensions within the fragile coalition government in berlin of area's largest party the conservative christian social union as one or most every election since the second world war but
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support for the party which is in the chancellor angela merkel's federal alliance has recently slumps let's check in with dominic kane who's in munich for us hi dominic let me just first of all walk through some of the the key issues for this particular election will come out the thing to say is that one of the seminal issues of this campaign has been migration and how to manage migration the policies of the center right the right in the populist right say that migration needs to be brought managed much better with a much tougher line stricter border controls quotas as it were on the numbers of people who can come into this state and come into the country through bavaria contrast that with the position of the parties in the center left and the left who say that migration is being managed perfectly well so far that very has benefited from an influx of migrants of refugees they have been well integrated into into society and that the arguments of the right are a cloud for
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a different kind of agenda that they don't believe that voters really want to indorse point to make in so far as today is concerned well we understand that there's been a surge in the number of postal votes being applied for certainly several big cities saying that considerable increase in the number of postal votes this time around compared to the last time that the various voted five years ago. dominic important i think that we get our acronyms clear in this particular vote because we're talking about the c s u the christian social union which has had traditionally the most support here which is not the c. d. you're the party of angela merkel but the two are very much links. yes that's right the c.s.u. the christian social union this is has been their fiefdom as it were politically electorally effectively since the end of the second world war as you swing into in the introduction certainly since one thousand nine hundred sixty two they have
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governed this party almost alone there was one period between two thousand and eight twenty thirteen where they had to go into coalition as the largest party but otherwise than that they have controlled this state electorally their allies going to merkel's party the c.d.u. the christian democratic and they don't even campaign here they leave this state to the c. s. u. two parties are in coalition together federally with the social democrats the reason why this election matters not just to be variance not perhaps just to germans but to europeans too is that this summer just gone the c.s.u. so upset with the policy of the federal government regarding immigration and border control that they threaten to topple the national coalition if they didn't get their way so if there is any kind of change electorally today if the result weakens the c.s.u. war brings brings about a different type of government the tremor that will happen here will cause aftershocks in berlin and will certainly make angle america's task as chancellor
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more difficult that's what's at play here will know the results in the course of the next five six hours or so dominic kane keeping an eye on the very original elections for us thank you dominic. now a taliban attack in western afghanistan has killed at least fifteen security force soldiers ten others have been taken prisoner gunmen are reported to have attacked seven security checkpoints in a province on saturday nights that is like follows a bomb blast at an election rally which killed at least twenty two people on saturday thirty six others were wounded in the northeastern province of takagi the crowd was listening to a speech by a female candidate who is standing in saturday's parliamentary elections midterm elections in the us fast approaching as we said earlier november sixth is the big day and like all american midterms it is viewed as a referendum on the current president and so donald trump and the republicans hope the economy's performance will help them rally support since trunk came to power the us stock market has surged to record highs the dow jones index has risen more
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than forty percent in fact. but fewer people own stocks in the u.s. than joining the two thousand and eight financial crisis and was nine out of ten of them are from the middle income group so the surge in the markets is only benefiting those who are already reasonably well off point right it is lower than it's been in a decade yet four out of ten people think that salaries are. rising costs for health care food fuel and housing are eating away at many americans earnings also let's not forget the government is in some serious debt the federal budget deficit this year is sold to seven hundred eighty two billion dollars it is projected to increase even one key battleground in the fight to control congress will be pennsylvania kristen salumi reports from that. business is booming at h. and k. equipment in the last year they've hired fifty five new employees a twenty percent increase to make so went in refurbish industrial equipment we are
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on pace to have our best year ever general manager patrick koch gives president donald trump in his tax cuts a lot of the credit consumer confidence at least after the election we noticed an uptick right away a lot of people were waiting in twenty sixteen to spend money until after november and it seemed like it was an opening of the floodgates right after that h. and k. is located just outside pittsburgh pennsylvania otherwise known as steel city the steel industry has benefited from new tariffs imposed by the president but some manufacturers in the area are seeing their costs go up as a result democrats have traditionally held sway in pennsylvania thanks in large part to the power of trade unions as unions have weakened in manufacturing moved overseas it's not surprising that the president's make america great again message has resonated with voters still democrats think they can make gains here in the midterms because many people are still struggling to make ends meet. demick.
