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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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donald trump essentially saying well he's only here for a few days and we we didn't really interact that much which everyone knew to be paid for so is can a painting the same sort of picture here with the relationship with senior leadership in saudi arabia and i don't this is this this whole story has been covered quite extensively in the us media how is it all being digested there and is there a sense that the trumpets ministration is is sort of having to keep reacting to events rather than being able to control them. well there's nothing they can do to control events simply because the alleged incident happened in turkey and it involved so they're really essentially standing at the side watching events although they can speak to both parties an argument to hurry up with their investigation certainly there is widespread anger in the united states about what happened to a man who was a u.s. resident who wrote for the washington post who has become a global figure in the last two weeks and they are saying that what really
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annoys both republicans and democrats is the brazenness of what saudi arabia is doing the thing that everything points to the fight that jamal khashoggi is dead in fact the president said that no less than less than twenty four hours ago and still is saudi arabia saying we know nothing about this where we're carrying out an investigation when many republicans and democrats privately are saying the saudis know exactly what happened to him and you've even got someone like lindsey graham who's a very close ally of donald trump in the senate a republican who's saying look the saudis are lying to our faces how can i do business with this country anymore i'm standing on the senate floor defending them and then they go and do this they put me in the president in a box so he has said and i quote he wants to sanction the hell out of saudi arabia and certainly even though donald trump is reluctant to take firm action when it comes to arms sales to saudi arabia there are many on capitol hill who are saying we are going to take action now you remember it was congress that decided that they
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were going to sanction russia donald trump was very much against that he eventually had to sign the bill and again it congress is in that sort of frame of mind that the are going to take firm action against saudi arabia whether or not the president agrees they're going to push it through and they're going to put him in a position where he will have to sign it alan thanks very much alan fischer live for us in washington. well joining me now in the studio to talk more about this is martin ridden senior vice president at the soufan group an international strategic consultancy firm and a former f.b.i. in vesta gate to himself good to see you again martin now as i was telling viewers earlier there are some gruesome aspects to this and unfortunately we may we make it explicit about some of this so just want to warn viewers about that. right off the bat but as far as the investigation is going in the way the turks are handling this these are already a recording so how much detail do you have to get from an oreo recording to to get
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to the sort of conclusions that they are about where where they believe each person was and what was happening inside that room. the audio recordings they're most likely digital it's what serves as used now i would be very accurate it's taking what the person people are saying and it's going to be probably very easy to understand you can determine who's saying what or at least that there are three people saying different things if they can identify a voice they can see what he's saying if in fact his fingers were cut off like the leaks have said there'd be the screaming there so there's a lot they can do and then even the doctor that allegedly said to you know listen to music if you want all this is going to happen and he had had says on himself probably to lessen the noise from the mechanical saws to dismember the body and does all of this to you suggest something premeditated. premeditated on the saudi
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part yes yes i mean if the plan was to detain that the consulate and then somehow get him out by force and take him to saudi arabia it apparently went south very quickly. based on the what they're saying is in the audio recording and as far as the way that this this information has been trickling out over the last few days is is it a case of once they know this they they try to put it out there after a certain amount of time or is it more that they sort of knew all of this at a certain point and now they're just deciding when to when to release each piece of information about about this to try to put pressure on the saudis and on the americans whether it's if there's one out audio recording they had all the information the first time they listened to it of course each time you go back and listen to it again yes be translated probably from arabic into turkish they get a little bit more but the bulk of the information was known right off the bat when they listen to it if there are multiple recordings from other devices then they put
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that together so as far as have any information i think they had early on as a matter of putting it out either deliberately or inadvertently with leaks a bit at a time to keep his interest i think they want to put saudi arabia in a corner where they're going to have to based on what's being leaked they're going to have to say yes this is what happened and of course we're hearing all of the reports that are that are being put out there in the public domain but are there likely to be many conversations going on behind closed doors between washington between riyadh and and between ankara about just how to resolve all of this well certainly i think between the white house and saudi arabia there's there's a lot of cordage going on which you know legibly secretary told the world court that they had to own up to this this is serious they have to own up to. but i think they're prying to message it is important for the trumpet ministration that they do
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want to make a point that this is something that can't be tolerated but saudi arabia is a close ally and they know they are the major exporter of oil in the world they are a key ally with the iranian expansion and a number of other things and as president trump said oh one hundred plus billion dollars in arms deals and that's eighteen percent of the arms sales coming from the u.s. going to saudi arabia so they do want to maintain that alliance but there has to be accountability here i think they're going to try and shield mohamed will some been some on as the leader and look for the fall guy good to speak with you as always martin reed thanks very much and welcome. now many business leaders and western governments are skipping next week's investment forum in saudi arabia foreign investment key to mohamed bin sandman's reform program known as vision twenty thirty but european leaders say now is not the time to be seen in riyadh you
