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patter of pushing. blame away from the saudi government especially from the dense and trying to see which would make the award let them go so they are used to use their checkbook to get out of trouble it seems it's not working i'm sure they were willing to pay whatever president trump point to take this away but it didn't work that way so now they're trying something new or they have to say something so they're trying to lie their way out of it i think may have been said man is in a big trouble and they think your man wouldn't stop and even have saudi arabia become like north korea he wouldn't careless he wore that chair he want to be the king and that interview he said i will say as a king for fifty years nothing will stop me except that we have to notice this fifty year haven't begun yet so as so the people we have. a life sentence to do
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with this criminal unfortunately. president trump has a lot to lose following saudi arabia's actions he wanted a quick resolution his earlier comments suggested big steps are being taken to solve the investigation but now he's changed his tone is doubtful and more critical of the kingdom world is looking for answers will the saudi investigation tell the whole story of how the body was very disposed of where is it and who's responsible what about the position of the saudi government right now there is a blank order to bring back or saudi distance withhold our foreign governments meant to deal with this order if they're hosting political asylum seekers for example what about the american government the turkish government how they all move forward following such damning reaction from the international community or from or on the u.s. side of things patrick hein reports from washington d.c. . since the story first broke that jamal khashoggi had disappeared u.s.
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president had been fairly consistent sending the message that he didn't want to punish saudi arabia severely if it in fact turned out that they were involved but we are seeing the first signs that that might be changing in a late night interview with the washington post president donald trump said about this quote obviously there's been deceptions and there's been wise he was asked if it's possible that the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon could be involved and to that he said nobody has told me he's responsible nobody has told me he's not responsible we haven't reached that point i haven't heard either way now this comes after days of relentless pounding from critics and people within his own party that are demanding that president trump do more. trying to campaign on the west coast u.s. president donald trump couldn't get away from the questions about jamal khashoggi is murder it was pretty much all reporters asked about as for the saudi explanation the president had this response well i'm not satisfied until we find the answer but
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it was a big first step it was a good first step but i want to get to the answer he says that could come by tuesday but he again insisted that what is most important to him the money that saudi arabia spends in the u.s. the amounts of been changing over time one hundred ten billion four hundred fifty billion hits four hundred fifty thousand jobs four hundred fifty billion dollars six hundred thousand jobs it's over a million jobs but experts say those numbers are simply not true not accurate not even close the administration of the white house is operating on this false narrative that saudi arabia that we are dependent saudi arabia that saudi arabia has arms purchases support american industry that they do they we need them they don't need us that they could go someplace else that's not an accurate narrative and it isn't persuading saudis critics in congress. or in the press who are increasingly pointing the finger directly at the saudi crown prince mohammed
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bin samani the publisher of who should use former newspaper the washington post is accusing saudi arabia of trying to cover up his murder and the editorial board is urging people worldwide to shun saudi arabia in till the kingdom changes writing the first step in that process is determining the full truth about the coup shoji murder and holding its likely author mohammed bin solomon fully accountable for the vice president joe biden seemed to agree the rest of the world is watching the united states of america we have let the world and they're wondering where the hell are we what's become of us and now m.b.'s saudi arabia lied oh my lord he's making excuses by the way you know that all expression some people bring a gun to a knife right where you don't bring bomb saws to flights the anger shows no signs
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of abating this is the straw that broke the camel's back as far as the united states is concerned that these other incidents i think he's gotten a pass on. he's not going to get a pass on this. it seems the biggest question in washington now how big of a price could saudi have to pay one more indication of the president's thinking could be changing is we haven't seen jared kushner his senior advisor and son in law anywhere near him during these days where the story has dominated the headlines question or obviously has a close relationship with mohammed bin psalm on according to aides in the washington post the president is quite annoyed with his son in laws says he feels blindsided by the whole thing. still ahead on al-jazeera israel plans to go ahead with the demolition of a bedouin village in the occupied west bank now the question is why and. and al-jazeera has uncovered new evidence of extensive match fixing at the highest
