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tv   All The Presidents Profit  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2018 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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the abuse continued weekly and only ended after crawford left home for call it but when he returned he discovered father martin had begun abusing his younger brother that's when crawford came forward the statute of limitation had passed to pursue legal charges but crawford still a devout catholic wrote letter after letter to church leaders warning them to keep father martin away from children a spokesperson for the archdiocese of new work so the church did find sufficient information to support crawford's accusations father martin was placed on limited ministry not involving children and left the priesthood in two thousand and two. we found martin now in retirement at his home in new jersey. your. question is about the abuse allegations you're facing. do you can you are you think firming arginine notions for him
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a good lawyer do you have anything to say to the alleged victims. when a child is abused by a catholic priest they not only lose trust and all the other things that go with along with being sexually abused but they lose their faith for crawford the trauma grew worse when he discovered the church official he had reported the abuse to faced a scandal of his own cardinal theodore mccarrick resigned in july he's accused of abusing adults and children for decades how can you still have trust or feet an institution where the highest level these men pretend to be each other crawford now leads a group of clerical abuse survivors he says the church needs reform and victims still need justice. castro al-jazeera new jersey. thousands of migrants of torn down offense in guatemala and storm towards the bridge in mexico
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released from honduras el salvador people rather from on duracell salvador guatemala have been walking north towards the united states in a so-called caravan of u.s. president donald trump says that he may deploy the military to stop them crossing over from home and reports from the border town of tapachula in southern mexico. they gathered at the border between guatemala and mexico asking to be let through thousands of men women and children at least six days in a caravan from honduras the atmosphere was charged but there is no evidence and were promised over many a fleeing violence or extreme poverty in their homeland and feel they can't go back don't look at him with. you i think if we just want them to help us let us pause if mexico gives us a chance to work we'd welcome it all be it the united states canada europe my legs are hurting i'm tired and hungry. but police on both
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sides of the border have been given orders they should go no further their governments pressed into action by president trump he's out them and they must be stopped before they reach the us and we're going to have the military stationed there not coming into this country they might as well turn back they're not coming into this country. a stand make prevailed but finally they simply stream through the courts modern barricades and raced across the bridge to mexico. on the other side the line held firm chaos ensued stones were thrown in the end the mits completes for spawned with tear gas and. later the troops authorities began to get some women and children off the bridge and into mexico they say they work with the united nations to review all of the cases offering asylum to those who qualify and deporting those don't but mexico is
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in a very tough spot its asylum system is already stretched to the limit absorbing all of these extra people is going to be hard simply letting them go on with the threats of president trump is unthinkable and not just sending them back home. now they're in limbo not knowing if the journey which many see is their last resort lending fadia with a new star john holdren. tapachula brazil's far right presidential candidate jaya possible sanaa is being accused of spreading fake news on social media at a violating campaign finance laws is rival the leftist candidate found her dad says that he illegally used corporate funding to send messages on whatsapp also not to has denied the accusations he currently has a strong lead in opinion polls brazil's vote in a runoff election in eight days time. just ahead here on the chipping off
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a new world record joe will have the very latest from the sports world championship . you don't know where public service stops and private interest begins what's at stake is the very essence of democracy we have never had a president so brazenly treating the oval office as an opportunity. follows the money investigating with the donald trump is profiting from the presidency and asking what the cost will be for democracy the usa. the president's profits on al-jazeera. and monday put it well on the way u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their
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days looking forward to from dr riverbeds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries have been truly unable to escape the work. or get type support his job adrian thank you the fight to reach the world series was taken to a deciding game in the walkway as the bruins denied the l.a. dodgers in front of a raucous home crowd a date with the boston red sox awaits whoever can come out of that out of on top in game seven on saturday paul restrict since the late seventy's packed milla stadium
