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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 15, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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but one thing is clear despite the prognosis discussions and comments the c.s.u. is not only the strongest party but it's also received a clear mandate to go. whereas for the greens this was a moment for celebration their vote more than doubled and did eight of bavarians biggest cities they came first cementing their position here as the leading party of the center left displacing the social democrats something the national polls had suggested for some time by and yet something the parliamentary election results of any change but very a tonight because it clearly shows that people want politics that encourages instead of spreading fear that solves current problems instead of constant producing new ones it shows clearly that you can win elections if you bet on courage confidence and passion and don't suffer in a right wing way and yet one party that did precisely that was the alternative for germany in the twenty thirteen election they didn't exist this time around their stance on tougher migration and border controls one of the more than ten percent of
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the vote for you this evening is how i view this result is a message to machall merkel must finally guard the ira for her for fear we are the natural successes the c.s.u. we stand for our traditions our families and for our bavaria for bev area is a bless land dear friends. in the immediate aftermath of this election attention will focus on who will form the next government here early indications of the c.s.u. will try to patch together a small majority with one of the minor parties but some more profound problems on not so easily solved sunday's result seems to many people here like a mini earthquake shaking the c.s.u. to its foundations in its own hands the question now is what will the off the shocks be at a national level don't make a al-jazeera in new. still ahead hale announces the era. i'm
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andrew symonds reporting from barrow have never ukraine's border with hungary and i'll be explaining why a diplomatic spat over passports is turning into something much bigger. hello has been a welcome spell of showers popping up all over the place in the western side of iran you can see them here on the satellite picture and rather more obvious cloud which is focusing on tajikistan i think in particular with rain or snow in the next couple days stretching down to the north of afghanistan so that's active weather and this cold air tucked in behind us the temperatures drop whereas the showers down here in the same sort of temps regime we've had for a couple weeks so highs thirty's they tend to be dying away on monday and particularly on tuesday where us temperatures dropped here and the stars in homs to
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now marty and tashkent are really sets of amante now back to the levant still showers around at least of the higher ground. and iran maybe one or two in iraq so much is still high twenty's in beirut and it's quiet then further south thirty four should die hard times is slowly coming down this is a bit more obvious that still remains of bluebonnets made landfall in yemen so just a mass of potential heavy rain they'll be flash floods in the what is will be flash floods in the desert to be honest i'm not rain stretches right up into the empty quarter a hint that by thursday could be a shower too from it in doha but the focus has got to be yemen and maybe southern sidey with persistent heavy rain. china used to take half the world's recyclable rubbish but not anymore with garbage generated by one point four billion people they've got enough of their own but
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where does it go when he slips the lid on china's war on waves on how does iran and this is different not just whether someone is going for someone who's very rich it doesn't matter when you meet think it's how you approach an individual and that's what it is a certain way of doing it you can't just buy into the story and fly out. and i again you're watching on jazeera has remind you of our top stories this hour saudi arabia's. president has spoken by phone to a commitment to a joint investigation into the disappearance of jamal khashoggi is not
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a journalist hasn't been seen since the end to the saudis in istanbul and second of october. the arabian companies plunged the fallout over disappearance deepens the main stock market index in riyadh fell by as much as seventy percent on sunday with billions of dollars wiped off the market value. and chancellor angela merkel's bolivarian allies have softened that west results in six decades and regional elections of. the divisions within her government and. highlights deepening divisions in german politics over issues such as immigration. plays in the violently broken up anti-government demonstrations in the capital managua protest as a part of an alliance of opposition groups calling for president daniel ortega to step down at the regular demonstrations since april. was at the demonstration and sent us this update. we're in the next week i went capitol on
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a day that there was supposed to be a peaceful protest and anti-government protesters and police in riot started have started arrests the one by one every one of the peaceful protesters i was really we are seeing tear gas being deployed against protestors and against the press the press has been victims of harassment as well as attacks by the police today i was such to earlier. with a tear gas canister than here but here right next to what we must tell you there's another person be taken away. these are the anti-riot police being deployed on the streets of the get out we're right now that was a peaceful protest about two dozen people protesting sort of the supermarket here in my now look one by one these are anti-riot police have started arresting them and taking them away. a memorial ceremony is being held in somalia on the first anniversary of the largest bomb blast the man accused of orchestrating the explosion has been executed by firing squad. for his war. sunday was
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a national day for somalis to mourn a year to the day since the massive truck bomb was detonated at a busy intersection in the capital it's been described as the largest explosion in somalia's troubled history and the worst attack since nine eleven in the u.s. . they believe that they can enforce fear an arse they believe they could undermine the progress we have made they believe that they can damage our image betrayed our country is an unsafe place to go they want to damage the morale and resilience of our people to the contrary blisters with stronger unity the massive blast killed at least five hundred somalis injured hundreds more and destroyed buildings in the city center including a hotel no group claimed responsibility for the attack but the man accused of leading an al-shabaab unit was sentenced to death in february a firing squad carried out that sentence on the first anniversary for some it's
