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tv   Up Front 2018 Ep 18  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2018 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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even you sometimes because you will be going from this report that's really. staggering in its implications and then on the next page there will be an article about the potential you know renovation of j.f.k. airport doesn't say anything about the role of flying and air travel in. contributing to carbon emissions and how we might need to change drastically i think that they all are very deeply connected and i think that's particularly true for reporting on the economy and economics and job growth and all of these things that make no mention of climate change but it is our economic model that is driving climate change and those things have to be put together much more than they are now . i'm joined now by one of our producers flo phillips of the sky some of the other media stories that we're looking at this week flo the story of the saudi journalist emotional she is really taken on every twist and turn and one of the media fallout
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has been that some journalists in the way is thinking journalists that work at the washington post which of course is where ashaji used to write have actually been called out for their pro saudi reporting what else do we know about this the washington post has understandably been quite aggressive in its campaign to find out exactly what happened turning the heat up on saudi arabia's allies in the u.s. they even put out one op ed with the headline will you work for a mudra but soon after that piece was published the investigative website into set pointed out a rather unfortunate fact that washington post columnist ed watches and contributing writer carter eskew perfective working for the saudi government by the lobbying firms that each of them runs within twenty four hours of that into set piece going up the washington post put out their own article saying that both lobbying companies have now canceled their contracts with saudi arabia and so apart from these journalists. stroke lobbyists who else is the story really shine the
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spotlight on well there is one more name from the washington post itself david ignatius the paper's long time foreign affairs columnist critics have taken issue with his prose saudi stance this two thousand and seventeen op ed about the crown prince is a prime example although he was hardly the only person to write such pieces the new york times is thomas friedman is in the same camp and while he attempted a week mia culpa about the news of disappearance i'm not sure many people are buying it it's important to know that this isn't just american journalists being called out for their prose saudi writing in britain the daily telegraph defense editor kong kauffman has written a couple of articles echoing the saudi line about the show she's disappearance one political commentator took kaufman's writing apart not just this piece but other articles too accusing him of churning out saudi propaganda often deleted his
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twitter account soon after and neither he nor his paper have responded to the allegations a lot of fallout continues from the case moved to me and more now though because three senior journalists have been arrested there who are they and what else do we know about the case so these journalists are from the eleven media group editor in chief sure lynn along with managing editor nine men and chief reporter for why when now they were all arrested following a story that they were doing scrutinizing the funding of a transport project in yangon city the journalists were charged by the regional government using a colonial era law they said that the report could cause fear or alarm to the public and the arrest of these men and indeed the practice of using years old laws to charge them is part of the growing passing that we've been seeing in me and mom just last month two burmese janice working for waters while lone unsure so who began serving seven year jail terms for violating the official secrets act which dates back to nine hundred twenty three that ruling it's really important to
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remember it was handed down despite one of the government's own police offices telling the judge that the journalists had been the victims of a setup thank you. after two consecutive terms in power and another landslide election victory this past april there seems to be little that can threaten the rule of viktor or ban in hungary but that doesn't mean the project to consolidate his power in the media has in any way eased off in the eighty years since or bands for their party swept to victory in twenty ten numerous media outlets have been shut down or seen drastic changes in their editorial line often after changes and ownership which is why our lawn bells rang last month when orban allies closed in on index dot h.-u. the last remaining outlet read and respected on both sides of the political divide in hungary so far so familiar you might say but hungary watchers are now observing
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the or banned media model gain a foothold in other european countries like russia donia and slovenia on the back of investments that some say seek to promote the hungary and prime ministers pan-european agenda the listening posts will young reports. april two thousand and eighteen. a landslide election victory gives hungary and prime minister viktor orban the majority he needs to change country's constitution and the confidence to accuse media criticize him with being fake news ministers going to the thing i want indexed over there i feel he is going to. hit the next significant because of it index is read by about one million people daily where the prime minister calls one of the largest and most important independent news outlets a fake news factory it means he considers these one million people to be stupid in
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. less than four months after all brands like ization in september a member of the prime minister's ruling coalition took a few. fifty percent stake in the company that controls indexes advertising revenues. index journalists such as editor in chief got border crossing are on high alert. because of political additionally the most important question is how the ownership change will affect our independence we set up an independent barometer on a separate web domain from index if we feel that someone is influencing our work then we will change the barometer from independent to either risk free press event where you know women themselves it is right for indexes that to be very very bad the situation in the works was established back in line in ninety nine so i present this actually together with online media in hungary it's sort of thing buys is online journalism quality online journalism and very soon as
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a government proxies appear near these media outlets. it can move very quickly. in a change in its coverage or it can also essentially be shut down as it happened with vietnam. was one of hungary's last major left leaning newspapers when in two thousand and sixteen it was purchased and quickly shot down by investors linked with more brands for days party. since then more changes in ownership have been followed by more closures as well as notable shifts in editorial line my dad names that not build up your modern memes at one of hungary's most prestigious daily newspapers shut down immediately after the election ninety that idea was also shut down then had to balance a conservative weekly which had been critical of the government was also closed.
