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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 19, 2018 5:00am-6:01am +03

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secured ordinary civilians in benghazi and he was poised to come back and take benghazi he retaken a number of other towns including a stab year in the east where he hadn't gone ahead and done a wholesale massacre the international community could not just stand by and see gadhafi willing to kill thousands and thousands and thousands of demonstrators. at the end of february two thousand and eleven a group of military officers and government ministers had defected from the regime and set up a national transitional council the n.t.s.c. headed by the former justice minister most of the jury years of mutual in the military and hollowing out political structures had left little loyalty among elements of the gadhafi regime by early march however the deafness forces had shored up their control of tripoli and look to head east three claimed benghazi. the n.t.s.c. working with the arab league an organization longer at odds with libya and its
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leader as the un security council to stop gadhafi from killing his own people or mass. but claims of impending genocide of regime soldiers ordered to rape civilian women it will where far from proven you. don't tell me about the stories about the death weakening his own be able the mumbai argument of fish law all the district in jubilee the loser for their same as a woman the use of adolescence as a as a matter as a woman that's completely false western n.g.o.s went in and found out that none of this was was true. but it was reported at the time and it was reported by al-jazeera arabic b.b.c. new york times washington post c.n.n. since all the t.v. networks in the west has seen many dead bodies of libyans shot in the streets and the government protesters have told al-jazeera what they call
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a massacre on saturday and that's how the body of evidence at the time seemed overwhelming because you had not just one until the intelligence community was saying you had what all of our allies were saying you had what the regional partners were saying you had what we were reading in the newspaper every day from press from journalists on the ground. truth was not the first casualty of the war in libya but it was now a feast contested essex. british prime minister david cameron and french president nicolas sarkozy led the charge for direct action against the gadhafi regime they pushed for a un security council resolution authorizing a no fly zone over libya to be overseen by nato but military intervention would be impossible without the u.s. backing it going to do a nato intervention with though the support of great states and at the time the
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secretary of state was hillary clinton it clearly she is building a political career for his souls and she want to take position in the world stage. it i clinton was in paris and there she actually she met several for. instance. there was a video conference between perry new york and washington d.c. and that basically eat out you know convinced i guess the president to do to take decision she went to barack obama told them ok now gadhafi has tanks going towards benghazi if he kills the the revolutionaries their blood will be on your white shirt. and like barack obama the leaders of britain and france had needed no convincing to call for a nato intervention against gadhafi while david cameron may have looked at both his fledgling credentials as an international statesman for president sarkozy the drive
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to get rid of gadhafi seemed both political and personal. because def you regime reportedly bankrolled sarkozy successful two thousand and seven presidential campaign. that same year libya signed the multi-billion euro arms agreement that if their feet would later fail to honor he also proposed the idea of a pan african currency no longer backed by the french treasury another challenge to france's influence in africa. on march seventeenth two thousand and eleven the u.n. security council led by france the u.k. and the u.s. pushed through resolution one nine seven three. giving legal authority to enforce a no fly zone over the deficit libya this resolution demands an immediate cease fire. and
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a complete end to violence and attacks against civilians. and they adopted a resolution that said that amongst other things there would be an arms embargo there would be a no fly zone and all necessary measures could be used to protect civilians in libya. no occupying ground force. it was a no fly zone it was more properly and called a no drive zone because it was able to hit targets on the ground. nato intervention was decisive in tipping the balance of power back in favor of the rebels and also of course the training of rebel forces by foreign security and intelligence agencies enabled those rebels to me even to the west and eventually to topple gadhafi and to take control of tripoli it led to not only. the fact the civil
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war the militarization of the uprising and the rise of the armed militias and not that was done through supply of weapons through cata in you can operation with intelligence services and the west were willing to turn the other way the fact that there was a weapons in moscow. it was a lot of a lot of help from the emirates from qatar who came to to the help of the libyan people. that limited the suffering of the people who limited the number of casualties that took place in their qatar at the beginning was very popular and supporting the uprising but then the united arab emirates and saudi arabia and egypt supported the national coalition in turkey became involved with support of misrata and so you find that the regional arab countries and the european. countries are involved in the libyan civil war it was an opportunity for the world
