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thing or anything then of course the blood will distribute through the room and you can measure the angle of impact of the blood the same you can do that with saliva of course but you can also do that with fabric and i said so at the end of the day it is quite likely that you get maybe not a millimeter like representation of everything that happens but quite a very good idea of where everybody was standing and who did what that is pretty normal in all cases especially if you have a closed room scenario like in this case because you know you can't walk through walls so that makes it easier so where does responsibility lie well the crown prince mohammed bin sandman is not only heir to the throne he's also the minister of economy minister of defense and the chairman of the council of political and security affairs in which the general intelligence agency reports to him with all his portfolios there is an undeniable responsibility on the crown prince and as we mentioned earlier the townie and last cd they're very close aides to been saddam
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and by their own admission they don't act on their own they take their orders directly from the crown prince now speaking to the washington post donald trump kept open the possibility that mohamed been some man did not order saudi agents to kill the sea but he also strongly criticized the kingdom's explanations about what happened saying obviously there's been deception and lies let's cross over to mike hanna he's joining us from washington d.c. as we're saying mike this story really has gripped the entire world and even in the u.s. some senators are calling on the crown prince mohammed bin sandman to be held responsible what kind of pressure is that putting on trying to describe saudi arabia as an important ally. well it's certainly putting immense pressure on president trump and it's not just some senators it's a large number of senators and not a large number of members of the house of representatives there's almost a uniform opinion on this complete repudiation of the saudi explanation of the
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whole affair we've heard criticism from both sides of the aisle republican and democrat there's been calls a bipartisan calls to for economic sanctions to be immediately instituted against saudi arabia one of the most influential voices in the senate is the chairman of the foreign relations committee bob corker and this is what he had to say if you look at the rocky mistake he made in carter where without even talking they put in place the blockade he also has made some mistakes and obviously abused gone forth and murdered this journalist he's now crossed the line and there has to be a punishment and a price paid for that in and again i'm not rushing to judgment do i think he did it yes i think he did it and what do we make of trump's tone himself mike in the fact that he gave this interview to the washington post the same paper that used to be
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a columnist for. well indeed yes president trump has shifted his position he had initially described the saudi report as credible now he says that there is he says the saudi story is all over the place he continues to strongly support the crown prince however describing him as a strong man referring as well to his relationship with his son in law jared they are both young guys he says so no shift in his position on the involvement or possible involvement of the saudi crown prince but a strong shift in terms of the saudi report the killing of jamal show. this a shift probably pushed by that blowback he's getting from the congress strong criticism as i said from all parts but let's take a look back and this report from patty culhane. trying to campaign on the west
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coast u.s. president donald trump couldn't get away from the questions about democracy shoji is murder it was pretty much all reporters asked about as for the saudi explanation the president had this response though not satisfied until we find the answer but it was a big first step was a good first step but i want to get to the end he says that could come by tuesday but he again insisted that what is most important to him the money that saudi arabia spends in the u.s. the amounts of been changing over time one hundred ten billion four hundred fifty billion it's four hundred fifty thousand jobs four hundred fifty billion dollars six hundred thousand jobs it's over a million jobs but experts say those numbers are simply not true not accurate not even close the administration of the white house is operating on this false narrative that saudi arabia that we're dependent saudi arabia that saudi arabia has arms purchases support american industry that they do they we need them they don't
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need us that they can go someplace else. that's not an accurate narrative and it isn't persuading saudis critics in congress or in the press who are increasingly pointing the finger directly at the saudi crown prince mohammed bin samani the publisher of who should use former newspaper the washington post is accusing saudi arabia of trying to cover up his murder and the editorial board is urging people worldwide to shun saudi arabia intil the kingdom changes writing the first step in that process is determining the full truth about the coup shoji murder and holding its likely author mohammed bin psalm on fully accountable for the vice president joe biden seemed to agree the rest of the world is watching the united states of america we have let the world and they're wondering where the hell are we what's become of us and now m.b.'s saudi arabia
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lied oh my lord he's making excuses by the way you know that all expression some people bring a gun to a knife fight well you don't bring long saws to flights the anger shows no signs of abating here this is the straw that broke the camel's back as far as the united states is concerned that these other incidents i think he's gotten a pass on. he's not going to get a pass on this. it seems the biggest question in washington now how big of a price could saudi have to pay pedicle again al-jazeera washington. well we solve the comments from the the former vice president joe biden the significance of this is that this is putting this whole affair front and center in the election campaign mid-term elections looming president trump needs to forge unity among his republican party and certainly unity between
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a good republican members of congress and his administration that unity at present on this particular issue sadly lacking right mike hanna reporting from washington thank you well the u.k. germany and france are demanding urgent clarification about what happened to her they've released a joint statement condemning his killing and saying that nothing can justify it's it's just the latest statement from world powers putting pressure on riyadh's now president trump has a lot to lose following saudi arabia's actions he wanted a quick resolution as you heard mike saying his earlier comments suggested big steps were being taken to solve the investigation but now he's changed his tone he's doubtful and more critical of the kingdom so the world is looking for answers will the saudi investigation tell the whole story of how the body was really disposed off where is it and who's responsible and what about the position of the saudi government right now there is a blanket order to bring back all saudi dissidents our foreign governments meant to
