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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 21, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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into this case given the fact that so many countries and so many organizations are interlinked with saudi arabia well this is why we need an investigation and one that is transparent and independence the world is outraged governments as well have expressed their concerns about the saudi arabian investigation. separation of lower eighty's try and be in a position to request that the u.n. secretary general setup an investigation led by the un and it's absolutely crucial that this happens given that we have allies of the saudi arabian government like the u.k. and us who are cowering in the face of economic deals security deals this is why we need the u.n. to step up now and launch an investigation so that a generous killing is not shrugged under the carpet. is stitched up and some cover
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up some hide it is middle east director of campaigns it honesty international we appreciate your time thank you very much indeed. still ahead on al-jazeera give us the final say huge crowds fill london's streets demanding a second bragg's of votes. desperation at the border thousands of people continue to make theirs show march through central america to seek a better life in the usa. we've got a fair amount of wet weather across the middle east at the moment clad in right making its way out sits sinking down into syria into iraq you can see the the thunder a shower was making their way and across the region here that will be some rather
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lively down pose from time to time and that will inevitably cause some localized flooding eastern side of the med looks fine and dry afghanistan fine and dry iran generally staying dry as well and temperatures picking up once again into his pakistan took minutes down karate touching thirty six degrees celsius to stay settled here as we go on through monday the cloud and rain that we have in iraq will make its way a little further kuwait could see some wet weather in parts of iraq pushing into iran further west generally staying settled as we go on through the coming days not to settle across a good part of the arabian peninsula the scenes of catamaran and thundery downpours localized flooding into katara recently that's a good that's is the situation across a good part of the gulf i should say the cloud there stretching into saudi arabia down towards the southwest corner of saudi pushing into that western side of yemen as well well the same as recall one through monday perhaps the showers not quite as live it should brighten up here in concert by then with
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a high of thirty six. since its inception in one thousand nine hundred sixty one the kuwait fund has been supporting people's livelihoods in over one hundred countries by funding projects in an array of sectors. ranging from infrastructure to health and education. these initiatives ultimately help to eradicate poverty. and promote sustainable development.
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they were going to see a reminder of our top stories this hour german chancellor angela merkel says the saudi account of journalists from all of these last hours is insufficient saudi arabia says he died in a fight inside its consulate in istanbul seventeen days ago this contradicts information from turkish security sources the high shoji was tortured and dismembered claims saudi has denied. riyadh says eighteen saudi nationals have been arrested all five top officials have been dismissed among them a senior intelligence officer and a close adviser to crown prince mohammed bin salma. the us president says the arrests are a great first step but he wants to speak further with the crown prince and the u.s. senators from both parties are calling for the u.s. to carry out its own investigation and not accept saudis conclusions. so the rabies admission that he was killed in its consulate in istanbul is
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a turnaround from previous claims by the kingdom the day after footage emerged of going into the compound saudi officials confirmed his disappearance but said he'd left the building two days later crown prince muhammad bin salman told bloomberg news the same thing when asked if shoji was still there the crown prince said he's not inside the next day the saudi consul general brought reporters into the building telling them jamal is not at the consulate he also said the building's cameras did not record any footage from the day her disappeared said the media repeatedly day and denounced what they called baseless allegations that haji had been killed but early on saturday said arabia's chief prosecutor finally admitted hostile ji was killed inside the consulate but said he died when a fight broke out the head of the turkish out of the media association and a friend of her show g.'s tour and called for justice for the journalist and his
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family. i would like to say to the saudi king and crown prince they will not be able to cover up the murder of jamal khashoggi god will always punish those who have not played fair and killed other people innocent people don't necessarily even our beliefs do not allow the killing of each other this is not fair nobody can deny that this is murder. became a high profile critic of saudi arabia's government after mohamed bin selman was named as crown prince the journalist accuse the thirty three year old of introducing what he called a new era of fear intimidation arrests and public shaming feeding for his safety he fled to the u.s. in september last year when he wrote a regular column for the washington post but before his career as a journalist shoji was close to the royal family serving as an advisor. well joining me now on set here in doha is muhammadiyah hooty he's
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a professor of conflict resolution george mason university thank you very much for being with us what do you think is going on in amongst the power the corridors of power if you like in saudi arabia at the moment apparently the royal leadership area has tried to construct a narrative that may have some reason and in the west by talking about an investigation also the process of restructuring the intelligence about this and said the arabia one name is on the blacklist now that the pretty ominous is the deputy head of this intelligence or the saudi cia for like we call it that way there is also talk about eliminating one of them be as is close advisors saudi so to me this is an attempt to calm things down and to give the western to give the public opinion that they've that is much better than the first not of the denial of
