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tv   The Lust For Libya P2  Al Jazeera  October 18, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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secondly in the helmand province there's been a town over the last few days to try to coordinate efforts to secure and to ensure small the actions on such as a but then we don't know exactly the details of what happened in the office of the governor the taliban say this was an insider attack we'll have to wait and see about as were injured the governor killed the police commander killed and the intelligence killed this is the first time in many years or perhaps this is the first time in the last seventeen years that three top commanders were killed in that attack here in afghanistan and this is something that further puts more pressure on the afghan security forces to try to secure the elections the afghan army so there's going to deploy thousands of troops nationwide but still they're faced with growing challenges are we going to see in this package . afghan army cadets celebrating their graduation. their excitement may soon give way to anxiety as the new soldiers
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are likely to be sent to the front line but this is my country and i must defend i have no fears i have taken an oath to serve and defend. this graduation ceremony in kabul was held earlier than planned the army stretched and more soldiers are needed to secure polling stations nationwide through all the years the u.s. and other countries have spent billions of dollars training afghan security forces to lead operations when all foreign troops pull out of the country a goal that has eluded afghan military commanders now they are faced with the harsh reality that taliban is gaining ground and launching more attacks across the country. this is the moment when taliban fighters ambush an army convoy soldiers respond with a coordinated assault to kill that anime's it's only a mock training drill the reality on the ground is tougher and predictable taliban
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commanders have intensified attacks during election campaigning to target candidates and security forces we guess asking people the war polling station in argonne national security to portis is ready to protect you and protect the process . since the fall of the taliban government in kabul seventeen years ago u.s. and nato troops have played a crucial role in training and equipping the afghan army the goal is to eventually see afghan security forces taking over military operations nationwide and when the ice of mission ended there were almost one hundred forty thousand nato troops in this country we are now down to some sixteen thousand. all the work from the remaining more than one hundred thousand has been taken over by the afghans so we
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are very confident that they can fulfill their tasks president donald trump has repeatedly said he won't commit to any plan to expand or prolong the u.s. military operation in afghanistan that leaves the afghan army to bear the brunt of defeating the taliban and restoring stability. this is a delicate time for afghanistan there's been this meeting between the u.s. envoy for the afghan peace first. in the qatari capital doha with the taliban with the taliban in a push to move forward with a political settlement and the elections are going to be held on saturday the taliban say that they are determined to disrupt the elections one of the people killed today in. the police commander is a very powerful man in afghanistan just survived many suicide bombing attacks by
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the taliban his father was killed in the past by the taliban and this once again highlights the formidable challenges that the americans nature and the afghan government face which is basically finding. a way to put an end to the war in afghanistan defeating the taliban and just storing her. among the people those who are going to cast their votes on saturday are determined to go just by the challenges because they say they hope that the new parliament will be able to bring about peace have a lasting stability and prosperity for the afghan people it doesn't seem to be a case which is going to happen any time soon against the backdrop of the latest developments that we've seen across the country question thanks very much lost more still to come here on al-jazeera including. in the sports news an international cricketer has confessed to his role in a match fixing scandal in england following an al-jazeera investigation danish
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kaneria pakistan's most successful spin bowler in test matches has decided to come clean. however the right has not gone away yet from china it's still there just coming off the south coast but it's curling back up into the west new season the crowd is going this general directions are once more the influence of the changing weather further north i think is beginning moisture allowing more shit to form itself into right in situ on the keep going east was towards one hand you will notice the temperature changes in great because it was still feeding moisture up from the sides and that rains also hitting the northwestern side of vietnam but the monsoon to the west that is making a proper descent south was admittedly we do get late season rain of course as reintroducing the northeast the monsoon theoretically should be this side of india
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they get to the rain well it is coming in now so will be to some degree seven hundred ish but still you'll notice carola answer line care they could very much of right in the next day or so curious maybe for carol given the wind direction that's how it is it's still up in the thirty's for most places but the weather is now less humid and of course dryer. interestingly opposite position position in the arabian peninsula got the remains of blue band still producing rain west in yemen and the chance of further thunderstorms in count on the usa exists through friday and saturday. among. the first time i notice i had the disease i said it's not possible i've been used to nature blood for the weak enough that it. has always been the home for she said ever since the down thirty in the disease is dangerous that's why i can't rest
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i mean when whenever i am given people i step on nights i want to go to bed until i've treated them on lifelines the quest for global health on al-jazeera. i am. the the in. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera live from doha and peter these are your headlines new pictures have emerged of a bodyguard to the saudi crown prince mohammed bin selma this expected of being involved in the jamal khashoggi case investigators have turned their attention to the fifteen member saudi hit squad who they think may have killed him. to gates is looking for evidence linked to the disappearance of the saudi journalist who
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completed searching two saudi diplomatic buildings in istanbul turkey sources have told al-jazeera important samples have been found. the show she case has prompted several political and business leaders to distance themselves from saudi arabia the british government's delegation led by the trade secretary liam fox is the latest grouping to pull out of the investment conference in riyadh later this month. let's get more on the joining us here on al-jazeera is peter cardillo he's the chief market economist at spotting capital securities he joins us on skype from new york pizza candelo is this symbolism so many high powered people pulling out or is it more important more financially important than that we're not going to be here. factor. where you know. you can't. find more evidence or any action right back that's.