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had one wish in wisconsin to see the bruins save their chance of reaching the world series for the first time since one thousand nine hundred two. in front of the l.a. dodgers arrive three two up on the honor roll having beaten milwaukee in the last two games and when david freese homered for the visitors in the first inning it seemed like l.a. could be on my way to a place in baseball's main event for the second season in a row but the twenty eighteen brewers know how to fight with that backs to the wall few of the boxes won for the friends instead grinding down the dodgers with scoring hits after scoring hits his eye ensuring the wisconsin crowd had little time to get downcast as they went three want to head by the end of the first. with l.a. at the plight of the milwaukee bullpen. strength in depth to keep the dodgers quiet until freeze tried to spark a comeback for the visitors. but it proved a damp squib. camp unable to prevent a seventy two defeat by milwaukee team whose relief pitches froze out everyone
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except freeze. that is not certain amount of down there anybody anywhere anytime. when they go so. starters get as much they can down and. you go as long as you can include them in a finish the west that's our job do you want my. the bruins have done their work for now both teams will be back to try and finish the job on saturday paul reese algy's era across town the milwaukee bucks were taking on the indiana pacers in the n.b.a. turned out to be a good night for sports fans in the city mo walk he led early with janice as a combo setting the stage. and eric bledsoe's sank a three pointer in the third quarter as the bucs made sure there was no coming back one hundred nineteen to one hundred one the final score the game of the night was a huge hole though where the jazz were playing the defending champion golden state
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warriors utah looked like they had held on to win by one point when kevin durant missed in the last seconds but join us to today and to give gold insight what is in twenty four two hundred twenty three victories sparking celebrations where the over the playoffs just two games into the season. as a huge game in the english premier league on saturday in around forty five minutes from now chelsea host manchester united united's boss chosen rainier will return to stamford bridge where he spent two stints as manager united right in the league with only four wins from eight matches by contrast chelsea a second but their manager moderate society is backing his united counterparts he has won everywhere so i think that. i have to respect dean but i think also that you all have been through this better team now german football champions by munich play wolfsburg later but top
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executives at the club have lashed out at reporters over negative coverage by and i've had a poor start to the season they're down in sixth place off to seven games and have hinted they'll take legal action if they continue to receive bad press it's number one of the few now without a doubt we have experience for matches that we didn't like either for the result or the way of playing but i believe there's no reason to deal with the players in that way and i believe it's an important day today for buying because we want to inform you that we will not accept that anymore from now on you may be having a lot of fun finally seeing by and not leaving the table from this day on we won't accept that degrading and malicious reporting anymore the fading formula one title hopes to sebastian vettel have taken another hit the ferrari driver has been handed a three grid penalty for sunday's us grand prix vettel was given the penalty for driving too fast under a red flag in the practice session it boosts the chances for lewis hamilton to clinch his fifth world title on sunday in the savings drive us to the fastest lap
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in friday practice the briton leads vettel by sixty seven points with four races remaining. spanish motor g.p. writer mark marquez could also be crowned world champion this weekend in japan it would be a fifth premier class title for the honda rider well he's focusing on that younger brother alex was lucky to survive a terrifying crash in a moto to practice session on friday the twenty two year old clipped a wet curve and flipped over the handlebars he managed to get himself off the track but his ruined bike and burst into flames mark came away from the crash with just cuts and bruises was able to continue the weekend's racing. but a later older brother mark was in qualifying for the main motive g.p. race he also came off his bike although somewhat less seriously he was able to finish and sixth on colby and had a physio so moch has closest challenger in the standings. pakistan's
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praises of beating australia in the second test in abu dhabi to seal a one nothing series when they clinch victory with the biggest winning margin ever sail malick has no. it was all about survival for australia as they stand on a near impossible victory target of five hundred thirty eight five and pakistan's muhammad above made things even tougher moving travis' head early. victims followed mitchell march and finch and tim payne all fell to a boss leaving australia in complete disarray. they were five down for just seventy eight. and with us mon khwaja absent hurt abbas was making it almost certain that australia would endure a six consecutive series in asia without a win. monosyllabic and he did show some resistance but despite demonstrating some impressive strokes he couldn't spiral straight tail. mitchell
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starc fell to the mound that usually pakistan's biggest threat you have to show the legspinner then also took peter siddle cheaply. but the day belonged to a boss he eventually got love scotney becoming the first pakistani fast bowler to take a match for ten wickets since two thousand and six. shall finish australia off he dismissed holland australia capitulating to one hundred sixty four all out a historic result for pakistan the victory margin of three hundred seventy three their biggest ever in tests. they take the match and win the series won nothing so well malik al-jazeera but despite their loss in the cricket australia can at least call themselves wild champions of timber sports this competition which showcases the fastest lumberjacks in wealth is watched by twenty million viewers globally yes trillions knocked off a new world record in the semifinals to be canada setting a time of just forty five point ten seconds in the team relay then struck away in
