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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 287  Al Jazeera  October 14, 2018 8:32pm-9:00pm +03

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well so marty there is a maximum just five degrees on choose day and at times there is likely to be some heavy snow around as well be further towards the south and here in doha the temperatures easing is well it's still fairly humid though it does feel very hot if you're out in the sunshine still to the south of us this is a new band the remains of it and it's working its way northward so it's over the eastern parts of yemen them we're also seeing some showers over the four western parts of a man and that's throwing plenty of cloud ahead of it so don't be surprised if in the eastern part of saudi maybe up towards the u.a.e. and towards muscat there will be more in the way of cloud and just the outside chance of showers well down towards the southern parts of africa and here there is plenty of cloud too you can see it on the satellite picture gradually drifting its way towards the east the main focus of this is working away towards the east now though so it will be gradually drawing up a long night eastern coast if i fast forward to choose day you can see the rains over towards the east for tap and it's fine.
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since its inception in one thousand nine hundred sixty one the kuwait fund has been supporting people's livelihoods in over one hundred countries by funding projects in the rape sectors. ranging from infrastructure to health and education. these initiatives ultimately help to eradicate poverty. and promote sustainable development. it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories the british
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french and german foreign ministers are demanding transparency on the disappearance of journalist jamal khashoggi donald trump is threatening severe consequences for the saudi press agency has rejected what it calls political pressure and baseless accusations of his murder and turkey ambassadors from the twenty seven member states have been summoned to a meeting in brussels to discuss breck's that the u.k. is due to leave the e.u. in march but they go she ations on a deal have been stalled for months and german chancellor angela merkel's allies in the station varia have suffered their worst a very chewed on election results since one thousand and fifty and there's concern that the outcome could widen divisions and merkel's federal coalition. to afghanistan now where a taliban attack in the west has left at least seventeen members of the security forces dead several others have been taken captive government are reported to have attacked seven security check posts and a far province on saturday night well that attack follows
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a bomb blast at an election rally which killed at least twenty two people on saturday thirty six others were wounded in the northeastern province of. the crowd was listening to a speech by a female candidate standing and next saturday's parliamentary elections. now the u.s. special envoy to afghanistan has met taliban representatives for talks reviving hopes of an end to decades of violence the reports from the afghan capital kabul. the election campaigning goes on despite the violence this candidate hoping to be voted into the next parliament. the elections seen as crucial to and instability in afghanistan but attacks by the taliban have picked up the group has threatened more disruption of the ballot box accusing the united states of using the elections to extend its troops presence in afghanistan a meeting between the u.s.
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special envoy to afghanistan. and the taliban took place in qatar on friday raising hopes of a political solution the u.s. and the afghan government are remaining tight lipped about the meeting the taliban welcomed the talks but warned in a statement that the presence of foreign troops is the greatest obstacle to peace and solving problems efforts must be made to was a genuine peace and the solution agreed on by the afghans themselves the afghans who have survived years of violence and bloodshed say political talks have to be good for afghanistan but they have yet to see any benefits. for the they keep talking about peace talks we haven't seen any progress those talks have been mentioned for years and yet there is nothing there yet. we really need peace but at
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the same time we need a third party who can help negotiate a peace deal between the taliban and the government in june the taliban and the government agreed on a three day cease fire it was the first truce in seventeen years but talks stalled and violence resumed. about to fight among the be people talk about the afghan government conditions for a permanent deal with the taliban. but on the ground peace seems some way off taliban attacks targeting election candidates and security forces happen almost every day. it's generally accepted the military option would not defeat the taliban and that it's better to engage with the group and invite its leaders chill join a broader governing coalition many see that as the best hope of and of the war and decades of ethnic divide so that they can start rebuilding the country has about al-jazeera kabul. to nicaragua now with police have violently broken off
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anti-government protests in the capital managua the protest as a part of an alliance of forty opposition groups calling for an end to president daniel ortega his rule they have been ongoing protests since april three hundred and fifty people have been killed and thousands and it amman one reporter was at the demonstration and sent us this update. we're in the know because i went capital on a day that there was supposed to be a peaceful protest in answer government protesters i'm policing right here. have started arrests the one by one every one of the peaceful protesters i was really we are seeing tear gas being deployed against protesters and against the press the press has been victims of harassment as well as attacks by the police today i was shot earlier. with a tear gas canister than here but here right next to where we were thirty years ago the first to be taken away. these are the anti-riot police being deployed on the streets of because i were right now there was
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a peaceful protest about two dozen people protest the court of the supermarket here in my now look one by one these are anti-riot police have started arresting them and taking them away. we're just going to keep recording keep filming. bearing witness to what i see what there are no other words to describe it other than then the repression by the police against peaceful protesters on the streets of mine i was. the israeli supreme court has suspended the deportation of all the u.s. students until her appeal is considered the twenty two year old was detained on october second when she arrived in israel to study for a master's degree at hebrew university the government says she's an activist movement in companies and governments to end their support for israel over its treatment of palestinians but qassam says she's no longer active. now one ship as of the orthodox church in ukraine has celebrated mass off their split from the russian orthodox church ukraine. secured approval to establish an independent