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to get rid of the menace it's called gadhafi. it's a coincidence that in the rear moment of history whereby the a spirit of some of the libyans met with with three interests of western powerful countries and the country was literally tied up and sea legs and trolling for the ninth floor for a bunch of terrorists and gangsters waiting outside. rebel forces made up of militias divided along racial territorial and ideological lines also contained criminal elements and those seeking their own gain but this point there are differences the rebels who are gaining the upper hand. in the east coast this of anti imperialist national hero. took pride of place as flex of independent libya
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not seen since that. time of king get three where waged by jubilant crowds. by the end of august two thousand and eleven rebel forces would take tripoli libya's capital city and regime stronghold without defeat resistance many had anticipated less than three weeks later the n.t.s.c. was recognized by the un as libya's leader tim its governing go thirteen with tripoli lost get their feet retreated to his hometown of sirte but it too was now close to falling. the rebellion was closing in. and forget their feet time was running out. when the fears of a chord messages to his family he said there will go down in history as a hero. there will never leave my country and i left and i never left my country i never gave up. october twentieth two thousand and eleven nato aircraft attack
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a convoy of armored vehicles leaving cert. rebel fighters on the ground receive intelligence that a person of interest may be among those fleeing moments later. get their feet is found hiding in a drain pipe. khadafi fled and then the rebels chased him down. and tortured him. and murdered him. for some the final words of libya's brother leader moments before being killed showed the broken man frail and confused for others those words were of a desperate man clinging to delusion. until the last moment to you know he looks like he doesn't believe that what he was doing was wrong i mean. this why say what do they do to your record you destroy
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their life so you destroy the future of those people to have no future whatsoever. he symbolize a something to those who like him and those who dislike him or hate him those who picked up arms against him and those will be the bombers to defend and he's sitting there because in some kind of fear for them you know. the world was happy and though. i had the discussion at night with friends and i thought them will look you know the violence that happened with them might be the first chapter of a book that we're going to go through. if you live by the sword you die by the sword. retribution was meted out to those who fought for get that. some were killed. some paraded through the streets.
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others stake in a way their fates unknown. a gruesome and put in of to improve to leave and his supporters but then and that may not have been inevitable there were a series of negotiations right at the beginning right in that period when the u.n. security council authorized intervention and nato countries started the bombing and when the u.s. state department heard about this they said you need to stop those negotiations and one of the x. u.s. ex military officers who was engaged in those negotiations he said and he's quoted in the newspaper saying this if you were really serious about trying to protect civilians. and the violence wouldn't you give forty eight hours to see if they're serious about potentially agreeing to a cease fire why would we pull the plug rather than give them
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a chance to see if they're interested in peace. the fairy idea was to make as many people as possible believe that we that he's evil and once you believe he's an evil you don't accept the idea of talking to if there's a way to build and this one of the things that at least for me gilles least for sensible will she says the americans sort of the you got that we came we saw died. when gadhafi sent his tanks to benghazi to benghazi and still the you know there is no united nations resolution i ask a cousin of mine who was a dissident military man a card on know and he was a benghazi i told him with gadhafi sending his tanks what you're going to do. because we had french officers and benghazi including generals so i do think the
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french will lead their people die they took the arab league all the way to new york and the decision to bomb. libya was taken within a month it took them more than a year in bosnia and kosovo rwanda so i think the euro i think i need to respond here why did get deaf is sent a column of sixty kilometers of armed tanks and heavy equipment to benghazi on the nineteenth of march she was not where you think it was it happens and i just have they're not good it's not oh sorry you know a column to my sister to bring it back he was not going to celebrate with the benghazi people they're not going to live as if it was not let's get a look at you know i just witnessed this point he was not going there to give out gifts or strings on what's going there to destroy to take a city back or kill whoever stole your god is a question is i want to answer the couple shock or was this exaggerated by the media including you know just here and did gadhafi really commit
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massacres but i think i think i want to go back the west did not do anything during the tunisian revolution they did not good do anything huge option revolution clearly they are fed up with gadhafi and here's an opportunity for the deaf it to be removed and the libyan people are coming out and we are now used to the seventy kilometers of tanks and military if it wasn't going to attack been lousy the know that it definitely and of course leaders know that gadhafi is going to slaughter the libyans because he doesn't care what was in it for the west that's the question well i'll tell you what's in it the price. what what was and it is the price libya has a lot of resources gadhafi had a lot of cash a lot of investments libya has forty banks abroad that runs a sub banks of about two hundred banks including in new york and wall street but at that stage he had very good relationships with the west and he me he made the big deals like the deal in the desert with tony blair and b.p.
