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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 16, 2018 2:00am-3:00am +03

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founds. this is al jazeera. alonzo raman you're watching the al-jazeera news our live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a source tells al-jazeera turkish investigators have evidence that missing journalist jamal khashoggi was killed inside the saudi consulate. saudi is considering issuing a statement that she was killed in iraq during an interrogation gone wrong that's according to u.s. media. also the largest group in syria's province. put in a buffer zone despite of withdrawal deadline set by turkey and russia. predictions of a race of superhumans on the colonization of foreign planets seven months after its
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death stephen hawking makes waves with the release of his final fall. into the news are a source from the turkish attorney general's office has told al jazeera that they found evidence that missing saudi journalist jamal khashoggi was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul turkish investigators were finally allowed into the building thirteen days after cheez disappearance earlier a saudi team into the compound in what's being billed as a joint investigation u.s. media reports say saudi arabia is weighing whether to release a statement that he was killed as a result of an interrogation that went wrong the saudis reportedly plan to sell the operation was carried out without official clearance saudi media say the kingdom will interview those who were mention. didn't take each media as suspects in the
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case all this comes as the u.s. secretary of state might pompei was on his way to riyadh to discuss the journalist's disappearance with the saudi king well jamal rochelle joins me now from istanbul where he's live outside the saudi consulate. where are we really with the statements about sort of the potential initial findings from the investigative team we're also held the turkey that's like as attorney general's office as told al jazeera exclusively a few hours ago that there seem over investigators are start doing an initial sweep profile areas inside the consulate behind me that they are covered evidence that supports the very believe that the the saudi journalist went to that building almost two weeks ago was indeed murdered killed inside the consulate. now they also added that the evidence that they uncovered seems to have been tampered with
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possibly even an attempt to get rid of it or destroy it this comes after the turkish investigators finally and that's building that is thirteen days of the german officials had gone missing in that period of time obviously the saudi officials themselves have been able to go in and out of that building as and when they please we even sold bizarrely enough so he'll just a few hours before the turkish investigators answer the cleaning team and search that building with you know bottles of bleach of the cleaning product which was very strange considering that's we that this scene is meant to be a crime scene. and they were then photo by the the saudi contingent to what has been billed as a joint task force and joint investigation team but obviously at least their arrival didn't seem to be instinct with the turkish side of this joint stars
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because they can so why was before the target nonetheless around seven fifteen local time some fifteen pm local time and we saw these. police vehicles large round that is used for serious crime investigation units to go there with the deputy. attorney general of istanbul as well as the deputy attorney general of turkey who are leading this investigation they've arrived through all their forensic experts and they're still there are so hell they've been there for several hours now and we expect that they will be there for a few hours more at least indeed we seem to be really in uncharted territory jim we've never really seen anything like this happen in recent time so the next steps for the investigators will be closely watched but also for the diplomats and the politicians of both turkey and in saudi because there have been these you might say be behind the scenes. behind closed doors conversations with very important
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individuals trying to work out a way of informing the international public and capitals who are watching what's going on in istanbul exactly what happened and how perhaps saudi could even get out of it. uncharted territories is exactly where we are in that once we are in so hill on so many different levels for us you're talking about the vienna. agreements that dictates how diplomatic missions are dealt with that is something that has been around for decades which is really being brought into question because of the fact that the turks wanted to enter this building oversleep you can't answer a diplomatic mission without the approval of diplomatic missions countries so the turks have tried to respect that as much as possible before entering but the fact that you have this investigation unit now going again searching wanting even to question the consul general himself in route were with regards to the disappearance
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and believe person of the murder of jamal officially that in itself is something to watch but as you mentioned this is so much bigger than the disappearance of the murder of. maybe as bad as that sounds because that in itself is a huge issue a journalist who went in to get some paperwork never to go out again this is about turkish side of the relationship this is about us. saudi relationship this is about billions of dollars of arms the old this is about billions of dollars of trade this is about geopolitics this is about the standing of saudi arabia the future of the crown prince mohammed bin said a man who has built himself as the reformer order of that is in the balance and when you think about that you think about the idea of. countries in you know multinational corporations in interest groups and billions and billions of dollars and armies and arms sales really order of that is in the balance you cannot
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overstate how significant it is i'm not so why unfortunately it would seem that even though the investigators are doing their work here but this idea of what's happened maybe we won't be getting all of the truth because of all those interest groups that have a stake in this indeed much more to be unveiled i'm sure and revealed much later for the moment of all things. but charles trafford has also been outside the saudi consulate in istanbul all day and watched the investigators go in. almost two weeks after jamal khashoggi was last seen entering the saudi consulate in istanbul the investigative team arrives but only one part of it. saudi investigators appeared in the late off the nude alone without that counterparts. around an hour and a half later after the world's media were pushed back from the barricades by
