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tv   The End Game  Al Jazeera  October 17, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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and there is rather cool for many of us in north america at the moment this is the leading edge of that cool air so everywhere to the north of that the temperatures have dropped off recently looks like a maxwell move be around nine in chicago much in that interim take for wednesday and if we fast forward to thursday we see the temperatures just recovering a little bit in chicago there as they will be in denver to the south though that area of cloud will still stay with us we could see some fairly heavy outbreaks of rain particularly over parts of texas there during the day of a feather towards the south and those two main systems across the central americas at the moment we've got one that's all storm tara now working its way away from the coast of mexico but it still enhanced all the rains here so there's still the risk of seeing a bit more flooding and we're also seeing plenty of cloud in this region too and that's a developing system that's likely to give us more in the way of very heavy rain
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could see a fair amount will flooding out of this one as well away from those two regions there's some sunshine coming through but also some showers and some of the showers a lot need to be rolled a heavy at times if we did head down towards south america so what's the weather here is still stretching its way through parts of paraguayan up into the southern parts of brazil to the north of that still expect one or two showers at times but further south pretty well me board is always at twenty six. in the sun for. the false image. the image in the car. if you got told to. you will see. my night falls to produce. my nigeria women a strong we need. an al jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera. i'm richelle carey this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. put off the search of the saudi consul generals home in istanbul as they investigate the suspected killing of saudi journalists. this guy is a wrecking ball he had discovered murdered in a consulate that is a call for u.s. action against riyadh even as the secretary of state says saudi arabia is committed to holding its leaders accountable. this imposes
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a new round of sanctions on iran targeting banking and manufacturing. and a difficult divorce deal growing concern that no agreement will be reached as all sides appear for a key summit in brussels. gruesome details are emerging about what happened to jamal khashoggi after he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul two weeks ago now turkish investigators believe he was killed without being interrogated these details emerged after they searched the saudi consulate overnight on monday and sources from the turkish general prosecutor's office have told al jazeera they have found some evidence there investigators are hoping to search the council general's residence on choose day that was called off though because saudi officials were unable to join them for his part the council general has left istanbul for riyadh earlier in the day the u.s. president spoke with the saudi crown prince about the missing journalist says
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mohamed bin solomon has denied any knowledge of what took place inside the consulate and as promised he will expand the investigation the pressure is mounting on trump who sent secretary of state might pompei o to riyadh republican senator lindsey graham is vowing action against saudi arabia over the missing journalist g seven foreign ministers are demanding those responsible for his disappearance be held to account they're also calling for more turkish saudi collaboration has the latest from istanbul. yes more twists and turns in the case of jamal khashoggi on tuesday the saudi consul general who was the most senior saudi diplomat in istanbul the second most senior saudi diplomats in turkey the man who was responsible for the building behind me when he entered two weeks ago the man who told you could come to this building and process his paperwork decided to leave
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turkey believed to have fled the country this was just moments before turkish investigators were due to go into his home as part of search part of the investigation part of this agreement that they reached after saudi king saddam and spoke to the turkish president to one and they agreed the formation of this joint investigation committee however possibly as a result of the attorney general's office telling al-jazeera exclusively on monday evening that's after searching off days teams searching the building behind me there covered more evidence that's proved she was killed the consul general decided to leave the country not only that after prosecutors and their investigators arrived at his home they spent several hours waiting to be allowed in the saudis refused they were an aide on that's another development that's a place on tuesday was sources close investigation told some of the details of what's happened when jamal khashoggi entered and they are gruesome to say the least
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the journalist and child was taken to the consul general's office there he was beaten by several officers and special forces agents who were sent by in riyadh earlier that morning he was then injected by what appears to be some sort of legal lethal substance i'm not killed him all of this in front of as the turks say the consul general himself he was then taken to another room where one of saudi arabia's the leader all top see experts lead forensic experts who works for the the saudi. forces this members. body some of these details are truly horrific turkey's president said investigators are studying a consulate premises and are working for every possible clue to find answers. right now us who are where as a result of our intense contacts the search process in the consulate house started yesterday there was an intense process until morning and it we continue my hope is