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deal with this order if they're hosting political asylum seekers and what about the american government and the turkish government how will they all move forward following such damning reaction from the international community let's get more on the joint statement from the u.k. france and germany cross over to paul brennan he is joining us from london what more can you tell us about this joint statement that was released paul. well i have the statement with me here and i can go through some of the very strong words that have been issued jointly by the french british and german foreign ministers clearly they're not happy with the explanations so far from the saudi authorities as to the circumstances of jamal has showed g.'s disappearance and while now they admit murder nothing they say can justify this killing and we condemn it in the strongest possible terms the threatening attacking or killing of journalists under any
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circumstances is acceptable there remains an urgent need for clarification of exactly what happened on october the second beyond the hypotheses that have been put forward by the saudi investigation they need to be backed by facts which are considered to be credible and just finally we stress that more efforts are needed in that regard and expected and we will ultimately make our judgment based on what their reaction will be based on the credibility of the further explanation we receive so it's clear from that statement that after two weeks of blanket denials from the saudi authorities and then the kind of admission that jamal khashoggi is indeed dead but it was some kind of struggle according to the saudi authorities. to put the theory of a choke hold having been applied some kind of botched rendition of the european authorities the european governments are not buying that that's not good enough as
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far as they're concerned it's certainly not going to put this issue to bed ok paul brennan reporting from london thank you let's now speak to one three hearts who is with me here on set he's a professor of conflict resolution at the institute thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera so we're just reporting that the strong statement has now come through from the u.k. france and germany asking for a thorough investigation when it comes to the saudi investigation what do you think it's going to. vio is going to tell the whole story of how the body was dismembered where it was disposed off who's responsible well it's very unlikely so far because of what we have over the past three weeks we are hearing constant change in the story from complete denial to admitting that it was a fistfight thing that to the killing of. you know two new virgins of the sort this is unfortunately change of the story is not helping the case is not helping so that
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even is not helping the international community and is that the more confusion is that the more. attention is getting more attention of internationally the actually asking for more because the elements of the story are. we are seeing the european position fixed from day one been very consistent among the three major players germany france and the u.k. demanding a full story on the full truth about about this so saudi arabia in my view i think will have to do more in order to give the accurate description which doesn't seem to be the case for example now talking about what have been to the body of jamal khashoggi i think there is a reason behind why we are a lot being told what happened to it because i think if the story or the truth about his but the revealed i think will more dimensions of the story that probably is out there he was not prepared to take or to handle at the moment and that's why
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we're probably seeing your we're going to hear more about it from president of the van on tuesday that's right already said that he's going to be talking about it on tuesday that's right we will wait to hear what erdogan has to say on tuesday but this is a question that we posed a little earlier on and i'm keen to get your take on it the position of the saudi government when it comes to there's a blanket ban right now blanket order excuse me to bring back all saudi dissidents to the country so to. how do foreign governments deal with this particular order if they themselves are hosting political asylum seekers yeah i think that has a major implication here for a photo human bites issues on the world actually you know international law norms the way of that the world has been brought on. what we have what we saw of this of a citizen first of all before he's become a journalist is being killed and now that we know that he was killed and the
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council in the consulate of his own country this isn't new all this is in north tube we haven't seen this i think one major reason why we're seeing all this attention given to the kids probably is not about the fact that a journalist was killed but about the we he was killed and that's why in his or on countries consulate and that's why i think the where there's not the prepared to digest this to hold you know to to handle this we are seeing donald trump is trying to push for a quick study because he's so concerned about his arms sales that that might be affected but we're seeing a very strong position by the senate house the. white house by law magnets the. act that demands the president to launch an inquiry and provide an explanation with the one hundred twenty that so he's under tremendous
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a pressure by law to submit this and taken action within one hundred twenty days and that's i think because we are not being told about the whole story we are seeing more of this. more momentum and more pressure on so there is to to come and talk about the truth about what i mean you speak about the pressure that trump is facing within. some members of the senate but what about the pressure from the international community how will the american govern. and as a whole deal with this while the hope the american government usually. has actually we saw i mean since tom came to power any confusion in the within the american position complete kids the kids because almost a year and a half we had we saw a similar crisis were cut out of crisis on the gold where we saw a split in the american position where it made the story much more complicated and i think we are seeing similar situation here of the trying to try and swinging