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church on thursday that's being described as the biggest split and christianity for more than five hundred years russia's foreign minister is calling the break a provocation it is linked to russia's annexation of crimea from ukraine four years ago well alexander brought his scheme is a senior foreign policy writer at the russian news website it's. dot in moscow and he says the split could be seen as political revenge. both countries russia and ukraine are united by the christianity by their own mind when the orthodox christianity the marshes main religion as well as main religion in ukraine a little barrels account with georges in ukraine and that you know for many years even then there's complet all started been rushing grain over the crimea and the eastern part of ukraine that george was a unity church despite yeah there are some some people some senior officials within the right of the ukrainian orthodox church wanted to split over from russia now it
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seems to be a very big deal yes there were ukrainian officials and of course present we are now actually making the only. real and of course russian federation which of course was at you know meddling in ukraine in a verse so that's that's kind of a revenge actually eleven thousand churches now you know answering to the russian or to the russian orthodox church that will be sort of independent so russia will have no say on that that's discussed on the political level here because president putin has chaired on federation of their security council and very high ranking body involving senior officials the military senior police people and diplomats to discuss the situation on the situation is not just believe you know fate but also very political question for both of the countries that's like that one of this is one of the few hoops there russia is hanging on and that's this who is now being destroyed right now a roman catholic bishop who was shot in el salvador thirty eight years ago has been
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made a saint what fonts as well also that all males blood stained belt during his catalyze ation ceremony and run st peter's square the part canonized one of his predecessors all the sixth was pontiff the nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's john holmes looks back at the life of the praise who stood up for the poor while challenging atrocities by the vi twenty military dictatorship. just finished his sermon when a gun shot rang out an assassin's bullet struck the sixty two year old but the murder failed to extinguish his message of peace and social justice. now thirty eight years later the catholic church is declaring him a saint extensively it's for a medical miracle curing cecilia florrie's of a life threatening illness but for her or many other salvadorans he's much more he's a person who fought for all salvador and continues fighting and continues to intercede
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for the country a brave man who defended life defended the family defended the most needy that's what he means to me many in the working class loved a role model for speaking out for equality and defending them against for pressure from the military led government conservative sectors on the other hand saw him as allied with leftist groups as the country lurched toward civil war he remains a divisive figure even now he knew that would put him in danger. i will not abandon my people but along with them i will run all the risks that my ministry demands in the end of right wing desk world order his murder a day off the heat to see the army to stop killing civilians tens of thousands turned up to the funeral. even that was disrupted by explosions and gunfire. south of those civil war ended thirty six years ago but the country still suffers from the causes that romero spoke against widespread inequality and boylan's now at
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the hands of warring gangs. the hope is that decades on his message will still resonate even among those too young to remember his life. john holmes zita. i began i mean there's a problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera the u.k. france and germany have released a joint statement demanding answers about the disappearance of saudi journalists jamal khashoggi that follows a warning from the u.s. president saying reality would face severe consequences if it's found to be behind the murder but saudi's press agencies of the kingdom rejects what it calls political pressure and a baseless accusations well bush foreign minister jeremy hunt says action will have to be taken if the is behind crucial g.'s disappearance or none of us know what happened but we're all extremely concerned about the stories that emerged the
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country that can help us get to the bottom of this is saudi arabia so what happens from now on is absolutely up to saudi arabia they must have seen the huge international concern from the united states now from britain france and germany what they need to do is to cooperate fully with the investigation that the turks are asking us to do and to get off of this if as they say this this terrible murder didn't happen then where is jamal khashoggi. the messages from the twenty seven eight you member states have been summoned to a music in brussels to discuss breaks that the u.k. is due to leave the european union in march but then goshi ations on a deal have been stalled for months german chancellor angela merkel's allies in the stage of the varia have suffered their worst of regional election results since one thousand nine hundred fifty and the outcome could weaken miracle's federal coalition the christian social union one thirty five percent of the vote losing its
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absolute majority for only the second time since line nine hundred sixty two they were followed by these tend to left the green party and the far right a a fifty nicaraguan police have violently broken up anti-government protests in the capital managua the protesters are part of a lions of forty opposition groups calling for an end to president daniel of figures of all since april the country has been gripped by crisis and instability three hundred fifty people have been killed and thousands injured. well those are the headlines on al-jazeera inside story is coming up next thank you for watching.
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saudi shares take a dive with business leaders in an investment conference the fallout from the possible. how will riyadh deal with it and where does it leave crown prince twenty thirty before this is it. hello and welcome to the program i'm wrong on that disappearance of saudi journalist your ball is hitting the saudi economy stocks plunged almost seven percent in early trading on sunday wiping out all the gains it's had made since the start of the year the full comes a day after u.s. president donald trump threatened severe punishment if saudi arabia was found to be responsible for disappearance but riyadh warned it would retaliate if economic
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sanctions are imposed on it turkish security sources believe the journalist a critic of the saudi leadership was killed soon after entering the saudi consulate in istanbul on october second claims the kingdom calls a baseless lies turkish officials still haven't been allowed into the consulate to investigate. saudi mounts several u.s. media organizations and business leaders have pulled out of a major investment conference in riyadh what was dubbed devil's in the desert is supposed to promote saudi crown prince mohammed bin reform vision for the kingdom. the financial times bloomberg c.n.n. new york times.


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