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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 15, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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up the group has threatened more disruption of the ballot box accusing the united states of using the elections to extend its troops presence in afghanistan a meeting between the u.s. special envoy to afghanistan. and the taliban took place in qatar on friday raising hopes of a political solution the u.s. and the afghan government are remaining tight lipped about the meeting the taliban welcomed the talks but warned in a statement that the presence of foreign troops is the greatest obstacle to peace and solving problems first must be made to was a genuine peace and the solution agreed on by the afghans themselves the afghans who have survived years of violence and bloodshed say political talks have to be good for afghanistan but they have yet to see any benefits. for the they
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keep talking about peace talks we haven't seen any progress those talks have been mentioned for years and yet there is nothing there yet. was so here we really need peace but at the same time we need a third party who can help negotiate a peace deal between the taliban and the government in june the taliban and the government agreed on a three day cease fire it was the first truce in seventeen years but talks stalled and violence resumed. most of whom was i caught up in a fight among. people talk about the afghan government conditions for a permanent deal with the taliban. but on the ground peace seems some way off taliban attacks targeting election candidates and security forces happen almost every day it's generally accepted that the military option would not defeat the taliban and that it's better to engage with a group and devise its leaders chill join
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a broader governing coalition many see that as the best hope of and the war decades of ethnic divide so that they can start rebuilding the country as. well still ahead here on the al-jazeera news our big election losses in the bavarian state elections the allies the german chancellor angela merkel a result little shake her grand coalition government. despite intense talks in brussels but said because she remained deadlocked over the irish border question. and never talk of age peeps that winning feeling in shanghai in the us on the way in sport with full. central american our nicaraguan police are violently broken up antigovernment demonstrations in the capital managua the demonstrators are part of an alliance of opposition groups calling for president daniel ortega to step down and will repel a reports from the capital. dozens of anti-government demonstrators were met with
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heavy force by police in my now going after six months of unrest and more nicaraguan citizens michael. only on the government of president then you know if they got to end the violent repression of political opponents in our time i mean yes i know we have being repressed they would let us march violating our constitutional right to protest. almost as soon as the demonstration began police vehicles full of riot officers confronted the crowd. some protesters clashed with officers and were beaten with clubs many of the demonstrators were women who were dragged away screaming where on the seat of my now we're up the nicaraguan police had announced yesterday that any playtest because the government today would be considered illegal and would not be allowed despite this we've seen several people come out on the streets and protest the government. that the police have started arresting them by one each one of these peaceful protesters as well as up as attacking members of the present was recently
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by my producer they were recently hit with a tear gas canister. as members of the press were forced to huddle together for safety as the arrests unfolded. the nicaraguan police have used physical violence against journalists during demonstrations yeah wyvis latest protest in managua was meant to represent the first demonstration by an organized political coalition of activists calling themselves the alliance for national unity . and i want to i. really think that the whole thing is just terrible the provocation against the people is too much it's too much there has to be an end to this all of us have had enough of. a heavy militarized police presence across much of downtown managua prevented any more anti-government protesters from gathering on the streets of the city the police of criminalize dissent in the country meaning supporters of the government are the only nicaraguan
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citizens allowed to demonstrate on the streets man made up a lot when i was. well. more on this i'm joined now by kristine wade in chestertown maryland via skype the professor at washington college and co-author of the book nicaragua living in the shadow of the eagle good to have you with us on al-jazeera miss wade i mean while protests and demonstrations against president or take a continue there's continuing pushback from the government even at the most innocent or peaceful of anti government gatherings how do you assess sort of the seriousness of what's been going on since april i think that what we've seen in the last couple of weeks really belie. what we were hearing from or to you know in late july he went on this international media tour saying that normalcy have returned that he conquered the kumar in what we've seen over the past couple of weeks the increasing criminalization of peaceful protest in iraq what
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a couple of weeks ago the nicaraguan national police issued a statement saying that in the an authorized protester demonstrations were illegal the national police don't have the constitutional authority to issue a statement like this and yet this is the new reality and not well questionable is that i was going to come on to the issue of the role of the police because of a now extending you might say they're all forward t. beyond the legal realms is that what you're saying. well it certainly appears to be said there are some critics who say that this is tantamount to a police state the police have no authority to curtail constitutional rights to protest in peaceable assembly the new god when government then you are to go for its part have issued statements saying that it supports the police's decision sit in this and so it certainly does seem that this is an extra constitutional measure designed specifically at anti-government protesters so where does that then leave
