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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 19, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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those as we go forward charles thank you well aside from the u.s. treasury secretary many other big names of pulled out of saudi arabia's major investment conference next week dubbed davos in the desert among them the top e.u. politicians they include the french and dutch finance ministers and the british trade secretary the international monetary fund's christine lagarde is also out as are the c.e.o.'s of j.p. morgan chase and the blackstone group that's a u.s. based financial services company and media partners have also withdrawn including c.n.n. c. and b. c. the financial times the new york times and the los angeles times from san suspended political visits to saudi arabia other e.u. leaders have also voiced concerns john a whole as the latest from brussels. if there's been concern about a slow response by european nations at a political level to the alleged murder of jamal kershaw g. well that may be changing britain france and the netherlands of all announced that they're withdrawing their ministerial level delegations to that financial
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investment summit of davos in the desert as it's been dubbed citing that now is simply not the time for that level of engagement this was what french president emmanuel macron had to say. leafy. the facts we know today are mr g. extremely serious and worrying we expect is fairly light on this matter we have had exchanges with saudi authorities to clarify all this but in the current circumstances we have sides a postponement political visits including that of our economy minister european countries of course faced something of a quandary in their response to saudi arabia do they go in hard on riyadh demanding answers threatening action risking the possibility of wrecking lucrative trade and investment ties particularly in the sale of arms and also very valuable intelligence contacts that have been credited with water going number of attacks on european soil or do they stand behind that much from put to value of the european
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union the global rules based system casting all else to one side well it seems they are making their minds up now even though the call continues to go out for a into in the independent investigation this was donald tusk the president of the e.u. council earlier. we need an open transparent and investigation it's in all will all the best interests of the thoughts of the other and outside the european union but nevertheless watching closely the russian president vladimir putin wary also of a rush to judgment. first of all we should wait for the results of the investigations how can we russia is start to spoiling our relationship with saudi arabia with our not with what in fact happen there. what may happen in future when nobody is quite waiting of a thing for the investigation to calm clue of one clue though comes from
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a close ally of angela merkel speaking in berlin on wednesday he said europe may have to adjust its relations with saudi arabia. meanwhile twitter has pulled several accounts that were apparently pushing a pro saudi government agenda following the disappearance of jamal khashoggi their counsel being taken down by violating spam rules a us broadcast network handed over a list of accounts to twitter which have been tweeting the same pro-government messages at the same time what's amish at heart as associate professor of middle eastern studies at the university of oklahoma he says the bots were created to influence public opinion on the case inside saudi arabia the tweets were both in arabic and in english but this crisis has not only affected how people outside of saudi arabia look at mine there is a great fear i think inside saudi arabia that this will negatively affect his popularity in standing inside the kingdom especially if there are negative economic
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consequences associated with this gruesome act and we've seen them already and so if saudis then hold him responsible for negative economic consequences to their country that's quite concerning so i think these these tweets are primarily directed at saudis to try to sow doubt in their mind that mohammed bin some line in the saudi government are responsible for this and therefore not to blame them for this crisis. amnesty international is calling on tennis stars rafael nadal and novak djokovic to pull out of an exhibition match in saudi arabia in december the king selman tennis championship was announced shortly after the disappearance of the saudi journalist. the pair who were set to take home at least a million dollars for the one of matching jedda at both tweeted they're looking forward to it with the amnesty wants them to use their global popularity draw attention to the country's poor human rights record. time for a short break here al-jazeera when we come back the world's youngest democracy
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elects a new government we report from the mountain nation of bhutan on that stay with us . through tranquil arabian can you. find in on can free routines and if any should go on to live. hello again welcome back we're here cross a live on we're seeing plenty of clouds across turkey syria as well as iraq and you can see on sally right there within those clouds we could even be seeing a rain shower too over the next few days winds are coming out of the south which means relatively warm air there so for baghdad it's going to be cloudy day here on friday with temperatures about thirty six then as we go towards saturday we are picking up more moisture across the region so more showers particular over here toward syria as well as into central parts of turkey now speaking of rain showers with had rain showers across the gulf we still see some clouds here we see those
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darker spots and in those darker spots we could be picking up a rain shower too we did have that dough in doha here on thursday showers down here towards the southwest as well and then as we go towards saturday we're going to start to see things clear up just a little bit temperatures into the mid thirty's maybe abu dhabi at thirty four miscount a nice day for you at about thirty degrees there and then very quickly as make way down here towards the southern part of africa well cool for cape town you see the clouds right there along the coast but up towards the north we are looking at johannesburg seeing sunny skies you at twenty seven but that does not last long we're going to be picking up some more rain and clouds in your forecast as well as durban cooling off with a temperature there of about one thousand degrees. the weather sponsored by cats on race. whether online or humanitarians been taken down is going to require told you about the numbers on a spreadsheet or if you join us on sat i guarantee no one apple has a back story like yours this is a dialogue i'm just tired of seeing negative stereotypes about native americans
