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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 17, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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the terran assistance in yemen some of the time this was blood money but of course no diplomats would say that in public seclude what happened to jamal khashoggi and the saudi consulate in turkey be a turning point in yemen in the past the saudis have held a number of key cards that have protected them from criticism that economic dominance their regional influence and the fact that they control humanitarian access by sea and land into yemen. but by far its most important card has been its alliance with the us for more than seventy years an alliance has been strengthened since president trump took office with the president's son in law jared kush now building an extremely close bond with the saudi crown prince that's why the saudis need to be very worried about what happens next in the u.s. congress where the fate of mr cash has led to anger and revulsion if members of congress keep up the pressure other parts of the international community are likely
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to follow suit and saudi arabia's disastrous campaign in yemen is likely to face much tougher scrutiny james pays out his era at the united nations we'll get a weather update next here on al-jazeera then tourism industry back in business tourists hitting the beaches again and after the twenty fifteen hotel attacks. hello there southern europe has been very stormy recently obviously some of the worst of the weather has been in the southwest and parts of france but also the northeastern parts of spain have seen a lot of flooding as well the system responds well it's working its way eastwards now and we're still going to see some heavy downpours a part of course data as we head through wednesday on thursday stop. more wet
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weather across in many parts of the western med and then as we head through thursday night into friday the eastern parts of spain look pretty nasty looks like there is going to be a bit more in the way of flooding here further north large fine and dry for many of us here and still fairly warm forced to warsaw getting up to around eighteen degrees as a maximum during the day for the other side of the mediterranean in the east it's fine that's where the settled weather is but for the west well this is the tail end of what's going on over parts of the mediterranean so plenty of wet weather plenty of thunderstorms across many parts of northern area and into tunisia and some of those showers really will be very heavy that also be pushing their way into more of morocco there as we head through thursday so again this whole region looking very unsettled indeed for the central belt of africa where here there's still quite a few showers but they are rich reaching further south now one or two of them perhaps around the coast of west africa but most of them are just that little bit further towards the south.
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discover new developments in surgery. in hiroshima japan to meet the surgeon nearing new techniques in regenerating and could breakthrough medical trials provide some much needed to cystic fibrosis sufferers based on all the evidence but the. least a hundred more you get back to. the cure revisit it. again the top stories here on al-jazeera a planned by turkish police of the saudi consul general's home in istanbul has been
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canceled due to lack of cooperation from saudi arabia officers are investigating the suspected killing of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi he hasn't been seen since entering the nearby consulate fifteen days ago u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o is in the turkish capital to discuss the case with his counterpart and president he'd been in riyadh looking for answers from the saudi leadership in the meantime u.s. president donald trump is giving saudi arabia the benefit of the doubt saying that the kingdom is innocent until proven guilty and the head of the international monetary fund has become the latest big name to pull out of the major investment conference in saudi arabia later this month the i.m.f. says that christine lagarde is deferring middle east trip which was to have included her attendance at the event dubbed force in the desert. one palestinian has been killed three others injured after israeli forces launched airstrikes on gaza according to the israeli military they were targeting
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a group of fighters who. of firing rockets towards israel overnight rockets were fired from gaza into southern israel where a house was hit injuring at least three people israel's defense minister ordered the closure of the tears and killing abu salim crossings following the attacks let's go live to west roustabouts there is harry force that can tell us more what's sparked all of this well that if course is a major unanswered questions so far at a time when obviously the situation the security situation between israel and hamas is extremely sensitive israel is responding very forcefully to what took place overnight this rocket strike on a house in the city of bush over some forty kilometers away from the gaza strip they see this as a major escalation so a second time that a rocket has been fired at bush ever since the twenty fourteen war the last time was in early august during the course of
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a major around of exchanges between israel and hamas and that time it just fell in fields and so this is seen as an escalation one that requires a major response there are strikes continuing or at least there have been through the morning doubtless there will be more the israeli prime minister is going to be meeting with senior army and security establishment figures at the same time those another rocket which fell in the sea off the west coast off the coast of israel as well how mass for its parts and islamic jihad were among those signing a statement from the fighting factions in gaza denying responsibility for this saying that they condemned all irresponsible actions that could act to undermine the efforts of the egyptians to negotiate a long term truce between hamas and the israelis how dangerous is this this harry have done and could this escalate what are we to make of the israeli response.