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turkish police the turkish investigators arrived wearing white over rules they were hustled into the alleged crime scene presumably the saudis cleaned everything weird . chlorine or who knows what i would i would look at the drain pipes and i look at all of the belongings of the members of the staff who comicon the world leaders want us and the ramifications of the results of this investigation have potentially serious implications for relations between saudi arabia and the world john strafford al jazeera istanbul well i'm joined now by their a senior political analyst bashara in london when we have the secretary of state of the u.s. heading towards riyadh to listen to a saudi narrative that no one seems to believe at the moment from a can kingdom controlled by two men who have a total grip on power and people are now sort of suggesting the analysts and the
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contributors we've had to al-jazeera saying surely it's inconceivable that they wouldn't have known what was going on it's very secure. it's very true because there are there are precedents and there is a certain system in place within the kingdom and there's been countless examples of how this has been a hands on route within the kingdom especially since the quite ambitious quite active indeed the hyper active crown prince took over and not only did he just to go over one two three four five two ca's he basically took over all the faucets of all thought of these in the kingdom starting being minister of defense launching the war against yemen then becoming the crown crown prince then becoming the crown prince great thing and you did walk will with its neighbor. cut and
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then running or managing a major crackdown a crackdown within within the kingdom against his own cousins and various pillars of authority within the kingdom again and do more to depok goals like with canada and so forth ending up with success a nation and let's order mind ourselves that how much incentive money is also in charge of the saudi intelligence so here you have the person who's in charge of oil economy intelligence the religious establishment as well as the military. not knowing what happens in his own consulate after sending two teams there and the next day denying all of knowing what happened or that he did it he says he did not leave the consulate of course none of that is believable but what's what's the worst part about it is that as it unravels this is like life imitating fiction except it's a bad fiction this is a bad novel a bad thriller
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a bad mystery because the actor does not the culpable does not lie well does not hide his crime well all the lies are transparent and the stories keep changing and things from a bully. i think them back again so really it's a quite a messy story that continues to unravel and indeed fascinate the world we've just moved today in particular from a tragedy to a tragic comedy no one believes anything that's coming out of riyadh indeed if we if we also sort of perhaps take a power look at what has been done if this is a targeted killing a targeted murder what sort of message now is being sent to ex-pats saudis around the world who are critical or even analytical to the detriment of the royal kingdom thinking because in another way you could say that saudi is
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sending a message that if you deal with us like this if you criticize the the royal regime then this is what could happen to you and we don't care where you are in the world you know so that's why. after all of the debacle i just mentioned that after countless deaths in yemen. but i saw these and others involved in that war why is this very particular question of. turn the tables against saudi arabia why is the killing of one journalist has curtis so much havoc and so much blowback towards the could well let me tell you something about us about us in the media because here we are not just covering the story. we are the story we in journalism one of our own apparently has been killed and perhaps dismembered in the consulate of his own country so this is really
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a thought a good thing all of us out that journalists who you know tens of us in each and every country of the middle east have been imprisoned or killed tortured and so on so forth and so as we tell the story we know we are also the subject of the story and guess what we are also part of moves in the right thing the final chapter of the story because as we continue to probe as we continue to ask hard and tough questions as we continue to put pressure on politicians to come to come to come forward with the truth we are helping in exposing the murders and coming up with the facts and the truth of the matter so why we are reporting the story we are the subject of this story and we ought to help think right thing the final chapters of it so whatever's going to come next might be some cynical deals between uncut washington and riyadh but the story will not end there
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the story we're going to have to continue because as long as we in the media continue to probe i think they going to have to come up with the answers and indeed the story will continue certainly for the forseeable future for the moment thanks for joining us from london. well earlier on monday president trump suggested that broke killers might be responsible for the alleged murder of alan fischer has more on that from washington d.c. . leaving for florida president trump reveals the school can to the saudi king in a twenty minute call to go to saudi denial that anything to do with the disappearance of jamal khashoggi thank you both thanking a saudi arabia thank you i said no way over one hundred five three guys you can thank you shared thodey rabia and theory is that three hundred thirty four you know i don't think i should thank you or you gave thought through what we did we
