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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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the spoil ation is that i have i have listened from a very high level turkish official tonight that they have a footage gathered by to say rounding c.c. cameras two hours after jamal entrance inside the consulate building a saudi official gets out of the consulate building with gym. clothes on and they have been stating that the cameras inside the consulate was not able to record it was in and it didn't if you have a hard drive and probably just as a turkish officials yes can you say that again i think that's a shocking detail that is new for our viewers say that again about what you have heard that was saying on this video. from a very hard level a turkish official i listened to night that on the bridge a mauser shuji disappeared two hours after his entrance inside the saudi general
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consulate building in istanbul a gentleman a saudi men exited the building with jamal has shoot clothes on and saudi officials have been saying that all the cameras inside the consulate are not able to record anything so we can't show you anything and this footage was gathered were it was actually changed from the security cameras in the surrounding buildings this is what the high level turkish official told me and they told me he told me that after turkey said is said that we have this footage to the saudi officials then they let turkish officials do an investigation do a search inside the consulate so since the beginning the saudis have been trying to spoil the evidence since now they have to show the evidence they have to show where jamal because she accused but it is so that the turkish prosecutor's office can continue with the investigation and file an indictment and this can be. carried to
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international courts this shouldn't be stopped here so it sounds like what you're saying that based on the evidence that the turks have been gathering so far it's almost as the saudi was backed into a corner realizing that a lot of the things they were saying just weren't going to fly. exactly because. many analysts have been accusing turkey and the prosecutor's office for leaking some evidences or information first we have to understand that this is a prosecutor this is a digital process and the prosecutors never give a statement when they are at the beginning of a very fresh and very sensitive in must a geisha because of the leakage they had to deliver a statement today that they are doing this this this but of course the leakage created an international pressure mainly over saudi arabia because even though
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nobody has listened about the voice recording that turkish officials have been mentioning the evidence we had the leakage that six of the seven evidences collected inside the consulate match with jamal khashoggi and also we learned from the prosecutor's office that mr to vacate this forensics experts who arrived it with the fifteen members acquired team his fingerprints match with two electric sockets in the c. unit in the crypto room of the consulate building and it turned turkish investigators searched a crime scene investigators searched a c. unit the crypt a room inside the consulate twice actually so they have been trying to get spoiled evidences but the leakage and the media and the turkish officials who leaked this information managed to create this international pressure over saudi arabia the spice despite trump stunts that he did he did he wasn't planning to give up on
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saudi arabia immediately sent him and when he said this that he said this more than once and let's make this clear what we're talking about when you say that it seems as if the saudis are trying to spoil there and they invest in their invest the investigation rather there actually was video of a cleaning crew showing up at the facility. can you repeat the question absolutely absolutely i said that when you made reference the fact that it seemed as if to the investigators that the saudis were not being cooperative that they were trying to perhaps taint the investigation and fact that there was video a few days ago of a cleaning crew showing up at the consulate. well yes of course i'm in the cleaning group of women carrying a box of lead etc as a journalist i would not like to speculate on this but according to the
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investigation file that the person stumbled prosecutor's office is conducting right now they have categorized in three groups the first group is that interregnum the second group is the hit men men group and the third group is the cleaners so those fifteen members the squad that we have been talking a for the last ten days actually a bit different works according to the prosecutor's office but of course i mean this cleaning operation cannot be explained with a picture a woman carrying boxes of bleach inside the consulate but for sure they did cleaning because that's why the turkish prime minister geisha team had to enter twice inside the consulate and also i have to remind that on the night when they were about to do a search inside the can't general consulate residence say it was a day when the consul general fled to riyadh without acknowledging any turkish
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authorities here no. no employee of the consulate in answer turkish police course and they waited outside for a couple of hours to be able to get in touch with them so saudis have always tried to gain time on the skate on this case there was shell and this is also seen as a proof that they have been trying to spoil the evidence is by playing with time by hiding the evidences and by making a very insane statements maybe like a sharp turn in the in the rhetorical actually which they have done. two hours ago all right cinnamon getting the lawyers for us live from come back to you in just a bit so stay close let's bring calais. into the conversation the executive director of the arab center of washington d.c. who joins us via skype from there facts for john yes so the. at the saudis are saying happened is that sixty one year all jamal khashoggi got into a fight in