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everyone has a voice resurfacing that's got commentary questions i'll do my best to bring that into the cell join the global conversation on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here this hour u.s. president donald trump for the first time publicly acknowledged the saudi journey. is likely to be dead he's warned saudi arabia of severe consequences which responsible. top politicians from the united states have pulled out of a major saudi investment conference next week and more than forty u.s. politicians of call for sanctions against saudi arabia in
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a letter addressed to president trump. and saudi crown prince has denied any knowledge of what happened but al jazeera has meant that one of his bodyguards was allegedly in charge of the operation which involved fifteen men. now a shooting in afghanistan's southern province of kandahar has left three government officials dead the local intelligence chief the police chief and the governor were all killed in the latest violence ahead of saturday's parliamentary election three americans were also injured in the attack on the governor's compound the taliban have claimed responsibility well among the dead was also a top afghan security commander general abdul razak had previously survived numerous attempts on his life the taliban have repeatedly threatened to disrupt saturday's vote for the u.s. defense secretary james mattis says the killing of the top afghan security command it will not shake u.s. commitment i've met general result. if the loss of
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a patriot but we remain absolutely committed. to an afghan led afghan reconsolidation. we need to fight. but right now. we are going toward the election and we will continue to defend the people. from kabul. this is a major setback for the afghan government because in one single attack. lost three senior local government officials in the heart. for example the top police command was on top of the hit list for the taliban for quite some time here he survived many suicide bombing attacks and his father was killed in an attack by the taliban who's known for his staunch anti taliban stand saying that there's absolutely no way that can play in a future role in afghanistan and the attack also highlights of the challenges that
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the americans the afghan government and nature will face in the near future also comes against the backdrop of the upcoming elections many people how to hope that those if the saturday elections could pave the way for more stability and you parliament there could tackle the problems the afghan government faces particularly inefficient governance corruption and the need to find job opportunities for millions of people i think after this attack people would have questions about whether it's safe or not to go and cast their votes on saturday china's economic slowdown is deepening as it's trade war with the united states gets worse the world's second biggest economy grew six point five percent in the third quarter of this year that's his weakest quarterly growth since the global financial crisis in two thousand and nine the chinese economy has also started coming under pressure from u.s. tariffs on more than two hundred fifty billion dollars of its exports in the majors
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threatening to cut ties with neighboring australia over relocating its embassy in frail australia's prime minister says he's considering the move from tel aviv to jerusalem that's despite a warning the shift may provoke protests in gaza and the west bank under thomas's move from sydney. a spokesperson for in these years foreign affairs ministry said that the issue of palestine is very important to indonesia and the people of indonesia and said that depending on what australia did with its embassy in israel they would adjust their policy or action without spelling out exactly what that meant could in effect a free trade agreement between indonesia and australia which is in its final stages in the go see action could it influence whether military cooperation continues between the two countries he didn't spell that out in a more candid exchange of text messages that have been links between the nation's foreign affairs minister and australia indonesia has told australia's that any move
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of australia's embassy in israel would be a slap in indonesia's face and will affect bilateral relations and scott morrison australia's prime minister announced that he was considering moving australia's embassy in israel on tuesday and that immediately spot accusations that he was doing it for political reasons on saturday there was an important by election in sydney in a city that has a very high jewish population twelve and a half percent cynics say that he was announcing this consideration of a move of the embassy because of that by election which is an important one because the government to lose it it would take away the majority in parliament it's also now been revealed that on monday australia's intelligence services warned the prime minister of potential unrest even violence in gaza and the west bank australia took in for its move of its embassy scott morrison the prime minister says at the moment there is no suggestion that's going to be violence based on what he has announced
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as a consideration and that's all it is at the moment just considering a move nothing definite has been decided now it has one of the youngest democracies in the world and now bush term has chosen a new government the d.m.t. party got the narrow victory over its main rival in the national assembly seventy third democratic election held by the himalayan kingdom the barker has more from power. democracy in action high in the himalayas it is a colorful occasion national dress must be worn ten years ago the former king of bhutan ordered the country to embrace democracy is the nation's third election like three times ancient traditions democracy is now also a fiercely guarded part of booting the society jobs the a bar mint and economic growth are all at the forefront of voters' concerns. the main issues facing us farmers are safe drinking water supply irrigation water