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between. some point he's saying that we need i trust the saudi government story but at some point and i'm not satisfied with us but the only difference here in this situation we are seeing this is now under pressure by law which was in the case. in the first crisis and i think until the american position comes really clear on the position i think we continue to see this being more frustration with them that within the senate house and the congress on another's and actually making the situation more difficult not not easier by this confusion with the president ok thank you good to speak thank you thank you very much now the new york times has details a campaign by saudi arabia to identify and silence dissidents online sarah hire at explains. saudi arabia has long been accused of using social media to quash dissent and keep tabs on anyone critical of its leadership and the latest allegation in the
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new york times about a saudi national who was quietly sacked by twitter and twenty fifteen on suspicion of spying for his country this is the man said to be at the center of that allegation ali. he joined twitter in twenty thirteen and became the first saudi national to work there now the new york times reports he had access to personal information and accounts activity of some of twitches users including phone numbers and ip addresses but that's all ended in december of twenty fifteen when intelligence services alerted twitter a warn the saudi leadership had been effectively grooming the bara to spy on saudi critics and dissidents online he said to be back in saudi arabia though where he now works for the government now the new york times says twitter hasn't confirmed the report but its information comes from five different sources the revelation is part of wider reporting on saudi arabia's alleged attempt to shape the online
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narrative after she's killing so it's a has taken steps in recent days to shut down spam bots have been pushing a pro saudi agenda in the new york times reports those efforts to sway public opinion include a so-called troll farm based in riyadh and also details how the kingdom hyped the consulting firm mckinsey and co to track social media responses to its economic reforms bought three accounts fly by mckinsey as being to reform were targeted and lead to imprisonment now mckinsey for its part released this statement in the last few hours saying we were never commissioned by the authority in saudi arabia to prepare a report of any kind or in any form to identify critics and in our work with governments mckinsey has not and never would engage in any work that seeks to target individuals based on their views. the other thing is key members of sound your old see that we have to remember when taking to twitter and facebook accounts to drive
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for their reforms across the kingdon social media has now become in tech world for its twenty thirty vision. let's speak to mark owen jones he researches bots and social media campaigns in the middle east that has been a university thanks for speaking to us so how widespread is this issue of employing social media campaigns and bots by saudi arabia to silence dissent i'd like to make this distinction between for example troll farms which involves real human beings operating multiple twitter exam accounts or social media accounts to harass and intimidate activists and bots which is software programs that automate for example propaganda now i would say in the gulf this is endemic so i've been looking at boats for example for about two years. and what i've seen for example in the past four months alone that if you look for any mention of the word saudi and arabic up to eighty percent of all tweets that mention the word saudi arabia are produced by bots which is a huge number we're talking millions and millions of tweets over time so it's
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a scourge and as far as i'm concerned twitter aren't doing enough to stop this what is it that twitter needs to do more of and you've also said the trolls are harder to crack down on event bots why is that the reason trolls are hard to crack down on because essentially they're real people so they are real people who are operating twitter accounts just like anyone else except they have an agenda and they are usually paid to either put forward a narrative or to intimidate other people now because they look like real people it's hard to identify but it's a different because they're software programs and usually that automated so there are patterns in their behavior which to it's algorithms can pick up on what i think what's a need to do in places like saudi arabia is change their due diligence on human rights they should think twice about operating in a country with a poor human rights record that has a record of sign. unsing dissidents and censoring them i do not think social media or any two it's a social media platform can be
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a platform for free speech if it operates in such an environment and twitter need to actually think about that more seriously the new york times also detailed one particular person that we know is a top adviser to the crown prince mohammed bin sandman and saying that he was in fact the strategist behind this particular operation i know that you've also reached. what can you tell us about his handling of this operation and to what extent if he did so i think it's always difficult in these situations to single out one person because the danger of doing that is saying that this person was solely responsible and it makes them easy to scapegoat but i would certainly say that's out of qahtani was highly involved in this he was incredibly active in the qatar crisis so much so that his nickname became a lot of the flies flies being bought and he was active in promoting trends manipulated by votes that were designed for example to make it seem like the qatari people wanted to overthrow the government he would take a screenshot of a trend in part or for example thing out how to mean go to me and say look look at
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tubby's want they want to mean to go when in fact this trend was actually created by bots so many that the trying to be manipulated and obviously qahtani in his capacity as an information expert knows exactly what he's doing so he's been personally involved in actually using manipulative trends to spread misinformation all right so mark owen jones thank you thank you you're the news hour on al-jazeera still ahead in just a moment polls close after a second day of voting in afghanistan amid violence and technical glitches coming up in sports find out why this writer needed medical treatment seconds after winning the moto g.p. world title peter will be here a little later with all the details that's coming up. critic. it isn't about the tricks thing i mean you have to think why would he give me a go this very then he didn't burn to me and it's you know it would have been better
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for al-jazeera is investigative unit reveals explosive new evidence documentary confirms the moment now is a very hard profile figure in much friction an international cricket team in the. al-jazeera investigation cricket's much freaks of the manoa follows we know the culture we know the problems that affect this part of the world very very well and that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and reported on a story that it might take an international network for months to be able to do it united nations peacekeepers after blowing anti-riot the world. we are challenging the forty's we're challenging companies who are going to places where nobody else is going.