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little comfort shop attendant hossam girl says it's like the explosion happened just yesterday. the shop owner i was working for died next to me i lost a lot of blood i struggled for some time no one came to my rescue then outside the shop i saw the whole area in flames dead bodies burning bodies and buildings on fire it's one year now i survived and i'm now back at work. other survivors such as abdulla ali still have to be treated in hospital he was selling sweets at the intersection when the blast happened his wife was there too but he will never see her again because. they told me she's fine but that she sustained injuries and she's being treated in hospital after a while i found that she could not be found even her body was never found many somalis who were there that day have a similar story to ali and while reconstruction of the area has begun building
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still lie in ruins much like the lives of those affected by the disaster she has a gun for al-jazeera ukraine's foreign minister has condemned the nationalist website for publishing the personal details of more than five hundred people who make claims as obtained have attained a hungarian passports jill says and shipped as illegal in ukraine which has expelled the diplomats in a standoff with hungary over the issue and her summons reports it's a long way from ukraine's fighting but this small border town is having an identity crisis it spreads well beyond the hillside bearing both hungary and ukrainian flags . many of the people here live with a secret they have citizenship that's illegal the new crane and a camera smuggled into the hungary and consulate building exposed what's been going on for a minute or so. you can hear people swearing allegiance to hungary with diplomats
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present even the chink of champagne glasses on to the past. it angered ukraine's foreign affairs minister who's come to the region trying to calm things down but he won't budge on the central issue there is no way of carrying doublethink on the ukrainian law. the diplomatic spat is escalating with the ukrainian government suggesting that viktor orban the hungary and prime minister vladimir putin president of russia both have a vested interest in destabilizing this region beyond that there's been the publication online of five hundred names of people a website suggests or hold illegally hungary impossibles a birth date or it's in difficulties a number x. number it's confirmed this and all the information in my home address on dreamin should has no political affiliations he runs an i.t.
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business gets on the list wife children. and peoples on and you heard a better however recently there were confrontations between far right marches and police yet the demonstrators took down the hungary and flag from a public building. and on the streets here there's dismay that a secret camera could record proceedings inside a foreign consulate must be our national going to. be an arse it's a way to blow the conflict here out of all proportion but. why is julian even triple citizenship allowed in europe when here it's a crime if we want to be part of europe we should live according to its values public claim can had talks with community leaders from several ethnic minorities and condemn the online publication of hungary and passport holders this site. was created to counter the russian aggression in no way to put one here and use the
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same context like zero thrush and fighting against independence and serenity creates a lot of issues for me although i mean sure could his wife aren't sure what to do about the website list that's still on line they're thinking of leaving the country and ruth simmons al-jazeera better hova ukraine. now some say is the architectural joel in the crown of an ancient port in israel and the connell undone is the old six in the old city of acre has been neglected to the point of near collapse as her aforesaid reports palestinians say the eighteenth century sense of assailants as a symbol of how they're being squeezed out as rich israelis and tourists move then there are a few things about it which aren't in dispute the beauty of its old city the overlapping layers of history on full display a rich mix of cultures and religions stretching back four thousand years all of
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which make it a prime site for tourism. recently bought the family home where he was born and the apartment beneath it turning it into a guest house for paying visitors but as a palestinian resident of as they call it it's been a long hard bureaucratic battle to get to this point list back to her suddenly learned a million we were protected tenants we worked so hard to get ownership because as long as we didn't have it we didn't have the freedom to do anything other than just live here ok. that's the case for the majority of palestinians who live in the old city most of the original arab homeowners fled or forced out during the creation of the state of israel in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight those who later came to live here can only lease homes from a trust backed by the israeli government they don't have any right to do anything in this house or they can't fix these houses they can't hurt you know they can't give the subset of their children the local government's tourism development plan
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involves renovating rundown areas attracting richer homeowners the old development company part of israel's tourism ministry says local palestinian small businesses benefit but the new businesses are market hotels and restaurants overwhelmingly israeli for many the palestinians who live within the walls of the old city the money that's being lavished here feels like it's largely bypassing them worse than that they fear it is going to alter the fabric of this place irrevocably and that they might not have a place here in the future one place they have long treasured is this the carnal done once an ottoman staging point for sailors and their goods now it's a crumbling show ruled too dangerous to enter the development company blames the failure of its previous plans to turn it into a hotel plans that would have involved neighboring buildings being emptied on palestinian opposition who sometimes fish is from the local walk the islamic trust that manages the city's mosques which decades ago signed the site over to an