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a row or he was outnumbered by fifteen perhaps sixteen people does that sound plausible to you. absolutely not it doesn't make sense. it's just mind boggling that after all this preparation and revisiting the issue that they will come up with a story like that. there are tapes frankly and i hope that the authorities government soon would release those states and they are both and video even though they deny the existence of that video at least one of the agencies in turkey does have that and has shared only a small segment of it where the u.s. counterparts just the last twenty four hours that video shows exactly what happened as your man was entered the building he met for a few minutes with the consul general to discuss his papers that he needed and he
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was immediately attacked by. you know of killers that were sent specifically to stumble to to actually liquidate him it wasn't an accident of their death it wasn't a fist fight to the point where the consul general on tape is allegedly screaming please do not do it here you are getting me in trouble end of quote and then they picked up jamal and moved him to the conference room next door and continued with cutting his fingers and dismembering him and be editing him so that that is not a fistfight some people are trying to present then where to. so i would be citizens simply how the disagreement accidentally. so let me ask you this about this and let's let's remind viewers this is this is even a friend of yours he's someone you've known for for decades. the fact that saudi
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has done this pivot has changed their story what what does that say to you with the fact that they even have succumbed to some sort of pressure to offer some sort of explanation plausible or not. frankly i felt pretty bad for citizens of saudi arabia to be misled during the past two plus weeks over this issue. they were driven into some kind of almost matched his hysteria trying to deny it accusing all kinds of people of conspiring against saudi arabia now all of a sudden the saudi government finally admits this saudi citizen loyal saudi citizen may be in disagreement with certain policies of his government but i knew him as a for three decades. you know saudi citizen patriotic loyal to his country critical of some policies and so on but to claim that he was basically
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in order somehow died in an accident when when you have a whole group of people that was sent from riyadh saudi arabia specifically to bring him death or alive according to the leaks coming from both turkey and riyadh right now. is not mind boggling and it's good that the saudis finally the royal court has agreed to announce that he is dead even though the choice of warning there is raises more questions than and then it answers but i think as the public prosecutor in saudi arabia said today and i'm using his words that this is the results of preliminary investigation and i hope that this is preliminary and they come up with the truth and share it
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with to with their people you know twenty some million people are. drinking all kinds of lies and conspiracies how likely do you think that it is all. do you see any good faith in this considering that mohammed and solomon if it is according to what saudi state t.v. is saying has been put in charge of reorganizing if you will the intelligence community yes. look the intelligence community has been the leading institution involved in this crime. firing of the five top leaders. of that institution is justified but i'm sure they need to be investigated and they need to be restructured. they shouldn't be engaging in a crime of this crime of this magnitude however to put them out been some man in charge i mean dennis like you know what in the fox in charge of the hen
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house it is unacceptable morally it is an acceptable legally i believe that and i agree with human rights organizations worldwide that called today for a transparent independent open investigation into this crime preferably by a united nations agency and to go after the perpetrators of course you know even the saudis that meant that they had eighteen people in custody that's fifteen plus so they have more apparently they need to pursue this matter seriously because frankly this has become an existential conflict for the kingdom of saudi arabia will kill him let me ask you this because if this is to be believed basically this is seems to be an attempt to to separate mohamed bin samon from whatever of these these people dead but let's just say that we accept that isn't that admitting they've he can't control his own people which is just as bad. sure i
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mean that's basically the dysfunctional kind of nature of that argument it's it's contradictory you know he's either in charge or he's not we all know that he has in charge and that the system actually even before him was such a vote the current system of thought attorney and system. doesn't allow for that number to the fact that his two key aides his to alter egos have been arrested and most probably will be charged with this crime to simply deflect his responsibility there is no way on earth that mohamed bin southern man would not be fully aware of the details of what so got on me his his personal advisor and what general amir did or sorry his military and security advisor would have done they definitely coordinated this operation but there is no way that they would not
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have been informing him of every step of the way and receiving direct orders from him i doubt particularly somebody like i don't know about so don't count on me he's a wise man but they are saying he is a military man very well educated very intelligent very disciplined i don't think you can accuse him of being a rogue element in the palace it's clear that had been solomon and and saudi arabia did not anticipate this type of this outcry about what has happened which obviously is why there's been a little bit more of this this admission right do you think that if this mission doesn't go down well and there's more pressure that there may be even another admission do you think that they will continue to be receptive to international pressure is what i'm asking. i think to some extent that when that depends on the