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and agriculture it's also important to look after youth many of whom are unemployed . the most important thing in this election is voting for a party or a candidate that would make my nation economically srong and would best look after the welfare of the people of bhutan for sharing zambo it's a time to meet old friends she remembers the days before democracy before time opened up to the outside world. things were really great under the monarchy peace and happiness and the country enjoyed great progress which have a party which is there must be no hatred or division among our people. voters chose between two political parties the d.t.p. which formed the first government in two thousand and eight and the d n t political newcomers there's little separating the politically at the center of every party's political manifesto is the pursuit of happiness is the only country in the world to
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measure success through economic output but through gross national happiness which translates as good governance a balance between work and pleasure economic growth and nature it's a pursuit that has its roots of buddhism widely practiced bhutan. the country is steeped in tradition and belief in the past ten years it's had to contend with a new ideology democracy return has seen the type of confrontational sometimes divisive politics that exists in neighboring india the world's largest democracy and elsewhere in the world and is worried about it coming here there are also concerns over social media's impact on politics and traditions election candidates have even complained about fake news appearing online many in bhutan are still waiting to see where their pursuit of happiness and the road of democracy meet leave barca al-jazeera pyro bhutan. well kind of funny as planning to change
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a controversial sentencing system the so-called three strikes and you're out policy that so some people ending up in jail for life as reynolds reports the state will now allow thousands of inmates to seek parole. three strikes and you're out a term taken from the american sport of baseball has been and life behind bars for thousands of nonviolent repeat offenders in california studies indicate nonviolent inmates imprisoned under the law which was enacted in one nine hundred ninety four are disproportionately black and many are mentally ill some are serving life sentences for offenses as trivial as shoplifting stealing a bottle of liquor or possessing small amounts of narcotics now california plans to allow approximately four thousand third strike inmates to seek parole none are guaranteed release and a corrections department spokeswoman said they will undergo rigorous public safety
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screening before parole board decisions are made california voters approved changing the three strikes law two years ago but the state's governor jerry brown has challenged the changes in court brown has agreed to drop further legal action lawyers representing nonviolent offenders sentenced under the law called the decision monumental what this really does is it recognizes that some of these people are the lowest risk prisoners and the california state prison system they have. done it immense amount of programming they've done i meant about education work while they're in prison and by by the prison systems own risk assessment these people are disproportionately low risk to re-offend once they're released in the community. state records show that nonviolent third strike prisoners released in an earlier round of paroles were much less likely to commit additional crimes once they were back in society. twenty seven u.s.
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states besides california have three strikes and you're out laws they were in acted during a time when it was very politically popular to appear tough on crime there had been an epidemic of violence due to crack cocaine in many american cities in the late one nine hundred eighty s. and early one nine hundred ninety s. and these laws were passed at that time since then of course the crime rate nationwide has dropped very significantly and social scientists and criminologist are still trying to figure out the reasons for that decline rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles. times are pictures of the headlines here on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has for the first time publicly acknowledged that saudi journalists like him to be dead he's one saudi arabia of severe consequences if
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it's found responsible and sect of state is awesome to give riyadh more time before deciding on what to do next. we made clear to them that we take this matter with respect mr show you very seriously they made clear to me that they too understand the serious nature of the disappearance of mystic shogi they also assured me that they will conduct a complete thorough. investigation of all of the facts surrounding mr to show that they will do so at a timely fashion and we have a long since nine hundred thirty two long strategic relationship with the kingdom of saudi arabia they continue to be important counterterrorism partner they have custody of the two holy sites they are an important strategic alliance of the united states and we need to be mindful of that as well. the saudi crown prince has denied any knowledge of what happened but al jazeera has learned that one of his bodyguard was allegedly in charge of the operation which in both fifteen men on
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this day internationals calling for the u.n. to establish an investigation the reason that we need to do anything he actually need to be begin to think things he can eat conditions actually do something so it's not that we give enough and we do and even though we do think that it is they only even once in ten years and dissidents and eat half the time and time again and they stimulate to me this is the way to get involved in that is roughly to do right now because every time he listens to me he was actually going to be to enable another tragedy and literacy skills in the new population thinking that everything will be. a number of senior european union politicians have pulled out of a major saudi investment conference next week and more than forty members of the u.s. congress have written to president trump calling for sanctions against saudi arabia
