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tv   The Coming War On China 2017 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  October 21, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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and we conciliation this is not like you actually me any country it's a very special election where they have come people side by their courage. by their will to choose their own future. election officials are using biometric voter verification devices for the first time to prevent vote we're going but technical glitches slowed down the vote in. the election has been extended for another day in some areas to allow maximum participation this election is only a first step in a long political process it will be followed by presidents elections in april that's when the afghan authorities will decide on the suing political talks with the taliban and forming a national unity government moved back by the u.s. and others who insist there is no military solution to the afghan conflict. covered . officials in india same inquiry is underway into
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a train crash on friday that killed fifty nine people and injured dozens more the train towd into scores of people gathered on the tracks to celebrate a festival in the city of in punjab state victims' families say the train gave no warning before crashing into them. they have not come to see us because our children have died they have to get votes they come along to big from house to house we should get justice. demand from the government is that if significant compensation to the families of the deceased. so i have for you this hour thousands of migrants find their way into mexico barred after breaking through a border fence on the inside also. the demonstrations in taiwan call for official independence from china after almost seventeen years of self-government.
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hello there well we have got some dry weather in the forecast for spying on places say at long last the area of low pressure swirling away here just on the other side of the straits is approach of cloud still in place but the cloud will gradually thin and break and recede away still a chance of wanted to shout into the far south of the country northern parts of morocco could also see some wet weather of course but brighter skies at last the for sunday the heaviest showers well they're going to be affecting central parts of the med so southern parts of italy sicily seeing some of the live by the time become to monday those showers really peping up nudging a little further east where it's heading towards greece towards southern parts of the bowl has noticed further north cooling off in berlin only eleven degrees celsius that northerly wind tucking in behind i do not generally fine and dry behind that generally find interest seeing fourteen fifteenth's out is for london
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and paris not great but too bad either well as you drive across northern parts of africa as we go through the next couple days little bit of cloud there just pushing up towards southern areas of china edging up towards the western side of libya north of that is generally fine and sunny still a chance of want to see showers then into northern iraq and as i said by the time we come to monday it should be largely dry but rather more cloud pushing in from the south. i wish the world innovation summit one community of two thousand health care experts innovators and policymakers from one hundred countries. one experience sharing best practices and innovative ideas. one goal hopefully a world through global collaboration.
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apply now to attend the twenty eighteen which summit. welcome back to take you through the top stories this hour turkey's ruling party says it will not allow saudi arabia to cover up the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi and vows to share its evidence with the world saudi arabia's justice ministry set the since died on saudi sovereign territory the case will be dealt with by saudi courts. and afghanistan's first parliamentary elections in eight years have been disrupted by a series of taliban attacks at polling stations killing at least twenty seven people. all it took seventeen days for the saudi government to admit that jamal
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khashoggi had died inside its consulate in turkey throughout that time saudi representatives and the media dismissed the shocking accusations emerging from turkey but the official saudi version of events has changed considerably over the last fortnight as andrew chappelle reports. the day after this footage emerged of jamal going into saudi arabia's consulate in istanbul saudi officials confirmed his disappearance but insisted he left the building that was nearly three weeks ago the first of several times the official line would change two days later crown prince mohammed bin solomon told these reporters from bloomberg news the same thing saying the kingdom had nothing to hide so when asked if she was still inside the consulate the crown prince said he's not inside the next day his consul general mohammed all of tavi even brought reporters into the building telling them jamal is not at the
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consulate he also said the building's cameras did not record any footage from the day she disappeared. for the next two weeks saudi media outlets denounced what they called baseless allegations that he was killed inside the consulate accusing the world's media of spreading fake news to spark panic and blame saudi authorities saudi owned a lot of be a t.v. network describe the fifteen men identified by turkish officials as members of a hit squad as tourists falsely accused of murder but with gruesome details of his death constantly leaking to the press and growing pressure from washington and other capitals the saudis had to come up with an explanation the problem was had they come clean early on saying yes he was killed even in an interglacial going role i think the momentum of this that was building over now almost more than two weeks basically created something that is bigger than it actually was early on had
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they responded early on i think they could have had this moment this momentum go away but they haven't and the more they said the more they spread lies and conspiracy theories the more this was actually growing into becoming what it is now an uncontrollable avalanche of allegations of a amnesty international says saudi arabia statement that she died during a brawl are not trustworthy and mark an abysmal new low in its human rights record the rights group is calling for an independent investigation into schapelle al-jazeera network. well i'm joined now in the studio by assad who is formerly with the u.k. foreign office and carney system professor university center of a conflict security and terrorism thank you very much for coming in to speak to us let's first look at the nature of the saudi admission because after initially insisting that he disappeared after leaving the consulate they then dismissed. as false allegations anything stating otherwise now two and