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that we can reach conclusions that we give us a reasonable opinion as soon as possible the investigation is looking into many things such as toxic materials and those materials being removed by painting them over. yes secretary of state pompei i says the saudis are committed to getting to the bottom of what happened here to show he met with both the saudi king and the crown prince mohammed bin solomon in riyadh alan fischer as more. smiles and handshakes as mike from peer arrived in saudi arabia to begin a series of high profile meetings u.s. secretary of state met with king solomon before sitting down with crown prince mohammed bin salman the man the turks believe ordered an operation against journalist and u.s. resident jamal khashoggi he made no public comment but the state department issued what's called the readout of the meeting afterward seeing the secretary and the crown prince agreed on the importance of a thorough transparent and timely investigation that provides an answer is because
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i don't want to be understood as details began to emerge about what the turks believe happened to the writer donald trump tweeted just spoke with the crown prince of saudi arabia who totally denied any knowledge of what took place in the turkish consulate he was with secretary of state might pompey or during the call and told me that he's already started and will rapidly expand a full and complete investigation into this matter answers will be forthcoming shortly in an interview with an american t.v. channel the president says there will be problems if the saudi leadership was aware of the operation in istanbul and it depends whether or not the king with the crown prince knew about it in my opinion. number one what happened but whether or not they knew about it if they know about it that will be bad it's been claimed the saudis will allege jamal khashoggi died at the hands of so-called rogue elements of saudi security one of donald trump's closest allies an important republican voice in the senate in the strongest possible terms he pointed the finger at the saudi
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crown prince turki no one is m.b.'s i know what i'm going to do will sanction the hell out of saudi arabia you know we deal with bad people all the time but this is in our face i feel personally offended they have nothing but contempt for us far would you put a guy like me and the president in this box after all the president has to. this guy's gotta go sorry but if you listening there are a lot of good people you can choose but m.v.s. has tainted your country and tainted himself like at a conference in gulf issues and washington where the journalist was due to be among the speakers he was remember what is clear is that our government and governments around the world must do more to protect journalists mike pompeo is expected back in washington late on wednesday he'll deliver his report directly to the president who will then decide america's next that alan fischer washington get out of mike hanna who's live for us in washington d.c. mike sending the secretary of state over there so quickly for something so public
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obviously says a lot it seems what donald trump's leanings are about this at least what they appear to be so far and he's also been very public about it minute in an interview tell us what so far president position is on this. well president trump sent my pump a zero he says to help get to the bottom of this matter it was a display of the deep concern that president trump says he feels sending his secretary of state to meet with the saudi leadership was a step that once again he was attempting to show his administration was doing everything he could to get to the bottom of it but might compare basically coming away giving the saudi leadership a clean bill of health on the face of it saying that they have pledged to introduce a thorough investigation and are already doing so saying as well that the crown prince the king the foreign minister all insisted that saudi arabia had nothing to do with what happened at that embassy or certainly had no knowledge of it we've
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also heard from president trump in the course of the evening in an extraordinary statement to associated press saying that what you are looking at again is and i quote at another case of guilty until proven innocent now that is something he said about his supreme court nominee brit kavanagh so clearly here he is indicating something else about not just concern and taking together that with what was said by the secretary of state earlier it's almost like a pincer movement from the trumpet ministration with the intention of proving solves the saudi innocence in this matter ok now let's contrast that with what is coming out of the u.s. senate even with n donald trump's own party the republican party they don't seem to be so easy condensed by the denials from the kingdom. yes you heard that comment there very strong common from lindsey graham who's
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a sometime golf partner of the president we've also had a tweet from rand paul another supporter of the president stating very clearly that sanctions must be introduced against saudi arabia calling them a terrorist state that supports terrorism so very strong statements from leading republicans in the congress and this is just a sign of the degree to which the administration is differing from its political core you've got those members of congress expressing outrage at what is happening asking for sanctions to be imposed asking for strong action to be taken against saudi arabia dismissing praja stations of innocence coming from the saudi leadership then you have the president who appears to be taking a separate cause together with his secretary of state accepting things that face value accepting the prada stations of innocence except in the fact that a credible investigation is underway so a great division of that you are seeing emerging here between congressional leadership in particular republican leadership and the white house itself mike
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hanna live for us in washington d.c. mike thank you. hedley mann leverett is a former state department official and c.e.o. of strategic that's the political risk consultancy just the outcry from the senate is unprecedented. well we know from leaks from within the u.s. intelligence community not just from the turks but from within the u.s. intelligence community itself we know that they have intercepts that where they claim that perhaps mohamed bin some on but certainly others within saudi arabia planned to at least lure jamal khashoggi to the consulate in istanbul where he was killed so we know that the u.s. intelligence community has information we don't know exactly how detailed it is but we know that they have that information it's not just coming from the turks we we know that president trump has seen that and i i would assess the reason why we hear varying statements from trump sometimes saying that it would be unacceptable what has happened that the saudis would pay