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right now. it's. a great. saudi arabia i never expect to count but i have been to be great and all oh look look look on a media well i say that and under this act that. saturday should. or should you are or are or what and which they often. are that obvious. but the world economy because we're not talking about oil going to spring up let's say to be obdurate products made on i have been even more mad and of course that would not believe our economic activity. while they would stop. their own economic well economic. malaise. you
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know rest of the world by well no i don't think. what does seem to care is basic. investigation that probably among the something that indyk very maybe the united states not at your arch sanction donald trump's stopgap position throughout the past two weeks of this international crisis has been this it's all about american jobs as far as he's concerned that's why he's looking isolated when it comes to his reaction to both the actual evidence and the circumstantial evidence as to what happened in istanbul but what you're saying if the price of oil climbs inclines and they get into some sort of global trade war based on oil as a function of that deteriorating relationship could it be so bad that donald trump's worries about u.s. jobs that small fry compared to the impact on the global economy.
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well it appears that. i think its impact for oh. oh sorry i don't quite serious. i mean you know interest rates are very prices actually because you have. all the ratios. so become just one thing that's obvious in fact. in our economy here no one wants a. piece that will leave our conversation there because the scotlands not as good as perhaps it could be but we do appreciate your take on what may yet come to pass good to talk to thanks very much critical to live in new york that saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon has tried to project himself as a reformer as a model but he has shoji case has swung the spotlight on to other policies he's led
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to in the last eighteen months he's consolidated his power base in the time he's understood to been responsible for the blockade of qatar saudi arabia along with the united arab emirates and egypt cut ties with doha in june of last year in november there was the mysterious detention of the lebanese prime minister side how did he in riyadh who announced his resignation on sunday television but withdrew it after returning to lebanon the crown prince is a major driver of the saudi led coalition's war in yemen saudi actions there have drawn international condemnation not least in august when an airstrike killed a bus full of school children and finally he spearheaded a so-called anti corruption crackdown dozens of saudi princes officials and prominent business people detained without charge at the ritz carlton in riyadh and sami hamdi is the editor in chief of international interest he says washington is being lobbied by israel to stay on good terms with mohammed bin salma. i think the problem that the white house has and indeed what
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a lot of european allies have is that there are a lot of cases going on in the region a lot of crises in which saudi arabia is a major player and is required to be a major ally this includes issues regarding iran this includes issues in yemen this includes issues regarding of palestine and israel let's remember that mohammed bin said man is an integra part of cushion as deal of the century and he has been a key a very keen and eager to apply significant pressure on palestinians to accept conditions that they would never accept there is an israeli lobby in the white house in washington right now that is lobbying for mohammed bin solomon essentially arguing that there has never been a saudi leader more amenable to u.s. israeli interests in the kingdom we have to balance this out here the devil's forum although that all of the all of these companies are pulling out and the like there is a great a game here at play we have to understand that for donald trump to back saudi arabia it's not simply because of personal interests it's because there is a very real lobby in washington at this moment in time that is saying that mohamed
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bin cement is an important ally against iran in the issue of palestine and israel and was aghast to porting back iranian influence that john bolton keeps talking about in iraq in yemen and in syria so this is why there is this desire to hold on to mohammed bin. in other news a center left party has one buttoned runoff parliamentary elections final results show that the d.n. tea party won twenty six seats in the national assembly the royalists d p t party won twenty one seats this was only britain's the democratic election the absolute monarchy ended in two thousand and eight. how masses distance itself from a rocket attack that hit southern israel on weapons day was damaged in the city of beer sheva the group says the rocket fire was quote irresponsible attempt to undermine egyptian efforts to broker a new long term truce with israel the israeli military responded by hitting twenty sites in gaza killing at least one palestinian. investigators say the suspects in
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weapons days attack in crimea may have had an accomplice three days of mourning have been declared there after nineteen people were killed in a school in the city of quetta an explosion was followed by some shooting police say the initial attacker then killed himself crimea was annexed from ukraine by russia in twenty fourteen an international cricketer has confessed to his role in a spot fixing scandal in england six years after being banned from playing following a recent al-jazeera investigation banished an area pakistan's most successful spin bowler in test matches decided to come clean david harrison has this exclusive report. clint bolick done his canaria played over sixty test matches and took nearly three hundred wickets in international matches for pakistan . but in two thousand and twelve his career came to a sudden and he was banned for life by english cricket's governing body for match fixing canary was found guilty of encouraging
