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one ton of mowbray alaska and ukraine for five years in. the hospital when the highly highly highly actually laughed at the what deeds in the isle of patmos over the no idea or being upset that. was subtle but in my long had the mostly subtle but. it's look and akira libby's information about so-called weapons of mass destruction is widely thought to have been used by the u.s. as evidence of saddam hussein's possession of w m d's in iraq one less thing you pointed out that you were warned i believe by the egyptian president mubarak i believe what barak told tommy tommy franks that saddam had biological weapons they were ready yeah but everybody thought they had the international community has clearly demonstrated that it this way is it that a process which has been going on for twelve years trying to disarm iraq from its
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weapons of mass destruction this report by libyan intelligence the external security organization or. shows details of a meeting with the cia. as it plans to invade saddam hussein's iraq in two thousand and three the u.s. needed to prepare public opinion for the attack getting libya on govt is key to that strategy. but the iraq war went badly for the western allies. no evidence of dangerous weapons was found and the lack of a post-war strategy plunged the country into calles. gadhafi then seized the moment in a dramatic bid to ingratiate himself with the west and have sanctions on libya lifted he claimed to have w m d's and offered to surrender them.
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with. desperate to put a positive spin on their mission to destroy weapons in the middle east the u.s. and u.k. led the way in rehabilitating gadhafi almost overnight. libya was no longer. part of the axis of evil. in return a lucrative oil and gas deal was signed and it was then that the cia and m i six began increasing their rendition of libyan dissidents to the gadhafi regime jubilation a vehicle that out of a zero. for the value of the home. but it's now thought the relationship between the head of the e.s.o. . and western intelligence went back much earlier than the aftermath of the two thousand and three invasion of iraq repression between the two states gathered pace
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after nine eleven. british intelligence held a meeting with mr koussa in the week after nine eleven and the following november november two thousand a well british and libyan intelligence officers held a summit over several days at a hotel as an airport in europe and the german austrian intelligence officers also present and there was a growing agreement at that point that the libyans could be quite useful to the west being useful to the west was what gadhafi was aiming for and the west fell for it but at a price. rendition. this twenty twelve human rights watch report delivers into enemy hands details the process and several cases including that in our sake on libya. that was an agreement reached that the british and the libyans will start recruiting agents jointly. from the
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libyan agents who would would help and spy on al qaeda. the rehabilitation of gadhafi took place under british prime minister tony blair and when gordon brown took over from blair in june two thousand and seven the friendly momentum continues and. the london based human rights organization reprieve has closely monitored rendition for many years. lawyer corey krieger specialized in cases involving libya. you remember and the deal in the desert in two thousand and four is that. while i'm joining the community of nations everybody was right you know the war and i've looked at iraq and you know i don't want to go that way and all the rest of it said this president has given to him but the reality is of course what happened after that the sanctions were lifted british
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petroleum and other companies were able to come in and start doing business to the tune of millions in fact billions of dollars i'll just zero made requests to interview tony blair in twenty fourteen but his office said he was not available. the producers also asked to interview former british foreign minister jack straw who was responsible for british intelligence six at the time of the rendition but his office said he didn't have time. neither was therefore able to shed light on my mission pieces like that of. shaken libby was returned in two to maybe in custody and. you know we met him two weeks before he supposedly kit committed suicide in his cell. and when that happened we raised concerns about the circumstances surrounding his death. we were concerned that it was not actually a suicide libby was allowed
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a single visit from his family in april two thousand and nine while in libyan detention this video shows him opponent lee comfortable and his family had no reason to suspect he might soon take his own life if you just didn't get them to doesn't mean. we're going to logic up a nickel when the limit open is only about the. time and that week. no mr darrow this will be. another what in the. world but what the what that the the man level. of i'm somewhat of a shift in the how would a number economy of the cold war the war when we had a war early was
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a lot. of. was over susan was either that or can you some. hold what are their beliefs and some a signal that. the u.s. is said to have handed over it no sheikh are libby to the libyan external security organization in afghanistan. and the smell of somebody having the libya comment to them with the machine to leave the most of them to keep them in may two thousand and nine libby was found dead in his prison cell only two days after that gadhafi was fourth son want to seem acting as libyan national security adviser met u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton in washington d.c. we deeply value the relationship between the united states and libya
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we have many opportunities to deepen and broaden our cooperation and i'm very much looking forward to. building on this relationship so mr minister welcome so much here. with the way. for that certainly not to be our only home so what was it's and what can be can you move can look at a fascinating. last of a year. it's difficult and we can. stated that. human rights watch are asked for an investigation into libby's suicide but he was birthed and no libyan inquiry was held into his death. so the photographs are very disturbing when reportedly committed suicide in may be in prison and we question whether that was really a suicide and these photographs reveal things that make it seem as though you know that it might not have the jimmy been a suicide. gadhafi never allowed any form of opposition within libya.