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well again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour the turkish president says ankara will release all the evidence it has on the killing of journalist. whose day . he wants justice. died at the saudi consulate in istanbul on october the second a saudi official has reportedly provided a new account of the kingdom's explanation of killing the senior official says he died at the hands of a fifteen man at squad after being put in a choke hold al-jazeera has learned from turkish sources that the hit squad contacted the saudi crown prince mohammed bin said four times during the incidents britain france and the u.k. have all condemned killing and say more must be done to establish the truth of what
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happened. while polls have closed off the reception day of voting in afghanistan it was extended at more than two hundred fifty polling stations because of technical and security issues at least forty five people were killed in attacks during the first day of voting with more than two hundred twenty others injured charlotte bellus reports from kabul. afghans queue outside this polling center in kabul patiently waiting for a chance to vote it's the second time the tribes. of the nearly five thousand polling seem to use four hundred was slated to open a day and night after a host of logistical issues because of security threats only two hundred fifty six actually opened it is a moment then being as he would see some agreement yesterday we came here to vote but there were a lot of irregularities and the biometric system was not working and there was lack
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of employees at the polling center. as the voting system is very weak and slow the voting started from this morning. so far only ten people have voted. their resilience is counted in ballot papers and lives. the government deployed seventy thousand security forces to protect bush's this weekend the taliban said it would target the polls disparate to stop the democratic process the armed groups sees as an extension of american influence joe that i. am in the afghanistan this is the time to be proud of our national army national police and our intelligence forces for ensuring security but still violence slipped through the cracks the ministry of interior tell it up nearly two hundred taliban attacks nationwide on saturday. the worst came in kabul just after sunset voting seemed to should have been closed at the time but were extended to cope with the long queues of people still waiting to
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vote a suicide bomber tried to enter a polling station more than a dozen people were killed but it was said we should get out was there was a blast and i fell down on the ground blood was everywhere and there were many casualties don't know what happened next. afghans knew they were risking their lives to vote the taliban have reminded them many times and yet they turned out in the millions defiant. young of the nine million registered to vote one third turned out on election day it's sunday will take up another million ballots with two provinces get to vote initial results will be revealed in three weeks these are the third parliamentary elections since the fall of the taliban in two thousand and one if this is the appetizer the main course is the presidential election and i probably despite logistical and security concerns forces themselves a more engaged and shallow ballasts out is there a couple. well campaigning ahead of brazil's presidential runoff vote has been
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marred by a series of attacks against candidates supporters journalists and activists most of violence has been blamed on supporters of the far right candidate's higher boss and oro who is leading the polls the reports from sao paolo. opinion polls suggest he's ahead by some margin the former military officers support growing largely because he's promising to be tough on crime. some right wing candidate. supported appear to have taken that message into their own hands by directing their violence against any groups that don't conform to their ideals. with this wave of fascism with people who share fascist ideals sexual man still kind of unsafe walking down the streets visiting places one might be under threat especially in the city center where there are many people who share those special deals and think as we should be exterminated there's been attacks across brazil
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against black people journalists homosexuals and supporters of the workers' party can do that. now we think that. putting together all the data. regarding the fact that we've been facing we'll give society more evidence to support a different speech and also to act against hate speech against intolerance we think that people don't want to have a society where violence ease to do rule is this down there it's a journalist attacked in the southern city of. a youngster wearing a t. shirts opposing both an article and this man accused of theft crowd chanting his name and violence against minorities is nothing new in brazil but in the current climate it's on the rise with the perpetrators often feeling they have the freedom the impunity. and sometimes even the encouragement from the very top to carry out
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their attacks the violence is not all being one way for some modern self survive the starving or campaigning in september as a prospective. according to this candidate the other should be eliminated the different should be eliminated this is terrifying we know that some minorities are already organizing themselves but they should intensify this work even more both candidates have appealed for calm to truly for the supporters of popular couple waited dance and martial arts instructor more doc at the end date killed in a fight in salvador after he expressed his opposition to. the campaign will intensify in the next few days and for some the fear to shine there are two zero zero. zero thousands of refugees and migrants have crossed the guatemalan border into mexico they're part of a so-called caravan of people from honduras el salvador and guatemala who are
