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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 292  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2018 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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in one thousand for my dance on paper was published by swedish group the swedish team had developed a way of regenerating cottage in a lab and then re injecting it in liquid form directly into the knee however there was a weak point all with their technique. leakage in order to solve this problem i started to use the very same scale for the yes you can imagine that. the foot would be hair coming up yes it is a. two saw meniscus has no blood supply or if the injury is. a long we all the lights of the sect say what you can do with this regenerative medicine is to take the patient's own cotton sheets from the same joint yes all the chain the confidence is sent to j. tech company i see it does she engineer the cuts. and that's why we're here yeah
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just half a gram of healthy cartilage is harvested it is then broken down with enzymes and implanted on a college in scaffold designed by professor ought to after just four weeks the cells will have multiplied to form a four square centimeter disc. the surgeon then makes a template of the lesion and uses that to harvest some perry all still tissue from the shin bone. this will be the cover used to hold the new cartilage in place so this is a model of someone's potentially regenerated cartilage but the beauty of it being the patient's own cells here is that it's not rejected you don't need any medicine from the viewpoint i mean in neurological reaction oh told you nasty issue is a topic. today this method has an almost ninety percent success rate and is considered a leading treatment fanie cartilage d. facts. what are the limitations of this can it be done better we need the largest.
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that is invasive you see painful after surgery so let's in this technique is desire i have another new proceed you're using the magnetic. the goal was to devise a less invasive procedure much like their original idea of simply injecting the cartilage into the knee we inject so many serious. ten million so. we. teach in the knee joint. cd injectors so you can't see if inject cells blindly into the fluid capsule they go all over and that made scarring so you'd rather just close to where there is actually enjoying the right pinpoint targeting so how did you achieve that so i decided to use
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small i am particle. didn't do that. didn't come a stimson county public site small i am part of the city actually has themselves not the iron can talk all the years then they can be controlled the dying the action with the strong man bent my lord that so many in the will magnetic force. from here there's an injection third party to the defect here the it's being channeled that way i can see very clearly by some sort of trick of nature these stem cells like to swallow aren't multiples which is this whole procedure hinges on that because then you can manipulate. that solution of stem cells with a magnetic field. so not having to cut open the knee in any way you can
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attach those themselves to just the area where the cottage is broken down the defect area how do you make them stay there is there a magnet on the skin just ten minutes from the outside of the ski you're really a minute then he physically they start to be under here to the defective area it's amazing the bolotnaya this is a brand new. only here in hiroshima. japan is aiming to be at the forefront of regenerative medicine and scientists are researching possible treatments for previously incurable diseases such as liver cirrhosis retinal generation and even outsiders but a crucial hurdle for many stem cell therapies is positioning the cells within the body this is led some to call professor archie's magnetic breakthrough an important step forward in regenerative medicine in twenty fifteen this footage was shot by
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japanese television when professor archie performed the first ever magnetic cartilage restoration the patient was a semi professional tennis player and her cartilage injury threatened to curtail her career. the procedure involved extracting some bone marrow to harvest stem cells after cultivation the i mean if you stem cells were injected and the magnets came out for the first time. a year on i go is back for a checkup this. morning and there are. new. sports. in the what it is. doing. i. just counting. i knew about i mean it's a bit like the bullet train. yeah
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. i code is ready for him. which will reveal whether her wound has healed following the magnetic need regeneration procedure. that's all she's always scrubbing here we go is reading. this. the payout that yes this was a complete idiot. that's very much noticeably better yes yes what he first injected it but huge defect of redness and now it's all white it's covered in cottage now. it takes almost into who he
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is when i can see this idea. and so i'm very. finished at the moment professor all cheese technique is only applicable to relatively young knee joints but he's already working on ways to adapt it for older patients suffering from also off like to come seventy years old i'd like to walk with my knee joint so and you can see it is a very very desirable so i'd like to provide. you with the. china's disease is a parasitic illness that is found mainly in the poor rural regions of central and south america and it is estimated that in excess of ten million people are infected
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with the disease. and out to sea and i'm in bolivia to meet a woman who may just have found a solution to this devastating disease. diseases caused by the parasite. which is carried by the triad to mean bug known locally as winter coats when infected by someone it leaves behind infected feces scratching the bite grabs the infected feces and. once in the body the parasites multiply and spread. the days of lasts approximately two months causing mild symptoms it then goes into remission and it can be decades later before the chronic stage begins where the parasites attack the heart and just of organs which can cause intestinal and cardiac disorders progressive destruction of the heart muscle can lead to heart failure and sudden death there is no vaccine. all are around when i was there.
