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activists. all the athletes were part of the olympic project for human rights its aim was to protest against racism around the world smith had just become the first athlete to break the twenty second barrier in the two hundred meters but after the protest he and carlos were immediately suspended from the u.s. team carlos said the reason for the closed fist was to show that black men in america are united like smith and norman he would never compete at another olympics it was norman who suggested carlos it's meant to share the one pair of black loves they had so both could raise their fists if a stooge criticism of australia only after his death did the country's parliament formally apologize for his treatment you know he was a little silent. electrification of what was going to happen before the fist when the annoyed chain was about to come this way. so much things going to come because i needed i needed the platform earlier he
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spoke to former athlete victoria jackson she says that using the medal ceremony as a platform for protest ensure their message was heard around the worlds. but the athletes who go and represent their country are representing much more of than just the flag in the nation there are presenting ideas about you know the. best way to organize the political economy ideas about meritocracy and democratic freedom and so for athletes to take that out. and do something that they will leave is in line with the project of patriotism and working toward making their country a more and sluiced set of truly free any place that's different from the politics of those with kind of privileged authority who believe you know this is a moment in which you're respectful and shouldn't do anything to push against that
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the vast majority of white america was horrified by what smith and carlos stood on the podium and disgusted by it and used on up khalid jadick language in their. you know moral castigation and so this this act this political act peter and all our men was in full support of what smith and carlos decided to do on the podium and so the australian olympic committee is horrified by that peter norm and would act in this way they basically blacklist him they blackball and he no longer is in a position to be named to any australian national team he never competes for australia again despite being australia's number one spreader for years after that. and britain's yana contact through to the second round of tennis is
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kremlin cop conto who is ranked number forty four in the world the seventh seed elise merton's of belgium and straight sets six three seven five the victory was only conscious fifth top twenty punit all season long. and that's all your sport for now it's now back to barbara and london fire thanks for that now for years historians of believe that the ancient city of pompei was buried by a volcanic eruption of august the twenty fourth and seventy nine a.d. but a new discovery suggests that mount vesuvius may have a rupture two months later new excavations of found the charcoal inscription dated october seventeenth it's been hailed by the italian culture minister as an important discovery for science history and art. there's definitely worth seeing anyway that's it for this news hour back in a few minutes for that about. an
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ancient disease that continues to put half of the world's population reefs if we do have a vaccine do to speed up the process of moving the disease in many parts of the world al-jazeera travels to tanzania and follows medical profession on the frontline of the battle against me and that is just a precaution the people in the legacy of confusion a dubious life like the end game analogies you. know you see our lives in fear constantly looking over her shoulder she says she was threatened by armed men as they ransacked. she knows who ordered the attack and why they want to
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develop on the community and. we can't let the men we need to continue they can kill me i'm not afraid of being killed i need to defend my people who've been here since fifteen sixty nine without any help from the government and now they want to destroy the forest that is part of. the land ownership in brazil is among the most concentrated in the world those who ordered the intimidation the murders a really brought to justice. previously where the average person couldn't touch a post. why does this updated have the kind of support that he needs we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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saudi arabia blocks turkish efforts to search its general's residence in istanbul for clues over a missing journalist. while saudi leaders fled just thorough and transparent probe of disappearance after holding talks with the u.s. secretary of state. hello there and barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program the u.s. slap sanctions on an arm of iran's revolutionary guard and the businesses giving it financial support ethiopia's prime minister gives half his cabinet posts to women and creates a peace ministry to tackle a wave of ethnic violence. saudi