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a team mate of essex county cricket club to underperform during a match in two thousand and nine and with bringing the game into disrepute for six years canary has protested his innocence two appeals were rejected but now in an exclusive interview with al jazeera as investigative unit canaria has finally confessed his guilt. and i went there and i won't be open to charges brought against me by england and wales cricket board in. her become for you know. because you cannot live your life reply in areas said that the imminent death of his father was initially a reason for not admitting his guilt and headed for getting worse and worse and worse and i didn't help that kurdish was to fish and i was wrong canaria introduced his as sixteen the eight nerve in westfield to an infamous
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engine much fixit in a nightclub westfield was jailed for four months and banned from cricket for five years for accepting around eight thousand dollars he admitted allowing opposition batsman to score runs when he was bowling i want to apologize to. fix a marriage mark fixed or get my i figured if i first started to park a foreign canaria says the band has had a devastating effect on his life. achieving good money i'm not my friend effect which i used to get everything done everything i lost everything he is now pleading with crickets governing bodies to lift his back and then return he pledged to help young players i want to teach young
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young cricketers now. you have to be strong go to it right at auction right they're going to are shocked and making money in a shark. today. david harrison al-jazeera london. and you can watch cricket match fixes the files here on al-jazeera twenty hours g.m.t. this coming sunday. welcome if you're just joining us you're watching al-jazeera these are your headlines new pictures emerged of a bodyguard to the saudi crown prince mohammed bin saw a man who's suspected of being involved in the jamal khashoggi case investigators have turned their attention to the fifteen member saudi hit squad who they think may have killed him turkish investigators looking for evidence linked to the disappearance of the saudi journalist to finish searching two saudi diplomatic buildings in istanbul turkey sources have told al-jazeera important samples have
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been found. they are looking at three other locations around the stumble including a kind of forest land or large green area known as belgrade there and we understand they're using sniffer dogs and other investigative tools and techniques to try and. scan that area is that a large area like i say and obviously with all the kind of forestation and trees and so forth it makes things. to be a lot more difficult than just searching a building and the case has prompted several political and business leaders to distance themselves from saudi arabia the u.k. government delegation led by the trade secretary liam fox is the latest e.u. grouping to pull out of the investment conference in riyadh later this month three top security officials have been killed in an attack in afghanistan just moments after a meeting attended by the most senior u.s. commander in the entire country now the governor of kandahar his top intelligence
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officer and police chief are all dead the attack happened in the province of kandahar within the governor's compound it's increased concerns about the security situation in afghanistan elections on saturday a center left party has won by turns runoff parliamentary elections final results show that the d.n. tea party won twenty six seats in the national assembly the royalist d.p.t. party won twenty one seats this was only britain's third democratic election the absolute monarchy ended in two thousand and eight. how masses distanced itself from a rocket attack that hit southern israel on whedon's day house was damaged in the city of best shava the group says the rocket fire was quotes irresponsible attempts to undermine egyptian efforts to broker a new long term truce with israel the israeli military responded by hitting twenty sites in gaza killing at least one palestinian. those are your headlines so far today the news continues here on al-jazeera after the stream i will see you back
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here tomorrow from ten g. bye bye for now. millions of people across india miss out on medical care but a hospital train is delivering doctors hope to those most in need. when he's boards indians' lifeline express. and i deserve. my name. who is right and he. and. and he. in. the stream. feeling anything yet you are going to need a pair of really good headphones for today show for me ok today we are diving into
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the world of autonomous sensory meridian response or a s m r now the term is used to describe the sensation people feel when they watch certain types of stimulating videos so do you find the sound of soothing desisting to someone crinkle wrapping paper low you like a lullaby if so you're probably one of the millions of people poring through a s m r videos on you tube but is there more to it than brain tingles joining us to talk about this in singapore melinda lauer she's the co-creator and artistic director of whisper large an immersive of the senses in new york comedian and a s m r enthusiastic glaser in the studio we have craig richard he's professor of pharmaceutical sciences shenandoah university you also founded the n.a.s. m.r. university and that was in an effort to encourage research and in london you've already seen and heard emma smith is an a.o.s. m.-r.