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and shell and all but he was that's why polls be coming back that's why would they want to get to know he was reluctant especially the french the french they promised them a ten billion euro or more hour or more and if you do it italy and it didn't do a thing sarkozy was frustrated the british were across american didn't care but there was a kind of a lot we are on the clintons that made miss clinton mrs clinton lead the way that the united states entered in this war but it was not the interest of the united states government it was the interest of some lobbies in the united states they think that if the united states have some action there would be more interest for those lobbies was talking about international intervention because even the un resolution well didn't talk what kind of about changing the regime did it or like oh it's about protecting course the civilians i was one of those throughout the revolution who come out and meet international media almost every day what we were
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telling western politicians and others and other politicians and the media that look good death is very brutal he's not going alley he hasn't left is not mubarak he's not given a power he's going to stick it out and kill as many people as possible to prevent his downside we used to say do you want another random massacre in north africa is that what you want because will the international community conscious carry that remember what happened in rwanda the world turned a blind eye a million people would be killed and the international community responded yes but that it wasn't there more and it was. motor's duty there was libya was a member of the united nation i don't think an hour away had to do anything with. arguments for and against the legitimacy of nato intervention were being drowned out as the mission to protect civilians crept into regime change.
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i'm his story is a for the but i mean every week a new cycle brings a series of breaking stories told through the eyes of the world's journalists these three reuters journalists were one of the few journalists in bama that were actually doing investigative work joined the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter immensely buys the rights to those stories but then he never publishes the stories they're listening post on al-jazeera in the lead up to the u.s. midterm elections we will be talking to the american people looking at key issues for voters from immigration to economic struggles to health care system to greece's and women's rights join us throughout oct for special coverage and analysis of the u.s. midterms on al-jazeera on behalf of her majesty's government i apologize reservedly
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a historic apology for one of british intelligence his darkest episodes but was it really the grievances that the libyans could be quite useful to the west seven years after the death of gadhafi al-jazeera world investigates western collusion with the libyan security services. gadhafi rendition and the west on al-jazeera. i don't nor taylor nandan were the top stories or not is there a u.s. president donald trump says it certainly looks like missing saudi journalist jamal khashoggi is dead and if this is the case they'll be severe consequences. your body should be dead. it certainly looks that way to me it's very sad very much
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so what are you hearing from our old one body not the little i have to be very severe i mean it's a bad bad stuff but we'll see what happens right thank you. international condemnation of saudi arabia is growing with the fox business network becoming the latest business to pull out of a future investment conference in saudi arabia next week earlier u.s. treasury secretary steve minutia and also pulled out of the summit dubbed the davos of the desert ministers from the u.k. netherlands and france have also decided not to take part. sacred state might pump aoe says the united states takes the disappearance of possible murder of very seriously and he wrapped up talks with saudi and turkish leaders from payors said saudi arabia will be given more time to complete its investigation before the us decides on its response. and back in istanbul turkey should best acacias of finished searching two of saudi arabia's diplomatic buildings investigators are
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turning their attention to the fifteen member saudi hit squad which they suspect carried out the killing the group is said to include a bodyguard of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound man and a saudi autopsy expert the taliban has claimed responsibility for an attack in southern afghanistan that killed three top officials the governor of kandahar province his top intelligence officer and police chief all died in the attack which happened just moments after they met the most senior u.s. commander in the country he was on home and russian investigators say the suspect in wednesday's attack in crimea may have had an accomplice twenty people were killed and more than fifty others injured after an explosion and shooting at a school in the eastern city of catch. the center left party is one big town's runoff parliamentary elections final results show that the d.n. tea party won thirty seats in the national assembly is the country's third election
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since embarrassing democracy in two thousand and eight the big picture continues next i have news after i had. the. need to intervention in libya had helped the rebels who withdrew and kilcullen mama you could have in. libya was now up for grabs is the leadership of france and qatar that took the united the arab league to new york and convinced everybody to do and everybody came in for the price and that's what we see up till now the libyan people the libyan people whatever their pains were whatever the operation was used against them they were a marginal factor in what happened in libya what happened i was still happens in libya and this is because the nature of libya this is not today this is seventeenth
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century this is then century this is the time of the greeks when they came and the romans the turks libya is a low potential country but with the arab interest in this arab countries what was the interest the egyptian was confuse and they were not in a position they could do anything and libya the who led it was qatar and then the gulf countries you know and they wanted to get rid of gadhafi every libya is developed on the mediterranean shore two hundred fifty kilometers from europe you know both sides well the gulf would be second hand in the area you're saying they. deliberately wanted instability they felt that the only country. that has the same potential boss not in the gulf council as libya it's out of control you know i'm not ruling out the country's interest in libya but we need to put it into perspective gaddafi was already doing business with french british italian and