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this summer a new investor both here the hungary's most watched cable news channel on the day the new owners arrived a popular evening talk show was replaced by a bad speech the intention. nothing new or there's a clear to everyone at all at this hour but honestly i mean we can all read go used to be a competitor of index and it used to be independent by now it has been completely degraded and has become a propaganda mouthpiece for the government all the tabloids cater for even more particular needs demands they do not function as media but rather as subsidiaries of the ministry of information directly executing government orders. one of those tabloids is ripostes just one of a host of relatively minor outlets that serve the bottom end of the hungary and media market. low information high on sensation and what news these outlets actually cover is dominated by outrage against the e.u.
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against migrants and against or brands political opponents. after two thousand and fifteen many new outlets appeared out of thin air it's actually pushed this something that you would probably characterize as this tabloid journalism it's a copycat version of aim for america and it has been spreading conspiracy theories or by essentially imported something from another country and now is exporting its to other countries in the uk and. in recent months hungary and investors linked to or buy and businesses close to him have effectively been subsidizing highly politicized sensationalist media in macedonia and slovenia pushing anti migrant euro skeptic narratives with a large smattering of smears of opponents of the populist right much in the image of hungary under fidesz these investments seem to have little to do with profit
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making and everything to do with promoting a certain brand of politics at this early in the intervening media that is the right wing nationalist populist party the s.d.s. viktor orban personally campaigning for s.d.s. leader younis gunshot during the last election campaign. in macedonia and darien and media ark it's called for a boycott of a referendum on changing the country's official name to join the european union birth and in slovenia and gave media disseminates far right populist messages meant that also come and go missing muslim is committed to rid the british it is not possible in slovenia for a company to invest so much in a loss making media house these media nova twenty four t.v. scandal and democrats are not really separate entities but a single media what is published by one will appear on the others democrats see as an entire segment dedicated to immigration and each example is worse than the last
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there will be attacks on political adversaries based on unverified information i see it all as one big political propaganda machine which feeds on hate discrimination and lies things that are typical of propaganda not journalism. and the minute we must. get the investments in both countries have been crucial partly because they arrived just after the parties here were the previous owners lost power and as a consequence also the resources to sustain these costly media operations such investments cannot be rationalized by market incentives without this one david and many numerous media operations would have shut down the banks. i want to ask you colleagues today what's the state of our union last month the european parliament voted to trigger a so-called rule of law or procedure against hungary and government for its rolling
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back of civil liberties and human rights including freedom and to reality in the media beyond carrying government has effectively silenced independent media a setback for bands of european projects but with elections to the european parliament just months away media investments in countries like slovenia and methadone. could help keep european ambitions of mine. because it. is building relationships with other politicians in the central and eastern europe region in countries both inside and outside the e.u. on the one hand they provide know how to the media landscape how to set the public agenda how to run a propaganda media network on the other hand we see shopping to christians we know genuine business motivations as in hungary it is not lucrative to run a propaganda machine however it does pay off in politics as it sometimes often
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serves as a sort of early warning system when it comes to political developments because institutions or vicar here so political entrepreneurs come in and try to influence them they can be more successful. is simply finding his way through those vulnerabilities and i think it's something that could have in other countries as well if the media becomes this big. and finally a job in journalism isn't forever news rooms are cutting staff reporters get burned out and many other professions have better pay and better hours luckily though journalists have skills that can be useful in other lines of work writing researching interviewing and news readers have an additional skill set and all their style and clear precise delivery but doesn't guarantee us
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a future outside the studio this sketch by irish comedy trio for arms and hog imagines life beyond the cameras it's a bit close to home for me but i hope you will enjoy it and we'll see you next time at the listening post so. good evening it's five minutes to six. well this is just an informal chat so you can relax it says in your resume you read the news for new years two thousand and five twenty fourteen i worked as a television news reader but i decided i needed a change change for the better the change for the best ok and then after you left news reading a word you were a little twenty fourteen with unemployment levels at record lows we found it hard to get work in other areas turning to hobbies i enjoy making oprah and social gatherings with friends or look at my sports we go over to comit or if i could turn and turn a sporting interesting to throwing out five five fokker what i was going to try is