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feed. the facts we know today almost to cause so g. extremely serious and worrying we expect to throw light on this matter we have had exchanges with saudi authorities to clarify all this but in the current circumstances we have to side suppress boden political visits including that of our economy minister. we have been very clear yes we want to hear the results of this investigation we want to see if it's credible if it's independent but if the stories that we are reading turn out to be true will that have an effect on our relationship with saudi arabia yes it will because if the stories are true and it is still and if they would be totally against the values of what we stand for as a country. a senior political analyst. is in london with more analysis on this for somalia and i want to start off by asking about these reports. that have been circulating that the saudi king has had to step
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in to the fray here in order to kind of brain in his son the crown prince over the way all of this is being handled to what extent is that a reflection do you think of just how bad this is getting for saudi arabia. certainly it has a plus through the king. because as we understand from credible reports including reuters and others that the king has been living in a bubble of sort of an artificial bubble that was made by the crown prince to shield the king from knowing what's going on around him and on the kingdom and so much so that apparently these aides would basically nudge him to watch somebody chandos that they were of course praising of the accomplishments of the kingdom and
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of their role in the kingdom and so on so forth and that only when a few days passed after the disappearance hence murder of this amount and with the international hoopla around it then with the american president demanding answers and so on so forth that the story broke to the king and now the king apparently is of course aside from everything else surprised and needs to contain the situation now we all know that over the last year or two years that the king has been outsourcing more and more of his authority as to his crown prince and that the crown prince have basically took control of all faucets and pillars of governing within the kingdom will the king now be able to retrieve those authorities will he be able to contain his crown prince will the crown prince listen to his father do the americans have a say about father and son in the kingdom of course all of that remains to be seen
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and marlon before we came to you there we would course mention to all of these many of these european business leaders and political leaders pulling out of this investment forum that's supposed to be taking place in in saudi arabia that again a reflection of just what is that stake here for the king. yes i think it'll probably snow over riyadh before it blows over certainly this is going to hang around the nic of those governing in riyadh certainly it's not going to go away anytime soon and clearly for most of those people who thought of attended it was really a question of investment and yield you know losses and gains you could go to saudi arabia but if the turks for example decided that same day to announce. their conclusion of their investigation into the responsibility of saudi arabia and
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the murder and perhaps more gruesome more grisly more good task you know choose your g. word more. you know guts wrenching details of the murderer would you want to be in riyadh during that time attending so-called davos in the desert probably not so i think now the pressure is really building up on on the royalties in saudi arabia to come up with some explanation of sorts for what happened and of course we all know now that including the american president probably no one is buying into this rogue element thing and hence they're going to have to come up with something more convincing but i tell you after two weeks now of watching this thing and watching how it snowballed and that's the only thing that snowing in in in saudi arabia is the snowballing of this crisis is that if there isn't enough water in the persian gulf to wash away the bloodshed on the hands of those who killed jamal and those
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who give the order. marwan thank you might want to shore up bashar al jazeera senior political analyst joining us there from london. now the case has swung the spotlight on to other policies that the saudi crown prince mohammed bin cement has led as dorsetshire bari reports that. since is debut on the world stage it's been a rapid rise for saudi crown prince mohammed bin samon in two thousand and fifteen seemingly out of nowhere the twenty nine year old favorite son of saudi arabia's king solomon been up to lizzie's was appointed defense minister he became chief architect of saudi arabia's military intervention in yemen a campaign of aerial bombardment that has helped create what the un calls the worst humanitarian crisis in the world human rights organizations accuse the saudi led
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coalition of bombing civilian targets such as hospitals and schools in saudi arabia where most of the population is under thirty been so man has been heralded as a man who would bring much needed economic and social reforms but that's changed in recent months however no hell of a sermon with with the with general has it's come about at a time when reforms have been slowing down he gave women the right to drive but imprisoned women activists there are still many reforms that have been take been very slow in implementing in saudi arabia and people quite frankly have run out of patience with regard to one hundred percent. in june last year mohammed bin some on that the blockade against qatar creating the worst crisis in the g.c.c. since its inception in november saudi security forces arrested several hundred business leaders and senior royals many had to pay billions of dollars to secure their release. the saudi government called it an anti-corruption purge but analysts
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said that this was mohamed bin solomon's way of removing people who could potentially pose a threat to his power and also a way to raise much needed funds for a struggling economy later that same month saudi forces detained lebanese prime minister saad hariri on a visit to the kingdom it took weeks before he was released. in march of this year mohamed bin so man visited the united states the whirlwind tour and charm offensive led to largely favorable coverage in the international media helping the crown prince sell his image as a reformer who would open saudi arabia up to innovation and investment since then a range of other civil society activists and clerics have been jailed observers say saudi arabia strategic relationship with western powers is a delicate one to balance i think the problem that the white house has and indeed
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what a lot of european allies have is that there are a lot of cases going on in the region a lot of crises in which saudi arabia is a major player and is required to be a major ally this includes issues regarding iran this includes issues in yemen this includes issues regarding palestine and israel now with the jamal khashoggi suspected murder inside the saudi consulate in istanbul causing more international outrage critics wonder if the saudi crown prince can survive the scrutiny. dosage of ari al-jazeera. i was competing narratives circulating about jews faith the issue of fake accounts online has been a hot topic once again over the last few days what more are you learning well kemal on thursday we talked about the use of bots on twitter to use to push the saudi government's message on the show she's this a parent's well twitter has reportedly taken further action and this is by suspending many of the suspected bots the n.b.c.
