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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 17, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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yes president trump says that allegations of saudi complicity are and i quote another case of guilty until proven innocent this in reference to his nomination as supreme court judge wright cabin all who was accused of sexual assault but together with the statements by mike brown peo it would also appear to be part of a concerted strategy by the trump administration to insist that there is no complicity among saudi leaders but the shop yet odds with views expressed by congressional leaders senator rand paul tweeted saudi arabia is not our friend they fund radicalism around the world we don't need to be arming them they are the worst actors out there promoting terrorism and strong criticism from another republican senator of the crown prince referring to him by his initials m.b. s. this guy has got to go sorry but if you're listening there are a lot of good people you can choose but m.b.'s his tainted your country and tainted
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himself congressional anger supported by a former director of the cia a do hope that they're going to draw the line at this and hold not just the saudis and mohamed samantha account but also the top ministration not with the saudis get away with what appears to be the killing of a u.s. person a permanent resident of the united states and a journalist for the washington post they cannot get away with this i think that this is basically the downfall of mohammed so much and in the new york times a picture of a man allegedly identified as a suspect right turkish authorities he's described in the report as a frequent companion of the crown prince in a blow to muhammad bin sour months insistence of innocence three other suspects are said to be part of his security detail. mike hanna al-jazeera washington weather update next year and i was zero then still no sign of a deal on briggs it but the irish border the sticking point again ahead of
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wednesday's you summit in brussels. hello again welcome back all here in north asia we are watching one from a boundary pushing into the pacific so that means for japan we are looking at better conditions there but it's not really going to last too long because we're going to see more clouds over the next few days and that also means more showers so for tokyo twenty degrees here on thursday or sucker twenty three seoul will be seeing some rain showers but heavier rain and cooler temperatures as well fifteen degrees to tokyo osaka seeing about twenty three and sendai about fifteen degrees there well as we make our way down here towards the southern parts of asia we are going to be seeing expression china here across much of the area that same funnel boundary really lingering along the coast and that means a lot of clouds in that area are going to be staying there that start to shift a little bit more towards the south we do start to see clear conditions up towards
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the north of shanghai that means partly cloudy a northerly winds for you with the terms are about twenty degrees but down towards hong kong we do expect to see maybe a few more clouds coming into play expression up here toward central china we do expect to see a little bit more rain in the forecast and then across the philippines well not looking too bad in terms of the tropics but we are seeing still some showers across much of the central philippines and then for manila partly cloudy conditions to you at thirty one degrees down to its pollute it is going to be raining at thirty and jakarta a nice day with a temperature of thirty three. hello
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again the top stories this hour on al-jazeera turkish sources have told us as ever that a bodyguard working for saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon led an operation against the journalist jamal khashoggi he's pictured here with a red box and rented a private jet set of carried the group of men from turkish authorities suspect killed to join the list. a planned search by turkish police of the saudi consul general salim in istanbul has been cancelled due to
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a lack of cooperation from saudi arabia officers are investigating the suspected killing of the saudi journalist shoji he was last seen some fifteen days ago and the head of the international monetary fund is the latest big name to pull out of the saudi conference dubbed divorce in the desert christine legarde is postponing a trip to the middle east which was due to include the beating of major investors in riyadh later this month but god has said that she's horrified at khashoggi his disappearance. a twenty five year old palestinian man has been killed three others injured after israeli forces launched airstrikes on gaza the israeli military says that it was targeting suspected hamas positions after rockets were fired into southern israel from gaza israel's defense minister ordered the closure of the areas and abu salaam crossings following the attacks are a force of reports from west to receive them. well israeli response to this strike on bush is underway as strikes have been taking place through the night and into