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well if you listen to the israeli defense minister we are on the verge of something very major he had a meeting with very senior army officers on tuesday and he said after that we've exhausted all the options all the possibilities now is the time to make decisions now's the time to deliver a strong blow to hamas he says only offer such a strong blow could negotiate a settlement for a long term truce actually come about however the question is whether he really talks for the army for the prime minister for the israeli defense establishment certainly all the reporting is that the army is extremely wary of getting into a fully escalated war situation with hamas hamas his own leader in yassin was recently gave an interview which was carried in the israeli media which said that hamas had no interest in a war that essentially saying that he must have very little chance of any kind of success in such a war so the question is whether the situation that we've seen so far this year
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that there have been these extremely sensitive very dangerous escalations which so far both sides have been able to manage going just far enough without tipping over into war will that be the case again this time of course once around of escalation starts then those calculations become even more difficult even if both sides say that they don't want to go to war it's always a question of events on the ground that can potentially lead in that direction in any case aaron many thanks indeed al-jazeera very force of life in west jerusalem just to bring you updates on the suspected killing of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi we told you a few minutes ago that a planned search by turkey's police of the saudi consul general service temple has been canceled for the mother due to lack of cooperation from saudi arabia within the last few minutes turkey's interior minister has told me and a doll of the turkish news agency that he is waiting for joint agreement whatever that means to search the saudi consul. saudi consuls residence in istanbul.
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and election candidate has been killed in a bomb attack in southern afghanistan as violence threatens to disrupt saturday's election joba caught up on was killed in a blast in his office in the southern province of helmand eight others were injured in the attack at least ten candidates been killed in the run up to the election hundreds more have been injured across the country life not a couple of suicide is the short what's the latest. one was killed in his in his election office. which is in helmand province it's a taliban stronghold i would learning that there was a bomb planted under his sea as people gathered in his office this morning that went off eight people were wounded and we've just learned that three of those people have also died the taliban did take responsibility for this attack they had warned that they would do this they put out
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a statement two weeks ago saying they would target this election on saturday as you see it they have killed ten candidates they've abducted a couple more and wounded four others but who was caught among how prominent a politician. well you know it was quite well known here in afghanistan he was a general back in the soviet days he was in moscow for a long time they came back after the fall of the taliban and became a politician in two thousand and one president danny put him down in helmand three years ago a very difficult assignment because helmand is a taliban stronghold but he went there and he said this isn't just i can't just come here with a military mindset i need to talk to the taliban we need to have negotiations we need to find a way to live in harmony here together the taliban didn't really play ball they didn't want to hear it people called him a dreamer and this morning those words ringing true although he was very well supported he would have got a lot of votes on saturday his surname karama and means champion or hero for
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a lot of people that will ring true here today. many thanks are there a shot of minister live in carmel kabul shot of the same the taliban of war the polling stations will be targeted in the run up to this election action reports from kabul. tight security in kabul joint army and police units patrol all and turned to the capital. vehicles and people are taking no chances suicide bomb attacks and improvised devices have killed and injured thousands of people this year and the situation is getting worse security forces are under pressure to ensure the election. but he had checked with the there is no doubt that terrorist organizations like the taliban isis under her canny network and many other terrorist networks are trying to
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undermine the political process and do not want this election to take place. the taliban's attacked many election rallies across the country killing dozens of people including candidates the government has closed nine hundred polling stations mainly in rural areas under taliban control. but for the afghan people casting votes is by itself for the future of the country and the other did he tell you i want to stay on the right of the security situation is not reassuring yes you see more security forces in the center of the main province in here and kabul but it's far more worth in rural areas each day i go to work i'm concerned about my safety. i'm full of hope the candidates are young and i believe they'll serve us i wish they can focus on improving education and security. in previous elections. and powerful tribal leaders have taken part this time the majority of the