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source and the nature of the pressure if the international community sticks together and respects the findings that turks actually release all their filings and all the evidence at their disposal honestly without playing games with saudi arabia behind the scene i think this crisis is going to escalate more and it will be of course more additional steps in this investigation and the saudis themselves meant it in their own fishing statement today that this is just the preliminary phase and i'm sure there will be all kinds of not of tapes that we will be hearing enough future but considering the fact that their earlier narrative of conspiracy against them lacked you know it could have been at the across the board particularly in the west i think it behooves them not to engage and game
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and basically face up to the facts all right and clear thank you for joining us as we cover this breaking news coming out of saudi arabia with the back to you shortly in the meantime there has been a statement now from the white house got a paddock a hang tight us live from washington d.c. as a party what are we hearing and the white house. well this is a paper statement from sarah sanders the white house press secretary is want to read it to give you a sense though the white house really trying to straddle that line not accuse saudi arabia not say that they're not going to six in saudi arabia so here's the statement the united states acknowledges the announcement from the kingdom of saudi arabia that its investigation into the fate of jamal khashoggi is progressing and that is taking action against the suspects it has identified thus far we will continue to closely follow the international investigations into this tragic incident and advocate for justice that is timely transparent and cordons with all due process we are saddened to hear confirmation of mr death and we offer our
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deepest condolences to his family fiance and friends and so that's a fairly mild statement what we're hearing from other elected leaders members of congress is basically just complete disbelief lindsey graham the senator who's very influential with the with president donald trump basically tweeted out that he is skeptical of these claims he says first we were told mr. left the consulate there was a blank and he saw the involvement now fight breaks out and he's killed in a consulate with out the knowledge of the crown prince of senator graham going there basically saying that he believes this out indicating that he thinks the crown prince may have had some knowledge on this let's keep in mind he's perfect previously got on television and told saudi arabia that they needed a regime change basically congressman ted lewis tweeting out that this just basically ridiculous on its face and the. i say oh and there's a whole bone sauce that thing really we are seeing this this is a friday evening and that's usually when people who don't want to make
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a lot of headlines drop their news and hope that it doesn't get a whole lot of play this story is everywhere it's on the front pages of every newspaper it is leading the cable news and i can tell you across the board the reaction inside the united states has been one of deep skepticism people are pointing out that it's very unlikely that this. is an older gentleman that he would have got into a fight with. i think it was he was sixty one years old in a room in a room with potentially anywhere from fifteen to eighteen other people and we're supposed to believe that somehow there was a fight in that situation it's just yeah it's not very plausible well congressman ted loued talked about that exactly he said this saudi arabia story that shows he was would get into a fist fight with operatives or with up to eight hundred saudis many of whom are trained killers is ridiculous on its face so this is what basically people are
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talking about on cable news in the newspapers and twitter there say ok first of all the fact that he would get into a fight it's his age with these young operatives that doesn't seem believable the fact that this team was flown in two separate planes to be there when they knew he was entering the consulate the fact that there was a forensic expert with that team who just happen to have a bone saw along for the operation unless there want to contend that that's something that every saudi consulate seems to have in its possession then there's the question of the body where is his body and this is all on the heels of the fact that the saudis have flatly denied this. this is the fact that the saudis have denied this flatly in the last days since this story broke it's not going away let's keep in mind there's another thing the u.s. intelligence community likely knows exactly what happened absolutely there's an indication that the white house has been trying to basically tamp down that
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information from getting out because senior senators republican senators have been asked been asking for an intelligence briefing and they've been told twice in this past week that they aren't going to get one that is unheard of and i don't think the senators are going to let this go they want to know what happens the other thing driving this he was a member of the intellectual elite that is a powerful force in washington d.c. not often talked about but it has influence he was their friend and he was a journalist and he worked for the most prominent newspaper in the country the washington post and the new york times is not letting this story go so we're going to watch to see what president trump says he's been trying to very obviously give saudi arabia a way out he's pegged this all on economic deals with the bloated numbers. and spending i want to see he has two events we should see him shortly actually i wanted to get to the point that you brought up exactly there donald trump has been on a bit of a journey if you will since this happened with his is almost thinking out loud
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explaining his thinking out loud about why he's been so hesitant. to really go after the saudis and he keeps bringing it back to money very crassly very bluntly bringing it back to money this number that he keeps talking about that there's four hundred fifty billion dollar relationship between the countries could you put that in some sort of context for us. quite simply there isn't nobody quite knows where the president's getting these numbers remember when he first took office his first overseas trip was to saudi arabia and he heralded this one hundred ten billion dollars with defense deals and people came back they started looking at the numbers they couldn't figure out where that number was coming from now a lot of it is the saudis have said we'll probably buy this equipment or we'd like to buy this equipment but they haven't actually signed to buy that equipment so one hundred ten billion dollar figure is pretty much made up some of the amounts that they included included deals that were made under president barack obama at the actual number of spending is much much smaller that was