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artist so low everybody's good to have you here emma and the people watching the show at the very top of the show will be thinking what is going on here explain. n.a.s.m. is a tingling a sensation it's very relaxing it usually begins in the crown of your head and works its way down the back of your head down your spine often through your limbs it's tricking it by certain sounds soft voices someone playing with your hair during letters on your back. but ultimately the best way to describe it is that it's an extremely relaxing calming feeling and i make videos on you tube along with lots and lots of other people we use different sounds in our voices to trigger that feeling in the viewer and people who experienced it are
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so calm that they're able to fall asleep that they're able to feel happy and rested and all kinds of different things that people are using the videos for so many different things m a u s m r ring us right now are you doing it on us right now i think you might yes you are. let me share this with you this i'm falling asleep unless but for good reason stay with us here as don't fall asleep yes exactly is that tim lewis on twitter because i was talking about quiet what we were doing today and i said this is a s.m.r. and tim says i had to google i had no idea what this is it's quite new in terms of giving it a name you know wrecked the name didn't get created until twenty ten before that it was referred to as brain orgasm right some people were uncomfortable starting that again because i want everyone to hear this that it used to be more so known as
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a brain orgasm so for twenty ten that's what people call that but jennifer allen decided in two thousand and ten that she and others were not comfortable performing to it as a brain orgasm or what is just more so a very deeply relaxing it's. ariens so she gave it this more clinical sounding name of autonomy a century meridien response and as a researcher i super appreciate them because when i go to research conferences and i share data about as some are it's much easier for me to submit my abstract to a scientific community and have a have the words are taught in a century meridian response and into their brain or gas although they might get more red if it was cools by the woman name true would get more people reading my papers. how did how did you find. it funny because i guess i found it right when it was quiet and because i was just one night i just stumbled upon a video of a foot being massaged and i really wanted a foot massage at the moment and just watching it gave me the feeling that maybe my
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foot was being massaged but then i just started getting this feeling that i had fell out my childhood that very pivotal moments where i just felt it's what has been described as extreme delectation that starts in the crown of your head and it goes down your spine and all this and i was like oh my god it's happening and i'm making it happen and then i just started going down this wormhole of massage videos and then you eventually start to see a f m r come up in the titles and i was like what's that and then it turned it over to the whole world. yes it's and that's how people stumble across it they start searching for something relaxing and then they end up coming across this what is this a some are and they find all these videos and once you start with one it's like the chip thing once you start with one you have to try another one you have to try another one and it's great because there's such a diversity of videos that if you don't like the first one or the second one you just keep trying more because there's thousands of artists who are each creating
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hundreds of videos i'm looking at something called the whisper. which is a sensory spawn which i have never heard a million to can explain what he's what he's doing. sure so we are in my city performance company and i have always had yes m.r. so it was such a pleasure for me to kind of combine both of my interests in create a performance that essentially. is a spot where all of foremost is and i got it and all guess sort of like. as he called it guests coming through this sensory star. it's great what melinda does because most of us first experience very smart unintentionally like say it's from a hairdresser or the attention of a teacher someone give us personal attention but what melinda has created is intentional as some are so it's like if you want to go and get a massage you go to
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a professional ms soups if you want the world's best a smart experienced in person with someone you're not going to ask your teacher or your hairdresser to give you that experience you're going to go to a place like melinda offers for intentional it's more sessions right and it's really amazing as well i've been there myself and melinda this is just our own my goodness she's got the most beautiful car her little guy. and i went into her room her experience and she was doing what we would normally do in a video but to my face which was really a different experience for me and she just got very simply got a cotton bud and started running it over the top of my and talking to me and it was so nurturing and so lovely. i want to do it all again but yes she is fantastic i remember that and even years for her. own children well
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a lot of what we do it's like. so much influenced by what you guys do you. and me how we develop them in person practice is basically by studying what. i said doing and then trying to translate that into something tangible yeah and it works it works really well let's not wait to do it people myself do you have story a time where you like flip through because i'm always watching people watching me like reading through magazines very delicately and that if there is there something like that you're far. well not currently but we do not have a theme that we called the aa is that there's all kinds of paper and packaging which. we do from charcoal drawing and i remember that the beauty of what we've been to. the extent of so many eggs are much bigger thout that glory so i guess i
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want our audience watching this to work out do they have so intricate as that means that they can actually enjoy this experience so craig you put together certain sounds that may well be triggers let's have a listen to some of them. so .