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walking north towards the united states u.s. president donald trump warranty will deploy the military to stop them crossing the southern border. now health care is one of the issues dominating political campaigns ahead of the u.s. midterm elections and that's often clear when you see what's getting more airtime in campaign ads democrats are spending more advertising dollars on it half of their ads are on health care at the heart of the deeply divisive debate is the affordable care act also known as obamacare it's barack obama's signature health care reform that allows more americans access to health insurance and successor donald trump several attempts to repeal and replace the failed but he has managed to change some of the laws provisions here's why it matters so the us has the world's most expensive medical system costing an average of more than ten thousand dollars per person and yet according to some estimates by twenty thirty it's projected to trail some of the world's richest countries when it comes to life expectancy one of the
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main indicators of a nation's health more than twenty eight million americans do not have health insurance and the cost of medical care disproportionately affects the hispanic and black communities more now from john hendren from the state of indiana. adam interested brandur healthy successful entrepreneur and they pay more for health insurance each month than for their home currently we are paying about two hundred dollars a month that buys them care but with his stratospheric deductible that means they pay the first fourteen thousand dollars so in recent years that has meant paying for a little of a broken arm two thousand dollars for operations to insert tubes invaders and sullivan's ears ten to fourteen thousand for trisha's root canal one thousand for adams appendectomy most of twenty thousand dollars. and they worry that if congress or the courts remove protections for preexisting conditions insurers will
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no longer cover their children's asthma care so as they prepare to go to the polls in november like many americans the number one issue on their minds is not tax cuts or the russia probe but health care certainly my number one complaint number one as well. in indiana crossroads of the united states and across the country they are hardly alone it's just insane and criminal how much it really costs to cover yourself and. are really spent each year are deductibles keep going up or notice saying an increase in the amount of time the candidates are spending talking about that whether that's in debates television commercials interviews etc it certainly has grown i think now it's got to be probably in the top three issues here in the windy plains of indiana a race for u.s. senate seat could tip the balance for control of congress joe donnelly is a democratic senator in a republican state has made health care
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a top priority mike braun his challenger is a republican who says he set the example with his own business giving employees health care keeping rates the same for a decade but with a relatively high deductible of ten thousand dollars per year for a family the debate is getting personal i was the deciding vote. that saved coverage for preexisting conditions you can see got riled up here and the reason is darn right obamacare you've delivered as obamacare which is falling apart . the brands say they'll go with a democrat donnelly but they fear if washington doesn't fix a broken system the burden of health care costs will end their dream of running their own businesses i really hope we can continue to be entrepreneurs but you know if we we might not be able to be so unafraid of that concern by the brands and others like them might be the best hope democrats have in an uphill battle to retake the senate john hendren al-jazeera indianapolis indiana. we're just getting
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some news out of the united states and the saudi arabian foreign minister i've had has been speaking to american media to fox news in fact and what he said is that the saudis do not know how killed or where his body is a lot of it also said that they are working on finding out where these body is and to determine exactly what happened and that they do want to hold to account those responsible for. is also calling the incident a mistake and what he's also said is that the crown prince that is mohamed been said a man. was not aware of what has happened and once again the killing is a tremendous mistake according to others who are bad in the crown prince was quote not aware this is all according to the saudi arabian foreign minister who is
12:35 am
speaking to american media joining us now from istanbul so you heard me talking about these latest lines were getting on what a bit had to say to american media what are we to make of his comments and particularly when he says that the saudi arabian crown prince was not aware and this has been a tremendous mistake. well for two weeks now a deal in the saudi or officials have been silent on exactly what happened it seems they're been trying to get their narrative straits or at least come up with a narrative and now we've heard from the foreign minister once again obviously either debate is one of or seen as one of the crown prince will have been said of man's closest lieutenants he is a part of this new body that's was set up by royal decree a couple of days ago when the saudis finally agreed to admit that they had killed.