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a prominent dissident group was the libyan islamic fighting group the l i f g who gadhafi accused of having links to al qaida. if you can little rock. give you. the. yeah glad that will help me. god that gadhafi is jails had an appalling reputation for mistreatment and torture particularly of political prisoners this mobile phone video purports to have been shot in abu salim prison in tripoli. human rights watch and amnesty international have both reported hundreds of deaths in abu salim although the figures have never been independently verified or human remains found if western intelligence services
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knowingly colluded in the torture of libyan dissidents in this way they certainly have a case towards. the western agenda was to establish a connection between saddam hussein and al qaeda whereas gadhafi wanted to link libyan dissident groups to al qaida. or station. this illiteracy in. the new relationship with gadhafi spread and there are allegations that he illegally funded a nicolas sarkozy's two thousand and seven french presidential campaign sarkozy has been charged with illegal campaign financing he denies the charges and the case is yet to reach the french courts gadaffi was welcomed across europe a far cry from his eighty's image as quote the mad dog of the middle east.
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but there were there was out there was this was a call ma a living yeah i said mother thought that but at the same time opponents of gadhafi like our door hakim the high and sami al side of the libya islamic fighting group l i f g were arrested and rendered by british intelligence m i six to gadhafi his external security organization we are going to just turn up our. supply and. by then. they are a must for the total loss so yeah by then what are. they going to sell you a little small you know ballad. i mean if you have see if you her hair. well it myself and i'm also a little marilou mom you know. there are limits over to the words you know but if i
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knew. that when i was at two hundred nine many. of. fema part about cook or. soon to be your broker and if you see. about rendition have the lid blown off it when in the wake of the libyan revolution in twenty eleven correspondence was phoned the pointed to western collusion. in two thousand and eleven after tripoli was liberated some human rights activists and some revolutionaries found an incredible cache of documents in what appeared to be the abandon office of then the head of libya's security services and in those documents for the first time ever we saw evidence showing that there was a joint plot in two thousand and four to kidnap. him and his pregnant wife as well as the libyan man semi or saudi his wife and his four
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children from exile in southeast asia and render them in other words kidnap them and send them back to that. and we can see diminished. and bob ross how. zosia to you want. to you know see and walk out of the morgue for the through a little time. zones have to confront that are going to turn inward and then you manage to kill him the cia took them separated them and held them for several days at a black site that's a secret prison near the bangkok airport both of them were chained to the wall separately mistreated was beaten hooded all the rest of it and then they were put on a infamous cia rendition plane one of these planes that the cia flew people around the world to be tortured on to have to be. i didn't. know how country or how do you . if you're. going to knock out
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a multi if you have to worry. out of. two women if you. well it's no. good i believe in any. case of abdel hakim bahaji and his wife goes back to two thousand and four the couple were planning to seek asylum in the u.k. but they were persuaded by the british to travel to london via bangkok. there they were arrested and tortured before being rendered to libyan intelligence headed by musar koussa battles. and. can. finally get out of the need to know. them so course. and illicitly said libya you can imagine how and when i met that have you know
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either kind of the command of my bell houses fellow dissidents sami most of our society also says he was rendered to the libyans by the british on the grounds that he was somehow connected to the group responsible for nine eleven al qaida. to offer to my. dad. and i are in our son and we're here and i lament i mean i'm. well i'm not by anything you know either can i come in and. work at the enemy living in a kind of. fear or. yellow moon in. the morning or we had enough and i went to. abdel
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hakim bel high and sami al saadi were released from prison in libya in twenty ten and twenty eleven respectively. convinced of u.k. . involvement in their rendition in twenty twelve. the british government in the civil court for handing them over to the libyans to be imprisoned tortured. the british government is worried about apologising because they feel that if they do that there's a risk that former security service people. might be prosecuted and might go to jail. when the going gets tough money. forced to borrow. she may be kinder than your average money lender. she may have more patience. but make no mistake. she means business. granny