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american companies their rights were always preserved by gadhafi and you know this very well so partly i think partly yes economic interest is always there but i think for an international alliance of forty five countries to support the u.n. resolution one thousand nine hundred three to go into libya and protect civilians and many many new norway took part norway's sent airplanes and fighters and took part so many countries took part in this alliance that cannot be explained you really by economic interests let's massacres messick as a happening all over the world yes and we don't see the need to intervening to protect civilians in other countries and then let's let's let's not forget that what happened and this is those eight months twenty seven thousand five hundred sorties with sixty thousand bombs and missiles on libya the destruction of libya and turning it from a state sovereign state into
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a territory that we see today it is the action of the international community that has to come back and try to help us reinstate the state. immediately after the fall of the gadhafi regime libya was under the stewardship of the national transitional council but in reality it was a torn patchwork of competing militias and there was with weapons. under pressure from western powers the m.d.c. ordered through parliamentary elections in july two thousand and twelve one by an outwardly liberal coalition the national forces alliance. the second biggest party to presented in the new parliament was the justice and construction party the political arm of the muslim brotherhood in libya. the empty sea was to give way to
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the gnc the general national congress which would be based in tripoli and given a mandate to govern for eighteen months before the election of a new government. but as libya moved to democratic rule moves were being made that would give the militias even greater power number one was the fateful decision by the transitional authorities to grant a state salary to anyone who had fought during the revolution so what we saw happen was a mushrooming of armed groups so the revolutionary big gates became even bigger and more powerful if a young person will become part of these military formations and he is making fifty percent more than a teacher has been teaching for the five years the only job opportunity is to be commission member libya became consumed by political and economic turf battles this
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is my money this is my territory this is my activity not yours and all those different groups whose contesting interests were suppressed or kadafi got a chance this. my turn now the other crucial event was a decision by. then leader of the national transitional council to concede to armed federalists and federalist being those who are seeking some form of autonomy for eastern libya they have become blockading a key road in central libya he capitulated to their demands and what was important about that was it was the first time in post gadhafi libya where the lesson was learned that force or the threat of force will give you political leverage with cummings is that the militias become much more powerful than the government so really there are many ways under the mercy of these of these militias.
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so that when gadhafi goes you find these are students in place for example. six. and the other thing was there was the militias of gadhafi and his children desire to protect them and these are the ones who they fought against the security yes the look of the future scuse me yes scuse me the. fifth of june while i was an opponent to gadhafi i went to his jail i was beaten on my legs on my hands by his people but let me let me be objective here the the libyan army in two thousand and eleven resisted for eight months three against twenty three thousand sorties is about in june fifth nine hundred sixty seven use only three thousand sorties so come on we're talking here to me when he said it wasn't the result this was the point he was they just because we're talking about we can why everybody what we didn't like the institutions of gadhafi we're like him being picked out
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dictator what is this to them but we cannot say that libya has no institutions i would say or i didn't like the institutions or i can ask you i know you were talking about the it's officially bad but it was not this is it evolution this is not does not have a leadership it does not have a plan for what you do afterwards you have this vacuum that isn't in place. and then here what happens that definitely opened of all his weapon arsenals so he spread out all the weapons in the hands of the people you get out seventy thousand criminals they're out of jail and they are mr rice this is the problem now these militias they've got used to money and salaries and power and influence and they grew and grew they must from their numbers at the beginning in two thousand and eleven there were about twenty thousand twenty five thousand of them present now at both now we have about a quarter of a million because every young man who was unemployed the best way
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a quickest way to get money is to go and join a militia militia life became very attractive. libya was a. by militias with conflicting interests. violence as political currency was carried out with impunity in sit down but two thousand and twelve the u.s. ambassador to libya chris stevens was killed during an alleged attack by the al qaeda affiliated and sort of should be our group on an american consulate facility in benghazi the kidnappings and the cessna nations we're now commonplace in a spring two thousand and thirteen violence really and implied was used to force through mulish solution that would favor some factions and weaken others. there was very much a sense in libya of victor's justice and one of the manifestations of this an issue this mindset was the drafting and passage in two thousand and thirteen of what is