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levels of cricket involves at least two dozen fixes in fifteen international matches. hello again well this hour we are going to start in the northern part of asia and we do expect to see quite a bit of rain especially over towards the korean peninsula over the next few days right now not looking too bad as you can see here on the satellite image but as we go towards monday more clouds are on the increase across this area and that means we are going to be seeing probably more precipitation as well up towards sendai you're going to still stay in the sun with the temperature few of about one thousand degrees but there is those clouds there are those showers making their way towards or soccer as well up towards pyongyang it is going to be a cool rain for you with the temperature about seventeen degrees well here across central parts of china lots of clouds in the interior areas and some down here
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across the coast as well so spotty showers will be the problem we don't think hong kong is going to look too bad over the next few days attempt a few of twenty eight degrees here on monday then as we go towards tuesday really staying but here across the central regions more rain is in the forecast and then very quickly across parts of south asia well heavy rain across much of malaysia right there as well as into the southern part of the philippines that's not going to change too much of the next few days but towards luzon we are looking at some better weather as we go towards tuesday for miller it is going to be thirty two going to thirty three degrees but partly cloudy conditions for most of the area and at thirty three as well. the cricket world isn't about match fixing i mean you have to take what i want to give me because then the unburned to me it's still a big thing. al-jazeera is investigative unit reveals explosive us
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documentary confirms to me a man has a very hard profile figure in match fixing international cricket you know. al-jazeera investigation cricket match fixing the files. you're watching al-jazeera time now to recap our headlines a saudi official has reportedly provided a new account of how the journalist was killed the senior official was speaking to reuters news agency he says he died after being put in a chokehold and having his mouth covered in the stumble consulate a day earlier the saudi government said he died during a fistfight. u.s.
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president donald trump has already been expressing doubts about saudi's explanations which are changed several times speaking to the washington post he said obviously there's been deception and lies. and france germany the european union and the un are all calling for a credible transparent and in-depth investigation into function g.'s death. as the new account emerges of what may have happened inside the saudi consulate we spoke with mark benteke forensic biologist specializing in bloodstains and crime cases he says an in-depth investigation can reveal exactly how he was killed. once you got the stains you can try to get a spatial arrangement of everything because of course let's say a drop of blood can drop down as long as there is no impact but if you have an impact or somebody is sneezing sneezing or coughing or anything then of course the
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blood will distribute through the room and you can measure the angle of impact off the blood the same you can do that with saliva of course but you can also do that with fabric as i said so at the end of the day it is quite likely that you get maybe not a millimeter like representation of everything that happens but quite a very good idea of where everybody was standing and who did what that is pretty normal in all cases especially if you have a closed room scenario like in this case because you know you can't walk through walls so that makes it easier for us president don't trump says he's pulling out of a landmark nuclear weapons agreement with russia signed three decades ago russia's deputy foreign minister says the u.s. withdrawal from the deal with the very dangerous step for trump says moscow is violating the terms. we're not going to let them violate a nuclear agreement to go out and do weapons and we're not allowed to we're the
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ones that have stayed in the agreement and we've done it to agreement but russia is not one fortunately under the agreement so we're going to terminate their bravery we're going to paula zahn now on trump's threat to withdraw from the agreement has triggered fears of a new arms race the treaty was agreed after a lengthy negotiations between the round reagan administration and soviet union leader become gorbachev it bans the u.s. and russia from possessing producing or test flying this house with a range of five hundred to five and a half thousand kilometers the u.s. accuses russia of deploying weapons that are banned under this agreement to intimidate european nations of former soviet states while russia says u.s. missile defenses violate the pact the u.s. withdrawal allows it to deploy new weapons reportedly to counter a chinese arms buildup in the pacific when i so-called as a nuclear expert is a fellow at the james martin center for nonproliferation studies he thinks trump is