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loanshark of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current events that matter to you al-jazeera. the cricket world isn't about the tricks thing i mean you have to think why would he give me i got the better than we didn't bring him again it's the you know the big bang theory. al-jazeera is investigative unit reveals explosive new evidence documentary confirms that my now is a very hard profile figure in much friction in international cricket you know this al-jazeera investigation cricket's much fixing the manoa files and the
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reported world on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries haven't truly been able to escape the war. hello i'm in london just a quick look at the top stories now saudi arabia says the death of jamal khashoggi must be dealt with by saudi courts a statement follows the kingdom's admission after more than two weeks a journalist died inside its consulate in istanbul but turkey's ruling party says it won't allow saudi arabia to cover up the show killing germany's foreign minister
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says they should suspend on sales to the saudis and the saudi explanation has been met with skepticism. other to do we are calling the whole world we want justice for jamal we want to most mothers to be punished however we want punishment not only for the eighteen men but also for the authority that gave the order this. and our other headlines afghanistan's first parliamentary elections in eight years have been disrupted by series of taliban attacks at polling stations at least twenty seven people have been killed hundreds more injured vote counting has started in some areas but in others voting has been extended until sunday after technical issues an inquiry is underway into friday's train crash in india that killed fifty nine people and injured dozens of others train plowed into scores of people gathered on the tracks to celebrate a festival in the city of in punjab state victims' families say the train gave no warning and they are blaming the politicians. they have not come to see us because
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our children have died they have to get votes they come along to big from house to house we should get justice. from the government significant compensation to the families of the deceased. thousands of refugees and migrants stranded on the border between mexico and guatemala a part of a so-called caravan of people from honduras el salvador and guatemala been walking north towards the united states on friday thousands tore down a fence in guatemala and storm towards a bridge in mexico and the conservative government of australia is new prime minister scott morrison has lost its parliamentary majority vote has deserted the ruling party in a by election held in the east in sydney electorate it means the government will now have to rely on deals with other independent m.p.'s in parliament. you're up to date with all of our top stories all have the news hour for you in about twenty
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five minutes time do join me then now al-jazeera world continues. may twenty eighth a libyan politician and his wife received a full apology from the british government for having been rendered handed over by m i six to the gadhafi regime where they were imprisoned and tortured. they were just two of hundreds of gadhafi as opponents who were picked up abroad and handed over in a collusion between western intelligence. beginning at a time when gadhafi was supposed to be an enemy of the west. well harsh and fellow dissidents sami also sued the british government in twenty twelve they were represented by human rights lawyers in london interviewed here in
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twenty fifty where the case was still going on well the key documents that we saw where what appeared to be facts is an correspondence between. the what appeared to be from m i six to the libyan authorities notifying them of the presence of abdul hakim by houghton is why fatima at that time in malaysia well the government has sent very blank defenses so far basically saying. what tonight the events even those events that is supported by the documentation and what they have instead done is try to get the case struck out of course by saying that because the allegations involve the u.s. and other states in libya malaysia. that it would be the cause here don't have jurisdiction to deal with it that it would be wrong because he possibly criticized the actions of other states at first the u.k.
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government basically said you can't hear these cases at all here in britain because it will harm our relationship with the united states the americans will be terribly upset about it and so forth about it in fear of the hoist or. why then. if you have a magna x. amount i said i want. to freeze and then i. couldn't wear and. in control for good. she mostly has zero to work on my washing. and the help of a barber and family mother to her she normally seven cars over to my. mother when i only have. one of the thousands of papers found after the revolution in twenty eleven was this one marked top secret it refers to libya u.s. cooperation and to a list of names of so-called traitors which was given to the americans.