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a half weeks later they say that he was they confirm that he was killed in a fight but we still have no information on. on why those men were inside the consulate why they included a coroner and crucially what's happened to his body will serve many questions to be answered in the story that the that the saudis are putting out is that at least one or two of those men were there to try and persuade mr cultural good to return to the kingdom which of course he was there only to pick up some papers that he could marry his fiance so there are huge number of inconsistences as far as the body is concerned. if there is any truth in the allegations emanating from turkey is that he's body was dismembered then i think the body would represent a very embarrassing and difficult situation for the saudi government because the body would weaken what is already
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a very precarious story about how he died a man who's in his sixty's who doesn't have a. history of violence gets caught up in such violence that results in his death in a consulate is a very difficult thing to many people to accept an interesting obvious saudis anticipating that precisely that is going to happen because they're saying that the justice minister is saying that since khashoggi death took place on saudi sovereign territory that any suspects behind the killing should or basically not be extradited well that's again a part of i think what a lot of people believe is of attempted cover up i think that the body will be probably found because it's inconceivable that somebody they known now know how he was killed by whom he was killed and they have these people in custody but they don't know where the what body is i think what is probably happening is that the family is being persuaded to take over the body when it's really found and released
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without public display and to bury it. swiftly in accordance with their version of islamic. i'm so there are many things i think here that are potentially a source and virus meant for the government and they're trying to do what people refer to as damage limitation and i think one of those is to prevent public access to that body ok well for now thank you very much thank you thousands of refugees and migrants are stranded on the border between mexico and guatemala part of a so-called caravan of people from honduras el salvador and guatemala if in walking north towards the united states on friday thousands tore down a fence in guatemala and storm towards a bridge in mexico seeking to escape violence and poverty u.s. president donald trump says he may deploy the military to stop them crossing into america or migrants traveling from honduras as saying that there's nothing left for
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them at home. to me but i know we need support from mexico because we can no longer live in our country if people are migrating on mars is because there is hunger there is corruption there is insecurity uncertainty and that is forcing one juror insta leave because we cannot live there anymore as thoughtless at that. this is not about politics this is not about benefiting anyone this is about self wellbeing it's about self accordingly it's about children family there is hunger there is hunger above all and we need to push ahead and that's why we're taking this risk the conservative government of australia's new prime minister scott morrison has lost its parliamentary majority has deserted the ruling party in a by election held in the east in sydney electorate that was held by previous prime minister malcolm turnbull independent candidate karen phelps won a decisive victory it means the government will now have to rely on deals with
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other independent m.p.'s in parliament to stay in power. well now pressure is growing in taiwan for a form of independence from mainland china officially called the republic of china the united states has been governed separately from beijing for seventy is but many taiwanese now want their identity recognized by the rest of the world thousands of protested in taipei calling for a referendum on the nation's independence is difficult part of reports from taipei it's a move that's likely to anger china. i they fought centuries of colonialism and kates of dictatorship to become a fully fledged democracy and it's a right they say they will not give up that one hundred ten day china's aggression can only push us to defend ourselves we will see current our right to self-determination. taiwan has its own currency passport political and judicial system and china regards the island as part of its territory taiwan considers
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itself a certain state that has never declared formal independence from the mainland i want to be independent country and a referendum is still a democratic the way to jail china and to tell the whole work that actually we want to be in one country many of these protesters go tit for the current government which has been resisting beijing's attempts at bringing taiwan in line with its policies china take a lot of pressure in taiwan to use a loss of life of cabinets whole life like some kind of shop power they want to live in beit to taiwan so now this critical moment to life to stand out to choose to life on the street to say like light let taiwan be taiwan but that comes at a cost angering china could have serious repercussions for taiwan beijing has previously pressured several countries to cut diplomatic ties with taipei pushed foreign companies to all you refer to taiwan as part of china and encrease
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patrolled by its airforce and may be close to the islands china has always maintained it's within its right to take taiwan back by force if necessary and that's a risk the taiwanese government is not willing to take so even the government which started out as a separatist local identity political party is also not eager to have something that would actually possibly cause a more rapid military response from china as well. many here know it will be difficult to even hold a vote on whether to declare independence but they say this sends a message the more pressure china puts on taiwan's people the harder they will push back if you go pollen typee. massive crowds have attended a march and rally in central london in support of a further referendum on the final breaks that deal supporters of a people's vote say more than six hundred thousand people join the protests motivated by growing concern that the u.k. might leave the european union next march without
