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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 19, 2018 2:00am-3:00am +03

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left the confident behind me and obviously with the traffic cameras that are now everywhere around big cities like istanbul it is easy for police to track the directions and routes that these different cars take so they've located that they went to these areas and they've sent teams to go and look and see what they can find from it so we see this comes together with the latest kind of drip drip of information that we've been receiving from the authorities here whereby they released more footage more pictures of this ringleader the guy who was inclement century the assassination of john modified she. the former intelligence that tashi to the saudi embassy in the united kingdom they've shown these c.c.t.v. footage of him walking into the consulate stuff tuesday morning a few hours before. showing him checking into a hotel they say you checked in for five nights but actually didn't even spend an entire evening in istanbul flew right back on these private jets that he himself
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actually booked on the his name on these jets belong to a company that was commandeered by prince mohammed bin saddam and if you guys remember this whole anti corruption crackdown when he rounded up all these princes and billionaires and put them into the ritz carlton they called it the most expensive detention center in the world at the time so he actually commandeered the company that owns these two jets and already did have those links with. very clear but at least between the people who are here allegedly implementing this assassination directly linking it to the most powerful man believed in saudi arabia prince mohammed bin some. jamal shael is live in istanbul for us with that update thank you. so that's the investigation on the political developments we've also got some human rights side of things amnesty international and three other human rights groups calling for the turkish government to ask the united nations to urgently establish an investigation into the disappearance and possible murder of jamal
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khashoggi have a listen the reason that we need to do it because we actually believe the that it is leaking things in the league division is actually doing something so we know that we've given up on you and even though we do think that it is a big deal if even i think that here is the end this is the least and meet the new time is when you get there stimulates you to meet it is that we began to get legal you know the reality is you can make the connect returning the places that even if they can go you'll be. enabled another tragedy and literacy skills and in your population that is and believe that everything will. james by that diplomatic editor of course at the united nations where that announcement was made it's quite something when you see four of these groups coming together to use their collective power what sort of impact do you think. yes it is unusual to have these human rights groups and journalist rights groups coming together with
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a single call calling for a un inquiry to take place now i've been speaking to the spokes person for the u.n. secretary general and all those some believe it's possible that he could set up his own inquiry into this i think the position of the secretary general's office is that they really need an invitation to do so so that could come i think in two ways one what these groups are calling for which is turkey to invite the u.n. secretary general to set up his own independent inquiry because turkey of course at the scene of the crime and has jurisdiction in this case the other possibility would be for request for a u.n. investigation to come from one of the main bodies of the u.n. from the security council from the general assembly or the human rights council how likely is all of this to actually happen how likely is there to be an international inquiry well i think it depends firstly on the attitude of turkey and we don't know
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how turkey is going to respond to this call we know the public position of turkey which is they want a full internet investigation into what happened it's not clear whether they want that investigation though to be carried out not by turkish authorities but by an international investigation team i think the other important thing is the view of key players here at the united nations because i think that could be pressure on turkey and on saudi arabia coming from key members of the security council not entirely clear to me what's going on behind the scenes from speaking to some diplomats from some western countries it seems there is among some an appetite for this idea for a u.n. inquiry that is james bays our diplomatic editor at the united nations thank you james. still i have you know al jazeera where taking a closer look at the saudi crown prince himself. in other news international
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cricket at any age canaria pakistan's most successful spin bowler in test matches comes clean on his involvement in match fixing. had other showers been showing themselves through aren't iran is the right time the i think we can say the season has changed i receive big drop in temperature up in the far northeast so get a stand and kazakhstan have seen temperatures drop up to eight having been colder before and the still cloud in the area but the showers of rain for thunderstorms are rather more obvious down western side of iraq possibly you might see one or two in iraq the temps are still in the middle thirty's you'll notice and this is what you'd expect at this time of year the showers often spreading further south as recently has been the case is cooling down in the levant and we've got more showers
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to show for cyprus and turkey again the seasons change in europe that tends to push the showers size recently received some good downpours in saudi arabia and you know yemen and oman have seen flooding from the banks much of which is there in this massive clouds of showers for yemen on friday shall seem likely thunderstorms was local flooding in u.a.e. and possibly qatar possibly bahrain as well it is a little less likely on saturday but not completely out of the question still the southwestern corner looks rather wet briefly we look down through southern africa and most the rain here is in the far east south africa all southern mozambique.