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at all food men in. america and what i think isn't as you are. seeing well it's only willingly mr money. and. little to put on. someone bad. to be in your brain and your family. and also cobble something really really sickly a. bit on the card well a bit on the hardest libya obviously. isn't a million be really. one of. many where they had a yemeni. lease only. in
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the scheme. he has a mini holy they were parted when he finally. asked for her to see the t.v. . i want to lift the lid. was. one of the most significant finds in tripoli was a letter written by so mark allen then head of counterintelligence at m i six in march two thousand and four to the head of the libyan p.s.o. . it says quote i congratulate you on the safe arrival of. meaning. this was the least we could do for you and for libya to demonstrate the remarkable relationship we have built over the years i am so glad that the british security services the cia and the libyan kidnapped children between the ages of sixteen felt twelve and send them to get out.
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i know what i sits and i worked and. there was no more and no one. what they needed was shit that the civil cases of. and. run side by side but also accepted an offer of compensation by the british government bell hollow's however wanted a fool apology from the government the former foreign secretary and former head of counterintelligence at m.i.t. six the british government settled that case in december two thousand and twelve for two point two million pounds in the short and the how mean. you. then. a comment easy out of the. metaphor of the so i think that we know really what the truth is here and that the
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british government knows that it has a case to answer up till he can bow hoge won't accept such a settlement because he wants an apology he's made it clear that he wants he was a bit of goodwill to apologise what was going to have and also what was done to his wife mr bahamas for his part his offer to drive his case and walk away from his civil court case for just three pounds one from some are counted one from jack straw and one from the government and an apology and that's the real problem the british government is worried about apologising because they feel that if they do that there's a risk that former security service people who were involved in this kidnapping might be prosecuted and might go to jail and one of the even who won and yet to be finance be have reacted to iran. and if you believe that this we are going to america all of the. kabul. if this were merely our example of we learned. what followed when you're. there are.
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many where we are to you that i'm here or in the here. if it is proved that british officials did torture anyone whether in the ek or broad or involved complicit in their torch head they need to account to criminal law in the case i'm actually pretty confident that the supreme court of britain is going to say that of course torture victims have to have their day in court but the reality is the government will always seek to delay it's an incredibly embarrassing case what case could be more embarrassing than british security services kidnapping pregnant ladies and sending them back to dictators like a daffy it doesn't get any worse for them while the british government settled with something else saudi the us government appears so far to have ignored the whole rendition issue even though papers discovered in twenty eleven point clearly to their involvement according to human rights watch documents show that the cia
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kidnapped khaled i'm sorry if i'm most of our marketing and rendered them to the libyans the men say they were detained and interrogated in afghanistan for over a year. the documents that were free found in the libyan intelligence ministry were very troubling they showed a level of cooperation between the united states the united kingdom and the cia in their rendition of a number unlawful rendition of a number of individuals who were enemies of gadhafi back to libya it shows a deep level of collusion between the u.s. and the u.k. and libya it rendering individuals into gadhafi as hands at a time when we knew that gadhafi was mistreating abusing detainees in custody or if you saw the team. just leave. a live you're it's about film about if you will. not work as human
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a sharp never used you know you were i would and we walk arm. and they were so how much you until i did when in the middle of nashville and when he american would are there are pockets my god then the men include gave them a kind of monopoly of us over that they can the men. only about what i'm in a muslim. or that will be the. be the command but the united states believes and promotes itself as a country that believes in the rule of law and abides by its international legal obligations but we know for a fact that the u.s. has not done so in many cases especially with regards to its detention practices. is that in from the. year or say that them. there's a move afoot. to hit back at more. with their behavior
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with the comes ashore can made it more difficult for the bush administration to carry out its program of torture they continue to do so but in a different kind of way. and since. the president obama took office he did ban the use of enhanced interrogation techniques and actually has called the practices that occurred during the cia torture program torture the u.s. unlawfully rendered numerous individuals into libyan custody where they knew that they were going to be. they were going to be likely tortured and abused but in addition before they even did that they held several of them in cia detention and tortured them brutally themselves so yes it's a double standard and a double standard that the u.s. absolutely has to account for if it ever wants to put this dark chapter in its history behind it and the muslim in america. is that on the.