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right those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera also the strange statement that's watching. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. i am from the i can and you're in the stream three. member states are being brutally murdered in the past year causing some industry experts to wonder whether this is the start of a trend or explore each of these cases and what they mean for the future of press freedom in the region but first here's al-jazeera with more. victoria marin over looks like the latest grim statistic in the dangerous world of
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journalism her body discovered in the bulgarian town where she was investigating the corrupt misuse of european union funds she joins the likes of daphne. blown up near her home in malta by a car bomb john ku's yack shot dead outside his home in slovakia punitive runs at over ninety percent most people think. it's likely they'll get away with killing a journalist and what often happens is maybe the killer gets core but the intellectual mastermind the person who planned it the person who prayed for it the person who instructed it they get away scot free and indeed many of them become political leaders in different countries around the world or certainly people with a high up in business or high up in corporation. not only is there a dwindling political defensively reporting but increasingly an apparent acceptance that digging for stories may result in physical harm. so what can be done to ensure
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accountability in each of these investigations and of course protect journalists working to expose corruption to help us explore these questions were important. joins us now from london william is the media freedom representative for the association of european journalists he's also the is national director for freedom of the media at the university of sheffield and with the latest on the murder of a like a modern over and explain the debate about whether her murder was tied to her work as it is cheap enough is the editor in chief of biz or not b.g. that's an online newspaper he's also an outgoing board member of the organized crime and corruption reporting project c c r p is good gentleman to have you here in the stream of fort lee for a very tragic story after this first of all what do we actually know about the murder itself what if you've been out to glean what you feel is actually true. what we call from do authorities. the murder. and the does
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it not they're not related to the work. they suspect. or from just my naivete who was the. one she did this but it's still not clear what it's so we're likely to know more about or about his motives and details of. the investigation sure what kind of what took victoria do you what kind of t.v. journalist washing. oh shit she was a t.v. host she was not investigative journalist technically she was house think. a shawl . maybe a more life style show but i want to marcel show. problems and all the. journalists in our exposing career exposing her.
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problems of the society and she was very engaged with people with disabilities if you look at. the show that she was wearing the black fisher saying the system is killing us this is the bishop who had invited by by the mothers of. children with disabilities who tried to have a fire. by the state so she was really engaged and and the last. the last show shipley bad. its name to detector was turned to investigative journalism and she planned with her. team to to make it an investigative journalist in shock. and in the first role she invited two journalists one from our website and one problem a man you have. that. they were working together on investigation with.
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you. so she's looking into corruption violence and you are looking she started looking into corruption and i think she was very sensible to this because she cited in her last words on the t.v. show we don't think she really she she was well. sure sure sure sure not. in germany. but if she was in germany a bit like what i'm doing today when she's talking to people about corruption and talking about investigation exactly. let me let me just bring this in here because we've got lots of comments about what happened to victoria and this one comes in from dr wright is that and she says because he has been ranked one hundred eleventh in the world by some press freedom by reporters without borders around worse than all the you e.u. countries and all balkan countries which are aspiring members harassment is common
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we in let me just bring you into the conversation here can we make a connection here between what may have happened to victoria because she was a journalist and the reporting atmosphere in bulgaria. i think i'm just gonna bring in william because i'm interested in his thoughts i come right back to you to have william. yeah ok i think the suspicion is suspicion is the jumping to conclusion that it is a sense about the killing of victoria not in nova arises from two things one is the large number of contract killings against journalists in europe in the last couple of years and going back to anna politkovskaya in russia over fifteen years ago. and the other is you know the fact that this the investigations into systematic e.u. fraud for the e.u. monies going to bulgaria is a story that goes back many years and clearly many people in the top little
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compositions have got a lot to answer for and they. are curious this accused many times of a covering up and making accusing and excluded journalists to investigate and indeed you know making making their own kind of private kleptocracy in a sense based on you front so the public suspicion is very high that when big very big public demonstrations not only recently a very nervous kelly but over the over the last couple of years on this show a couple of things t.v. audience are watching this right now this is maria sparrow has tweeted maria as a journalist is what al-jazeera from time to time and i'm just going to show you some of how the public small group acting to victoria's death rituals are is about has an interesting comment to make on this kind of wind up this whole section right here elsa says journey sufficing a plethora of hundreds working in