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the morning on wednesday no comment yet on the number or the nature of the targets israel just saying that it is attacking what it calls terror targets in the gaza strip one person so far reported killed israel saying that that was during the course of another attempt to fire rockets from the northern gaza strip there's no question israel sees this strike on the shader which is some forty kilometers away from the gaza strip as a major escalation it's only the second time that a rocket from gaza has fallen in that area since the twenty fourteen war in august the previous occasion it fell in fields during a round of major exchanges between israeli forces and hamas this strike hamas has denied responsibility for it in a statement which was also cosigned by islamic jihad and other palestinian fighting factions inside the gaza strip it said that it condemned any such irresponsible actions that would act to undermine egyptian efforts to negotiate
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a long term truce with the israelis the defense minister however before this rocket attack took place on tuesday he had just been meeting with senior army officials saying that now is the time to deal i'm age a blow to hamas and the only after such a blow which essentially reads like a call for a major military action war on gaza only after such an attack could there be a long term truce the question remains whether the israeli army is signed up for that whether the israeli prime minister is signed up for that setting there is a lot of reporting in the israeli media that that is not the case several border crossings between syria and neighboring countries have reopened it recent weeks it's easing years of political and economic isolation for the country on monday the crossing with jordan reopened for the first time in three years for decades it was a vital trade routes across syria between lebanon and jordan where much of that trade will be coming through the mass not border crossing on the syria lebanon
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border from where they know how to reports. the reopening of the border crossing this vital artery for commercial traffic benefits many countries in the region jordan of course we know suffered from a weak economy the closure of that border was a crippling blow lebanon as well this is its only overland route to other countries this border was not closed during the seventy year war but trucks were not able to reach jordan and the. markets and so lebanon lost billions of dollars they had to export goods through the sea via the sea via air which cost really a lot of money so the reopening of these borders of the border crossing benefiting the countries in the region syria celebrating it really as a victory showing that the country is stable it's returning to its pre-war status as a transit hub now of course the resumption of trade means the restoration of ties at least for jordan and lebanon and we heard the jordanian government spokesman person say this is
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a vital trade route between two brotherly nations jordan and lebanon did not break off diplomatic relations during the seven year for but they did not engage officially with the government so damascus slowly coming out of its isolation economically it is hoping to engage to reengage with the international community as well but that this is going to be a little bit more difficult because we know that the west is no longer calling for us not stepping down as a condition for for political talks to happen but what they're asking for is a u.n. led credible political process that will lead to free elections and only if that happens then they will reengage with damascus and help with the reconstruction of the country so it is still a long path ahead but this is the start of the beginning of damascus coming out really of its. economic isolation at least in the region. a bomb attack in afghanistan has killed another candidate it. was in the southern
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province of helmand at least ten candidates have been killed now during campaigning the taliban is threatening to target polling stations and security forces guarded. reports from kabul. and was killed inside his a literal office and lashkar gah home and province this morning a bomb was planted under his cheer eight people were wounded in the attack three people died later of the injuries the taliban took responsibility for this attack they had warned they would do this it is the elections and on election day the parliamentary elections here on saturday he died in the blast he was a very well know and politician here in afghanistan a former military general who had been a politician here ever since the fall of the taliban in two thousand and one he had worked in helmand for the last three years he was determined that they would just it wouldn't be a fight a military fight between the government in the taliban he wanted to speak to them he wanted to negotiate and people called him
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a dream and yet he continues this morning people who had a lot of supporters a lot of people would have voted for him on saturday but a tsunami and karama which in dari means champion or here and for a lot of people here this morning his surname. european union leaders are gathering in brussels for what was billed a decisive summit on briggs it but talks have stalled over what should happen with the irish border if the u.k. doesn't get an agreement in the next few weeks it could leave the e.u. in march without a deal a band could cause political and economic unrest some e.u. countries are already preparing for a no deal briggs's zeros lawrence lee reports now from the largest port in europe watered down in the netherlands. the dutch love to grow tomatoes the netherlands is the world's biggest exporter of the fruits. in the summer the u.k. gets really hard of all its tomatoes from here or at least it has done the