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a day or go now we heard from the president just a few hours ago say it's more than four hundred billion in direct investment the united states the name thousands of u.s. jobs that are dependent on saudi investment that argument is not members of congress another think important point is we heard from senator menendez he's a democrat and he tweeted out that the magnitsky act does not allow for accidents there are no exemptions now why is that important well the congress has already invoked the magnitsky act basically they've sent a letter to the president said you one hundred twenty days you come back to us and you say whether. human rights were violated if they were sanctions will follow even if the president says i don't want to do that it could jeopardize the economy if jeopardize our relationship he likes to make the argument that if you want to squeeze company countries for to not buy iran's oil that he needs saudi arabia to keep the global oil supply about the same if that increased so he'll make all those arguments for what we're hearing from members of congress both democrats
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republicans to the far right to the far left that this crossed a line that they're not going to let this go that even if the president wants to give that response from the u.s. government he's only one branch of the three branches of government and when it comes to arms deals when it comes to military matters such as the u.s. helping in yemen the congress can have to say what we're seeing right now is the support for some sort of same. would be so overwhelming that it would likely override any rito that the president might want to make but right now he's signaling that he's going to work with congress putting out this statement basically saying we're going to wait and see what the international investigations come up with but they will also want to give due process of trying to straddle the line that congress is unlikely to let him continue to do that ok patty thank you very much from washington d.c. so we are continuing our special coverage of the death of saudi journalist. just under a couple of hours ago saudi arabia has confirmed that he was killed inside the consulate in istanbul what they're saying happened is that
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a fight broke out between people in the consulate and that he died during that fight riyadh has sacked the deputy head of intelligence a royal court adviser and three others and all eighteen saudis have been arrested then a few hours ago the turkish president. and the saudi king solomon they discussed the case by phone and they emphasized cooperation in the shoji investigation and before of the latest saudi revelations u.s. president donald trump said he would make recommendations over what action to take in the case he said he consider sanctions against saudi arabia so he is editor in chief of international interest he joins us via skype from london so obviously this is quite a turnaround sami from the denials from the kingdom to now acknowledging what seem to be obvious to most people did you expect this turnaround. i think we have to remember muhammad in cement has been under immense pressure i think this is
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a go hard or go home approach and the reason why i say this is because today the turkish foreign minister said that the world would hear some of the your recordings very soon there was reportedly a phone call between king sent men and president down within one hour before the statement was made i can only assume that the topic of putting out the story was discussed i also think that might have been cement has been under pressure also because the turks have not got exactly what they wanted from the shop the situation trump has not reciprocated the goodwill of turkey releasing the past terms of coming out of economic or political isolation the case was supposed to be a way in which the turks could find new cooperation with the u.s. and put pressure on the saudis it seems the tax have not gotten that particular part of the bargain or the or their deal making best a geisha has taken a while the if yet to find any specific concrete evidence of course they've been telling the saudis that we have all of this particular evidence but turkey has an
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issue in terms of the legality of using that evidence in terms of if it was taken by intelligence they have to essentially admit that spying on embassies would cause them a diplomatic crisis but also what's the most important part in all this the reason why the state is coming out now is because of pompei was warning rumored to reported wanting to mohammed solomon when he visited saying that your future is in doubt well mom admits that men has been in his palace and we are and i imagine he's been very worried about the potential of a military coup and the reason why i say that this is a go hard or go home approach is because he's thrown his closest aides under the bus so to get he was one of the it was his right hand man general as it is a very loyal person to mohamed bin cement and to the government the fact that one businessman is ready to throw them under the bus shows you just how far he's willing to go in order to maintain that power and it also shows just how much he. actually feeling the pressure with regard to this. sort of thing they're all so
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different and be similar personalities it's clear to me it's clear that. the heart of it someone did not anticipate this type of al cry why do you think he miscalculated so much. i think because he thought the donald trump would protect him from everything i think he relied on donald trump to keep the international community quiet let's remember in the past that generally if the u.s. is not interested international community doesn't tend to be interested let's remember this is a region that has seen other for the city of egypt opened fire on thousands of protesters killing hundreds of them and the international community didn't do much with regards to it the same with the assad regime in syria i think mohammad then said man felt that he could act with impunity because of the loyalty that he has from dollar trump because he essentially bought donald trump with those billions of dollars and deals let's remember don't trust statement when he said that you know why would i give up hundred ten billion dollars worth of deals for somebody who was not even a u.s. citizen i think one hundred percent man felt that he could act with impunity he