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list is that. the meticulous in the judgment of the mother who are. human rights words or one of them and so the with the what was al-jazeera asked the cia to comment on all of these allegations but they did not reply. there's evidence that it wasn't just british and american intelligence who colluded with the libyans canada may have also been involved most of a korea a canadian citizen of libyan descent says he was tracked kidnapped and rendered to libyan intelligence he says he was accused of having links with so-called international terrorism but that this has never been proved. it is melissa to move. then who worked as hard. mary mohammed
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i'm worried. that i'm around the read then and then i mean why you know if you can at. least i'm going to deny most of the good list i mean you made it to the rule of law in this in order to them to do it on the island in a month on the ceiling it with. your things and if you cannot if you know that i'm quoting you for what can you read any of the mini act of the famed illusion about the matter with the only. candidate in correspondence between libyan intelligence and the canadians is a letter from the libyans saying thank you for the information about the arrest of the canadian citizen most of our mohamed korea otherwise known as father of the ally f.g. in the summer of two thousand and two we greatly value the information we have received and what it has about a bit in the future if it was. as they feel it's you and i can bury them obama moment and at their word they set it off for quite
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a long time and well how would it not for the better the. well to any key that would lend you must any of. these and look around and do it for a limit of. what occurred when if you're sick if you. want to consider. how early senate thing sort of thing was to have a. law you are a fool and me. being. a loony and they're going to cut come to be. while for me to. go to medical and democrat the influence of learning for that was not to learn a little for the learn from that. but that journey. military for. female. lays. to be
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a modified. according to korea the libyans had information on him but they could only have obtained through collusion with canadian or american intelligence this would again have been at a time when gadhafi was still considered an enemy of the west had in my room a minute mr heel and you coolly she has and how to be married. to me she has no how . can it be a little thought. of the court and if she. definitely he will limit you to him sure of the only you for a brain the whole brain. and i could not as a witch well implement in a city and. all the free it being created in the food hands of. a gentleman and
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ion and metal mess and. you would work. with a sheet of. should work and should be. so you wilfully go get this document says that the americans wanted to know why the must have for mohammed korea had any information that might assist the nine eleven investigation. that mary. had there was a lot that amara had a little being when. you were away on the credit of the delhi cathedral. where i do. the. work which are what the law and most of the music and the man who what when where and when cher were in jail by the unjust but you know lost. and. look at the look at that well look the weather was
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a lot i don't know us but all jazeera asked the canadian security intelligence service to comment on most of her clothes allegation they replied to say they do not comment publicly on specific cases but they are exchanges with foreign agencies are always guided by a political law ministerial direction and a robust suite of internal policies all to ensure that c.s.i.s. is not complicit directly or indirectly in the mistreatment of any individual and that everything we do to keep canada safe is consistent with canadian values al-jazeera came across another case that of abraham we see another libyan opponent of gadhafi this time in our land. he says he was detained for questioning by the irish authorities before the visit of george w. bush to arm in june two thousand and four this led to media stories saying he had links to al qaida. but the.
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death of them one by the time we don't have met. all. to him and that man ought to at that moment. have. learned their lesson more on what they. all want to doria what the amish have area of ork of it he said that he offered him a lot he. can feast officious can be in otoh how many or most or all of the diffusion. north are there in their little cell phone comfy down. america we love the. already there or here i mean. if it was so close on
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friday. all boosie is says that none of the charges against him in ireland was ever proved but that he was nevertheless put under house arrest and subject to travel restrictions. on some of the you know they have their ballot. we need to see us here. but i thought i thought i love so far at least all i need to have mac that's my but that's the look sick of the shins. kind of telling me that i'm number two i think we have a lot. i licked a lot of oil but it was said by really human who looked at it. and then mr cut they were afraid i think i'm going to have any other stuff that doesn't fit any i'm a cafe i'm a buffet i am holy love you can test the unlit help or talk of me out of.