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get out of the way go to saudi arabia and think faced with such a denial the president floated a theory of what may have happened at the saudi consulate a narrative pushed by some soda media thought it would be like a good big three zero hearing thrown out through we're going to try getting out of poverty very it is not accept it was a number of politicians on both sides have criticized the president's position former democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine tweeted president trump's response to jamal khashoggi his disappearance reveals a man more willing to trust authoritarian leaders than reliable intelligence when middle east analyst says the president is performing a difficult balancing act blaming it on another element such as some sort of quote unquote rogue element would enable the saudi leadership to avoid being held accountable if the public is going to buy this or not is another question when it comes to the future the seems to be more questions than answers the saudis are
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still pressing ahead with a large investment conference in the kingdom later this month even though a growing number of high profile figures are boycotting the event after richard branson and the head of super announced they were out last week now the head of j.p. morgan chase bank top international finance figure jamie dimon and the chairman of the ford motor company bill ford see they won't be growing. u.s. secretary of state might bump u. is known as way to saudi arabia what he asks and what he's told me will dictate what america does next alan fischer al-jazeera washington well later the u.s. president commented on media reports that saudi officials might say that she was killed during an authorized interrogation and we're working very well so you really are with your team and they're all working together to figure out what happened and they want to know what happened also so a lot of people are working on it. and will be bound very much i will say i read everything i could but nobody knows it's an official report so far just the rule of
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the rule reporting from you know our correspondent john hendren joins me now live from washington d.c. and for several hours now we've potentially been hearing about a significant statement that may come from the saudi kingdom and that's being reported specifically by the u.s. media was a lot about. that's right so while the president seems to be telegraphing what the saudi response evolving saudi response is and we've got reports in the media now that this saudis are about to take credit you know in a way to say that what happened here was in fact the killing at the saudi embassy in istanbul but that it was not authorized it was supposed to be an interrogation and the entire event was not according to the saudi story authorised by the crown prince mohammed bin soman so that is this story that president trump seems to be going along with his well this idea of rogue killers it does strain credibility for
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a lot of people here on capitol hill and elsewhere there are members of congress who as you heard in ellen story have been very critical samantha powers of the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations and she tweeted this evening the notion that mohamed bin some on one of the most controlling leaders in the middle east didn't know that this government was sending that his government was sending fifteen goons to turkey to abduct a saudi critic is absurd and that pretty well sums up how many people here on capitol hill feel as well the president is going to receive a lot of pressure on this indeed in days of what some of the just sudden of calls as we soul and all officials reports politicians from across the border voicing real concern but the concern there was something that's repeated in terms of present trends history that he is listening to. king in saudi arabia rather than the intelligence that he's being given by his own people and he sort of pops
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deciding that one is more important than the other. that's right and that's a pattern that we have seen with president trump in the past he's been asked about whether the russians had meddled in the u.s. election in two thousand and sixteen helping him to win and he said well yeah it could have been the russians could have been some four hundred pound guy on his couch and in here once again he's he's allowing the possibility for something other than the most obvious story and that would be that saudi arabia actually ordered this killing president trump on taking a day or so by saying he was going to wait to call and then after that call he has now pretty much gone along with this story that saudi arabia appears to be telling now they have not released that statement so we don't know for certain that that will be the official saudi explanation if it is it will contradict days to weeks of what the saudi government has been saying the king told president trump according
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to trump today that he didn't know anything about what had happened there the saudi government has out right denied that he was killed there in fact they said he walked out after that meeting and of course he was never seen from again for the moment to. come back to what the situation develops from washington d.c. thank you. bonnie and she's a professor who researches the middle east at the university of waterloo we just spoke a few days ago about this story it's good to have you back with us on the program how seriously should we take for example about rogue elements in the saudi regime responsible for the death toll is the sort of trying to set the scene for us ready for a whole substantial announcement from the saudis. well i don't expect anymore i think many people want to take the story particular at the government level from the turks to the americans to the saudis and just frankly have the news cycle move on
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in many ways having the saudis admit to some sort of culpability and this is a way to sort of hopefully divert attention away from the story because at the end of the day this is not doing well is not helping either the saudis or the americans or even the turks for that matter i think all three parties have a vested interest and basically coming and closing this chapter it's been almost two weeks and i think everybody you know sort of watching this is quite surprised at how long this is last particularly at a time under trump where frankly you know yesterday's news is seems like it's eons ago so i think there's a lot of vested interest in moving this forward and that's why we see the story come to the fore what do you make of visiting he's on his way there now. well i think it's just another a part of the sort of the chapter was closed you know we've taken care of it trump can be able to tell many of the senators who've been very vocal about you know doing something that we got to the bottom of it the saudis admitted it there was no