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craig goes we know about the science of this there's not a lot yet known for the science the first publication science publication came out in twenty fifteen so we're only three years deeper into the publication world what we do know is that whenever people are surveyed why do you enjoy some are their number one response is they find it relaxing their number two response is it helps them to fall asleep that is consistent all the research studies so far and we also have seen with some m.r.i. studies that there appear to be some differences in the brains of individuals who can and can't experience as some are i've got some pictures here and you can help me with this this first picture what are we looking at right now. this is an m.r.i. study that was just published by bryson locked myself and some other investigators right and we had some people watch
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a from our videos they selected the videos that stimulate their areas to mark the strongest and then we captured brain images right while they were experiencing some are to see what areas of the brain are activated something akin to another image and this is people at sleeping activated by a.s.m. often so what do what will the only engine the yellow dots what are they those are areas in the brain that are having more activity during the moments of a as some are so by doing those brain images that allows us to look at well what are these brain which is what do they have to do with human behavior and what we show in the paper is the brain areas that are active. are very similar to the brain areas that would be activated if you were to think about someone who you care about or who cares about you right or if someone was to play with your hair or to give you like a grooming experience of any kind we have certain areas of our brain that are activated during those interpersonal bonding moment you know that even though research is only
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a couple of years out you're certain of this so far so good right there's no there's no such thing in science as conclusive evidence there's only supportive evidence and so par so. this fits the target patterns what we see interpersonal connections being made between people there's partly we've also had another paper published as well in sheffield in this country that was published earlier on this year wasn't it and that that showed that the heart rate decreases considerably in people that watch videos and experiences some are much in the same way that meditation does so some people say to me when they're trying to understand what they are some are as they say to me war is a sexual thing and now i'm able to say to them well actually we've had research published now to say that the heart rate lowers so that's a really nice thing to be able to say because it's been a lot of years when we haven't really had that much research so now we have three
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papers and it's so. this was the eight hundred pound very quietly spoken gorilla in the room for me because i've been watching some of your videos no videos are beautiful but when i see them you're hot mama i'm not going to camp here right let me just let me just play one and then you can then continue to tell me how this is not sexy let's have a look. are you ready for my. so you're telling me this is no sexy all senseless because it's not affecting the
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illusion it's part of the brain quake you don't depend on the viewers moment if you're already in a sexually aroused state been maybe that will be but if you're visualizing there is maybe you're sick or maybe you're just looking for some personal attention than what you're going to feel it's someone who's caring for you're going to feel that moment of how it's just someone given you positive personal attention rather than it being sexually arousing and we've had research that does support that shows that the majority of people who are watching videos ninety eight percent say they feel relaxed eighty two percent say it helps them fall asleep only five percent say that they feel sexually aroused during the video and that may be more about how they feel at the moment they know the intent of the video so i'm getting some live comments from people watching on you tube including the piano haven it definitely helps me relax before i sleep and like it goes indeed a s.m.r. just intentionally getting the soothing feeling you get when you listen to
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comforting music and so forces from people like bob ross. over us ok nikki what do you get out of listening to a s m r and then i'll find the picture i've got a boss who is a famous american go ahead till i can explain despite that i. i just feel i do feel nurtured i just feel safe and call and i meditate but it even a deeper feeling than that and it's just it's one of the greatest feelings in the world and i have the intellects so lucky that i can add it i mean it stands out to me as a child when it was brought on to me i felt it honestly felt very indecent because it felt so good i think it didn't feel sexually bad but it felt so pleasurable that it felt naughty to have this kind of pleasure in public so it would happen in like class and the teacher was reading
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a book and it. freaked out and then it was women's voices always brought it on for me so that i was like am i gay for a while it caused me to have kind of a identity crisis and so when i found the answer our community i have to say i was like you know not that i don't want to be gay it was just like oh this isn't something to be ashamed of this is something that happened that ever really one not just me and it's not sexual i because i don't i know the difference and it's not factual i trust you sue me linda says among just it is on you tube. right now so many saying still the tingles i can't still the teen girls doing performance a.s.m. ah this is going to be important to you is some people going to a show and they still nothing do you give them the money back. was not impressed so. what we found is that people who don't
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experience if they find it incredible the threat is. for i think if i were to simplify it down to the main effect we get the feeling of being taken care of and whether or not you have that anger well be good to you because it involves so much personal attention and you just seen and you feel like someone is actually. being present with you and that is something that's just universally enjoyable. i know that there are moments. with the heart rate reduction yes. that was a great study because it did show that when people watch it from our videos their heart rate goes down if their spirits are some are what the study also showed is that the people who don't normally experience as some are their heart rate also went down so you may not feel the tingles necessarily you may not feel the main signature but you still can feel relaxed even if you're not feeling what we consider that strong brain tingling experience because i have to guess the watch it
