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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 22, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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yes there has been the respective leaders spoke on the telephone about a number of issues including syria and indeed the man that certainly the turkish president accuses of being behind the the attempted coup in two thousand and sixteen is in self-imposed exile in the us but of course of great interest on the comments made about the case president already won and president trump agreeing that they should be full disclosure of all the details about this case i think is another indication of just how big a crisis this is become and want what the results of it could mean in terms of relationships not only with the world in saudi arabia of attention the relationship between the u.s. and turkey turkey and the u.s. relationship has been for a number of years now they disagreed over syria policy but their policies on iran as well as i say a lot of contention with respect to the man in the u.s.
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who took the accuse of being behind that could do a coup attempt it's too early to see or to say i'll predict what this could mean what this crisis could mean for improving that relationship between the u.s. and turkey but all eyes now on the president or the one who we expect to speak at that a k. policy meeting on tuesday where he has promised that the results of that investigation will be announced as you say some very gruesome details that have been leaked to the media in recent days details on the. allegations all of even dismembering because shows he's body i think there's a lot of attention the should be that he's going to be paid on these four telephone conversations that reportedly what had by members of the so-called hate team inside the consulate during the. when they were in the consulate that corresponds
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with when chris shows he was in there those telephone conversations between members of his court and the crown prince's private secretary turkey has said it will not allow a saudi coverup so yeah it's going to be very interesting what happens between now and choose day when we get those details from that turkish investigation tells after the live in istanbul outside the saudi consulate. well jamal khashoggi is murder has increasingly become a bipartisan issue in washington d.c. with members of congress condemning saudis latest admission and pressing for action his mike hanna. in his element on the campaign trail but president trump cannot get away from persistent questions about jamal khashoggi initially described the saudi report concerning the killing as credible but less than twenty four hours later retreated from this position and washington post telephone
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interview strongly criticizing the saudi explanation saying obviously there's been deception and there's be lies at the same time he continues to defend saudi arabia as an incredible ally and keeps open the possibility that the crown prince had no knowledge of the murder. this is at odds with members of congress the powerful republican chairman of the senate foreign relations committee accusing the crown prince of complicity using his initials m b s if you look at the rocky mistake he made and carter where without even talking to us they put in place the blockade he also has made some mistakes and obvious they've gone forth and murdered this journalist he's now crossed the line and there has to be a punishment and a price paid for that in and again i'm not rushing to judgment do i think he did it yes i think he did it and a bipartisan call for punitive sanctions we are expel formally expel the saudi
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ambassador from the united states until there is a completion of a third party investigation into this kidnap murder and god knows what followed that occurred in istanbul this ought to be a relationship altering event for the u.s. and saudi arabia that we ought to suspend military sales we have to suspend certain security assistance and we ought to impose sanctions on any of those that were directly involved in this murder this really ought to be something that causes to do a reexamination of our relationship with saudi arabia this is something that president trump is reluctant to do but he would find it politically damaging to veto sanctions legislation in congress that would likely get strong bipartisan support mike hanna al-jazeera washington all right let's talk to as you call him now another of our correspondents in washington it does sound very much as i said the senior voices in washington getting louder and louder in terms of their criticism
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of of saudi behavior how long can president trump hold out do you think. well i think that a lot of this depends on what president says on tuesday the president your adult from has been a little bit not in step with everyone else it seems in washington d.c. when jamal khashoggi first what messina he didn't jump into he didn't say anything about it really then he just kept saying well he might be dead let's see what happens and then when the saudis admitted that he had in fact been killed the president said it was a credible. theory of what they put forward then he's slowly been changing his tune as you just heard mike report at the same time he still keeps sending messages that he thinks saudi arabia is a critical ally telling the washington post somewhat of an excuse that the has been solomon is simply young but he's very powerful and has control of his people which he thinks is