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news presented a list to twitter it was compiled by josh russell a tech expert who's been monitoring foreign and foreign influence in pencil campaigns in the past and he shared an x.l. spreadsheet online which shows hundreds of accounts that tweeted of and also retreat at the same pro saudi government message at the same time many of the profiles were created as far back as five years ago and some are still live on the site. well others online like shannon are praising towards a for its efficient response the company has made efforts to contain fake accounts recently but now the washington post has recently reported that jamal khashoggi was working on a secret project to counter the pro saudi narrative online as well he was working with a saudi dissident based in canada named omar aziz on setting up what they call an army of be by creating a platform for activists to speak out now this involves buying sim cards with
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canadian and american numbers for saudis inside the kingdom to use and also avoid being tracked by the authorities of the disease has been sharing his story adding that the saudi government agents visited him in canada and tried to enter the saudi embassy and they also found out about his plans with. al-jazeera has not been able to independently verify this we have reached out directly and are still waiting for response but it hasn't spied others and this latest news has brought on an independent campaign in raising money in support of the b army the page says the funds will go to people who help spread the work of jamal khashoggi of social media and support journalists in the arab world was and as your thoughts on anything to do with the story use the hash tag news grid or you can to simply mess me directly i met you here mohammed has been for so much for here and now we like to keep the story in context we do a lot of timelines and background this on there but this is one timeline on line as
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well there's a piece of the puzzle which you can look at here that shows. just just what all of the latest events were since this story broke several days ago so it's all there for you on online at al-jazeera dot com. i just bring you some breaking news now dozens of people are feared dead after a train plowed into a crowd of people in northern india they were attending a hindu religious festival in amritsar indian media are reporting that the crowd had spilled over onto some train track punjab police official says at least fifty people have been killed and dozens more injured we'll bring you more on that later . this is the news grid and if you're with us on facebook live then we've got a little bonus story for you now about why it's problematic to use native people as mascots for sports teams and later calls for more protests in gaza days after hamas
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distance itself from rocket fire into israel all this is egypt tries to broker a cease fire agreement we'll be live in gaza. hello there is staying fairly unsettled for us across the middle east at the moment well what one area of town in the far northern parts of our map that's bringing a somewhat weather a little bit of snow as well every part of catholics down there and grassy drifting its way towards the east and we've also got this difficult showers over parts of iraq that stretching up into syria now this is going to intensify as we head through the next few days so on saturday the area of tad widens we see more showers and then it really does become more intense as we head through sunday so some heavy rains i repulse of iraq and that stretching all the way up into turkey expects a fairly shop downforce out of this
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a bit further towards the south in the showers in doha are likely to continue off and on over the next couple of days thirty three degrees that's just our maximum at the moment there's a little bit more persistent cloud down towards the southwest in parts of yemen stretching up into parts of saudi and this is that is to give us one or two showers as well they shout becoming slightly more intense as we head through sunday and stretching across the red sea as well down towards the southern parts of africa there's more in the way of unsettled weather here at the moment to see one area of cloud stretching its way across madagascar and up into the northern parts of dissolves but we do expect a few more showers here as we head through saturday wilson who what weather for the eastern parts of south africa to. were. i have didn't get it almost my entire professional life to the bench and fight against corruption and what i have heard is that we need
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champions we need also to shine the light on those shampoos and this award bridges that gap that existed in this. nominate your own version of your own child the light on what they do and to of not shine a light on your hero with your nomination for the international space award two thousand and eighteen for more information go to isa war dot com.