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conor lamb is challenging the notion that the republicans economic policies are good for pennsylvania calling tax cuts a boon for the rich and wall street but he says the political debate should stick to talking about policy rather than personalities were given voters a reason to believe but they actually are represented not just by some one sided it is duly clash of national ideologies but by people who live here just like them he's running for congress against a two time incumbent who warns lamb will help democrats obstruct the trump agenda as their economic future change for better or worse. everything's going up but paychecks canvassers with the political action group working america have been going door to door trying to show voters a link between republican policies and rising costs the chaos of the current administration is sort of an open our eyes have more attention to what's going on
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as for patrick koch he won't say who he's voting for there are many business friendly democrats here they're business friendly republicans you know what i'm thinking about my business i think about how are they going to vote for for the small guys like us into proving the old adage that all politics is local and that democrats may have a reason to be optimistic even in a state that helped elect a controversial republican president christine salumi al-jazeera pittsburgh pennsylvania. steph is here she's going to check on your world weather in just a few moments and then back to school in iraq how children in mosul are returning to the classroom as their city and lives are rebuilds also from latin american hero to saint taking a look at the life of a priest who stood up for social justice and paid the ultimate price and the well football ping-pong cross over a sport that has a limp a can visions joe with the details on that a little bit later. from
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cool brisk nose and fuel. to the warm tranquil waters of southeast asia. cycle has finally made landfall and this is big news because it's been hovering off the coast for over a week now and it's very moving so slowly normally these things get steered by what's going on in the upper atmosphere but the winds have been very very weak and so it's just remained sort of marooned off shore but now it's finally drifted its way on to the coast of east and yemen and it's giving us a very very heavy rain now by the time it's made landfall the winds within it on particularly strong there are only around fifty five kilometers per hour but even in still out of there the outer fringes are giving us some fairly significant rain significant because this is normally a very dry time of year for a lot of would only expect around four point six millimeters of rain in the entire
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month but instead just in the past couple of days we've seen sixteen and we're expecting quite a bit more the heavier downpours though are likely to be across the border in yemen where we could see over fifty maybe around one hundred millimeters of rain in some places and of course things here ons is easy as they might be life in the eastern parts of yemen so there's a chance that a lot of people here won't have heard about this storm coming so the flash flooding could be a big shock for some of us here because quite significant problems that system is trying to move its way northward and it's actually throwing a fair amount of rain ahead of it they could be some showers in doha come thursday . the weather sponsored by cats on race. were. i have dedicated almost my entire professional life to the bench and fight against corruption and what i have heard is that we need choppiness we need also to shine the light on those shampoos and this award
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bridges that gap that existed in this. nominate your own version here all shined a light on what they do and do it not shine a light on your hero with your nomination for the international space award two thousand and eighteen for more information go to isa war dot com.
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on the news here at al-jazeera and these are the top stories turkish officials say they still haven't been allowed to enter the saudi consulate in istanbul to investigate the disappearance of journalist jamal khashoggi turkey's foreign minister is accused of failing to cooperate despite the team arriving in on her on thursday twelve days now since he was last seen entering the consulate u.s. president has thanked turkey for the release of the american pastor andrew bronson but denies he cast a deal with ankara donald trump says a truce says it's a tremendous step towards improving relations between the two countries once and many years later after being released by turkish court on friday. and german voters are electing a new regional parliament in bavaria and the results could increase tensions within the fragile coalition government in berlin support for various largest party the conservative christian social union which is part of angela merkel's federal
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alliance has recently slumps. children in the iraqi city of mosul settling back into classes more than a year after the city was reclaimed from i saw the group shut down and destroyed most schools when they seized mosul back and twenty fourteen but it's mounted on our reports it's hard getting an education will help the children heal from the effects of war. leave it's the first day of school in bubble elementary school in the. receiver for the first time in three years. i still use this school as a military base firing the rocket propelled grenades and mortars at the forces by the time the complaint to. most of the city was reduced to rubble the own going school to a construction work was initiated by volunteers and patents came to see their children back in canada this was made possible with the help of contributions from the well wishers within and outside iraq it is the result. of the tireless efforts
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of iraqi women to portray to the world agony and devastation and mosul. the classrooms are crowded and the children must share both books and sits most of forgotten what it is like to be in school up to three years where it can be a struggle say the teachers to get them to listen and participate but it's the trauma and psychological impact the violence has had that's been the most diverse state. six year old solid that has has him survived an ass like that hit his home and almost wiped out his entire family he now lives in there partly destroyed house with his father and grandfather the only other survivors of the strike solace for the prepares his son for the first day in school he is hopeful making new friends will help his recovery. of seven hundred is slowly recovering he nearly died and remembers everything vividly we need more help in caring for him though solace said mr ses everyone's trying their best to help. the psychological impact on children
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has been huge we have to free the children's minds from all these bad thoughts were free therapy sessions that are being clearly funded by the government unexploded bombs and other weapons continue to pose a danger to the children in the schools not once as i said the basis as many schools in mosul are yet to reopen teach us off forced to improvise running multiple shifts to accommodate all the students there now increasing calls to the government for a major increase in investment in education to help ease the devastation caused by years of violence mohammed on the wall just about that. a roman catholic archbishop who was shot in el salvador thirty eight years ago has been made a saint pope francis' war also remember those blood stained builds during his canonization ceremony at st peter's square the pope's also canonized one of his predecessors paul the sixth who was pontiff in the one nine hundred sixty s.
