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tv   newsgrid  Al Jazeera  October 16, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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on. the search. for evidence in the suspect. and it's been. another journalist was killed.
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and is being remembered. for. having enough food and there's plenty to go around but. still the problem with. hungry and fifty. against racial inequality. and perhaps even. taking. however when you with the newsroom live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com just where is jamal khashoggi and are we any closer to finding that out well the search is certainly intensifying two weeks after the saudi journalist disappeared and reports
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suggesting he has been murdered turkish investigate is a jew to inspect the residents of the saudi consul general in istanbul not far from the saudi consulate which is where he entered on october the second and of course never came out the consulate itself was the subject of a twelve hour search on monday by a joint saudi turkish investigation team it is from that search that al jazeera has been told turkish forensic offices found evidence he was killed inside the consulate on the diplomatic and political side this is in saudi arabia the u.s. secretary of state might pompei a meeting king solomon and also the crown prince mohammed bin salman u.s. media says that u.s. intelligence services in deceptive evidence showing the prince personally ordered the operation to detain him out so those are the developments across the day let's get the latest from jamal show who is outside the consulate now jamal any new developments. well yes the significant twist
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in this ongoing story come out of the consul general who is central to this investigation who is the most senior saudi official in the diplomatic mission in istanbul on the second most senior obviously in turkey as a whole police are expected to enter his residence in the next couple of hours as part of their investigation has actually left turkey he flew out on a saudi airlines flight out of stumble just around an hour ago from now which is bizarre to say the least came out as i mentioned because we are expecting that the investigators who have already searched the building behind us over the past twenty four hours and are expected to come and continue we're actually going to go to his house and why his house is so significant is because based on traffic camera video that the police have they showed
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a black van which is believed to be linked to the disappearance of jamal khashoggi drive and park all the way up into garrett in his home and therefore they want to just search the home but after the such a home we understood that the police were actually going to speak with him not necessarily under custody your arrest him but at least wanted to get information from him but just hours after the target from ministers said that the talk is said that the saudi consul general was not under house arrest there was no travel ban on him that his country was not waiving the. vienna agreements which gives diplomatic immunity it seems that the saudis so this is a green light on the consul general decided to leave or flee or at least maybe. go away for a period if not indefinitely we're not quite sure but he has definitely as we understand it from security sources inside to torque airports he has left.
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in the bushes. there is nothing new yet with regards to the investigation and the saudi consulate and as well as we all know into the saudi consulate advice to get some paperwork for himself but at the moment the most important thing for us is to find out what happened to them of course we will carry out necessary investigations in interviews this is very important for us on the other hand mr palmer stated that he would like to come to ankara we welcome home as always we do for our allies from the us and it is important for us the stance they have taken on the disappearance of jamal khashoggi as well as the stance against the saudi authorities handling of this issue. how is this turkish saudi relationship playing out now because there is this element of cooperation we know there is the joint turkish saudi vis to get of tame but at the same time. effectively pointing the finger at saudi arabia
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i mean that is the reality of it's come out is that there as much as maybe turkey did not want a confrontation with saudi arabia did not want to fall outs with saudi arabia the reality is it's very difficult for that not to happen considering it's was this saudi arabia the consulates were. never to leave again it is the saudi arabia sort of that's like us investigators say they found evidence he was killed in and therefore really gets away from it but. i mean you got to break it down a little bit right so publicly speaking you've had the governments remain extremely diplomatic in core deal in fact the saudi government probably more so than the turkish saying how strong the relationship is and how brotherly the feelings are between not only the nations but also the leadership of it publicly speaking you've
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had saudi media suddenly make a little bit of a turn off the like a year of essentially. insulting turkey and going on a huge campaign against psyche because of its position recently the blockade on qatar in the g.c.c. crisis you suddenly saw it toned down all of that to some extent i would say not completely wiping it off by the tone down in times of the kind of aggressive tone that the saudi media had taken but as you've been saying throughout this is not just a criminal investigation this is not just a case about a journalist who went missing this is not just an issue of press freedom there are so many different angles to this story but maybe the most significant of it's probably the decisive factor of it is going to be the angles of international politics international diplomacy geopolitics and economy and money those are the two big players on the one hand you have those relationships between ankara and riyadh you have u.s. interests and so forth on the other hand you have the oil markets you have the arms