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the chances you might say for opposition groups to successfully gather and complain demonstrate or make their voices heard in a way that allows them to as far as daniel ortega is concerned stay within the realms of legality it leaves them very little space to do not in fact we saw from your report today that peaceful protesters were attacked and journalists were attacked by police and para police today even before their demonstrations had begun so there's going to be very little public space available for opposition to go out into the streets and to demand to make demands on the or to go ministration anything that's going to happen is probably going to be happening behind closed doors unless protesters and the opposition are willing to risk arrest to continue pushing the line with the ortega ministration i mean what we have seen is anti-government protesters in court over the weekend journalists
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also now voicing their frustration and fear that they're being targeted it seems that the country and certainly the the government is not learning the lessons from its regional neighbors who've had a history of dare i say it dictatorial leadership and we we've seen where that tends. yes indeed and of course one would think that the ortega ministration in particular would understand where this ends given that this is the leadership that overthrew the samosa dynasty and the guy glenn one nine hundred seventy nine but i think that as long as the order to get ministration enjoys the support of the armed forces. that he may be there to stay which i have to see what happens certainly in the coming months the moment to christina waiting in chestertown but so much for joining us from maryland. they use top negotiator on breaks it says disagreement over the irish border remains a key obstacle to a deal despite intensified discussions with officials earlier by students from
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twenty seven european union member states was summoned to a meeting in brussels to discuss the you can stop part of from the blog the second call to gather reports about a deal between the e.u. and the united kingdom parker has more from london. after a flurry of activity in brussels over the course of sunday hopes were breaks it deal remains some way off yet there had been some reports that serve the e.u. twenty seven ambassadors had been summoned to brussels primarily to take an early look at a done deal but it wasn't to be michel barnier the e.u.'s negotiator saying that more work needed to be done the british have been under a tremendous amount of pressure from the e.u. to hold more face to face talks and that probably explains why dominic rather britain's secretary rushed a short notice for an unsettled meeting with his european counterparts but more work more progress is yet to be achieved when it comes to finding
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a solution to the dispute over what's going to happen to the border between northern ireland and republic of ireland perhaps the thorniest issue it breaks it negotiations as they currently stand in the absence of any plan from the british government the e.u. are insisting on its back stop plan that would essentially leads to northern ireland a part of the u.k. remaining in the e.u. customs union that plans been rejected by the british government and its partners in government northern ireland's democratic unionist party over fears that it was centrally separate northern ireland for the rest of the u.k. and lead to a border down the middle of the irish sea so what's the alternative well in recent weeks there a plan of sorts has been taking shape the could potentially see the whole of the u.k. northern ireland and great britain. main part of an e.u. customs union breaks it for a short period of time possibly a number of years but how is to reserve may go to sell that plan to hard line
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breaks or tears within parliament and within her own party who want to clean break from brussels any plan to reason may agree these weird brussels needs to be watertight she knows that there is talk of rebellion within her own ranks germany's chancellor angela merkel's bavarian allies have suffered their worst result since the one nine hundred fifty in regional elections a verdict that risks further divisions within the government and berlin the vote highlights deepening divisions in german politics over issues such as immigration dominate came reports now from munich. for decades the christian social union has dominated varian politics but no longer now their vote has slumped dozens of seats have been lost and the overall majority has gone for the c.s. used current leader and sitting prime minister it was time to put on a brave face remember. we accept the results with humility and we will have
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to learn from it we must analyze it clearly but one thing is clear despite the prognosis discussions and comments the c.s.u. is not only the strongest party but it's also received a clear mandate to govern. whereas for the greens this was a moment for celebration their vote more than doubled and did eight of bavarians biggest cities they came first cementing their position here as the leading party of the center left displacing the social democrats something the national polls had suggested for some time by and yet the parliamentary election results of any change to their ear tonight because it clearly shows that people want politics that encourages instead of spreading fear that solves current problems instead a constant. it shows clearly that you can't win elections if you bet on the courage and passion and don't surf in a right wing way and yet one party that did precisely that was the alternative for germany in the twenty thirteen election they didn't exist this time around their