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and seventy's john holman looking back now at the life of the priest who stood up for the poor while challenging the right wing military dictatorship. just finished his sermon when a gun shot rang out an assassin's bullet struck the sixty two year old but the murder failed to extinguish his message of peace and social justice. now thirty eight years later the catholic church is declaring him a saint extensively it's for a medical miracle curing cecilia florrie's of a life threatening illness but for her or many other salvadorans he's much more he's a person who fought for all salvador and continues fighting and continues to intercede for the country a brave man who defended life defended the family defended the most needy that's what he means to me many in the working class loved a role model for speaking out for equality and defending them against for pressure from the military led government conservative sectors on the other hand saw him as
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allied with leftist groups as the country lurched toward civil war he remains a divisive figure even now he knew that would put him in danger. i will not abandon my people but along with them i will run all the risks that my ministry demands in the end of right wing desk world order his murder a day off the heat to see the army to stop killing civilians tens of thousands turned up to the funeral. even that was disrupted by explosions and gunfire. salvador's civil war ended thirty six years ago but the country still suffers from the causes that romero spoke against widespread inequality and boylan's now at the hands of warring gangs. the hope is that decades on his message will still resonate even among those too young to remember his life john homan how does it. and following that canonization ceremony of oscar ramiro the pope is well this is the
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on board popemobile cam i guess you would say as he travels through vatican city in fact just finishing his circuit through vatican city and they're heading back into cities basilica those pictures coming live from vatican city this sunday the migrants have begun a mass march from honduras to the united states just days after u.s. leaders of the honduran president to hold mass migration around one thousand three hundred people are on the so-called march of the migrant walking toward squats amala and mexico where they plan to seek u.s. visas donald trump is accused some migrants of traveling with children who aren't their own. now funerals are being held in eastern uganda for some of the forty one victims of the landslides which have wiped out entire villages as the latest from the village of one janeiro where a nearby river burst its banks triggering a catastrophe. the family of could. have come to say goodbye.
1:37 pm
crushed his house he was inside. there were four people in the house at the time it was destroyed and now you can see the body of my son. lived in the small village of one jan one in the foothills of mt elgon in uganda. this is what remains of it is one of several that were hit all of them poor and remote. it wasn't easy for us to get up here the landslide began in this river but it was much further upstream up in the mountains and survivors say it's so boulders trees and water come crashing along the course of the river smashing through the villages alongside it there's the remains of one here this. area of mud was shops and houses and it was completely washed away along with the people who were inside . a whole community is in mourning.