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deals and you have this how do you come to me which is suffering as a result of all these massive corporations pulling out of this upcoming. future investment conference which people are now doubting whether it will continue or not and now we're getting into the picture the future monarch of saudi arabia is also possibly in question. in istanbul thank you for the update we're off to washington now and our white house correspondent kimberly how could an update from you kimberly about political developments in the u.s. side. you know there's so much that's been happening the latest announcement from the white house that there will be a background call in the coming hour on sanctions not clear who is being sanctions what is being sanctioned if it is related to this story involving saudi arabia or if it could be iran we're not clear so we're certainly watching that but in the midst of all of that there is increased outrage here in washington particularly on capitol hill by members of congress who are questioning the ongoing u.s. saudi relationship and also questioning the claims by saudi arabia with respect to
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the fact that it says it does not know what happened to her shows in fact lindsey graham speaking on fox news here in the united states really called into question the credibility of the crown prince. well i know this nothing happens in saudi arabia without m.b.'s knowing it who's in bia he's the thirty three year old crown prince who jumped over other people he's the son of the existing king and i think he's in a bad track i can never do business with saudi arabia again until we get this behind this what does that mean it means i'm not going back to saudi arabia as long as this guy is in charge so you're still in the crown prince has to leave this up to them but i'm not going to i've been their biggest offender on the floor of the united states and this guy is a wrecking ball he had this guy murdered in a consulate in turkey and to expect me to ignore and feel used and abused i was on the floor every time defending saudi arabia because there's a good ally there's
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a difference between a country and an individual the n.b.s. figure is to me toxic he can never be a world leader on the world stage what does the president do thank the president but what i would do i know what i'm going to do and sanction the hell out of saudi arabia you know we deal with bad people all the time but this is in our face i feel personally offended they have nothing but contempt for us why would you put a guy like me and the president in this box after all the president has done this guy's got to go saudi arabia if you're listening there are a lot of good people you can choose but m.b.'s his tainted your country and tainted him so. really what a contrast of bad lindsey graham who we know is a supporter of this administration and its support of donald trump while in saudi arabia my home pay is that in this modeling and shaking hands with mohamed bin salomon. you know there's no question that this white house is under significant pressure by members of congress it's not just members of his own party the republican party but also the democratic party as well who say they can no longer sit back and turn
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a blind eye to the actions of the crown prince mohammed bin solomon the fact that he's jailed his own family members the detention of the lebanese prime minister the blockade against qatar which many in u.s. congress of called non-sensical and then of course the ongoing weapon that is used made by the united states used in yemen what the united nations is called a humanitarian disaster it seems that the u.s. saudi relationship is no longer one that are widespread number of members of congress are feeling good about so again the white house under pressure so much so we saw a tweet happening early this morning from donald trump where he defended what many have been focusing on as being a particularly cozy relationship between the trump administration and the saudi kingdom for donald trump tweeting for the record i have no financial interest in saudi arabia or russia for that matter any sick gesture that i have is just more fake news well that's not entirely true in terms of the statement made by the president there because we do remember back in two thousand and fifteen twenty
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sixteen not only did he say he love saudi arabia but he also admitted that he had some business interests there a registered companies in fact we believe that he is now disassociated himself from those companies but certainly there are strong ties between the top white house and saudi arabia as you point out making it very difficult for his diplomats including my pompei o who of course has sat down with not only the crown prince but also the king and the saudi foreign minister fascinating dynamics is an achilles heel could see the white house or stones can be. right here we go with some analysis we've got chris phillips first of all the former head of the u.k. national counterterrorism security officer the crime scene investigation specialist nice to have you with us again chris. two weeks give me an investigation two weeks after the fact plus the fact that we've seen clean is going in the building as well i mean what hope of finding anything well very little to be honest kemal what i
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would say is in any ordinary investigation pretty much everyone that been in that embassy been in the residence would have been arrested quite simply they would have been arrested and they would have been interviewed and then you would start to get some of the stories on top of that of course you would have friends expanded inside the buildings inside the vehicle inside the airplanes perhaps that have been used so so all this has not been done which makes the investigation very very difficult i would imagine that the that some possibly the u.s. probably know a little bit more about this than has been brought into the into the press but even so the chances of any of this ever come into some form of a trial is very unlikely but still unless they get to see the body to understand what was the cause of death then radio we're not going to go very far with this all that said though chris to flip it on its head all it would really take would be one small bit of evidence wouldn't it it could be you know one hair
