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tv   Big Wata  Al Jazeera  October 18, 2018 8:32am-9:00am +03

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it accounts for a quarter of the country's national income most of which is sold as electricity to neighboring india i could on my growth lead for better health care and education if improved roads created more business opportunities in industry but there's also a fierce political debate on how best to balance this economic growth with protecting the environment and group homes unique cultural heritage nature is the backbone of the economy but hydropower is also responsible for half of all external loans making time the second most indebted nation in asia after japan in proportion to population since it emerged from international isolation in the one nine hundred sixty s. the terms gone through seismic change markets in the capital are now flooded with food from india growth is everywhere to be seen but it could be many more years before this one secretive nation stands on its own two feet neve barker al jazeera
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to the time. israeli air strikes have targeted twenty sites in the gaza strip killing at least one palestinian israeli military says it was her response to rocket fire that hamas which controls distance itself from the attack and says the rockets were an irresponsible attempt to undermine egypt's efforts to broker a new long term truce and israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu s issued a warning to palestinians responsible for the violence so. israel regards these attacks in the most serious way the attacks on the border fence on the communities residing next to the border. everywhere as i sit at the opening of the cabinet meeting this week these attacks will not stop we will stop them and i want to tell you today israel will act with great force. chinese state media has released video of internment camps for weaker muslims in the western province of shane chang now despite international criticism the government has defended its
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treatment of the minority group it claims it is reeducating people so they can be part of a modern civilized world up to a million leaders have reportedly been detained in those counts. canada is now the second country in the world after your quietude legalized cannabis for recreational use smokers started lining up well before midnight on tuesday to get their hands on legally sold weed and a lock reports from toronto. you. see should. be. illegal no more at midnight in the easternmost time zone the first non-medicinal cannabis is sold without breaking canadian law trace would be super happy to if you're a first person in line legalization is being celebrated countrywide and not just by smokers canadian cannabis companies have seen their share prices soar in recent months as the big day approached there is not one client yet that has not been
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touched by the introduction of cannabis in canada life sciences technology the banking industry retailers but in addition the food and beverage companies are going to start seeing a lot of activity as they touch the cannabis market comedians by their cannabis depends on where they live they will be different distribution rules in each of the ten provinces and three territories some will have government run online and real stores others private retail prices will also differ some critics say that puts too many restrictions on inactivity most canadians have long wanted to be legal we can't really stop it with prohibition we better call it legalized. unfortunately the government has tried to maintain all of the details of prohibition and just call it legalized. legalizing cannabis fulfills a campaign promise made in two thousand and fifteen by prime minister justin trudeau who himself admitted several years ago that he was an occasional user in
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the past the government is also offering pardons to people convicted of possession now that the drug is legal. because cannabis has been outlawed for so long. it's a. study. at the. children.
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we'll thank time for sport with tara. thanks very much mexican boxer canelo alvarez has signed the richest contract in sports history the twenty eight year old has agreed to a five year old levon fine deal worth at least three hundred and sixty five million dollars with american streaming service does that on average who holds the. world middleweight titles will face rocky fielding on december fifteenth at madison
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square garden while kanellos deal is the biggest there have been a number of huge contracts for athletes. floyd mayweather reportedly bagged two hundred and seventy five million dollars for his twenty seventeen fight with m.m.a. star call number gregor twenty time tennis ground slam winner roger federer in july agreed a ten year contract worth an estimated three hundred million dollars with japanese clothing brad unico and new york yankees star john carlos stanton had agreed to a thirteen year contract worth three hundred twenty five million dollars when he was previously with the miami marlins brentford kilian and was back in his hometown for the first time since helping france win the world cup in russia was one of the stars of the tournaments and his success has made him a hero in the place he grew up there are has more from the paris suburb of bondi. thousands of fans waited for hours in bondi to see the paris suburbs most famous