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stance on tougher migration and border controls one of the more than ten percent of the vote even though this result is a message to merkel merkel must finally guard. for i feel we are the natural successes c.s.u. traditions our families and for our varia for beria is a blessed land dear friends. in the immediate aftermath of this election attention will focus on who will form the next government here early indication. the c.s.u. will try to patch together a small majority with one of the minor parties but some more profound problems are not so easily solved sunday's result seems to many people here like a mini earthquake shaking the c.s.u. to its foundations in its occupants the question now is what will the aftershocks be at a national level colonic
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a al-jazeera in new. some say is the architectural jewel in the crown of an ancient port in israel but the car darn in the old city of arka has been neglected to the point of nickel outs that's how the force that reports palestinians say the eighteenth century center for sailors is a symbol of how they're being squeezed down to his rich israelis and tourists move in there are a few things about acre which aren't in dispute the beauty of its old city the overlapping layers of history on full display a rich mix of cultures and religions stretching back four thousand years all of which make it a prime site for tourism sired recently bought the family home where he was born and the apartment beneath it turning it into a guest house for paying visitors but as a palestinian resident of arca as they call it it's been a long hard bureaucratic battle to get to this point back to haiti certainly learned a million we were protected tenants we worked so hard to get ownership because as
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long as we didn't have it we didn't have the freedom to do anything other than just live here ok. that's the case for the majority of palestinians who live in the old city most of the original arab homeowners fled or forced out during the creation of the state of israel in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight those who later came to live here can only lease homes from a trust backed by the israeli government they don't have any right to do anything in this house or they can fix these houses they can't hurt you know they can't give the subset of their children the local governments tourism development plan involves renovating rundown areas attracting richer homeowners the old development company part of israel's tourism ministry says local palestinian small businesses benefit but the new businesses are market hotels and restaurants overwhelmingly israeli and many of the palestinians who live within the walls of the old city the money that's being lavished here feels like it's largely bypassing them worse than
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that they fear it is going to alter the fabric of this place irrevocably and that they might not have a place here in the future one place they have long treasured is this the carnal and done once an ottoman staging point for sailors and their goods now it's a crumbling show ruled too dangerous to enter the development company blames the failure of its previous plans to turn it into a hotel plans that would have involved neighboring buildings being emptied on palestinian opposition who sometimes fish is from the local walk the islamic trust that manages the city's mosques which decades ago signed the site over to an israeli government organization on a ninety nine year lease i am telling you that more than fifty years ago didn't do anything anything and my life my heart is sore sore so hard because the place is saw so dangerous it's not that a construct not even a minimal it a construct it had been laws for all of this years for nothing the palestinians an acre the question is whether they'll have a proper stake in
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a changing city the chance to hold on to a place they call home ari force it down to zero acre. well still ahead here on al-jazeera pope francis confers sainthood on murdered salvadorian off bishop oscar ramiro examine his legacy and why the decision was made now also big trawlers off the coast of senegal now putting a traditional way of life in danger and a famous formula one driver son is starting to make a big name for himself in motor racing paul will have those details in sport. from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. hello the seasons trying to change or trying to get the northeast monsoon it better be hard pressed to see how or where to be honest this looks like a spring picture and some is a lot of cloud around producing
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a lot of rain both now and in the forecast anywhere east to sichuan down towards the coast hong kong could see the rain shanghai just about avoid it so an increase in here is an increase in the likelihood of rain for the next day or so but we might start to see the fresher weather just about push into shanghai come tuesday guarantee that there and then south of this isn't pretty big showers around saraki in particular and that's they've been drifting slowly west woods towards sumatra southern todd rather been recently some pretty big downpours again forecast wise going to give you a shower or two in singapore ok or maybe northern sumatra draw a picture in the world's showers in sort of a sea running just up the coast of vietnam and they might just catch jakarta but i think they probably won't similar sort of picture on tuesday to some detail changes with santa work still folks this is a wet place to be. as for the remains of the current italy it's gone the rain still falling out of its particular crossly camps in the southeast of bangladesh
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otherwise it's andhra pradesh that's what. the weather sponsored by qatar at least . i'm a historian say for the but nice people every week a new cycle brings a series of breaking stories told through the eyes of the world's journalists these two voices journalists were one of the few journalists in baghdad that were actually doing investigative work join the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they were caught on the story simply to demand see bias the rights to those stories but then he never publishes those stories they're listening post on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where every. your shingle just drops all wrong a reminder of our top news stories saudi arabia's king saul modern turkish president doesn't that are the one spoken by phone to reaffirm the commitment to a joint investigation into the disappearance of. the saudi journalist hasn't been seen since he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul october the second. and. shares in saudi arabian companies have plunged the fallout over. disappearance