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acting hastily. fortunately both sides has never been able to sit down or because they were going next for discussion technical or all of you resolve it in the course if you do diplomacy the welsh speakers will doesn't rule out. or so organise else all the demise of the street you learned are what i would say of the drum we're going to stray she really rushed into and we're getting treated eleven people have been killed in a roadside bombing in afghanistan a half province the victims include a woman and six children the area is an eyesore stronghold. well the attack follows saturday's parliamentary elections which were marred by violence and technical issues voting is still taking place in some areas at least forty five centers in the capital kabul have been reopened the city was hardest hit in a series of taliban attacks as voting began twenty four hours ago vote counting is
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underway elsewhere israel's prime minister says a plan to demolish a palestinian village in the occupied west bank will go ahead benyamin netanyahu says he'll follow a court decision despite international condemnation coming along more you from are so focused on iraq mark will be evacuated this is the court's decision this is our policy it will be carried out have no intention to postpone it until further notice contrary to publications the cabinet will set a timetable for negotiating over creation that's a now statement followed reports in israeli media that the evacuation of colonel amara been postponed as the national aim reports just one of forty six bedouin villages in line for demolition. the israelis seized their land the livestock is gone and these multi-story concrete buildings have replaced tents twenty one years
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after being forced out of their homes these men say all they have left are memories of their bedouin way of life. we lost the freedom we had the life we lived we still suffer till this day we live in a place that was imposed upon us what was once the bedouin community of us is now home to one of the largest illegal israeli settlements in the west bank this was demolished in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven. how would someone push you out of your home like thugs it's a difficult feeling. it's a feeling the families of hono ahmar will likely experience as while the israeli army plans to move them here. they'll be forced to adapt from a generations long tradition of raising cattle to a kind of urban living. by that life it was simple the old the young the
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girls tended to the life stock we used to cover a lot of the local palestinian market whether it was cheese yogurt or milk bedouins are tied to their land but this land is putting more than eighty one hundred people in the west bank at risk of forcible transfer according to the u.n. the majority are refugees more than half are children. math expert callil to fact she says forty six bedouin communities are standing in the way of israeli expansion that will divide the west bank there is no going to continue with you there is nobody to stay in the same thing fifty percent of those. that's why these notoriously closed bedouin communities have been coaxed into the spotlight many believe they are one of the last lines of defense protecting any hope of a palestinian state natasha. bell in the occupied west
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bank al-jazeera has uncovered new evidence of extensive match fixing at the highest levels of cricket it involves at least two dozen fixes in fifteen international matches david harrison reports. al-jazeera is investigative unit has obtained recordings of phone calls made by a notorious match fix to a bookmakers operation in india the calls are made to danish kalki a bookmaker linked to organized crime by match fixing. happening now featured in an al-jazeera undercover investigation in may when he gave advanced details of sport fixes for test matches involving england and australia. in the newly obtained recordings menow described twenty six fixes in fifteen international matches in twenty eleven and twenty twelve. betting miss
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america for what he had put it or i think the recordings indicate the two or three players are involved in each fakes the evidence points to a small group of england players carrying out sport fixes in seven matches australian plays in five matches and pakistan plays in three. players from other teams carried out sport fixes in one much in some cases both teams deliver to fix additionally historically england australia's first prefixing ashes and that will stun cricketing world the recordings also include a call made by menow to an unnamed english cricketer. sports fix is a fact only part of the match and do not determine the overall result most of menow sport fixes all session fixes in which players underperform during
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a session or bracket of six eight or ten overs i don't yet know they were. due to the gravity of the accusations al-jazeera is not for now naming the fix sessions because that would identify the batsman suspected of fixing many of the matches include multiple sports fixes and some matches have fixes by both teams. what is going on how on earth do you counsel for these. bench well it is all coming out exactly as full cost australia as cricket board described the claims is contemptible the england and wales cricket board said the allegations had no basis al-jazeera intends to hand over unedited material to the relevant police or thorazine david harrison al-jazeera london.