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a deal in place paul brennan was there. in twenty sixteen concerned that leaving the e.u. might result in chaos but dismissed as project fear by breck's its supporters but with just five months to go until britain leaves the e.u. and still no agreement on the terms of departure millions of people are now very afraid indeed my major concerns are for the future not for my generation yes we're going to be completely stuffed with this but for my children's future and my grandchildren's future we could have all of our rights taken away because one of the trade deals taken and the students we are on record to that and it's off you just are going to be destroyed the back. this was a massive turnout people came from all over the u.k. to attend in the crowd was at least five times larger than the one hundred thousand originally predicted by the organizers. there was a significantly smaller progress event in the northern town of harry gets on
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saturday nigel faraj urging the prime minister to just get on with this. you'll be able to suggest about the purpose of those that voted remain now say we're democrats and we think the government should simply get on with it i mean it's all message and get on with it fulfil your promises to us you said if you voted to leave it would happen it needs to run. but what is it the people's vote campaign to say the it's promised and voted for in twenty sixteen is not what's going to be delivered in march next year. as the weeks and months pass with no agreed bricks a deal the pressure for a people's votes is growing but what's on the surface is whether the government will actually grounds of people's votes and what the question will be if they do. once they've given us the vote then we can argue about what the question ship a and without question it should be do you want to devastate the united kingdom and create catastrophic consequences for the economy or you want to pay the option to
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stay in a you will definitely be on the ballot paper because it is. so you decide the question is. the prime minister is still refusing to hold another referendum the opposition labor party seen through looked into force one with the pressure from the voting public may yes force the hand paul brennan al-jazeera central london. controversial u.s. supreme court judge brett kavanaugh apparently has a new opponent a group of witches in new york a public hexing of calvin are scheduled is scheduled for later to put a negative spell on the judge has drawn interest from more than fifteen thousand people on social media a catholic x. assist in california is even planning action to protect cavanagh from the curtis organizers say they're confident of repeating the success they believe they've had against donald trump the last three outlets in the us
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a bracing themselves for record sales when the largest jackpot in u.s. history goes up for grabs on tuesday an incredible one point six billion dollars to mega millions the mega millions drawing friday night did not produce a winner that means the prizes rolled over for an incredible twenty fifth time nobody has picked up the jackpot in the twice weekly draw since july the players shouldn't get their hopes up because the odds of any individual winning are still more than three hundred million to one or as much more in everything we covering right here al-jazeera dot com. just another quick look at the top stories now turkey says it will not allow saudi arabia to cover up the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi it comes after the saudis admitted he was killed in a brawl inside its consulate in istanbul the justice minister says the incident
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happened on saudi territory and will be dealt with by saudi courts their explanation has been met with skepticism around the world. other. we want justice for jamal we want to most mothers to be punished however we want punishment not only for the men but also for the authority that gave the order. our other top story this hour afghanistan's first parliamentary elections in eight years have been disrupted by a series of taliban attacks at polling stations at least seventeen people have been killed and dozens more injured but counting has started in. vote counting has begun in some areas but in all the voting has been extended until sunday off to technical issues an inquiry is underway into friday's train crash in india that killed fifty nine people and injured dozens of others the train plowed into scores of people gathered on the tracks to celebrate
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a festival in the city of punjab victims' families say the train gave no warning and there also criticizing the politicians. they have not come to see us because our children have died they have to get votes they come along to big from house to house we should get justice. demand from the government is that if significant compensation to the families of the deceased. thousands of refugees and migrants are stranded on the border between mexico and guatemala part of a so-called caravan of people from honduras el salvador and guatemala who've been walking north towards the united states on friday thousands tore down a fence in guatemala and stormed towards a bridge in mexico the conservative government of australia is a new prime minister scott morrison has lost its parliamentary majority but has deserted the ruling party in a by election held in the east in sydney electorate means the government will now have to rely on deals with other independent m.p.'s in parliament i'll have more
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news later on the listening post is next. a new report from the united nations climate panel warns that. actually much here is a new record i mean change and it is not good. for you. it would be correct korean culture to show the church caused by human activity as part of the research on. hello i'm barbara starr and you're at the listening post here are some of the stories we're looking at this week covering climate change requires a media change a rethink of how the world's biggest most persistent story is reported in the media
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model pushing viktor or bands and the migrant and the e.u. politics beyond hungry borders they've been called propagandists for the sounded royal family before but now the scrutiny of some pro saudi journalists in the west has intensified and that is their life after reading the news. on your resume you read the news for nine eugenie years two thousand and five to twenty fourteen and worked as a television news agency i decided i needed to change our lead story this week tackles an issue that considering its magnitude could be a fixture on every episode of our show it's climate change and how the media are grappling with how to cover it only a small percentage of news audiences would have heard about the report released earlier this month by the un's intergovernmental panel on climate change or the i.p.c.c. and that's not because the report was the or inconsequential no in fact it's been called the landmark study warning that the world has just twelve years left to