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that was found there which belonged to jamal khashoggi or one little bit of blood splatter or something like that that in some ways could that be enough. well enough to do was i think we already know what's happened in there if we don't know exactly how did he died we certainly know that he didn't come out of there in a very good state under those report name is that we start with the body you start with a body you're trying to find the body you try and find out a worker the reason for the death maybe he was poisoned maybe was shot we don't know so it's really interesting that we haven't heard a great deal about the attempts to find the body whether it was transported back to saudi arabia or whether it's still in there and one of the buildings i doubt that to be quite honest because if you want to get rid of a body then you are if you want to get rid of the evidence then the body is the first thing that you do get rid of. i have heard other speaking and i have read
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about this the idea of things going downstream you know if there has been cleaning up going on water has been used pipe sewer system is that is that something which is a possibility as well here again two weeks later are we are we being a bit hopeful that. what economy depends only on the ability. of the people that did the deed. whether they whether they killed him and then as we sum some of the speculated he's been cut up the body's been cut out now you'll have trace evidence you'll have you'll have the fact that he's touched things what we know that he was inside the building there's no dispute that he was inside the building but when you start seeing blood and things like that then you do get a different aspect and of course the way blood splatters it can tell whether the person was alive when the when the where the limbs were cut or whatever that lots of things around that are but i think that the body is the is the biggest piece if
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they can get hold of the body then they'll have a much more detailed knowledge of how he died and what caused the death ok thank you so much for all those thoughts that chris phillips joining us from london a crime scene investigation specialist and also in london to finishings office senior political analyst mo one bashar one time i want let's start with the politics slash diplomacy that's going on at the moment pictures as i said to kimberly earlier of of my pump a are sitting and smiling and and shaking hands with mohammed bin salman and with things aman himself what he thinks actually going on there well one possibility is that president trump is trying to contain the situation and get to the bottom of it as he puts it and to see what is possible and what is not so with the with saudi arabia and i think here. i think it's important to try to draw in and broke the parallel if you will between saudi arabia and russia what it comes to the from presidency and the
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american establishment because look both through both putin and ben solomon wanted trump to become president. and both of them as we know seems to be involved in extradition killing. one in london and one in turkey and certainly one of them is an oil superpower and the other is a nuclear superpower and clearly there is the establishment in the united states that has the pasta with the word saudi arabia since nine eleven and certainly have deposited it the worse the russia and the russian establishment since the cold war so really all in all it comes down to this the american congress is not for putin or this side of manuel trump is trying to see what he can do with both leaders
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now and i think it's important you know we talk a lot about the politics and the diplomacy and all these ties and everything we can get caught up in that the fact is a man has been missing for two weeks here and we assume he has been killed and i've actually had a question from one of our viewers on facebook elizabeth who said why would the saudis want to kill jamal and i think that's probably a point worth revisiting two weeks down the track can you explain how look as you were discussing with your previous guests this is definitely. and rather than like a crime mystery like a crime novel of sorts. it's a tragedy of course but it is like life imitating fiction and we've went through that we've read that before in all sorts of novels and all good novel start with a crime scene and here we have a crime scene and clearly it is unraveling in ways that no one of us none of us expected and certainly would let's say we are now in the fourth chapter after we found where the crime has taken place there's a disappearance of a man and clearly there is
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a recording by the hosting country and then the media gets involved and then politicians get involved and then economies almost begin to collapse and then there are threats of sanctions and yet we have nobody and you we have certain culpable persons but we don't exactly have. you know the criminal in fact so as this unravels we know two things for sure one is that the politicians now are trying to write the last chapter but we also know that we in the media. and jim a hundred joe was a journalist and he was code among other reasons because he was a free journalist who left his country to write freely from the united states so we have we in the media we are not just covering the story we are the subject of the story our freedom and safety are the subject of the story and hence we are in fact helping right thing the final chapter of this unraveling mystery why probing why
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asking questions by demanding answers why one over our own a journalist trying to write freely about his own country was killed by a dictatorship and not only was killed by that that the ship but certainly lied about it and continues to lie about it until today good point well made now and bashara senior political analyst in london thank you and thank you elizabeth for that question as well leah your turn now how big is this story two weeks down the track it really does keep building i said that last week that it seems to snowball and kind of have that snowball effect and it really does jamal who shows his name is still trending worldwide and it really hasn't stopped doing so in the last two weeks a conversation is strongest in the u.s. in the u.k. but also interestingly in saudi arabia we have hundreds of thousands of tweets with people asking questions people defending journalism and also pointing fingers at who's to blame most of the blame is directed at saudi arabia and the crown prince