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being killed or being touched inside the consulate so from he left to he was killed and i think they are trying to portray what happened as an accident slaughter by by default at the same time i feel like this is in a when you announce that you have this committee to review the intelligence system and be as happens to be the overall whole or overseeing or thought he did then the question is where is transparency and if he is linked somehow as many sources allege the question that he should not be there then there was a discussion in the last three days that probably would be marginalized or sidelined because of but now i think the royal family have lost touch with reality in other words if the in. system of an of own having him in the public eye
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and men tain in his power and i think he managed in the last three years to establish his own deep state in riyadh then i don't think that many capitals as many segments of the population will believe in this kind of. exit or this constructed exit therefore the question is how far the royal family will resist the pressure coming from several capitals and also the other question that i'm asking now is where will trump stand visibly this would be accepted what is called the saudi investigation or we need to figure out what is being done and that the tape let me ask you about that because we were talking just a moment ago with another guest about the fact that so many countries around the world so many governments and corporations are intertwined with saudi arabia that was there appears to be this outward outrage in practical terms how likely is it that pressure is either likely to be brought is even willing to be brought against
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saudi arabia to try to find a solution for this how likely is it that the rest of the world is actually just going to accept saudi arabia's explanation for this and in a few weeks time in a month's time or so it will be pretty much back to normal at least in business terms in governance terms i think there will be a way. between modern politics and read politics or really political realism in other words how far we as communities in the arab or the. and also in the words are expecting a corrective. process within the saudi within saudi politics based on our values and our institutions however the key word that we need to observe here is the political economy between saudi arabia and these powers so my question is. if we are now moving toward a shift within the u.s. congress some senators are resisting the idea of given saudi arabia arms or new
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arms deal if you want to goals along with this then i think with the scandal with the struggling war in yemen and all the problems that m.b.'s has sort of cause i think there will be a consensus that he has become or be as a saudi arabia has become a liability to us then we need to also consider that there is also the election factor so now we're talking about the midterm elections in the united states in the one but then also in two thousand and twenty were troubled like to build or to capitalized on the fact that with the saudi money handed than ten billion dollars and other investment he will be able to create his promise twenty five million jobs for americans so this is a bottle that hasn't it cannot be. settled easily and i think it will stay with us for a long time mohamad chatah we thank you very much indeed always good to get your thoughts
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thank you. there have been attacks on polling stations across afghanistan as people vote in the first parliamentary elections since twenty ten at least seventeen civilians were killed and more than seventy others wounded in the violence ten policemen also died polling was extended in some areas because of the attacks as well as delays with new biometric voting systems on voting day and there were other rocket attacks mortar explosions all gun battles in the provinces of condos helmand had out and in kabul city election watchdogs say there's also been us an assault on polling stations in cut pieces of all in lukman but despite the violence and warnings from the taliban voters still came out to cuss their budget reports from couple. an act of defiance despite the growing threats and tense security situation.
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afghans cast their votes across the country to elect a new parliament. the voting was marred by blasts and violence between the taliban and security forces in many provinces but the people here in kabul showed up in the early hours at the polling stations despite the risks although. i will vote for someone who would work for afghanistan and serve the nation we need patriots who care about the country these people that deserve to be elected to parliament but i would call is a must have today i am exercising my democratic right i want to choose the right person who will fight for my rights in the rights of women and women in large numbers their voices will be heard. extraordinary security measures were in place in the capital kabul the authorities are taking no chances ten candidates were killed during election campaigning. the president suspended the election in
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kandahar province after the taliban killed two top officials there on thursday election was also delayed in gaza the province following ethnic disputes. what happened in kandahar was a sad moment not only for the people of kandahar but for all of us the decision to suspend the election was taken in collaboration with different institutions of the state of also appointed a committee to investigate the problems we face in gaza this election was initially supposed to take place three years ago but was delayed because of a political impasse that has crippled the country the international community has been pushing for political reforms a clamp down on corruption and we conciliation this is not like election in any country it's a very special election for the afghan people so i buy their courage. their will to choose their future. election officials are using biometric
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voter verification. devices for the first time to prevent voter breaking but technical glitches slow down the voting. this election is only a first step in a long political process it would be followed by presidents elections in april that's when the afghan authorities would decide of pursuing political talks with the taliban and forming a national unity government and decades of violence a move backed by the u.s. and others who insist there is damage to solution to the afghan conflict. kabul hundreds of thousands of people have been marching in london to demand a so-called people's vote on the final brags that deal ukase due to leave the european union in less than six months time but negotiations in a deal to leave the bloc have stalled meaning to widespread concern about the future of the u.k. economy brags that paul brennan has been at the event in london. the organizers hope to call out