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assumption is that a no deal wrecks it will mean a no some are so britain are you talking on or about empty shelves on the u.k. side for the price in fact. probably but there at the same time is for a. product that is not going to rio kmart has no interest in fines or the other new markets the british rely a just as much on rotterdam europe's biggest ports to service the demands of consumers it is a model of efficiency freedom of movement of goods services money people is the most treasured achievements of the european union in its purest form brics it says no it's all of those things but because the british government still can't decide what sorts of breaks it wants the dutch it had no choice but to get into worst case scenario planning. no trade deal with the european union would mean fruits vegetables and meats having to be checked this new border to ensure it all meets
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hygiene standards it means the dutch employing nearly a thousand more customs officers it means queues backlogs turning away from the u.k. in seeking new markets and it isn't only about dutch tomatoes it's about goods produced across the e.u. that british people want to buy. so all the production from germany twenty five percent of the freight is coming from or is going to germany day have to prepare as well and that is where the real challenges are dating repairing as well as rotterdam is for the for the bretons because if they are not prepared then it still stops here across western european capitals the same conversations are being had how to get a deal done when the british government is riven by dissenting views and still we don't know where we're lending our landing with a chaotic back set aren't ending within that customs union without a customs union and do we have two or three years of transition period or not it's still up in the air and a basic mistake was made before the notification of the article fifty letter so you
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still see that british politicians are negotiating among themselves. what backs it she took back and that question should have been settled by now the british government has warned the brics it could lead to food shortages though such talk is dismissed by purest breakfasters as scare mongering gradually though the e.u. is coming to the view that the u.k. may have to put up with the consequences of its lack of direction lawrence li al jazeera rotterdam chinese state media has released video of internment camps for weaker muslims in the western province of jang despite international criticism the government has defended its treatment of the minority group it claims that its reeducating people so that they can be part of a modern civilized world up to a million weekers support reportedly been detained in the camps russia's president vladimir putin is holding emergency meetings after an explosion at
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a college in crimea russia's antiterrorist agency says that at least ten people have been killed but the investigation is still and it's very early stages let's go live now to moscow al-jazeera steadfastness following this story what more do we know step. well there was a huge explosion this morning at a vocal training school in the city of courage in the building there were classes going on and there was a lot of explosion all the windows were damaged a lot of debris around the area local t.v. images show lots of ambulances people running around with brand carts and also military trucks at the scene many of the injured have already been brought to the hospital tens of them are injured it's still very early stages to talk about the cause of the explosion initially they said it was a gas explosion but very quickly after that the local gas companies at the school wasn't connected to any gas installation so now also from the investigative
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commission was already at the scene is saying that it all has the signs of a terrorist attack they say that could have been an explosive device also the have of the school has been quoted on local t.v. saying that there were gunmen in the school but this is again an official reports gunmen going around the classrooms and also she said that one of the people blew themselves up at the school this is all very unofficial reports so it's still very early stages some chaos still at the scene which just happened a few hours ago start many thanks. live in moscow a group of around three thousand one durham migrants is marching through guatemala on its way to the united states border u.s. president donald trump is threatening to come to guatemala honduras if the group isn't stopped. reports. a caravan of thousands of honduran
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migrants is on a long journey north to the united states. they say they are fleeing violence and poverty in their home country you know the. guard give us support and help us in this work areas moment we are in honduras killing us without the cost of electricity with health care with all of our worries and security where instead of protecting us they are killing us in honduras and england buddha. singing the honduran national anthem and chanting yes we can the migrants had north police stopped them for several hours at the guatemalan border but eventually let them continue the bomb put them on the list only on they were going because honduras is making us go why because high gear is one of the poorest countries we have a government that doesn't support all of the people we have to leave fully healing