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connection to any sort of higher echelons of power it was a rogue element there will be one or two fall guys that will take the fall and the rest will sort of be exonerated and i think we're not going to get to the truth because none of the parties particularly the americans and i think the turks and the saudis none i'm not i'm going to want to get to the truth because unfortunately that's going to complicate their relationship and that's far more important for them all if that's all very important for the troika of countries how about countries such as the u.k. france and germany for example even canada who very critical of what's going on. outside of you might say that triangle of contact between the u.s. turkey and saudi arabia they will certainly raise their voices because their respective publics are already quite critical of what's being going on. indeed but don't forget here you know saudi arabia is the largest importer of weapons in the world all of the countries can include it really want this to go away there's
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a reason why canada did not escalate the tit for tat after the saudis basically asked the ambassador to leave and many of the other countries didn't come to canada france for the very same reason nobody wants to break these ties that's not necessarily the right thing but i think it's the rational frankly unfortunately end of the day state interest is to want this to go away and now that there is a story that everybody can buy into i think many will believe and hope that in fact the media was turned their attention to something else let's just talk about the realms of hypotheticals here just suppose the king of saudi arabia didn't know but his sons mohammad jill simone the crown prince did know what will this do in terms of the the grip on power the dynamics between father and son and the dynamics between those two saudis and the u.s. . well i think that you know as further element to the question of whether or not actually haven't been some man does have a grip on power and whether or not that he's going to have the popular support even
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the political elite support to continue i think this is really dangerous for for his for his authority you know people are potentially going to be questioning that maybe this is you know m.b.'s gone too far so i think this is going to cause him some trouble at home or we should see certainly what does happen. mommy thanks for joining us thank you. now let's step back and take a quick look at how the story actually unfolded jamal khashoggi went missing shortly after entering the saudi consulate in istanbul on october the second now he went there to pick up papers to get married as his fiance waited outside the next day saudi authorities confirmed that he disappeared but also said that he'd left the consular office turkish security sources later revealed they had information that he was tortured and killed inside the building allegations dismissed by the saudis as baseless lie
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a week after his disappearance international pressure mounted on saudi arabia u.s. president donald trump warned of severe punishment if the kingdom was to blame security video was released showing shoji entering the consular office days after saudi officials said the cameras there weren't working kingsland got involved speaking to turkish president on a phone call on sunday saying no one could undermine the strength of their relationship and in the past few hours a joint investigation team has entered the consular office in istanbul there has been a flurry of activity on twitter from u.s. senators and former members of government demanding trump old riyadh accountable for show g.'s disappearance the democratic senator from maryland chris van hollen tweeted president trump suggestion that could show g.'s elaborately planned murder in the saudi's own concealer was orchestrated by rogue killers defies reality orders must have come from the top the us must not be complicit in an effort to
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cover up this here in this crime. and remind you again about what stunts and the power of the former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. had to say under the obama administration she tweeted the notion that mohammed bin sunland one of the most controlling leaders in the middle east didn't know that his government was sending fifteen goons to turkey to duct a saudi critic is absurd. stacey served as a u.s. state department official during the obama administration joins me now from washington d.c. good to have you with us on the program so is that sort of a diplomatic nightmare for the white house surely that sort of pin so much on the close relationship between riyadh because as we've seen from those politicians saying the u.s. cannot be seen surely in this particular case to be complicit in what is quite a he knows. well that's one way of looking at it and certainly the evidence is mounting that supports that perspective but i think what we're seeing here is actually some state craft and for someone who was an advisor on
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the hillary campaign takes a lot for me to give the president some credit here on this i think what the u.s. is doing the reason why pompei was on his way there in why you heard trump's comments similar to what we expect the saudi statement to be is because the u.s. is helping them come up with a way to in a very small way not really say face but actually try to move the story a bit off the stage so the the important aspects of this relationship which really is a special relationship between the saudis and this president. to be maintained and the very high stakes involved to continue to be important and that involves turkey as well because the turks have an interest in keeping relations positive with the saudis and vice versa so that also is a factor here for the be too much pressure at home certainly in congress or even
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from members of the house if they see that the white house is trying to move the agenda or push the narrative into a different direction at the behest of saudi. almost certainly in fact it's going to be very difficult for the administration to hold off on the pressure that congress is already applying and will continue to apply if this statement is what we think it's going to be but there will be a few people who sort of understand the state craft here i mean the war in yemen the war in syria the n.c.a. isis coalition this middle east security alliance that would be in the u.s. interests if it were to go forward and obviously hopefully. what the saudis would do after coming up with this explanation which is they would need to take some steps to perhaps come up with a prize and name it after chris shoji or do something for his family or really help the u.s. in some key ways such is bringing cuts are back into the g.c.c.