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mohammed bin sultan. as in the u.s. through this political cartoon with the proud crown prince asking who with a dead body at his feet now donald trump is also condemned for not doing more and balun decided arabia to ensure lucrative trade deals continue this graphic some raising that many cartoonists like s m j to harry from iran showing the love affair really going both ways now it's not just blame for the u.s. martin shovel asking here where does britain draw the line when it comes to funding human rights and saudi arabia the online criticism of course is not limited to cartoons. here's how weak trumps excuses even saudi arabia is not buying it because this afternoon c.n.n. reported that saudi arabia is planning to admit that jamal khashoggi his death was the result of an interrogation that went wrong let me ask an obvious question any
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interrogation that includes fifteen men and a bone saw that go right. this is one of the most disturbing violations of human rights in recent memory people are also calling for justice even republicans those who broadly support donald trump's policies are wanting answers america must take tougher action and making money and selling more weapons because we're going to have a bottom line with more money is not an excuse for america not to stand tall and to make it clear to the world that we believe in human race right here are prepared to defend them john k. six they're actually ran for president against donald trump and now the conversation is focused on u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o and his visit to saudi arabia many online are saying if they're not answers from this trip then there need to be consequences we want to know what role you think the u.s. the u.k. and other countries should be playing in this investigation you can let us know by
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leaving a comment with their hash tag on any one of our platforms but especially on twitter with their hash tag. and can live remember the latest updates page is up and running on jamal khashoggi as well are a peculiar story because of how slow it's been in terms of official information but remain in the amount of information in the leaks that have come out from other parties so if you just search for khashoggi latest updates you'll find this or you can have a look in the what's trending section at al jazeera dot com. and thank you for getting in touch with us as well contact details on screen for you now so many comments and questions all of them just saying what is going on or variations of what is going on i just had a comment from hussein or a question on facebook live is it did the saudi dictators have evidence to prove that jamal really left they consulate well i haven't shown it i think they said that there were cameras but that they weren't recording at the time so they've said he left twenty minutes afterwards but there's been nothing definitive only the pictures of him going in this i thank you so much for your questions i'll come to more of those comments and retreat some of them later as well hash tag a.j.
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news grid now it has also been today one year since another journalist was killed in malta daphne. who died in a car bomb blast she was investigating corruption in businesses and the police in the maltese government and a family and friends are demanding a public inquiry to find out who is responsible for her death the focus of the thing firing on like the current president is is to look into whether deafness nice could have been saved so that would mean looking into possible state failure to protect and possible state conditions in the assassination there was nothing like her before and there's been nothing since her bravery i imagine would inspire others in the years to come locally she opened many people's eyes to what. journalism could be and this is definitely
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a blogger note book as she called it running commentary was the name her last post well obviously from twelve months ago and it was untitled that crook scam where your schembri was in court today pleading that he is not a crook and old away down story after story. was politics the kind of stories which many would say got her killed. well people around the world are remembering daphne in many different ways she's mainly seen as a face of persistence courage and hope and many refer to her as a hero and an inspiration but not only are people remembering her the majority of people also online are insisting for an international independent investigation under the hash tag justice for daphne or by using simply her name now they say the national investigation outrageously has been stalled and obstructed six international press freedom and freedom of expression groups have traveled to malta to mark the first anniversary now this is the most recent of
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a number of public memorials and tributes that of spontaneously popped up across malta for daphne journalists posting pictures of them from malta showing their solidarity on line like courtney here now others are simply tweeting from elsewhere around the world you one user saying that we will continue to insist that justice is found for her and her loved ones the maltese authorities need to urgently find those responsible she says for this horrific crime and mandy post seen the pictures here of public saying that the public rather deserves answers and those involved in daphne's assassination must pay for their crimes no matter who they are or what position they hold and according to mesko nine in ten cases of killed journalists remain unresolved and this does little to reassure journalists that they can continue their virus their vital public service now for business stories as a collaborative journalism network devoted to protect and publish the work of
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journalists who are threatened jailed or killed across the world i leave you with this. so that in stories was created as a platform to protect stories of silence janet. jackson generalists comeback of this sensitive information through one of our encrypted channels the stories will be held securely in case something happens to be done stories we'll be able to access the stories complete them thanks to its patents. and regina brought. the first button story was that. we coordinate the work of forty five journalists to review a massive number of files in a complete secrecy and complete duffy's investigation with one common objective. revealing what high kill is wanted to hide. rebecca vinson with us now she is the