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of course wishful thinking but in the end thanks governor when you look in to start you just hope that work will commence in the spring or see what we can get and good night. and i was going to ask you to leave travel often. by trying cool to use an old forests near prague global. hawk's a family tree by all accounts land. values and scotland's. list would venture. discover its true. because faraway places closer to going since together with cats are always. the diagnosis he has been sick for around six months now the challenge ahead there
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one of these ninety six could be a new cure or a basis of a new cure all for color. illness or disability al-jazeera examines pioneering treatments so this is the exo suit yes it's basically a wearable robot that kira revisited does iraq. saudi arabia reverses days of denials admitting that the journalist jamal khashoggi was killed and it's time both consulate during a brawl. i think it's a very important first step donald trump says the saudi explanation sounds credible but others in washington are finding it hard to believe.
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otherwise maybe instead again this is al jazeera live from doha with full coverage of saudi arabia's admission about the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi the kingdom says it's fired several intelligence officials that arrested eighteen suspects over the death. of controversial tromp prince mohammed bin solomon has been put in charge of overhauling saudi arabia's spy agency. saudi arabia has admitted journalist jamal khashoggi was killed inside its consulate in istanbul the information was announced in the middle of the night on saudi state television seventeen days after her she walked into the consulate building riyadh now says that there was a brawl inside and that they died during the fight five top saudi officials have
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been sacked among them a senior intelligence officer and an adviser to the royal court eighteen others have been arrested u.s. president donald trump says that saudi arabia's announcement seems credible but others in washington a far from convinced shortly we'll be live in istanbul we'll also get full reaction from washington but first i was there as andrew simmons reports on all the latest developments. images played out relentlessly worldwide as saudi arabia denied jamal khashoggi had been killed but this was the last anyone would see of him alive and it was the beginning of a crisis that shaken the saudi royal household to its foundations to the despair of sixty year old fiance had t.j. junkies who had waited in vain for him to leave the consulate the saudis initially said he wasn't in the building now they finally admitted that six year old is dead
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and this statement has been issued from the public prosecutor at the a while again at the as an attorney about i'ma the first investigation into the disappearance of saudi citizen jamal khashoggi and shows that there was an argument and quarrel between him and the people he met at the saudi consulate in istanbul the call led to his death but the announcement from saudi arabia cuts against what turkish investigators say happened inside this building it all boils down to an eleven minute ot a recording of events in which they say within minutes. was attacked and he died in a most gruesome way his body being cut up and handed part by part to other saudi officials inside the building your man wants and i entered the building. for a few minutes with the consul general to discuss his papers that he needed and he was immediately attacked by a gang of killers that were son specifically to stumble to
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actually liquidate him it wasn't an accidental death it wasn't a fist fight to the point where the consul general on tape is allegedly screaming please do not do it here you are getting me in trouble the saudi statement announced the detention of suspects those arrested and named but may well include what the turks say was a fifty. one member it team at least four of them officials close to the royal household including this man mohamad tree by an intelligence official who the turks a lead the operation on the ground tracked by c.c.t.v. cameras entering the consulate ahead of death and later leaving the country and at least five high ranking officials have been sacked a trusted advisor to mohammed bin salman is among them so do al kut sanny also ackman alice siri deputy chief of intelligence and former spokesman for the saudi
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u.a.e. led coalition in the war in yemen the crown prince will now head a restructuring of the general intelligence agency the announcements appear to signal the mohammed bin selman is being absolved of blame for jamal khashoggi death as the turkish inquiry continues the actions of saudi arabia leave more questions than answers among them where the remains of general. and more than anything else was this really is saudi arabia portrays some sort of accident or a rogue operation from within its own well household andrew simmons al-jazeera is temple or do you accept some been released of one of jamal khashoggi final interviews the discussion with a newsweek reporter was originally confidential as a shock she said that he feared for his life here's some of that recording. do you
