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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 287  Al Jazeera  October 15, 2018 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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and what. the rubbish because a highly effective according to chen lee when who's studied them closely they can recycle whatever the market can deal with we weed through the word and found out they recycle like almost a ninety percent of the recycle. various food much much higher in any of the of our countries. they rely on recycling through this family. egg mung and attends a local school set up for the children of the city's migrant workers it costs around two hundred dollars a year in phase. but even in this marginalized community the rubbish because nephew is at the bottom of the pack.
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the rubbish collectors might be efficient but the future is uncertain. most like one gene dong come from outside the city. in recent crackdowns beijing has tried to force them out. recently wang has heard that the buildings around his home a slighted for demolition and the fees he's could be next. generation with no intention of anyone. that's a much one says it. isn't often that even if it. was only to.
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the rubbish because of facing another threat. it comes from entrepreneurs like. her before front of a government push to solve the crisis with high tech solutions. and. woman didn't. mention a woman they're going to. move. into the shoes of the. most back. the o's company imes to cut out the rubbish collectors by encouraging individuals to recycle each bottle credits just under one cent to your bank account. if asked if i was to ask. about. their company has
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placed five thousand of these machines around by jane. there's a daily limit of twenty to thirty bottles per user. designed to stop the rubbish because from cashing in. the company even transports the bottles to a plastic processing factory and ultimately turns them into consumer goods so the majority of the show that eating it you can imagine and i know my. own version. i think that. we are talking. into the bank just right which. you should and should you should commit whether it has returned to their home or to them that you know. it's on so you.
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i. is still recycling the old fashioned why he peddles his wares to a market more than an hour across town another small cog in the informal recycling shank. crowd of there are only a. clear one big hole a few minutes up you know they are still lived here could offer. higher than lloyd so you. don't don't want to be in the midst of this. salvation. to turn up. to the. water your don't. hear the city's trash turns into treasure any item useful for manufacturing plastic cardboard metal as a value here. it's been
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a good day mr wang's made about thirty dollars from a week's garbage enough to support his family for another wake. from here the plastic bottles cardboard and other packaging and collected on the streets of beijing begin the long journey why from the capital. the question is where does it all go from here. when the government announced its ban on foreign rice last year it also cracked down on backyard recycling centers like these to. the city seeking to be found she's its. peace. as this recent state media documentary reveals saris are making a show of closing down the centers because they're a danger to workers. health and the environment.
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but have all these backyard albright is a really shutdown. and if they have china's domestic waste recycled. we decided to visit once was the biggest center for plastic recycling in northern china the wind and district an hour from by jing. processing was officially shut down here some years ago i've heard there's still some going on and there are indications recycling is happening at need by is another truck with. plastic pellets have gone through the recycling process already in the ready to be taken away and use for manufacturing issue with it. but if it is
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still happening it's well he had to. pay the about. face on the outside showing them are. you going to go down to the vama. will come to know they are you know it will load up. then they'll let. you know you'll read my i call one of the numbers on the shop fronts and the man tells me he's moved his business to in a mongolia in china's north. when the center is closed people who are shipped to more remote every container there. because we still have so much flat plastic we do the problem is just this shift of the pollution from one . very concentrated same car to
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a more like dispersed. he went on there are cameras everywhere. about half an hour after our arrival local officials turn up whatever he's going on here i don't want us to say yes. so you know i got a long. on this so they want us to come down to have a word with them before supposedly show us one of these local factories here we see . after an hour at the station the police tyke us to lunch and send us on our why. by sight plastic processing has all been shot down and went on and moved to other parts of china. back in beijing if there is some aspects to the rubbish system the government is
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came to showcase. city officials have told me last year to up to show us how they dealing by change what's. biting is one of forty six cities across the country trying a new rubbish sorting system. to buy you. one that would help. but government if it's so far to convince city dwellers to sort their weist haven't gone well. for their. own. eric leo is the laid plastics campaigner for grain pace you also may hoard to me and from there. to show you go to guy be ending soon.