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latest developments now in the jamal khashoggi case a new pictures have emerged of a bodyguard to the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman who is suspected of being involved in his disappearance i investigated have turned their attention to the fifteen member saudi hit squad who they believe may have killed. turkish
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investigators looking for evidence linked to the disappearance of the saudi journalist of completed searching to solve a diplomatic buildings it has stumbled turkish sources have told out of syria important samples have been found in the case has prompted several political and business leaders to distance themselves from saudi arabia the u.s. treasury secretary steven action has pulled out of an investment conference later this month and the british government delegation led by trade certainly and fox will also not be attending. saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomons rapid ascent to the international community but by surprise and in the past eighteen months he has consolidated power and attempted to project himself as a reformer modernize them but the case has swung the spotlight on to other policies that he has led. as more. since his debut on the world stage it's been a rapid rise for saudi crown prince mohammed bin some on in two thousand and fifteen seemingly out of nowhere the twenty nine year old favorite son of saudi
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arabia's king solomon been up to lizzie's was appointed defense minister he became chief architect of saudi arabia's military intervention in yemen a campaign of aerial bombardment that has helped create what the u.n. calls the worst humanitarian crisis in the world human rights organizations accuse the saudi led coalition of bombing civilian targets such as hospitals and schools. in saudi arabia where most of the population is under thirty been so man has been heralded as a man who would bring much needed economic and social reforms but that's changed in recent months however no hell of a sermon with with the with general has it's come about at a time when reforms have been slowing down he gave women the right to drive but imprison women activists there are still many reforms that have been take been very slow in implementing it saudi arabia and people quite frankly have run out of patience with regard to one hundred percent. in june last year mohammed bin some on
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that the blockade against qatar creating the worst crisis in the g.c.c. since its inception in november saudi security forces arrested several hundred business leaders and senior royals many had to pay billions of dollars to secure their release the saudi government called it an anti-corruption purge but analysts said that this was mohamed bin solomon's way of removing people who could potentially pose a threat to his power and also a way to raise much needed funds for a struggling economy. later that same month saudi forces detained lebanese prime minister saad hariri on a visit to the kingdom it took weeks before he was released in march of this year mohammed bin some on visited the united states. the whirlwind tour and charm offensive led to largely favorable coverage in the international media helping the
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crown prince sell his image as a reformer who would open saudi arabia up to innovation and investment since then a range of other civil society activists and clerics have been jailed observers say saudi arabia strategic relationship with western powers is a delicate one to balance i think the problem that the white house has and indeed what a lot of european allies have is that there are a lot of cases going on in the region a lot of crises in which saudi arabia is a major player and is required to be a major ally this includes issues regarding iran this includes issues in yemen this includes issues regarding palestine and israel now with the jamal khashoggi suspected murder inside the saudi consulate in istanbul causing more international outrage critics wonder if the saudi crown prince can survive the scrutiny. door search of ari al jazeera. it's moved to some other news three top officials have
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been killed in an attack in afghanistan just moments after a meeting attended by the most senior u.s. commander there the governor of kandahar his top intelligence officer and police chief they are all dead three americans also injured in the attack which happened in the governor's compound in southern afghanistan increased concern about the security situation in afghanistan and of elections on sat. in kabul with more. this is a major setback for the afghan government because of one single attack they lost we see in the local government officials in. general for example the top police command was on top of the hit list for the taliban for quite some time he has survived many suicide bombing attacks and his father was killed in an attack by the taliban who's known for his staunch anti taliban stand saying that there is absolutely no way that can play into the future role in afghanistan of the attack
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also highlights of the challenges that the americans the afghan government and nato will face in the near future also comes against the backdrop of the upcoming elections many people how to hope that those if the saturday elections because pave the way for more stability and you parliament there could tackle the problems the afghan government faces particularly inefficient governance corruption and the need to find job opportunities for millions of people i think after this people would have questions about whether it's safe or not to go and cast their votes on saturday a center left party has won britain's runoff parliamentary elections final results show the d n t party won twenty six seats in the national assembly the royalist d.p.t. party won twenty one seats this only the third democratic election in bhutan history the absolute monarchy there ended back in two thousand and eight amasses distance
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itself from a rocket attack that hit southern israel on weapon state the house was damaged in the city of bell the group those says the rocket fire was an irresponsible attempt to undermine egyptian efforts to broker a new long term truce with israel israeli military responded by hitting twenty sites in gaza killing at least one palestinian. investigators say the suspect in wednesday's attack in crimea may have had an accomplice three days of mourning have been declared after nineteen people were killed in a school in the city of courage and explosion was followed by shooting police say the initial attack that killed himself crimea remember was annexed from ukraine by russia in twenty fourteen a landslide in tibet has forced six thousand people to evacuate from their homes falling debris blocked one of the region's key rivers causing water levels to rise by forty meters chinese authorities are keeping their indian counterparts updated on that situation south korea's president moon j.n.