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limit global temperature rise to one point five degrees celsius any higher. and the risks of drought floods and extreme weather will soar coverage of the i.p.c.c. report was a flash in the pan like so much climate change reporting is the initial wave of headlines or receded as quickly as it had emerged climate change is the world's most significant existential challenge and those who want to cover it are still figuring out how to convey its size and scale the listening post meenakshi ravi now on the coverage of the i.p.c.c. report and what it reveals about the state of climate change reporting. it's a story as because this planet affecting every country every economy every individual and its oceans he ratchets up higher every year and yet climate change coverage
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nearly always seems to need a crutch and event to pick it on a global conference a protest or as it was this time around the release of the intergovernmental panel on climate change is a special report on global warming the report's findings were monumental this is the most dire report we've had from the i.p.c.c. yet they're basically saying we need to move now we need to take really serious action if we want to prevent the worst impacts of climate change the report is something of a call to arms telling us that the survival of our species depends on a political revolution these are the overwhelming scientific findings frankly overwhelmed scientists and it is going to overwhelm journalists as well. the headline in the i.p.c.c. report is stark it says rapid far reaching and unprecedented changes are needed in all aspects of society if mankind is to contain the average global temperature
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increase to one point five degrees celsius the timeframe the i.p.c.c. has set for this is. just over the decade twelve years in the absence of a pattern time shift and rethinking of how the world functions the droughts food shortages environmental degradation and poverty being experienced already are going to get much worse much faster. and some cases where i think. the sort of shocking some of the report i think length of the coverage then jumped to a kind of you know where near the end there is no hope no one wants that storm intensities wildfires past outbreaks well increase which quite a worry that if all this you know we have this new study and if i thought making progress on climate change has to be so drastic that it's more a loss and possible then people will start to get really dismayed and lose hope and this is always the challenge of climate coverage the new york times. in their main
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piece covering the report at a photo of like a lone child playing in the sand with these bones and that's the kind of the style of coverage you generally get which seems this seems to indicate that they are more more capable of imagining an apocalypse time is running out than they are for instance of imagining increasing taxation on the ultra wealthy on corporations you know that creates millions of good good green jobs and regulates corporations and phases out fossil fuel production they find it impossible to imagine a political alternative other than kind of apocalyptic scenarios. that climate change isn't the most covered ongoing news story in the world is it a fiction of just how many times the opportunity is missed. in the u.s. alone frequented incidents over the past few years would have justified it being in
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the headlines every day however the link between climate change and the way that incidents that are increasing in intensity. in frequency is often never meet the two thousand and seventeen study by the d.c. beast media matters group into the coverage of heidi can harvey found that over the span of two crucial weeks to mean people news outlets a.b.c. and n.b.c. didn't do a single segment mentioning climate change and its link to such weather events. this study isn't the only one of its kind by media matters in july this year it found that coverage of the heatwave across the united states followed a similar pattern. we looked at reporting on the three big t.v. broadcast networks and found that those programs mention the heat wave one hundred twenty seven times and only one of those mentioned climate change the media is not able to grasp this linkage so for example this year if you just see
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a lot floods in india we heard historically unprecedented flood within a period of two to three days something like twenty five trillion liters of water fell over the smallest state but if you look at the media report guardian india they were talking about you know local logical disaster local changes in ecology cutting off orders and those kind of things but the linkage between climate change and love flowed was not that this is a real problem and a missed opportunity climate change can seeing like a really distant or theoretical problem but when there's extreme weather that's a real opportunity for the media to talk about climate change and how it affects extreme weather and exacerbates extreme weather when you think what can i do this is a fixture in much of climate change reporting is the notion that individual action can help stave off the existential threat posed by global warming you're changing your driving
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a different car maybe you're eating less meat whatever you're doing to help the world is rubbing off on your neighbors individual awareness is vital. media emphasis on it however is out of proportion the real action needs to come from industry. in two thousand and seventeen the u.k. based nonprofit the c.d.p. group published a report correlating specific volumes of greenhouse gas or g h g emissions with the industries responsible for them it found that since one thousand nine hundred eight just one hundred corporations have produced more than seventy percent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. this is not just a problem of me or a problem you there are companies oil companies natural gas companies coal companies who are responsible for the vast amount of the pollution that is causing climate change where there is progress. and many of them have waged dissin from asian campaigns that they have tried to downplay and distort the science they have which got politicians in their pockets who are discouraging or