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candidates are young and independent it would be almost impossible to set up checkpoints similar to this one of the main entrances to all the cities across afghanistan the government simply does not have the resources and the manpower but officials say they are determined to take all necessary measures to ensure the taliban does not disrupt the election. kabul the u.s. treasury has hit iran with a new round of sanctions it's accusing a faction of iran's military of recruiting child soldiers to fight for bashar al assad's regime in syria the measures primarily target the resistance force an arm of the revolutionary guard washington also imposed sanctions on a network of firms that it says were financing about siege including iran's bank as well as manufacturing companies. hopes are fading that a deal on the u.k. leaving the european union could be agreed with
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a march deadline now just months away e.u. leaders are due to meet britain's prime minister to resign may in the coming hours at a meeting in brussels on tuesday european council president donald tusk said that he's not hopeful that a breakthrough can be made in talks with the u.k. negotiations of stalled once again over what should happen with the irish border when northern ireland to the rest of the u.k. leaves the e.u. in march. divil pulling through shall we must find a solution to include ireland and find a solution for no hard border on the island of ireland when not there yet various issues are still to be discussed including oil and what i understand is that more time is needed to find his deal and reach that decisive progress that we need to finalize the negotiation on the withdrawal of the u.k. the. chinese state media has released video of internment camps for a week of muslims in the western region of shin jang despite international
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criticism the government has defended its treatment of the minority community it claims its reeducating them so that they can be part of a more civilized world up to a million weak as reportedly put into such camps. is enjoying a tourism revival the industry had gone into decline following a series of attacks by armed groups on visitors and twenty fifteen al-jazeera spam a vile reports. tunisia's tourism industry is taken off the sandy beaches of seuss' in the northeast are again sophia is the general manager of hotel all four hundred eighty beds are fully booked even though the hot season has ended a little is brazil to come to the system in twenty seventeen we started to feel like european tourists are coming back and in twenty eighteen there was a remarkable increase in european tourism especially western european tourist
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traffic markets like belgian english luxembourg has and also french. scenes like these have not been seen since early two thousand and eleven for the uprising the toppled former president. that triggered a series of popular revolt in the region known as the arab spring. as you know an arab spring nations tunisia paid a hefty price for the southern political upheaval groups linked to a stage the tox across the country the bloodiest wars on the museum in the capital tunis in march two thousand and fifteen that killed twenty two people twenty of them your wrists. the attacks led to a severe drop in visitor numbers hitting the country's economy list the deal calibrated and said at the hot season has ended but urgent season is excellent as well and there are still lots of her tales which will be full for an early november
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it was positive and statistics are here to confirm that. but that situation began to change early two thousand and seventeen with a marked improvement this year. nearly five point five million tourists have arrived since january and major european operators including thomas cook went to you i have resumed holidays to tunisia the government says it expects visitor numbers to hit at recalled eight million by the end of the year for tunisians tourism means not only economic ease but also peace a feeling shared by those of life in the country so much just to visit internees feel comfortable and safe place you have a lot of police men and women like. swords it's looks safe safe yes of course i'm safe in a like tony said what in march the people i want to hear all culture good food. i
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like it what is much. that doesn't suit and how testament to the changed optimal sphere. handicrafts out again busy all hoping for the bad times over. well there are plenty more video reports like that along with the latest news analysis comment and sports at the website. at al-jazeera dot com. it is good to have you with us hello adrian finnegan here in doha the top stories this hour i was there a plan by turkish police in the saudi consul general's home in istanbul has been canceled due to a lack of cooperation from saudi arabia offices are investigating the suspected killing of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi he hasn't been seen since entering
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the nearby consulate fifteen days ago. u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o is now in turkey's capital to discuss the case with his counterpart and president of the one he'd been in riyadh looking for answers from the saudi leadership in the meantime the u.s. president donald trump has given saudi arabia the benefit of the doubt saying that the kingdom is innocent until proven guilty and the head of the international monetary fund has become the latest big name to pull out of a major investment conference in saudi arabia later this month the i.m.f. says that christine lagarde is deferring middle east trip which was to have included her attendance at the event dubbed devil in the desert an election candidate has been killed in a bomb attack in southern afghanistan as violence threatens to disrupt saturday's elections job. was killed in a blast at his office in the southern province of helmand eight other people were injured in the attack at least ten candidates think killed in the run up to the