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has given the head of the roman catholic church a special message from north korea's leader moon met pope francis at the vatican he relayed that kim jong un had invited the pontiff to visit pyongyang it's been reported the pope said he may visit if he is officially invited finally an international cricketer has confessed to his role in a spot fixing scandal in england six years after being banned from playing following a recent al jazeera investigation done in an area pakistan's most successful spin bowler in test cricket decided to finally come clean david harrison as our exclusive report. clint bolick done is canaria played over sixty test matches and took nearly three hundred wickets in international matches for pakistan. but in two thousand and twelve his career came to a sudden and he was banned for life by english cricket's governing body for match fixing canary was found guilty of encouraging
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a team mate of essex county cricket club to underperform during a match in two thousand and nine and with bringing the game into disrepute for six years canary has protested his innocence two appeals were rejected but now in an exclusive interview with al-jazeera is investigative unit canaria has finally confessed his guilt. donnish. and i went there and i want it but don't charge brought against me by england and wales cricket board and. become a force you know. because you cannot live your life replies in areas said that the imminent death of his father was initially a reason for not admitting his guilt and headed toward getting worse and worse and worse and i didn't help that kurdish. and i was wrong canaria introduced his as sixteen the eight nevin westfield to an infamous engine
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much fixit in a night club westfield was jailed for four months and banned from cricket for five years for accepting around eight thousand dollars he admitted allowing opposition batsman to school runs when he was bowling i want to apologize to. invest for. a marriage mike fix to get my i figured. i fish forty. canaries says the ban has had a devastating effect on his life i wonder if i stick it to a park or a farm and that. i was achieving good money i'm not my friend effect which i used to get and then everything i lost everything he is now pleading with crickets governing bodies to lift his ban and didn't return he pledged to help young players i want to teach young young cricketers there are people who will
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pay you but you have to be strong go to it right that action right there going to work shortcut and making money in a short cut. that i am in today. david harrison al-jazeera london. and the full documentary from the al jazeera investigative unit cricket match fixes them and our files will be here on al-jazeera twenty hundred hours g.m.t. this sunday and plenty more news for you online in fact if you want to watch the first part of that cricket match fixing series you'll find it online in the documentary section at al-jazeera dot com. so we'll take you through the headlines now on al-jazeera u.s. secretary mike pompei o has arrived back home after visiting saudi arabia and turkey he told reporters he'd had productive conversations with saudi leaders about the disappearance of jamal khashoggi. we made clear to them that we take this
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matter with respect mr show you very seriously they made clear to me that they too understand the serious nature of the disappearance of mystic shogi they also assured me that they will conduct a complete thorough. investigation of all of the facts surrounding mr showing that they will do so in a timely fashion and we have a long just one nine hundred thirty two long strategic relationship with the kingdom of saudi arabia they continue to be important counterterrorism partners they have custody of the two holy sites they are an important strategic alliance of the united states and we need to be mindful of that as well. and also new pictures of emerged of a bodyguard to the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon who is suspected of being involved in the journalists disappearance investigators have turned their attention now to the fifteen member saudi hit squad and they think may have killed him and turkish investigators looking for evidence linked to the disappearance of
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the saudi journalist have completed searching to solve a diplomatic buildings in istanbul turkey sources have told al-jazeera quote important samples have been found and the question she cases prompted several political and business leaders to distance themselves from saudi arabia u.s. treasury secretary statement action has pulled out of an investment conference in riyadh later on this month. and in other news a center left party has won but tons runoff parliamentary elections final results show the d n t party won twenty six seats in the national assembly this was only baton democratic election after the absolute monarchy ended back in two thousand and eight. and how masses distanced itself from a rocket attack that hit southern israel on whedon's day house was damaged in the city of the group says the rocket fire was an irresponsible attempt to undermine egyptian efforts to broker a new long term truce with israel the israeli military responded by hitting twenty
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sites in gaza killing at least one palestinians as you headlines inside story it starts right now. new evidence of the saudi crown prince's possible involvement in the. disappearance of the washington post publishes his last offical warning of threats to the media how much of a threats are journalists to our governments this is inside story. welcome