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a good thing so the president though can keep saying this he can keep waiting but he doesn't really set the clock here president early one very much in charge of the clock and then the members of congress they're poised to do something so once we hear from president early on there is going to be all eyes on president trump and if he doesn't respond forcefully enough i expect that members of his own party and members of the opposition party will join together to send the message if you refuses to meanwhile we learn that steve minutiae in the treasury secretary of the u.s. is on his way if not already there in saudi arabia when we had thought that he was actually going to boycott that that massive investment conference that the saudis were hoping to attract so many big names to. well he is boycotting that at least the white house says he is and this is i think the best symbol of exactly what the trump administration is trying to do under intense pressure after media organizations united states tech companies c.e.o.'s of big companies they all said
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we're not going to go to this investors conference this davos in the desert even you should was the lone holdout finally under so much pressure he said fine i'm not going to go to that investment conference but yet on monday he's going to appear in saudi arabia at a counterterrorism center remember when president trump went there that famous picture of him in the king and the president egypt holding on to that or to launch that set or steven to go in there the treasure secretary to send a message that saudis still an important ally and he's telling reporters before he even leaves that sanctions are possible but not until they know the full facts of the investigation too early to talk about sanctions and sending the message that saudi arabia is a key ally when it comes to dealing with iran at the same time trying to send the message that he too is stated to stand by not going to a different conference in saudi arabia all right patty thanks for that. live in washington well it's not just the u.s. european leaders are also demanding clarification as to what exactly happened to
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the saudi journalist the foreign minister the u.k. of germany and france they released a joint statement in which they condemned the killing and said that nothing can justify now this is just the latest ratcheting up of pressure from won't leaders and we had president trump has a lot to lose following saudi arabia's actions he wanted a quick resolution is only a comment suggested big steps are being taken to solve the investigation now he's changed his tone and he's doubtful and a little more critical of the kingdom. the world is looking for answers will the saudi investigation tell the whole story of how the body was really disposed of where is it is responsible what about the position of the saudi government right now there's a blanket order to bring back all saudi dissidents our foreign governments going to deal with this order if they are hosting asylum seekers what about the american government and the turkish government how will they move forward following such
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damning reaction from the international community. first we condemn this act in the strongest terms as we made clear yesterday second there is an urgent need to clarify what happened we're far from having this cleared out and those responsible held to account thirdly i agree with all those who are saying that albeit already limited arms exports can't take place in the current circumstances. ok we can speak to max blumenthal now he's joining us live from washington he's the author and editor of grey zone project and he is an online news publication now max we just heard anglo-american and i would suggest that she's actually perhaps the most courageous of western leaders she's put her head above the parapet over suggests that the rest of the western world is waiting to follow the lead of the united states. well no one here in town in washington
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is saying anything like merkel saying at least not anyone of any consequence what we're hearing from the foreign policy mandarins in washington is kind of desperation to preserve the special relationship with saudi arabia for so many reasons while expressing the appropriate concern and outrage over the killing of jamal has shoji we heard from richard haass who is the head of the council on foreign relations the key gathering point of the foreign policy establishment in washington stating that mohammed bin solomon and saudi arabia have to be separated and we have to preserve the relationship with saudi arabia by punishing bin selman in order to continue pressuring iran we're hearing the same thing from lindsey graham the chair of the armed services committee in the senate who went on fox and friends today and looked into the camera and said we have to replace mohammed bin some on in order to save the relationship with saudi arabia bob corker chair of the
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senate foreign relations committee said something very similar and now steve minucci in the treasury secretary is on his way to riyadh to do just that to preserve this relationship and to save it and before meeting with mohammed bin solomon he met with the key leader of the iran war party benjamin netanyahu he's going to send a strong signal in riyadh that the trump administration is prioritizing its. agenda to economically assault and possibly military assault iran over the killing of this permanent resident of the u.s. absolutely i mean it's been been pointed out time and time again that sad to say that the actual killing of the men of this saudi jenice is critical voice haven't resident of the united states is likely to be completely subsea and by great. political interest. so what do you believe then do you believe that president trump