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son and when he arrived well cup when i came in and did not disappoint i the nineteen year old paris strike i'm a young players at his first club he said it was an emotional homecoming. it's a magical moment it's very emotional for me to come back to the town where i grew up i did everything here so to come back as world champion is the greatest gift. unemployment's high in bondi many young people say there are a few opportunities but there's a strong sense of community and in bapi success is a source of pride everything. it's great that he's come back here to meet fans where he grew up and he said that. he gives the town a good image and makes him feel good and also to people here are particularly proud of killing a rapper because they say i like the positive side of the suburb that's rarely saying here is a role model they say there is an exploration and he's
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a friend of the dreams can come true you know he represents this town and knows it was a whole generation following him and his success it gives young people hope. best values such as your military. the mayor said the impact they kept his promise to visit bondi after france's world cup when he most were very proud that he came here but we never doubted that he would kill ian is the boy who is solid and full of values and humanity he doesn't get where he is from an impact his return is a sign that the footballer wishes to remain connected to his past he also hopes that his impressive career can inspire and encourage young people here to follow in his footsteps and reach their goals natasha butler al-jazeera france. taken from control of the second test against australia in abu dhabi having posted first endings total of two hundred eighty two. gold australia out shapely muhammad
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taking five wickets with the aussies all for a hundred and forty five and the second innings pakistan are on one hundred and forty four for two and already have a lead of two hundred eighty one and going into day three the winner of this match will take the two match series after game one with strong. the n.b.a. champions have started the new season in familiar style the golden state warriors binning oklahoma in their opening game last season the warriors won their six n.b.a. title list time out there aiming for a third street championship the l.a. lakers in two thousand and two where the last team to do vax stuff curry scored their first points in this game warriors beating the thunder one hundred and eight to one hundred. the boston celtics reached the eastern conference finals last season losing in seven games to the cleveland cavaliers the celtics winning this opening game against the second sixers one hundred and five in separate.
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and these olympics are coming to a close in argentina thirty two sports have been on show including fencing wrestling sport climbing and breakdancing all practiced in argentina but overshadowed by football in the land that produced. and leon messi daniel swarmer look said some of the sport's hoping for a long term. it's difficult to escape football in argentina it attracts most of the media attention and advertising revenue and it's the topic of conversation in the cafes and bars while rugby basketball hockey in tennis may also figure it's difficult to escape the presence of these men. they used to limp in games is the biggest international sporting event argentina has hosted since the football world cup in one nine hundred seventy eight and it's prompting a change of thinking it would only go the legacy of the legacy is everything that's all it'll be left when the games and argentina was behind when it came to swimming
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infrastructure the last time we built a competition pool was in one thousand nine hundred four and now we've got this beautiful aquatic center. it's already produced some local stars fifteen year old sell any other horse in breaking national and regional records you know that i get when i was very excited those very nervous for the first race the fans the family and friends were there but it was great. she trains here just twenty minutes away from the olympic pool where she's an inspiration to the next generation. eleven year old. has her sights set high. and then i saw him reach the olympics and represent my country. the crowds have been flocking to the venues dotted around. the cyrus often to see sports then not familiar with him or to see you almost you know for sure we've had a lot of support we've been surprised all the stadiums are full all of them three hours before their cues and i mean for all the sports. argentine swimmers had
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a disastrous and then picked games in london in two thousand and twelve afterwards they revamped the structure of the national denies ation hiring a topless trade in coach investing in the future. state of the art facilities the latest technology and the most up to date training methods argentina i think so hoping that at least some of that will remain here after the games bursting their chances in a whole host of sports other than football. argentine swimming still has a long way to go to catch the dominant nations like the united states and australia but these games have given them a clear idea of what needs to be done. you know it gives us the opportunity to see how swimmers from other countries work not just south america but europeans all the powerful swimming nations. football will remain dominant in argentina but the youth the limpid games is introducing and highlighting a whole load of other sports to inspire and excite these youngsters is.