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was just to feel relaxed rather than the tingles they still hope people to relax in and fall asleep quickly just by listening to the soft sounds and the voices you don't have to feel a tingle ng sing sation just a nice calming feeling and it's enough i'm looking here at c r a marlene who sent us this tweet she talks about a seminar relaxing her and she says i have a lot of hectic energy in my day it's almost meditative to sit and do nothing while listening to a s m r videos and i actually only follow one a s m r artists gentle whisper and pretty touchy gentle whisper and if you're wondering what gentle whispering is like you don't have to wonder for very much longer have a look just start. so. you know i say. you know when you make you feel. pain
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and you're realizing it. the same way. it was watching a maria gentle whisper in the video early on when i first discovered. that made me understand probably what is the origin of a smart because i was watching one of her videos just like that and all sudden had this feeling this is what an infant must feel like when their parent is soothing them the whispering the light touching the gentle voice the caring disposition and it made me think well that's probably the origin we're probably all born to be soon with by his gentle sounds those gentlewoman's because that communicates to us as an infant who doesn't know a lot of information this person is someone we can trust this is someone we can
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feel relaxed with and i think it's something we just carry as we get older even if you don't feel the tangles all those behaviors are behaviors that do relax people when you meet a stranger somewhere yeah or it's a friend and you say this is someone i feel come continue to be in the program here in al-jazeera. speaking they're an important strategic alliance of the united states and we need to be mindful of that as well when i travel and met with president. he talked to me about the incident he told me that they were conducting their own investigation we had a chance to meet with some of the team involved with that he assured me that they would share their results with the saudis as well so we do believe that between these two efforts a complete picture will emerge for what actually transpired here and we're working towards that we're looking for that rubbing up quickly and we expect that it will
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be done in that way. it's a very lively saudi arabia rusty and they're. going to get to see that we're all going to see the response. to this. when we see that his chance to determine all of us will get a chance to make a determination with respect to the credibility and the work that went into that whether it's truly accurate fair transparent in the very way that they made a personal commitment to me and the crown prince also made a personal commitment to the president when he spoke to them believe it was night before last if. you can read it if you're there a lot of stories down right now about what happened there let will you there are there are there are there are lots of specific there are lots of stories out there about what has happened we just going to allow the process to move forward. while the facts still unfold and as they unfold as we make a determination for ourselves about what happened there based on the facts that are
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presented to us the united states will determine what their agree with you thank you all for your time today. so a brief news conference from secretary site mike pompei or they're off to his briefs the u.s. president. after his trip to saudi arabia and to turkey as well not giving very much away there either mike. well we're live here in studio fourteen just a little bit early for the new summary a welcome to the program the disappearance of jamal khashoggi a new photos have emerged showing people close to the saudi crown prince involved in his suspected killing police have also spent hours looking for evidence of the saudi consulate and the consul general's home in istanbul they say important evidence has been found they treating it as a crime scene. i mean international fallout from the case continues britain's trade secretary is the latest to pull out of a saudi investment conference might pump
11:44 pm
a zero as you saw him reporting back to president trump there as well and these final columns been published in the washington post the latest coming out from washington and brussels and the disappearance of jamal khashoggi has an information war and also a concern for other arab this is in the region it's got all the online reaction too and let him homage to show you the hash tag a.j. news but. also on the great other news a taliban attack kills three senior figures in afghanistan just two days ahead of the parliamentary election it's the nato commander in the country was the intended target of the attack on the governor of kandahar was killed by we're going to look at the huge security challenge ahead of the elections and although there is investigative unit lands another from one of pakistan's former cricketing stars for years spin bowler denish canaria professed innocence against the corruption charges which ended his career now that he's finally come clean.
11:45 pm
with the newsgroup streaming online through you tube facebook live and al-jazeera dot com we're on it just a few minutes earlier because we were taking that live news conference or a quick press briefing i guess it was from the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei or remember he's just come back from a visit to saudi arabia and turkey as well as his own evidence gathering. on what has happened to jamal khashoggi and how the u.s. should respond to that and really in that quick news conference he didn't give very much always said it heard from both sides heard from the saudis heard from the turks and the still formulating their views so we'll come back to that a little bit later on perhaps we can get a replay as well of what might come ahead to say but in other developments let's get through some of those and more evidence in this disappearance that those close to the saudi crown prince are involved we have these new photos showing a bodyguard of mohammed bin salman at the scene here we go turkish sources have
11:46 pm
told our zero the man highlighted in red on the well right of your screen now led the operation against the show judy here he is seen arriving at the consulate just before ten am on october second three hours before the show got there he leaves seven hours later this is full fifty three pm and then twenty minutes later he's in checking out of the motion picture hotel with other members of the alleged hit squad and finally he and other members of the team enter istanbul airport this is forty five minutes later turkish sources say he made nineteen phone calls to saudi arabia that day several of them were to the crown prince's private secretary in addition to all this to investigate is spelt spent twelve hours on wednesday looking through the consulate and the consul general's home nearby they say they have found their words important samples second search of the consulate the first of the residence after being initially blocked by saudi arabia from entering lots going on let's start with of course his live in