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is an expert on the deadly vinci code insect. here that i meant they were in job. loss but it is. me that at this time of day we work british. t.v. that. we have does. not just. argue were meaningless but it's on us. that's. he's big he say she do. a lot of good is so i just take him put say a lot of. me a little. every how many intruders do you think are in this house than. you are going to rather no one asked me in the car see you
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in this matter the meeting took us. one thousand in. the pain and suffering caused by infection as a devastating impact on communities like the indictee of the two hundred fifty people that live there are brum estimates that up to eighty percent of china's we need to. what has been the impact of childhood disease on your life and your family . do you have a chance disease you're so. thank. you. it's. me my dear you. are the bank the boat i went back. to the past fifteen years go to people on the tell you has been working into libya
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using an insecticidal paint to rid its effect to communities of given to cook insect tell me about in this far this is the paint you have developed to combat charges. but mrs morse. in other words the new paint is an advance on previous insecticide paints because the insecticides. which slowly released them over two to four years containing the insecticides like this means that the concentration of chemicals can be lower and that several different pesticides which don't work if they are mixed together can be used ok so do i have to dress up like this ok let's turn this there's nothing i'd like to do more than. thirty five degree heat.
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which scholars this is going to look. for they're. not. doing they are loved. sure we're similar in some of the stories for those books. and then. i think. currently each home costs approximately two hundred us dollars to pay with the financial support coming from various organizations and private donors. in the last fifteen years her team have treated six thousand homes in ninety three communities across the region which are
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home to twenty four thousand individuals incredibly the number of new cases of trans disease in these communities has dropped to almost zero. is because. yeah. yeah this is a very sad this is. the back to the house. with the inside and outside painted the house will be clear of the insects within twenty four hours. following its success one thousand targets disease the pain is now being used to come back then the fever and malaria in communities are gone. bob rita lives in one of the first villages that people are treated in bolivia. can you. describe to me what your house was lived before the painting was done.
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but it's only a week or so with lots of interest in your house see the body i'm a bit better so i don't know what i'm looking. hey danny me a lot of those saw me and chuckles free it actually had the oh you've asked me a lot of thought i left been good at the end. the diagnosis he has been sick for around six months now the challenge ahead there one of these ninety six could be the new cure or basis of a new cure for color in your illness or disability al-jazeera examines priam meaning treatments so this is the suit yes it's basically a wearable robot like iraq revisited now does iraq. when people need to
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be heard. he's been there a few jomo soldier's life it's not. short and the story needs to be told to do stories that in fact also say i testify and also to make sure that the bad guys behind al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new documentaries and live news on air and online. when the going gets tough many bangkok slum dwellers are forced to borrow. she may be kinder than your average moneylender. she may have more patience. but make no mistake. she means business. granny alone shop because of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras are gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. saudi arabia reverses days of denials admitting the journalist. was killed in its istanbul consulate during a fistfight. i think it's a very important first step. donald trump says the saudi explanation sounds credible but others in washington are finding it hard to believe.
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i'm sammy's a dand with full coverage of saudi arabia's acknowledgment of the killing the kingdom says it has fired several intelligence officials and arrested eighteen suspects over the death controversial crown prince one hundred been sandman is being tasked with overhauling the country's spy agencies. more than weeks after he went missing saudi arabia has admitted that journalist. was killed inside its consulate in istanbul the acknowledgement announced in the middle of the night on saudi state television comes seventeen days after the show jay was last seen going into that building riyadh claims there was
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a brawl inside and that he died during the fight five top saudi officials have been sacked among them a senior intelligence officer and an advisor to the royal court saudi arabia says eighteen people are under arrest as part of the investigation president trump said those arrests are a great first step but he wants to talk to the crown prince one hundred been some. go live to the consulate in istanbul where we have charles stratford so charles a lot of details now being completely undone compared to the first saudi statements . that's right sami had let's not forget that for days the saudis were saying that these allegations because shows he had not left the cult show that were baseless lies and we saw all those threats even by a saudi official threatening that if indeed there were sanctions or the saudis were
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punished they were threatening ramifications very much sticking to that narrative then over the course of the last few days we've see that narrative i think it's safe to say change we saw meetings between the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei on the saudi king there was this understanding the interpretation that it was the beginnings of a sidelining of the crown prince mohammed bin solomon as a result of this crisis but now as we as you're reporting this flat admission certainly them claiming that he was killed in what's being described as a brewer inside the saudi consulate very interesting lee the new york times is now quoting a saudi official as giving up a few more details according to this official in the new york times there had been a general directive in the royal cools to gate what they describe as saudi dissidents returned from overruled to bring them back from saudi arabia the saudi
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official in the new york times saying that. this operation had been cooled in eighty eight by that that saudi a deputy intelligence official a man called siri he'd given the direction full they saw peroration and he put this main suspect in command of this operation and met her mo trip who we understand is one of the crown prince she's close bodyguard to put him in charge of this operation because a low trip i've worked with because shoji in london around ten years ago. this source telling the new york times that. as soon as he entered the consulate a fight started and was put into a neck cold and apparently was choked to death again according to this official speaking to the new york times and then this is vital as well this official saying