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is is actually much more concerned on policy towards iran just next month they're expected to slap on a new round of sanctions on iran is that going to take precedence over what has actually happened to this poor geneses been murdered in an assemble absolutely and that's really the saudi's ace card is their close relationship with israel which is also which also runs through abu dhabi and the morality ambassador here in washington use of is one of the most influential diplomats in town he functions as kind of the outsource brain for the presidential son in law jared cushion or on the middle east and he's also been solomon's fixer in town so the desire to pressure iran to economically destroy iran or alternately supersede any desire for on the part of the administration in congress to punish riyadh over
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jamaal has shoji and so we're starting to see that take place with steve newton's visit. but we have just we were hearing some pretty strong language coming from the likes of paul corker you mentioned lindsey graham yourself adam schiff says senior congressman and women are now making a lot of noise about having some kind of action taken against saudi arabia just imagine if ellen choose day if president presents a very compelling and persuasive caseloads of evidence that will prove beyond doubt saudi involvement and the involvement of the crown prince of saudi arabia in the matter of this this then won't surely president trump will have no alternative but to take some serious action. possibly i mean remember this is the trump administration there's a new normal he's not playing by the old rules or one could have asked for some serious concessions all the way to extraditing for too low glenn anything's
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possible i bet you early on got something special from the trump administration in order to participate in a cover up but nevertheless we have to remember that while we're constantly hearing about fifteen saudi operatives flying in and out of istanbul to carry out this heinous crime fifteen saudi hijackers flew into the world trade center on two thousand and one on september eleventh two thousand and one and that heinous crime was promptly covered up we had the obama administration bob corker lindsey graham all these people howling about they all participated in the attempt to prevent the nine eleven widows and bereaved family members from suing saudi arabia this is a crowd of foreign policy elites who are addicted to the special relationship with saudi arabia and the arms sales and oil sales that come with it so we should expect the worst maxim intel thank you very much. live from washington thanks for having me think of
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a lot more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including the polls close on for a second day of aging in afghanistan hamid bonnets and technical glitches. show support brazil's far right presidential contenders base rallies in favor. by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. hello welcome to have a look at the international forecast is dry across a good part of eastern china further inland we have seen some rather heavy downpours recently and more of those as we go on through the next couple of days actually they're reaching down towards the southwest and coordinate towards the southeast hong kong fine settled twenty eight degrees celsius mondays pitches day similar values bright skies coming back into shanghai dallas skies coming into the
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u.s. southwest of china northern parts of vietnam seeing some very heavy rain in the process heavy rain some showers into malaysia from time to time borneo could see some logic as a scattering of heat of the day showers albeit into the philippines they are betraying the sunshine and the showers well we're looking at some lucky five and pleasant weather coming through not seep out across my peninsula easing over towards some entre over the next couple of days good deal of sunshine here as well want to see showers never really too far away but that's to be expected heavy downpours of course able to also affect thailand from time to time heavy down force affecting the south of india with same the heavy showers affecting a good part of flanker recent way since that time of the year has a cause effect to the cricket showers continue as we go on through the next few days but further north is fine dry and sunny. there with sponsored by qatar and nice. wish the world innovation summit for health one community
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of two thousand health care experts in of ages and policy makers from one hundred countries. one experience sharing best practices and innovative ideas. one goal hopefully a world through global collaboration. apply now to attend the twenty eighteen wish summit. i'm his story is a for the people every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories told through the eyes of the world's journalists these two reuters journalists were one of the few journalists that were actually doing investigative work joining the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media and focus on how they were caught on the stories that are the most he buys the rights to those stories but then he never publishes those stories they're listening post on al-jazeera.
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let's have a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera on this news hour turkey's president has set a deadline of choose day to reveal all details of his country's investigation into the journalist jamal khashoggi is murder inside the saudi consulate in istanbul all . along spoke to u.s. counterpart donald trump on the phone the two agreed on the need for clarity in the case britain france and germany have joined forces saying more must be done to establish the truth and the german chancellor angela merkel has said all means that it will society arabia cannot proceed quote under the current circumstances.
