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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 290  Al Jazeera  October 18, 2018 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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scientists decided you needed funding for. the first song which i bet on was i'm gonna say be careful. mate. to. me. in the end it all now. the referee. milkers you know everybody agrees with you.
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that the seven point five. have had. that i'm agnostic. me. anymore and i'm on that fact. that i'm with you so. i'm thinking i go to benjamin and i'm just as well i think. so yes it's all about minnesota this
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is all for several reasons i'm so proud said the level that i was well i get a well developed world thank you for follow up so he let you feel that father's ok we grew out of seven that we know we've heard you've got a father. in south london that you thought. about it well because it's there i don't think it's got one but the son with the being a father with. was all she still got right. then oh yeah well we have to love this young fella will read once that i was coming on this side of. the sun. go down. yeah i was ok and we're going to come back you know now i've got people come up and was
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because i felt. that i was not going to go out. as i did when i. got a. few . few. even actually question to you know explicitly seafood. like we all know. that it will no doubt it will be for having a robust i believe yeah. very close to the two to the beach like you think was rather tense quentin which troops i mean if you and me cheri
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young i stand in my family right so you think it's it's going to it's going to. be in the future. the ways to how no. one will. know. when you will know what i said i know sorry please. and it only which i want to. yeah so that's always up when you know we come back. it gave me you know like as it should be as. you know what i does separate said you know that way she stiff i you know and i find out if stiff a little less than an outside i'm so visits. and then you know it's up and lay on us is that she decided to say yeah i want to would
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have to get over you even if you sleep in a tent like a sleepy t.d.'s unless the. only
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thing that can make sure to keep that course like. how. could you stand that these are people who she's going to play well. i'm not going to go you. are going to be good. but was. it with big business. so that. it would soak with them makes moments you need them. well enough we can lend it. if you want it it will get you what i mean maybe a new and you know what it is and how people need to do that. but it isn't gentleman i mean even generous when it's a big problem for you gotta live you're right was what i mean you got the we got
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the for the welcome yeah if there's a lamb and love the suffering and want to sell passion ever want. suffering is just get is growing every day and it's something that requires a lot of towns and never asked you to put up on one of the south things you want to file with i would respond to all points are enough for me to think and all people today will meet the house one. want to do in a way that is unique country and i'll follow self and something is not that no wrong or right and suffering i'll say no it's just how you do when i feel that you . want to know what the fix is going to be if i say i see ok in one of the be a member of a government that caused another sport as dissing the country be a member of the ais a that in benefits like beer i've been receiving a scholarship for the past two years and i see what it's something i just get if i
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say what's up with that. need to fill. in the self in my little that's used a lot we need to come together i'm good you'll fall for. this town and seven of my brains that will wouldn't stop something like that in the west africans have an association of something that we're going to try to unite in time when africa and i'm not it and do you not african sufferer. oh all right was food is not going to be for those boys changed because now for us . all of people would owe a living or they have been dead and gone. and what how when was this all riot. if
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they were people were having moses or riot when the my from the movie when it came to our school to. be a brawl on a beach. are about when a community ought to be about it when one of your all is it wrong with your villages or about who want to push what if i was. there when you see him doing so many when it was in the valleys what he will be hot and live the. yes and he would carry you good for your hot kill you today what to do what i saw you will be hired a boy only he will be hard to eat you not time down the little child if you want to have one but have done what many toys found on that one were many wont when going by to be free all a form of all by the left. will get what food you'll get what has what to do when you're fifty billion in our life that sound like the yellow dress we were just abroad in our life. meet all these duty not just used to defeat
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rare we don't know new born the international media know what was going to us as we got new knowledge went out the way above us. already when john said oh a president what is going to be when us over there does the white people think we're normal of we're now in this very hot. well you know use software we're not going to know what a whole. lot of use one would. be when you're good to women who really do need don't jump in lonely also when they don't bump into form their.
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own or do most of them to beso everett's an. unknown entity talking about it will be revealed in plain clothes going to continue. to cripple went into brick or you. don't believe go to simple. and go to simply does not impose a diminished. value. but let's say if i. keep telling my last attempt. at yellow. yellow.