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welcome back to news good want to tell you some of the top stories that are trending on our web site number one. a set so far check out this is story that we told you about. the king of saudi arabia's concerns about where all of this is going and what he has done to step in to try to deal with this situation. another
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story. about china slowing. what that means what the implications are for the global economy a lot small the. website what's trending. on the israeli army has sent text messages to palestinians living in gaza warning them not to approach the border fence that is where thousands of protesters have gathered each week since march to demand a return to the ancestral land gaza's health ministry says at least fifty people were shot by israeli forces on friday alone but as protesters gather this week and egyptian delegation has been meeting with officials from israel and hamas hoping to mediate a last thing cease. let's get the latest now from harry forsett who has lived near the guards there israel border fence and harry what is happening there at the moment. well the protest has now pretty much ended it's been winding down over the
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course of the last forty five minutes or so as darkness has been falling what's been interesting about this process though is that after all the warnings that have come from the israelis since that rocket strike on a residential home in newtown of the shaver son forty kilometers away from the israel gaza border in the small hours of wednesday in which a mother and all three children escaped unharmed israelis had been warning. hamas. the controlling authority here in gaza any repeat of the kind of protests that we've seen in recent weeks where a substantial number of people were reaching and indeed breaching the border fence where there have been a lot of incendiary kites and balloons launched that that will be met by a substantially increased israeli military escalation and indeed there have been building up their forces on the other side of the border fence in recent days so the question was how was hamas going to try to handle this certainly they weren't calling off the protests they have invested so much in these protests over recent
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months with so little to show for them so far that simply to abandon them was never really a politically palatable option however it does seem that some of the indications we were getting that they were going to try and rein in some of these protesters that that may have happened in terms of the center of gravity of these protests being one hundred meters away or so further away from the border than they have been in recent weeks we haven't we saw some people running towards the border but perhaps not getting quite as close or in such numbers they had been in recent weeks we also saw a number of people launching balloons within sentry devices on the israeli snipers did target those balloons as they were flying over from this location so the question that is now hanging in the air is whether the kind of protests we've seen today is sufficiently downgraded for the israelis not to launch the military escalation of they've been threatening. and harry how did these protests compare with all of the previous protests that is that have taken place every friday for
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several weeks going back well they've been fluctuating throughout the last months since the first one at the end of march but in recent weeks they have been upgraded in their size and in terms of the these sorts of breaches we saw of the border fence and indeed in terms of the deadly force that's been used by the israeli snipers just last week we saw servan palestinian protesters killed by israeli sniper fire so far the numbers this week you quoted the most recent official figures from the past and health ministry of just over fifty we understand that the those injured by live fire but that number is substantially higher we're still waiting for the absolute confirmation of that number we understand that two people are injured critically one of them a seventy year old woman but it doesn't seem to be the same kind of scale of protests or indeed of injury and death on the palestinian side that we've seen in
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recent weeks so as i say the question is whether that is sufficient both in terms of going forward whether hamas is happy with this kind of protest not quite as challenging for the border fence in the israeli territory and whether the israelis feel that this has been sufficiently downgraded for there not to have to go through the kind of response they've been threatening are a force that life for us at the israel border thanks heidi. now people in afghanistan are voting in parliamentary elections there on saturday the southern province of kandahar though will have to wait one more week to cost the ballot and attack their killed two senior officials on thursday it happened at a meeting between the most senior u.s. military officers in the country and afghan commanders among the dead general abdul razak a key military leader in the fight against the taliban they have claimed responsibility for the attack and vowed to derail the election and target anyone who votes the u.s. general scott miller says he does not believe he was the target of the attack he
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says afghanistan's security forces already for elections my assessment is that i was not the target it was a very close confined space but i don't i don't assess that i was a target we will continue our support my message to the people of afghanistan has been very consistent and you have every right to be proud of your security forces and the preparations that made for this election despite this unfortunate event tragic event down attend our charlotte bellus is live for us from the afghan a cafe so kabul now shala just how challenging are these elections going to be given the security situation there. particularly after thursday it's really is i mean everyone knew the taliban was going to target these elections they said they would day they see these elections as an extension of american influence in afghanistan and they said that they would attack holding seem to but this attack on tuesday in kandahar has really rattled people especially because it happened in
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such a secure areas in the governor's compound and involved top u.s. officials including general miller who runs who is in charge of all u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan and killed a top police chief and an intelligence chief the election commission chairman has just come out in the last hour trying to reassure people making somewhat of a national address on television saying that he wants the taliban to clear to more it's a cease fire and come to participate in elections and saying that he said mrs serious security arrangements have been made and he has people to vote because one of the real issues now with this fear of attacks is that it will be low i mean there's a million people in this country nine million have registered to vote how many of those people will actually be brave enough to go to a polling center tomorrow or indeed in the aside from the security challenges what about the logistical challenges charlotte because afghanistan is of course a country. many remote regions there they've all got their own way of doing things