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south oh i thought working with others will talk of the new senate very clearly has a good look i don't know if it helped and not the often at the time. al-jazeera asked the irish authorities to comment on mr albert see your statement the justice ministry replied to say that they do not comment on individual cases they went on to say that given the international late children threat from jihad this type of terrorism the authorities here work closely on an ongoing basis with their international counterparts in identifying and managing threats in this area. different vein that is a dish best served cold in the first years of the hike. meanwhile back in the the u.k. . those of justice had been turning in the case about the hakim. on the tenth of
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may twenty eighteen there was a dramatic development. the head of the british government prime minister to resign may sent a letter of apology to belfast and his wife fatima and in the british parliament the senior lawyer the attorney general made an announcement. on behalf of her majesty's government i apologize on reservedly we are profoundly sorry for the ordeal that you both suffered and kraft rolled into. the house had been waiting fourteen years for this moment so his response was direct you are the one good attorney. and i think if you were to bury her in. the would be there was a t. and no one would have any if it is the fed and had it they're still. fighting and
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their lawyers showed the prime minister's letter of apology to the assembled journalists. the u.k. lost its way when i got mixed up in the rendition of an innocent pregnant woman in an anti kadafi just didn't but today i think it stood on the right side of history by recognizing its mistakes and by apologizing. it's important to note that although the british government apologize for rendering the projects to libya former foreign minister jack straw and former head of counterintelligence sudan my six so more column have nor two admitted personal responsibility or any wrongdoing in the case of god. and fatima bush. furthermore in october twentieth the former head of libyan intelligence moussa koussa publicly denied any complicity in the torture of political detainee or in one thousand nine hundred ninety six massacre at abu salim prison. al-jazeera
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spoke to corey cruder after the british government apology for me the most important moment when the british government apologized in may was the part of the prime minister's letter where she essentially says we believe you. abdullah came in fact and i had to relive the absolute bottom the worst moments of their lives for six and a half years to fight this case and we know how survivors of torture and abuse like theirs are often silenced and disbelieved so for the prime minister of the united kingdom to say in her apology we believe what you have said we believe that the cia and the libyans tortured you that for me it was the most powerful moment i don't think that the apology does totally close the rendition issue altogether for under the human fault to me it does it in the chapter it ends the case they are satisfied that's the end of it but this isn't just a historical issue anymore is it so for example we know that gina has somebody who is at the very heart of the american torture and rendition program has been
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promoted to be director of the cia now and we also know that all. around the world there are still security agencies with which the u.s. and the u.k. cooperate every day who torture prisoners so right now as we speak in yemen the united arab emirates is running black sites in which detainees are tortured and which rape is used as a technique of torture and these are people within the u.s. and the u.k. is in coalition and so i think that there's a real moral ethical and legal question for the security services in the u.s. and the u.k. about how closely they're going to fly to abusive security agencies and what the line in the sand is really going to be. the prime minister's apology may have restored the british government's reputation showing it was willing to try to right previous wrong. but how did not being for the tenacity of human rights lawyers it may never have been achieved on the same cannot be said of m i six and the cia
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seven years on from the death of gadhafi it's worth remembering that not every opponent of the gadhafi regime and victim of unlawful rendition by western intelligence agencies has enjoyed the same. wish the world innovation summit for health one community of two thousand health care experts in of ages and policy makers from one hundred countries. one experience sharing best practices and innovative ideas. one goal hopefully a world through global collaboration. apply now to attend the twenty eighteen wish summit.