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to. see. the fact. still playing. at the. fact. that's. because. that's the. way i have you know if our phone you go instead of i have. an example about you know what that woman back in because. if we have eczema because when i as an old p.c. would at best one of what in and out is difficult you know i get to know and i like
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oh this is. this is what i want to know. and it will clinical. some minutes of it and when he i'm going to them when you know what i'm i see the a. when i. look and find the extremists more out of these two of you know i so that's all that's a key. really tell what are you doing and you know when i got. myself in a place like almost every out before go back. i have. to
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go. one simple mistake could confront cold. fishing as a deep sea diver and carries immense risk to the lives of those winning to take the chance but for former north korean and so jack the opportunity for a prosperous new life in the south with his family was an even bigger risk to take . a witness documentary on al-jazeera. since its inception in one thousand nine hundred sixty one the kuwait fund has been supporting people's livelihoods in over one hundred countries by funding projects
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in an array of sectors. ranging from infrastructure to health and education. these initiatives ultimately help to eradicate poverty. and promote sustainable development. to. cut. off a three year delay afghanistan is finally preparing to hold parliamentary elections told by constant violence and continually influenced by foreign powers many afghans are hoping for a real change what direction will the come to take for give you an in-depth coverage of the afghanistan elections i'll just era. and then decide that i would
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vote on the false name in a country in the judea the fond out of the middle of the country and it's in. if you vote for the lead of a tonic watch all you will see dad soon. to bed before. my nigel david foster produce first remember one can now pick up. my nigeria women are strong we. my my dear. and i'm down join in doha with the top stories here on al-jazeera turkish investigators have left the saudi consul general as residents in istanbul off to nine hours searching for clues into the disappearance of journalist. it was last seen entering the saudi consulate two weeks ago gerardo child as the latest on the investigation from istanbul. on wednesday turkish investigators turned their
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attention to the saudi consul journals home after finally being given permission to enter it's a team of forensic experts and police headed by the attorney general's office began combing through the residence from inside and out all in the presence of saudi officials the exception being the consul general himself who unexpectedly left turkey the day before. by the evening confessionals had told al jazeera that investigators had uncovered more evidence in the case of missing journalists. down the road a second search of the consulate itself was conducted on wednesday with police focusing on the c. block section of the compound where they had previously uncovered evidence that they say proved she was murdered more and more information is being revealed as a clearer picture begins to form albeit slowly of what's happened to jamal khashoggi turkish investigators have identified this man made her more trip a member of crown prince mohammed bin said a man's personal detail as
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a main suspect he had accompanied bin sandman on several foreign visits in recent months turkish intelligence leaks a motorist made four phone calls to the crown prince his own personal secretary on the day she went missing and it was under more trips name that the private jets used by the saudi hit team were hired turkish investigators say they already have the evidence that proves that he was murdered and his body dismembered they say the reason why they insist on conducting searches like the one in the building behind me is so that they can establish all of the facts sarky say's it will go off to anyone and everyone responsible for this crime even if that includes one of the our wallets most powerful man. in istanbul you know the washington post has published the last opinion piece by jamal khashoggi before he disappeared the column focuses on freedom of expression in the arab world the newspaper says it was submitted to them by jamal's translator and assistant
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a day after he was reported missing the post says it had held up publishing the piece until now with the hope that it could be edited with construction. european union leaders meeting in brussels say they will hold a special summit on bragg's it next month because not enough progress has been made on a deal with the u.k. european officials said british prime minister to resign may fail to present any new ideas the deadlock centers on keeping the board in ireland open up the northern out of these the e.u. for the rest of the u.k. in march well ahead of the summit prime minister explained what his government wants arden's position you know as it always has been ever since the referendum happened we want there to be a withdrawal agreement so the u.k. can meet the e.u. in order to caution we want there to be a transition period so that business and citizens can prepare for any changes that may take place we want there to be added protection of citizens' rights all across europe we want there to be a financial settlement and we also need a legally binding guarantee that there will not be
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a hard border between northern ireland of the republic of ireland the united nations special envoy to syria has told the security council he's stepping down from the role in the venda staffan de mistura has spent years mediating between the syrian government and rebel sides he told the council the situation in syria is relatively stable but says it's moving on for personal reasons at least one thousand people have died after an explosion and shooting at a school in crimea investigators say an eighteen year old student went on a shooting spree before taking his own life. a government minister in india has resigned after as many as twenty women accused him of sexual harassment and assault . was the deputy foreign minister the allegations against the sixty seven year old dates back to his time as a leading newspaper editor in the late one nine hundred eighty s. and ninety's he's suing the first female journalist who reported him on twitter for defamation he's part of a long list of prominent men who've been named and most being called india's hash tag me to movement. all right those are the headlines the news continues here on
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al-jazeera after the big picture.