1:38 pm
most people's homes here on the strong simple structures made of wood. which today is used to coffins instead. and it's the steadily growing population here and it needs to timber and farmland that means trees are cut down on the steep fragile slopes and that's why landslides keep happening again and again sometimes killing dozens. government programs to be locate the people living here have had limited success but it has helped retrieve the bodies. the age that he knows but. there seem to be trying to do. with. whether they are not producing the him do. you know anybody. who could to not be a who's
1:39 pm
a father of ten he'd gone to buy food for them when he was hit by a boulder his family is one of dozens here who are now doing this. in a community where losing a loved one in a landslide has become tragically common. malcolm webb al-jazeera wondering why uganda worshippers from the orthodox church in ukraine have celebrated mass after their split from the russian orthodox church ukraine secured approval to establish an independent church on thursday which is being described as the biggest split in christianity for more than five hundred years russia's foreign minister is calling the break a provocation i remember it's all linked to russia's annexation of crimea from ukraine four years ago let's talk to alexander now who is a senior foreign policy writer at because that are you joining us on skype from moscow maybe you can explain to us briefly alex on the phone those of us who don't know that much about the orthodox church why this is such a big deal because when you're saying the biggest split in five hundred years
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that's a pretty major deal. well both countries rochon in ukraine are united by the christianity by their own by the orthodox christianity the marshes main religion as well as main religion in ukraine a little barrels account with georgia's in ukraine and that you know for many years even when these conflicts all started rushing rain over the crimea and the eastern part of ukraine that shortage was a unity church despite yeah there are some some people some senior officials within the right of the ukrainian orthodox church want to displease over from russia and like maine bishop of father kirill who's a very powerful person was actually overseen the church is seen in the ukraine himself and because they were part of ukrainian well because they weren't part of the russian orthodox church and was actually given them blessing despite all those political to a moment in the countries and now it seems to be a very big deal yes about there right ukrainian officials and of course present bar
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shankara we are now actually baking the old revenge of ali q real and of course russian federation which of course i was at i mean no meddling in ukraine in a first so that's that's kind of a revenge ok so how is this feud higher up can you explain to us because as i understand this now essentially means that ukraine's. can bypass russia and go directly to the head of the church if you light in turkey can you explain i mean how do they how do they deal with the sort of thing. well they actually they. you're completely right that ukraine sure which is actually asking for their so-called thomas and they're there then event special paper which would allow them to be sort of like the independent from russian federation so base means of course that there would be more actually eleven towns and churches now you know answering to the russian or to the russian orthodox church that will be sort of independent so russia will have no say on that so that's that's big didn't invent speak you
1:42 pm
know events let's do it that's discussed on a political level here because president putin has chaired on the federation of their security council a very high ranking body involving senior officials the military senior police people and diplomats to discuss the situation on the situation is not just you know we've been you know face but also very political question for both of the countries that's like that one of this is one of a few kooks that russia is still hanging on ukraine and that's this who is now being destroyed right is this the type of splits which which anyone can come back from or is this once it's happened it's it's for good it will be very difficult to come back i would also say themselves force makes a very big political victory for president bar shankar who will be now running for re-election and he's unpopular in your brain not because of russian meddling but because of his own economic and we know disadvantages and so on so for humans and big political victory it's also a big political you know i mean politically very bad situation for father curial
1:43 pm
who's a very powerful figure close to president putin who has actually just you know a couple of years ago he met there how did the catholic church and they actually spoke or you know almost a thousand years then was this big constantly from the catholic and orthodox church was a big big turnout that's a big call a loss for him i also speak on my personal level just my wife attends the local church now a district and there's a there's a very respected father was it was actually kind of close to. if you realize what he actually was he was not we will sink your stain of saying something but he made people in the church to break war well the problem will be the ukrainian and russian church so short people on the ground the priest are trying to sort of like you know calm down the situation because the situation angers believers from different sides around it's a very big. alexander it's really interesting story i'm glad we could talk to you about it thank you thank you sir thank you thanks for having me. the russian
1:44 pm
opposition leader alexina valley has thanked his supporters as he was freed from fifty days of detention of and they said the anti government protests won't be stopped by kremlin intimidation he was rearrested last month after finishing a previous thirty day sentence for organizing around the against unpopular pension reforms amnesty international scrotums a prisoner of conscience and hasn't committed any crime. in southern somalia the armed group says it carried out two suicide bomb blasts which killed at least sixteen people and wounded dozens of others a restaurant and a hotel in the town of by and so are targeted al-shabaab which is linked to a kind of is fighting to topple somalia's western backed government and to impose islamic rule. some say it's an architectural jewel in the crown of an ancient port in israel but. in the old city of acre has been neglected to the point of near collapse and sorry for some reports now palestinians say the eighteenth century center for sailors is
1:45 pm
a symbol of how they are being squeezed out as rich israelis and tourists move in. there are a few things about acre which aren't in dispute the beauty of its old city the overlapping layers of history on full display a rich mix of cultures and religions stretching back four thousand years all of which make it a prime site for tourism. recently bought the family home where he was born and the apartment beneath it turning it into a guest house for paying visitors but as a palestinian resident of as they call it it's been a long hard bureaucratic battle to get to this point back to his certainly. we were protected tenants we worked so hard to get ownership because as long as we didn't have it we didn't have the freedom to do anything other than just live here ok. that's the case for the majority of palestinians who live in the old city most of the original arab homeowners fled or forced out during the creation of the state of israel in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight those who later came to live here
1:46 pm
can only lease homes from a trust backed by the israeli government they don't have any right to do anything in this house or they can fix these houses they can't hurt you know they can't give the subset of their children the local government's tourism development plan involves renovating rundown areas attracting richer homeowners the old development company part of israel's tourism ministry says local palestinian small businesses benefit but the new businesses are market hotels and restaurants overwhelmingly israeli for many of the palestinians who live within the walls of the old city the money that's being lavished here feels like it's largely bypassing them worse than that they fear it is going to alter the fabric of this place irrevocably and that they might not have a place here in the future one place they have long treasured is this the carnal and done once an ottoman staging point for sailors and their goods now it's a crumbling show ruled too dangerous to enter the development company blames the
1:47 pm
failure of its previous plans to turn it into a hotel plans that would have involved neighboring buildings being emptied on palestinian opposition who sometimes fish is from a local walk the islamic trust that manages the city's mosques which decades ago signed the site over to an israeli government organization on a ninety nine year lease i am telling you that more than fifty years ago didn't do anything anything and my love my heart is sore thought so hard because the place is saw so dangerous it's not that a construct not even a minimal it a construct it had been laws for all of this years for nothing the palestinians an acre the question is whether they'll have a proper stake in a changing city the chance to hold on to a place they call home ari force it down to zero acre. still ahead on this news hour we'll hear from the batter who helped the l.a. dodgers to another defeat in the race to reach baseball's world series.