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to the program has i'm seeking the case of missing saudi journalist. has shocked and captivated the world as information trickles out over his disappearance and alleged murder inside the saudi consulate in istanbul beyond the gruesome details of the core of this story is a journalist who may have paid the ultimate price for what he wrote and reported jihad warned that saudi arabia could never be a democracy under the current crown prince mohammed bin men he highlighted the plight and struggles of journalists in his country he said there was no space for free speech with journalists and intellectuals often jailed for expressing their views. or the washington post published what they called. last article saying they have accepted the fact that he will not return safely it says our governments have been given free reign to continue silencing the media at an increasing rate
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these governments whose very existence relies on the control of information have aggressively blocked the internet they have also arrested local reporters and pressured advertisers to harm the revenue of specific publications the arab world is facing its own version of an iron curtain imposed not by external actors but through domestic forces vying for power. words and what may have happened to him inside the saudi consulate highlight the threats to journalists and media freedom so far this year fifty seven journalists have been killed around the world according to reporters without borders the middle east is the most dangerous region in the world for journalists the world press freedom index ranks several countries in the region as having some of the worst human rights violations when it comes to censoring journalism this includes saudi arabia syria turkey iraq iran and egypt and there are at least one hundred fifty nine journalists in prison around the
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world a majority of them in the middle east. well let's bring in our guests now to talk more about this joining us via skype from london is dr saad a saudi dissident who heads up the opposition group movement for islamic reform in arabia in vienna we have a director of advocacy with the international press institute and in london also on skype david hurst editor in chief of middle east i could to have you all with us david hurst if i could start with you as far as the latest we're hearing on the investigation in as much as. there is any sort of information because the turks are certainly keeping their cards close to the vest on this what do you met what do you make of of the latest developments on what they found inside the the saudi consulate and in the consul general home and what direction is this going
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in. move it's going. to stumble to belgrade forests and the woodland in garcia neighborhood. the c.c.t.v. has traced the movements of a one of the vans that was registered to the consulate on diplomatic plates the wooden itself is a bit of a c.c.t.v. blackspot but they cool the van the same that are coming out of the area and then out combing the forests for show cheese remains they've also said they found evidence from inside the consulate general itself they've been session the grounds. and also the council's house they haven't released the contents of the tapes although they've told journalists like me and
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others about it but i haven't actually listened to the tapes myself. that may follow. and try to put maximum pressure on washington and also on ben some. who are probably now in a state of panic because so many details have actually been released documented details exactly who the fifteen where the fact that they were seven of them belong to his close bodyguards special protection unit the fact that these characters have turned up in london on march the eighth. and also later in an april in france and who they were and what they were doing the details of the forensic doctor authority specialist to cut. his body up while he was still alive an awful lot of detail has come out. and he.
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counter narrative one is that inevitably that child walked out within twenty minutes. that has never been proved. and now another one yes there was a murder but it was ordered by been some man himself which anyone who knows about the place and what has actually happened since he came to power became the de facto ruler of saudi arabia is a complete nonsense what is the thinking then david behind the way turkey is handling all of this will cause it we had president trumps comments there were four to did he suggest the turks have declined to share their evidence with us intelligence agencies trump himself saying we we want to we want to hear this tape if it exists uses words does this reluctance suggest that the turkish government is
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looking for some sort of accommodation with with saudi arabia and and the united states. given the fact that these are two important powers that they don't want to rupture their relationship with. well i think what turkey is doing is trying to exert the maximum amount of pressure through the media and through public opinion all in the oval office and the same americans as specifically saying the guy in charge of the white house. and the man that he chose to be really his boss the shape in the middle east. crown prince been some that's the object what he's trying to do. i think on the evidence is that knocks true they haven't released it yet but that would just be probably a matter of time there's also some degree of cooperation from. other sources it's not complete of course but it's that it but it's there and it's