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u.k. bureau direct to reporters without borders joining us from malta thank you for your time rebecca yes and stephanie died tell me about this past well it's been i guess ten months of two thousand and eighteen how bad has it been for journalists well this year actually is already set to be unfortunately one of the deadliest years for journalists on iraq as of today reporters without borders data showing that seventy one journalists citizen journalists and media workers have already been killed this year that means by the in the first nine months of two thousand and eighteen we had already passed here in figures from last year it's incredibly worrying what can be done for someone like death because trying to get an investigation for someone who was coming off to those in power i mean it's flawed from the outset. well we're here in malta in part to renew calls exact for exactly that for justice for duffy we have raised our concerns with the
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highest level of government here we met with prime minister joseph smith scott yesterday and in addition to pushing for a robust independent investigation to take place here we're also calling for a public inquiry to be immediately established to determine whether her assassination could have been prevented what are you and what are they so i'm always fascinated by people like yourself who go directly to the people in power you tell them what you want what do they say in return well the prime minister told us that he's satisfied that the investigators are doing their best we're not satisfied it's been a full year although three people were arrested who appear to have been involved in the actual carrying out of this attack and their trial has not yet started and there has been no tangible progress into identifying others involved in the talk whether facilitating or most importantly the masterminds behind this attack so that could hardly be considered justice so we've pushed him on that point we are not
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satisfied on the public inquiry mr must cut repeatedly said it's not a question of whether but when they will launch a public inquiry however the government says that they will wait until the criminal investigation has concluded that's not frankly good enough because at the moment journalists in malta remain at risk in tow we understand why this happened to me how this happened to daphne whether there's a possibility of any state involvement whether they should have could have protected her they cannot possibly provide sufficient protection to others who are continuing to do the sort of courageous public interest investigative reporting that daphne was doing rebecca vinson does with reporters without borders joining us from malta on this one year anniversary thank you rebecca do appreciate. no grounds for optimism on a briggs a deal that is the word coming from the european council president himself donald tusk before a key summit in brussels on wednesday britain's prime minister to resign may also met her own cabinet a few hours ago to discuss the status of talks with the e.u.
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she says an amicable divorce deal can still be achieved emma haywood following the story from london today she might say that it can be still achieved but while time's running out emma. is going to be tough as not and i think they'll ever hopeful on both sides to reason may hold a cabinet meeting with cabinet ministers this morning she seemed that it might constructively she told them if they will stand together she is sure that they can achieve some but of course there are divisions within the within her own cabinet of exactly what the deal the pricing d.-o. should look like and at the center of that is what should happen to the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland post breakfast and what that should look that look like and that is where there are differences between the what you want and what the u.k. wants now donald tusk the e.u. council president is saying that to reason they really need to put something new on
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the table to get through the impasse when they meet tomorrow. for a breakthrough to take place besides you could do in neat new fucked tomorrow i am going to ask prime minister my whether she has concrete proposals on how to break the impasse on the list such proposals can determine if a breakthrough is possible. i think both will be hoping for something new on the table that they couldn't take back to everybody inside this is what there was because i think certainly from to raise a maze point of view she doesn't want to repeat a false god summit where she came back with literally nothing and not to bury very isolated after that summit and the highwood in london following briggs that developments thank you emma this is the news great if you're watching us on facebook live about a story coming up for you now on afghan migrants using music as their appeal in
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iraq and then later we mazen native american woman who could be making history in the u.s. at midterm elections just weeks away now three weeks in fact that story and plenty more to come. however the weather's looking unusually excitable over the next couple of days across the middle east some wet weather in the forecast for many cloud of rain there into at least inside of the region here just pushing over towards afghanistan nudging up towards the minus down at his back east don little bit of wet weather to sliding out of the mediterranean just notice some pockets of plaid around syria pushing down towards lebanon cloud and rain there just nothing its way across into iraq as we go on through where the staff a bit of cloud to further a stash can should be largely draws are going through weather stay cold
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a messy i mean one degree celsius the possibility is some snow here couples falling away nineteen celsius a thirty four there maybe thirty five into karachi as we go on through thursday by thursday it should be somewhat drier around that western side of the region come further south you see some very heavy rain of course pushing into yemen cycler still a fair bit of cloud wet weather that is easing over towards the gulf of aden some showers too into southern parts of saudi arabia over the next day or so and then we never really too far away from us here and kata over towards us could see some light as if you go through thursday with a possibility of localized flooding. we're . i have dedicated almost my entire professional life to the devotion and fight
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against corruption and what i have learned is that we need champions we need also to shine the light on those shampoos and this award bridges that gap that existed in this. nominate your own version of your own child the light on what they do and do it not shine a light on your hero with your nomination for the international space award two thousand and eighteen for more information go to isa war dot com.