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a climate of political instability and need a system that one has proposed camillus rejection of any government control a policy interventions i decide to follow western journalists norms and trends i have to tell you that the toil show that she started russia was looking into investigation and corruption is going to continue or even. victoria has passed away that is her legacy afghanistan q very much we will keep an eye on this investigation william i'm going to ask you to stick around with us as we move our discussion to slovakia and the deaths of journalists because the ad and his partner martinez has no over who were killed in february now at the time al jazeera charlotte bellis report human nature of his work well it. could been investigating suspected corruption between the italian mafia and people close to prime minister robert. yon cruz iraq expose the activities of people
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connected to the italian mafia and their business and slovak year especially when it comes to the drawdown of e.u. funds various government contracts suspicions of tax fraud blackmailing. that's a dangerous and you. said you know. so mounting public pressure and calls for justice eventually led to the resignation of the then prime minister robert fico adults government and in september prosecutors charged three people with the killing of cosi at rover drew sullivan is the editor and co-founder of the previously mentioned o.c.c. r.p. he joins us from sario welcome i'm wondering if this case if is this a win is a success is this justice here because an administration had to step down. well it's. the administration step down but the that as mirrors deep party is still in
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charge so robert feeds those political party is still in charge and controlling things so so it really hasn't changed and they've you know changed the faces but it's still the same power structure can you remind us because these are stories that we don't always notice these killings of journalists in different parts of the world but the e.u. countries are going under the radar what happened to arm and what happened to respond. well yon was reporting was looking into you know robert vito's assistant who worked for a book previously to him with the italian mafia and so he was investigating and drug it up its ties to this american little party its ties to the power structure looking at their use of european funds in farm subsidies and electrical you know green power subsidies and how they had. amassed
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a large amount of money over seventy million dollars from these types of funds and so he was really looking at the the the classic area that gets you in trouble which is that nexus of organized crime and political corruption and that's the really the most dangerous place to be and in a sense you know journalists like yawned they're really canaries in a coal mine because when you've got these really serious nexuses you know operating you know that you don't the public may not know about them and so when a reporter way kyon ventures into that territory and gets killed we realize that the corruption and the problems are much more severe than we thought when we said this with you i think what's different now when we look at things as a journalist is that there is a community of journalists around the public who care about the work around. brass tacks so there's over yonder and that's peace
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a body he. says more than three hundred journalists signed a statement expressing dissatisfaction with the investigation the murder of our martina as well as political changes in the slovak republic how much pressure is this continuing to put on the administration on the authorities. well we love to think that it's putting a lot of pressure on the authorities but really there isn't i mean the whole investigation is being controlled by you know the ruling parties there and so they pretty much can control who get you know charge with things and who doesn't sell you know yarn was working with thoughts on this last story before he died and you know well we understand is that you know the and i'm going to mafia is embedded in you know large parts of europe and they go into places like eastern slovakia which are not particularly democratic or us as to gated places and they're easily
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with large amounts of money able to build an infrastructure in these areas that you know fund political parties and you know pay off policemen and other government officials and sorts of it really is a toxic environment that's very difficult to report in and then a lot of the media in slovakia and in other places you know a good example is a town of says garia are controlled by oligarchs and by people who are close to the political power structures so it's really not a good environment for journalists right now and it's very dangerous to operate within limits you could get to approve items of that of loved up i think it's going to say i think it's the idea of it is talking about a kind of state capture effect that all the authorities the the. political leaders judiciary the police the bubble will be investigated is kind of together so although you suspect so that you get arrested. because the the.
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suspicion is that in the end you know the hit man made may or may not be. charged but the most of. what we're seeing is this kind of atmosphere of unity the kind of new or new. kind of work talk received spreading in a sense from russia in the former soviet union and it's getting just pretty close now it's inside the european union we'll see from stories in malta and so on how similar things are happening like the one that happened to john paul two actually i'm already in earlier this year in russia or a couple of others the year before he was throat all the way he he fell from the fifth floor balcony he was investigating corruption in the highest levels of the russian state and mercenaries operating russian most recent so really the kind of thing that governments don't want exposed sort of things happening in turkey and
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it's now becoming rather pervasive i want to bring up just to run a political paint. loss tory italian mafia has tentacles into slovak politics just so that people who are watching this right now can see the kind of reporting he was doing and the kind of reporting that got him into trouble truth banking editor and co-founder of the. final we had to motor and the out of us here that can be seen as a merger and my co-host on tuesday sent us this report from the letter. it's easy. to. see.