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blocking climate action if there was a list of criminals who have polluted the climate exxon mobil at the front british petroleum to come as the top climate polluters so will companies in india in saudi arabia many many countries who are polluting the climate but also have a huge influence on media in terms of their contributions to advertisement and support the media so media is very quick to talk about what governments need to do or what people need to do but they will rarely talk about what corporations need to do for instance there was there was a widely panned. c.n.n. tweet the tweet was scared of the new climate report here's a few things you can do. and of course all the prescriptions that it made had to do with individual consumer changes and it completely neglected the actual structural
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forces and corporate power that underlies the climate crisis and i don't think the stress on the changes that individuals can make rather than on what corporations are doing is an accident i think it is a function of the dominant ideology of our era namely neo liberalism. which has persuaded us or tried to persuade us that the market is a kind of magical entity that will solve all of our problems. unprecedented changes that's what the i.p.c.c. report says is needed to deal with global warming as media outlets covered the report almost none of them this network included reported on changes the would make in their own newsrooms or to their own journalistic practices one piece it might be wise to start stop dealing with the climate change issue as separate it from if you know the story if you other beat. i find. it's
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a story in time to remember new sometimes because you will be going from this report that's really staggering and its implications and then on the next page there will be an article about the potential you know renovation of j.f.k. airport doesn't say anything about the role of flying and air travel in. contributing to carbon emissions and how we might need to change that quite drastically i think that they all are very deeply connected and i think that's particularly true for reporting on the economy and economics and job growth and all of these things that make no mention of climate change but it is our economic model that is driving climate change and those things have to be put together much more than they are now. i'm joined now by one of our producers flo phillips of the sky or some of the other media stories that we're looking at this week flo the story of the saudi journalist
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emotional she's really taken on every twist and turn and one of the media fallout has been that some journalists in the ways think we're doing journalists that work at the washington post which of course is where our shoji used to write have actually been called out for their pro saudi reporting what else do we know about this barbara the washington post has understandably really been quite aggressive in its campaign to find out exactly what happened turning the heat up on saudi arabia's allies in the u.s. they even put out one op ed with the headline when you work for a murderer but soon after that piece was published the investigative website intercept pointed out a rather unfortunate fact that washington post columnist ed rogers and contributing writer carter eskew perfective working for the saudi government by the lobbying firms that each of them runs within twenty four hours of that intercept piece going up the washington post put out their own article saying that both lobbying companies have now canceled their contracts with saudi arabia and so apart from
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these journalists stroke lobbyists who else is the story really shine a spotlight on well there is one more name from the washington post itself david ignatius the paper's long time foreign affairs columnist critics have taken issue with his prose saudi stance this two thousand and seventeen op ed about the crown prince is a prime example although he was hardly the only person to write such pieces the new york times is thomas friedman is in the same camp and while he attempted a week mia culpa about the news of disappearance i'm not sure many people are buying it it's important to know that this isn't just american journalists being called out for their prose saudi writing in britain the daily telegraph defense editor kong kauffman has written a couple of articles echoing the saudi line about the show she's disappearance. one political commentator took kaufman's writing apart not just this piece but other articles too accusing him of churning out saudi propaganda kaufman deleted his
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twitter account soon after and neither he nor his paper have responded to the allegations a lot of fallout continues from the case moved to me and more now though because three senior journalists have been arrested there who are they and what else do we know about the case so these journalists are from the eleven media group editor in chief sure lynn along with managing editor nine men and chief reporter for why when now they were all arrested following a story that they were doing scrutinizing the funding of a transport project in yangon city the journalists were charged by the regional government using a colonial era law they said that the report could cause fear or alarm to the public and the rest of these men and indeed the practice of using years old laws to charge them is part of a growing passing that we've been seeing in myanmar just last month to burmese john this working for what it is why alone and sure so who began serving seven year jail
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terms for violating the official secrets act which dates back to nine hundred twenty three that ruling it's really important to remember it was handed down despite one of the government's own police offices telling the judge that the journalists had been the victims of a setup so thank you. after two consecutive terms in power and another landslide election victory this past april there seems to be little that can threaten the rule of viktor orban in hungary but that doesn't mean the project to consolidate his power in the media has in any way eased off in the eight years since or bands for their party swept to victory in twenty ten numerous media outlets have been shut down or seen drastic changes in their editorial line often after changes and ownership which is why our lawn bells rang last month when orban allies closed in on index dot h.-u. the last remaining outlet read and respected on both sides of the political divide