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october two thousand and eleven call n l mama to get their feet is drugged from a drain pipe beaten and killed by libyan revolutionaries the body of libya's self-proclaimed brother leader lay down to notify the floor laying bare the end of his forty two we're cool. but at the very moment a new dawn libya was to suffer the revenge of his own history. me. what's happening in libya now we have two governments seems like
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a big mess. the whole country is ruled by militias the struggle between these militias who are more power. now deeply in priority in the conflict in divisions in violence everybody wants to have his share of authority and his share of the money there's no central government per se which really has control so it's become really the front for a number of militias libya is trying to shape itself again but it's a country which is vast and it cannot be ruled centrally just from one city like the police it's a process of this integration of state of libya became now what we can call the territory of libya no more state.
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the history of libya is the history of the foreign powers who ruled libya. we have the finishes come over to libya we have the greeks came over and set up cities we have their own minds and then we have the turks for almost one hundred years. it has been continuously because of conflict between the civilization between countries so it was under question by every power that your ears. libya invaded seized and occupied for millennia was for much of his history no single unified land. there was sarah nika there was tripoli time yet. and also also was not were not united for a long time. almost a thousand years of arab rule left a shared islamic tradition across the three regions for
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a platonic in the west and the east and for then in the south. but they remain distinct separated by geography history and identity. by the early twentieth century italian colonizers would take over from ottoman turks occupiers and look to create a unified libya all of their own. when d'italia has invaded libya they actually if you move the country as the fourth caused for today they came with the idea that to live here is part of or to the. beginning in one thousand eleven italian a corporation was brutal and met by an organized resistance from syria nyc and the east. this resistance had this roots in the order of mohammed bin ali susi a sufi scholar for the stablished religious and political institutions across eastern and parts of southern libya. they tell you and they sed civic
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society that was organized that has its own institution its own values that movement produce charismatic competent. corrupt leaders like a modern start. on one of our leading susi a man led the fight against the italian invaders but in one nine hundred thirty one after two decades of a targeted the guerrilla campaign on a little daughter was captured by the italian army and hang to that. the fence was more than. a needle being its fruit it made so many libyans like. they became somehow submissive to any use to the extent that they they they think a form of star can be killed in such a way there's no way to fight the titles.
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the telling us would win the fight against libyan resistance. but after their defeat in the second world war in one nine hundred forty three they lose libya to british and french control. italy's loss however was the susi orders again in one thousand nine hundred fifty one libya became the first country granted independence by the united nations creating the kingdom of libya with the emir of syria nika it looses suzi as game. even independence was created as a compromise the western leaders urban leaders of their ability agreed to accept the king. as the king of libya in exchange for keeping the country unified. he was from the eastern part he was in exile in egypt and to be combat with the army which with the help of the british can lead to ease to a certain extent was was their man and libya so it was
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a country that really did love exists in terms of suffering to the united states france and u.k. were actually running the affairs behind the scenes. can get greece granted permission for britain and the united states to build military bases in libya. and when point was discovered under the libyan sands in one nine hundred fifty nine british and american companies were first to be granted concessions. libya would now experience the transformative power of oil. in libya began to really change from one of the poorest countries in the. war two one of the richest in africa. before the oil the extended families and the tribal leaders had their sons in the army because it was the guaranteed for their fuel.


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