1:48 pm
the cricket world is not about match fixing i mean you have to think why would you give me the guest then we didn't bring him again it's a big big fan base here al-jazeera is investigative unit reveals explosive new evidence documentary confirms the moment now is a very hard profile figure in match fixing and national cricket do you know this al-jazeera investigations crickets much pixels the phone is coming soon brother leader or brutal dictator. with discontent spreading through north africa time was running out for libya's self-styled king of kings. in the first of a two part series the big picture charts the rise and fall of one of the few and
1:49 pm
the events that helped fuel the violence of his final hours. the lust for libya on al-jazeera. joe is here to talk sport i want to hear about ping pong football for to get to that the very very end so stay tight and we start with the race to get to baseball's world series in fact and its first blood to the defending champions the houston astros against the boston red sox game one of the american league championship series was in front of a sellout crowd at boston's fenway park but it was the astros' that took the victory pitcher justin verlander produced a strong performance to the frustration of the red sox bassett's.
1:50 pm
that was a close game until later on when josh reddick hit a solo home run to put the series four two up. and then the killer blow came from nearly korea where he hit a three run shot into the crowd to wrap things up the astros winning it seven to two for their fate straight postseason when they go one up in a seven game series this team finds a way in big moments to show up. from top to bottom like i've said before nobody cares and the euro is just as long as you have a euro that's kind of a mountainous team you know just keep the ball rolling with the next guy do that do the job. and see what happens again want to see so it's big you know it's a town we score a lot of runs. you know when we put great about. it can get scary out there so that's what we did tonight and you know hopefully we're second system with that. in
1:51 pm
the other series the l.a. dodgers produced a fight back victory to square things up one want to get the milwaukee brewers the brewers were on course to win the second game in a row after two home runs helped them to three minutes put them three outing up this one from orlando aasia. of the judges pulled back to within one and then step forward just in turn of the man with the big red big hit a two run homer in the eighth inning to put them ahead for the first time in the game. and then in the field it was tennis throw to first closed out the victory for three to the judges it ends the bruise twelve game winning streak and it's one one with six games remaining. the last thing i want to do is is on the ground just trying to get something up and since i hit it. it felt good and i knew it was a homer. it's cool to hang around the bases and see how your team
1:52 pm
mates going crazy jumping up and down waiting for us if you're talking about the identity of our ball he's probably. the face of. the exotic buys everything that i believe in as a baseball player as a professional and then you can get into the community and all that stuff but. yeah he said you can say that if i call him he's the glue for our club. to tennis now novak djokovic continues his search tools the world number one sports in the last half an hour he's won the shanghai mosque has he been a courage in the final in straight sets six three six four is his eighteenth victory in a row and his fourth title of the year including wimbledon and the u.s. open joke which will replace roger federer as well number two on monday and if he does better than raphaela dow at the paris moss' he will return to the top of the rankings germany's national football team has sunk to
1:53 pm
a new low the two thousand and fourteen well cup champions now failed to score in three straight competitive games for the first time in their team's history now this time they lost three nil the netherlands in the u.a.e. phoenicians league match in amsterdam on saturday for the netherlands this month to return to form after a disappointing few years which has seen them fail to qualify for the last two major tournament over in africa hattrick from a d n a goal or helped nigeria have libya four nil in the africa cup of nations qualify but the big win was only good enough to see the nigerians overtake libya and move into second place in group a now south africa lead the way helped by the six nil thrashing of the seychelles and the saying goes that like father like son well michael schumacher son mick has won his first major motor sport title the nineteen year old german clinched the formula three european championship with a race to spare as he placed second in his home race in hockenheim teenager to
1:54 pm