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the motives government has offered a one million year reward to anyone who can provide information useful to the investigation but daphne's family remains skeptical about its commitment to resolving the case so murphy recently told the independent newspaper it appears that absolutely nothing is happening when we ask for updates the response and prosecutor was to mock us publicly in paris france to explain the situation and demand to obtain justice for the f.a. wrong richard is the founder and executive director of for britain stories and that is a collaborative journalism network working on behalf of journalists who are threatened jailed or killed worldwide though and it's good to have you in this conversation
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i'm going to start straight away live on new people watching you tube right now because venom imus on you cheap daphne. was one of the most well known journalists and mortar working to expose corruption and criminal activity i've also heard it described as a one woman with a wiki leaks a woman that wiki leaks how would you talk about to people who don't know how to work. well good evening daphne was a fearless reporter she was one of the very unique free voice voices in the in multimedia any island where there is a high level of corruption and she was very yes she was a fearless investigates reporter she was to be issuing very critical stories for the public opinion and not only for the multis opinion not only for the multi citizens but for european cities and she was investigating the critical issue such as organized crime corruption and money laundering and she was very very
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a learned she was facing a lot of threats just before being killed she was facing fifty six libel cases just against her so that tell you about the environment and use eco system in my time and how difficult it is to do to be an investigative journalist in this island in the middle of a few opinions so my colleague melissa was actually reporting from or to see that she wasn't reported more she was on vacation and mortar which is often how people think about malta as a vacation spot somewhere to go to enjoy the weather enjoy the mediterranean so does a disconnect between what mortar is like if you live there and what most is like when you visit that can you explain that and that's a problem i think we need to reconnect what with what micah is matter is that is a country where in the middle of europe which is a member state and where you can find a lot a lot of corruption with the panorama papers we were able to know and to discover that some staff member inside the government do have some bank account and some
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offshore camp any and their student plays even with all these investigations how many journalists are all over the world so this is a kind of country where there is a high level of infinity we are right now one year after the killing of dusty and there are two people arrested and we don't know we still know he's a mastermind. we know one thing that the all fishel investigation doesn't go so far too far so that's a kind of problem and as reporter we were running in forbidden stories a massive collaborative investigation with forty five reporters from eighteen years ago in organization based in fifteen countries we did ask some interviews from the like is going round and nobody. there to answer for us all question the really accept any kind of interview with us and this is kind of problem in a democracy where people need to answer a question from john it is because we are working for the public interest is of our
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set on twitter she moved her right now it's so easy to kill a woman in particular a vocal woman who disagrees with one's feelings and motor i was thinking also of the irish investigative journalist veronica getting who was shot by a motorcyclist to the window of her car a traffic light small doubling that is a horrible way to die though the way that daphne died as well would you mind just recapping that for us it's a horrible thing to explain but i think it's important for everyone to know absolutely because the kind of killing it's really important to describe because they didn't not only killed after they they placed a bomb under the seat of the car or daphne it was in the beginning of the afternoon she said goodbye to her son and then the explosion and she died immediately but by by killing her like that they were not only killing daphne i want to get into unless to get in court or they were sending
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a strong signal to many people in europe that we can't do less like that we can use a bomb in the middle of european and kill investigative journalists we still don't know who killed off and we still don't know who is a mastermind we don't have the evidence of who is the mastermind as a reporter but we we still need to get the government talking and answering or is on some very critical information and the daphne project was not only about we investigating the killing but we did think that it's very important to complete the rock of the afternoon and to and to think about the story she was working on to continue a rock. raghavan cent says they support me and i'll put this one to you for justice for daphne every single person involved in the planning the civil tainting and carrying out her assassination would be identified and prosecuted to the full extent of the law and protection and secure for journalists continue to do investigative reporting and more to how realistic is that it shouldn't be that
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difficult in an e.u. country or in any country really doesn't really matter here in the e.u. or not i'm going to bring in william here just to see what is his perspective i think perhaps we have well i mean you talk to people in bolton who know about the situation and there is a complete veil of silence on the police investigators of every possible lead they have witnesses who can talk about the movements of the people who were arrested they know exactly how it was done by remote control from a boat off shore all this time and they visited the house overnight and these things are clearly in the public domain is actually a film made by italian directive which spells out the story what's happening is that the because of the political it pretty his isolation of the judiciary and the police it's impossible to get the good at the story and the worst thing of all is that the egyptian issues of europe e.u.