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israeli government organization on a ninety nine year lease i am telling you that more than fifty years ago didn't do anything anything and my life my heart is sore sore so hard because the place is saw so dangerous it's not that i construct not even a minimal little construct it have been laws for all these years for nothing the palestinians an acre the question is whether they'll have a proper stake in a changing city the chance to hold on to a place they call home are a force it down to zero acre. israeli supreme court has suspended the deportation of u.s. student laura until her appeal is considered and turns to old was detained on the second of october when she arrived in israel to study for law suits degree at hebrew university the government says she's an activist in the movement encouraging companies and governments to end support for israel over its treatment of palestinians says she's no longer active research
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has a warning that teachers and clinicians are mistaking immaturity for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or a d h d a study shows the youngest children in a classroom are more likely to be diagnosed and medicated more in one hundred forty s. parents want what's best for their children so when a teacher says they might be a problem parents naturally respond imagine then the suggestion that the child has a.d.h. the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder with a global study indicates that might not always be the case. conservative estimates put the global number of children diagnosed with their d h d at more than ten million and that number is rising there are no biological tests for the disorder diagnosis relies on teacher and parent reports of children exhibiting impulsive behavior is including fidgeting interrupting and being easily distracted. this research published in the journal of child psychology and psychiatry looked at
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seventeen studies across twelve countries covering more than fourteen million children in all of these countries with nations with high rates of a d h d or where prescription rates are low it was more common for the youngest children in the classroom to be assessed as having eighty h.d. all around the globe take his eye looking at each of the youngest kids in class and comparing them to the other children in classes and mistaking their rights if it were normal i drew a line to maturity friday actually and that's that's extremely concerning that that you know then kicks off a diagnostic process. teaches don't diagnose a.d.h. day or prescribe medication but studies show and most cases teaches that the first to suggest a child has the disorder and that label can obscure other issues things like being the youngest in class things not being sleep or things like being bullied or abused
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and you know that some children are just naturally impulsive in hama and active and we need to have right a tolerance for that now i'm not suggesting some of these children don't have problems but i do think that giving them a life like id actually stops stop clinicians and parents and teachers looking for the real cause of the really undergoing cause of these problems and he said you know i get a dumbed down libel and let's be honest a diary instead of me research to say delaying the age at which a child starts school isn't the answer as another child would then become the youngest and potentially suffer instead they advised teaches and clinicians to be more cautious when assessing a child and sapir aunts who know their children best to trust their instincts. without is there are these are top stories saudi arabia's king solomon and turkish president have spoken by phone to reaffirm their commitment to
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a joint investigation into the disappearance of jamal khashoggi saudi journalist hasn't been seen since he and the saudi consulate in istanbul on october the second the u.k. france and germany a jointly calling for a credible investigation into question of g.'s fate reports from ankara saudi arabia is also trying to form an alliance by itself despite its diplomatic. initiatives with turkey we have seen oh i see countries showing solidarity with saudi arabia and saying that cell giri reza recent reforms actually which are mainly led by the crown prince mohammed bin salon were being targeted also we have heard mahmoud abbas from palestine and jordan and united arab emirates is say that they are standing by saudi arabia the disappearance of the saudi jenna's jamal khashoggi has hit the sound a commie the main stock market index in riyadh fell by seven percent on sunday
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removing billions of dollars it had made since the start of the year. a large rebel group in syria is invalid province says it will continue to fight hours after a deadline for rebels to withdraw from a buffer zone to where are more h.t.s. did not say whether it agreed or rejected last month's deal between russia and turkey to set up a demilitarized area the buffer is centered around the northwestern region of syria's last major rebel stronghold it's also where president bashar al assad's government has halted a planned offensive for now. nicaraguan police broken up anti-government protests in the capital managua a protest of an alliance of forty opposition groups calling for an end to president daniel ortega since april the country has been gripped by crisis and instability three hundred fifty people have been killed and thousands of others engines as i had lines and other news update a lot is there
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a after one a one east more than seven decades ago a country was split into. anything and now on. to the page all it took was a pan amount of the collapsing empire when the british had to draw a line they pulled a servant who had never been to india before al-jazeera examines the violence of india and pakistan and asks what the future holds for these neighbors partition borders of blood. china used to take half the world's recyclable rubbish not if. they've got enough. the government has now declared. what do you do with the garbage generated by one. billion people. on this episode when he used to live on china's
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rubbish crisis. we've travelled about an hour outside by jane where the problems china faces managing its weist are on the stock displayed by. the stockpile here is the results of shared by exclaims that gone wrong. the bicycles were dumps here because they were clogging up by aging straits. this is just one of many bicycle dumping grounds gotten across china there are a symbol of a culture of birth for juices and throws a y. on massive skyll and whether it's bicycles plastics or industrial waste it's a problem that's getting bigger and bigger and.