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in hungary so far so familiar you might say but hungary watchers are now observing the or banned media model gain a foothold in other european countries like russia donia and slovenia on the back of investments that some say seek to promote the hung garion prime minister is pan-european agenda the listening posts will young reports. by two thousand and eighteen. a landslide election victory gives young kerry and prime minister viktor orban the majority he needs to change country's constitution and the confidence to accuse media criticize him with being fake news ministers going to the thing i want indexed over there i feel he is going to. hit the next significant because of it in the index is read by about one million people daily
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where the prime minister calls one of the largest and most important independent news outlets a fake news factory it means he considers these one million people to be stupid in . less than four months after all brands like ization in september a member of the prime minister's ruling coalition took a few. fifty percent stake in the company that controls indexes advertising revenues. index journalists such as editor in chief got border crossing are on high alert. because i believe the care they show you the most important question is how the ownership change will affect our independence we set up an independent barometer on a separate web domain from index if we feel that someone is influencing our work then we will change the barometer from independent to either risk free press event where you know women themselves it is right for indexes there to be very very the other situation in the works was established back in line in ninety nine so it has grown up especially together with online media in hungary its sort of thing buys is
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online journalism quality online journalism and very soon as a government proxies appear near these media outlets. it can move very quickly. in a change in its coverage or it can also essentially be shut down as it happened with vietnam. was one of hungary's last major left leaning newspapers when in two thousand and sixteen it was purchased and quickly shot down by investors linked with more brands for days party. since then more changes in ownership have been followed by more closures as well as notable shifts in editorial wind my garden and not build up your modern memes at one of hungary's most prestigious daily newspapers shut down immediately after the election ninety that idea was also shut down then had to balance a conservative weekly which had been critical of the government was also closed.
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this summer a new investor both here the hungary's most watched cable news channel on the day the new owners arrived a popular evening talk show was replaced by a with good or bad speech the intention. something new or there's a clear to everyone at this hour but don't leave me or really go used to be a competitor of index and it used to be independent by now it has been completely degraded and has become a propaganda mouthpiece for the government all the tabloids cater for even more particular needs demands they do not function as media but rather as subsidiaries of the ministry of information directly executing government orders. one of those tabloids is ripostes just one of a host of relatively minor outlets that serve the bottom end of the hungary and media market. low information high on sensation and what news these outlets
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actually cover is dominated by outrage against the e.u. against migrants and against or brands political opponents. after two thousand and fifteen many new outlets appeared out of thin air it's actually this something that you would probably characterize as this tabloid journalism it's a copycat version of him for america. it has been spreading conspiracy theories or by essentially imported something from another country and now exporting its to other countries in the balkans. in recent months hungary and investors linked to or buy and businesses close to him have effectively been subsidizing highly politicized sensationalist media in macedonia and sleepy neo pushing anti migrant euro skeptic narratives with a large smattering of smears of opponents of the populist right much in the image
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of hungary under for days these investments seem to have little to do with profit making and everything to do with promoting a certain brand of politics at this early in the intervening media that is by the right wing nationalist populist party the s.d.s. viktor orban personally campaigned for s.d.s. leader younis yang shot during the last election campaign. in macedonia and garion and media are it's called for a boycott of a referendum on changing the country's official name able to join the european union birth and in slovenia and gave media disseminates far right populist messages meant for them and you know recently slim is committed to comply with the view of the brit it is not possible in slovenia for a company to invest so much in a loss making media house these media nova twenty four t.v. scandal and democrats are not really separate entities but a single media what is published by one will appear on the others democrats see as
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an entire segment dedicated to immigration and each example is worse than the last there will be attacks on political adversaries based on unverified information i see it all as one big political propaganda machine which feeds on hate discrimination and lies things that are typical of propaganda not journalism. and the minute we must. get the investments in both countries have been crucial part because they arrived just after the parties here were the previous owners lost power and as a consequence also the resources to sustain these costly media operations such investments cannot be rationalized by market incentives without this one david and many numerous media operations would have shut down if. i want to ask you colleagues today what the state of our union last month the european
4:44 am
parliament voted to trigger a so-called rule of law procedure against the hungary and government for its rolling back of civil liberties and human rights including freedom and to reality in the media the hungary and government has effectively silenced independent media a setback for bands of european projects but with elections to the european parliament just months away media investments in countries like slovenia and methadone. could help keep european ambitions of mine. because it. is building relationships with other politicians in the central and eastern europe region in countries both inside and outside the e.u. on the one hand they provide know how to the media landscape how to set the public agenda how to run a propaganda media network on the other hand we see shopping to acquisitions we know genuine business motivations as in hungary it is not lucrative to run a propaganda machine however it does pay off in politics as it sometimes often
4:45 am