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a hundred thousand people to turn up this march rally claiming is that some five hundred and seventy thousand people have actually come here to register their protest against the rocks at that it looks like it's going to happen because as the days the months the weeks pass without a deal the concern is that britain could crush out of the european union without a deal with no deal at all the kind of chaos that the people here are predicting is not something that they want to actually come simply now let's try and talk to a couple people falling over here. first on tom tom and mary tell me why does the you think a people's votes will be the answer to the current crisis the current chaos. will the government have been ignoring the conditions since the start which is that we need to make a decision on the august border problem and yeah as it was just said strange writing to us. and we need to rethink our decision is that is there a feeling that the that we might get is not the direction that anybody voted for
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not even the direction to get so many things which were promised which just simply aren't going to happen stopping immigration we need immigration actually the government could have stopped the women gratian while we were in they have been our own government the power yes lots of. loans and i just finally people's votes a lot will depend on the question that is us enough people but are you are you sure are you optimistic that with the option will be given to you to stay within the european union because it's got to go into that i must say i think it should definitely be an option otherwise it's sort of a rock and a hard place time choice thank you tom for talking to me and that basically is the feeling here they didn't vote they say to fall off a cliff they didn't vote to cast into a no deal situation. the handling of the government of the wretched because stations is something that has been criticized not just by the people here but even
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by its supporters here in the u.k. the pressure for a people's votes as no deal looks for many possible is clearly growing. thousands of migrants are stranded in the border between mexico and guatemala part of a caravan of people from central america who've been walking north towards the united states on friday thousands of them tore down a fence in guatemala and storm towards a bridge in mexico. that have been large protests in taiwan by people who accuse china of planning to annex the island there demanding a public vote on whether taiwan should follow any declare independence from china the chinese consider taiwan to be part of their country even though it's been run by their own government since the one nine hundred forty nine. this is all jazeera these are the top stories german chancellor angela merkel says
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the saudi account of journos jamal khashoggi these last hours is insufficient saudi arabia says he died in a fight inside its consulate in istanbul seventeen days ago this contradicts information from turkish security sources a hotshot g. was tortured and dismembered claims saudi has denied the head of the turkish out of media association and a friend of his show g.'s tour and because laci called for justice for the journalist and his family. i would like to say to the saudi king and crown prince they will not be able to cover up the murder of jamal khashoggi god will always punish those who have not played fair and killed other people innocent people don't necessarily even our beliefs do not allow the killing of each other this is not fair nobody can deny that this is murder. so it is justice minister says the death occurred on saudi solver and territory and so it will be dealt with in saudi courts eighteen saudi nationals have been arrested five top officials have been dismissed
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among them a senior intelligence officer and a close adviser to crown prince mohammed bin solomon. the u.s. president says the arrests are a great first step but he wants to speak further with the crown prince many u.s. senators from both parties are calling for the u.s. to carry out its own investigation and not accept saudi's conclusions there have been attacks on polling stations across afghanistan as people voted in the first parliamentary elections since two thousand and ten at least seventeen civilians were killed and more than seventy others were wounded in the violence polling was extended in some areas because of the attacks as well as delays with new biometric voting systems organizers say more than half a million people have rallied in london to demand a so-called people's vote on the final brings it deal but negotiations on a deal to leave the bloc have stalled leading to widespread concern about the future of the u.k. economy after bragg's those are the headlines coming up next on al-jazeera its
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inside story and the scene about twenty five minutes from now. saudi arabia now admits. is dead after weeks of denying it brit says the saudi journalist in a fistfight inside its istanbul consulate but as global outrage melts does this account even seem credible this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm in wrong on saudi arabia has admitted for the first time that jamal khashoggi was killed inside its consulate in istanbul the announcement was made on saudi state t.v. in the middle of the night seventeen days off to the gym this was last seen going into the compound the kingdom says there was a brawl and died turkish security sources have a different story they say was told shit dead and his body cut up into pieces we'll talk to all panel shortly but first this report from andrew symonds. images played out relentlessly worldwide as saudi arabia denied jamal khashoggi had been killed but this was the last anyone would see of him alive and it was the beginning of a crisis that shaken the saudi royal household to its foundations to the despair of sixty year old fiance had t.j. . who had waited in vain for him to leave the consulate the saudis initially said