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arabia has prevented turkish police from searching the saudi consul general's residence the consul general himself has actually left turkey investigators had been waiting hours to try to enter the site meanwhile turkish officials have told al jazeera they have evidence that the missing saudi journalist was killed inside the saudi consulate on monday turkish investigators spent twelve hours combing through the building which was last seen entering exactly two weeks ago. right now as you are well i thought result of our contacts the search process in the start that yesterday there was a tense process until morning and it we continue my hope is that we can reach conclusions give us a reasonable opinion possible investigation looking into many things such as toxic
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materials and those materials be removed by painting them over well jim has the latest now from istanbul. yes more twists and turns in the case of jamal khashoggi on tuesday the saudi consul general who was the most senior saudi diplomat in istanbul the second most senior saudi diplomats in turkey the man who was responsible for the building behind me when he entered two weeks ago the man who told you could come to this building and process his paperwork decided to leave turkey believed to have fled the country this was just moments before turkish investigators were due to go into his home as part of a search part of the investigation part of this agreement that they reached after saudi king saddam out and spoke to the turkish president and they agreed the formation of this joint investigation committee however possibly as
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a result of the attorney general's office telling al-jazeera exclusively on monday evening after searching after his team searching the building behind me there covered more evidence does prove john official keith was killed the consul general decided to leave the country not only that after prosecutors and their investigators arrived at his home they spent several hours waiting to be allowed in the saudis refused the renee on that's the old another development that's a place on tuesday was sources crossing resignation sold out some of the details of what's happened when jamal khashoggi entered and they are gruesome to say the least the journalist and child was taken to the consul general's office there he was beaten by several officers and special forces agents who were sent by a riyadh earlier that morning he was then injected by what appears to be some sort of legal lethal substance and that killed him all of this in front of as the turks
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say the consul general himself he was then taken to another room where one of saudi arabia's the leader autopsy experts lead forensic experts who works for the saudi defense forces dismembered g.'s body some of these details are truly horrific. the u.s. secretary of state michael says he's seen a serious commitment from saudi leadership for accountability over ashaji is disappearance from peril met with both the saudi king and the crown prince mohammed bills online in riyadh he says they pledged to conduct a thorough and transparent probe alan fisher has more. smiles and handshakes as mike from p.r.i.v. in saudi arabia to begin a series of high profile meetings u.s. secretary of state met with king solomon before sitting down with crown prince mohammed bin salman the man the turks believe ordered an operation against journalist and u.s. resident jamal khashoggi he made no public comment but the state department issued
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what's called the readout of the meeting afterward seeing the secretary and the crown prince agreed on the importance of a thorough transparent and timely investigation that provides an answer is because i don't want to be understood as details began to emerge about what the turks believe happened to the writer donald trump tweeted just spoke with the crown prince of saudi arabia who totally denied any knowledge of what took place in the turkish consulate he was with secretary of state might pompey or during the call and told me that he's already started and will rapidly expand the full and complete investigation into this matter answers will be forthcoming shortly in an interview with an american t.v. channel the president says there will be problems if they study leadership was aware of the operation in istanbul and it depends whether or not the king with the crown prince knew about it in my opinion. number one what happened but whether or not they knew about it if they knew about it that would be bad it's been claimed the saudis will allege jamal khashoggi died at the hands of so-called rogue
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elements of saudi security one of donald trump's closest allies an important republican voice in the senate in the strongest possible terms he pointed the finger at the saudi crown prince turki no one is m.b.'s i know what i'm going to do will sanction the hell out of saudi arabia you know we deal with bad people all the time but they. this is in our face i feel personally offended they have nothing but contempt for us why would you put a guy like me and the president in this box after all the president has done this guy's got to go sorry but if you're listening there are a lot of good people you can choose but m.b.'s is tainted your country and tainted himself at a conference in gulf issues in washington where the journalist was due to be among the speakers he was remember what is clear is that our government and governments around the world much do you more to protect journalists might pump you is expected back in washington late on wednesday he'll deliver his report directly to the president who will then decide america's next that alan fischer washington.