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a price and other times saying he believes that denials i think you see these various statements coming from trump because he knows he's seen the intelligence that implicates the saudis but he's desperately trying to figure out a narrative a deal where this case could go away what i think is unprecedented here in the united states we didn't even have this after nine eleven what is unprecedented is the outcry from congress from senators in particular republican senators that have been staunch supporters of saudi arabia they are valid to saying ssion saudi arabia that is something that will be very difficult for trump to get around because many of the u.s. sanctions at this point are within the control of congress they've ordered ordered the united states to conduct its own investigation turkey has really scans of passports of some of the saudis it says were involved in the show she's killing the washington post has published copies of seven passports turkey believes that fifteen men sent from saudi arabia were part of the tape that killed inside saudi
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consulate in istanbul. that international monetary fund will not attend a major investment conference in saudi arabia planned for later this month. christine lagarde has postponed her trip to the middle east which would have included going to the meeting davos in the desert just last week with art had said she'd attend the conference even as other company executives and media organizations pulled out following the disappearance of jamal. head of the news hour including. some countries around the e.u. are already preparing for the worst. the standoff between anglophones and francophones and cameron takes a violent turn. fifty years on we hear from two of the athletes involved in one of the sport's most iconic moments. this treasury department with a new round of sanctions it accuses
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a faction of iran's military of recruiting child soldiers to fight for bashar al assad's regime in syria the sanctions primarily target the resistance force an arm of the revolutionary guard washington also impose sanctions on a network of businesses that it says were financing the including iran's malott bank as well as manufacturing companies. in washington d.c. . the sanctions that are due to be re-imposed in november it would be the second tranche there was an initial reimposition of sanctions earlier in the year by the united states against iran after the trumpet ministration decided that it was going to pull out of the iran nuclear deal because it said that this deal was not going to prevent our on from trying to continue to develop nuclear weapons the u.s. has interest in iran isn't just about nuclear weapons it's also about trying to cut off its influence particularly across the middle east and trying to make certain
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that it's not engaging in what the u.s. says are egregious human rights abuses including as part of this latest round of sanctions recruiting children as young as age twelve training them to be soldiers and then sending them into the syrian civil war now what's happening at the beginning of november is that the u.s. has been putting pressure on countries particularly inside the e.u. to cut off all oil deals with iran or face economic repercussions and perhaps a legal sanctions of their own this is part of trying to as the u.s. is arguing starved. ability to pay for its efforts to develop a nuclear weapons program and so certainly they want to persuade countries person perhaps most important in the e.u. but also across the middle east and in the asia pacific region to buy their oil from other countries not give iran any money that it could then turn around and use
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for its nuclear weapons ambitions and so this is really just one more step of the trumpet ministration to try to isolate on the global stage in as many ways as possible not just with political sanctions but also very notably with economic sanctions as well chinese state media. has released a video of internment camps for weaker muslims in the western region. despite international criticism the government has defended its treatment of the minority community by saying it is reeducating them so that they can be part of a modern civilized world up to a million weekers have reportedly been put in these camps adrian brown joins us from beijing so why after pressure for a while for attention for a long time why is china now releasing these pictures.
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well the images that we are seeing which were aired on state t.v. on tuesday night really represents propaganda the way that china has done it for the past fifty years as to why china is doing that now well i think it may be possibly connected to the fact that in early november a united nations human rights committee that been investigating what's going on in shin jang will be holding a big meeting in geneva where representatives of china's government will be invited to present their side of the case the other reason i think is of course there's been an awful lot of international criticism and concerns over conditions inside these camps now china says these are not reeducation camps where ethnic muslim we girls are being brainwashed they say these are places where we girls are receiving vocational training learning skills such as carpentry and sewing the documentary last night had interviews with with we are saying how grateful they were to china's
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government from rescuing them from the clutches of terrorism now in shinji going during the past few years there have been a number of attacks that china's government has blamed on islamic terrorist groups linked to the weaker community there was one big attack in may two thousand and fourteen in the capital a room she that happened just after president xi jinping paid a visit there and ever since then china's government has been conducting a campaign which it calls operation strike hard and these camps in term incomes for cation all centers whatever you want to call them is really an extension of that. but again a major what is their justification way at least as they see it china's justification for doing this. well the justification is that they fear that shinji could become another syria china's government points