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he wasn't in the building now they finally admitted that six year old is dead and this statement has been issued from the public prosecutor at the cotton a while ago at the as an attorney about i'ma the first investigation into the disappearance of saudi citizen jamal khashoggi and shows that there was an argument and quarrel between him and the people he met at the saudi consulate in istanbul the call led to his death but the announcement from saudi arabia cuts against what turkish investigators say happened inside this building it all boils down to an eleven minute ot a recording of events in which they say within minutes i was attacked and he died in a most gruesome way his body being cut up and handed part by part to other saudi officials inside the building your man was not entered the building the met for a few minutes with the consul general to discuss his papers that he needed and he
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was immediately attacked by a gang of killers that were signed specifically to stumble to actually liquidate him it wasn't an accident of death it wasn't a fist fight to the point where the consul general on tape is allegedly screaming please do not do it here you are getting me in trouble the saudi statement announced the detention of suspects those arrested named but may well include what the turks say was a fifty. one member it team at least four of them officials close to the royal household including this man mohamad treed an intelligence official who the turks a lead the operation on the ground tracked by c.c.t.v. cameras entering the consulates ahead of death and later leaving the country and at least five high ranking officials have been sacked
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a trusted advisor to mohammed bin salman is among them so do al kut sanny also ackman alice siri deputy chief of intelligence and former spokesman for the saudi u.a.e. led coalition in the war in yemen the crown prince will now head a restructuring of the general intelligence agency the announcements appear to signal that mohammed bin selman is being absolved of blame for jamal khashoggi death as the turkish inquiry continues the actions of saudi arabia leave more questions than answers among them where the remains of general. and more than anything else was this really is saudi arabia portrays some sort of accident or a rogue operation from within its own world household andrew simmons al-jazeera istanbul audio excerpts have been released of jamal khashoggi last interview he was talking to a newsweek reporter and the discussion was originally going to remain confidential
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as khashoggi said he feared for his life he's asked about crown prince mohammed bin sultan. do you want to be ready for me when the evidence to the public opinion why not. transparent process where where you have been easy. to use the rule of law and due process and then defending the people would be on his side if he would do that it could even fight him in an old fashion and i believe a leader like my comment this can live doesn't see that but a good four because it was limited. it doesn't tell you a little. i didn't want that he doesn't see the need for that so sometime i see that he won't do. what postal order in the ts judical. that is a thing under the line don't want also to do more like how can the rules.
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for that doesn't work you don't have a good way. and also have it both ways can you have it both ways can you call your can you. i don't think you can. but don't. forget is nope because most budge in soviet. russia have number one and the will to live and do you see anybody that let a couple is a chip based on those who call them or. my current girlfriend or owner. of the vehicle i'm not going to a blogger pressure couple who have. a list like a true cricket have authority any of you. let's bring in our guests in washington d.c.
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john jones a former us senior congressional advisor from london via skype saad a saudi dissident who heads up the opposition group movement for islam ic reform in arabia and also via skype from hamilton new york amanda rogers professor of middle east and islamic studies at colgate university welcome to you all i'd like to start with you dr sagal faqih is anybody buying the story that jamal khashoggi was killed in a brawl in the saudi consulate in istanbul not only nobody's blank people are looking at it was sarcasm. it is an expression of the idiocy of the people who created it and they see it as a bunch of lies which is creating more questions than answers and which is opening the gate for everybody or want to consider i'm a descendant. responsible for this action there is somebody there is buying it
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let's bring in john jones here present donald trump has said he thinks this is credible why do you think he's going along with the anger merkel the german chancellor for example rejected the saudi version of events but yet donald trump the u.s. president says it's credible. well number one you probably haven't seen more skeptical reports in response in regard to a death since the assassination of john f. kennedy and the warren commission report that was later released number two even if donald trump believes this account it doesn't really impact what congress is going to do because you had bipartisan members of the united states congress and the senate criticize this response and reject it so it remains to see going forward what the penalties in saying she is we're actually be but first and foremost i think the saudi government is trying to it boyd punishment of the under the global
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magnitsky act which would punish them from being able to travel to different countries it'll also freeze their assets so they're trying to avoid punishment now if withstanding providing them presenting an argument that has been condemned in criticize across the board that's pretty limited erogenous hey amanda you've studied political regimes in islamic history for a long time now historically speaking with auras herring regimes have often put out a message that they think is believable simply because they control the narrative back at home but this is an international story they haven't been able to control the narrative why behave like that why put out a story like this that many across the world simply say simply say isn't believable well i think i would back up actually and circle around to the issue first of whether or not trump actually find the line credible i don't think that it's