1:44 pm
in particular effectively are allowing this to continue even though they have group of more expeditions there and they're now investigating at last the corruption the banking system it doesn't touch the basic problem and. governments like multi go on trusting in their only community because they're not held to account by other countries we've got it we've got so many question tonight all right i asked we we need to talk about this and this includes him or his imprinting on a country cannot and if we were having some institution in europe. we're stronger on corruption issues on organized crime and probably are too lax on drugs and that's why we have some journalists who have been killed because they are investigating the very serious and critical stories for the public opinion and now we have been in pretty to situation in mozart we have a lot of european parliament to consider if you rob statesman's but the situation
1:45 pm
is in place the poor the people are still in charge in poorer so that's that's that's a problem but i know when i want to watch you very quickly i want to ask you very quickly because we're running out of time on the show and it's very very important looking at my laptop everybody for a bit and stories is dedicated to journalists who were assassinated while they were doing their work this is an interesting project that you've been working on and you've also got the daphne project one year after in a sentence can explain what we will see if we go here well we've forbidden stories is a nonprofit collaborative plot from devoted to continue the work of our society don't children porters we do think that you for journalists are dying for some stories we need to focus on those stories because probably they are the real event to the public interest and so basically we are continuing that so we now not only should we thank you so much right out of time but he will not forget is jealous and we will come back to you lauren is the founding executive director for bet and stories
1:46 pm
we cannot do a show about journalists in peril in and and press freedom without mentioning out of there is very much his saying oh see i'm here on my laptop in the maze attained without charge for more than six hundred days in interest to al-jazeera for updates and always demand press freedom thanks for watching as always i see you and taking my.
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what makes this moment. so. we haven't seen the president this unpredictable. speech is. watching. her for authoritarianism and here in iraq. there's nowhere to hide let me ask you straight up here is the two state solution up front. on al-jazeera. surely looks that way to me it's very sad pressure increases on saudi arabia to reveal what happened to missing journalists. more than forty members of the u.s. congress are now demanding sanctions.
1:49 pm
alone this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up more fallout from the disappearance government figures from the u.s. france on the netherlands join the list of withdrawals from a top conference. new pictures emerge of a bodyguard of the saudi crown prince seen in istanbul around the same time he disappeared. kills three senior officials as the taliban threat to disrupt election. donald trump for the first time publicly acknowledged that saudi journalism is likely to be dead the u.s. president said he's waiting for the investigation to be completed before deciding his next course of action meanwhile in istanbul turkish investigators have expanded this beyond. consulate and the consul general's own to two areas of countryside
1:50 pm
outside the city and details of an eleven minute audio recording from inside the building has been leaked to turkish media it reportedly suggests a soldier was attacked and killed inside the consulate or saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound man has denied any knowledge of what happened but al-jazeera has learned that one of his bodyguards led the operation which involves fifteen men and special reports from washington d.c. . he's been briefed by his secretary of state and aufidius intelligence reports leaves donald trump to believe jamal khashoggi is dead and surely looks that way to me it's very sad to live like so he says he'll wait for the results of various investigations but if the evidence is there there will be consequences for saudi arabia well it'll have to be very severe i mean it's a bad bad stuff but we'll see what happens might promptly arrived back from his trip to saudi arabia and turkey and met with the president first thing on thursday he says both sides promised fuel transparent investigation they also assured me
1:51 pm
that they will conduct a complete thorough. investigation of all of the facts surrounding mr to show that they will do so a timely fashion and that this report itself will be transparent u.s. treasury secretary steve mission was also in that meeting whatever he hared you know shortly after he would know not to be attending an important international investment conference in riyadh later this month joining a growing international boycott campaigning in colorado vice president mike pence insisted they will wait for the results of the study investigation but the president knows he might have to take firm action when we have that information and we won't soley rely on that information we'll collect all the evidence and then the president have a decision to make about what the proper course of action is for us going forward but the world deserves answers in washington d.c. jamal khashoggi was the main topic is middle east experts gather to this. thus the implications of his disappearance for relations with the us this puts on the table
1:52 pm
all those issues that the west has opted to leave nor for decades and not just in saudi arabia but across the region and so you wonder if this is the beginning of a turning point the washington post has published an opinion piece prophetically written by jamal khashoggi and sent by his assistant the day after his disappearance he criticizes the lack of international response to the abuse of journalists in arab countries like saudi arabia and egypt was reminding the u.s. they cannot turn their back on this incident the matter how strong the historic ties or economic relationship alan fischer al-jazeera washington more than forty members of the u.s. congress of call for sanctions against saudi arabia over the jamal khashoggi case in a letter addressed to president trump they say we're deeply concerned by your remarks suggesting that money is more important than justice and other vital american
1:53 pm