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scam more now from mike hanna who joins us live we've been getting a lot of comments i mean obviously in that report from trump but also recently from my composure himself who of course was meeting king solomon and mohammed bin sell mine and he says he's seen a serious commitment from the saudis to a transparent investigation what more can you tell us about the pump ovas it and those comments. indeed yes that's exactly what he said following his meeting with the king with the crown prince he also met the foreign minister during his time in riyadh also president trump called him at the same time will call the crown prince while my pump a was present both president and the. insisting that the saudis as you say are showing a serious commitment to investigate this incident to find out exactly what happened also the pump a are saying echoing what we've heard from the president that the saudis insist the leaders at least that they had nothing to do with this whole
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affair so once again taking their words at face value it would appear from both my pump and indeed from president trump himself well let's speak a little bit more closely about what president trump has a himself been saying i mean he was quite strong words i think it's a recent interview that basically this all saudi air saying is another case of a guilty until proven innocent yes that is a sentence that is just dropped within the last few minutes once again president trump here getting out ahead it would appear using a term that he has used in the past with regard to some domestic things that have unfurled saying there that this is another case he is quoted as saying of guilty until proven innocent this would appear to indicate that president trump has already made up his mind about the matter yet in that interview that will be broadcast later on this evening as we heard in allan fisher's report saying there
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that if the saudi leadership aren't involved then it is bad so a degree of from both the ins from president trump on the one hand saying if it is shown and on the other hand using phrases like guilty until proven innocent so very much an ambivalent situation much as he has been for the past twelve days of this whole affair and i can i would the latest on that from washington d.c. thank you. well obviously as saudi is a key ally of the united states in the u.s. is going to tensions with iran and the u.s. treasury department has actually hit iran with another round of sanctions accusing the country of recruiting child soldiers as young as twelve to fight for bashar al assad's regime in syria the sanctions primarily target the bus seizure resistance form that's an arm of the islamic revolutionary guard code court the treasury also imposed sanctions on a network of businesses that were financing it including iran's mellot by. jordan
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sent us this update from washington. the trumpet ministration has been imposing increasing rounds of sanctions against various iranian institutions in an effort to isolate the country because of its nuclear weapons ambitions the latest round of sanctions targets the interior paramilitary group known as the besiege as well as about twenty various businesses and industries that are very sickly engaged in trade with companies in other countries in order to bring in money to iran so that it can pay for its nuclear weapons program that's the trumpet ministrations allegation that said the u.s. on tuesday did impose a new round of economic and political sanctions against members of the besiege as well as against these twenty financial organizations in order to send a message to the international community that in the u.s.
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his view iran is essentially up to no good particularly in the middle east and that it is violating human rights not just at home but by training very young children as young as age twelve to become soldiers and deploying them to war zones including into syria which is in the middle of a deadly civil war it remains to be seen whether this latest round of u.s. sanctions will actually persuade e.u. countries to come onboard. the organizer of a migrant caravan traveling north from honduras has been detained in neighboring guatemala and will be the ported donald trump had earlier warned honduras that he would cut tens of millions of dollars in aid if the country didn't stop a group of about two thousand migrants reaching the u.s. border on duress is urged its citizens not to join the caravan but the migrants are fleeing poverty and violence in their country still to come in this half hour
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nigeria's government says it's shocked and saddened by the killing of a second health worker kidnapped by boko haram. and this fears of a no deal breaks it grow how countries around the e.u. are already preparing for the worst. and over the stones are still lighting up the sky over possible strayer mostly out of this area of cloud it really is very active lots of electrical activity on this you can see it feeding its way southwards as well as giving lots of thunder and lightning is also giving us some fairly decent outbreaks of rain as well and it's going to continue with this as we head through the day on wednesday so for some of us in victoria and through south new south wales they'll be a fair amount of cloud few outbreaks of rain and maybe one or two showers pushing their way into parts of queensland as well towards the west plenty of dry fine
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weather for perth until we had to thursday when there's more cloud and ray rolling its way across us then the temperatures will drop as well so a maximum just of nineteen there on thursday every towards new zealand it's largely fine and dry bit of cloud in the far north perhaps but also a rather active system in the far south making things here roll the windy but elsewhere looks like it should be fine and dry and we've mostly got a high pressure in charge it looks like as we head through wednesday and thursday said no major challenges for all weather towards the north there's quite a few showers. some of them are likely to be rather heavy up towards japan and then we've got one system that's pulling its way away from us but behind it there's still quite a bit of cloud around the western coast and that stretches up across the korean peninsula system still with us as we head into thursday to. discover new developments in surgery i'm the cause of it and what i'm in here ashima japan to meet the surgeon pioneering new techniques in regenerating on the.