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election hundreds more have been injured across the country. a palestinian has been killed three others injured after israeli forces launched airstrikes on gaza according to the israeli military they were targeting a group of fighters who were firing rockets towards israel overnight rockets were fired from gaza into southern israel where a house was hit injuring at least three people israel's defense minister ordered the closure of the and kind of abu salem crossings following the attacks hopes are fading that a deal on the u.k. leading the european union can be agreed with a march deadline are just months away even leaders meet with the british prime minister to resign may in the coming hours at a summit in brussels on tuesday european council president donald tusk said that he's not hopeful about any breakthrough talks with the u.k. because the asians are stored once again everyone should happen with the irish border when more than not when. with northern ireland rather after
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breaks it blows the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after an inside story next. afghanistan is finally preparing to hold parliamentary elections just pulled by constant. genuinely influenced by foreign and many afghans are hoping for. what direction the country takes were given. who killed jamal khashoggi turkey says it now has evidence he was killed in the saudi consulate in istanbul donald trump says wrote killers may have done it but was it an investigation that went wrong or was a hit squad sent to silence this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm in wrong kong the joint saudi turkish team investigating the case of saudi journalist your mall has searched the consulate and now attention is turned to the consul's home the turkish attorney general's office also told our jazeera there is evidence because shoji was killed inside the consulate the media sources in the u.s. suggest saudi arabia will say he died during an interrogation that went wrong. and said he didn't know anything about it in a fun call with president donald trump who then came up with this road kill as theory u.s. secretary of state is now in riyadh hoping to get answers i spoke earlier to a saudi prince prince khalid then for a heart who's living in exile i first asked him why he feels his life is under threat from the saudi authorities in the name of
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a. and i personally had three years ago. has been targeted and my life has been targeted in a rational way not the way that used to with. me a lobster his mess on him. was in a state of partisan and it was a sort of poison i don't know exactly what is it but after a while you like and one we started to feel dizzy and i went into a coma i went to the hospital and the kidney has stopped together with the liver with four brain strokes still at the hospital for three months they had treated me with cortizone sticks i left the hospital and i stayed using the call to zone with
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checkups for a long time and i have been affected. way to like twenty five kilograms there's about the same has been affected and all my organs have been affected the type of the partisan left me in a state that i cannot move i cannot do anything but thing done i was in germany medicine germany was ok and the hospital doctors. had to know what is that kind of poison and i went through surgery on my brain the open the my head and took a sample in order to know that time of the pars in that regard for the house but for a long time they took the sample and at that time any of this was
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really about to do a prince call and what makes you so sure that it was the saudis behind all of this . i don't know exactly what do they want. talking the riot way and if you try to be straightforward then they want to assassinate and kill you but you have any proof that it was the saudis that came after you that's my brother generally i don't have enemies my friends and my relatives and my my people love me all my friends love me even my friends in the primary school. are in touch with me on since we were kids thing god people love may i have good contacts i have no and them is except the saudi government
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because. since they sell a man has. taken power after being in riyadh as the governor of riyadh for fifty years i had problem with the king solomon i had also problems with him a long time ago i left saudi arabia and i came to germany as is two thousand and three but he doesn't want to leave me alone no one has an interest to kill me except sell a man in particular can't sell man no one there at killing me except sell money bin abdulaziz now when you were in three weeks ago you say that you were under threat that you were going to be forcibly disappeared by the saudi or wealth or it is this was before jamal khashoggi case what made you think that your life was in imminent danger. i am not going to tell the story again
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but i have understood that my importance comes from being a member of the royal family who criticises the family itself that's why they my words affect them more and more better even than the opposition. are you will be or was their target to be assassinated by king so man and his administration and years ago they have put me on the list of people to be assassinated i have told the police in germany this few years ago they have tried several times to drag me into. certain positions until there so it's a nation of demand for sure jimmy lobsters miss on him they told me take money this is a check you can have it in egypt and
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a lot of things they are trying to convince me to do but don't tell me that you or you want me to be financially ok i'm living in germany i'm living in saudi arabia and they behave in a childish manner even their crimes old the ways that they are trying to drag me to be put into their way is not a rational way the childish behavior why should i go to egypt to have a check why should i go there to have a check then they want me to go to egypt and then i will be transferred into saudi arabia again thank you very much we still don't know whether jamal khashoggi has been assassinated in the embassy where waiting in the consular rather waiting for evidence to emerge from that but thank you very much your type.