serves as a sort of early warning system when it comes to political developments institutions or vicar here so political entrepreneurs come in and try to influence them they can be more successful. is simply finding his way through those vulnerabilities and i think it's something that could have in other countries as well if the media becomes this big. and finally a job in journalism isn't forever news rooms are cutting staff reporters get burned out and many other professions have better pay and better hours luckily though journalists have skills that can be useful in other lines of work writing researching interviewing and news readers have an additional skill set and all
4:46 am
their style and clear precise delivery but doesn't guarantee us a future outside the studio this sketch by irish comedy trio for arms and hog imagines life beyond the cameras it's a bit close to home for me but i hope you will enjoy it and we'll see you next time at the listening post so. good evening it's. with this just an informal chat so you can relax its hands in your resume read the news for nothing more tween years two thousand and five to twenty fourteen i worked as a television news reader but i decided i needed a change change for the better the change for the best ok and then after you left news reading a word you were a little twenty fourteen with unemployment levels at record lows we find it hard to get work in other areas turning to hobbies for enjoy pointing and social gatherings with friends or look at my sports we go over to come visit or thank you tiernan
4:47 am
tuna sporting interests include swimming and five a side soccer but asking to try patrick is of course wishful thinking but in the end of the things governor when you look at the stars it is hoped that work will commence in the spring will see what we can get lucky and good lord. i was going to ask you to leave. bolshoi ballet's prima ballerina discusses the pain and sacrifice behind the tutu goal of ours in putin's russia the pain starts from the very beginning of the school. these are not physically prepared for what we have to do some.
4:48 am
talks to all dizzy of in the lead up to the u.s. midterm elections we'll be talking to the american people looking at key issues for voters from immigration to economic struggles to the health care system to races and women's rights join us throughout have told her for special coverage and analysis the u.s. mood times on al jazeera. hello i'm in london just a quick look at the top stories now saudi arabia says the death of jamal khashoggi must be dealt with by saudi courts the statement follows the kingdom's admission after more than two weeks of the journalist died in its consulate in istanbul but turkey's ruling party says it won't allow saudi arabia to cover up the show g.'s killing has more from istanbul after seventeen days of denials saudi
4:49 am
arabia finally admitted to the world that she was killed inside its consulate in istanbul. in the middle of the night and on a weekend saudi state television read out a statement by the prosecutor general's office claiming that special she died as a result of a brawl that broke out with officials who had flown in to help him return to saudi arabia. by the afternoon friends and colleagues of the murdered journalists gathered outside the consulate denouncing the saudi narrative as lies and demanding justice for. a good. job other than it is today we are quoting the whole world and we want justice concerning all we want to miles mud that has to be punished however we want punishment not only for the eighteen men but also for the authority that gave the order this little must needs to. riyadh's admission that the journalist was killed inside its diplomatic mission is a sharp turn for the kingdom which has always insisted that she had left the
4:50 am
building twenty minutes after he had entered. and although u.s. president donald trump stated he felt the saudi story was credible turkish officials disagree on saturday they leaked footage of jamal khashoggi with his fiance entering their new apartment in istanbul which they bought just weeks before he was killed costing doubt that the self exiled critic was planning on returning to saudi arabia questions true as to how and why the fifty nine year old would have fought with fifteen men inside the consulates fifteen men that include several of crown prince mohammed bin some months of personal detail members of saudi arabia special forces units and one of the kingdom's most senior autopsy experts we know the facts now the turks have dribbled dripped out for the last couple of weeks this is now about a political battle rather than a quest for the truth because again i think we know what the truth is i think turkey is going to fight to keep these facts coming out so that the story doesn't die i think the turkish government is so infuriated that it was so disrespected to
4:51 am
have this sort of action happen on its on its own soil the information that's been leaked by turkish officials also claims of control she was never interrogated that she was beaten and killed within minutes by a group that was flown in specifically for that purpose thus they believe this was a premeditated operation to assassinate him. the saudi narrative of how she was killed was followed by royal decrees that saw some intelligence officers and an advisor to the crown prince relieved of their posts but in an absolute monarchy many wonder how such an operation could have taken place without the direct order or at least consent and knowledge of the fact a ruler crown prince mohammed bin saddam on the saudis have now given their story of what's happened and of all the kingdom has finally admits that she was killed in that building their narrative contradicts the information that turkish officials have been giving for the past two weeks the question is will turkey reveal the
4:52 am
evidence that has or is the world expected to believe that's possible she died as a result of a random fights with fifteen saudi security personnel. they stumble. and our other headlines afghanistan's first parliamentary elections in eight years have been disrupted by series of taliban attacks at polling stations at least twenty seven people have been killed and hundreds more injured mo counting has started in some areas but in all those voting has been extended till sunday after technical issues thousands of refugees and migrants stranded on the border between mexico and guatemala a part of a so-called caravan of people from honduras el salvador and guatemala who have been walking north towards the united states hundreds of thousands of protesters have been marching in london to them on what they are calling a people's vote on a final rights it deal the demonstration is believed to be the biggest in the u.k. for more than a decade we're up to date with all of our top stories up next it's al jazeera world
4:53 am
but more news for you after that in twenty five minutes time then. on the tenth of may twenty eighth the wife of a libyan politician i'm told lawyers held up an historic document a letter of apology from the british prime minister the u.k.