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one of cyrus. and that's all your sport for now for later and that's all for the news hour to keep it here though much more on the other side of the break. on behalf of her majesty's government i apologize reservedly a historic apology for one of british intelligence his darkest episodes there was a growing agreement to that the libyans could be quite useful to the west seven
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years after the death of gadhafi al-jazeera world investigates western collusion with the libyan security services. gadhafi rendition on the west on al-jazeera. journeys of passing the discovery more american here and then more air india al-jazeera correspondents tell their past and stories that have marked their lives i feel sad that they have to endure a difficult time in the night before your town like my family's status and wealth has benefited from their choice and slave to. al-jazeera correspondent coming soon getting to the heart of the matter the three big challenges facing human crime in the twenty first century and they are look we're war climate change and technological destruction facing realities whatever it is they have to fear is not
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in me it is in the people of you gotta hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. al-jazeera where ever you. turkish investigators leave the saudi consul general istanbul residents after nine hours searching for evidence in the disappearance of journalist. michele kerry this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up progress in brussels
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as european leaders meet to discuss the case to parch or from the e.u. with the irish border still the biggest obstacle. at least nineteen dead and a gun and bomb attack by a teenage student at a college in crimea. i would myself be moving. and stepping down after four years on the job the u.n. special envoy for syria stefan de mistura resigns. investigators have left the saudi consul general's istanbul residence after nine hours searching for evidence in the disappearance of journalist small showed she and the u.s. there is growing pressure on donald trump to attack to take action that has against the saudis despite his refusal to condemn riyadh over what has happening we have correspondents following the latest developments in turkey and the u.s. and for simmons' us in istanbul outside the home of the saudi consul general and
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mike hanna is in washington d.c. we'll speak to them in just a few moments first the latest on the investigation from al. on wednesday turkish investigators turned their attention to the saudi consul donal's home after finally being given permission to enter it's a team of forensic experts some police headed by the attorney general's office began combing through the residence from inside and out all in the presence of saudi officials the exception being the consul general himself who unexpectedly left turkey the day before. by the evening of fishel had told al jazeera that investigators had uncovered more evidence in the case of missing journalists. down the road a second search of the consulate itself was conducted on wednesday with police focusing on the c. block section of the compound where they had previously uncovered evidence that they say proved she was murdered more and more information is being revealed as a clearer picture begins to form albeit slowly of what's happened to jamal
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khashoggi turkish investigators have identified this man made her more trip a member of crown prince mohammed bin said man's personal detail as a main suspect he had accompanied bin sandman on several foreign visits in recent months turkish intelligence leaks a motorist made four phone calls to the crown prince his own personal secretary on the day she went missing and it was under more troops name that the private jets used by the saudi hit team were hired turkish investigators say they already have the evidence that proves that he was murdered and his body dismembered they say the reason why they insist on conducting searches like the one in the building behind me is so that they can establish all of the facts sarky says' it will go off to anyone and everyone responsible for this crime even if that includes one of the our wallets most powerful man. in istanbul let's go live now to
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enter simons who is outside the consul general home and istanbul so what's the latest that's happening there and what's what's wrapped up now. yes it has just said more than an hour ago the fans left this location turkish investigators forensic teams who had carried out a pretty intense by the look of it investigation here not only in the building itself but also the garden and the garrote a vehicle a was seen by security cameras on monday leaving the consulate where the murder was alleged to take taken place coming here to the residence of consul general mohammed tavi that let me just take a look here just moving a little on this scene we have two vehicles parked up outside they're not involved in any investigation it would seem there seem to be security and then see this
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building were closer now because the cordons of being lifted and you can see those windows on the first floor a few hours back. clear images of the forensic offices at work looking at a variety of things quite hard to distinguish through those windows but they did according to the prosecutor's office find samples now that's quote unquote find samples now whether these were samples of d.n.a. or whether they were actually blood samples is unclear but apparently according to the sources they were quite convincing in terms of evidence and they're part of a file which is being put together with the findings of these investigators to put towards some sort of statement that is expected hopefully some suggest this