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got nothing to do with the turks and that is a report that was leaks to the new york times that the the american secret services that intercepted conversations and they believe that there was a clock to kidnap or. associate that's one second one is report that has filtered through from the british intelligence services that morphine was used. after the screams were heard after jamal khashoggi is think is the cause of. two pacifying him. how they got that to tell how they know about it i don't know but that's not coming from the turks. dr saddle in fact he. the fact that the saudis have have up to this point delivered no no he's not a formal explanation for this and that the trumpet ministration has hasn't really
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shown any rush to to give one as as well what do you read into that specially given that this. leaking of information is continuing to trickle out through the turkish media. the saudis are known now when i say the saudis i mean the same man and his team they are not on now to be the culprits they are responsible for this crime and they wanted in liars in with trump on peel to create a story which absorbs mohammad mr nunn now he wanted to release that two days ago when he planned to admit responsibility in order to up a call themselves and put it in somebody else now the problem is information kept coming from the turks and nowhere which would falsify his report so he was stuck in needed he needs now to wait for the turks to finish the northern for his
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falsified for his created reports to fit with the turks information about his bad luck. the information coming from the turks are encircling his neck and are approving more and more is a possibility and he is not going to do it without by waiting or by releasing a report now so that is why he is his is getting time and losing the report but the same time he is getting in trouble because he's dealing the report. robbie personified as you've been hearing all of this it's pretty clear as well that we haven't heard we haven't got the to the bottom of the full facts of what happened here but we mentioned the washington post there in the introduction there and how they have published what they say his is g.'s last article so the indication there is they've drawn their own conclusions about this now as the far as as far as mr
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fate what message do you think that sends for press freedom. not just in in the arab world but but but as a whole. good question. what what we feel is the disappearance and alleged murder of mr jamal khashoggi is a clear message from a gene which does not tolerate any kind of criticism that with impunity they will go down and silence critics and if this happens and this is a for the says that we will see other targeted in the genes following the same path and the western world remaining silent because of the business deals they have with saudi arabia and these are targeted and regime so it's a very scary message that has come across but we also hope that because of this incident and as you correctly said in the introduction that people are looking
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forward to getting more information people are eager to know and there's pressure so building on saudi arabia as well as the united states which is a close ally of prince moment been so adamant. that there's a hope and a hot start this will help us promote press freedom that will be some reaction to this and we'll be able to build a come clean but we can ensure that press freedom is expanded things have things change in the arab world and not just in that rubble but around the world more and more targeted and regina's are using physical into. mandation psychological intimidation and legal intimidation to silence journalists and you mention western governments there ravi is is the credibility of of us democracy at stake here as well given the way that they have responded to this the us democracy is a very vibrant if you see on the one hand we have the president and his cabinet
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supporting the saudi arabian government but on the other hand this. free media we have the washington post we have the new york times and of the los angeles times and many others in the united states which do not fear the government in spite of attacks on them personally and journalist by the president himself they are going along they are taking up the cause and without them this issue would not have reached the stage so in the western media in the western world media still enjoys a lot of freedom which i fear may go down if people like mr trump continue to attack journalists continue to call any criticism fake news david hearst would you out would you assess the current state of media freedom such as it is in in the arab world is it is it better or worse than than twenty eleven and the events of the so-called arab spring. much worse what we've got is
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a very vicious council revolution. and a. real clampdown on the sort of reporting that al-jazeera did in twenty eleven. in egypt. and. the situation dictatorship has become a supposed modernized. whenever you put a report that you know to be true out there it's a major day surrounded by. the in the arab world they call it electronic sex for stories falsely. people try to take you down to trying to denigrate you completely opposite immediately surrounds anything that you put up and they and it's designed absolutely designed to mislead for instance when i originally put my story of. not being dragged out of the.