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now australia's prime minister scott morrison has apologized to survivors of child sexual abuse in australian institutions hundreds of survivors were at the house of representatives in the capital canberra to witness the address which was also on national t.v. and follows a five year inquiry which found tens of thousands of children have been abused in schools churches often edges and other institutions over decades by those responsible for their care the government says a national tragedy has been exposed and is offering compensation to the victims muffled cries in the darkness and acknowledged he is the tyranny of invisible suffering the never heard pleas of tortured souls bewildered by any difference to the thinkable fifth of their innocence to die a struggle here confronts
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a trauma and abomination hiding in plain sight for far too long. let's go live now to our correspondent andrew thomas who's there in the australian capital kamber and andrew what's brought about this rather remarkable national apology coming from the new prime minister. a apology or an apology by a prime minister on behalf of the nation was one of over four hundred recommendations that came out of a long process as you say five years that ended at the end of last year looking into decades of allegations of sexual abuse of children in all kinds of institutions in australia and i heard some appalling evidence priests abusing children in church teaches abusing them in school sports coaches abusing them in after school clubs really horrific abuse going on and on and even though it was complained about by children time whistleblowers told local people local
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representatives politicians in some cases nothing was done the children simply weren't believed and this apology is in some way to address that along with four hundred recommendations about what can be done better in future this was a huge huge inquiry heard from over eight thousand survivor of sexual abuse or use the word survivors guardedly but i use it consciously because many many children didn't live long into the adult they either took their own lives because of the abuse they had suffered or in some cases there were some murders that went along on all of this so they were and they don't see themselves out of all of us the apology was given by australia's new prime minister scott morrison but it was a previous prime minister julia gillard who set up this inquiry back in twenty twelve and the real applause was for her in parliament during the apologies now all those listening in the hundreds inside parliament house who were they've now come out and they're having lunch on the lawns behind me the prime minister is among
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them they really want this to be a line in the sand so that this apology marks the sport's a toy in which nothing like this could ever happen again and says they have received this public apology and rather profuse one judging from the. little clip that we had of scott morrison and also they receiving compensation do you think that this is enough will this satisfy these thousands of people of india and so much harder. most of those i've spoken to military say it's a start and a necessary start but this needs to be the beginning of the process not the end a lot of people are seeing this as the end of a process that began with that royal commission as it's called here more than five years ago they say no that's not the way to see this this really should be the beginning of this a little more of what scott morrison said in his apology he apologized to the children we failed to the parents whose trust we abused to the whistleblowers who we didn't listen to to all of those he said sorry now many people here think that
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was a necessary step but i also think that more needs to be done not just in terms of compensation but in terms of changing the way the government operates with some of these situations in question most notably perhaps the catholic church australia's government gives millions and millions of dollars to the catholic church for education purposes the schools every year and a lot of people recently they gave a huge extra pile of cash to catholic schools here many people here feel that that was an insult given the background of all of this is going on so they don't want the politicians to be so in bed with solutions like the catholic church goes all the heckling to that effect during the apology and when the prime minister and the leader of the opposition directly address survivors immediately after the apology as i said a moment ago the real applause trying to judea get out she is same as the prime minister who had the guts to set up the inquiry in the first place she was here to listen to the apology i haven't seen her hair of the prime minister here but no doubt she will join people here for lunch as well generally people here satisfied this apology has happened but they don't think this should be the end and you tell
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us live in camera thanking. the u.s. national security adviser john bolton is likely to face him rather tough questions in moscow on monday donald trump said he would pull out the landmark nuclear weapons treaty president trump is facing strong criticism from the former soviet president mikhail gorbachev of it was he who signed the treaty in one hundred eighty seven with the then u.s. president ronald reagan set vasant has more from moscow. by signing this lonely go sheeted nuclear treaty three decades ago former u.s. president ronald reagan and former soviet leader mikhail gorbachev helped remove the threat of a nuclear war that have loomed over europe for decades two thousand seven hundred missiles were destroyed and the world especially europeans felt relieved now president donald trump sas the u.s. wants to pull out of that treaty russia has violated the agreement they've been
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violating here for many years and i don't know why president obama didn't ricocheted or all out. we're not going to let them violate a nuclear agreement and go out into weapons and we're not allowed to wear the ones that have stayed in the agreement and we've done it russia is not an orchard way under the agreement so we're going to terminate it we're going to pull out both the united states and russia have long blamed each other of violating the treaty which banned the deployment of missiles that can reach a distance of five hundred to more than five thousand kilometers rush accuses the united states of deploying a missile defense system in eastern europe which could be used as an offensive weapon the u.s. as russia had developed a so-called no fater of nine seven two nine missile which it sas can reach an intermediate distance and therefore fire the treaty russia denies this in december last year russian president vladimir putin accused the us of looking for excuses so