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a breakthrough medical trials provide some much needed on says to cystic fibrosis sulfurous based on all of the evidence behind the virus at least one hundred forty one dead. buried in the cure revisited on al-jazeera. welcome back is a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera turkish police have been prevented from searching the saudi consul general's residence in istanbul they were blocked by saudi arabia hours after they were due to gain access as part of their
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investigation into the journalists. meanwhile a police source told al jazeera that evidence including blood samples confirm that ashaji was killed inside the saudi consulate and u.s. secretary of state says he's seen a serious commitment from saudi leadership for accountability over her shoulder periods donald trump has called saudi arabia being blamed for the missing journalist another case of guilty until proven innocent. the leaders of the european union are meeting on wednesday with a deal of a break city looking as far away as britain's prime minister to resign may better cabinet to the sky the status of the talks and says an amicable divorce still can still be achieved but european council president says without concrete proposals from her he doesn't hold out much hope for a breakthrough. unfortunately the report on the state of the negotiations that they
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go to from michel barnier today as well as yesterday stipulate in the house of commons gives me no grounds for optimism before tomorrow three pm gulf of on break . and if i shoot you on this of hope for the you from no if the good will and determination from both sides. however for a breakthrough to take place besides a coup in need new fact. well the e.u. and the u.k. have been unable to make an agreement over the irish border which is vital for the movement of goods in and out of the e.u. at the sharp end of this is the dutch port of rotterdam crucial for the movement of goods into the u.k. and it's preparing for the worst as lawrence lee now reports. the dutch love to grow tomatoes the netherlands is the world's biggest exporter of
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the fruits. in the summer the u.k. gets really hard of all its tomatoes from here or at least it has done the assumption is that a no deal wrecks it will mean a no some are so britain are you talking about empty shelves in the u.k. side for the price in fact. probably but there at the same time is for a. product that is not going to rio kmart as though it has to find. the new markets. the british relied just as much on rotterdam europe's biggest ports to service the demands of consumers it is a model of efficiency. freedom of movement of goods services money people is the most treasured achievements of the european union in its purest form brics it says no it's all of those things but because the british government still can't decide what sort of breaks it wants the dutch it had no choice but to get into worst case scenario planning. no trade deal with the european union would mean fruits
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vegetables and meat having to be checked this new border to ensure it all meets hygiene standards it means the dutch employing nearly a thousand more customs officers it means queues backlogs turning away from the u.k. in seeking new markets and it isn't only about dutch tomatoes it's about goods produced across the e.u. that british people want to buy. so all the production from germany twenty five percent of the trade is coming from or is going to germany they have to prepare as well and that is where the real challenges are doing preparing as well as rotterdam is for the for the branches because if they are not prepared then it still stops here across western european capitals the same conversations are being had how to get a deal done when the british government is riven by distancing fuse and still we don't know where we are lending our lending with a chaotic backset are lending within its customs union without a customs union and do we have two or three years of transition period or not it's
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still all in the air and the basic mistake was made before the notification of the article fifty letter so you still see that british politicians are negotiating among themselves. what the brics it should look like and that question should have been settled by now. the british government has warned the brics it could lead to food shortages though such talk is dismissed by purest breakfasters as scaremongering gradually though the e.u. is coming to the view that the u.k. may have to put up with the consequences of its lack of direction lawrence li al-jazeera rotterdam. the armed group has killed a second kidnapped aid worker in nigeria a month after one of her colleagues was also murdered the group was the man during the release of imprisoned the members of their organization and had set a deadline but when that passed they killed how well lehman who was a nurse for the international committee of the red cross she was one of three aid
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workers kidnapped seven months ago in borno state athlete idris says more now from . the nigerian government said up to the last minute it left the door for negotiations open but he did not say clearly what the negotiations or terms of negotiation were and they did not say what they did right and what they did wrong the killing of the two aid workers working for the international committee of the red cross was a rude shock to many when the first killing took place in september a lot of nigeria's loss of price because previously the international committee of the red cross facilitated the evacuation of prisoners or captives between the nigerian state and the book leading to some suggestion that the go between between the two sites that the nigerian state and book is international committee of the red cross which many officers of the records denied now the nigerian state said
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a lot of nigerians actually was hopeful that following the assurances by the nigerian president that the government will do everything possible to ensure the release of all captives people waffle full that the incident we so yesterday may not happen but when it happened a lot of nigerians are disappointed and shocked at the same time it's you know his new cabinet has now of record fifty percent female putting the country's first female defense minister that reformist prime minister has also created a new ministry of peace to tackle a wave of violence he said of the citizen to appoint so many female ministers is the first in the history of ethiopia and probably in africa since coming to power in a folder has introduced a series of reforms transforming in the o.p.'s political landscape and restoring relations with eritrea jordan anderson is an analyst with the africa country risk. market he says the new cabinet is a positive move for. he's trying to bring in members in the less represented