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let's bring in our guest joining us now from ankara is awesome and search he is the research director at the anchor institute and a former advisor to turkish prime minister toler in washington d.c. we have joined jones he's a former us senior congressional advisor and senate national security director and finally joining us from istanbul is simon action with the in stumble center of international law welcome to all really there seems to be three parts currently to the effect you have the u.s. that says it has evidence linking the crown prince by had been some on to a porch kidnapping plot you have the turkish authorities leaking to the media that they have evidence that he was murdered inside the consulate and now you have a flurry of diplomatic activity taking place. and reasons and excuses and a lot of talk within the media itself and
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a lot of speculation about what that diplomatic activity might be let's start with ankara first and with osman cert mike pompeo the secretary of state is going to ankara what's likely behind that visit. chris a full on mr pompous results in saudi arabia because the american interests are at stake in the region because mohamed bin cell mung is most probably more important than the hul so defamatory in the saudi kingdom and that's why i don't suppose trying to find a face saving exit first of all mohamed bin sell more and then for the american interests over there we have seen that what mr trump said killers it is not easy to believe in such kind of an excuse because you know this fifteen man of the saudi squad team was composed of the very close guards of muhammad in some money it's a tape like saudi arabia it is not possible to happen such kind of
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a to private jet planes which was being used by the kingdom can fly from riyadh to ankara to stumble and do such kind of a thing and go bag be dubbed the knowledge of mohamed bin selman and they're trying to manage the process of course we don't know what will be he will be bringing trunk are from saudi arabia but what mr total the turkish foreign minister said today is that you know there is a claim that it was happened by accident during an interrogation the turkish foreign minister said that it is not a place to interrupt gate to consulates are not the are not courts and it is not a place of interest and that five first of all we need to see what mr poynter will bring him with term from riyadh but they are trying to find and a way between the realities over there which is a murder and the american interest and to keep mohammed in someone in the game i think would you agree with that john jones is about keeping mohammed bin salman the crown prince in the game as a guest rancorous at. no i think one can look at that as being part of the
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explanation but when you look at it the u.s. saudi relationship is a relationship that goes back seven decades and is bigger than any one fishel leader or a member of the royal family i believe mr palm pale is there to number one get all the answers get the understanding of what actually took place and what the saudi authorities are going to put forth as to what exactly happened but at the end of the day it's quite obvious no one is going to get to the bottom of what actually happened unless you have a true independent transparent investigation to determine. how this killing took place and who is actually responsible in the end i imagine that authorities will get there it's going to take some time but demands are being made and demands are for transparency accountability and for the truth to come out and i think eventually that's going to happen well that's to bring in istanbul and so on. the truth should come out the truth will come out eventually that's well yes from
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washington d.c. has said as an expert in international law you perhaps in much much better place to tell us how difficult any investigation might be into whole of this is turkey ready and prepared to do what it needs to to get to the bottom of the. well the major problem and the major challenge will be the cooperation we decided to alter it is that turkey is trying to keep a balance between its obligation to not interfere did the consular relation and consular mission of the saudi arabia and at the same time trying to protect the human human rights and human. life of the mr kushner so it is really hard for receiving state a territorial state to keep a balance here well initially this sad eurabia after the second of october they they they stated that they were going to give their consent for the turkish
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authorities to make a full fledged investigation what to cover up what was happened in side the consulate premises but then they try to delay the investigation and the after for two weeks. it's only now that the turkish authorities has been available and able to make a full fledged investigation inside the premises and unlike the diplomatic immunity is the immunity of the consular stop is functional not an absolute immunity therefore the turkish authorities if they find enough evidence that the. mr karslake just has been abducted been executed by consular staff within the consular premises then the case might be open against the consular stuff and under the article forty one of the vienna convention of the consular relations sixty three this saw the consulate staff are obliged to appear before the court either as vividness or as accused and then they had to and they have to provide all the
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information that they have the problem with conducting such investigation and prosecution is that there are no exit you think in this case if the. saudi arabia will not. they've their immunity then turkish authorities will not be able to exit through the judicial the decision of the court is you use the word you used the word is the most challenging use the words that cover up want to bring in. also with all of this flurry of diplomatic activity with the u.s. secretary of state visiting riyadh this ng with the phone calls between the us leader and king saul. is there evidence that saudi arabia is far too big to fail that the us saudi relationship is far too crucial and therefore jamal khashoggi his case whatever has happened to him is simply being used as a pawn to make sure the business goes on as normal.
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second first of all let me correct one thing the gentleman talking from washington said there is a seven decades of relations between the saudi arabia and the united states right but during the trump era trying to explain the american foreign policy item using decades is a bit naive because you know maybe weeks because what is happening with north korea what's happening with russia what in what's happening with nato allies it is not easy to to explain the trump year of foreign policy with decades maybe weeks or maybe months at most suddenly their own trumpet inspiration can change their policies regarding what does it mean you know your question it is not easy it is not easy to just close the case and go business as usual because what's happened is a very extraordinary case happening first of all for turkey the turkish sovereignty is being targeted with this because did this so the consulate in istanbul is in turkey saudi and turkey cannot just been so man cannot really just let me stop you
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there let me just tell you that in this is a cover up and the cover up do you think that what the u.s. is doing and everybody all the partners involved in all the different countries involved is the potential for a cover up or is it a coverup. look what ten days. the united states president waited to give a reaction to what happened to the poor probably he was already briefed about what's happening in stumble and who's mr kushner daughters and you know american citizen he is writing down for washington post hundreds of articles are being published and ten days they waited when they waited for what and that's why there's at least a question mark about it but because of the you know very huge reaction against what's happening here about the deployment of tradition about the turkeys sovereignity and that's why it won't be easy to cover it and john john just shaking your head best you're shaking your head no joins what do you think of what i