12:36 am
you all be it as far as they see it was a mistake this new body that was formed headed by hama been sighted man to restructure the intelligence apparatus is in the kingdom as the decree stated now he's come out through folks you saying that obviously this was a mistake that's compress mama big time and didn't know about it and kind of push the p.r. spin on the saudi narrative i understand that this interview with fox news isn't the only one he is and will be doing with the u.s. media he is scheduled to do a couple more in the next few hours as well daryn and in those the narrative obviously that riyadh has which is. died as a result of a failed attempt to try and as they say convince him to come back home is the one that they're going to be pushing obviously the evidence is contrary to that the information provided by the turkish security officials here point to the fact that you had this fifteen man hit squad which was founded or formed or put together by
12:37 am
the highest authorities inside eurabia based on the khadr that they chose to be part of it you're talking about one of the kingdom's most senior also experts you're talking about the inner circle of conference mahama been sort of man's personal details people who made at least four phone calls to the crown prince his personal secretary as in when the operation to kill john. she was being undertaken and tomorrow is there anything that i said about the timing of these comments made by the danger here is there anything to be said about the timing of these comments and this interview that's been given by i did too bad considering that just in this past hour we also heard from the turkish president who is now saying ankara will release all the evidence that it has on the killing of the on tuesday but i think now the clock is ticking right so you're looking at a countdown to choose the when the president of turkey says that he will be giving all the details obviously that comes just
12:38 am
a few hours after donald trump said that he believes that there will be some more details coming out on tuesday so obviously there is something in that. obviously the saudis will want to try and convince as many people as possible particularly their american allies that what has gone took place was took place firstly as far away from crown prince mohammed bin some money which they invested heavily in to try and paint this picture on but also to try and maybe convince people before the turks release if they will release everything they have as they have continuously promised that they would on tuesday but it is important to note who are the job it is the amount of time he has spent in washington particularly before crown prince mohammed bin said a man rose to prominence when he was still deputy crown prince another job it spent at least six weeks in washington trying to set up help pave the way for the u.s. to maybe come closer to mohamad been some man and maybe let's a step further away from then the crown prince mohammed bin nayef who was always
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dubbed as washington's man in the riyadh so the fact that they've decided to dispatch him not just as foreign minister but as somebody who understands the inner workings of washington and has those deep relationships in the united states is telling that the saudis have decided to step up a gear maybe to try and maybe win back some sort of sympathy or support on this interview would be viewed in that context all right i'll thank you. time for the sports news on the news hour here's peter three thank you very much sheldon zero has uncovered new evidence of extensive meche fixing up the highest levels of cricket it involves at least two dozen fixes in fifteen international matches david harrison reports. al-jazeera is investigative unit has obtained recordings of phone calls made by a notorious match fixit to a bookmakers operation in india the calls are made to dinesh kalki a bookmaker linked to organized crime by match fixing our neeleman are.
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having now featured in an al-jazeera undercover investigation in may when he gave advanced details of sport fixes for test matches involving england and australia. in the newly obtained recordings menow described twenty six fixes in fifteen international matches in twenty eleven and twenty twelve. the betting method and i go for what he had put up. the recordings indicate the two or three plays are involved in each fakes the evidence points to a small group of england players carrying out sport fixes in seven matches australian plays in five matches and pakistan plays in three players from other teams carried out sport fixes in one much in some cases both teams deliver to fix additionally historically england australia are not supposed to be fixing matches and that will stand cricketing world the recordings also include
12:41 am
a call made by menard to an unnamed english cricketer. or. not in sport fixes affect only part of the match and do not determine the overall result. most of menow sport fixes all session fixes in which players underperform during a session or bracket of six eight or ten overs i don't yet they were. little men. due to the gravity of the accusations al-jazeera is not for now naming the fix sessions because that would identify the batsman suspected of fixing many of the matches include multiple sports fixes and some matches have fixes by both teams. so. what is going on how on earth do you counsel for these.
12:42 am
venture while it is all panning out exactly as forecast australia's cricket board described the claims as contemptible the england and wales cricket board said the allegations had no basis al-jazeera intends to hand over unedited material to the relevant police or thorazine david harrison al-jazeera london the international cricket council has responded to do serious investigation saying it will take the allegations very seriously and investigate fully however our reporter david harrison believes the i.c.c. aunts necessarily the best people to investigate. as one of the experts in our new film says the cricket world is in denial about match fixing particular where it affects the upper reaches of the game test test matches in particular the evidence we have in this film is overwhelming that there is indeed match fixing to spot fixing fixing just a small part of the match rather than the overall result in test matches o.d.i.
12:43 am
is t twenty all the sort of top levels of the game the cache of recordings we have this time involved all the top teams and suggests that you know these these are these are very well known players who are involved in spot fixes we are many other people have serious concerns about the i.c.c. is ability to govern the game and the i.c.c. anticorruption is a small part of a vast organization that exists to promote cricket and make money from it and then make billions from television rights clearly there's a potential conflict of interest between an organization that sets out to promote and make money and a small part of the organization which purports to tackle corruption you can watch cricket match fixers the menar files at these times on al-jazeera. they say no pain no gain and that was certainly true for mark marquez who's won his third straight moto g.p. title on sunday the spaniard worked his way up from sixth place to take victory in japan and secure his fourth major g.p.