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the. headlines are down to zero dot com and what's trending as well topless stories their own gym outraged at the top including an homage to mohammed bin salman the dockside saudi arabia's crown prince so much attention on him and his actions at the moment and number five as well it's high time to and saudi in
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tunisia you know that's what a lot of you've been saying in the comments on facebook live tonight as well that saudi arabia needs to be held responsible for this that is what's trending have a look for yourself this tuesday on the zero dot com. it is if you didn't know world food day twenty four hours dedicated to tackling global hunger which as you go to say is a massive issue but may not actually be as complicated as it first seems because food supplies aren't necessarily the problem it is access and distribution all of that food where it goes wrong we're going to start with this for many on a hand. the world produces enough food to feed every single one of us every day and yet one in nine people go hungry that's more than eight hundred twenty million people there we're not talking about missing a meal these are chronic long term shortages of the nutritious food all of us need to lead healthy productive lives and
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a disproportionate number of women and girls denied equal access to work resources and opportunities. a child dies from hunger every ten seconds around nine million people die every year but for those who live there are long lasting debilitating consequences that can span generations a hungry adult might be too weak to work more susceptible to illness less productive pregnancies are likely to be more difficult a child's growth is stunted their brains organs skin and bones over time they can develop chronic health problems and fail to develop fully affecting their education and job prospects and so the cycle of poverty and hunger begins again what's astounding is that many of those going hungry live in countries where they referred surpluses not shortages problem is they simply can't get hold of it issues with
6:39 pm
transporter storage or they caught in the chaos of war climate change or next disaster is add to that the problem of food waste a third of the world's food is just thrown away the member states of the united nations made a commitment to elimination hunger completely by twenty thirty it's based on ample evidence that global hunger is fixable and there's a clear achievable strategy on how to do it it's just a matter of delivering on that commitment as the world's population grows the consequences of not effecting a catastrophic plan on top of all that which many honors talked about is cost because of course if you're cash poor then you're likely to be food poor as well as have a quick look at this from the world food programme of course are counting the beans which sounds like an al-jazeera business program that we're talking about been stool here or lentils or just something simple which anyone could make and would fill you up so what they've got here is a list and saying that well not surprisingly in new york state it would be point
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six of someone's daily six percent of someone's daily income. to make that mail in that would be a dollar twenty and then look how it goes up and up and up to the point where gosh right at the bottom and it's a huge jump they're saying south sudan was three hundred fifty dollars just to make that one plate of food nigeria diaz say malawi yemen all down there at the bottom of that list as well so let's talk to jose rozerem in cairo who is from far the food and agriculture organization of the united nations is joining us on skype from rome nice to have you with us i believe the goal from the united nations was to have zero hunger by the year twenty thirty is that correct that greg thank you very much for your interview i'm happy to be here if it is true so that. the goal is hunger eradication and i feel that that that what is important right
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now there were twenty eight being what will they bring. is a reminder that highlight the need for the air force and when hunger unfortunately if it were it would said. some decade or reduction of hunger again hunger and actually also my nutrition are on the right and the threat in the whole of the game that we have been in in but it really when have they to lie about sort temperature we have to talk about how this can actually be achieved because twenty thirty is only twelve years away and as i said at the start of the section access seems to be a huge issue doesn't it how do you improve that how do you get food to the people who need it. exactly so as you said the key is to promote the access to affordable food how there is
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a least three specific factors that we can mention first is to promote inclusive growth policies is not only needed to grow as an economy it's also important to share this good road for all the relations in that since we have to target the glorious and the most vulnerable people especially in the red sector you know that they percent of the buddhist people live in the in the in the rural sector in order to promote opportunities label to produce incredible doing this of the population as well and this is the second one we have to say we can both see a poster of social protection schemes in order to leave the poor out of poverty and also too big to engage them into the into a productive system they also and this is the third with you we can build the reseal eons of them a specially farmers again claim it claim it extreme by really the claim of the band
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for example promoting the first throw to the protect farm to gain a lot or as well as to use technology in order to promote the use of c. that are resistant to drought and this is one cause a crosshair on kyra joining us from the food and agriculture organization of the u.n. thank you and just a reminder of the lengths some people have to go to think about this when you have the next meal because yes every part of the world does deal with a different reality when it comes to food shortages but in yemen ravaged by war we know that starving families are eating boiled tree leaves to survive have a look at this video it's from our social media team.
