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supply you with that those numbers are actually not true the white house cannot point to any evidence that saudi arabia is actually spending anywhere close to that amount of money for many members of congress they say it's not about the money they say the saudis story just doesn't add up their story doesn't pass the smell test and i think it's high time for congress to recalibrate our relationship with saudi arabia close advisor to the president to senator lindsey graham seemed to point the finger at mohammed bin solomon in this tweet writing first we were told mr khashoggi supposedly left the consulate and there was a blanket denial of any saudi involvement now a fight breaks out and he's killed in the consulate all without knowledge of crown prince the president has made clear he wants to talk to the crown prince he wants to wait for more facts many in congress say it's time to act and the outrage in the united states is mounting the circumstances here are horrifying and the pressure
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from congress is going to be very great particularly now with an election coming up members of congress going to fall over each other trying to be the toughest in the loudest in saying we have got to do something we've got to punish the saudis the president is reluctant to do that but he may be cornered the president has signaled that he wants to wait would rather not punish saudi arabia with severe sanctions but if congress disagrees it's likely the president will not have the final say. al-jazeera washington many of the world's major newspapers a critical of saudi arabia's version of events the times of london describes the admission as the greatest embarrassment of saudi arabia's modern history the new york times raises questions about saudi arabia's various explanations about what happened to the short she pointing out that they did initially said he left the consulate alive and well. the washington post which she wrote for says the new account may do little to ease international demands for the kingdom to be held accountable and the u.k.'s
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guardian newspaper in reporting the alleged fights and arrests says the saudi government appears to be trying to protect the crown prince's position we'll have much more on this developing story shortly and the rest of the day's news afghans cast their ballots for the first time in eighty is the taliban attacks overshadow voting we'll take you live to kabul also fearing for the future of nigerian refugees in cameroon who may be sent back to a region already in crisis. how about the usual showers across southeast asia big downpours there affecting good parts of southern areas of india china north sea bad into the philippines that you can see this cling of shall cloud rolling through so in the heat of the day of course there will be some lovely downpours lovely downpours extending across much
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of malaysia certainly seeing some really heavy showers from time to time singapore having a pretty wet time of it further south we are of course starting to see warm or showers starting to ease their way down into a good part of indonesia now as the sun continues to make its way off the south wanted to show us into the far north of australia rather more the way of sharing heavy downpours welcome right pushing it which was that eastern side into new south wales into victoria a sweater weather will make its way through this area of low pressure hard pressure comes back in behind to settle there across south australia not too bad for the time being it's west of australia a cloud of the way will edges way towards perth as we go on into sunday temperatures around nineteen celsius similar temperatures there for melbourne and for sydney bits and pieces of cloud and rain there on sunday as you can see going into monday it starts to dry up a stance a broad not looking good across much of australia by this state melbourne then with a high of twenty five.
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if inscribed to the wild west previously where the average person couldn't touch and tell if a post had been said on height or in thought why does this updated nafta have the kind of support that it needs we bring you the stories of the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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again this is al-jazeera the main news this hour more than two weeks after he went missing saudi arabia has admitted that the journalist jamal khashoggi was killed inside its consulate in istanbul it says his death happened during a fight and that eighteen saudi nationals been arrested five top saudi officials have been dismissed among them a senior intelligence officer a close adviser to crown prince ahmed and so on the u.s. president says the get the arrests are a great first step but that he wants to speak further with the crown prince donald trump says that what happened was unacceptable but that he thinks the latest saudi version of events is credible. far from accepting that he was saudi explanation prominent u.s. democratic party senator bernie sanders is accusing donald trump of encouraging autocrats he tweeted by attacking the media and condoning violent behavior towards journalists trump is giving a green light to
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a ferret or for terry and all over the world to endanger the lives of those who work for a free press with me now in the studio one couple on who's the director of policy analysis at the arab center for research and policy studies here always good to have you with us. picking up on what bernie sanders says there with president trump saying that the saudi explanation sounds credible it seems that not a lot of people believe that there's a high degree of skepticism right around the world i mean what does this do to donald trump's credibility if he keeps pursuing this line giving way outside of course this. affair that undermine his credibility but this man actually as we all know i mean he's a businessman he cares about human rights and interests he cares more about selling weapons to saudi arabia and other countries on the board this is a cares more about creating jobs. i mean he doesn't hide this i thought so i think nobody is surprised by his the actions of the saudis story and my hunch is that