4:54 am
lost its way when it got mixed up in the rendition of an innocent pregnant woman and an anti kadafi dissident but today i think it stood on the right side of history by recognizing its mistakes and by apologizing. abdulhakim bell high and his wife fatima bouchard had been fighting for six years to get the british government to admit it rendered them and handed them over to the regime of moammar gadhafi in two thousand and four knowing that as libyan dissidents bay would be in serious person danger on behalf of her majesty's government i apologize reservedly we are profoundly sorry for the ordeal that you both suffered and our role in it. this film follows the troubling story of the opponents of gadhafi who were imprisoned tortured and in some cases killed because the u.k. u.s. and other western governments colluded in
4:55 am
a web of unlawful rendition. colonel moammar gadhafi was the libyan leader from one thousand nine hundred sixty nine to twenty eleven. he was a controversial figure with an ambiguous relationship with the west. his erratic behavior made it easy for the u.s. and europe to portray him as an out of control figure behind terrorist attacks conspiracies and scandals. but there was more to this relationship than was obvious at the time. in two thousand and four the west suddenly rebranded to get a free from public enemy number one to their new best friend. but all the while gadhafi is intelligence service the cia and the british m i six cooperated with
4:56 am
each other in ways few suspected at the time. one such case was that of in all shake our lead he said to have run a military campaign in afghanistan. he was captured by the pakistanis in afghanistan after the fall of the taliban in two thousand and one and then handed over to the americans at background air base for interrogation by the f.b.i. . but the cia decided libby was a high ranking al qaeda figure and sent him to egypt to be interrogated. the information he provided under torture may not have been reliable but was nevertheless used by the u.s. to demonstrate a connection between saddam hussein and al qaeda to justify the two thousand and three iraq. around two
4:57 am
thousand and five two thousand and six ali b. was then handed over by the u.s. to libya in the process known as rendition. in two thousand and nine he was found dead in his prison cell in tripoli after having supposedly committed suicide. humanitarian organizations question the suicide including human rights watch who visited olive he just before his death. the case of even is one of the more disturbing ones because we know that the u.s. rendered him unlawfully into egypt in custody and he was tortured brutally both in us and in egypt in custody and the result of that torture produced false intelligence that led. was used as as reason to go to war in iraq and as a result of that war iraqi you know many civilians iraqi civilians u.s. forces lost their lives. it's disturbing because it's an also proof in evidence
4:58 am
that torture doesn't work that it produces false intelligence on many occasions of any of them on some of the ship was not. a libya was a victim of. collusion between the u.s. the u.k. and libya which dated back to the nine eleven attacks on new york and washington d.c. . after the libyan revolution twenty eleven thousands of secret libyan american and british intelligence documents were found they painted a dark picture of the real relationship between the three countries which led directly to our libby's rendition and torture physician of the. one hundred over at that as. one of them and you who were yet in a fit of be a she one way bill went away and i left a bit of the milk. over kind of i didn't.
4:59 am
eat them turkey that in a muslim oversight i did them attack it from after. the chef and libby. you know must. all. libby's nephew says the torture started in afghanistan but then continued in other prisons around the world in egypt morocco one ton
5:00 am
a mowbray alaska and ukraine for five years in. the hospital when the early early early at your left at the what indeed in the alarmist. or being upset that city. mostly subtle but. it's looking at akira libby's information about so-called weapons of mass destruction is widely thought to have been used by the u.s. as evidence of saddam hussein's possession of w m d's in iraq one less thing you pointed out that you were warned of believe by the egyptian president mubarak i believe what barak told tommy tommy franks that saddam had biological weapons be ready yeah like everybody thought he had the international community has clearly demonstrated it this way is it a process which has been going on for twelve.


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