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it can leave the treaty and put the blame on russia go dutch off with now eighty seven years old has called the u.s. plan to leave the treaty a mistake and told the russian news agency interfax that washington doesn't know where this will lead to the russian deputy foreign minister says it's a very dangerous step germany has urged the us to consider the consequences of its decision but the united kingdom says it fully backs the u.s. withdraw. and blames moscow for endangering the treaty donald trump's national security advisor john bolton has arrived here in moscow and will pass the u.s. plan on to members of the russian government on monday he will most likely meet president vladimir putin later in the week moscow as sad that it's waiting for an explanation from bolton and hopes to set washington on the path of dialogue step fasten al-jazeera moscow the polls of close in afghanistan's parliamentary election
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which has been marred by violence and delays at least forty five people were killed in attacks on the first day of voting and less than half the country's eligible voters have cast their ballots in two days of polling according to a preliminary tally jordan says it will not be extending a peace treaty with israel which allows it now to use two areas along its border the two pieces of territory a albacore or in the north of israel and al gammer in the south they were included in the one nine hundred ninety four peace deal between the two countries israel says it was planning to negotiate an extension on the jordanian land which it says is mainly used by farmers but the twenty five year old lease will expire next year . rebels in the democratic republic of congo have killed at least eleven people in the ducted fifteen others most of them children it happened in beni that's
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a region on the border with uganda has been plagued for years by violence mariana hond has more. i never yet they attack is came in the middle of the night as they have so many times before the true cost of the violence in and around the northeastern city of binny only clear the following morning in addition to the deed at least fifteen a missing most of them children aged between five and ten years old the fear is they'll be forced to fight alongside they kept is just aren't they took people outside and shot them in a neighborhood they can seven people living here down a little bit in a maze now able to operate without it being so but on a public. street in movies no security you know anymore god was at work at the funeral procession became a protest march mourners confronting congolese troops who day say have yet again
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failed to protect them they believe rebels from the ugandan elijah's democratic forces are responsible it's a safe guess idea if rebels have killed more than seven hundred people in the last four years. the i.d.f. was formed in neighboring uganda back in the nine hundred ninety s. moving to the democratic republic of congo after failing to tune uganda into an islamic state in ghana says they're aligned with somalia's fighters and binny is vulnerable to another killer at least one hundred eighteen people a did from an a bola outbreak but the world health organization has suspended operations due to the violence oh people in the north face say president joseph kabila has abandoned them. how many times we consulted in the hall as soon as we're to take charge of security if you're here now believe the president's
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promises that the killings only midian one hundred al-jazeera. now to france and that matter or not i shall was once considered the darling of europe's far right youth movement but the niece of the national front leader marine le pen has now stepped out of the political spotlight now mother shell has set up a new political institute to neil asses the tasha bust the ripples the critics say it's aim is to spread far right ideology. she has dropped the look pen name but mario marshall is part of france's famous far right political family his marine le pen leader of the anti immigration national front party marshall quit elected politics last year to embark on a new venture opening a conservative institute called essent in the french city of leo oakley did you separate the idea of the separate offer an alternative education one that will train new leaders in politics or economics with
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a new approach elites who are patriotic and rooted in culture and history. there were sixty students at isa and more than a dozen lecturers the marshal a former m.p. the school is another way of doing politics only a dozen different and more are in a dozen different critic i saw today we are seeing a moral and political capitulation in this country there's a sense that france is weak and no longer wants to be powerful we are not political activists our teachers are not elected officials that we have a political approach in the noble sense africa's politics for me is serving the community. he said student take nair is a young prisoner or to put her involved in right wing politics what if in the goober moore is most business schools teach the same thing capitalism is destruction of the family multiculturalism like shells africa service of education to create a pattern of the leaders of unbridled liberalism but critics of the institute say
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it's a thinly disguised training camp for the far right party of and their firm. is also part of the far right that wants to train managers candidates and activists and bypass a university system run by people whose beliefs the despise. location in leo is not by chards ancient goals made this their capital so to the resistance for those looking for french roots they run deep here mariel marshall says that her instinct is about selling her political. rants of racism campaigners here and they are disagree they say the school is propagating far right i did in an attempt to give them mainstream acceptability of. creating the school allows the far right to spread their ideas and teach students to communicate them their tool which messages work and which don't they learn propaganda which is what you would expect from a political party but not
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a school. marshall wants to make france great again to do so she'll need the support of a new elite power has so far eluded her aunt a fresh spin on far right politics to put it within her grasp natasha butler al-jazeera france thousands of refugees and migrants from marching across mexico heading for the united states president trump has threatened to deploy troops if they don't go back john home and reports. longer term after kilometer young and old men and women they keep on trudging it's a multitude at least four thousand people in a caravan that began in honduras. now they've made it through guatemala and into mexico in the last eight days they slept in the open and crossed hills and rivers. jonathan is only fourteen and traveling alone he's here for the same reason as everyone else he feels he doesn't have.


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