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china's government has now declared its are no war on whites the question is is that we. know way illustrates better the scale of the problems china faces in its war on why some that's terrible by. the population almost the same as. h. died a city produces twenty five thousand tonnes of flyest and double what twenty years ago.
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korea is on a waiting lee at the front line of the problem. through delivery is known here as. in china's big cities you can order pretty much anything from a. to a single cup of coffee the next to nothing. food koori around dreamed of following his father and grandfather into the army but a disability possible now the twenty two year old is serving his country in a different why.
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every day he prices against the clock. getting good reviews. you. know how some. sit in.
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jail for you so. be dumb idea. these newly popular online delivery service is helping to generate vast amounts of plastic whites across the country about twenty million orders of my h.d. i finally from two major companies producing around sixteen million the plastics in time as. i was to reach you need to be traveling to places we both. rubbish right chimley when knows all too well the challenges faced by a country where more people are getting will be fast he's someone made this they don't have the basic infrastructure for first amendment they just she's one of
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china's most energetic environmental campaigners i did i change the winners taking us to see where a good bit by james rubbish ends up. on the city's outskirts. historically china city is also sent to the countryside but gradually the farmers feel just because we have more and more not all stuff. we've come to one of beijing's biggest and oldest dumpsites homes of both a landfill and an incinerator and this is about as close as we can get this is it. the first time i came here it was almost ten years ago. and it's going like. in the past this landfill
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contaminated the groundwater as far as four kilometers away locals also worry about emissions from the incinerator. over the years i have visited over thirty for sanity's including a man feel if anything major across china i could see how this facility you have the impact that people have. and people are suffering. with all it's sustainable waste my time and we don't have theater. in its war to reduce weist china has one of my advantage. a boss network of rubbish because you take much of the recyclable wised out of landfill
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and incineration. verilog. or should we are. and there's already enough. one gene dong is one of by one hundred seventy thousand a rubbish scavenge is part of the informal recycling industry that currently handles about a third of the city's garbage. we do. on my brain work as we lefties home province and years ago long lives on the fringes of the capital in a brick shack with no electricity or running water. wang and his wife took in their nephew eleven year old and after the child's father.
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now a mattress with others i'm a man. by . wang is committed to giving his nephew and education. was here. a little bit of that a little. lost a little when you're. taking me with him to collect bottles on a demolition site covered with plastic mesh to keep down the dust it's worth. the real money in rubbish comes from controlling turf. well connected collectors
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cut deals with the big residential compounds pining for exclusive rights to handle their wife's oysterman the need the. middle of nowhere around here so you don't know as i want to know it all or what does the white man. well it's not the easiest way to make a living at the best of times but it's not even ten am it's already getting up towards thirty five degrees. and then there. is the booze you see little to the war. zone we're all a little clearer sure. well . we're sure as you saw your. what. they don't know what will to do with them what. the rubbish
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because a highly effective according to chen lee wind who's studied them closely they can recycle whatever the market can deal with we weed through we're going to found out they recycle like almost to ninety percent of the recycle. areas through much much higher in any be rich countries. they rely on recycling to raise families. et young man attends a local school is set up for the children of the city's migrant workers it costs around two hundred dollars a year in phase. but even in this marginalized community the rubbish because nephew is at the bottom of the pack.
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sure. the rubbish collectors might be efficient but their future is uncertain. most like one gene don't come from outside the city. in recent crackdowns beijing has tried to force them out. recently wang has heard that the buildings around his home a slighted for demolition and the fees he's could be next. in the military and anyone. that's a muslim says it. isn't often that the there. is only doing.


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