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that the team then gave the body to what is described as a local collaborator to dispose of meeting the saudis don't know where the body is was going to be interesting is the coming hours as we expect potentially more leaks by the turkish government as we've seen in recent days the longer this is gone all the more leaks we've seen the longer this investigation has gone on the more leaks we've seen so there's also been it's interesting to say there has been a statement made by the president president urged one saying basically that he's taken on board all its responsibilities to continue with this investigation and to get to two to a firm conclusion we do not know when any kind of results from either the joint investigation or indeed the turkish investigation will be announced but yeah as you say an incredible change in narrative from the saudis when we when we remind
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ourselves that the days they were coolly any allegation that he had died in the building as baseless lies charles even if you follow the saudi narrative at this point some of the officials are who have either been sacked of being investigated that are quite close to the crown for instance raises the question of how such a prominent figure a journalist with a columnist with the washington post can go missing in a diplomatic institute with the involvement of pounds of involvement of such senior people and yet the crown prince and very senior people in the kingdom have absolutely no idea about it. that's right i mean even one of the individuals one of the senior officials who the saudis say has been sacked and understand is being arrested this man south of qatar and he is a senior advisor to mohammed bin solomon and so that suggests that even the saudis
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have had to take on all of these these allegations that there were people close to mohammed bin salma and there has. been obviously no further indication from the saudis that solomon knew about this but as you say the evidence suggests the contrary you speak to saudi experts and they say he's inconceivable that such a major operation involving fifteen men sent across to a foreign country to to to participate in this operation one of whom as i say this man met him a trip who is one of we understand one of the saudi princes crown prince's private bodyguards a man who was on c.c.t.v. is going into the embassy on the day that because she went inside appearing a few hours later and then literally only about over an hour or so off to leaving the consulate appearing at the airport this is very very strong evidence that has
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been leaked to the media by the. and as you say everybody is saying that it does seem completely unbelievable that the saudi prince crown prince didn't know about this interesting lee as well of we've heard this from senate says from from u.s. officials very much also kolka the chairman of the foreign relations committee tweeted something along the lines of. we've heard the saudi change the saudis change their stories every day since this crisis began there's no way that we should believe that this latest statement from saudi arabia with respect to the death of the shows in the consulate should hold any water also major doubts about these the statement that is being made by by saudi arabia in the early hours of this morning all right thanks so much charles for bringing us up to speed with what's going on in istanbul but the u.s.
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president seems happy with saudi arabia's explanation other than washington though including members of his own party are far from convinced his party call high on that. u.s. president donald trump spent the day checking out america's most advanced weapons of war and as he sat down to talk to defense contractors this is what mattered most even as saudi arabia admitted killing us resident and journalist jamal khashoggi they wanted four hundred fifty billion dollars there's never been anything like you know just the last thing i want to do was say we're not going to you know we're not going to supply you with those numbers are actually not true the white house cannot point to any evidence that saudi arabia is actually spending anywhere close to that amount of money for many members of congress they say it's not about the money they say the saudis story just doesn't add up their story doesn't pass the smell test and i think it's high time for congress to recalibrate our relationship with saudi
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arabia close advisor to the president to senator lindsey graham seemed to point the finger at mohammed bin solomon in this tweet writing first we were told mr khashoggi supposedly left the consulate and there was a blanket denial of any saudi involvement now a fight breaks out and he's killed in the consulate all without knowledge of crown prince the president has made clear he wants to talk to the crown prince he wants to wait for more facts many in congress say it's time to act and the outrage in the united states is mounting the circumstances here are horrifying and the pressure from congress is going to be very great particularly now with an election coming up members of congress going to fall over each other trying to be the toughest in the loudest in saying we have got to do something we've got to punish the saudis the president is reluctant to do that but he may be cornered the president has signaled that he wants to wait would rather not punish saudi arabia with severe sanctions but if congress disagrees it's likely the president will not have the final say
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political hay in washington. many of the world's major newspapers are critical of saudi arabia's version of events times. london describes the admission as the grave us to embarrass months of saudi arabia's modern history the new york times raises questions about saudi arabia's various explanations about what happened to her job j. pointing out they initially said he left the consulate alive and well the washington post which wrote full says the new account may do little to ease international demands for the kingdom to be held accountable and the u.k.'s guardian newspaper in reporting the alleged fistfights in the rest says the saudi government appears to be trying to insist insulate the crown prince and protect his position than col is a former deputy national intelligence officer the u.s. national security council he says the trump is being open to believing whatever
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saudi arabia tells them about the case. the absurdity of the the crumbling cover stories does bring a smile to someone who pays any attention at first they denied everything they tried to express outrage that prince salma was implicated then they were silent and then they knowledge that he was missing and now they say yes he died there was a fight as though a fifty nine or sixty year old man would walk into a consulate to pick up a wedding related document and then pick a fight with fifteen thugs i don't think so so the story is foolish and the president's statements that he believes everything the saudis say whatever it is that they say is stupid and offensive but characteristic trump has clearly been. accepting whatever the saudis say i suspect actually that the initial statement.


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