11:47 pm
a stand belforest take us through developments so far these new photographs we see they piece of a picture together over those few crucial hours. indeed i mean it is painting a clearer picture i wouldn't say it's complete one but at least a clearer picture as to what the turks believe happened obviously on that day this man that you mention my head of the multiple former intelligence a touch each of the saudi embassy in london is believed to be the coordinator let's say the enforcer the implementer of this assassination as far as the turks are concerned. obviously something at this level using such significant. let's say khadra in the saudi security forces as well as the special forces wouldn't be able to have happened without the directive of senior level officials
11:48 pm
in the saudi kingdom however modern multi is believed to be the person who was tossed with coordinates and gets on the ground as you mentioned the footage of the has been released by the turks is painting a clearer picture obviously one would understand that this c.c.t.v. footage has been with them for several days because it's particular the picture that is coming of manhunter entering the consulate is coming from the same camera which picture jamal khashoggi entering and therefore they had scanned not many many days ago but it appears that in line with the approach that the targets are going which is slowly dripping or drip feeding information as they try and attempt to maybe put pressure on the saudis and the international community and the saudis closest allies the united states to own up to what's happened and to try and find a way that rather than releasing all that information on one once they're doing it slowly slowly to maybe show that they do have everything they are not willing to
11:49 pm
expose it's all maybe in order to give some wiggle room for some sort of negotiations as we heard there from our own peril they're trying to say that this still trying to formulate what happened on the list would translate that probably is the troll trying to negotiate. narrative but that's the latest as far as the talks concerned as well as obviously this ongoing search where they're focusing on these three different locations in istanbul we had broken that news over a week ago about the interest in specific locations now they are increasing their attention particularly to this belgrade area which is a kind of forest land a park or greenland filled with trees and so forth they're searching that using sniffer dogs and other. tools at their disposal just briefly jamal the search that was going on you were they waiting along with everyone else for the entrance into the general's residence is there any indication of when there might be some information to come out of those searches some concrete information
11:50 pm
i mean that is a is a question we've been asking from the very beginning obviously one of the things that this investigation is most definitely not is transparent right and again when we think of the huge impact this assassination has on the markets in saudi arabia and even the global markets on regional politics on the relations on u.s. saudi relations it is understandable maybe not necessarily agreeable amongst particularly those who want to know the truth like the friends and family of jamal specialty but it is understandable why it is being dealt with in that way so it would appear that the only time we're going to get a very clear statement. excuse me from the officials is once there has been an agreement as to the narrative that the saudis and the turks will do or if they fail to reach an agreement and the turks lose patience then that could be their way of
11:51 pm
essentially increasing the pressure jim on shell in istanbul thank you for that update. just before we move on i do want to remind you about getting in touch with us contact details will go on screen not the only reason i'm telling you nice and early is because we've actually got a guest coming up he's going to speak to us from the united states a saudi dissident someone who has had to leave the country because of their views if you've got a question you've got something you want to understand about what it's like to have to give things up in the name of what you believe in and leave your country and run the risk of being well arrested or worse by your own country send them into us what stepped way to. if you want to message me directly and also at facebook dot com slash iraq right let's check in with what's going on in the u.s. in fact that is our white house correspondent she is with us now kelly maybe you can fill us in a bit more of what might bump a zero said we were just coming in on the end of his quick press briefing there. yeah that was really unexpected here at the white house in the royal house press
11:52 pm
corps scrambling just outside the west wing there for an impromptu appearance by the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei a who had just wrapped up about a roughly forty five minute long meeting with the u.s. president of course he just returned from those high level meetings not only in saudi arabia with the king foreign minister and the crown prince but also in turkey with turkish leaders there so he was briefing the president on that and then gave the reporters a very quick glimpse into where things stand in the eyes of the united states you remember donald trump said that he hoped to have by the end of the week sort of get to the bottom of this and exactly what is going on will now make pompei of saying the u.s. is going to give a few more days they feel that because of the very strategic relationship that dates back to nine hundred thirty two he said with regard to counterterrorism efforts the fact that the guardian of two very holy sites there is this deserves respect because of this longstanding relationship and role and as
11:53 pm
a result they are going to give them a few more days in order to conduct this investigation take a listen to what he had to say. drug or not he is freedom i am join his for at least for me it key point to defend the place where he knew it up. for the say think is important to able to make clear to them that we take this matter with respect to mr cho he very seriously they made clear to me that they too understand the serious nature of the disappearance of mystical. they also assured me that they will conduct a complete thorough. investigation of all of the facts surrounding mr to show that they will do so in a timely fashion and we have a long since one nine hundred thirty two zero zero zero a long strategic relationship with the kingdom of saudi arabia they continue to be important counterterrorism partner they have custody of the two holy sites they are an important strategic alliance of the united states and we need to be mindful of