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consul general's office with the consul there this is before i'd heard the tapes. and the comments that he made of please go into it somewhere else. what happened was a whole number of counter stories a pitts in other mainstream publications sank as a rubbish i know the true man is alive and well and he's in riyadh and you will again soon be extremely stupid you know it explodes extremely silly because it's actually not attacks absolutely convinced that he never emerged from the building alive and they've been saying that really from day one so that's that's the atmosphere what you've got is governments that openly do not believe in free speech or in democracy say they are was not ready for it and they say it is absolutely publicly suppressing even basic reporting. the last two paragraphs of jamal's modest posthumous column really
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point up to what he was actually trying to achieve what he wanted was for western publications to be published in arabic and that's not that he wasn't trying to increase separation of western buck asians like the washington post and the new york times but he's trying to introduce our world so what he thought was the best free journalism. and that's really what he was what he was about he really wanted to improve the understanding of the arab world not from a fashionable interview not from an islam is point of view to set up takes a line or a party but just to give them free information and he said the arab world needs a model version of the zero transnational media so that citizens can be informed about global events that really was his mission more important we need to provide a platform for arab voices and in part that is small
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very small part what middle east eyes doing and more al-jazeera sings well but you not wanted to increase that he really believed in it. and he was very very serious and determined to set this up now if this is set up as a result of his death. as a real platform really information which which isn't immediately taken down or blocked. or surrounded by that by false news then i think will really something would've happened that is a real improvement on the situation at the moment i don't think this will succeed i don't think the counterrevolution. will succeed but by god is a rough and bumpy journey of speaking of arab of voices. let's turn back to dr saddle . on this how concerned are you about the mess is there all of
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a sense to dissidents like yourself and for the future of. of different voices in the arab world in a free speech we always understood that the regime does not tolerate dissent inside and outside the country and they work very hard in order to eliminate us either eliminate us physically or eliminate us. through other means like character assassination or force englishtown governments to to convince them that we are terrorists we are linked to terrorists to grooves and other means of elimination fortunately they did not succeed i would surprise you with my answer does this incident or will although it is. very bad incident it is going to be somehow useful in reversing the table on the saudis now instead of them feeling
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comfortable that they have done this and they would do more and more of the sort of action because of the huge global response to that so you find it's made a real turning point again this is going to be a turning point not only in lambert mr nunn is going to be a turning point on the whole region and probably it could be almost like the assassination of for count prince of of austria and of the first film first world war and that will bring huge consequences for mohammed missile man i'm a designer a c.c. in egypt and will make. the saudi government in deep trouble. in front of the wrist in front of its own people because my medicine man will not be able to get at this to get rid of this problem now the west knows all the details i would probably disagree slightly with david the west knows all the details they have their own
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information and intelligence and that's why the congress are adamant that jamal is killed and he has been dismembered and the order has been given from one hundred miles how much i would not expect congress members to speak with this full confidence without having a clear cut clear picture of trauma there on intelligence and that's why trump decided yesterday to not to share intelligence of measure with the congress now is going that far to bring troops to protect them had been summoned but fortunately the tide is not in his favor now because the list knows all the details even before the turks finished the their work on their forensic and legal investigation because the west knows the story i think the west is extremely embarrassed and it is in a position to do something to to clear the the way
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for it to behave probably in the future by removing mohammed miss home and i would not expect for and the western governments. to be able to accept my madness no man in this position another king nor crown progress not not even allowing him to be three after this incident dr said i want to put to you the point that david made a little bit earlier that the forces of counter-revolution as he calls them in the in the arab world are are formidable. and. you know you were saying that this that this is a turning point what do you say to those who argue. that that this people will eventually forget about all of this at some point because people's memories are short and eventually something else will occupy the public's mind what do you say to people to people who say that and that in the end it won't make a huge difference. the counter-revolution
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is looks to formidable but they are actually reliant on a tiger of paper now that the current structure of of those three governments. of the cinnamon and the c.c. all depends on. now my madness one can can survive a lot here does not need bizarre it all c.c. but neither c.c. nor hamburgers as cunt can survive without the full support of a mensa man and they cannot survive with with his on eagerness to help them so include emir removed from trump the picture and even the royal family even the royal family cannot begin its own all or before a hundred percent so it all countable usually will be in great trouble and we would easily see another way of counter counter revolution how it's going to go to what is the scenario god knows but i think it's all to do with
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this week point we clink which is one hundred percent. ready for. what's probably going to be a last word to your nest. at the start of the program we gave what was not a very pretty picture of the of the state of free press in the middle east and elsewhere in the world what can international organizations like yours continue to do to try to counter that. before i go that let me just say that the after the spring review we were hoping things will change but nothing changed what we saw is that the situation has become worse look at egypt we have serious problems that scores of journalists are in prison. and moment our own moment has been in prison for six hundred sixty seven days and the his not been tried in turkey hundred sixty seven journalists on prison so what is happening is
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in this part of the in the out of there the video games are trying to control the narrative and as mr post in this article talks about information and misinformation disinformation that's exactly what they want to do they want to control the narrative they want to control the information so they use all the tactics to have complete control over what information is available counter-revolution require information to trickle down to people so that they can join the revolution not what international organizations can do. in terms of press freedom as we can bring pressure on the governments we've been working with. the government over there and other partners on bringing pressure on egypt to release all the journalists we have been campaigning for release of journalists in turkey we got journalists released in nigeria and other places so international organizations can bring in the
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technical support we can support you we can support me doggedness ation and frightening for the space that is required that is to report fearlessly in fact that is going to have to be the last word thanks very much for being with us all three of you sad in a doctor's sad he has robbie for saad and david hurst thanks very much for being on the inside story. and thank you for watching as always you can see the program again any time by going to our web site www dot com and for more discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter i know there is at a.j. inside story for me hasn't taken the whole team here by the.