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from our country where we have to be able to get ahead and that's not happening we have to look for other places where we can get ahead the caravan began just a few days after u.s. vice president mike pence called on central american countries to stop mass migration and u.s. president donald trump threaten to cut off aid if the immigrants are allowed to continue their journey but these people say they won't stop. they vow to continue marching until they make it to the united states and have a chance at a better life. john al jazeera. it is kids having with us hello adrian finnegan here in doha with the top stories this hour on al-jazeera turkish sources have told her that a bodyguard working for the haven't been solomon the saudi crown prince let an operation against the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi he's pictured here with
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a red box and rent. a private jet said to have carried a group of men whom turkish authorities suspect killed the journalist he also made a number of phone calls to the saudi crown prince his private secretary on the day that crucial g. disappeared sean she was last seen fifteen days ago well ahead of the international monetary fund is the latest big name to pull out of the saudi conference dubbed davos in the desert as christine lagarde is perspiring her trip to the middle east which was due to include the meeting of major investors in riyadh later this month the goddess said that she's horrified by the short g.'s disappearance a twenty five year old palestinian man has been killed and three others injured after israeli forces launched airstrikes on gaza the israeli military says that it was targeting suspected hamas positions after rockets were fired into southern israel from gaza israel's defense minister ordered the closure of the as and abu salam crossings following the attacks. russia's president vladimir putin is holding
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emergency meetings after an explosion of a college in crimea russia's antiterrorist agency says that at least ten people were killed but the investigation is still at an early stage it says the blast was triggered by an explosive device a bomb attack in afghanistan has killed another candidate in saturday's election the blast was in the southern province of helmand at least ten candidates have been killed during campaigning the taliban are threatening to target polling stations and security forces guarding the european union leaders are gathering in brussels for what's billed as a decisive summit on bragg's it but germany's chancellor angela merkel says that she's begun preparing for the eventuality of a no deal being reached by march talks have stalled over what should happen with the irish border an open border was a key part of the good friday peace agreement in the one nine hundred ninety s. but the republic of ireland is part of the e.u. and northern ireland is part of the united kingdom. the headlines the news
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continues after today's inside story next. who killed jamal khashoggi turkey says it now has evidence he was killed in the saudi consulate in istanbul donald trump says rogue killers may have done it but was it an investigation that went wrong or was a hit squad sent to silence this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm imran khan the joint saudi turkish team investigating the case saudi journalist jamal khashoggi has searched the consulate and now attention is turned to the consul's home the turkish attorney general's office also told our jazeera there is evidence because shoji was killed inside the consulate media sources in the u.s. suggest saudi arabia will say he died during an interrogation that went wrong. and said he didn't know anything about it in a fun call with president donald trump who then came up with this road kill as theory u.s. secretary of state is now in riyadh hoping to get answers. i spoke earlier to a saudi prince prince khalid been for a hot who's living in exile i first asked him why he feels his life is under threat from the saudi authorities in the name of a. and i personally had three years ago.
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has been targeted and my life has been targeted in a rational way not the way that used to with. me a lobster his mess on him. was in a state of pies and me and it was a sort of poison i don't know exactly what is it but after a while you like and one we started to feel dizzy and i went into a coma i went to the hospital and the kidney has stopped together with the liver with four brain strokes are still at the hospital for three months the attorney was called his own i left the hospital and i stayed using the call to zone with
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checkups for a long time and i have been affected. way to like twenty five kilograms there's a rather slim has been affected and all my organs have been affected the type of the partisan left me in a state that i cannot move i cannot do anything but thing done i was in germany medicine germany was ok and the other hospital doctors. had to know what is that kind of poison and i went through surgery on my brain the opened my head and took a sample in order to know the time of the pars in that regard for the hostel for a long time they took the sample and at that time any of this was really about to be prince khaled what makes you so sure that it was the saudis
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behind all of this. i don't know exactly what do they want. talking the riot way and if you try to be straightforward then they want to assassinate and kill you but you have any proof that it was the saudis that came after you. my brother generally i don't have enemies my friends and my relatives and my my people love me all my friends love me even my friends in the primary school. are in touch with me on since we were kids the thing the guards people who love me i have a good contacts i have no and them is except the saudi government because.