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there was some sort of a part of the mission even between the saudis and the administration on the story that the saudis are telling now because i mean this was actually what the americans have been demanding the american mrs sheehan has been demanding over the past few days that the saudis must come up with a story actually to tell i mean. that the ward actually would have been in the consulate and the first step was to admit that it was he was killed in the consulate but. the details of the saudi story cannot hold clearly for many people who are we all we know know now what happened inside the consulate and we read into the fact that turkey as our correspondent was saying a little earlier is probably going to release more information which has been doing all along has been drip feeding this information is that admission that turkey doesn't buy this this this saudi arabian explanation and that it's not part of this of this group in between saudi arabia and the u.s. to try to mask the fact. they don't look quite as bad for saudi arabia i think all
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the eyes are going to be now on turkey and whether the turks are going to accept the saudi story or they are going to release more information to undermine that story and i think here what politics actually will play out or well the turks actually. i mean have some sort of a deal with the americans with the saudis or they would not actually accept that they were there will be there will be determined determined to the very end to i mean to tell the rest of the world what happened really inside the consulate sort of thing which you have been. very in mind how turkey has played this all along and they're going to do that are they going to play along with the u.s. and saudi arabia well i think i think at the end of the day i mean that is my hunch . still cared more about interests than human rights but because we are having this and it was at the between saudi arabia and turkey i have the feeling that she would be trying to with mexico but i shot in the saudis in
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fact they wanted i mean for me to humiliate them even because they suspect that they had their role in the military coup of two thousand and sixteen and they had also all in trying to undermine the turkish leader are a couple of months ago or so i think it is this the turks are trying to avenge something that had been in the by. between them and the saudis so you don't need any insist actually on taking this case to the very end so you think there's more to come and that this explanation that that the trumpet ministration of saudi arabia seem to have agreed upon will be will be blown away says that the one that maybe that is very significant is a lot of this is one scenario but in politics you you cannot be really shallow about you know what the what the endgame of this is going to be no one fascinating many thanks indeed thank you let's move to other news now that been several attacks a polling stations in afghanistan as people that vote in the first parliamentary elections since twenty ten the taliban of vowed to target anyone who showed up at
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least three people have been killed in explosions across the capital kabul glitches with new voting systems are also causing delays and frustration well taliban fighters control more of the country now than they did when the us invaded in two thousand and one military analysts say the armed group of the holds or is fighting to control over sixty percent of afghanistan's districts and they continue to carry out attacks back in july the taliban overran two districts in the southeastern province of part tika on the border with pakistan gosney afghanistan's twelve largest city was targeted in august elections there been postponed and voting in the southern province of kandahar has been delayed for a week after the taliban killed two c.d.'s officials. has been to a polling station today in kabul. we are in polling station in central kabul and as
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you can see the process is underway these are the observers very flying the list of the voters and then you can see behind me women are lining up to cast their vote so this is an act of defiance despite the threats by the taliban to disrupt the voting process the taliban has issued misstatements in the past saying that there will target polling stations across the country but however as you can see these women are pretty much excited to cast their vote for many afghans this is a crucial moment they would like to see in new parliament that would tackle many problems that afghanistan faces elections in afghanistan always marred by widespread allegations of fraud and this explains why people are hoping to see it genuine change a new parliament willing to tackle the wide range of issues that i'm going to stand faces war with the taliban instability reconstruction and economy
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all the home like us that. i will vote for someone who would work for afghanistan and serve the nation we need patriots who care about the country these people that deserve to be elected to parliament it would cause them i have to say i am exercising my democratic right i want to choose the right person who will fight for my rights in the rights of women and women vote in large numbers their voices will be heard we are in a polling station in was an area that has been hit many times by suicide bombing attacks security forces have sealed off the whole area with roadblocks and checkpoints and this is quite a crucial moment for the afghan government who would like to ensure smooth elections particularly after the election in the province of kandahar was suspended following the killing of senior local officials. al jazeera. at least fifty nine people have been killed in the indian state of punjab when a train traveling at high speed ran into a large crowd of people had gone. for a religious festival in the city of. those poor chad a g.m.
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reports. police in india are calling this a freak accident a train plows into a large crowd watching the burning of an effigy at a religious celebration. witnesses say the overflow of people pushed some on to the railway track the noise from fireworks prevented people from hearing the approaching train. your dragon. it was a major hindu festival the railway track is close to it and the crowd was huge suddenly some movement happened and the train crossed at that time. survivors covered the body parts of their loved ones others waited for those injured to be treated at nearby hospitals thank you crowd was it a hindu festival called celebrating the triumph of good over evil they had just set ablaze the effigy of a ten headed demon from the hindu at the karama ya know i am at the moment not.