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want to be any form of. evidence to the public opinion why not. transparent process where where you have been easy. to use the rule of law and due process and then defending the people would be on his side if he would do that it could even fight him in an old fashioned rivalry leader well i haven't this kind of life doesn't mean that but a good for because it was limited. it does sort of tell you a little. i didn't want that they didn't see the need for that so sometime i see that they want to do. what most all other than a two year cynical. that is the thing i don't want also to do more like how can the rules. doesn't work you can have a good way. and also have it both ways can you have it both ways can you call your
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can you. i don't think you can. but if but if they don't know how to stop all that is not because it won't budge in soviet. russia have number one and all will agree with him do you see anybody that many couples accept this current does going to work. i'm sure the radicals are not going to apply your pressure a couple have. a look at a true cricket has been good for the n.d.p. let's go live now to the saudi arabian consulate in istanbul as is chance transit is that chance what to make of this saudi arabian about the whole explanation in stark contrast to what they previously said about him leaving because he was alive
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and well being. it's quite incredible really isn't it the turnaround in the narrative from the saudis only a few days ago still calling allegations. that shows she died inside the consulate as baseless and lies saying they could show she left the consulate to that meeting on the second certainly according to the government if a statement has been released by the a k policy human rights chief who says that the saudis had no choice but to release some sort of statement because of the kind of information that they know that the turks have this case because of the leaks that the government been leaking to the international indeed the local media and interested me she said that we can expect more only six to come i think this is very interesting details as well appearing in the press about. a whole host of
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carriages and suspects of people involved in this case i think with respect to as an example of how close or not that's the case may be that the man one of the main men that have been arrested in saudi arabia was is to the saudi crown prince i mean trustingly on his twitter account sort of twitch spray do you know all this two thousand and seven see if he was asking gays this is referring to sorry saudi saudi . who is a very close advisor to mohammed bin salma who is one of the men that has has lost his job has been sacked in saudi arabia anyway his tricks quits her account in two thousand and seventeen when he was asking some of his followers to flag up accounts that needed to be blacklisted or will want to he replied in this thread do you think i make decisions without guidance i am in the i am an employee and
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a faithful executive of the orders of my lord the king and my lord the faithful crown prince i mean there are some people of the saying that this man has lost his job as a means of the saudis deflecting blame away. from m.b.a. spall might have been solomon but that tweet by him is a major indication that they were very close there's also some very interesting details that are appearing in the american media as well the new york times says that it is spoken to an official saudi soules named that says that. when. the consulate october the second the fight ensued and the question was he was choked to death but this is what's also interesting you says that. the body was handed to a collaborator and that's why the saudis don't know where this body is as the hours
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go as we go forward in this story as i say we're expecting more leaks from the government on this story that's very much it seems in the driving seat. and very few people seemingly around the world except forcibly don't trump up buying this story of buying this narrative from the saudi leadership charles many thanks for the live in istanbul as charles was saying that the u.s. president seems happy with saudi arabia as an explanation but others in washington including members of his own party a far from convinced that he kohei in reports. u.s. president donald trump spent the day checking out america's most advanced weapons of war and as he sat down to talk to defense contractors this is what mattered most even as saudi arabia admitted killing us resident and journalist jamal khashoggi they wanted four hundred fifty billion dollars there's never been anything like you know just the last thing i want to do is say we're not going to you know we're not going to supply you with those numbers are actually not true the white house cannot
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point to any evidence that saudi arabia is actually spending anywhere close to that amount of money for many members of congress they say it's not about the money they say the saudi story just doesn't add up their story doesn't pass the smell test and i think it's high time for congress to recalibrate our relationship with saudi arabia close advisor to the president senator lindsey graham seemed to point the finger at mohammed bin solomon in this tweet writing first we were told mr khashoggi supposedly left the consulate and there was a blanket denial of any saudi involvement now a fight breaks out and he's killed in the consulate all without knowledge of crown prince the president has made clear he wants to talk to the crown prince he wants to wait for more facts many in congress say it's time to act the outrage in the united states is mounting the circumstances here are horrifying.


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