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understand. oh no. the gentleman from makes a very interesting argument though i would disagree with him while saying that you want to look at this interim situation in the within the matter of the last few days the years of the trump administration it's important very important to look at the genesis of the relationship as it pertains to this particular situation and if you look at the u.s. so i do relationship or larger the other large relationship in the middle east. there is easy to develop an obsession with president trump in his actions which you also have to look at historical actions congress has taken steps to act no matter what a commander in chief or president has chosen to do as a pertains to a situation like this if you look at the situation in terms of apartheid in south africa it was congress who acted outside of the wishes a ronald reagan to implement sanctions on the south african government if you look
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at what congress did in relationship to the development of iran's nuclear program it was congress who implemented saying sions despite what president obama wanted or did not want to do and no matter what president trample his administration decides to do and this event congress is going to act both republicans and democrats have already said that so i think if you look at the situation for there was going to be pressure on the saudi government and with that pressure i do believe there will be concessions will they be immediate no should they be immediate absolutely this is a tragedy which has taken place a tragic killing took place within a consulate this is awful and i do think at the end of the day you will have forces and powers outside of the president and the administration will be demanding accountability and information. isn't going to stay with you for a second let's talk about the well called in the room if the saudis come out and say this was a rogue intelligence agents the operation the royal family that the leadership
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simply didn't know about is that going to be. to somebody like the washington post who have put almost all of their resources into covering the disappearance of their own journalists will they believe something like that and will they continue to put pressure on domestic american politicians to get to the truth of the matter i think at the end of the day just won't be american politicians who will be encouraged to act quite frankly a number of them don't need the motivation and there are people within congress in the senate who are outraged by what taken place and they've been very vocal about that but more than that i would imagine that you also have politicians within the european union who will be demanding action and demanding a response that is proportional to what actually has taken place here so i don't think it just falls on the american government though there is a responsibility that must be put forth it also is incumbent on many countries
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within the european union and the international community to really step up and call for accountability and to punish those persons who took place in this tragic killing someone let me bring you in the head what we're saying is a situation developed plenty of diplomatic activity as we've already said but if a narrative developing that the saudis may well blame rogue intelligence elements. the turks are going to have to go along with that as well as the u.s. if that becomes the narrative that the saudis want to put out there is it for a cover up or is it the full way of all policies saving face and being able to go about business is knowable. well given this given the given the circumstances and the nature of the crime that has happened it is really hard for us to claim whether there is a cover up in this situation or. do parties are seeking an
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accountability genuinely but the thing is that if if the parties are to find enough grant to agree on and seek accountability that it would be best for all the parties to evade the immunity of the consular stuff and then the turkish authorities would be able to exercise their jurisdiction for the perpetrators who commit those crimes and alternatively. the saudi arabia can also already patridge its consular stuff and prosecute them in their. mystic courts but in either way either the turkish authorities prosecute them or they go without any. proper jurisdiction the consular stuff who will try to return their work back will not be practically able to engage in an effective diplomacy if it took short there it is given the circumstances of the situation we all coming towards the end of the show i would like to ask each of you a quick question you have thirty seconds to say each of you the question is very
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simple start with her first what needs to come out in order for the world to draw a line under this if both diplomatically and with the truth being at the center of it what needs to come out what would you like to see just a very quick onst. it is very open the you know the it is a diplomatic mission and the country who is owning the diplomatic mission is the responsible for what has happened the soldiers are telling that they are admitting of confirming the murder alluded they cannot know did or cannot confirm that they can confess it what happened first of all the fifteen guards whether they are disposable owner should be decided and the very important point is who is behind this order to kill mr kushat you should be find out this is very important to you joe johns in washington d.c. what would you like to say what would you like to see come out what's credible enough for you you need a well you need
4:44 pm
a transparent independent credible investigation into exactly what happened and who is responsible it's obvious that the saudis cannot investigate themselves so you do need a coalition to participate in a transparent investigation to get to the bottom of what actually happened and just one quick point regarding the row killer statement i think because that was leaked out that was something that was probably tested by the saudis and you can just tell by the response of the domestic and international community that explanation of probably not going to work so i think the saudis will be left with no choice but in the end to allow an investigation that is outside of their control to happen to get to the bottom of what actually took place to selma and stumble very quickly what can international law do to get a credible to the. just very quickly. well the problem the problem with so many people are receiving diplomatic gun consular privileges and immunities and there is a likelihood that a lot of people are have the opportunity to abuse their privileges and immunities
4:45 pm
and saw the international community should rethink and rethink about changing the commission in the way that the sending state should not have the full authority to either give the consent for a genuine mistake or not so there will be enough if there will be enough basis to make this change maybe the international community should change the. way of protecting the diplomatic and consular stuff and providing more accountability for the victims to all of our guests i want to thank you also insert john h. jones and so when action game thank you two for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is a.j. inside story at a.j. inside story for me among the whole team here i
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i felt . thank.