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being next to their invitation but good musicians should have entered a bit and we were when i got eduardo and as the investigation begins the chief minister of the state has declared a day of mourning he has ordered all stated situations to be closed in his real system has a record of safety. twenty three million people use the network the system was build during colonial rule but it is underfunded paul chatterjee on al-jazeera in taiwan tens of thousands of people are protesting against what they call chinese and accession annexation efforts the island has been under self rule for decades but china considers it part of its territory and refuses to recognize taiwan's government under serious study of the pollen reports from taipei. this is one of the biggest rallies in recent years and many say there has not been such an urgency
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like there is now due to china's increasing influence and aggression now many outside of taiwan would say why would they be calling for independence taiwan already has its own currency its own passport its own political system and even its own leader but china refers to taiwan as a renegade province and even the taiwanese government although it recognizes taiwan sovereignty its never actually declared independence and that is what the people here want this is likely to anger china in so many ways in fact in recent years china has pushed many countries to cut diplomatic ties with taiwan influenced foreign companies to only recognize taiwan as a part of china and perhaps the biggest and most widespread pain beijing can inflict on taiwan its economic as taiwan or china is taiwan's biggest trading partner more than one hundred thousand by jury and refugees have sought refuge in
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northern cameroon. group boko haram now though they face being sent burke was hit more than reports from ottawa. it has taken up on someone how much nearly a year after fleeing to find a job in this shop. he needs to provide for his first of blaine's after his village was attacked and they were all forced to flee to cameroon for safety. but it. came to our village they were looking for young boys like me to join them in the nigeria army accused us of being part of. we were not see so we run and came here. is one of over one hundred thousand nature and refugees who have fled to cameroon more than half of them live in a refugee camp where the u.n. says providing them with water health care and education is a challenge. and over forty thousand are living in host communities in the northern part of cameroon some refugees are trying to rebuild their lives after
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a haven from nigeria but it's difficult for many cameron's government has been finding refugees that nigeria over the past three years despite something it's not safe to go back home. the u.n. says more than two thousand have been sent back this year alone something the government denies we have. been with nigeria and. you know as you see we're off me and. them to go back but their condition is there is. just when the condition is noble them to go back because no. cameroon's far north region has also witnessed attacks that displaced hundreds of people the united nations refugee agency unix t.-r. says it's working on ways to verify and register refugees outside camps to prove
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their refugee status and give them the protection they need those who are outside are not. but i. knew. i was out. of our outcome. for. buses says he lives in fear that he may be forced back to nigeria even if it's properly registered as a refugee and that's he focused on rebuilding his life here in northern cameroon and till he's forced to leave or it's safe for him to go back willingly he will morgan i'm just there on my roof and i think cameron.
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it's good to have you with us they dream for going to the top stories now says there are more than two weeks after he went missing saudi arabia has admitted that the journalist. was killed inside its consulate in istanbul it says his death happened during a fight and that eighteen saudi nationals have been arrested and five top saudi officials have been dismissed among them a senior intelligence officer and a close aide to the crown prince president trump said the arrests are a great first step but that he wants to talk further with crown prince mohammed and sound when he says that what happened was unacceptable but he thinks the saudi version of events is credible medical haid reports from washington. from the beginning of this it is been all about the weapons deals you talking about saudi arabia being a strong ally and thinks that this investigation is a good first step that they're getting close to having
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a resolution that they need saudi arabia in the region but then he keeps coming back to the deals and i think it's important to point out he is extremely in the minority here if you look at the cable news channels of you look at twitter and all the politicians feeds pretty much every member of congress that is talking about this or saying this story is insane it doesn't make sense it doesn't seem to add up on its face in afghanistan parliamentary elections have opened with a wave of attacks by the taliban and polling stations at least three people have been killed in the capital kabul since opposing began there's also been fighting and couldn't talk helmand and how that the taliban to derail the election issues with voting machines are also causing problems i'll be back with. a little left over twenty five minutes. we'll have all the latest on saudi arabia's admission that she was killed inside its consulate in istanbul now
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though it's time for counting the cost in the lead up to the u.s. midterm election we'll be talking to the american people looking at the key issues for voters immigration economic struggles the health care system races and women's rights join us throughout to told her for special coverage and analysis the u.s. military. hello i'm sam is a band this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week investors publicly distanced themselves from saudi arabia after the disappearance of a journalist sparks an international outcry we examine what that means for the kingdom's economic ambitions. also this week the future of food with new technology
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trying to shape agriculture. plus sunshine and sooks to museums tourism industry is back in business. the alleged killing of saudi journalist. the country's consulate in istanbul as shocked the world saudi arabia is under intense pressure to explain what happened the world's largest oil exporter could face international sanctions well the cost of insuring against saudi default has increased thirty two percent that means investors view the country as a much riskier bet now the government may now be forced to raise more debt at a higher cost it's already running a budget deficit the saudi government is trying to court investment for new cities and projects big names in business and finance ministers including u.s. treasury secretary steven the new can are boycotting
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a key investment event the conference is scheduled to run from october the twenty third to the twenty fifth right matheson reports. only last week christine lagarde the head of the international monetary fund said she was still going to saudi arabia even though she was horrified at the disappearance of jamal khashoggi now her office says her trip is being deferred jamie dimon the c.e.o. of j.p. morgan chase has also pulled out it's had eighty five years of business in saudi arabia and began by helping us oil firms start up their stephen schwartz one chief executive of blackstone isn't going either he said to have been one of the first western finance is to actively court crown prince mohammed bin salman bill ford of the ford motor company has pulled out two he's blaming a conflict ford was hoping to boost sales after saudi arabian women were allowed to drive. media companies including c n.b.c. financial times c.n.n.