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deepens the main stock market index in riyadh fell by as much as seven percent on sunday with billions of dollars being wiped off the market value. chancellor angela merkel's bavarian allies have suffered their worst result in six decades of regional elections a verdict that risks further divisions within the government in berlin that highlights deepening divisions in german politics over issues such as immigration. about to our top story now on the disappearance of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi ford's chairman bill ford has become the latest corporate figure to back out of a saudi investment conference later this month and has what. the largest stock market in the middle east suffered its biggest fall for four years within hours of donald trump ramping up the pressure on the saudis the to double in the saudi capital riyadh fell almost seven percent as it opened on sunday morning that wiped out all its gains made this year before recovering to close three and a half percent down we're going to get to the bottom of it and there will be severe
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punishment investors reacted to the warnings by donald trump who's made it clear that the kingdom will be severely punished if it's behind the disappearance and apparent murder of washington post contributor jamal khashoggi to a saudi arabia rejects both the accusations of involvement and threats of punishment and is promising to retaliate against any sanctions with bigger ones of its own this seems to be more questions than answers those comments will do little to settle investors' nerves as business leaders and media sponsors take a step back from saudi arabia's so-called reform agenda the president of the world bank is among several influential leaders who've already said they won't attend a key investment conference in riyadh next week dubbed davos of the desert it's aimed everything telling the kingdom into its latest vision for the future but goober's absence may be noticed the most since the saudis have invested billions of dollars in the u.s. right hailing company a lot of big names and
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a lot of big media organizations have pulled out so does this not this is not good on the whole basis of the vision twenty thirty the very forward looking economic policy to bring saudi arabia we need it off oil bring it into the twenty first century really depends on working with foreign partners and getting investment in that i don't think that will pull out completely but right now it's to talk sic the u.s. treasury secretary steve minutia is under pressure from u.s. senators not to go but the trumpet ministration wants to maintain billions of dollars worth of weapons orders. and the u.s. jobs that go with them when the saudi crown prince visited the white house trump presented the kingdom shopping list as one of his crowning achievements enter chapelle al jazeera. ukraine's foreign minister has condemned a nationalist website for publishing the personal details of more than five hundred people who it claims are obtained and garion passports jule citizenship is illegal
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in ukraine which has expelled a diplomat in a standoff with hungary over the issue andrew symonds has this exclusive report it's a long way from ukraine's fighting but this small border town is having an identity crisis it spreads well beyond the hillside bearing both hungary and ukrainian flags . many of the people here live with a secret they have jewel citizenship that's illegal in ukraine and a camera smuggled into the hungary and consulate building exposed what's being going on there may be going on. you can hear people swearing allegiance to hungary with diplomats present even the chink of champagne glasses on to the past and though. it angered ukraine's foreign affairs minister who's come to the region trying to calm things down but he won't budge on the central issue there is no way of handling doublethink under ukrainian law the diplomatic spat is escalating
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with the ukrainian government suggesting that viktor orban the hungary and prime minister vladimir putin president of russia both have a vested interest in destabilizing this region beyond that there's been the publication online of five hundred names of people a website suggests all hold illegally hungary impossibles. a birth date it's in difficulties a number x. number it's confirmed this and all the information in my home address andre min show has no political affiliations he runs an i.t. business yet he's on the list wife's children's. and people's. you heard a better however recently there were confrontations between the far right marches and police yet the demonstrators took down the hungary and flag from a public building. and on the streets here there's dismay that
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a secret camera could record proceedings inside a foreign consulate must be our national ministry if this is really this be and i was it's a way to blow the conflict here out of all proportion but. why is julian even triple citizenship allowed in europe when here it's a crime if we want to be part of europe we should live according to its values public claim can had talks with community leaders from several ethnic minorities and condemn the online publication of hungary and passport holders this site. was created to counter the russian aggression in no way to put her in gear and use the same context like zero with russians fighting against independence and. creates a lot of issues for me although i mean sure could his wife aren't sure what to do about the website list that's still on line they think if you're leaving the
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country and ruth simmons al-jazeera better hold ukraine. while staying in the region worshippers of the orthodox church in ukraine f.l. they celebrate free mass after the split from the russian orthodox church ukraine secured approval to establish an independent church on thursday being described as the biggest spitting in christianity for more than five hundred years russia's foreign minister is calling the break a provocation it's linked to russia's annexation of crimea from ukraine four years ago alexander skee is a senior foreign policy writer at the russian news website because that adopts are you in moscow he says the spits could be seen as political revenge. both countries russia and ukraine are united by the christianity by the by the wing of orthodox christianity the marshes mean religion as well as main religion in ukraine a little barrels of catholic churches in ukraine and that you know for many years even then these companies all started the russian reign over the crimea and the eastern part of ukraine that george was