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since they sell a man has. taken power after being in riyadh as the governor of riyadh for fifty years i had problem with the king solomon i had also problems with him. a long time ago i left saudi arabia and i came to germany as is two thousand and three but he doesn't want to leave me alone no one has an interest to kill me except sell a man in particular can't sell a man and no one there at killing me except sell money been out there aziz now when you were in three weeks ago you say that you were under threat that you were going to be forcibly disappeared by the saudi or wealth or it is this was before jamal khashoggi case what made you think that your life was in imminent danger. i am not going to tell the story again i have understood
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that my importance comes from being a member of the royal family who criticises the family itself that's why they my words affect them more and more better even than the opposition. men are you will be all was their target to be assassinated by king so man and his administration and years ago they have put me on the list of people to be assassinated i have told the police in germany this few years ago they have tried several times to drag me into. certain positions until the nation of the manifested jamia lobsters mess on him they told me take money this is a check you can have it in egypt and a lot of things they are trying to convince me to do but don't tell me that you or
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you want me to be financially ok i'm living in germany i'm living in saudi arabia and they behave in a childish manner even their crimes old the ways that they are trying to drag me to be put into their way is not a rational way the childish behavior why should i go to egypt to have a check why should i go there to have a check then they want me to go to egypt then i will be transferred into saudi arabia again thank you very much we still don't know whether jamal khashoggi has been assassinated in the embassy where waiting in the consulate rather waiting for evidence to emerge from that but thank you very much your type. let's bring in our guest joining us now from ankara is awesome and search he is the
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research director at the anchor institute and a former advisor to turkish prime minister toler in washington d.c. we are joined jones he's a former u.s. senior congressional advisor and senate national security director and finally joining us from istanbul is simon action with the in stumble center of international law welcome to all really there seems to be three parts currently to the affair you have the u.s. that says it has evidence linking the crown prince by had been some on to a porch kidnapping plot you have the turkish authorities leaking to the media that they have evidence that he was murdered inside the consulate and now you have a flurry of diplomatic activity taking place. and reasons and excuses and a lot of talk within the media itself and a lot of speculation about what that diplomatic activity might be let's start with
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ankara first and with osman cert mike pompeo the secretary of state is going to ankara what's likely behind that visit. chris a full on mr palm pills was it in saudi arabia because the american interests are at stake in the region because mohamed bin cell mung is most probably more important than the hul so defamatory in the saudi kingdom and that's why i've been trying to find a face saving exit first of all mohammed inside mom and then for the american interests over there we have seen that what mr trump said killers it is not easy to believe in such kind of an excuse because you know this fifteen man of the saudi squad team was composed of the very close guards of mohammed in some money it's a tape like saudi arabia it is not possible to happen such kind of a to private jet planes which was being used by the kingdom can fly from riyadh to
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ankara to stumble and do such kind of a thing and go bag be dubbed the knowledge of mohammad inside man and they're trying to manage the process of course we don't know what will be he will be bringing trunk are from saudi arabia but what mr total the turkish foreign minister said today is that you know there is a claim that it was happened by accident during an interrogation the turkish foreign minister said that it is not a place to enter a gate to consulates are not the are not courts and it is not a place of interest and that five first of all we need to see what mr poynter will bring him with term from riyadh but they're trying to find and a way between the realities over there which is a murder and the american interest and to keep mohammed in someone in the game i think would you agree with that john jones about keeping mohammed bin salman the crown prince in the game as our guest rancorous at. no i think i want to look at
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that as being part of the explanation but when you look at it the u.s. saudi relationship is a relationship that goes back seven decades and is bigger than any one fishel leader or a member of the royal family i believe mr palm pale is there to number one get all the answers get the understanding of what actually took place and what the saudi authorities are going to put forth as to what exactly happened but at the end of the day it's quite obvious no one is going to get to the bottom of what actually happened unless you have a truly independent transparent investigation to determine. how this killing took place and who is actually responsible in the end i imagine that authorities will get there it's going to take some time but demands are being made and demands are for transparency accountability and for the truth to come out and i think eventually that's going to happen well that's to bring in istanbul and so on action the truth should come out the truth will come out eventually that's will get from
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washington d.c. has said as an expert in international law you perhaps in much much better place to tell us how difficult any investigation might be into all of this is turkey ready and prepared to do what it needs to to get to the bottom of the. well the major problem and the major challenge will be the cooperation we decided to go to it is a turkey is trying to keep a balance between its obligation to not interfere did the consular relation and consular mission of the saudi arabia and at the same time trying to protect the human human rights and human. life of mr kushner so it's really hard for receiving state a territorial state to keep a balance here well initially had this sad eurabia after the second noble told were they stated that they're going to give their consent for the turkish authorities to make a full fledged investigation.


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