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and that conflict there are a number of things the saudis can do to really take positive steps and would be in a way a statesman like after this extremely heinous act and something that i think if obviously our saudi friends perpetrated this they are probably regretting it now the opposite to what you'll saying is also the comments made by the president that saudi would be severely punished if they were responsible for this it is pump a use visit now to riyadh also or potentially if we could talk in hypotheticals a way to find out how saudi could be punished without saudi you might say finding a way to kick back because they have said that they wouldn't take too well to sanctions old having that one slapped. that's right i think that's what we're likely to expect on the one hand. it was probably helping them craft talking points
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on this on the other hand they're green what kind of measures sanction like measures the u.s. could take that the saudis would allow and so they're trying to coordinate all of these things and obviously the pressure from the media here from around the world other allies of the u.s. is a ments in from both sides of the aisle on capitol hill so there will need to be something that probably is more than symbolic because after all this was a u.s. resident a prominent journalist who appears to have been murdered so that will be coming down the pike most assuredly which is the what does i just stacey thanks so much for joining us from washington d.c. . still ahead here on the al-jazeera news. this is the time for cool calm heads to prevail. britain's prime minister tries to reassure her nation albright said despite the breakdown in talks with the e.u. . also while the arrival of a fleet of luxury cars is provoking calls for a national strike in powerpoint new guinea and in sport one of cricket's greatest
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players is accused of obstructing an anti corruption investigation but story on the other side of the break. hello half the flood winter is coming it's swept down through the rocky mountains it may not be that obviousness satellite picture but there's a cold front there and the everybody is most definitely car would by many degrees the picture in fact was snowy in colorado got pumpkin stacked up here of course the top of the thirty first but you don't normally see them covered in snow it's warming up slowly in the sunshine denver's back up to eleven degrees but what chicago's temperatures thirteen when it begs it's three and dallas that eight so the cold has come down this far but the real code really stays are the great lakes
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without a single figures in chicago starting morning up again in colorado and also down in texas but this is more like it fifteen seventy new york down to washington now in fine weather and not in humid wet weather there is however a plenty more rain to come in the humidity around central america research you've got showers around the caribbean not as vicious as they were in the dominican republic in jamaica you might get one or two but the concentration is a lot further west mexico both coasts i know where the spine could see pretty frequent daily thunderstorms and persistent rain seems quite likely still in nicaragua costa rica and panama. an ancient disease that continues to put half of the world's population in risk if we do have a vaccine it will speed up the process of removing the disease in many parts of the world al-jazeera travels to tanzania and follows medical professions through on the
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frontline of the battle against malaria and s.k. just up fritos in the skittle in the craziness of the official the dubious lifelines the end game on al-jazeera. journeys of personal discovery kill more americans here and then more air and b.s. al-jazeera correspondents tell their past and stories that have mocked their lives i feel sad that they have to endure the difficult times in the night before you're down like my family has been status and wealth has benefited from their choice to enslave people. al-jazeera correspondent coming soon.
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you're watching there is news hour i'm still running out of mind of our top stories a source from the turkish attorney general's office has told al jazeera they found evidence that missing saudi journalist. was murdered inside the saudi consulate turkish investigators were finally allowed into the building thirteen days after the journalists disappearance. u.s. media reporting saudi arabia is weighing whether to release a statement that she was killed as a result of an interrogation that went wrong the saudis reportedly plan to say this was done without official clearance and u.s. president donald trump says rogue elements from inside saudi arabia could have been responsible for disappearance he sent secretary of state by compared to saudi arabia to discuss the issue with king saul. also expected to visit turkey.
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move on to other news now yemen's president. has sucked the prime minister. will face an investigation over the country's economic crisis the yemeni currency has plummeted in recent months sending thousands of people protesting in the streets food and fuel prices have skyrocketed due to the ongoing conflict. the largest group in syria's rebel held province is yet to withdraw its forces from a buffer zone despite a deadline set by turkey and russia. hitched years has not said whether except for rejects the terms of the sochi agreement that heals the top they did militarized area around the north western regions surrounding italy province heavy weapons were due to be cleared over the rebel fighters on monday has more from neighboring lebanon. a demilitarized zone is being created around syria's it live province a twenty kilometer deep strip of territory is now free of heavy weapons by october
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fifteenth it should have also been free of fighters considered terrorists by the international community the so-called radical groups didn't pull back but hours before the deadline. the largest military alliance that controls much of the buffer area and the rest of the province signaled that it will comply in its statement. said it appreciated efforts by those inside and outside which is believed to be a reference to turkey to prevent an invasion and wide scale killing it also made reference to the foreign fighters saying we won't forget to the group maybe trying to keep unity and prevent betrayal among its ranks that is why an explicit acceptance of the deal would worsen divisions or rejection would risk a military confrontation with turkey which has said it is ready to use force against those who do not comply. quietly met the deadline to withdraw heavy weapons from his own last week it's not the first time the group has shown pragmatism the
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buffer zone deal does not call for a surrender or reconciliation with the syrian government it created a new front line that protects regime strongholds and russian military assets but many syrians of the rebel controlled province remain skeptical. of the one million dollar that you know what are they moved. heavy weapons back sometime kilometers or so but i don't support this it just makes it easier for the regime and russia to advance into it you cannot trust the regime and russia. this is all a game the aim is to cause division among rebel ranks that will lead to infighting that way it becomes easier for the regime to take the area everyone is lying to us . the syrian government has repeatedly said it liberal eventually return to state control but russia and turkey have so far been the decision makers the deals sponsors need each other in the post-war phase but i think it serves the interests
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of both parties so this is why i believe that this agreement will hold for for the time being and the turks will be giving more time in order to actually try and to deconstruct the whole complexity of this situation inside it live for the next few weeks and months a few days ago russia said that it could accept a brief delay if it meant the spirit of the agreement was still upheld the deadline was missed but syria's main power brokers seem committed to keeping the deal alive . beirut the border crossing between syria and jordan has opened for the first time in three years territory near the crossing was recaptured from rebels by syrian government forces in july a sea of used to be a busy route for goods and people before it was closed during a major battle of the civil war because after crossing between the israeli occupied golan heights and syria may also reopen on monday is the result of a deal between israel syria and the united nations and it will allow u.n.