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and let's take you through some of the headlines here now to syria now a saudi official has reportedly provided a new account of how journalist jim out of shock g. was killed the senior official speaking to reuters news agency says g died after being put in a chokehold and having his mouth covered in its stumble consulate a day earlier the saudi government said he died during a fistfight the u.s. president has already been expressing doubts about the saudi explanations which of change several times speaking to the washington post donald trump said obviously there's been deception and lies germany has described saudi arabia's explanation as inadequate and may reconsider its weapons sells to the kingdom chancellor angela merkel is demanding more information on why it's all this don't lie david. let's look at the world and think about why we took to the streets in one thousand nine
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hundred nine we took to the streets because we wanted freedom of opinion freedom of press freedom of religion that lost those freedoms cannot be taken for granted all over the world take a look around you talking about saudi arabia those terrible events which still haven't been cleared up yet and where we of course demand an explanation. for those in parts of afghanistan have been given an extra day to cast their ballot after technical and security problems on saturday at least forty five centers in the capital kabul have been reopened the city was hardest hit by a series of taliban attacks as voting began twenty four hours ago. the israeli prime minister says a palestinian village in the occupied west bank will be demolished there had been reports in israeli media that planned demolition would be suspended and you mean netanyahu says he will set a timetable to negotiate an evacuation deal with residents it follows months of
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protests and international condemnation those are your headlines the news continues off the inside story. saudi arabia now admits jamal khashoggi is dead after weeks of denying it brit says the saudi journalist died in a fistfight inside its system the consulate but as global outrage melts does this account even seem credible this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program on iran call on saudi arabia has admitted for the first time that jamal khashoggi was killed inside its consulate in istanbul the announcement was made on saudi state t.v. in the middle of the night seventeen days after the journalist was last seen going into the compound the kingdom says there was a brawl and died turkish security sources have a different story they say khashoggi was tortured murdered and his body cut up into pieces we'll talk to our panel shortly but first this report from andrew symonds. images played out relentlessly worldwide as saudi arabia denied jamal khashoggi had been killed but this was the last anyone would see of him alive and it was the beginning of a crisis that shaken the saudi royal household to its foundations to the despair of sixty year old fiance had t.j. . who had waited in vain for him to leave the consulate the saudis initially said
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he wasn't in the building now they finally admitted that six year old is dead and this statement has been issued from the public prosecutor at the cotton a while ago at the as an attorney about i'ma the first investigation into the disappearance of saudi citizen jamal khashoggi and shows that there was an argument and quarrel between him and the people he met at the saudi consulate in istanbul the quarrel led to his death but the announcement from saudi arabia cuts against what turkish investigators say happened inside this building it all boils down to an eleven minute ot a recording of events in which they say within minutes. was attacked and he died in a most gruesome way his body being cut up and handed part by part to other saudi officials inside the building your man was not entered the building the met for a few minutes with the consul general to discuss his papers that he needed and he
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was immediately attacked by a gang of killers that were signed specifically to stumble to actually liquidate him it wasn't an accident of death it wasn't a fistfight to the point where the consul general on tape is allegedly screaming please do not do it here you are getting me in trouble the saudi statement announced the detention of suspects those arrested named but may well include what the turks say was a fifty. one member it team at least four of them officials close to the royal household including this man mohamad treed an intelligence official who the turks a lead the operation on the ground tracked by c.c.t.v. cameras entering the consulates ahead of death and later leaving the country and at least five high ranking officials have been sacked
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a trusted advisor to mohammed bin salman is among them so do al kut sanny also ackman alice siri deputy chief of intelligence and former spokesman for the saudi u.a.e. led coalition in the war in yemen. the crown prince will now head a restructuring of the general intelligence agency the announcements appear to signal that mohammed bin selman is being absolved of blame for jamal khashoggi death as the turkish inquiry continues the actions of saudi arabia leave more questions than answers among them where the remains of general. and more than anything else was this really is saudi arabia portrays some sort of accident or a rogue operation from within its own while household andrew simmons al-jazeera is temple audio excerpts have been released of jamal khashoggi last interview he was talking to a newsweek reporter and the discussion was originally going to remain confidential
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as khashoggi said he feared for his life he's asked about crown prince mohammed bin sultan. do you want to be any form of. evidence to the public opinion why not. transparent process where where you have been easy. to use the rule of law and due process and then defending the people would be on his side if he would do that it could even fight him in an old fashion and i believe a leader like my comment this can live doesn't see that but a good for because it was limited. it doesn't tell you a little. i didn't want that he doesn't see the need for that so sometime i see that he won't do. what postal order in the ts judical. that is a think. also to do more like how can the other rules.