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we've had some welcome rifle is aged in parts of australia not so welcome if you live in the wild tor course that's now in the process of just knocking its way through a process guys gradually coming back in behind still it was there for sydney as we go through sunday evening down through that eastern side of victoria. from melbourne twenty three satellites that don't see babbie going to nineteen in perth cloud and right just not doing its way in on the seventeen as we go through monday but bright skies do come back in march skies to melbourne twenty six celsius that warms up nicely in sydney saying those temperatures pick up as well with a temperature of around twenty three degrees not impressed been. around twenty
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celsius not so bad across new zealand that is the truth benign that track is making its way towards new zealand but for the time being it's going to be fine and dry temperatures across twenty celsius nineteen in all can light winds really will feel a lovely back not just for a little further east which is because it's very monday bits and pieces of drizzly right perhaps on that but for the most part still not looking too bad and not looking too bad for japan the korean peninsula also settled and sunny getting up to twenty two celsius there for a little cloud just sliding its way to south korea by monday but all in all the fine and dry. morales was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this
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camp say i'm going to get up that because of the government raised our hopes and then abandon us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government failed. zero. hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes i'm not sure whether started you would find the answer but it was a big first step was
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a good first step the president says he isn't satisfied yet with saudi arabia's response to the death of jamal khashoggi. he says it won't allow a cover up following saudi arabia's admission that the journalist died in its istanbul. and afghanistan's parliamentary elections are mobbed by bombings and technical glitches which stopped some people from voting. with the schools as real madrid's miserable run continues in spain and jersey marina is involved in a scuffle as manchester united are denied a victory by chelsea. where u.s. president says the firing of saudi officials over the death of john f. jamal khashoggi is a move in the right direction but moron's is a still needed translate his comments came after saudi arabia admitted that he died
5:50 am
in its istanbul consulate but said he was killed in a brawl eighteen saudis have been arrested in connection with his death and two top aides of crown prince mohammed bin sell none have been sacked. i'm not satisfied until we find the answer but it was a big first step was a good first step but i want to get to the answer. with all that being said we have four hundred fifty billion dollars one hundred ten billion of which is a military order but this is equipment and various things ordered from saudi arabia four hundred fifty billion dollars i think it's over a million jobs that's not helpful for us to cancel an order like that. saudi arabia says the mass has should be dealt with by its own courts but turkey's ruling party insists it will last allow a cover up of killing reports from istanbul after seventeen days of
5:51 am
denial saudi arabia finally admitted to the world that she was killed inside its consulate in istanbul. in the middle of the night alone a weekend saudi state television read out a statement by the prosecutor general's office claiming that special she died as a result of a brawl that broke out with officials who had flown in to help him return to saudi arabia. by the afternoon friends and colleagues of the murdered journalists gathered outside the consulate denouncing the saudi narrative as lies and demanding justice for krystle ji can be a good. job of teaching other than it is today we are quoting the whole world and we want justice for jamal we want to malls madrid has to get punished however we want punishment not only for the eighteen men but also for the authority that gave the order this is the does the london almost any student but he adds admission that the journalist was killed inside its diplomatic mission is a sharp turn for the kingdom which has always insisted that the should she had left the building twenty minutes after he had entered and although u.s.
5:52 am
president donald trump stated he felt the saudi story was credible turkish officials disagree on saturday they leaked footage of jamal khashoggi with his fiance entering their new apartment in istanbul which they bought just weeks before he was killed costing doubt that the self exiled critic was planning on returning to saudi arabia questions true as to how and why the fifty nine year old would have fought with fifteen men inside the consulates fifteen men that include several of crown prince mohammed bin some months personal detail members of saudi arabia special forces units and one of the kingdom's most senior autopsy experts we know the facts now the turks have had dribble dripped out for the last couple of weeks this is now about a political battle rather than a quest for the truth because again i think we know what the truth is i think turkey is going to fight to keep these facts coming out so that the story doesn't die i think the turkish government is infuriated that it was so disrespected to
5:53 am
have this sort of action happen on its on its own soil the information that's been leaked by turkish officials also claims of control she was never interrogated that he was beaten and killed within minutes by a group that was flown in specifically for that purpose thus they believe this was a premeditated operation to assassinate him. the saudi narrative of how which actually was killed was followed by royal decrees that source some intelligence officers and an advisor to the crown prince relieved of their posts but in an absolute monarchy many wonder how such an operation could have to be complete without the direct order or at least consent and knowledge of the fact a ruler prince mohammed bin. well western media have condemned g.'s killing germany's foreign minister says his country should not approve arms sales to saudi arabia until the investigation is complete earlier in a joint statement with mosse german chancellor angela merkel said we condemn this act in the strongest terms we expect transparency from saudi arabia about the
5:54 am