values we strong comprehensive sanctions we also overdue suspension of u.s. involvement in yemen what child stratford's outside the saudi consulate in istanbul but let's talk first to mike hanna who joins us from washington d.c. mike so donald trump now acknowledging for the first time that may be dead always starting to see a shift in the president's position perhaps. well there has been a definite shift in the president's position since the beginning of this crisis this is the first time he's publicly acknowledge the possibility of the death it's also the first time that he has used the word severe and saudi arabia in one sentence but also very significant was the fact that steve minucci and the treasury secretary was in that meeting with mike pump aoe and president trump in the course of the morning after that meeting it was announced that minucci and would not be attending that investment conference in riyadh now this is significant because. it
1:54 pm
had been preparing about whether or not to attend saying that he would make up his mind depending on what facts came out well the decision would have been taken and it is actually the first tangible sign of trump administration disapproval of saudi arabia and mind u.s. lawmakers have been putting growing pressure on the president to take strong action against saudi arabia so what sanctions are possible and. well this has been an ongoing process we heard from the senate before a formal letter from the senate foreign relations committee asking president to invoke the mangin skee act to this is an act that governs human rights offenses by states or indeed states leaders around the globe what we've had in the course of the day is a letter from the house of representatives signed by republicans as well as democrats asking for the investigation in terms of the magnitsky act to be
1:55 pm
conducted as quickly as possible and should saudi complicity be found for sanctions to be introduced as quickly as possible as to the idea of sanctions will president trump has been made very clear he doesn't really believe in economic sanctions against saudi arabia is saying that the u.s. would be hurt more than the saudis would the senate and the house of representatives making very clear that the first sanctions that should be looked at are indeed economic but in the end they can advise the president in terms both of the legislation which governs says the magnitsky act and the executive power of the president the decision about what sanctions will be imposed with ascensions will be imposed is entirely up and to one man and that is president trump himself derren a right to my kind of there in washington d.c. mike thank you for that let's cross over to charles stratford in istanbul charlie reports the turkish investigators have been widening their search area bring us up to date with the latest there john. that's right these reports
1:56 pm
suggest that the investigation now is trying to track of a cool school vehicles indeed that may have moved away from istanbul into areas of one area called the belgrade forest this is a very large area of woodland and lakes close to the black sea another area we understand that could well be the focus of attention is an area called yellow via which is close to the mom or a c. we're getting reports that it could well be focus of attention on a building there as well a farmhouse but as i say we cannot confirm these reports i'm let's not forget as well respect to the kind of evidence that has been found at the consulate. turkish leaks government leaks say and at the consul general is home we heard yesterday that samples that had been found in the consul general home matched samples found
1:57 pm
at the consulate we don't know what these samples are but we can imagine that if indeed this is true there's going to be a lot of attention on analyzing these samples also focus of attention so we understand on. somebody who the turkish authorities so we've been told they believe may well have tracked. movement sees day to day activities here in turkey and fed that information back to the saudi authorities from the time that arrived here a year and a half ago there are very many different elements to this investigation that are being leaked to the media from various police sources and prosecutes sources but certainly the focus of attention we understand today could well be these areas outside of istanbul and charles what more details have emerged about the fifteen
1:58 pm
suspects implicated in the disappearance. well c.c.t.v. footage has been leaked showing what has been described as the man that may well have coordinated this operation a man called man who is one of the top bodyguards pull the crown prince muhammad bin solemn and photograph stills taken from that ccs seat c.c.t.v. footage on october the second the day that shows he went into the consulate the first photograph showing the trip going into the consulate of nine fifty five in the morning another photograph showing him leaving the consulate a few hours later then twenty five minutes later we see him and what is reported to be other members of this fifteen member team at the movenpick hotel in forty five minutes off to that photograph from the c.c.t.v.
1:59 pm
footage of him at the airport this is very strong evidence obviously implicating people in this operation who are very close to the crown prince the de facto leader the effective leader of saudi arabia also worth remembering that according to leaks from the police here six of the fifteen fingerprints were found of six of the fifteen members of this team found. including the old top six fingerprints for the old so it was a member of his team to bheki in the consulate a couple of days ago as i say many different elements to this investigation ongoing the focus of analysis seems to be certainly in the hours ahead this area outside of a stand bull as a search for a potential body continues johnny thank you. aside from the u.s. treasury secretary many other big names have pulled out of saudi arabia's major
2:00 pm
investment conference next week dubbed the davos in the desert among them are top e.u. politicians they include the french and dutch finance ministers and the british trade secretary the international monetary fund's christine lagarde is also out as are c.e.o.'s of j.p. morgan chase and the blackstone group that's a u.s. based financial services company and media partners have also withdrawn including c.n.n. c.n. b c the financial times the new york times and the los angeles times mean all france are suspended political does it's to saudi arabia other e.u. leaders of also voiced concerns john a whole as the latest from brussels if there's been concern about a slow response by european nations at a political level to the alleged murder of three mile crush orgy well that may be changing britain france and benevolence of all announced that they're withdrawing their ministerial level delegations to that financial investment from it all down in the desert as it's been dubbed citing the.


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