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historically parts of the country this is good for their representation for inclusion making them feel part of the country and trying to build a larger national coalition government as opposed to one that's dominated by a particular part of the country this is always been a historical criticism of wave after wave of ethiopian government is it is dominated by one region of the country or by another so we're trying to build a more diverse or geographically ethnically diverse cabinet that is a positive development for the country russia and turkey say their agreement to set have a buffer zone along the border of syria's last rebel stronghold is still on course this fight a major rebel group missing that that line to withdraw the deal establishes a twenty kilometer demilitarized zone around the province it was supposed to be cleared of heavy weapons by over ten thousand of rebel fighters by monday meanwhile two major border crossings in syria have reopened in the past forty eight hours there are junctions with jordan and israel's occupied golan heights syria's foreign
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minister says the crossing with iraq will open sood that would stop the crossing with jordan will help boost trade israel says only un peacekeepers will be allowed to use its border crossing for the time being syria only controls around half of the one thousand crossing points with its neighbors. for palestinian children living under israeli occupation getting an education can be a major challenge and for children from bed when communities it can be particularly tough they often have long and dangerous journeys to reach classrooms which then don't have electricity or computers as part of our above the rubble series that the sugar name reports from the occupied west bank. it's a two hour ride on a donkey for some for most it's scaling up and down a dusty rocky mountain or two. the sick that is going wedded asika during the
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winter it's very cold and we don't have time to get home before doug the walk is the most difficult thing. these are the students of elman tar school it's in a bedouin and refugee community east of jerusalem thirty eight children are trying to study here but the minister of education admits the school doesn't meet how listin ian or international standards. should that it's not being good here. these lights are just for show there's no electricity students climb over this rickety bench to get into a classroom the size of a bedroom. i want computer a microscope and a playground. the second. the purpose of elmo entire school is made clear in science posted by the european union which funded it to protect palestinians in
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the west bank from forcible transfer according to u.n. figures this is one of forty two palestinian schools in the west bank at risk of total or partial demolition they've been built without obtaining building permits from israel and deemed illegal however palestinians say obtaining those permits is almost impossible we would not have accepted to leave people who were without access to the basic right which is it isn't so we have decided to go ahead and build these schools. israel's ministry of defense says in the last five years it has granted nine permits for schools in the west bank one requests for permission were made by international n.g.o.s. montara school has spent half of its two year existence fighting a legal battle to halt demolition. that fast and i'm not going anywhere
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students often feel anxious and can't focus to ease their fears the teachers assure them if the israelis demolish the school their education will not stop even if it means using a tent as a classroom on top of the rubble natasha going to name al-jazeera in the occupied west bank. armenia's prime minister nicole has resigned in order for the country to hold snap parliamentary elections in the center is currently enjoying a wave of popularity in armenia six months after his party came to power in a nonviolent revolution and now he wants to capitalize on that support so he can push forward with reforms robin forced to walk a reports now from the air about. to fashion a card a carved armenian cross stone you need patience and time hamlet says that like
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a craftsman his country's new government is still learning its art. what's important is to work hard not to stray from the chosen path and work towards that goal and everything will happen in times everyone including the ordinary people need to be peers or thing. since coming to power the copays unions government has moved quickly against suspected corrupt officials. and it has opened parliament to the public for the first time since the country's independence they call passion yand intends to break down the barriers between government and the people or. it's an indescribable unexplainable feeling i can't put it into words. people are happy they started to believe and that's very important for society that i'm there about salutes and opening the gates explains everything it needs to be open to the ward and to each other this openness is the kind of change people can really see
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and experience for themselves but the big change will come if nicole passion can take control of the legislature in the parliament officially parliament is still controlled by armenia's former governing party and its allies. but when they try to vote against nicole passion yand earlier this month they learned that he still has the overwhelming support of the people. in the year of urns recent merril election passion yon's candidate picked up more than eighty percent of the vote a snap general election will likely give his government the mandate to move forward with reforms right now it's freedom obviously there is no way back but still because the majority of the parliament are out of the old faces and it creates a lot of. insecurity it creates a lot of tension so the sooner we get rid of this tension the better it is for
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everybody. armenians expect last thing changes but need patience for refashioning armenia will take more than just elections it will take time. to walk a al-jazeera yerevan a minute's silence has been held on the first.


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