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to evidence that it says shows that ethnic muslim we go several hundred of them per force in afghanistan syria and iraq and they say that they have come back to shinji going and spreading their ideology and so china says what it's creating or trying to do by establishing these camps is to make some sort of shield between ordinary ethnic muslim we go and extremism china's government in a sense feels i don't know the way that it's being very unfairly treated over this issue because it says it is spending billions of dollars trying to reeducate ethnic week is to give them a new chance to help them learn mandarin so they have better chances in the in the jobs field but of course to human rights groups this seems like a mass in term and and they say their fear is that you know there are twenty million or so we goes in shouldn't jang and their worry is that all of them will
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eventually have to go through this reeducation process right adrian brown live for us in beijing adrian thank you a leader is well made in brussels in the coming hours to discuss bracks it on tuesday european council president donald tusk says he's not hopeful of a breakthrough in talks with the u.k. . to start once again over what should happen with the irish border when northern ireland and the rest of the u.k. leave the e.u. in march britain's prime minister theresa may has met with her cabinet to discuss the status of the talks she's kathlyn an amicable divorce can still be reached on a task says he's going to ask her to set out concrete proposals on how to break the impasse. unfortunately their report on the state of the negotiations that they go to from michelle about you today as well as yesterday she debate in the house of commons gives me no grounds for optimism before tomorrow's three pm council on
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brick. and shoot the on the source of hope for the you for no. good will and determination from both sides. however for a breakthrough to take place besides you could do in need new fucked semi you nations are already preparing for a no deal brax it lawrence lee reports from the dutch port of rotterdam. the dutch love to grow tomatoes the netherlands is the world's biggest exporter of the fruits in the some of the u.k. gets to the heart of all its tomatoes from here or at least it has done the assumption is that a no deal rex it will mean no some are so britain are you talking on about empty shelves on the u.k. side for the price in fact. probably but at the same time it's for us it's. a product that is not going to be your grandma has no it has to find. the new markets
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the british rely just as much old rotterdam europe's biggest ports to service the demands of consumers it is a model of efficiency. freedom of movement of goods services money people is the most treasured achievements of the european union in its purest form brics it says no to all of those things but because the british government still can't decide what sort of breaks it wants the dutch it had no choice but to get into worst case scenario planning. no trade deal with the european union would mean fruits vegetables and meat having to be checked this new border to ensure it all meets hygiene standards it means the dutch employing nearly a thousand more customs officers it means queues backlogs turning away from the u.k. in seeking new markets and it isn't only about dutch tomatoes it's about goods produced across the e.u.
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that british people want to buy so all the production from germany twenty five percent of the trade is coming from or is going to germany they have to prepare as well and that is where the real challenges are doing repairing as well as water adama's for the poverty breton's because if they are not prepared then it still stops here across western european capitals the same conversations are being had how to get a deal done when the british government is riven by dissenting views and still we don't know where we are lending our lending with a chaotic backset are lending within it custom of union without a customs union and do we have two or three years of transition period and not itself in the air and the basic mistake was made before the notification of the article fifty letter so you still see that british politicians are negotiating among themselves. what should look like and that question should have been settled by now. the british government has warned the brics it could lead to suit shortages
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though such talk is dismissed by purists breck's it as a scam mongering crutchley though the e.u. is coming to the view that the u.k. may have to put up with the consequences of its lack of direction lawrence li al-jazeera. a caravan of about three thousand hunter and migrants is marching through on its way to the united states border as president donald trump is threatening to cut aid to guatemala and honduras if the group it's not stopped. reports. a caravan with thousands of hundred migrants began the long journey heading to the united states along the way whole families are joining in saying they are fleeing violence and poverty in their home country you know they're not it's not god give us support and help us in this work areas moment we are in honduras killing us with the cost of electricity with health care with all of our worries and security where instead of protecting us they are killing us in honduras bundling good on their own who are. they saying the honduran national anthem to
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build up their self-confidence repeating the words yes we can police officers met the migrants at the border with guatemala and the organizer of the caravan was detained about all of them didn't know the story on they were going because honduras is making us go why because high gear is one of the poorest countries we have a government that doesn't support all of the people and we have to leave fully healing from our country where we have to be able to get ahead and that's not happening we have to look for other places where we can get ahead the caravan began just a few days after u.s. vice president mike pence called on central american countries to stop mass migration and u.s. president donald trump threaten to cut off aid if the immigrants are allowed to continue their journey but these people say. they won't stop. they vowed to continue marching until they make it to the united states and have a chance at