11:54 pm
that as well. now the secretary of state went on to answer a few questions from reporters selective we should say in terms of which ones were answered mostly on process the secretary of state said that he did have the promise from turkish leaders that in fact the results of its investigation will be shared not only with saudi arabia with but also with the united states this is very notable because u.s. president asked for the video as well as audio evidence and we've been reporting for the last few hours that that has not been forthcoming the turkish authorities being very proprietary as they continue their investigation but mike pump a expressing confidence that the facts would be shared so in his words all could see the work in other words making this public underscore that there is an agreement for this investigation to be transparent and thorough but when asked about some of the speculation with regard to what happened to the missing
11:55 pm
journalist he would only dismiss them as saying look at there are a lot of stories out there not really wanting to entertain any of the theories that this point but what he did make clear is that he wants a bit more time for investigators to work through this process to move forward in his words and then he says it is then that the united states will quote make its own determination in terms of how to respond kimberly how with that update from the white house thanks kimberly as can be is pointing out there might compare catching us all on the hope there a little bit there with an impromptu news conference at the white house and as complete points out again the the crux of it basically is let's give the saudis a few more days that seems to be what the united states is saying and they're waiting for more from the investigation by the turks ok let's take a little breather for a moment pull back and remind you of how this story has unfolded it is always with reminding you of the past two weeks jamal khashoggi went missing shortly after entering the saudi consulate in istanbul on october second that's where it's not he
11:56 pm
went to pick up his papers to get married while his fiance was waiting outside the next day sama. araby confirmed he had disappeared but also said no he left the consulate turkish security sources later revealed though they had information that he'd been tortured and was killed inside the consulate allegations dismissed by the saudis as baseless lies a week after his disappearance and the international pressure is mounting on saudi arabia initially u.s. president donald trump warned of severe punishment if the kingdom was to blame then we had security video released showing the shoji entering the consulate days after saudi officials said the cameras there weren't working and starting on monday a joint investigation team and to the consulate and then later the consul general's home searching for evidence of to days of delays now this case has prompted several public belittle and business leaders to distance themselves from saudi arabia the latest it's the british trade secretary who's canceled his plans to attend an
11:57 pm
investment conference in riyadh later this month but so to lawrence lee is in brussels for assistance to be there for the brigs that talks lawrence but this story now becoming very much an international one tell us about the latest defection as it were. well yes yes of course the the echoes of this of all reached europe as well not least because the european union describes itself and identifies entirely as a defender of human rights free speech free expression and of free media and so you can speak to any number of european leaders there who are extremely concerned about this and in recent months and you see this expressed even on the board here the european union says we defend the international rules based system that is that some of this become extremely important in recent months and was a phrase pushed very much by the british prime minister to reason may after the russian attack and on his cripple in the novacek attack in souls bring it the idea
11:58 pm
being that if you want to be a friend or an ally of the european union you have to obey a certain set of given rules about international conduct some plainly that the idea that you might and assassinate and butcher a dissident journalist in one of your own consulates doesn't exactly fit very well with with that narrative and so for all of those reasons there is an awful lot of disquiet not just about the allegations but about the apparent lack of transparency and silence from the saudi and as to what it says happened early this morning for example i caught up with antonio to jani who's the presidents of the european parliament based in strasbourg and himself a former journalist there is this is what he had to say something. journeys is freedom i am judges for at least for me it keep boiling to defend the place everywhere in europe and abroad for the safety it is important to do not a very thing on this murder always the killer. who decided to kill this journalist
11:59 pm
. while i was this morning by this afternoon the dutch and the french. economics ministers excuse me finance ministers and then the british trade minister and his own all announced that they weren't going to riyadh in five days time for this very important saudi conference i think certainly for the french and the british that's a very important signal partly because they sell a very large number of arms to saudi arabia and for the british maintaining a trade relationship with the saudis is extremely important because they're supposed to believe in the european union kamala's you know and i think in terms of saying this the british and the french in particular are trying to get around the accusation of hypocrisy that's been leveled at them by people who say you support the international rules based system or you say you do and yet here you are selling weapons and dealing with the saudis i think that pass that they're not suggesting
12:00 am
things like stopping arms deals and this certainly at the moment not suggesting anything like sanctions against the saudi government but interestingly just a few minutes ago donald tusk who's the head of the european council in the host of this summit spoke to al-jazeera as jonah ho which we'll hear a little later on and said to him and to joe know that he was demanding a transparent investigation from the saudis and i think the way things are at the moment is that basically this lightly keeping their powder dry short of outrightly accusing the saudis until they get to a position where they have some sort of conclusion soon whatever investigation there is but of course that presumes that there will be a transparent investigation by the saudis which remains an open question ok lawrence they thank you for that update lawrence is in brussels there at the european council ok so that takes us through a lot of the political and diplomatic developments lawrence telling.


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