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week to actually indicate whether or not there is a clear cut case against the saudis in terms of this murder. it is being. reported and as it is also becoming clearer and clearer there are signs that the accounts are varied accounts the south is denying it point blank initially that even that g. was in in the consulate building at all after the announcement was made that he was missing out of course that was not correct and now the issue is really whether or not the crown prince had a direct hand in this whole affair but a lot of concentration richelle on those involved those fifteen people who flew in on a private jet a lot of concentration about identifying all of them a lot of work has gone on and a big file is being put together about their backgrounds and their linkage with the
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royal household and exactly what sort of orders they may have received and what they actually did here in istanbul all right interest and it's live in istanbul thank you andrea now the u.s. president trying passed a nine helping cover up saudi arabia's role in the case but he is facing growing pressure from politicians to reveal his business ties with riyadh and punish the saudis if it's proven they were involved in his disappearance alan fisher has more on that. u.s. president donald trump will receive his own person report on the case in the coming hours he's urged the turks to hand over any audio and video recordings the me have we've asked for if it exists. no i'm not sure yet that it exists probably does possibly i'll have a full report on that from mike when he comes back that me swe a president who shifted his position on the saudis in the last few days they are an ally we have other very good allies in the middle east but if you look at saudi
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arabia they're an ally and they're a tremendous purchaser of not only military equipment but other things the report will come from his secretary of state who is he still. dispatched off to the region in the face of growing political uproar in ankara he met with turkish president recip type at the want to shoot cans for the camera but said nothing in public about the disappearance of the journal elliott might pompeo spent time with senior saudi figures during a visit to riyadh and said they promised a fool and transparent investigation they made no exception to that they would hold accountable to what they were just for they were very clear they are they understand the importance of this issue they are determined to get to the bottom of it and that they will conduct a report and will will all get a chance to see if they take each promise that they would achieve that existed but he insisted it was too early to get into details about what happened to the washington post columnist i don't want to talk about any of the facts. that they didn't want to either in that they want to have the opportunity to complete this
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investigation in a thorough way there's growing pressure in congress and on congress to take action against saudi arabia house speaker the third most important republican in the country paul ryan says they have the tools to act we have laws for this we recently passed the magnitsky act which is a man who was killed in prison in a russian prison so we have sanction laws on the books the number of high profile withdrawals from an important study business conference continues to increase the head of the international monetary fund the latest to join the growing boy court donald trump says he expects a food report by the end of the week an indication the americans are keen to get this incident of the huge drug between two allies behind them as quickly as possible. obviously the washington. speculation grows over donald trump's possible conflict of interest in saudi arabia group of democratic senators want him to disclose any financial ties with the kingdom so let's go to mike hanna for more on
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that in washington d.c. so put this in some sort of perspective and explain what is the basis that they're using to request this information like. well the group of democrat senators have sent that letter to president trump asking him to reveal all business ties he might have with saudi arabia over the past decade in that letter they mention a lot of connections that they have been pointing out that president trump has sold apartments to saudi businessmen he's even sold his yacht they also mentioned that president trump himself boasted back in two thousand and fifteen about his connection with saudi businessmen and his sale of apartments to them the situation though is that this is part of the effort by democrat senators to get clear decision making within the white house that is not obscured by any form of linkage that the trumpet ministration might up with saudi arabia the background to this
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that they can ski act this is an act that has been invoked by bipartisan senators both democrat and republican it's been sent to president trump he has a one hundred twenty days to decide whether sanctions should be imposed on saudi arabia or indeed if the democrats send the senators who've just sent this letter all concerned that any business ties he might have with saudi arabia would cloud his decision making so they've asked for clarity on this they're demanding that he reveal exactly what kind of links he has and mike there is this conflict to put it mildly that is she said donald trump has bragged about his financial ties to saudi arabia but then in a tweet a few days ago he said that he did not have any business relationship with them whatever the case to their democratic senators have any legal basis for for demanding these revelations from from trying. it's president trump treated this week that he has no business ties inside saudi arabia in parentheses he added or
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indeed inside russia but the legal basis of this letter by democrats well to put quite bluntly it has no legal basis whatsoever is in effect a request by the democrat senators but it's also part of this ongoing divide between the administration and those within congress these democrat congresses senators are sending the message that they are concerned about president trump's decision. to take decisions without bias toward saudi arabia now this just came from democrats but this also being concerns expressed by republican senators and republicans in the house about the situation with saudi arabia so the division between the administer.


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