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necessarily useful to speculate on whether or not trump finds this credible because the overarching sort of umbrella on the geo political stage is economic ties and geo political ties between saudi arabia and the united states what i mean by that is we see a story coming up. out of saudi arabia that has changed numerous times and one that other deaths have pointed out is. pretty absurd and unbelievable on its face. as to whether or not the intention of that cover story is to be persuasive or merely serve as a sort of band-aid thin veneer of an explanation that can serve as. i guess you could say a cover to smooth over the ends the dental the news cycle moves on so that business as usual among the diplomats can continue as normal is another issue entirely i say this because in reference to other incidents of say political reform or is
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danceable political reform across the world and particularly the middle east one common phenomenon in the past several years has been a generational divide with new leaders and i'm speaking here specifically of m.b.a.'s and saudi arabia we can also look at the in libya to an extent bashar al assad in syria in which case we have a younger generation of rulers being touted as reformists now as to whether or not the reforms themselves are particularly i hesitate to use the word liberalizing but i suppose that it's the most convenient essential leave the same policies as their predecessors albeit couched in a language and a particular political discourse that is much more amenable to the western powers so essentially the same sort of politics can continue at home with the window dressing and sort of performative linguistic gymnastics if you will that can
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allow the big movers and shakers in the diplomatic communities to accept what is going on under the surface at home because it sounds like what we want to hear let's bring bill to sort of hug his hearing that it's the same message just a different day. the saudi crown prince is in charge of the intelligence over the whole that's going on in saudi arabia do you think everything that the saudis have done so far is to protect the crown prince himself. you mean do you think what he did side is do not do anything he does and he decides are you in the kink decides he decides and the way he designed this was to protect himself definitely so and for the last people who believe in us and in a psychopathic way they don't care who is going to to suffer as long as he is going
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to be absolved let ten or twenty or thirty people go to jail or be killed or anything as long as he is doing its outreach but to add to the point which which is mentioned by other guests now why would. accept the story it's not because it is acceptable to him it's because he is he contributed to creating the story it is in is personal interest to create this story and we sent bomb b.-o. to. benson man he did not send them to him to tell the truth it wasn't since sending him to arrange with him to to formulate to create the story and order to sell it to the world of versus all against all the will of the world and the congress and and american media. isn't to say joins in d.c. the world simply isn't buying the story that has this backfired on the white house
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. the world isn't buying their story more importantly their esteemed seem to be very doubtful that the domestic population in saudi arabia happens to be buying this story or not and i think that is also the concern of m.b.'s in the saudi government in regards to what the white house finds acceptable or not acceptable we've already stated what they say is one thing but what the united states congress says and does means a lot as well but set aside the concerns from saudi arabia or the united states government what you're going to need is an international investigation that will speak to what actually took place what are the facts on the ground who is responsible who should be punished where is the body these are all important questions that need to be answered and we won't get to the bottom of it unless you have an international investigation that is transparent credible and can get to the
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facts don't sort of hockey you head that it needs an international transparent investigation you long familiar with the saudi government say you're and been in exile for a very long time now because of your comments towards the saudi government do you think they'll ever allow and the international investigation. the less emphasis will take long time a twist to its needs and to national organizations to decide it's i think the matter is much shorter than this turkey has got a lot of from asian you're going to leave. much of this information. part of the sort of nation is intelligence which might not be usable in standard courts or to skin the useful and i'm sure that much of this information has been relayed to the europeans and americans and that's why members of the congress are very confident there's a token with full thrust that their criminal is one hundred percent and they they are not going to do is wait on
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a bell with him his it just so there is enough information with the turks about what happened and all what the americans or europeans need is to twist their arm of amman so man and to give that to give the. information which needs to complete the picture to the turks the turks for example they know how many calls i'll be made to mohammed the sentiment of this personally they know the content of the messages which were sent to their tool to him they know he was he was personally. watching what is happening and following it live. and they can't i don't i'm not sure of that they will publish this or not but this has been leaked to quite reliable sources so if and also they have been able to collect for is a confirmation which will which have created a big church which fit which fits with their intelligence information so i don't think it is going to be. going to need the long way the long road to
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international. distribution all of that needs it's for the turks to complete what they are doing and for a little bush for the saudis to answer the questions from the turks maharajah's let me bring you in hair you've heard it there. doesn't need to be a long road to towards the investigation investigation could happen quite quickly however deals are always done between governments to try and bring situations under control there is potentially a deal that could be done between the saudis the americans and the turks given the geo political problems that there are all within the region the turks clearly want the americans to back out of monday's in syria so they can go into syria and take over that part of the country the barrack ns clearly want access to weapons is if a deal is made between those three countries what does that mean for the