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known in libya as the political isolation all and this was basically a hollowing out of expertise within key institutions of the state with. the unknown toe in the life or so on a cell will last and of either to have that again and if you had a job or to khadafi you could hold no role in the libyan political government toward wiping out the technocrats wiping out the nonpolitical people wiping up a competent people as well as wiping anybody with any relationship because. it was a power grab. in february two thousand and fourteen without public consultation or parliamentary vote the gnc extended its electoral mandate for one more year it was a fateful move that led to an exiled military man to launch his own challenge for power. after
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a former libyan army officer once part of the coup that ousted can get greece in one nine hundred sixty nine had been abandoned into. of the good that he's figured the war to see is dead a tree in one thousand nine hundred six after was rescued by the cia and given you a citizenship and returned to libya at the start of the two thousand and eleven uprising. general have to now look to still revolt against the gnc but his appeal to overthrow the tripoli government failed so he regrouped in the east. wing to restore order to a new list but. it was. completely unsafe and but you guys you to go out every day hundreds of people were killed assessing it. dana but it was it was a jungle i thought it was a complete choke up between different accounts who are fighting for control after decided he was going to try and put an end to all of this with his operation
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dignity campaign he pulled with him reaps of retired military personnel. and then others he would come on board and join what he called his libyan national army but which actually in reality was the least collection of revolutionary groups the militias as well on the ground in the east. he started the so-called dignity war against ghazi to get us to terrorists. in benghazi there was a sort of i was labeled by do not a nation as a terrorist group but there are also other groups when they're part of the revolution clearly they're nobody has labeled the most generous but they would all of them together and he start attacking them he has explicitly anti islamist engender anti the muslim brotherhood remember the mill. he says or. as a part of his rise of the start of this war in the east of libya triggered fears
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among some of those forces in the west of libya that he might be strong enough to take benghazi and eventually to mavin take over tripoli. powerful militias such as this intended brigades had common cause with after and the libyan national army the overthrow of the gnc in tripoli. visit any brigades move to seize tripoli airport a strategically important site but were counted by a collective of militias targeted by have to separate in dignity. this collective called itself libya drawn and stood in support of the gnc. operation dignity labeled libya dawn as terrorists libya drawn sword the leaders of operation dignity as anti revolutionary get the feel of the list. a new civil war was now being waged for control of libya running street battles shadowed by political infighting. the
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gnc has come to the end of history and following the elections in june two thousand and fourteen which were marred by widespread violence it was obliged to hand over power to the newly elected house of representatives to be based in benghazi shift in libya's government from west to east and shifting the balance of power from one bloc to another. the government was to move to benghazi once it had been elected but it didn't move to benghazi. said a decision was taken to move to the eastern town of tuck which in the view after his opponents was basically putting the parliament in even more deeply and hafter its territory the elections were in real life many of the islamist parties and the islamists could see that actually things were about to slip out of the hands of government refused to give up power the old parliament the new parliament which was in the east in the wrong place and were in charge now in libya began
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a period of two governments. countries like that in this day u.a.e. like egypt maybe even countries like qatar and turkey countries like france sided with one side against the other the general national congress and the people who are part of that group in tripoli and some of the most runs were supported at least politically and perhaps more by qatar and turkey and this government in the east of the house of representatives was supported at least politically and perhaps more by egypt and the emirates general went east received his commission from the house of representatives in the east and you had two competing governments neither of which had meaning for which i'm assuming neither which could deliver services neither which had national institutions operating national in the technocratic institutions on which libya depended most national or corporation. and
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the central bank of libya continue to function as they always have there was a pressure from the international community that you don't play with the center of that you don't play with the national oil company should keep them one the oil corporation continue to pump oil under the old contracts the money went to the central bank or would be the central bank of libya told it out to the poor you could have two groups fighting one another in the streets both paid for with salaries from the central. back and directed by neither government. or flow boosted cash flow but libya was being blown apart. the un whose decision to intervene in two thousand and eleven inadvertently led to the arming of militias look to broker a deal in december two thousand and fifteen to end the violence by creating
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a new government of national accord the g. and a but the tripoli based c.n.a. headed by prime minister faiza said russia was rejected by the have to back house of representatives and to go after would instead seek even greater power by taking control of libya's lifeline. oil it was clear that at some point he would try to control eastern oil infrastructure which he did at the moment that have to regain control of those eastern oil ports. it changed in terms of the way international actress viewed him when general half doris military advisor and family members came to me in november two thousand and sixteen shortly after the us elections they told me have to are intended to conquer the entire country of libya. fire all of the politicians and every element of who would be