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the final against the usa. all right that is all useful for now i have no feel later a.j. in germany thanks indeed i love it that's it for the news i'll be back in just about to update you were on the day's top stories so you. when the going gets tough many bangkok slum dwellers are forced to borrow. she may be kinder than your average money lender. she may have more patience. but
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make no mistake. she means business. granny loan shop cause of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. conservation is helping kick the stove to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat at a touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests there are more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of threatened species. survival for haiti's poorest depends on
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illegal charcoal production. but for park rangers sworn to protect the dominican forests it can have deadly consequences. witness discovers the head in world where the stakes for the environment and those who make their living from it couldn't be higher. death by a thousand cuts on al-jazeera. after weeks of denial saudi arabia finally admits that the journalist jamal khashoggi was killed during what it says was a fight inside its consulate in istanbul. along with a green foot again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the kingdom says
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it's fine several intelligence officials arrested eighteen suspects over the killing. i think it's a very important first step the u.s. president says the saudi explanation sounds credible many of us in washington the finding it hard to believe. and tense times across afghanistan polling stations are targeted by the taliban as millions turn out to try to vote in parliamentary elections. than two weeks after he disappeared saudi arabia has admitted for the first time that the journalist jamal khashoggi was killed inside the consulate in istanbul the acknowledgment announced in the middle of the night on saudi state television comes seventeen days off the house she was last seen going into the compound riyadh says that there was
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a brawl inside and that he died during the fight now this contradicts information from turkish security sources that the show she was tortured killed and dismembered claim is that saudi arabia has tonight five top saudi officials are set to been sacked among them a senior intelligence officer under the guise a loyal loyal to the royal courts. saudi arabia says that eighteen people are under arrest as part of the investigation president trump says the arrests are a great first step but that he wants to talk further with crown prince mohammed bin salam the european countries have begun to react to saudi arabia's overnight admission close ally britain says that it's considering the saudi report and its next steps the president of the european parliament has called for an urgent investigation to clarify the circumstances surrounding the show she's death and dutch prime minister mark ruta also wants further investigations he says a lot of questions remain on. what turkey says it doesn't want anything to be
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covered up in the case nor will it blame anyone before its investigation is completed shortly we'll be live in istanbul for more from there but first al-jazeera sandra simmons reports on all the latest developments images played out relentlessly worldwide as saudi arabia denied jamal khashoggi had been killed but this was the last anyone would see of him alive and it was the beginning of a crisis that shaken the saudi royal household to its foundations to the despair of sixty year old fiance had t.j. . who had waited in vain for him to leave the consulate the saudis initially said he wasn't in the building. now they finally admitted that sixty year old is dead and this statement has been issued from the public prosecutor at the gotten a while you're lucky as an attorney about i'ma the first investigation into the disappearance of saudi citizen jamal khashoggi and shows that there was an argument
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and quarrel between him and the people he met at the saudi consulate in istanbul the quote led to his death but the announcement from saudi arabia cuts against what turkish investigators say happened inside this building it all boils down to an eleven minute odia recording of events in which they say within minutes. was attacked and he died in a most gruesome way his body being cut up and handed part by part to other saudi officials inside the building your man wants and i entered the building. for a few minutes with the consul general to discuss his papers that he needed and he was immediately attacked by a gang of killers that were sound specifically to stumble to actually liquidate him it wasn't an accidental death it wasn't a fist fight to the point where the consul general on paper is allegedly screaming
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please do not do it here you are getting me in trouble the saudis statement announced the detention of suspects those arrested and named but may well include what the turks say was a fifteen member it team at least four of them officials close to the royal household including this man mohamad tree and intelligence official who the turks a lead the operational the ground tracked by c.c.t.v. cameras entering the consulate ahead of death and later leaving the country. and at least five high ranking officials have been sacked a trusted advisor to mohammed bin solomon is among them so did al kut sunny also ackman alice siri deputy chief of intelligence and former spokesman for the saudi u.a.e. led coalition in the war in yemen. the crown prince will now head a restructuring of the general intelligence agency the announcements appear to