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credibility of the u.s. administration is it simply going completely when it comes international offense. you know i hesitate to answer this in a way that. in any form frankly speaking optimistic one of the issues at stake here in terms of american credibility is the united states is clear i was the alliance with saudi arabia dates back to the one nine hundred forty used at a time in which. the u.s. explicitly recognized that american defense and saudi defense are seen as very very much mutually are inseparable if you will so the issue is u.s. policymakers have for quite quite a while overlooked what they would consider to be human rights abuses and at a pariah the a levels. i do think that there is a chance. to at least ameliorate the situation somewhat in the sense of
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having massive momentum from congress and so on and so forth that separates from the president well what i need by that is we no longer have a situation that is just as clear cut as the longstanding american ties to saudi arabia as an important american ally we also have a situation in which the president and his family have substantial economic ties in men and this out the regime as it stands now so one of the breaks i think that we are starting to see between the administration sort of itself in terms of the heads and the congress and public leaders outside of the presidency is we might have an opening through which we are finally able to reassess what that longstanding relationship with saudi arabia actually means in practice. but
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more generally speaking i think it's quite difficult to address the issue of restoring american sort of credibility in the world at the moment they bring it into that one day i think out of touch and let me bring in. what else you know question there is the saudis themselves of arrested eighteen people one of them including. tani who is seen as being the steve bannon of the crown prince of a very important player getting the prince's message across they would say the saudi regime would say that this is us house cleaning that we all getting to the bottom of this all those arrests is that the arrest of somebody like subtle qahtani enough for you. well it says certain things your relation for us to see somebody like this was his muscles on the opposition and on the on on the people
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inside the country and using the cyber space and using his army. of intelligence working on twitter to to to mobilize them against us it's. it brings jubilation for us to see him being humiliated by his on last who is using him for or for the sake of fighting us but it has nothing to do with our view regarding this incident the only way to deal with the incident is to remove not only one hundred missile none but the whole establishment which has created the circumstances which resulted in this action and by the way john a hundred yards died in the consulate and that's why the world has become aware of his death and this. harsh gruesome manner. in the same time there are thousands of people being been tortured and die under torture in the saudi
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prisoners. but the senior very important members of the community being humiliated and sank from their jobs and that is to. their money their their their accounts frozen turns their brains let me bring you in the you've heard what the not even a saying in your head what dr saad has been saying that there is a whole lot more people that we haven't heard of because they're simply in jails in saudi arabia let's take a look at the evidence that's been mounting the turkish authorities say they're going to release a report which will bring together allegedly all of the leaks so far in a more formal document since that report is leaked the saudi version of events effectively goes out the window doesn't it the turks are providing their evidence and their information which is certainly substantial other side. these are put in the place where they certainly have to respond to this and it seems that with every response and statement that they put forth they seem to go into
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a deeper and deeper ditch what has happened already which i'm sure was not the saudis goal is that a a dissident a prominent dissident has risen to the status of a martyr a martyr for the fight for the freedom of the press and not withstanding what has happened i think it's easy to lose sight that what has taken place is a tragic was a tragic killing a murder and at the end of the day unless again we have an international investigation that certainly takes in to account what the turkish government has put forth we're not going to get to a place where we have all the facts on the table so we can actually determine who will be punished and who will be held to account for what took place here i think we do have to be careful describing the journalist jamal khashoggi as a dissidents because he was very careful describe himself as just being a journalist who wanted to analyze and to be free to speak and under or just just
2:45 am
very quickly. what goes on next within the region if there is this deal being made if nobody's buying this story where do you think this goes next. well that's a really broad question to briefly briefly answer but i will say what i have heard from several dissidents from other areas in the region there is considerable feared that if the international community by is this been cover story that the lives of several other prominent prominent critics and journalists and dissidents across the middle east are very much under threat i also want to add one thing that i think is not being given adequate attention across the media just because of how prominent. was and this it's a good lie to you i haven't been selling men's. branding as a reformer even as the right for women to drive and send him as are being open and
2:46 am
so on and so forth the pioneers of the women to drive movement have been thrown in prison and in many cases threatened with say the death penalty so i think that not just the case of jamal which is as disgusting and tragic as it is this should be used as an end to look at the other abuses of the unnamed and less famous and less prominent because of u.s. resident status thanks to all our guests john jones a subtle heikki and amanda at raja's and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting a website al-jazeera don't come and for the discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook adults come forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story for me in my own column and the whole team hey than them.