6:44 pm
now. one of the question. jani and. the and i most of the one hundred. in the law. yeah. ok so.
6:45 pm
just a quick look at some of the stories making headlines around the world today and nigeria's government says it is shocked and saddened that the inhuman killing of a second red cross aid worker held hostage by boko haram. was one of three women kidnapped during a raid in borno state seven months ago she was killed after her colleagues suffered a similar fight last month and despite pleas for mercy by the red cross it has a policy of refusing to pay ransom demands. and facebook says it's removed pages and accounts linked to me and miles military that were being used to spread propaganda a new york times report found military personnel were using social media to target the muslim or hindu minority human rights groups say the campaign played a key role in the crackdown in rakhine state last year which led to hundreds of thousands of ranger escaping to neighboring bangladesh. in three weeks time americans will be voting for new members of congress in the midterm elections and there is a record number of women running for office but no native american woman has ever
6:46 pm
been elected or met one woman though who has a strong chance of changing. debbie holland is running for congress and hoping to make history never having had a native american woman in congress congress has never heard a voice like mine campaigning at new mexico highlands university holland who is a member of the look guna pueblo native nation said her number one issue is protecting the environment should also always be money it should be a. lot of poor away and. respect for people's souls here. holland is part of a large influx of democrats women minorities and other marginalized groups seeking office many for the first time i think representation matters a tremendous amount and i think diversity really matters and so yes all those
6:47 pm
voices and the large number of women who are running for office i think we can change the trajectory of our country the new mexico district holland seeks to represent includes part of the city of albuquerque and tilts heavily democratic polls show her nine percentage points ahead of her republican opponent janice arnold jones who in an interview seemed to question holland's native heritage but she is a military brat just like i am and so you know i could get it evokes images that she was raised on a reservation holland supporters say if she's elected she would bring a unique perspective to washington not only would she bring the contemporary information and knowledge that she needs to make decisions to all open also have this grounding of of time and grounding of making sure that this is that she makes are centered for the future across the country native americans are demanding a stronger political voice according to the national congress of american indians
6:48 pm
more than one hundred native american candidates are running for federal or state office. in the u.s. this year graduate student rename undergone listen to holland speech and came away impressed i'm in a minority hispanic minority well i'm not native american she speaks for me too it's up to us to stand together united and kind of push forward for what we believe because we are the majority a candidate like none before in an election season like no other robert oulds al-jazeera las vegas new mexico and if you're looking to understand exactly how these midterms work and why you should care this is the article you need everything explained in the simplest of questions and answers with links to further reading on the big election issue us midterms how they work and why they massa it is announced they were to come. all your comments today concerning jamal khashoggi had
6:49 pm
a question from goes on facebook he said how far is the death of pressure that's been relevant to the u.s. will two things one the u.s. has a lot of influence and a lot of. deals with saudi arabia but also the fact that he wrote for the washington post and was a u.s. resident who was apparently applying for his residency as well so it does very much concern the united states and iran has said if you kill a journalist inside your embassy you will always be a tribe not a nation doesn't how much money or oil you have your comments your questions to hash tag aging script once again for the facebook live crew and i just a story for you now about a kenyan entrepreneur into fashion and then andy is here with your sports news fifty years on we will hear from two of the athletes involved in one of the sport's most iconic political moments first a quick look at some international weather the. leak
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
i am. and he's here now we can use we journalists can use the word iconic a little bit too much but yeah in this case i think i think we'd agree about the photograph or about to say fifty years ago today three young athletes decided to take a political stand at the mexico olympics the photograph of the medal podium for the sewage of meats his house become one of sport's most iconic images americans tommy
6:52 pm
smith and john carlos bowed their heads and raised a fist in what they described as a human rights salute it became and ensuring symbol of the fight for racial equality the third man was australia's pizza norman who stood in solidarity with the pair norman died in two thousand and six while smith and carlos remain outspoken activists where all the athletes were part of the olympic project for human rights its aim was to protest against racism around the world smith the just become the first athlete to break the twenty second barrier in the c. one hundred but after the protests in colors were immediately suspended from the u.s. team color said the reason for the closed fist was to show that black men in america are united like smith and norman he'd never compete at another olympics it was norman who suggested carlos and smith share the pair of black gloves they had so both could raise their fists he faced huge criticism in australia only after his death that the country's parliament formally apologized for his treatment you know