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felt they would not be this huge reaction and even if there was that the u.s. would save them however i do think that continues visit to a few days ago i think that was a decisive moment that showed one hundred percent man that he's in a very real mess that the u.s. is generally considered genuinely considering its position considering whether he's become a liability and i think this is why now we see what looks like a rough statement of eighteen people that got to do fight in the consulate this is after the saudis initially claimed that question she had left the consulate in fact the tweet that the consulate in istanbul put out saying she had left is actually still on twitter today as we speak the fact that the saudis republic is narrative in the senate they say that he died in the consulate the question now is where is the body so that body either was lying there for two weeks and nobody knew where it was or the saudis essentially lied and they've hand history come up with this cover story do you think that there do you think that there miscalculating again with
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this story. dana think that they think this is going to fly. i think what they want is at the end of the day in my personal opinion i think if the u.s. buys this narrative if the u.s. comes out and says this is a process of the narrative and the body suddenly pops up somewhere like i think this will be gearing towards the end of the case and we will see this the scapegoating of these people who've been ousted by the saudi regime the reason why i say this is because let's remember that for the israelis are for the u.s. or for jerry cushion in particular. is a vital as it has been integrity in this deal of the century is that intel grew in this fight against iran that john bolton keeps talking about and how mr man has essentially demonstrated that he's willing to do anything that you would say you say to him as long as they allow him to continue in power i think this is why they've been desperate to protect him and desperate to save him i think pompei when he went to the he said to her that's a man give me
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a story i could work with give me something i can take back and show the international community that this is actually what happened and the proof of that in my opinion is the way that trump really suspicions over the fact with the turkey has recordings on what if you remember yesterday or the day before he said turkey hasn't shown us any recordings and i'd like to see them if they exist maybe they exist possibly they exist in other words trump decided not to put pressure on the saudis but to put pressure on the turks essentially saying to the turks well if you got all these recordings and you put all these pressures come out and put them on the table and i think this changing of the dynamic is what has made. suddenly come up with this rush statement i think now we're going beyond an agreement between turkey the u.s. and saudi arabia i think now it's just all three are alienated from one another one hundred seven is desperately trying to save himself he's put himself as the head of this intelligence community to make sure what kind of information will be leaked out there given out to the public he wants to make sure he has a hands on approach to make sure that he doesn't get burned that turks are upset
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that they got nothing for releasing the past or so now that mulling whether they should release these recordings and just embarrass everybody whether it's the u.s. or the saudis. that comes with its own implications that doesn't stop turkey's problem of political and economic isolation and donald trump has nothing to do with a very serious problem if turks released these tapes he's in serious trouble for trying to back mohammed is a man but if they don't release the tapes he's accused of abetting a very serious crime committed by and i state and i wish the u.s. has that much think about where him he's not happy with this situation but i think the key factor will be what the white house says in the next hour or two hours or the next day when did he actually buy the narrative honor ok. for us thank you sami very much for joining me on sec nowise so here he is director of the air gulf study center at qatar university again right next to me here taking notes as all of this information is coming in what should we be looking for next i think
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first we have to look this is the first so the narrative after seventeen days of this occurring so one thing the turkish narrative is dominating the media the pollute the pollute you know the. more of the debate in the international arena so basically we have the issue of the so the narrative appears to tonight saying that this is something that something happened and they're busy and the man was killed so that is the first and the first important point the second point i think is the narrative the turkish narrative seem more solid. more. substance with more information with formation and detail compared with the so the sooner you think that that that the saudi start
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we're not going to be able to get away with this more information is going to be made public so have no doubt about it i think the so do you know the thing i agree with sunny what he said that the americans put bush in the so d. give us a story we need a story we need a narrative because there is a severe pressure on us in washington then the ministration cannot tackle all of this easily with the pressure on them from the media from the congress and i think the administration the white house was behind this pressure on riyadh to give this kind of narrative because without this narrative basically the only narrative is a strong is the one and seems every day is increasing and the strength of this narrative is increasing the third point i think is you know this kind of. speaking about this. and how they look at the narrative the first the second day of the crime you know he left after twenty minutes in the month of his brother.


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