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once collected beijing's rubbish is compacted then truck gone to one of the world's largest incinerators. and that's the next stop on out to up. the loot an incinerator in the hills west of the aging burns about a night from the city's galv age transforming the hate into energy. according to john yoo a shang from the city government a chivas plan produces the signed amount of electricity as one hundred forty three . tonnes of coal. should you go in there for a woman. and to go to
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work in the field or. china wants its big cities to burn more than half the household waste by the end of this decade but if the rubbish isn't properly stored there are problems. as well so you. seem to want to go. to your beach all. day so you sell are all you. don't have. from what we see heed to the still a lot of plastics in the mix. it's clear china has a long way to go. for food korea role jan it's been another long day on the streets of beijing so the central government is now considering restrictions on packaging including tiger
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away food containers. rajon hasn't heard about these plans but he agrees there needs to be china. in the sun. the idea. i've come back to see the rubbish pick one gene don't end his nephew. six weeks earlier he told us he was worried the local government would try to force him out
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of his home. well this is a bit of a surprise since we were here last on the completely break the fly in where they're healthy. even though if they are many more. than are. you know. whether they're not on the whole. don't want to i mean you know. it doesn't know how much longer their house will remain standing body says whatever happens try to study in beijing. so much i don't want to show you the neon and brown were there but you still when you're. with these rubbish rick dean wang is trying to support his family by picking up
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casual labor jobs it's not the future he dreams of if you. had a lawyer who was young and on the side. hill. who were on a cold war i want to go on a little assured. they will try to use a new one or find. annoy you will use the use of funds and then one or. the other one of the one who. wants to make i clean a future for eleven year old monk i am out of the rubbish because disappear it could be growing up in a country that recycles less than it does now. as the big cities modernize the lives of those who have done the most to keep them clean will be more precarious.
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millions of people across india miss out on medical care but a hospital train is delivering doctors hope to those most in need. when i want to use boards indians' lifeline express. zero. since its inception in one thousand nine hundred sixty one the kuwait fund has been supporting people's livelihoods in over one hundred countries by funding projects in an array of sectors. ranging from infrastructure to health and education. these initiatives ultimately help to eradicate poverty. and promote sustainable development.
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on counting the cost this week the social cost of a carbon free future will look at what the un deafening private warning means for businesses and livelihoods africa's revolution plus how to stamp out trade in endangered wildlife. counting the cost on al-jazeera. that were caught and all these the top stories on al-jazeera saudi arabia's king solomon takesh president to have spoken by phone to reaffirm their commitment to a joint investigation into the disappearance of jamal khashoggi a saudi john this hasn't been seen since he entered the saudi counts that in istanbul of the second of october. france and germany a jointly calling for a credible investigation into question of geez fate so i'm going to reports from
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ankara. asserted delegation including saudi until chief are expected to talk with turkish officials on monday over his disappearance case and the investigation and the sound of delegation is expected to spend forty eight hours in turkey of course this is an important step by saudi arabia including king solomon's phone conversation with president john saying that they are happy about a joint working group formed with the turkish office shows however theoretically it seems the diplomatic networking is all right and the saudis and turkey's are tracked but the foreign minister stated recently that turkey is not receiving the expected call abrasion from the saudi officials in terms of widening the investigation of jamal to case because turkish officials have requested
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a search inside the consulate general consulate building in a stumble the saudis had accepted however until now none of the turkish for city prosecutors were able to enter inside the consulate of course turkey has the leverage current the to create an international pressure over saudi arabia as we have seen from the western countries reactions. of reactions against saudi arabia threatening by sanctions but saudi arabia is also trying to form an alliance by itself the spider its diplomatic. initiatives with turkey we have seen oh i see countries showing solidarity with saudi arabia and saying that saudi arabia has a recent reforms actually which are mainly led by the crown prince mohammed bin selman were being targeted also we have heard mahmoud abbas from palestine and jordan and united arab emirates is saying that they are standing by saudi arabia
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mainly sell. arabia is also turning out this case that they the saudi arabia itself is the wisdom of the demand case the disappearance of. the saudi economy the main stock market index in riyadh fell by seven percent on sunday moving billions of dollars it had made since the start of the year a large rebel group in syria's province says it will maintain its position as the deadline arrives for rebels to withdraw from a buffer zone to her h.s. did not say whether it agreed or rejected last month's deal between russia and turkey to set up a demilitarized area the buffer is centered around the western region of lib syria's last major rebel stronghold now according to the green is the buffer was meant to be free of heavy weapons by october the tenth and of rebels by the fifteenth but isn't that regular violent broken up anti-government protests in the
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capital managua demonstrators a part of the alliance of forty opposition groups calling for an end to president and take his rule since april the country has been gripped by crisis and instability three hundred fifty people have been killed and thousands and. the news top negotiator on bret's it says disagreement over the irish border remains a key obstacle to a deal despite intensified discussions with officials and basses between twenty seven european union member states was summoned to a meeting in brussels discuss the u.k.'s departure from the bloc the sudden call together have sparked reports about a deal between the e.u. and the u.k. german chancellor angela merkel's allies in the state have been very have suffered their worst regional election results since one nine hundred fifty could weaken merkel's federal coalition the christian social union won thirty five percent of the votes losing its absolute majority for the second time since one nine hundred sixty two those are your headlines more news after partition borders of blood stay
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with us. oh.