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peacekeepers to monitor the region the foreign ministers of syria and iraq have held a joint press conference in damascus to clarify that the crossing between their countries will open soon iraq recently redeployed its forces along the border with syria to try to stem the flow of weapons and i saw fighters. australia's prime minister says he's open to relocating the australian embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem scott morrison says his country is still committed to finding a two state solution to the israel palestine conflict israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said in a tweet that he had spoken to morrison about the proposal to trumpet ministration move to the us embassy to jerusalem from tel aviv in may. britain's prime minister believes a little she believes a brick said steele is within reach treason where he was addressing parliament today after another round of talks with the european union broke up over the status
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of the border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland has more from london. and now you have a deal by by when is a very minister i expect. you to meet a very very british prime minister to resign may you find yourself fighting for a break deal on multiple fronts this was her message to parliament on monday so much of these negotiations are necessarily technical but the reason this all matters is because it affects the future of our country it affects jobs and livelihoods in every community it is about what kind of country we are and about our faith in our democracy of course it is frustrating that almost all of the remaining points of disagreement are focused on how we manage a scenario which both sides hope should never come to pass and which if it does will only be temporary we cannot let this disagreement derail the prospects of a good deal and leave us with the no deal outcome that no one wants on sunday talks with the e.u.
2:41 am
had seemed close to agreement on the terms of britain's exit but largely over attempts to avoid a hard border on the island of ireland they collapsed mrs may's plan to keep the whole u.k. inside the e.u. customs union for the duration of talks on a future trade deal met opposition from probe ministers and factions in her own party who complain it would limit britain's ability to strike trade deals outside the e.u. . the e.u. meanwhile insists the u.k. honor its earlier commitment to keep the territory of northern ireland inside the single market as a backstop should trade talks fail. to resume a's unionist partners in northern ireland responded by threatening to withdraw their support for her minority government. it was always going to be a difficult week for tourism a in the british government but it's become much harder hard to see how she could achieve any sort of unity within her own cabinet with senior ministers said to be considering their positions over the latest hard
2:42 am
to see how she can achieve much at all with e.u. leaders in brussels on wednesday night and hard to see frankly how any meaningful deal can emerge at all in present circumstances between the u.k. and the e.u. . and there's increasing talk of a no deal scenario britain crashing out of the e.u. with nothing but world trade organization rules to govern future relations time to panic you a little worried be patient your patient ok be patient not yet according to the e. hughes chief briggs it negotiator perhaps all is not lost jonah al-jazeera london. the german chancellor angela merkel is vying to regain the trust of voters after her main political ally suffered major losses in sunday's state elections and the various christian social union had its worst results there for sixty eight hears some party members blame discontent over merkel's refugee policy the result
2:43 am
threatens to deepen divisions within her fragile coalition government in berlin. staying in europe the russian orthodox church is cutting ties with its global leader for granting independence to the orthodox church in ukraine last week the russian church is refusing to recognize the decision a church in ukraine has been under the jurisdiction of the russian orthodox church since the late to sixteen hundreds but calls for independence increased after russia's annexation of crimea four years ago. at least twenty four people have died after contracting the a bowl of virus in the democratic republic of congo in the last week during that time the health ministry has confirmed thirty three cases of the disease more than one hundred thirty people have died from a bowler since an outbreak began in the country in july south or north korea say they'll begin the process of restoring road and railway links after nearly seventy years is the latest step in the warming relationship ceremonies inaugurating the work will be held in late november or early december the deal was reached during
2:44 am
talks to follow up on the september summit between south korea's president and north korea's leader the third such meeting this year the perp or a new guinea government's decision to buy a fleet of luxury cars or spark calls for a nationwide strike forty miles or arties were flown in from italy last week to help ferry leaders to regional meeting the government plans to wreak the cost by selling them after the apec summit next month critics say the money should have been spent on helping polio and earthquake victims andrew thomas has more from sydney in neighboring australia. make that conference which will be held in port moresby next month when we easily the biggest international event that happened he has ever hosted and it was already controversial given the new guinea is a relatively poor country many have been saying that happen you get these governments should be spending money in places other than hosting an event like this so these matters are at sea cause brought in in special cargo jumbo jets
2:45 am
from italy are proving very controversial people are saying it's a luxury that papua new guinea can ill afford given that it has problems basic problems like polio epidemics tuberculosis malaria these problems and the lack of teachers in schools should be the priority many are saying for the government not providing luxury cars for asia pacific leaders and then there's the question what happens to these calls after the event now company guinea's apec minister has said there will be buyers within the country happy to take them off the government's hand in the long run this will cost the government nothing many though a very skeptical about that including a former prime minister he is calling for a general strike he says this help that has the with of corruption about it and he wants a formal investigation. now the final writings of world famous physicist stephen hawking are being compiled in the book in brief answers to the big questions hawking looks at the origins of our planet the controversial role of genetics and