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and the new york times have also withdrawn so have some banks including h.s.b.c. b.n.p. and so cities in iraq some countries have said they won't be sending trade delegations but it's important to remember this just because key individuals might not be going that doesn't guarantee their organizations or their countries won't be represented u.s. treasury secretary steven minocin and the multinational conglomerate softbank chose to wait before making a decision this conference was a chance for the saudis to resuscitate business confidence which has been slacking off in certain sectors for months some investors may know need a lot of persuading we're joining me here in doha is not all long bear law is a senior policy analyst at the carter university's social and economic survey research institute good to have you with us so i guess the reason why the saudi economy's risk profile is rising is
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a kind of underlying fear is that it might be about to be hit by sanctions or some kind of punitive measures how likely is that scenario to you only time would tell if there are sanctions if there are sanctions that would be terrible for the plans of the young crown prince now whether sanctions are imposed or not in a sense has the damage already been done to investor confidence in saudi arabia to a great deal to a great deal because this is not just the first case of that can disrupt the confidence that investors had towards holy arabia in saudi arabia a year ago a number of prominent businessman in a row the saudi royal family members where arrested in a corruption crackdown the problem is that there was little transparency no real trials and at the end of the day people believe that this was a form of extortion so how people could believe in. judicial system of saudi arabia
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that's also a concern for investors and then there were spats with germany at a low profile higher profile as pathways canada or the human rights and now there is just latest news which doesn't bode well for your investments how justified then are fears that the oil market might be dragged into this given what you're saying well you know the oil market is always a market which is very reactive to news for good or worse generally for worse there are speculators especially very active on the oil markets and generally when the bad news happen geopolitical news for instance it does affect negative lidiane market meaning the oil price increases. this is something the trumpet ministration doesn't want to see coming they have been very adamant very very insistent insisting very strongly towards the saudis and other oil producers that they want to have more production to cool down the prices but the contrary might happen if
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sanctions where imports analysts have interpreted some of the saudi measures as an indication that they are willing to use the oil card should things get messy shall we say in economic ties or sanctions how realistic do you think that card could really be used by riyadh well we need to distinguish two things. the willingness to express to show we are strong to sure that we can retaliate if we are meaning the saudis are to receive sanctions so that they are very clear about that they want to show that they are not a small country that can be bullied but the same time they don't want to disrupt any global economy because it would backfire backfire on them to exactly they're completely depending for the oil exports which is their key source of. a lot of answers do you think there is a fair share of bluff but you know this is diplomacy so some investors have already
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pulled out so what about the saudi investment conference the so-called davus of the desert to what extent is that being impacted by the fair well we have seen a number of people who had to calm who counseled in in a very in a series of people consoling their coming so this made the news and this is not good for business of course a descent time the conference has its own domestic and regional audience so it was not completely depending on these essentially western invest toss but it's a setback for the saudi economy definitely when it translates into actual a drying up of deal making a slowing down. of f.b.i. acceleration into saudi arabia or will business just go on as normal well but that's the problem business as normal is the problem to saudi crown prince wanted to show he could boost the saudi economy that it could go beyond oil real estate
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and big infrastructure construction that it could trigger invest or to kick start a knowledge economy to kick start an industry of robots especially to build heats touristic c.t. but all that seems enjoy your party because these needs fresh capital not just recycling the oil rent but having investors from abroad from the west from china and japan coming this is less promising her also given what you're saying where does that leave vision twenty thirty even well might happen in twenty fifty. more seriously i think that for now the momentum is not there so they are very unlikely to have the kind of diversification the wait is now they are very unlikely to have the kind of diversification they aspire to where they have to raise more debt than to fund some of these twenty thirty projects that could be a solution where will that leave the deficit budget deficit well that's the main
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concern because especially this year they have a significant budget deficit already saw this would not be a good sign also for investors because that threatens the currency and sort. people for now don't know if the macro economic indicators of saudi arabia will stay stable enough so many investors are waiting and seeing and for now the diversification strategy is not on track. a lot of tech companies are funded by saudi money and there is that going to continue after this or the southern money becomes something sort of suspect now well there are two things there is investments from technology company is into saudi arabia that's what is frozen but money coming from saudi arabia will always be well run like santa on the market yes saw valley be you know in eastern asia else or where there are some companies that are receiving a lot of investment this will keep on going but the concern again is there