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in political life run the country by military to create i said to myself where have i heard that before that sounds like more khadafi. i got a call from him from have to and he said you know can you talk to the americans. and i did talk to the americans and i went back to mrs jones the british. embassador and i think the fire was in her desk and she told me do you think a retired general with one make twenty one and thirty trucks can change things so i started communicating with john have their own good faith the only dispute that we had from the beginning that if it's war against terrorism that's fine but for the army take over the country we don't want to repeat the fifty years we had before those are two different things you know khalifa haftar initiated a full open war in benghazi with militia groups like the seventeenth of february the brigade alike are far less happy brigade and others these groups essentially
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were the revolutionaries who fought against gaddafi in two thousand and eleven letter and what they did they went into an alliance with internationally classified terrorist groups like and search area al qaida and later on in two thousand and fifteen that came in into benghazi as well to fight with them so now what we had we had khalifa haftar on one side leading the fight against a group of revolutionaries in an alliance with terrorist groups for me is a militia because we don't have any. legitimacy as an institution he is a retired general so he's like the people who they are on the other positions and of course in this he was supported by the egyptians or by the emeritus they were supporting him with weapons going against the embargo. of the united nation of i mean that's that's kind of support is very public now isn't it's very clear that
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. egypt and the u.a.e. and saudi arabia will there is another point i would like to add why is he supporters from these countries want to add you know the general have to a movement in benghazi did not happen before. rose says he came to power in egypt the egyptians wanted to guarantee there were some borders and they thought drawn to have to work and do the work that the option western from command could do so they were very generous with him with ammunition with guns and then saudi arabia came hesitant but the emirates came with full power and now i think the emirates have even more. more say their visions in the east our problem with have there is he still believes that the army should be in charge and he belongs to that old mentality the whole idea of the libyan revolution of two thousand and eleven is to get rid of that idea that the whole country is totally
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absorbed in one cult personality now fortunately and it's a great thing that in the whole west of libya you will never know in tripoli see a picture of any leader whatsoever you will not see people talking about individuals they talk about build exact state oh let's let's let's talk about tripoli instead of a cult one cult personality and we have two governments with you know it took us about a government in tripoli to it is indeed a government of national said rose yes who which militias supports this government and who supports a thoughtless in this this government came as a result of the libyan dialogue which took about a year and became from that the libyan political agreement which has been a defied by the security council and supported by the international community so solid government really wanted when it came in and to tripoli allowed the militias
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to take over if there is a government there who are running it but really there is i would not call it a government to be honest with you because again i mean they have no power. except when they come right decisions i mean there is a huge number of limitation book limitations yes they make them which they have statements and in the booklet missions there that's all they need and that's what they do the divisions in libya are not based on ethnic or religious or or sectarian factors that the divisions are purely political purely based on this agreement on how to share power and wealth. libya's politicians were failing to libyan people and failing to deliver basic services such as food fuel and security. face to face talks between prime minister said raj and general have to ring up with lobby in may two thousand and
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seventeen then again in paris a year later fell short of any roadmap to stability. most telling however was not what was discussed but where. as fighting continued in september two thousand and eighteen between rival militias seeking a share of libya's new libya's fate historically influenced by overseas powers once again looks to be resting foreign as well as libyan hands. france in particular seems to be leaning more heavily towards two months that the have to camp and to be giving their backing to have to mainly i think because they see in him a strong figure who can fight against terrorism he seems to be more of a force for stability the italians are the other really big player in libya on the other hand their most of their interests in libya are really in in the west of libya partly because that's where a lot of the main migration flows going into italy that's their point of departure
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is western libya but also because of italy has strong when i and some libyan gas libya's becoming broke see a kind of war without the military that it was the emirates egypt and to a certain extent saudi arabia. and then turkey sudan and cut in the other side and both of these sides have their own international. controllers if you like i mean if do you know it's easy once to solve the problem in libya they can do a trickle to a list the outside countries will leave us alone for some time early we libya's going to our sense and to be able to agree to save our country maybe we'll not be able to maybe unfortunately continue until we have no more weapons to fight each other. libya we knew before it's gone it's gone. all what we see
5:45 am
in front of us the scene. it's at the end it's taking us toward this and to going to show nothing is bringing the country back to unity and every day we are close to this final. wish the world innovation summit for health one community of two thousand health care experts in of ages and policymakers from one hundred countries. one experience sharing best practices and innovative ideas. one goal a healthier world through global collaboration.