12:44 am
championship overall that's just two behind valentino rossi and three behind all time leader joke or more ago steenie but he celebrated a bit too hard out on the track with these honda team and ended up dislocated his shoulder luckily they were able to pop it back in quickly and he had enough strength to go on and lift the trophy in our has seven world titles across all the costs of motorcycle. there's confusion surrounding you saying bolt football career he's agencies he's been offered a contract by the australian team central coast mariners but they coach says he doesn't know anything about it the a time limbic champion has been on trial with the mariners for several months and scored two goals in a pre-season friendly speaking after their first game of the season mariners coach mike molding questioned if they were room for bolton the squad. i do appreciate how
12:45 am
how how important stories for the rest of the rest of the world do. you know you have a look at our front lines today and he wondered whether he could get any of those positions where he was yesterday. well did you just talk about speculation and i don't know anything we talk about and that's because on the street. the los angeles dodgers have reached a second world series in a row of the defeating the milwaukee brewers the brewers and force the l.a. to a deciding seventh game in milwaukee but a great catch from chris taylor stop the home team in its tracks in the fourth inning. and yes a three run homer sealed a five a victory for the dodgers who will face the boston red sox in a game one of the world series on tuesday. that was the catch of the year don't know what would happen if he doesn't make that catch it will be a tie game who would it knows and i was an unbelievable catch it was really cool to
12:46 am
see it firsthand right there ok that's all the sport will have more again later on during ok peter we'll see later on thank you very much and thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera we have much more news coming up for you in just a moment stay tuned. wish the world innovation summit for health one community of two thousand health care experts in of ages and policy makers from one hundred countries. one
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friendly loan shop because of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you are. saudi arabia's foreign minister says they don't know how john is jamal khashoggi was killed this as turkish prosecutors tell al-jazeera they have proof his death was planned and president says turkey plans to announce details of its investigation on choose day.
12:49 am
hello i'm maryam namazie in london you are with al-jazeera our other top stories this hour afghans are unable to vote on saturday get another chance after an election day which still forty five people killed in taliban attacks. and numbers swell as a so-called caravan of migrants resumed its march through mexico to the u.s. . saudi arabia's foreign minister says his government does not know how jamal khashoggi died or whether the body is speaking on fox news barack old the journalist death an aberration a mistake which crown prince mohammed bin selma on walls not aware of.
12:50 am
we'll bring you that in just a couple of minutes but meanwhile turkey is saying that it's ready to reveal the truth about what happened to who went missing some nineteen days ago president. says his country is seeking justice for the john list and plans to announce details of the turkish investigation on tuesday. we're going to make it clear what happened to jamal khashoggi and god willing on tuesday i will have a group looting and hopefully by then i will be able to find out what happened because we are looking for justice here we want simple and straight justice it will not be achieved by some simple steps we will make everything clear fifteen people came here what subsequently people are arrested or detained so these pieces of information need to be clarified and on tuesday i will go into the details of this
12:51 am
situations are. well the matter of jamal khashoggi has gripped the world a journalist silenced in the most extreme way killed in his country's consulate in istanbul and narratives vary but the evidence from the investigation indicates his killing was planned saudi arabia the country accused of his murder has changed its stance several times since october second that's the day he walked into the saudi consulate to collect routine paperwork but never walked out according to officials well course adviser. and saudis deputy head of intelligence ahmed al siri are responsible for sending a fifteen member hit squad to turkey that group was sent to me ashaji what saudi arabia says happened next in turkey goes as follows jamal khashoggi entered the consulate there was an argument and some screaming members of the his squad then tried to silence him they choked him he died a panic ensued and so with the help of a local collaborator they don't want his body as a diversion attempt someone walk
12:52 am
a shell g.'s close and left the consulate from the back door. well a full report was then submitted which raises questions what was the original order given to that fifteen member squad were they sent to you to negotiate kidnap or kill saudi arabia says they wanted to negotiate to show jesus' return to the kingdom on the makeup of this court suggests something perhaps more sinister is someone members of special forces that was a forensic pathologist a doctor even a security guard of the crown prince mohammed bin solomon let's get the latest now from jamal ishmael who's outside the saudi consulate in istanbul what are we expecting from president to one on their investigation come tuesday. well he says that he will be releasing all the details of the investigation exactly what that means what it entails whether you will be essentially revealing the nature of the all your evidence they say they have whether there is video evidence
12:53 am
as some media reports have said we're not quite sure yet but they will mark three weeks since she was murdered assassinated by these saudi security officials in the consulate behind me obviously leading up to that this comes now that this is the countdown now merriam is to tuesday and leading up to that now we're seeing an increase in the. statements being made by all sides not just the turks and the americans but also the saudis and amongst them in the past hour as you mentioned was the foreign minister here some of what he had to say to fox news. the custodian the tuli mosque. dispatched a team to investigate in turkey with the turkish authorities the reports we're getting from turkey did not comport with the reports the team had provided to us after they returned to saudi arabia we. directed the public prosecutor to launch an investigation which he did about nine days ago he discovered that there were
12:54 am