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i mean how do you get them all to coordinate this. so we were actually in the election commission compound this morning as they were loading up dozens of trucks with all the polling materials that they would need biometric machines even the cheers that people have to sit on we're going into these trucks and they were being dispersed across kabul for the five hundred fifty polling centers that are in kabul and they were heavily guarded i have never seen anything like it just the compound was swarming with commandos and trucks and police trucks and just machine guns everywhere to protect these polling materials and the outside of kabul went out a couple of weeks ago so they've been they've been seen. and they're in secure places in the various districts and then they'll be dispersed last thing tomorrow morning from that from that point on it's really up to. afghan forces police as well as
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nato who are providing support to try to keep people safe some five thousand polling seem to us across the country shala bellus live for us in kabul. now museum has opened in a washington that is dedicated to the history of law enforcement in the united states museum opens at a time where policing is on the heavy scrutiny something that the curators try to address as she had written so you. visitors to the new national law enforcement museum in washington d.c. shown a film accepting that the origins of u.s. law enforcement lie in rounding up a scape slaves xenophobia and protection of property for the rich because. examples of communities and police forces working together today presented in contrast to a brutal past amid the interactive displays and memorabilia alike notorious f.b.i.
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director j. edgar hoover's desk is an exhibit about ferguson missouri where the killing of a black teenager by a white police officer helped to catalyze the black lives mathematicians but the main goal of the museum is to pay tribute to the enforcement and explore the toughness of the job i drew it was just ruined by this simulation of a traffic stop shows how difficult it is to tell the difference between someone brandishing a weapon and someone displaying their id. rather early happy well this was a happy oh what aggressive inference would appear to be that you too could shoot an innocent person by mistake statistics probably together from voluntary police reports from across the u.s. stock for example one study finds that people of color minorities in the u.s. society made up over sixty percent of people killed by u.s. police in the first half of twenty fifteen the museum's director says the problems of u.s.
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law enforcement are integra to the dialogue he wants to begin our role is to bring people with different points of view different experiences different perceptions together to try to learn from history appreciate what's been done in the past appreciate what's being done well now and what can be even what can be done even stronger in the future we invited community organizer natasha napa to two of the displays with us the conclusion the museum just doesn't get it i think mentioning africa than i think mentioning of slave patrol but we're not quite. how all of those things connect together and how those are very real experiences that are still happening through capitalism and white supremacy i just don't see. the relationship between the police and the particularly the black and brown and other margin of communities you know that i work with then and i hear their stories and the not reflective. of. the newsroom is desperate to display
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a reconstructed sensitive contemporary us more information about projection some way from the perception of those being policed. washington. has extensively covered accusations of police brutality and harsh tactics by offices in the united states recently all faultlines team investigated the allegations against the police in the city of baltimore you can find that only fault lines page on our website on the documentaries on. now taking a look at some of the other stories making news around the world there's concern about an economic slowdown in china and how it might affect the global economy this is a story that you saw that was trending on our web site earlier the world's second biggest economy growing six point five percent in the third quarter of this year that is
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its weakest quarterly growth since the global financial crisis in two thousand and nine china's been embroiled in a growing trade war with the u.s. its economy has come under pressure from u.s. tariffs on more than two hundred fifty billion dollars of its exports the united states and south korea have suspended upcoming military drills the pentagon says it is putting exercises planned for december on hold to give diplomatic efforts with north korea better chance of succeeding north korea sees the regular drills as provocations staged to prepare for an invasion of the north the u.s. and south korea deny this now we're going off the grid to the democratic republic of congo where radio stations are going silent and it is the government is the government to blame kind of ties in with a lot of our press freedom discussions that's right has now thirty's and the
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democratic republic of congo have shut down two opposition radio stations one is owned by the opposition politician as one pierre bemba and the other by another opposition politician called crispin do now one of the directors of these radio stations said the police raided their offices removed employees and then locked the doors this comes as long delayed presidential elections are set to take place in december we heard from michael who is the president of the association for development in congo he says that media outlets in the d r c are repeatedly targeted by authorities. the political space india siege has been filmed there restricted by the government the government of the us he has recently prevented the opposition from organizing is really their position members are restricted they cannot move about freely and to add on to that the government has no interest to me just of the opposition so that this change this creates tension and puts into question the credibility of the election which will be held on
12:37 am
a different of of december the government has also excluded other candidates from the person from taking part we feel that by behaving like this the government intends to or to cheat and to organise collation that were not the free and fair and this will fail to lead to trouble well the committee to protect journalists has called for the radio stations to be reopened and the statement it said the congolese ruling party politicians cannot arbitrarily decide to silence the to media for airing opposition views especially as the day r.c. prepares for upcoming elections well bruce become a lumber he is the local mayor and also a member of the ruling party he says that he's confirmed the closure but also defended the decision saying the media is being dictated by opposition politicians and inciting civil disobedience we do want to hear from here specially if you are current in the d.r. see use the hash tag agent is great and send us your messages. and once again for
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facebook live now.