eight victories on his way to the title this season his debut season last year finished twelve twelfth his father michael won seven formula one world championships mick was just fourteen when michael suffered a head injury in a ski accident from which he has yet to recover. i mean that means everything. to me on this because it's the first real championship that i've won and i have won with a lot of hard work sitting behind it and a lot of hard work not only for myself but really the most work came from the team in and really just grateful for what they've done all season long for me and and i just happy that i'm able to to be here and really live the moment french teenager hugo gaston took ten is gold at the youth olympics in argentina the eighteen year old who won the junior doubles title of the australian open earlier this year was up against argentina as across that it was a close match but guessed on eventually tickets six four seven five argentina did
1:55 pm
win gold in sailing on saturday they clinch victory in the mix two person multi hole competition and there were plenty of boats out on the water to help the hosts celebrate victory. more joy for the host nation at the women's beach ball and the final argentina lead out croatia in the first period a late fight back from the croats threatened argentina's victory but eventually it was the hosts who try and the win sparking scenes of celebration and want to cite us playing to gold in the men's competition. what you get if you cross football with table tennis well it's called tech ball and there's even a wealth cup for the sports this year's competition so double the number of entrants of last use with participants from asia africa europe and the pacific all converging in france for this event it was a fairly simple you can touch the ball a maximum of three times with different parts of your body before sending it back
1:56 pm
to your opponent the competition is open to both men and women sport first started in hungary just a few years ago but it's grown in popularity and was officially recognized last month by the limpid council of asia at this year's world cup or mania clinched victory in the singles while the pair for montenegro to the doubles title technicals founders even have hopes of the sport making it to the lympics and it's got the backing of some pretty big names in football. one of my friend invited me to play and you know because i used to be a former player i said it would be easy. to win against teams so. i went to to make team you know with that confidants you know i would be too you know but that's and announced and i'm telling you know i was very very upset so i asked after that defeat a stop to practice on the table and yeah it is amazing
1:57 pm
you tell your you know your vision because it is very small is a difficult of course it is a small table so that's why you need to be you need to be focused and you need to be a good vision so that's why i think the think you can help a lot of people. the nineteen fifties hungry was one of the greatest aims of the birds playing in a vertical final and pushed us was the one touching the ball one thousand eight hundred times a day and that inspiration was into an investigation we checked what is happening today and most players touch is three hundred times and we're losing the sense of scale in full modern football is about speed decision making but skill is not much more in the training so i think boy is definitely an answer to that all right that has. to be really he isn't it with a table the table pick a player in the newsroom thanks joe joe is back with more in sport actually. so
1:58 pm
paul will be back with more sport at thirteen hundred three we are back with another bulletin in just a couple of minutes time. journeys of personal discovery feel more american here and there more air in the al-jazeera as correspondents tell their boston stories that have marked their lives i feel sad that they have to endure a difficult time in the right before you're down like my family status and wealth
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has benefited from their choice to enslave people. al-jazeera correspondent coming soon an ancient disease that continues to put half of the world's population at risk if we do have a vaccine it will speed up the process of moving the disease in many parts of the world al-jazeera travels to tanzania and follows medical professions through on the frontline of the battle against malaria and s.k. just a few thousand mosquitoes in a place to save the fishing villages lifelines the endgame on al-jazeera. discover new developments in surgery and doctors of up to whatever and here ashima to meet the surgeon pioneering new techniques in regenerating on days and could a breakthrough medical trial provide some much needed own says to cystic fibrosis
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so for us based on all the evidence we have the virus is at least one hundred five more effective fighting night to get the cure revisit its own al-jazeera. u.s. president bush is. disappearance. once again from doha i'm kemal santa maria and this is. also coming up as the political stakes for the kingdom rise the saudi stock market drops sharply and more potential investors pull out of a major conference it's also an american past afraid by turkey arrives home perhaps
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a signal of warning relations between washington and ankara and how the safe election in bavaria could change the political landscape of germany and the future of chancellor i'm going to.


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