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diversification is not happening and has the do you think pushed the aramco any aramco listing even further back into the horizon i don't think we can link the two things with saudi aramco i peel was already styled for a number of reasons some are technical some are more political or technical reasons well there is no transparency a studio oil reserves of saudi arabia therefore long exaggerated how much oil there is in their reserves and now to disclose it to disclose the real reserves because for an i.p.o. you need transparency this is a main problem and on the political side making transparency giving more transparency on how the money from the oil is spent that's a major issue or a norm thanks so much for talking to us thank you sam. some of the stories on our radar this week china could be facing a debt iceberg that's according to s. and p. global the ratings agency is highlighting what it called titanic credit risks
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because of under reported local government debt meanwhile the world's number two economy reported its slowest quarterly growth rate since the global financial crisis bragg's it time out european union leaders have given themselves several more weeks to reach a break up deal with the u.k. talks this week failed to deliver a hoped for breakthrough plus better than expected earnings at netflix helped its shares higher this week the streaming video service added seven million new customers in the three months to september one hundred thirty seven million people globally now usenet flicks. still to come on counting the cost on a high caliber becomes the world's largest legal marijuana marketplace. but first tunisia is enjoying a tourism revival the industry had gone into decline following a series of attacks by armed groups on visitors in two thousand and fifteen mohamed
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vall has the story. tunisia's tourism industry is taken off the sandy beaches of the northeast are again sophia is a general manager of siebel who tell all four hundred eighty beds are fully booked even though the hot season has ended a little come to. twenty seventeen we started to feel like european tourists coming back and in twenty eighteen there was a remarkable increase in european tourism especially western european tourist traffic markets like belgian english luxembourg has and also french. scenes like these have not been seen since early two thousand and eleven for the uprising the toppled former president. that triggered a series of popular revolt in the region known as the arab spring. as you know an
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arab spring nations tunisia paid a hefty price for the southern political upheaval groups linked to al qaeda and staged attacks across the country the bloodiest wars on the museum in the capital tunis in march two thousand and fifteen that killed twenty two people twenty of them your tourists. the attacks lead to a severe drop in visitor numbers hitting the country's economy less is on the deal caliber he said at the hot season has ended but urgent season is excellent as well and there are still lots of her tales which will be full for an early november it was positive and statistics are here to confirm that. but that situation began to change early in two thousand and seventeen with a marked improvement this year. nearly five point five million tourists have arrived since january and major european operators including thomas cook to you i have resumed holidays to tunisia the government says it expects visitor numbers to
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hit at recalled eight million by the end of the year for tunisians tourism means not only economic ease but also peace a feeling shared by those of life in the country safe yes of course i'm safe in a like tony said what in march the people are what a kind here all culture good food. i like it what is much. that doesn't suit us and elsewhere testament to the changed optimal sphere. handicraft sellers are again busy or hoping of the bad times over for good. the un's food and agriculture agency says the world will need to change the way it produces its food in order to cater to an increasing global population and the hayward went to scotland to look at an alternative approach to farming. there's no tractor or trailer or reliance on the some or the rain instead special lighting is
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helping this crop of pounds of until to grow. this is the u.k.'s past fully automated vertical palm where the vents built into the trays pump the right amount of air to regulate the temperature and humidity we've taken a field we've cut it into tray sized pieces about six and a half square metres and as you can see behind me we stack them up on top of each other then we've put them in a box and we've made the weather inside the box so we've made our own sunshine we've made our own rain we've made our own wind we could heat we can we can deal with humidity. under this system being developed in scotland crops can grow quickly using ninety seven percent less water than normally would be used this method of bombing isn't being seen as a replacement for more traditional methods of agriculture but it could be useful in areas where it's difficult to grow crops where the climate is extreme. and changing
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the way we produce food will be vital in the future the u.n. is warning that by twenty pity the global population will be more than nine billion and will need to produce seventy percent more to feed everyone this technology allows us to grow food in areas of the world where it's very difficult because of the climate or neuters of the world is actually very little wonder billable so is changes to whole foods system supply strain for example but also seriously reduces the amount of energy and inputs that we have to put into making food. here that aiming to be energy neutral as the demands of our population increase so too will our need for innovation. well joining me now from amsterdam is adam and those adam is a co-founder and managing partner at ten terra capital good to have you with us so can the world produce enough food for nine billion people that's the big concern going forward where do you think we're heading you know i think our image is just