2:46 am
the threat of artificial intelligence for instance that was at its launch at the london science museum. how do we do it. where did we. very well know there he has unraveled some of the greatest mysteries of the universe and in his final book stephen hawking takes on ideas larger than the universe itself brief answers to the big questions brings together some of his final writing before his death in march its launch was celebrated at the science museum in london where he received a fellowship on his seventieth birthday hawking in thrall of the world with his groundbreaking work on black holes and cosmology and in his final months he wrote how science and technology can both revolutionize and destroy our lives this is very much a book of predictions and that stephen hawking says that humans will soon colonize other planets that machines will overtake humans when it comes to intelligence and
2:47 am
perhaps most controversial of all the genetic modification will lead to a dangerous brace of super humans his children tim and lucy helped the book come to fruition and they say it was a chance for their father to such out his views and his own words and leave an engaging perspective for people in a rapidly changing world my father's ultimate goal in writing this book is to. give us a call to unity he was very very concerned that as a society has become more and more divided that we were finding more and more things to put between ourselves and other human beings and i think it's a reflection of his essential humanity and his belief in human beings that he wanted to put out this call to say that we are one planet we are one human race the challenges we face are global. that the climate change all these other issues that you see here have reference we need to come together we need to cooperate among you know problems despite his warnings over the calamity that things like climate
2:48 am
change or unchecked artificial intelligence could bring he leaves the reader with a final message so remember to look up at the stars and not done at your feet. in your imagination. in the future. catherine stansell al jazeera london. the co-founder of microsoft paul allen has died at the age of sixty five he was suffering from cancer well and was also a prominent philanthropist who invested in conservation space travel and professional sports microsoft c.e.o. so tired of dollars his contributions were indispensable. it's.
2:49 am
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thank you very much world cup semifinalists england have sprung a surprise on spain in the u.a.e. for nations league they won three two in severe first competitive defeat for the spanish on home soil since two thousand and three spain had beaten the english in london in the first round of games but to write home sterling strikes either side of marcus rush for its goal put the visitors three up at half time francesco. got the hosts back into the game but it was too little too late for spain well six other matches were also played on the night switzerland one to one in iceland while they were home wins for finland luxemburg as well as bosnia and herzegovina also a high scoring draw between stony and hungary
2:51 am
a time olympic champion same bolt isn't too happy with australia's anti doping authority he's questioning why he's being drug tested when he's no longer a professional athlete the sprinter is trying to get a contract to play as a footballer with elite club the central coast mariners despite scoring two goals last week he's yet to announce a full time role with them for growth i retired from drucker view working to become a footballer but look at this. whole mogo to get drug this to do oh i'm not even a provisional for a while it seriously so are the leader you saw one i got a job to fit are the same for club i do third yo are detour and i'm really that it's all to get this. is queued kenya's two time olympic champion runner kip keino was doing court in nairobi on monday to answer charges of corruption but he didn't show and now must turn himself in by thursday or face arrest kaino is
2:52 am
accused of being part of a group of seven officials that misappropriated more than half a million dollars the money was part of five million dollars given by the government to fund kenyan athletes at the rio olympics in two thousand and sixteen the seventy eight year old was one of four out of seven he didn't turn up to court . one of the great players of modern day cricket sanath jayasuriya has been charged under the world governing bodies anti corruption code the man whose aggressive batting won the one nine hundred ninety six world cup for sri lanka has been given fourteen days to answer the charges he's accused of refusing to cooperate with an anti corruption investigation and tampering with evidence while a selector for the national team gerry surrey hadn't yet commented on monday night which has replaced roger federer as the number two runs tennis player in the world extended his winning streak to eighteen matches as he won the shanghai masters on sunday if he wins the paris masters he'll be back at number one new york times tennis writer christopher clary told us the serbs struggles in twenty seventeen
2:53 am
with just a blip. you know what has to get is that i think it's actually stranger than he ever was first because you play now in kind of a logical way compared to the way you are playing you with three years heading into a slump so i mean this is what he can do so i think he's recovered from his you know mental issues but i think frankly i think he was burned out and the guy was a lot of it i think was hard to sustain the focus and concentration that kind of dominates and he had to presume it was you who he was with his elbow with the rubber cement i'm only playing the part of a surgical intervention earlier this year and we got it before so it's a combination of factors that are going to grow he said you know yes me based on the down and down and what he going to pull off his perch there he had one. or slams in a row one about two thousand six hundred french open and that was when he was you know back. when you can be in a sentence really. one count your grand slam and it's not a lot of the question you can do it again you've got to move in the u.s.