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apply now to attend the twenty eighteen wish summit. hello again it's good to have you back we're going to be seeing a shift in temperatures here across australia what is happening is we have the system that's making its way across perth across the bite now ahead of the system we are going to see temperatures that are quite warm here for adelaide twenty five degrees a little bit more than average for this time of year with winds coming out of the north but once that system pushes through then we're going to see those temperatures go down and you can see the big difference here by saturday it's going to be about seventeen degrees and now here towards the east coast well temptress
5:47 am
not looking too bad it's going to be warm for brisbane where the term for the of twenty seven sydney is going to be about twenty nine as we go into the weekend well across north island and south island of new zealand really not looking too bad you're actually between two systems right now and we're going to see that eighteen but this is high pressure dominating that means really a lot of sun in the forecast here on friday and then as we go towards saturday picking up a few more clouds down here towards christ church with an expected temperature there of about twenty and then as we make our way towards another part of asia well we do see some rain showers here as cross japan that is going to continue really for the rest of day here on friday but by the time we get to saturday most of that rain pushes into the pacific and we're looking better we're told there were twenty two in some deicing a day of about nineteen. millions of people across india miss out on medical care but a hospital train is delivering doctors and hope to those most in need. when one of
5:48 am
these boards indios lifeline express. to zero. zero where every year. this is al jazeera. alone or in taters the al jazeera news hour live from london coming up. to offer to show these dead. it sure looks that way to me it's very sad pressure grows on
5:49 am
saudi arabia to reveal what happened to missing journalist jamal khashoggi as the u.s. president warns of severe consequences. his comments come as new pictures emerge of a bodyguard of saudi crown prince mohammed bin so at the center of the case of the missing journalist. a taliban attack kills one of afghanistan's most powerful security officials but it was a u.s. general who was the target. one of the world's youngest democracies has chosen a new government we have a special report from the mountain kingdom of bhutan. and in sport an international cricketer has confessed to his role in a spot fixing scandal in england following an al-jazeera investigation to gnash canaria pakistan's most successful spin bowler in test matches has decided to come clean.
5:50 am
the u.s. president donald trump has said he now believes journalist jamal khashoggi is dead and warned of very severe consequences if saudi arabia is proved to be responsible his announcement comes as u.s. treasury secretary steven minucci and withdrew from a saudi investment conference dubbed divorce in the desert as it stands turkish investigators have finished searching two of saudi arabia's diplomatic buildings in istanbul they reportedly found quote important samples including fingerprints belonging to salem mohammed of to baby a saudi autopsy expert showed she was last seen entering the consulate on october second and eleven minute order recording from inside that building has been leaked to turkish media which suggests it was attacked and killed inside the building and i see it as a now turning their attention to the fifteen member saudi hit squad which they suspect carried out the killing as well as of today the group is said to include a bodyguard of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin simon own fisher reports
5:51 am
washington d.c. . he's been briefed by his secretary of state know donald trump believes jamal khashoggi is that it certainly looks that way to me it's very sad to live like so he says the wait for the investigations to be delivered but there will be consequences well it'll have to be very severe i mean it's a bad bad stuff but we'll see what happens mike bumpier arrived back from his trip to saudi arabia and turkey and met with the president first thing on thursday he says both sides promised to fill transparent investigations they also assured me that they will conduct a complete thorough. investigation of all of the facts surrounding mr to show you that they will do so to timely fashion and that this report itself will be transparent campaigning in colorado vice president mike pence insisted they will wait for the results of the study investigation but the president knows he might have to take firm action when we have that information and we won't soley rely on
5:52 am
that information we'll collect all the evidence and then the president have a decision to make about what the proper course of action is for us going forward but the world deserves answers and washington d.c. jamal khashoggi was the main topic is middle east experts gather to discuss the implications of his disappearance for relations with the u.s. this court's on the table all those issues that the west has opted to impune or for decades and not just in saudi arabia but across the region and so you wonder if this is the beginning of a turning point the washington post on thursday published an opinion piece written by jamal khashoggi and sent by his assistant the day after his disappearance prophetically he criticizes the lack of international response to the abuse of journalists and out of countries like saudi arabia and egypt writing these actions no longer carry the consequences of a backlash from the international community instead. these actions may trigger
5:53 am
condemnation quickly followed by silence as a result he continues arab governments have been given free rein to continue silencing the media at an increasing rate. reminding the u.s. they cannot turn their back on this incident no matter how strong the historic ties alan fischer al-jazeera washington. well a new development of the new york times is reporting that the rulers of saudi arabia considering blaming a top intelligence official close to crown prince mohammed bin soundman for the killing of their newspaper says medina syria close adviser to the crown prince could be cited as being behind it so i'm christian and is live from outside of saudi consulate in istanbul and to go back to the investigation itself or what's the latest on that and. we'll aside from those thorough searches of the consulate behind me and also the consul's residence there has been