discrepancies we discovered that he was killed in the consulate we don't know the terms of details how we don't know where the body is. and so jamal we hear the foreign minister saying that they don't know where the body is but then we have also been speaking about reports of saudi cooperation in trying to locate the body how important is it to find what remains to to get further clarification on on what took place. there are so many holes in the statements that are being made by the saudis it's really difficult to essentially collate all of them i mean this latest statement by either jabiru because you know many questions in the sense that's what he's saying is that these are officials amongst them members of the inner circle crown prince but i have been some man who flew on these private jets they came back the public prosecutor spoke to them and after speaking to them finally established a german official she was murdered but she says they don't know what he does they
12:55 am
don't know how or where the body is which means either these senior officials aren't under the control of the kingdom and therefore the kingdom has an issue to do with allegiance and loyalty and people working within this state against the state or it means that there is this very clear attempt at a cover up that the foreign minister is essentially pushing out to the world by saying that somebody who was the former intelligence a touch each of the saudi embassy in london who was one of the crown prince's closest aides at least in terms of where he's been traveling and made four phone calls to the crown prince's present sector and that they is not willing to cooperate with the public prosecutor of the saudis by disclosing where the body is so there is a lot of a lot of every time the saudis are speaking it seems that there's more and more discrepancies in what they're seeing finding the remains of the bodies of the utmost importance for the family and friends of jamaat official she so they can at least get some sort of closure and the pain that they must be going through is
12:56 am
maybe indescribable obviously from a criminal perspective you would also want to find it in terms of maybe the really the conclusive evidence that comes with finding that body but as far as the talks are concerned and now it's a province with the saudi admission there is no doubt whatsoever that's the saudis killed him whether they killed him by direct order and the knowledge of the crown prince would have been somebody and even possibly the king himself that's what's being debated how that's will play out that's what's being debated really even with that respect in terms of who is behind it and who could have given the green light to such an operation. in reality those who understand the kingdom and its workings don't have much doubt about it it's whether you have the substantial evidence to back it up or not choose they will prove crucial to whether turkey will actually follow through to its promise that it will reveal everything or whether it will be seen by critics of the of the saudi kingdom or critics of what happened to be an accessory essentially to murder by covering up those who are behind it thank you
12:57 am
very much for the latest from istanbul jim on the shale let's just take a look at what else detection best occasion is revealed so far jamal khashoggi entered the consulate in istanbul on october second he was killed within seven minutes his body dismembered in fifteen minutes investigators were finally allowed into the consulate almost two weeks after she went missing they were able to isolate exactly where the murder happened there were traces of blood found that suggests a violent death or the mutilation of his body after death al-jazeera learned from turkish sources that they hit squad contacted the private secretary of the crown prince mohammed bin sound in saudi arabia four times during the window of time the crime was committed that suggests the crown prince was getting updates we also know that the consul general was in the building jaring the time of the murder he later gave journalists a tour of the consulate in a bid to prove saudi arabia had nothing to hide when he left turkey last week this
12:58 am
narrative leads us to believe this hit squad came to turkey with the intention to kill. a crime committed in a comes to look come up be carried out without the knowledge of the senior officials of the country if this crime is really carried out as he said if the evidence is really lead to that conclusion the situation will be dire at least must have very serious legal consequences so we have endos responsibility lie with the crown prince is not only at the throne he's also the minister of economy minister of defense and chairman of the council of political and security affairs which the general intelligence agency reports to with all his portfolios there is an undeniable responsibility that all then there's the santa fishel as we mentioned earlier. a siri they were very close aides to been summoned in by their own admission don't act on their they take orders directly from the prince well donald trump has kept open the possibility that m.p.'s did not order saudi agents to kill khashoggi but in an interview with the washington post he also strongly criticized
12:59 am
the kingdom's explanations about what happened saying obviously there's been deception and lies let's cross to mike hanna in washington d.c. might why does president trump keep changing his position on this. well it's a very good question less than twenty four hours ago he was saying that this was credible the saudi report now in this phone call to the washington post he's saying that speaking of lies deception saying that the saudis story is all over the place perhaps this is a consequence of the massive bipartisan backlash that has been happening among members of congress there's been uniform criticism of saudi arabia there's also been uniform criticism of the crown prince with many members of congress insisting that he must be held responsible for this murder there's a very powerful chairman of the senate foreign relations committee bob corker and
1:00 am
this is what he had to say referring to the crown prince by his initials m b s if you look at the rocky mistake he made in carter where without even talking to us they put in place the blockade he also has made some mistakes and obviously views gone forth and murdered this journalist he's now crossed the line and there has to be a punishment and a price paid for that in and again i'm not rushing to judgment do i think he did it yes i think he did it well so that's a pretty clear statement there the question now mike is what congress might do next well the mood in congress is pretty dark there is absolute fury at attend there's also been a degree of anger about the saudis going back before this whole affair went under there had been some calls in congress for end to on sales to saudi arabia.


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