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i mean his story is a for the people every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories told through the eyes of the world's journalists these two voices journalists were one of the few journalists in bama that were actually doing investigative black joining the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they would vote on the story certainly to demand see bias the rights to those stories but then he never publishes the stories they're listening post on al-jazeera on behalf of her majesty's government i apologize
2:48 am
reservedly a historic apology for one of british intelligence his darkest episodes it was a growing agreements that the libyans could be quite useful to the west seven years after the death of gadhafi al-jazeera world investigates western collusion with the libyan security services. gadhafi rendition and the west on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. that are not matheson this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes saudi arabia reverses days of denials finally admitting journalists.
2:49 am
was killed and it's down more consulate joining up role. the kingdom says it's far to several intelligence officials. and arrested eighteen suspects over the killing . and tense times across afghanistan polling stations are targeted by the taliban as millions turn out to try to vote in parliamentary elections. mission to america a spacecraft sets off a journey to find out more about the solar system's smallest and least explored planet. into the sport has real madrid's miserable run continues in spain and is involved in a touchline scuffle as manchester united are denied a victory by a late goal at chelsea. saudi arabia has admitted to journalists jamal khashoggi was killed inside its
2:50 am
consulate in istanbul the information was announced in the middle of the night on saturday state television seventeen days out a hotshot he walked into the consulate building and a series of subsequent denials riyadh now says there was a brawl in the site and he died joining the fight five top side officials is said to have been sacked among them a senior intelligence officer and an advisor to the world court eighteen others have been arrested u.s. president donald trump says saudi arabia's announcement seems credible but others in washington say they are far from convinced wild turkeys ruling parties vowed to reveal all details about her shoulders death adding it will never allow a cover up saudi arabia's latest account contradicts information from turkish security sources that he was tortured killed and dismembered. outside the saudi consulate in istanbul for us we're just hearing from i believe the saudi
2:51 am
justice minister saying that the consulate was on saudi territory therefore saudi courts will be responsible for carrying out the investigation that's going to make it very difficult for turkey to agree to that isnt it. well i mean technically his rights in the sense of. the building is considered to be true of the country that the mission belongs to however the fact that these would be criminals entered into some. ports they apparently collaborated with what they called local contractors to help get rid of the remains of jamal specialty and therefore obviously also participated in these parts of their crime happened outside of. consulates which enjoys immunity which gives arguments to the turkish prosecutors that they would be able to go off to these people the fact that however
2:52 am
this statement is being made should be read in the context of what's called domestic maybe narratives where this how these are still trying to establish amongst the population this idea that they are strong and sovereign country we've had the hashtags that have appeared online the kingdom of justice is literally one of them ironically on the other was a great source saudi arabia the great source. in both of these. sites that have been pushed throughout the past couple of weeks but specifically the just this one over the past few hours is an attempt by this adduced to try and gain some of the narrative a narrative that for the past two and a half weeks has been saying and accusing them of murdering an assassin a thing a journalist using the diplomatic mission to lure him then in the most inhumane and quite frankly outrageous way chopping him up and disposing of his remains they refused to out saying that he had left they didn't know suddenly they say now that
2:53 am
he was killed but bizarrely he died as a result of a fight with fifteen people who happen to include special forces of the saudi security forces happens include members of prince mohammed bin son man's personal detail happens to have an autopsy experts who happened to have a bone. saw what happened to decide to kill you or to chop him up after he was dead rather than joe call an ambulance all of those co-incidence obvious to me are things that they expect the world to ignore and actually just believe this narrative but then again the turks also have a responsibility if they don't want the wall to be forced to at least rely on the saudi narrative than the turkish authorities who say they have evidence we've been saying this for a very long time have to be forceful right with it and come out with its and share it should date these folks president of the ruling justice party. just in the relevant parts of the act party said that they would not leave anything uncovered
2:54 am
that the government would release everything obviously those comments that you alluded to there rob with regards to the justice minister in saudi arabia it can be seen in response to the justice minister in turkey a few days ago saying that his government would go off to all the perpetrators but up until now we have narratives from the turks some bizarre explanation from the saudis but still very little in way of evidence that can pinpoint exactly who was behind this and how they will be punished jim out among some of the global response is that we've been hearing from this is the german chancellor angela merkel has criticized the saudi response saying i believe that she should give the impression he didn't go far enough now what kind of pressure is there going to be do you think on the turks to actually start producing some of the evidence that they say they've gotten in order to confirm to people that they are actually holding the evidence holding the they the correct information and they have been given the correct