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signal that mohammed bin salmond is being absolved of blame for jamal khashoggi death as the turkish inquiry continues the actions of saudi arabia leave more questions than answers among them where the remains of general. and more than anything else was this really is saudi arabia portrays some sort of accident or a rogue operation from within its own oil household andrew simmons al-jazeera is temple will speak to our correspondent in istanbul in just a moment the first to make you aware of this that's going on it's a statement being read by the head of the turkish arab media association and friend of jamal khashoggi a to run case laci. before we move on and let's just listen in briefly to what's being said. announcement of jemaah staff and what. they actually kidnapped if you asked you'd not the or how he was killed it where he
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buried his body now pete we need to know very generally is now although he's dead it's confirmed that he's dead so and and rest of the world we want the rest of the verse to know that. how it happened and what happened exactly and regardless whether it is indonesia or philippines or what i would in the world . anyone from end religion any believe anyone who has the actually lou freedom of opinion who believes in the freedom of opinion. really need to know what happened and any idea to silence. during a list like joe or anyone who has free. support and he who has supported freedom of press freedom of opinion then we all need to know. what happened exactly. so now we have
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raised the flag to keep that was the head of the turkish arab media session a friend of the show she's speaking in istanbul let's bring in our correspondent john i shall who is outside the consulate. in istanbul what is that the head of the arab media association saying that. well it is interesting to know that two rounds roll from the very beginning in terms of reporting what's happened to. me as you mentioned he is a very close friend of both the late. and his fiance and it was him a very in the very early stages of this case who had said that he had been given information but he was indeed killed in the consulate so behind him he was giving details of that another time there was many who poured skepticism over what he was
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saying now these eighteen days have gone and it is actually a reversal where people are pouring lots of skepticism over the saudi narrative and it appears that everything that to run and many of those who are close to jamal khashoggi and close to the turkish authorities have been saying has actually been vindicated or at least proven by some level of information or evidence that has been released the idea that a person in a sixty year old journalist would go into a consulate and somehow starts a brawl with fifteen or eighteen people as i've been arrested is fanciful to say the least the fact that you had these private jets being flown in with the senior ranking not you're not talking about random people senior ranking officials within the saudi security establishment headed by close circle of mohamed bin some man's own personal on suraj including the kingdom's most respected and most senior also
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the experts somebody who specializes in cutting up bodies this is way too circumstantial for people to then assume that this narrative that was as you say pushed out of their midnight on friday you'd be hard pressed to find a saudi government institution working after noon on a weekday let alone after midnight on friday it makes it very difficult for people to believe that narrative has any sort of reality in it. when those very same people pushed the towers refuted that dramatically with even in the building after twenty minutes of answering claimed several times that nothing happened to him that they didn't know where he was and now suddenly they say he has one of the main questions now being tossed aside from all the outrage as to how many people perceive this narrative as being rude because one of the main question is where is the body and it must be something extremely traumatic for the family of jamal khashoggi not to even be able to know where the remains of their loved one is
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indeed you talk about this this skepticism about the saudi arabian narrative pushed out in the middle of the night friday night the u.s. president says though that it sounds credible is turkey buying it. of course turkey i'm not buying it in and if you go definitely not buying it stuck as well thirty's i'm sure on buying it because they're the ones who've been telling us from the beginning and all the other jordan is a completely different narrative and they say that they have the evidence to it the question is has ankara essentially struck a deal with saudi and they're going to. go along with this or as they have repeatedly said and it is for people to then hold them to account in terms of the foreign minister even the president and other talk to officials that they will reveal the truth of what happens you know prior to this the ball was firmly in the saudis court to prove that i'm on a facility had left to prove that he was ok so prove what's happened to him now
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they have somewhat returned the ball back to the turks by at least admitting that he was killed albeit they still haven't shown where his body is and what's happened and so forth but the turks now do have the onus is on them to a great extent to then decide will they release the evidence they have will they ensure that the truth is revealed to what happened to this man who entered particularly as so much hangs on its in terms of not only press freedom and human rights but also the role of diplomatic missions in the vienna convention as well as many many other things will they do that or have they struck a deal in the coming days will be crucial in terms of explaining to us while the turkish position is about many things as is tamala shell that live in istanbul. she became a high profile critic of saudi arabia's government after the had been solomon was named crown prince the journalist accused the thirty three year old of introducing what he called a new era.


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