5:54 am
some activity on the outskirts of istanbul in a forest of the northwest on the european side of the bosphorus and that is a search for unknown. elements effectively and also examination of traffic camera footage and also areas in farming. district not far from the lova in fact in yellow and surrounding areas and also impending these are unknown inquiries but effectively it's the extended part of this very thorough examination which the justice minister had said george a news conference on thursday that he was absolutely convinced that this was a very thorough inquiry a very intensive one even though it had been delayed by what he called multiple agencies and complications in getting permissions for the various work the forensic
5:55 am
offices did and he also pointed out that as far as he was concerned every aspect of international law had been followed now whatever is being said by the new york times journalist siri is not a figure who's being certainly pointed out here by the sources we've. can to be gauged in the prosecution of inquiry and what one figure in particular is standing out who's been photographed and the pictures have been released from c.c.t.v. surveillance they have been released by a pro-government newspaper and the key person in all of this is my high abdel aziz much rib and he is a former intelligence official he had served in the saudi embassy in london ten years ago and he's been seen on many occasions close to crown prince mohammed
5:56 am
bin sama and he is also been seen in a number of other roles within the royal household he's a key figure there's no doubt about it and there are three others on the suspect list who are close to the royal household so a lot of people all a lot of observers diplomatically and legal observers are saying that it's going to be very hard for the crown prince to distance himself from these people if they are indeed named as they're expected to be as being chief suspects and possibly even even facing charges and possible. legal moves to bring them back to his tumbled stand just as all of this is further down the line but as far as the inquiry team is concerned we're hearing that they are on course and they're doing it at their own pace at a very very intensive level understands instable thank you very much. european leaders have been speaking about jamal khashoggi is disappearance and what it could mean for future saudi relations jenna how has the his from brussels. if there's
5:57 am
been concern about a slow response by european nations at a political level to the alleged murder of jamal khashoggi well that may be changing britain france and the netherlands have all announced that they're withdrawing their ministerial level delegations to that financial investment summit or davos in the desert as it's been dubbed citing that now is simply not the time for that level of engagement this was what french president emmanuel macron had to say. leafy. the facts we know today are mr g. string the serious and worrying we expect to throw light on this matter we have had exchanges with saudi authorities to clarify all this but in the current circumstances we have sides a postponement political visits including that of our economy minister european countries of course faced something of a quandary in their response to saudi arabia do they go in hard on riyadh demanding answers threatening action risking the possibility of wrecking lucrative trade and
5:58 am
investment ties particularly in the sale of arms and also very valuable intelligence contacts that have been credited with water going number of attacks on european soil or do they stand behind that much from put to value of the european union the global rules based system casting all else to one side well it seems they are making their minds up now even though the call continues to go out for a into in independent investigation this was donald tusk the president of the e.u. council earlier. we need an open transparent and investigational it's all in the best interests of the thoughts of the other and outside the european union but nevertheless watching closely the russian president vladimir putin wary also of a rush to judgment. first of all we should wait for the results of the
5:59 am
investigations how can we russia is start to. spoiling our relationship with saudi arabia without knowing what in fact happened. what may happen in future will nobody is quite waiting of us for the investigation to calm clues of one clue though comes from a close ally of angela merkel speaking in berlin on wednesday he said europe may have to adjust its relations with saudi arabia. in your speech al-jazeera senior political analyst. i began by asking him about the significance of u.s. treasury secretary steve pulling out of the saudi investment conference it's a huge development basically that's the end of the road for that so-called davos in the desert once the europeans pulled out it was clear that the united states is going to follow suit and once the united states does it's clearly putting the saudi leaders on the spot this is no longer simply asking them to investigate themselves now they're saying we cannot be seen with you in riyadh while the investigation is
6:00 am
going on in turkey and i think all others banks corporation and so on so forth will eventually follow because if you are a minutia or you are a liam fox in the u.k. you don't want to be seen in riyadh when the investigation result is being voiced out of our istanbul and you are sitting with those who are accused of murder so i mean one of the links that has been made is clearly between this whole episode and the crown prince mohammed bin son and people like lindsey graham in the states that are said he's he's the problem and we shouldn't be dealing with him at what point does that kind of does that link get made do you think by the white house or i mean has it already been made look i think there are two things that we have to distinguish between and there this is very important one is american so did relations the second is american relations with saudi arabia through mohammed bin solomon you see america likes reliable.


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