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this is the news great let's find out what people are talking about in sport today his son thank you very much has been wall street kenyan government officials have appeared in court in nairobi accused of embezzling a cash that should have been funding the country's assets at the rio olympics former sports minister and now kenya's ambassador to austria has santa maria it was charged with six counts of abuse of office it's alleged that more than half a million dollars of government money this appeared to be for the olympics two years ago while a kenyan running legend can't pick kaino has also been questioned by police say he was president of the olympic committee at the time of the alleged crime in all claims that he had no control over the money and his court appearance has been
12:41 am
delayed while the investigation into the missing half a million dollars is the latest in a series of scandals to hit kenya kenyan athletics well in august a senior official david was a banned for life for embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars of sponsorship money hundred thirty eight kenyan assays have tested positive for banned substances tests since two thousand and four and a this year three time world champion a spell kaypro admitted his giving cash to drug testers well despite all the problems kenya had the most successful ever lympics in rio they finished second in the medals table for track and field events. well let's talk now to las the mccoury sports editor to kenya as a nation media group and he joins us now from atlanta and the united states as a first of all our kenya is shocked by this are they getting used to it
12:42 am
were local heroes are not shocked about this it happens every other day in every other federation and it is really cause for great concern because kenya has huge potential and seeing this happen really you know breaks the hearts of the sportsmen and women and especially their funds and follow them. las tell us like we know we just mentioned earlier that the athletes have finished second in the medals table at the rio games but did this affect them consequence of this you know definitely it affects them you know it speaks volumes of the potential kenya has the fact that they finished second despite all these problems it shows that they can do a lot better with better preparation is more transparency in the management of kenyan sport you know there isn't a common idioms in the goal of course australia for example the training kit for the athletes arrived on location in gold coast they didn't use them at all in nairobi that shows they knew fish and see there is in preparations and still kenya
12:43 am
still you know does well that shows are the potential that is the what about in general athletes do they feel they're not get in the support that they need. definitely there please you know raise concern performances will of been better with ideal training conditions like i said has huge potential we've seen them playing even in high ice hockey and baseball for that matter sports which are not really played in in kenya the athletes of complain that some of the money that is due to be given to them after winning their medals doesn't trickle down to them you know the olympic committee has a contract with keeping company which gives money for gold medals won bronze and silver but is money never gets to the police so it's really a big concern for the athletes and it killed them or a lot of these championships and yes i know it's too early to say but do you see things changing at the top of the olympic committee. ya see
12:44 am
later the end of it is a very dark tunnel because we have a new olympic committee in place we have politics the five time olympic i mean a world cross-country champion and former world marathon record holder he's in charge now he took over from keep you know things are slowly changing we have good prosecutorial you know systems in kenya now the director of public prosecutions the fact that he pulled back this file and opened it and took these people to court shows that you know punishment would be metadata and people who all funds and that's good it's a good sign and gives hope to the non-sport going into the future especially ahead of the tokyo lympics in twenty twenty players mccurry kenya sports writer live from atlanta and united states thank you very much for that well amnesty international is calling on tennis stars rafael nadal and novak djokovic to withdraw from an exhibit and match a set to happen saudi arabia in december that king
12:45 am
a samana tennis championship that was and i'll shortly after the disappearance of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi well the pair are set at least a million dollars for the one off match in jet. well the joke of it an adult are among the most popular tennis players on social media he had this to say on the deal about event a week ago well thanks for the invitation and looking forward to playing am visiting for the first time joke of a toss tweeted a very similar thing to say looking forward to playing a visit in this beautiful country thank you for the invitation see you guys too and while many fans around the world are asking them to reconsider their decision this fan has tweeted if you hit a single tennis ball in saudi arabia your integrity is in tess's forever don't do it do what's right gentlemen pull out you don't need to sell out your soul it's important to all u.k.