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about delivering calories areas and now land around the world and probably enough resources grateful i think the problem is where they have to go in whether it's nutritious outwards or what exactly is act tech so harass ag tech is the adoption of new ideas new technologies being digital biotech material sciences applied to any aspect of the netiquette ukranian chain networks from the stage and reading. on current practices transportation shelf life we just it's like give us some examples though some practical examples of what. a normal farm that's converted into ag tag how does it look different. so for example when dealing in the family when you could first of all what and input the family might choose so the genetics the actual performance of the plot how do we
6:39 pm
know that that plant is suitable for that soil really know the right amount of seed is going to be used and then from there what you actually make a planting decision how can you use data in order to be more precise about that first moment of planting and then how to treat that one as a grows. then we go through that treatment process with different forms of pesticide fungus herbicide traditionally an area where some quite approved chemicals have been used and it's time to the next generation and then it's harvesting time how do we record that yield how can the camel best market that product and digital garroting solutions or a buy in would know every aspect of our ok we're listening to that one wonders that are we talking about a system of farming that really requires a fundamental maybe complicated set of changes to the whole process of farming and you know i don't think so and also government can adopt it in different grades so
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give it's just better performing a c. in a cell and soil or in low who. environment that's something that could be distributed in or in the world and just are actively in use you can also go very high tech and be analyzing your family even at the field and look at them well a plant a little eventually maybe so i think that's going to be up to the farm is there enough investment going on that in like that because it sounds great investment activity is moved from let's say five years ago practically nonexistent so globally when we started looking at ten years ago it was three hundred million globally invested a year in the one of the largest centers in these days we're looking in the billions and take a lot of probably three to four billion last year if you include ten something percent ten so it's definitely grown is a little now that i'm not sure about you know what about developing countries will
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they be left behind the ag tech revolution if they're not able to put as much money as others into the game. i personally think some of the best opportunities for women are in emerging countries and also some of the best opportunities for getting a return on that application of technology for entrepreneurs and that in part because we've got a very big gap and in developed countries which are achieving seventy sometimes eighty percent of your potential in emerging markets it's often thirty percent another key reason would be we're seeing a step change in technology where you don't go through i mean practices that helped imaging and it developed markets that are giving these days a hole in the back of it and that links to my third reason why it's going to be great for managing markets is less arrogance about how to farm and there's more openness to some of these suggestions that we see in. say the netherlands taking
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advice on how to do dairy when they're in world leaders for four hundred years in that sector like the point that you touched upon an initial you made me think of an issue there when he said they'll be less arrogant how different will the farmer of the future look like than compared to now because when you say farmer you know you kind of think of a chap in a field with you know raking the field with the farmer instead be sitting on a computer with a big dater and doing to this community or something like that look at different don't think of computers farmers who will always want to be in the food and be close to their plants their animals their land and there's a big part of that that's as a part of an integral part of and that's an out of the environment but using a small foreign or and i'm at in order to prioritize what to do that i want to know in more specificity where there might be disease pressure and how you can more
6:43 pm
accurately apply that is to say i don't have to use them. and actually farming at that will determine level we hope by technology i'm quite certain of it. well maybe three d. printing often for example for the government i think that a different solution or a different title seven and it's possible three d. printing will hopefully but i don't see that as a fundamental revolution in the same way of what i say that mean in the fall i do think it's a novel idea and i think it will so absent transportation issues and grading issues . and certainly it can be a lot of fun in terms of different flavors textures and everything else that we're seeing at nine restaurants. well thanks so much for coming and talking to us about that it's a great pleasure thank you for having me and finally canada has joined a very exclusive club of countries that allows the sale of recreational marijuana off to europe why it's only the second country to do so than your lack reports from
6:44 pm
toronto. illegal no more at midnight in the easternmost time zone the first non-medicinal cannabis is sold without breaking canadian law trades would be super happy to if you're a first person in line legalization is being celebrated countrywide and not just by smokers canadian cannabis companies have seen their share prices soar in recent months as the big day approached there is not one client yet that has not been touched by the introduction of cannabis in canada life sciences technology the banking industry retailers but in addition the food and beverage companies you're going to start seeing a lot of activity as they touch the cannabis market how canadians buy their cannabis depends on where they live there will be different distribution rules in each of the ten provinces and three territories some will have government run