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a better life. john zero. still had on al-jazeera to manson a corroborate to release all anti-government protesters who've taken part in a growing movement against the president's. prime crops without having to rely on water sunlight or tractors to take you inside the world of vertical army. pakistan bounce back from a terrible start the current australia action from the second test and support. from the waves of the south. to the contours of the east. hello there there's plenty of dry weather over many southern parts of china at the moment the satellite picture is picking up the fair amount of cloud and that has given us a few outbreaks of rain but by and large many of us should be draw as we head
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through wednesday this saw east coast might see want to tease showers as we may across taiwan and as you head down towards the northern parts of vietnam i think some of the rain here is likely to be rather heavy more wet weather expected as we head through thursday as well but again to the north a good deal of drawing weather to be found here for the southeastern parts of asia the rains a pepping off at the moment so more of them over the southern half of the philippines and stretching their way through the northern parts of borneo also further west expect some very sharp showers have the sticks really in the northern parts of somalia and that's the way things are likely to stay as we head through wednesday and into thursday towards the south there's more in the way of dry weather but even forcing java there's the risk of seeing one or two showers here and out towards the west you can see very runs a cloud in the northern parts of our map that's given us quite a bit of snow particularly over parts of afghanistan and the northern parts of pakistan and india a few more flurries a lot you hear a wednesday but to the south of that we'll just see a few showers i think in the southern parts of india and through sri lanka
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elsewhere lossie fine and dry still hawks in new delhi there at thirty four. the weather sponsored by cats on race. i'm a historian say for the people every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories told through the eyes of the world's journalists these two reuters journalists were one of the few journalists that were actually doing investigative work joining the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most see bias the rights to those stories but then he never publishes those stories they're listening post on al-jazeera. one simple mistake could be from cold. fishing as a deep sea diver carries immense risk to the lives of those willing to take the chance but for former north korean soldier the opportunity for a prosperous new life in the south with his family was an even bigger risk to take
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. own. a witness documentary on al-jazeera. watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories for you now turkish investigators have put off their search of the saudi consul general house in istanbul after what they say was a lack of cooperation from the saudis for some details of what supposedly happened to jamal khashoggi inside the consulate two weeks ago have also urged that despite mounting pressure the u.s. president continues to defend a saudi arabia all tribes says riyadh cannot be condemned until all the facts are proven correct or i state my pompei it was in riyadh said the leadership there is
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committed to holding those. responsible for disappearance accountable. but the u.s. is impose more sanctions on iran after accusing its military using child soldiers washington says a faction of iran's revolutionary guard uprooted trained and sent children to fight purpose regime in syria. turning to our top story now and the political fallout from the disappearance of journalist. spite thousands of civilian deaths in yemen some countries have been neutered and their criticism of the saudi led coalition's war there at the show case that could change everything or the diplomatic editor james. it has the worst humanitarian situation on earth with the u.n. warning that yemen could soon face a full scale final. since it led a military intervention in its southern neighbor three and a half years ago saudi arabia and its allies who breached the basic rules of war
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civilians have been repeatedly targeted with some attacks on schools and hospitals a un panel recently accused the coalition of war crimes so many people talk about yemen as the forgotten war but here at the u.n. it's not a forgotten war we have sometimes monthly debates and meetings on the what's going on in yemen it's an ignored war and it's ignored because so many at the security council table are directly or indirectly involved and shielding saudi arabia from any criticism and they all have blood on their hands those countries include the us france and the u.k. friends of saudi arabia with huge investments and trade deals all three supply the saudis with weapons the u.n. secretary general is also be muted in his criticism perhaps because of the country's regional influence and the scow here deputy crown prince mohammed bin sound and present secretary general antonio good terrorists with
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a check worth almost a billion dollars from saudi arabia and the. united arab emirates for humanitarian assistance in yemen some of the time muttered this was blood money but of course no diplomats would say that in public seclude what happened to jamal khashoggi and the saudi consulate in turkey be a turning point in yemen in the past the saudis have held a number of key cards that have protected them from criticism their economic dominance their regional influence and the fact that they control humanitarian access by sea and land into yemen. but by far its most important card has been its alliance with the u.s. for more than seventy years an alliance has been strengthened since president trump took office with the president's son in law jared cushion a building an extremely close bond with the saudi crown prince that's why the saudis need to be very worried about what happens next in the u.s. congress where the fate of mr cash has led to anger and revulsion if members of
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congress keep up the pressure other parts of the international community are likely to follow suit and saudi arabia's disastrous campaign in yemen is likely to face much tougher scrutiny james bays out zero of the united nations another ten people have been confirmed dead in florida after hurricane michel struck several states along the southeastern coast of the u.s. air brings the total number of people killed to sixteen.


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