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seven years after muammar gadhafi is controversial rain came to a violent end libya is frozen in time. competing forces each running for power and influence continue to disrupt a broken state that time forgot. in the second of a two part series the big picture who's to blame. the lust for libya on al-jazeera. you don't know where public service stops and private interest begins what's at stake is the very essence of democracy we have never had a president so brazenly treating the oval office as an opportunity to. pull lines
2:48 am
follows the money investigating with the donald trump is profiting from the presidency and asking what the cost will be for democracy the usa and the president's profits on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. from doha everyone on. this is the news from al-jazeera. we made clear to them that we take this matter with respect to mr very seriously
2:49 am
a little more time u.s. secretary of state mike says the u.s. is giving investigators a few days before taking action on the case but the international fallouts continued the u.s. treasury secretary has joined the long list of withdrawals from a major investment. in other news the killing of top security officials in afghanistan raises some concerns about how violence may disrupt today's elections and unsporting international cricketer has confessed to his role in a spot fixing scandal in angola and following an al-jazeera investigation into nash canarios pakistan axons most successful spin bowler in test matches i've decided to contemplate. so the u.s. secretary of state has told president donald trump to give saudi arabia a few more days before deciding how to respond to the suspected killing of saudi
2:50 am
journalist jamal khashoggi might bump a return to washington after visiting saudi arabia and turkey to discuss the case you remember shoji last seen entering that saudi consulate in istanbul on october second sixteen days ago and eleven minute audi a recording from inside. and that building has been leaked to turkish media and it suggests because he was attacked and killed inside the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon has denied any knowledge but al jazeera has learned that one of his bodyguards led the operation this was the one which involved fifteen different men meanwhile more political and business leaders are now distancing themselves from saudi arabia the u.s. treasury secretary statement in is the latest to pull out of a major investment conference later this month alan fischer starts our coverage from washington d.c. back after his trip to saudi arabia and turkey u.s. secretary of state might pump has been briefing his boss he says both sides promised fool transparent investigation they also assured me that they will conduct
2:51 am
a complete thorough. investigation of all of the facts surrounding mr to show you that they will do so at a timely fashion and that this report itself will be transparent and he reiterated the strong u.s. so dealings that continue to be important counterterrorism partner they have custody of the two holy sites they are an important strategic alliance of the united states u.s. treasury secretary steve mission was also in that meeting whatever he had he and shortly after he would know not to be attending an important international investment conference in riyadh later this month joining a growing international boycott when pompeo sat down with saudi crown prince mohammed bin soundman known by his initials n.b.s. he had him firmly deny any involvement in the journalist disappearance but former vice president joe biden says he's had doubts about the man who is essentially saudi arabia's ruler there's very little. sense of rule of law. respect for
2:52 am
human rights. dignity. and you know. the allegations that are made and so far no no yet. are not inconsistent with the way the kingdom would act and there's growing skepticism in the u.s. congress and repeated so he claims they have nothing to do with jamal khashoggi his disappearance i've actually asked every country in the middle east and as much as natural gas station sushi it has been shameful to see the president ited states be the mouthpiece for the regime the washington post on thursday published an opinion piece written by jamal khashoggi and sent by his assistant the day after his disappearance prophetically he criticizes the lack of international response to the abuse of journalists and out of countries like saudi arabia and egypt writing these actions no longer carry the consequences of
2:53 am
a backlash from the international community instead these actions me triggered condemnation quickly followed by silence as a result he continues of governments have been given free rein to continue silencing the media at an increasing rate wards reminding the u.s. they cannot turn their back on this incident no matter how strong the historic ties alan fischer al-jazeera washington has that white house correspondent kimberly how to get a start of him late let's talk about statements and first of all u.s. treasury secretary not going to riyadh the conference in riyadh how do you think of it. during the right thing being seen to be doing the right thing maybe a little of both. our certainly optics matter and there was a lot of pushback here domestically about those appearances and those photographs of the crown prince meeting with the u.s. secretary of state that sure didn't play well here in the united states perhaps there was some concern about
2:54 am