12:46 am
sports right. kevin mitchell says in the dell annual the men of conscience and integrity and that's it for me back to has and thanks very much a sign of these are all of the ways that you can get in touch with us use that site a.j. newsgroup when you do we'll see you here again twenty four hours from now. discover new developments in surgery i'm going to have it up when i'm in here ashima japan to meet the surgeon hiring new techniques in regenerating money and could
12:47 am
a breakthrough medical trial provide some much needed on says to cystic fibrosis sufferers based on all the evidence behind the virus at least one hundred five more effective costs are not yet the cure revisited on al-jazeera the latest news as it breaks the trucker security officials said that they were treating crush of his disappearance as a murder investigation. with detailed coverage the area here was the preschool people thought it would be a safe place to run to for the ground beneath them turned to mud and swallowed them up from around the world the local government has been trying to clean up their revive but the more humane the more dangerous to the cards to those who live around it. the cricket world isn't in our bad match fixing i mean you have to think why would you give me a got the guest then we didn't bring him again in the hague you would know it because. al-jazeera is investigative unit reveals explosive new ad the
12:48 am
documentary confirms to my now as a very hard profile figure in much friction and rushed clicked into this match al-jazeera investigation cricket's match fixing the manoa files. seventeen days after journalist jamal khashoggi disappeared investigators question turkish star from the saudi consulate in istanbul. hello i'm in london you know with al jazeera also coming up.
12:49 am
at least fifty dead after a speeding train plows into people watching fireworks a festival in india saturday's election for a new afghan parliament is delayed by a weekend kandahar province after its alpha police chief is assassinated and why three strikes and you're out may no longer mean life in prison for nonviolent offenders in california. turkish staff working in the saudi consulate in istanbul have been questioned over what happened to missing journalist jamal khashoggi turkish security sources have told al-jazeera investigators listen to audio recordings of his murder before entering the consulate they based on what they heard and found the exact location where he was killed sources told al-jazeera the recordings confirm the washington post writer was attacked by several people moments after he entered the consul's
12:50 am
room they then say khashoggi was immediately dismembered by a saudi forensics expert so let's get the latest now from our correspondents in istanbul and at the white house we begin with jamal the shell and jamal first of all what do we know about the questioning of turkish stuff at the consulate. well what we understand is that these are the support staff for the people who work in like the visa section the maybe janitorial staff but also including the driver of the consul general himself so these will be none saudi nationals and what we understand is that the turkish investigators obviously not only are they interested to speak to them to see what information they have but it's important to remember that jamal herschel key when he entered on that tuesday never to be seen again that was not the first time he entered the consulate in istanbul several days earlier he had gone in to process his paperwork he was then told by the consul
12:51 am
general himself to return a few days later and therefore maybe during that window from the first time he went so the last time he went the investigators will be interested to see whether there was some sort of suspicious movements what kind of preparations were put in place considering that there is a belief that this was a well thought out assassination operation and not just something that suddenly happened off the cuff obviously there was a lot of movement in a short space of time between the first time he went and the last time he went in terms of you're talking about several days however there was a belief that there could be maybe some of the missing links could be found by speaking to these stuff so in total we're told more than fifteen there are possibly sixteen or more but around about that number they include as i say the driver of the consul general the crude the technical stuff cleaners john it's all real stuff as well as the telephone operator at the consulates for now thank you very much
12:52 am
jamal michel in istanbul well u.s. media says secretary of state might pump air gave saudi arabia a deadline to finish its investigation and report on jamal khashoggi disappearance home pay it says the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salmond has promised the report will be transparent and fair meanwhile sources with links to the saudi royal family. saudi arabia's king solomon felt compelled to intervene in the crisis last week he sent his most trusted aide to istanbul to try to defuse the crisis live now to our white house correspondent kimberly help it first of all what do we know about this precisely what deadline of the saudis meant to be working to. well we know there was a seventy two hour deadline in place that has come and gone and we understand it is being reported to that in fact mike pompei of the u.s. secretary of state issued the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon a seventy two hour hour deadline to quote all when the disaster now if that would
12:53 am
deadline of the clock starts ticking from the time that meeting in riyadh wrapped up on tuesday at three pm then the eight pm deadline of friday morning here on the east coast of the united states has come and gone and what we've not seen is that opening of the disaster if you will to use the words of the secretary of state so essentially what we did see is the secretary of state coming out here to the white house launch of the microphones behind me to essentially say that the saudis and the turks will be given more time to conduct their investigation that the united states believes that it is entitle to that given the fact especially when it comes to saudi arabia there is a very strong strategic relationship the united states believes between the two nations and as a result they are going to reserve judgment until they can see the facts until they can see the intelligence and then from there according to the secretary of state