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yeah. that doesn't work you don't have a good way. you also have it both ways can you have it both ways can you call your can you. i don't think you can. but don't know how to support that is nope because most budge in soviet. russia have number one and the will to live and do you see anybody that let a couple is a chip put the noose on those who call them or. the. final result. of the vertical i'm not going to block your pressure couple who have. a look at a true cricket have a thought the idea. let's bring in our guests in washington d.c.
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john jones a former us senior congressional advisor from london via skype saad a saudi dissident who heads up the opposition group movement for islam ic reform in arabia and also via skype from hamilton new york amanda rogers professor of middle east and islamic studies at colgate university welcome to you all i'd like to start with you dr sagal faqih is anybody buying the story that jamal khashoggi was killed in a brawl in the saudi consulate in istanbul not only nobody's blank people are looking at it was sarcasm. it is an expression of the idiocy of the people who created it and they see it as a bunch of lies which is creating more questions than answers and which is opening the gate for everybody or want to consider i'm a descendant. responsible for this action there is somebody there is buying it
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let's bring in john jones here present donald trump has said he thinks this is credible why do you think he's going along with the anger merkel the german chancellor for example rejected the saudi version of events but yet donald trump the u.s. president says it's credible. well number one you probably haven't seen more skeptical reports in response in regard to a death since the assassination of john f. kennedy and the warren commission report that was later released number two even if donald trump believes this account it doesn't really impact what congress is going to do because you had bipartisan members of the united states congress and the senate criticize this response and reject it so it remains to see going forward what the penalties in saying she is we're actually be but first and foremost i think the saudi government is trying to it boyd punishment of the under the global
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magnitsky act which would punish them from being able to travel to different countries it'll also freeze their assets so they're trying to avoid punishment now if withstanding providing them presenting an argument that has been condemned in criticize across the board that's pretty limited erogenous hey amanda you've studied political regimes in islamic history for a long time now historically speaking with or is hiring regimes have often put out a message that they think is believable simply because they control the narrative back home but this is an international story they haven't been able to control the narrative why behave like that why put out a story like this that many across the world simply say simply say isn't believable well i think i would back up actually and circle around to the issue first of whether or not trump actually find the line credible i don't think that it's
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necessarily useful to speculate on whether or not find this credible because the overarching sort of umbrella on the geo political stage is economic ties and geo political ties between saudi arabia and the united states what i mean by that is we see a story coming up. out of saudi arabia that has changed numerous times and one that other deaths have pointed out is. pretty absurd and unbelievable on its face now as to whether or not the intention of that cover story is to be persuasive or merely serve as a sort of band-aid thin veneer of an explanation that can serve as. i guess you could say a cover to smooth over the ends the dental the news cycle moves on so that business as usual among the diplomats can continue as normal is another issue entirely i say this because in reference to other incidents of say political reform or is
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danceable political reform across the world and particularly the middle east one common phenomenon in the past several years has been a generational divide with new leaders and i'm speaking here specifically of m.b.a.'s and saudi arabia we can also look at the in libya to an extent bashar al assad in syria in which case we have a younger generation of rulers being touted as reformists now as to whether or not the reforms themselves are particularly i hesitate to use the word liberalizing but i suppose that it's the most convenient essential leave the same policies as their predecessors albeit couched in a language and a particular political discourse that is much more amenable to the western powers so essentially the same sort of politics can continue at home with the window dressing and sort of performative linguistic gymnastics if you will that can
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allow the big movers and shakers in the diplomatic communities to accept what is going on under the surface at home because it sounds like what we want to hear this print go to sort of a hug and a hearing that it's the same message just a different day. the saudi crown prince is in charge of the intelligence over the whole that's going on in saudi arabia do you think everything that the saudis have done so far is to protect the crown prince himself. you mean do you think what he didn't side is do not do anything he does and he decides whether you in the kink decides he decides and the way he designed this was to protect himself definitely so and for the last people who believe in us and in a psychopathic way they don't care who is going to to suffer as.


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