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you. you don't know where public service stops and private interest begins what's at stake is the very essence of democracy we have never had a president so brazenly treating the oval office as an opportunity for a. full life follows the money investigating whether donald trump is profiting from the presidency and asking what the cost will be for democracy the usa and the president's profits on al-jazeera. one simple mistake could constrain cold. fishing as a deep sea diver carries immense risk to the lives of those willing to take the chance but for former north korean and so jack the opportunity for
4:48 pm
a prosperous new life in the south with his family was in even became a risk to take. old marine a witness documentary on al-jazeera after a three year delay afghanistan is finally preparing to hold parliamentary elections told by constant violence and continually influenced by foreign powers many afghans are hoping for a real change what direction while the country takes for give you an in-depth coverage of the afghanistan elections i'll just era. the turkish investigators prevented from entering the saudi arabia consul general was residents as they hunt for clues to the suspected killing of the journalist.
4:49 pm
a while adrian for get this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up u.s. secretary of state michael peo is in turkey as pressure grows over the case. an exchange of fire the israeli military launches airstrikes after a rocket from the gaza strip hits a home in southern israel. and china releases video of its reeducation camps for them despite international condemnation. turkish investigators have been stalled again in their search for clues over the suspected killing of the journalist jamal khashoggi and the interior minister is now reported to be seeking consensus with saudi arabia on the team being allowed into the consul general's residence in istanbul investigators were blocked from entering the residence when they arrived on tuesday night hasn't been seen since entering the nearby consulate building fifteen days ago let's go live now to
4:50 pm
istanbul stratford is outside that consulate so turkey's interior minister saying that a search at the residence of the consul general in istanbul could begin as soon as some sort of joint consensus is reached but who are the turkish government talking to the saudi arabian investigators working alongside the turkish counterparts there . that's right i mean the understanding was that because this described as a joint investigate you see there was some sort of consensus to begin with with respect to the amount of access that they were going to get into the sites that need to be investigated we've seen them investigate inside the consulate behind me a couple of nights ago but our understanding last night was the having spoken to somebody in the prosecutor she felt this morning was that a group of the turkish side of that team arrived around seven pm last night outside
4:51 pm
the consul general's home and made phone calls to people they thought were inside with a view one would think trying to get access but there was nobody there and they left relatively soon after that we spoke to the authorities in the afternoon who said that indeed gets this the consul general himself had left the country a couple of hours before the have about five o'clock local time so a statement from the interior ministry very much shedding light on the fact that despite the having seemingly been this consensus there are still only going to go she ations as to the degree of access that the saudis will allow this investigation team to to look at we spoke to another source and fact the person the prosecutor involved in the investigation only a couple of hours ago and yet again wolf very damning evidence according to these tools they say she says sorry that the turkish government has all run you through some of the details she says that the evidence that they have already proves that
4:52 pm
could show she was killed inside the consulate apparently in an area known as areas see that building they said the proof of this is in blood samples they say that there was seven blood samples collected and six prove that he was killed. also this source in part of the investigation saying the cultural general didn't go back to the cold chill of the three days of the. killing happened. and also a very interesting lead with respect to those fifteen suspects that were leaked to the media by governments all season very early all of those fifty suspects that were believed to have come from saudi arabia on the day he was killed and then left again on two separate planes the source saying that that squad as it's being referred to would split into three groups the interrogator is the killers and the evidence destroys and crucially also this source telling us that there are two
4:53 pm
other suspects believed still to be in the country the intelligence attash and the political affairs it's action and it's not one hundred percent clear as to whether they had diplomatic immunity so again any indication of the government's possible prostration with the pace of this investigation the fact that they are leaking some very damning claims to the media right to the turkish government pretty confident due to the evidence that they've gathered and they're drip feeding into to the media of what's actually happened in the consulate how long what needs to happen before they can officially make some sort of declaration about the findings of their investigation. well i think it's fair to say that there has to be a thorough investigation of the three sites or certainly the three elements to this investigation that was agreed upon initially that being the consulate the consul general's home and then of course there's these vehicles as well a number of vehicles that are vital to this investigation that were registered to
4:54 pm