6:45 pm
online and real stores others private retail prices will also differ some critics say that puts too many restrictions on an activity most canadians have long wanted to be legal we can't really stop it with we better call it legalized. unfortunately the government has tried to maintain all of the details of prohibition and just call it legalized. legalizing cannabis fulfills a campaign promise made in two thousand and fifteen by prime minister justin trudeau who himself admitted several years ago that he was an occasional user in the past the government is also offering pardons to people convicted of possession now that the drug is legal. because cannabis has been outlawed for so long its effects on mind and body are being studied in detail at this toronto medical lab they're using a simulator to see how drivers who have smoked a joint react to virtual traffic conditions police and road safety advisers are
6:46 pm
also part of the research the most important thing is for drivers to understand what's going on in their body and prevent things from happening i think everybody is interested in keeping our world safer or will help drivers. think. most canadians are not opposed to legal cannabis so long as it could be kept away from children and the multibillion dollar profits from an industry once dominated by organized crime can be taxed and used to benefit society. well that's our show for this week but remember you can get in touch with us via twitter hash tag. do. an e-mail counting the cost of al-jazeera is our address is more on line of al-jazeera dot com slash see that will take you straight to our page which has individual reports links and entire catch up on. that's it for this edition of counting the cost i'm sam is a than from the whole team here thanks for joining us. is next.
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if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when miss was that somehow time is aiming to replace america and going to run the world while the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china part one on a jersey. girl on behalf of her majesty's government i apologize reservedly
6:48 pm
a historic apology for one of british intelligence his darkest episodes there was a growing agreement to that the libyans could be quite useful to the west seven years after the death of gadhafi because al-jazeera world investigates western collusion with the libyan security cell says. gadhafi rendition on the west on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian for again this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes after weeks of denial saudi arabia finally admits that the journalist jamal khashoggi was killed during what it says was
6:49 pm
a fight inside its consulate in istanbul. the kingdom says it's fired several intelligence officials arrested eighteen suspects over the killing. i think it's a very important first step the u.s. president says that the saudi xplain. sounds credible but many others in washington are finding it hard to believe. and tense times across afghanistan polling stations are targeted by the taliban as millions turn out to try to vote in parliamentary elections. all in two weeks after he disappeared saudi arabia has admitted for the first time that the journalist jamal khashoggi was killed inside its consulate in istanbul the acknowledgment announced in the middle of the night on saudi state television comes seventeen days after her she was last seen going into the compound riyadh says
6:50 pm
there was a brawl inside and he died during the fight now this contradicts information from turkish security sources that has showed she was tortured killed and dismembered claims that saudi arabia has denied five top saudi officials are said to been sacked among them a senior intelligence officer and an advisor to the royal course saudi arabia says that eighteen people are under arrest as part of the investigation president trump says the arrests are a great first step but that he wants to talk further with crown prince mohammed bin salma shortly we'll be live in istanbul we'll also get full reaction from washington but first i was here as andrew symonds reports now on all the latest developments. images played out relentlessly worldwide as saudi arabia denied jamal khashoggi had been killed but this was the last anyone would see of him alive and it was the beginning of a crisis that shaken the saudi royal household to its foundations to the despair of
6:51 pm
sixty year old fiance had t.j. junkies who had waited in vain for him to leave the consulate the saudis initially said he wasn't in the building now they finally admitted that six year old is dead and this statement has been issued from the public prosecutor at the lake ottawa legality as attorney about i'ma the first investigation into the disappearance of saudi citizen jamal khashoggi and shows that there was an argument and quarrel between him and the people he met at the saudi consulate in istanbul the quote led to his death but the announcement from saudi arabia cuts against what turkish investigators say happened inside this building it all boils down to an eleven minute ot a recording of events in which they say within minutes. was attacked and he died in a most gruesome way his body being cut up and handed part by part to other saudi
6:52 pm
officials inside the building your man wants and i entered the building he met for a few minutes with the consul general to discuss his papers that he needed and he was immediately attacked by a gang of killers that were sent specifically to stumble to actually liquidate him it wasn't an accident of death it wasn't a fist fight to the point where the consul general on paper is allegedly screaming please do not do it here you are getting me in trouble the saudis statement announced the detention of suspects those arrested and named but may well include what the turks say was a fifty. one member it team at least four of them officials close to the royal household including this man mohamad tree by an intelligence official who the turks a lead the operation on the ground tracked by c.c.t.v.