6:53 pm
it was a look a silent election electrification of what was going to happen before the fis when the annoyed change was about to come this were nerve sam cooke's own saying it's going to come because i needed i needed a platform. doing the right thing is not an easy thing to do for me or anyone else asked that the a fifty years ago on the podium were one guy had his face over me and another gasket to insupportably with fifty years of that posed to be in the we three can not change society to make it better without the help of you well earlier on we spoke to sports historian and former athlete victoria jackson she says that using the medal ceremony as a platform for protest ensured their message was heard all around the world. but the athletes who go and represent their country are representing much more of than
6:54 pm
just the in the nation them representing ideas about you know that the. best way to organize the political economy ideas about meritocracy and democratic freedom and so for athletes to take that out. and do something that they will leave is in line with the project of patriotism and working toward making their country a more and blue set of truly free any place that's different from the politics of those with kind of privileged authority who will lead you you know this is a moment in which you're respectful and shouldn't do anything to push against that the vast majority of white america was horrified by what smith and carlos stood on the podium and disgusted by it and used on apologetically in their. you know moral castigation so this this act this political act peter norman
6:55 pm
was in full support of what smith and carlos decided to do on the podium and so the australian olympic committee is horrified that peter norman and would act in this way they basically blacklist him they black ball and he no longer is in a position to be named to any australian national team he never competes for australia again despite being australia's number one spreader for years after that. well there are obvious parallels with the ongoing campaign headed by former n.f.l. player colony cap nick last month remember he fronted a nike ad campaign that didn't go down well with mary bono who's just been put in charge of the u.s. gymnastics that's though is not the picture of mary barra but she was saying unfortunately i had some nike shoes in my bag luckily i had
6:56 pm
a market in my back too and she's now deleted the tweet whereby she criticized kappa nick as well as nike there's been reaction from simone boss to that post from the full time of the champion saying mouth dropped don't worry it's not like we needed a smarty usa gymnastics presidents or any sponsors around i think the organization is still dealing with the fall outs of sex abuse a sex abuse scandal involving team doctor larry nasa and also from early reisman who like bars was a victim of nasa she said survivors current gymnasts families coaches gymnastics community and founds deserve better this after is revealed in this is a real kicker one had also worked for a law firm which represented nasa during that abuse case well that is not what you think get in touch with me down they are under school sports or use the hash tag a.j. news grid there's more sports in the eight hundred g.m.t. news hour but let's get back to come out for now thank you ali well don as you might assume we're having a few technical problems but the story that was in end is were we going to do that
6:57 pm
now more proof i believe that our days are numbered you remember the robots in the u.s. which can jump and run and open doors well we often show the latest tricks here on news grid they've got a friend in the u.k. who can talk at first glance that looks like your average parliamentary select committee but sitting on the panel is part of the robot who was there to answer questions from employees about care for elderly people paper is what's known as an emotionally aware robots and well just have a listen this has come about. could you please introduce yourself. good morning chair. thank you for a vital to give evidence to wrangle mr campaign here in wrestling really middlesex university yeah just a robot addressing parliament that's like that. absolutely extraordinary stuff thank you for joining us on the news if you want to get in touch with us you know how to do it hashtag idea and we've got twitter facebook whatsapp telegram and
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we'll see you back here studio fourteen fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. tamara wittes from. wish the world innovation summit for health one community of two thousand health care experts in of ages and policy makers from one hundred countries. one experience sharing best practices and innovative ideas. one go to hopefully a world through global collaboration. apply now to attend the twenty eighteen wish summit. travel often. by tranquil board tubes and local forests they provide little. by icons landmarks valleys and scotland's. list with venture.
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discover its charms because faraway places close to. going to get these cats are always. the cricket world isn't about match fixing i mean you have to think why would you give me a go be better than b. and going to get into the you know the big bang theory. al-jazeera is investigative unit reveals explosive new at the documentary confirms to my now as
7:00 pm
a very hard profile figure in much fiction and international cricket you go. i'll just direct investigation cricket's match fixing the phones. turkish investigators to search the saudi consul general's residence in the case of missing journalist jamal khashoggi president of the hunt says they're looking into toxic materials that u.s. secretary of state meets the saudi king and crown prince says media reports suggest they may have made a shrug was killed at the consulate. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera life from london also coming up on the program nigeria's government says it's shot.


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