the embassy we've heard the government certainly a couple days ago saying that they were expecting results of this investigation to be a little early within three three days or so well you know it is the third day effectively of this investigation today it seems highly unlikely that we will get some sort of official announcement and as i say meanwhile these increasingly damning claims being dropped to the media could be very interesting to see what sort of language comes out of these meetings between the u.s. secretary of state and the foreign minister here indeed we understand he's already met michael players already met president over to one at yet but we're waiting for news of any lies that come out of that but i think it is very difficult to say exactly when we're going to get any formal result full announcement of what indeed has been found as part of this investigation because it's still ongoing chance many thanks for that live in istanbul as charles was saying secretary of state michael
4:55 pm
peo is now in ankara on his visit earlier to riyadh pompei has said that saudi leaders have told him a thorough transparent and timely investigation would be carried out into disappearance but u.s. senate has a skeptical about whether that will be allowed to happen here as mike hanna reports from washington. mike pompei you held meetings throughout the day speaking to the king the crown prince as well as the foreign minister he came away with saudi denials and the pledge that a credible investigation is already underway they made a commitment to to hold anyone connected to any wrongdoing that may be found accountable for that whether they are a senior officer official they promised accountability for each of those persons whom they determine as a result of their investigation as to deserves accountability including the members who they made no exceptions to who they would hold accountable they were they were just for they were very clear they are they understand the importance of this issue
4:56 pm
they're determined to get to the bottom of it and that they will conduct the report more war get a chance to see it be they each promised that they would achieve that force president tramples a spoke to the crown prince on the phone who he says totally denied any knowledge of what took place in an extraordinary statement to associated press president trump says that allegations of saudi complicity ah and i quote another case of guilty until proven innocent this in reference to his nomination as supreme court judge read capital who was accused of sexual assault but together with the statements by mike punk peo it would also appear to be part of a concerted strategy by the trumpet ministration to insist that there is no complicity among saudi leaders but the shop here dogs with views expressed by congressional leaders senator rand paul treated saudi arabia is not our friend they fund radicalism around the world we don't need to be arming them they are the worst
4:57 pm
actor out there promoting terrorism. and strong criticism from another republican senator of the crown prince referring to him by his initials m b s this guy has got to go sorry arabia if you listening there are a lot of good people you can choose but m.b.'s his tainted your country and tainted himself by congressional anger supported by a former director of the cia i do hope that they're going to draw the line at this and hold not just the saudis and mohamed samantha account but also the top ministration and not let the saudis get away with what appears to be the killing of a u.s. person a permanent resident of the united states and a journalist for the washington post they cannot get away with this i think that this is basically the downfall of mohammed salma and in the new york times a picture of a man allegedly identified as a suspect right turkish authorities he's described in the report as
4:58 pm
a frequent companion of the crown prince in a blow to muhammad bin salad months insistence of innocence three other suspects are said to be part of his security detail mike and al-jazeera washington the head of the international monetary fund has pulled out of a major investment conference be held in saudi arabia later this month christine lagarde is the latest big name from the finance business and media worlds to withdraw from the conference known as davos in the desert just last week la garde said that she planned to attend but was waiting for the details on the shot she's disappearance. several border crossings between syria and neighboring countries have reopened in recent weeks that seized two years of political and economic isolation for the country during a seven year civil war on monday at the crossing with jordan open for the first time in three years for decades that was a vital trade routes across syria between lebanon and jordan and this hopefully
4:59 pm
will benefit the lebanese economy let's go live that as a to huldah who's at the mass not crossing between syria and lebanon what's the importance of that particular crossings into. well adrian the reopening of the no see but border crossing this is a vital artery for commercial trade for all countries in the region and levanon included as you can see me that is behind me this is the main border crossing between lebanon and syria the only overland route that lebanon has now this border is never closed during the seven year war but when the sea border crosser closed in two thousand and fifteen lebanese trucks goods agricultural goods they couldn't reach the gulf markets and that meant that farmers really lost billions billions of dollars so now farmers are welcoming their reopening of the sea border crossing we understand that there are last minute negotiations they're trying to agree on on taxes even jordan for jordan the country suffering from
5:00 pm
a weak economy the closure of the nessie border crossing was a crippling blow but there was a political price to pay both lebannon and jordan did not cut off diplomatic relations with syria during the past seven years but they weren't engaging with the damascus government in an official capacity now that these borders are open and that means that they are acknowledging that president bashar assad is here to stay and acknowledging his government in the words of the jordanian government spokesperson this crossing is vital for two brotherly nations all right so goods can now go from lebanon through syria to jordan that's going to boost the economies of both countries what about people is it going to allow people to move between the two countries i'm thinking particularly about about families torn apart in syria. yes it is going to allow the movement of people and what damascus is really hoping it is celebrating the.


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