6:53 pm
cameras entering the consulate ahead of death and later leaving the country and at least five high ranking officials have been sacked a trusted advisor to mohammed bin salman is among them so do al kut sonnie also ackman sciri deputy chief of intelligence and former spokesman for the saudi u.a.e. led coalition in the war in yemen the crown prince will now head a restructuring of the general intelligence agency the announcements appear to signal the mohammed bin selman is being absolved of blame for jamal khashoggi his death as the turkish inquiry continues the actions of saudi arabia leave more questions than answers among them where the remains of general. and more than anything else was this really is saudi arabia portrays some sort of accident or a rogue operation from within its own well household andrew simmons al-jazeera is
6:54 pm
double life as the saudi arabian consulate in istanbul as stratus the chance what are we to make of this dead of the night saudi arabian about and the way in which it starkly contradicts previous saudi assertions that. left the consulate building alive and well. that's right aged radio a shocking about in terms of the saudi narrative on this story it was only a few days ago where the saudis were saying that these allegations that because shows he had not left the cold should it's a lie will be baseless lies and now this admission that indeed he did die seemingly was killed inside that building interestingly this being some statements a statement made by a member a member of parliament a k. policy here the ruling party here the head of human rights for the party saying
6:55 pm
that saudi arabia had no choice but to make some sort of statement because of the evidence that the turks have in their hands i think reference to that odio recording she also said that it could be expected in the coming hours and days that we're going to see more leaks will leaks that says so she claims and so it seems fairly evident have had pushed the saudis to make this announcement some very interesting details coming out about a couple of the officials that have lost their jobs have been sacked by the saudis specifically looking at this man saudi qahtani who was a senior advisor for the crown prince mohammed bin solomon someone who is considered to be very much within he's in a circle it's come to light that twit's a straight in august two thousand and two thousand and seventeen when he was asking
6:56 pm
his one point three five million followers to flag accounts to include in a blacklist for monitoring he writes do you think i make any decision without the guidance without guidance i am an employee and a fall and and a father sorry i am an employee and a faithful executor all the orders of my lord the king and my lord. the faithful crown prince so even these efforts seemingly by the saudis to make people call people among its own in a circle accountable there is still this evidence that these people were indeed exceptionally close to the saudi crown prince also with respect to this other man who is a member of one of the people that have lost their jobs this man ahmed ls series the deputy chief of intelligence according to the new york times that i've spoken
6:57 pm
to on named saudi official they say that he was a siri who was basically charged with organizing this group of fifteen people to come here and and and do this all peroration it says that a series specifically chose this man met him will trip who it's understood there's a member of all the crown prince used to say in a circle one of his close bodyguards he chose my trip because my trip had worked closely with khashoggi ten years ago in london an interest in the also the saudis souls saying that there was a struggle ensued when cars shows he entered the building and he was put into a neck hold and he was choked to death they sources saying that the body of quiz shows he was handed over to what he described as a collaborator and that's why the saudis don't know where the body is but yeah quite incredible turnaround in the narrative from saudi arabia and what can only be
6:58 pm
really interpreted as a veiled threats would be the wrong way but it seems very much that's herc's are in the driver's seat here and they saw understanding that we're going to expect more leaks putting more pressure on the saudis from that in the coming hours and days ahead chance many thanks sounds as chance time for the live at the saudi arabian consulate in istanbul will show became a high profile critic of saudi. maybe as government after mohammed bin solomon was named crown prince the journalist accused the thirty three year old of introducing what he called a new era of fear intimidation arrests and public shaming fearing for his safety he fled to the u.s. in september last year when he wrote a regular column for the washington post but before his career as a journalist for sure was a clip was close to the royal family serving as an advisor. audio excerpts upon release of one of these final interviews that discussion with
6:59 pm
a newsweek reporter was originally confidential as for shoghi and said he'd feared for his life here's some of that recording he wants to be ready for mr why not bring evidence to the public opinion why not bring timespan and process where where you have briefly. introduced the rule of law and due process and reading and the people will be on his side if he would do that it could even fight him in an old fashion i don't really believe him like i'm going to spend money but because it would let me just. tell you i don't. i didn't want he didn't even let me for some time i feel that he really you want to think. what. alternate he had silicon. you know mother to that think i'm. like oh. yeah. well that doesn't work you can have
7:00 pm
it both ways. you want to have it can you have it both ways can you call yourself can you. but didn't own one. that is not typical but you could actually hear number one and all agree with him. do you see anybody of them any couple is a kid. going. to the vatican i'm not going to blow your pressure cooker have. a listen to crickets have a good thought the idea well many of the world's major newspapers a critical of saudi arabia's version of events the times in london describes the mission as.


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