a foe. opportunity with steve minutia and how that might play if you were to attend that saudi investment conference we're not sure donald trump and my pump didn't really give us a lot of details about what information seemed to change that decision only that following that meeting there was that very abrupt tweet from the treasury secretary saying that he wouldn't go to that investment conference after earlier in the week defending his position to do so citing those very longstanding ties in the strategic relationship between the united states and saudi arabia but i want to bring your attention to some comments coming from vice president mike pence that was played to reporters in the last hour or so out in colorado of course were in the election campaign season that's where the vice president was when he was asked about the case he in fact said that the world deserves answers those responsible need to be held to account so it's very interesting to get a somewhat stronger statement from the vice president given the very careful wording that we have had coming out of donald trump and also his secretary of state
2:55 am
in recent days how important are all the other voices coming out of the u.s. . kimberly i.e. the non-executive voices the ones coming from congress we heard someone yelling fishes report one of them saying he trusts middle east countries as much as he trusts gas station sushi and it sounds comical but it indicates a growing feeling amongst these congress congresspeople. yeah we have to remember that you know this is a body that does have an awful lot of power the u.s. congress and particularly the u.s. senate that's where a lot of these agreements can be blocked and it's very clear and it's especially notable in a very divided congress in a divided partisan or political atmosphere here in the united states it seems the senate is speaking with one voice the latest democrat bernie sanders a scathing video he put out social media in the last couple of hours describing
2:56 am
saudi arabia is a despotic dictatorship we're just sent is not tolerated speaking specifically about his shows he so it's really important to note here that well we see the white house playing very carefully in terms of the public statements these senators are not holding back they're going to use their power in the senate to try and block arm sales where they can to reconsider the military support for the saudi led coalition in yemen which the united nations we should point out is called a humanitarian disaster many many americans are not liking that made in america stamp in a lot of those weapons that are being used in that conflict and so expect that we will see in the coming weeks this may be the one thing where there is one voice speaking out of the senate and wishing to hold this administration accountable because they simply cannot tolerate the facts as they are coming out of turkey right now with respect to the missing journalist trysting kimberly how kids outside the white house thank you as we talked about there the u.s.
2:57 am
treasury secretary steve newton is the latest to point out of saudi arabia's big investment conference next week the one they call devils in the desert you've got the international monetary fund's christine the god she's out also the c.e.o. of j.p. morgan chase blackstone a big beneficiary of some of the funding politicians pulling out as well such as the french and dutch finance ministers and the british trade secretary and media partners of also drawn that include c.n.n. c m b c the finance. times the new york times and the los angeles times let's go back to those european leaders though and check in with jonah in brussels were. moving with their feet or voting with their feet it seems now jonah as far as the riyadh conference goes. well slowly i mean there's been quite a degree of criticism from some quarters as you may be a workable about what's been perceived as a slow response by the e.u. both individual and
2:58 am
a collective level that may be changing now we've had word in the last couple of hours as you mentioned there that the british the french and the dutch of all pulled their middle ministerial level delegations from that investment summit in riyadh next week they've said that now is simply not the time to be gauging at this level and the french president emanuel buy from speaking earlier on today called the facts as we know them so far in the cartridge case serious. that they've had something of a quandary to deal with european nations here as a deed of many others in their relations with saudi arabia because many countries have deeply lucrative trade and investment ties to saudi arabia not at least in the area of sales many value enormously the intelligence that they get from the saudi intelligence services predicating it with the watering a number of plots on european small they're going to weigh that up in their decision as to whether and how hard to go in on riyadh over this issue to put away
2:59 am
that up with these sort of more traditional much trumpeted values of the e.u. and here into a sort of global rules based system slowly as i said on an individual level countries are moving more likely to follow on a collective level there is still though a sense of caution i caught up a little earlier here with donald tusk he's the president of the e.u. council here's what he had to say we need to open. this. evasion it's in the best interest of the source of your idea what action to do to. make the situation if you want to visit if state involvement is proven. we need more timely because it's of course it's still too early to assess with already with both of us first of. all we need to. have the situation. so still a degree of caution a degree of let's wait and see but what might happen in terms of ties and relations
3:00 am
between the e.u. and e.u. states is that the saudi arabia if indeed an investigation conclusively proves state involvement well we have a new this is a clue a close ally of angela merkel the german chancellor speaking in berlin on wednesday said this europe may have to adjust its relations with saudi arabia so quite possibly more to come on this from europe china how well in brussels thank you with all these international developments we mustn't forget what's actually happening on the ground in istanbul here is jamal shale with an update for us. well on the ground obviously the search and the investigation is widening come out at least geographically speaking as you know and as we've been reporting minute by minute sometimes of what's been going on.


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