12:54 am
they will make their own determination that being the trumpet ministration so this deadline is very curious because of course we have not seen any sort of ownership of this situation with regard to the missing journalist from saudi arabia in fact all we've seen is an extension of that first arbitrary deadline thank you very much from the white house can be i'm joined now in the studio by al-jazeera senior political analyst moran bashara somewhere on these details continuing too much of the sequence of events what happened to jamal khashoggi off to the end to the saudi consulate and the evidence suggests that the crown prince mohammed bin salman was behind his death what might the ramifications be wed a week from han well for so your new. there's going to be some reckoning eventually after an you know a number of attempts to contain the situation to maybe scape goat someone. to run an internal investigation and come up with results that fall short of what the international community expects or certainly what the united states and other
12:55 am
allies expect i think eventually some hard decisions will be done in saudi arabia they gonna need to do that because otherwise they're going to continue to pay the consequences for it in us far as the us american relations i think it's clear now that the united states expect no less than so the arabia coming clear and for them to do something about the way they organize the way they take action so as this thing is not repeated because i think the trump administration insists on continuing the relationship with saudi arabia they think that issue is key for the united states for a number of reasons including the strategic juxtaposition versus iran because of oil because of money trade and so so forth the big question is what will be the future of mohammed inside none in all of this. and there are big problems for him now this is someone that has been the de facto ruler of saudi arabia and now in the
12:56 am
eyes of the international community he appears to have crossed the line very difficult to answer this question but what might be happening then within the saudi leadership as m.b.'s have the same staying power now that he might have had before you know today's report from reuters and other reports about the inner workings of the saudi family. paint this picture of a king who was living in a bubble an artificial bubble a bubble that was constructed by the crown prince so as to basically isolate the king for much is really happening from the real challenges of the day so much so that the king did not know apparently what was really happening with the killing of hundreds or so forth until later when it became an international scandal and the american president intervened called the saudi president as well as of course if we
12:57 am
know the call between president and the and the and the and the saudi king so now the big question is can the king or with the king if the king can do something about his crown prince or is it too late in the game has the conference now gathered so much authority in his hands such as the economy the military intelligence and the internal ministries so much so that it's hard to get rid of him it's not clear and yet it does put a strain on this the saudi system doesn't it they are now we hear these explanations of rogue agents of an interrogation gone wrong. are these explanations going to be acceptable to the international community you know it doesn't seem like it i mean i've seen reports from basically everywhere about this and this is not going to work out that the soldiers they're going to need to come up with something more convincing already people of authority in western capitals
12:58 am
among the allies are saying look we know that muhammad mr the man give the order because no one else did is do this without muhammad but so months the permission and that's why i think and actually i've been saying that for the last couple of days clearly there isn't enough water in the persian gulf to wash away the bloodshed from the hands of those who murdered or those who give the order to murder and that may include the crown prince mohammed bin sultan thank you very much our senior political analysts are on bashara. now more than fifty people have died after a train plowed into a crowd in india's northern punjab state the accident happened on the outskirts of the state capital amritsar victims were standing on the railway track watching a fireworks display during a religious festival it's thought they did not hear the on coming train. rivendell
12:59 am
saying is a local journalist he joins us on the phone from amritsar thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us first of all can you tell us anything more about the death toll and the number of injured. now the depth to your commission. and the political research begun probably that that will have been up to sixty two and about two hundred people got injured and to them. right and do we any more information emerging about how these people were standing on the railway track just when this train came through there was absolutely no warning that this train was going to be coming actually. there was a function called the share
1:00 am
a local function and the fireworks will be the accident took place as actually. in the city area where the dollar figure was was born near the track it was average year appear and the people around the gathering would be around five thousand to seven thousand people but. the people who was standing at on the tracks on the railway track actually at the same time and the fireworks was born immediately that they're all coming the. one in from local jail and two hundred thirty secularly going from research to like you know what the cross fire the thing and the people did not notice that by the time same to them though the announcers were continuously were given from the state to the people to not come near the fire place so there was a small stamp or.


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