2:55 am
information to the rest of the world. a great deal because if the charges do not release the evidence they say supports the theory that they had been given in the narrative they've been given then it means one of two things either they were lying that they had the evidence or they were telling the truth but they've decided to just sell out for some backroom deal that's happened with the saudis which would make them somewhat guilty in the crime that's has taken place with regard to actual job b.c. that is speculative that's still not happen the independent section resignation still continues and so far all the public statements that have been made by the turkish officials have been to reiterate that they will not cover up for anybody regardless of how significant they are but it's important to know rob it's not just the reasoning or the story that's being given by the saudis that people assume doesn't go far enough the idea is also the reaction in terms of what who has been
2:56 am
made held culpable or responsible this idea that the saudis expect the world to believe. that an operation like this could have happened without the order a direct directive from the crown prince or at least the knowledge and approval explicit approval considering saudi is an absolute monarchy that this could happen without that would is bizarre i mean you're talking about saudi arabia that has spent billions if not more millions of dollars rather over the past year and a half to project have been cited as the person who specifically is leading the country on a day to day basis he is responsible for finding out what is going on he is the one who is trying to push for people to change to the extent that articles have been made of him you know not sleeping much and looking over things online and going through the different government institutions and so forth this man suddenly then to come and say well i didn't know what was going on i wasn't sure that one of four of my personal details were on this twenty four hour trip to stumble i was unaware
2:57 am
that the lead autopsy experts in our defense forces was in istanbul is very difficult to believe so the fact that the trying to pin it on so didn't need some random adviser to the crown prince or ahmed lossie who was prior to being deputy head of intelligence was simply a spokesperson for the military is also as far as people are concerned not going far enough to often i think very much indeed. well several european countries have been reacting to the statement from saudi arabia french media media is reporting that france's foreign minister is demanding an exhaustive inquiry into shows he's case in german chancellor angela merkel as we said in a statement has called for transparency from saudi arabia she's added those responsible must be held accountable and that the information available about the events in the istanbul consulate is in adequate closest ally britain says it's considering the reports and what the u.k.'s next steps are going to be the
2:58 am
president of the utopian parliament has called for an urgent investigation to clarify the circumstances surrounding her shows these death dutch prime minister margaret has echoed those sentiments saying many questions still unanswered while many of the world's leading newspapers also doubt saudi arabia's version of events and york times questions the various explanations given so far upon sides that saudi arabia initially said her shortly had left the consulate alive and well the washington post which has showed she wrote for says the new account may do little to ease international demands for the kingdom to be held accountable in the u.k. the times describes the admission of her shorts he was killed in the consulate as the greatest embarrassment of saudi arabia's modern history and the guardian reporting on the alleged fight and arrests says the saudi government appears to be trying to protect the crown prince another publication newsweek has released recordings from one of his final interviews the discussion was originally
2:59 am
confidential as shoji said he feared for his life here's some of the recording where he's asked about his criticism of the saudi crown prince. do you want to be ready for me when the evidence to the public opinion why not. transparent process. where you have pretty. good use of the rule of law and due process and then defending the people would be on his side if he would do that it could even fight him in an old fashioned rivalries a leader like mohammed this can live doesn't mean that a good for because it was limited. it doesn't tell you a little. i didn't want that he doesn't see the need for that so sometime i see that you want to think. what post all alternate to your silicon valley and that is
3:00 am
a thing i do want also to do more like how things get out of the rules or. that doesn't work you don't have a good way. you also have it both ways can you have it both ways can you call you can you. if you can. but if they don't know how to stop all that is not because it won't budge in soviet. russia have number one and all will agree with him do you see anybody of them any cover is a chip because there's always going to. the radicals are not going to blow your pressure cooker up on. a list like a true cricket have authority any of you what is going pressure on the us president
3:01 am
for one thing the congress to react more strongly to the saudi admission like than is live for us in washington d.c. mike we just heard in that phone interview that was done there courtesy.


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