2:54 am
open is going into it was strongest tournaments at the grandstand which is yes well you know put on hard courts his rivals are you playing back from in yuri's or getting older or not yet fully developed like hundreds very. well some of the younger players on tour so i think he is going to be the big favorite of. superbikes right at jonathan right how sets a record by winning ten races in a row he was back in seventh place in argentina but battled his wife through the failed and into the lead the northern irishman has already clinched the world title and that up finishing three seconds clear it's the fifth straight weekend he's won both races on his car psyche it's a run that started back in june. this is dreamy you know ten races on the bines it's it's really not normal it's his mind you know so i just want to go and joyous moment on sunday make that long flight home our international olympic committee members have held a memorial service for one of their members patrick by a woman who died suddenly from a heart attack during the youth olympics games. bauman who was fifty one was the
2:55 am
secretary general of basketball's world governing body faber he was instrumental in getting three x. three basketball on the olympic program the sport will make its debut in tokyo in twenty twenty and memorial was held at the three x. three courts in buenos aires. we are grateful for recent years. if you really huge. margins. all over. the growth. we see if you see huge huge huge. you know great. we. can't sporting a set to make its summer olympic debut at the paris games in two thousand and twenty four after being approved earlier this year we got a taste of what's to come in buenos aires after some bad weather fans finally got to enjoy the action at the youth games the dominican republic story corps nail took
2:56 am
the men's gold in what's known as i k a twin tip racing. well it's lisa sophia thomas sonia who is the world on the european junior champion at sixteen won the women's event in the same category. of the last day of tennis at the youth olympics or slovenia's chi you run up against french opponent kwara bureau in the women's final when you van was leading by a set and four games to two she appeared to roll her uncle on the clay threatening her push for gold or she was on the ground again four games later but this time it was to celebrate when she added this gold the one she got in the women's doubles on saturday. meanwhile there was joy for home fans as the argentinian pairing of sebastian basan for congo diaz acosta won the men's doubles in straight sets. egypt's ahmed el gandhi made its double gold for his country and the modern pentathlon the eighteen year old clinch victory in the men's competition adding to
2:57 am
the arts of his compatriot salma abdel maksoud who won the women's title. now can you imagine swimming cycling and running for eight hours or while worrying about whether your partner will agree to marry you well that's what happened at the world championship event in hawaii where the winner patrick lang of germany was in such a hurry to see his girlfriend that he ended up breaking the course record and somehow still managed to get down on one knee to pop the vital question. i. always support and i will have more later on. thanks for we'll have a happy ending with more news on the other side of the break to stay with us here because their homes the whole room thanks very much for your time and your company .
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with bureaus spanning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera has correspondents live in green the stories they tell. us about it. al-jazeera fluent in world news the cricket world isn't not about match fixing i mean you have to think why would you give me a gun because then we didn't burn the media in the i you know big bang bang. al-jazeera is investigative unit reveals explosive new at the documentary confirms to my mind now is a very hard profile figure in match fixing and international cricket do you know this man al-jazeera investigation cricket match fixing the manola files.
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a source tells al-jazeera turkish investigators have evidence that missing journalist jamal khashoggi was killed inside the saudi consulate. saudi arabia considers assuring a statement that the show jay was killed in error during an interrogation gone wrong as according to u.s. media. alonzo rahman your ching al jazeera live my headquarters here in doha are also on the program the largest armed group in syria is it live province stay.


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