circumstances of his death the information available about events in the istanbul consulate is inadequate while the united kingdom which like the u.s. makes a lot of money selling arms to the saudis said this was a terrible act and those responsible must be held to account and the european union has also put out a statement saying the emerging circumstances of jamal khashoggi is death a deeply troubling including the shocking violation of the one thousand nine hundred sixty three the n a convention on consular relations and particularly its article fifty five so let's get more on all of these developments now from our correspondents in istanbul and washington first to patty culhane and so we still have president trump. sort of vacillating between the prospect of there being some sort of response by the americans but at the same time wanting to preserve his
5:55 am
relationship with the saudis and constantly emphasizing that it shouldn't include any impact on arms sales. that really has been his key talking point since this story first broke so many days ago the only thing that's changed since then is the number continues to increase one from one hundred ten billion dollars in arms sales to foreigners fifty billion dollars in buying what was the things ordering things ordered nobody i think should we should point out nobody can tell us where that information is coming from that is not verified experts have said the saudi arabia is spending a tiny fraction of that amount still this is in the president's head and he has repeated i think the most important thing here is he doesn't want to be talking about this right now the midterms are less than three weeks away where he was speaking was on the west coast because he's trying to shore up republican control of the house and the senate he wants to be talking about immigration he wants to be firing up his base but he cannot get away from this story it was really pretty much
5:56 am
the old ink question that reporters asked him there was one about immigration but really he is being told that he needs to get answers to this and it answers so far hasn't changed but we are hearing from congress we're hearing from former politicians republicans democrats alike they are saying that there is more than arms sales on the line here that the world is watching and that if he doesn't do something other people will do similar things to journalists and dissidents in the very near future and that america has to play the role that it usually does we heard that sentiment from a familiar face former vice president joe biden. the rest of the world is watching the united states of america we have led the world and they're wondering where the hell are we what street combo guys and now. n.b.s. the saudi arabia who are no my lord he's making excuses by the way you know that all expression some people bring a gun to
5:57 am
a knife right where you don't bring bone saws to fights. what is going on here it's embarrassing but it's also dangerous you know folks it is a lot of noise more the malarky man it's more the malarkey he's under one in our own and mine in our worldwide reputation be decent see and so we see members of congress much stronger in their reaction in the often off of the saudi admission that was killed inside the consulate but we have in the past past seen republicans very reluctant to go up against because they might suffer politically it is that fear still that now with the khashoggi case or has something changed perhaps. you know i have to say it does seem a bit different now because we're seeing republicans even though closest to him like senator lindsey graham he said some really strong statements he came out and he basically looked at the television camera on fox and friends the president's
5:58 am
favorite network and said it's time for m.p.'s to go use calling for regime change in saudi arabia we haven't seen them take that step and this is where the timing is going to be critical so we see the president and we see of saudi arabia there trying to sort of stretch out the clock and we've heard reporting that people like jared kushner the president's son in law very close to m.b.'s that he believes this will simply fade from the spotlight it is not fading let's not forget jamal khashoggi was a journalist for the washington post they are not going to let this simply go as time goes by and we're seeing that with the politicians as well so here's why this is critical yes republicans are terrified of the president they don't want to see a tweet they don't want to see a primary challenge or if he comes out and says this is a weak republican get me someone who's more like me is that going to matter after the midterms we have a lot of candidates who say they're more trumpy or than if they all lose republicans lose their fear so that's going to be key here i think if the strategy
5:59 am
is delayed let the people forget about it that actually might backfire in the long run thank you very much with the latest from washington patchy culhane let's now head to istanbul. joins us and jamal we were just looking at the u.s. reaction that the tux seemed to indicate the v.a. will prevent any cover up and they essentially reject the saudi explanation that we've had in the last twenty four hours what might he do next. well interesting in marion they haven't actually come out officially and rejected it's what you've had is the ruling justice and development party the ak party they've come out saying that they want to now for a cover up you've had ministers like the foreign minister in the past few days saying that all the evidence will be revealed however since we've had that saudi story let's call it being publicized we haven't had an official rebuke rebuke
6:00 am
rather from the starks and now whether that's because they want to continue to try and walk this tightrope as they have been ever since jamal khashoggi and turned and was killed and they were probably aware that he was killed the very same day based on the evidence that they've been saying that they have or whether it's because maybe there is other diplomatic considerations for want of a better word that are being looked at we're not quite sure however we have only their word so far so go by which is a blanket assertion that they will not allow for a cover up and it's very important here that turkey is seen to actually now respond to this because up until now they had from really put the ball in the saudis courts to prove what's happened to democracy now the saudis say well this is what happened it was a brawl yes it was between fifteen men and one fifty nine year old yes there was a bomb so yes there was a chopping up of his body but you know.


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