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august donna claimed the front photo of british pop as mr jinnah governor general of the new dominion arrives at the constituent assembly in karachi. august one thousand forty six. a century of british rule over its indian empire comes to an end guest of allah in the muslim capital while older laid him out of bed carrying out one of our love viceregal guilt is the fall the partition of india took effect. the new nation of pakistan just. the violent death stage will set all british road to give pays the bill dominion of india. by david levy across a newly drawn border leaders celebrate the birth of the republic. freed from colonial rule the creation of these two countries completes a long struggle for independence years ago we had begun but it
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didn't. and now. i'm calmed then been shown to be my big. even before the celebrations are over chaos in iraq. panic and fear sets in as leader turns on neighbor unleashing mass minds. millions to their homes. the celebrations war was marred by blood big took place against the backdrop of perfect violence. people who a year before we attended each other's wedding parties drink each other raping each other's daughters roasting each other's babies always fit. for human passion unleashed. none of us can can foresee what could happen. while historians recount the horrors of the past for those who lived through them it's like yesterday. we're going to move or have been lucky though
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when the yardbird or tower monday we're going to monitor. the eighty six year old joginder singh called was a young teenager in india at the time. seventy years on he still remembers how muslims hindus and sikhs turman. heard it when they walk a little one if you will go if you hear oh they rated movie who. was a little bit in the out. while the other guy. again is that of the little girl aging or sorry but the world was he would want to go to. woman from boca. would do they walk all over the buggy or the. river's record.
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here. could very well move forward. from where we were. or who were here to live who would go in the scrub you. are really graham who are. on the other side of the border in pakistan the memories are just as strong in one nine hundred forty seven saladin candied family were muslims in india he's never forgotten how he escaped the killing but others did. the worst thing in our house on six september nineteenth forty seven six o'clock when my mother was saying a spear i hard a shriek cowing somebody. i turned and i saw it with a sword in the hand gumming in my sister's body and. was the enter the.
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room of my mother killed her and they ran. toward us this is the house. saladin fled his home in fear of his life when he returned the horror lay in front of him when i enter the house it was just making the euro the. holes nothing sort of holds. then you see your own mother. range and blood. and stomach open. then coming up. how would. how did it all come to this. many point the finger in hindi is then alone you'll know. when britain moved india it was the julian empires crown
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plundered for its natural resources. but in the devastating aftermath of war to britain had its own homes on the home. the list was returned with renewed feeling universal opinion in which the country and bankrupted itself fighting itself to death with the nazis. and so british authorities say that it was the exhaustion of the empire and the bankruptcy of the mother country that led to the realization that the simply no way that the british could keep this enormous empire in chains to the moon to come to a head back home to land the rationing drizzle low light and leave the exotic plagues of india behind. after decades of crushing any movement towards india independence post-war britain had not to do with the mind the food onto its home. there is
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massive demonstrations across india. and there was. an awareness that the leaders the film struggle could call strikes and protests which would paralyze the country. seizing the moment of british weakness three leaders spearheaded the push for independence. you are allowed me route mohammad ali jinnah and one hundred k. gandhi. at first they shared the goal of a free and united india one country one people regardless of religion. thousands of national the great tempt to hear the message of gandhi leader of the demands for india's independence. was not forgotten who mobilized the masses who gave them the language of things like civil disobedience and nonviolence who spoke of.


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