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a unity church despite yeah there are some some people some senior officials within the right of the ukrainian orthodox church want to displease over from russia now it seems to be a very big deal yes of the ukrainian officials and of course present for shankar we are now actually taking the only irving's over of all the key real and of course russian federation which of course was as you know meddling in ukraine and of her so that's that's kind of a revenge there is actually eleven thousand churches now you know answering to the russian or to the russian orthodox church that will be sort of independent so russia will have no say on that discuss on the political level here because president putin has chaired on federation of the security council a very high ranking body involving the senior officials the military the senior police people and diplomats to discuss the situation so the situation is not just believe you know safe but also a very political question for will follow countries that's like that one of this is
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one of the few hoops that russia is still hanging on ukraine and that is who is now being destroyed right. pope francis has conferred sainthood on murdered salvadorian archbishop oscar ramiro at a ceremony in the vatican an advocate for peace during el salvador's civil war he was shot dead while celebrating mass in one thousand nine hundred eighty two. thousands gathered in st peter's square to see pope francis make seven saints among them pope paul the six who the saw one of the most turbulent periods of modern catholic church history in the one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's also canonized his archbishop osco romero killed by a right wing death squads while preaching in el salvador thirty eight years ago. all that together with him and the other new saints today there was archbishop romero who left the security of the world even his own safety in order to live his life according to the gospel close to the poor into his people with
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a hard road to jesus and his brothers and sisters a stone simply his canonization was for medical miracle curing cecilia flores of a life threatening illness but for her and many other salvadorans he's much more interested here's a person who fought for all salvador and containers fighting and continues to intercede for the country a brave man who defended life defended the family defended the most needy that's what he means to me. they revere him to speaking out the social justice and defending them against repression in the military led right wing governments in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's conservatives who ever saw him as a spokesman for the left wing he knew that that puts him in danger. i will not abandon my people but along with them i will run all the risks that my ministry demands. remain the divisive figure even after his murder and it took the intervention of pope francis to ensure his sainthood to delight the supporters in
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el salvador but i mean to learn it here to me it's a joy because every time i visit the crypt i feel he's still alive because for me he didn't die and i don't know any of them and it's a big joy i have tears i'm not too well but i grew up following the steps of monsignor romero it's a big joy also the door eventually emerge from civil war many are hoping the new saints will die them as they tackle the violence and injustice that continue to blight their country. al-jazeera may go in the torah is a professor from the school of theology he says romero sainthood has been a long time coming. i think he has been extremely important basically he's one of those clergy who knows to a high level who really. was in solidarity with the most oppressed and the most abused in el salvador at that time which is a tremendous transformation because he apparently was
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a bookworm and very traditional but when he heard the story of the corps it radicalized him and he had a conversion to to really be the spokes person well first of all we need to remember that for the people he has always been a saint it is only the vatican now when it's catching up to the will the people so far as the people are concerned here where he was a saint but the reason why it has been delayed so long is because he had been characterized as a marxist as a communist as a leftist while in fact all he was was a person who was following the gospels and the teachings of jesus christ but whenever you go ahead and stand with your press government and political powers dismiss you as a communist and therefore you become dangerous and the last two popes let us never forget were very conservatives so the fact of bringing him up for canonization had
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to be delayed. children in iraq all settling back into classes more than a year after the city was reclaimed from eisel which destroyed most of the city's schools as mohamed atta reports it's hoped education will help heal the effects of war. leave it's the fast day of school in bubble elementary school in motion look like classes up received for the first time in three years. i still use this school as a military base firing rocket propelled grenades and mortars at the a bear out their forces by the time that come painted a cop to mosul will solve most of the city was reduced to rubble the on going school or construction work was initiated by volunteers and patents came to see their children back in class canada this was made possible with the help of contributions from the well wishers with and outside iraq it is the result of the tireless efforts of iraqi women to portray to the world that agony and devastation
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and most of. the classrooms are crowded and the children must share both books and sits most of forgotten what it is like to be.


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