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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 22, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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about twenty four hours ago he gave an interview to the washington post and he had been pretty much sending the message that he was willing to do something to saudi arabia but if you want to go too far most of his emphasis was on what a strong ally saudi arabia is and how much money saudi arabia spends in the united states even though his figures were vastly inflated according to most experts but then he started to say to the washington post that there have been lies there has been deceit at the same time he again reiterated that behave in solemn on the crown prince is a strong leader that he has control over his people and that the president says that's a positive thing so a little bit of a moon move from the president but this is likely a reaction to what we're hearing from members of congress it is across the board it is republicans it is democrat senators congressman politicians funded saying that this is simply a bridge too far and that something needs to be done so they're talking about a couple of different options they could sanction members who were involved
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including those in the world family they could take their assets in the united states the more common things that we're hearing from these politicians is they want to see military deals the weapons deals basically halted and that's something the president says he doesn't want to do they could also say that the u.s. is no longer going to participate in the war in yemen with the saudi coalition providing that very crucial refueling of bombers and targeting of information so you are seeing congress list this litany of things that it once done the president runs a risk here if he says after he hears from a president that he's going to take some steps and the congress doesn't think it's strong enough then it looks right now like they have enough support bipartisan that they act they could pass something even stronger that the president wouldn't be able to override that they would be able to override any veto and going to the midterms the last thing the president wants to look like is weak now going to come to that house does sound to warm this controversy likely to impact the midterm
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elections which are right around the corner now. i think we'll have a much better idea about this after we hear from turkey and what they have on this you know the president was quick to come out after the saudis said this was an accident we didn't mean to kill him and he really did seem that they wanted he wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt he even compared it to the fight over his supreme court justice saying something about it being guilty before being proven innocent so he is trying to give them the benefit of the doubt if the turks come out have overwhelming evidence that's really a much harder thing for the president to do the way this is likely the midterms and we're going to hear from the president on mondays go to texas for a rally for his former enemy ted cruz is you're going to see pressure on members of congress the entire house of representatives is ready for reelection in sixteen fifteen days now a third of the senate so they have political motivation to appear tough to look
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like they're the defenders of human rights and i think there's that calculus but i think there is genuinely a lot of outrage in this town don't forget. it was a washington post columnist he was one of the intellectual elites that's a very powerful group that does push policy in this town and he was their colleague and he was also a member of the press this story has stuck with the president like no other story has done during his presidency so he is under pressure and we'll see if the pressure continues as this week unfolds but it looks like it could come to a head for him on tuesday thank you for that patty patty kohei night for us in washington d.c. . still ahead on al jazeera millions of afghans risk in life and limb to vote in a second day of parliamentary elections. from
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a fresh coastal breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. however we're still got some rather active weather affecting parts of the middle east and a good deal of cloud still just sliding across syria easing down towards lebanon maybe even into jordan to turkey seeing some bits and pieces of cloud and rain that weather sliding its way further eastward grassy pushing over towards the caspian sea so there will be some cloud perhaps some rain easing into northern parts of iran over the next day or so brought the skies come back in as we go on into choose day those bright skies extend down towards the gulf where again it's been rather active recently because we've been talking on and off for about flooding that we're seeing here in cots you can see showers still in the forecast as we go on through monday said doha not quite out of the mix just yet you might get on monday afternoon nothing not as bad as it has been over the last day or two having said
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that but skies come back in as we go into tuesday five dry and sunny but at the temps enlarging up getting up to thirty six degrees celsius fair amount of cloud there across saudi arabia pushing down towards the red sea way see that they were you could catch one of two showers chosen showers just around the mozambique channel pushing up into mozambique but for much of southern africa it does look largely dry look further west because the some showers into the maybe and also some heavy rain for angola. there with sponsored by qatar airways. i'm his story say for the people every week brings a series of breaking stories told through the eyes of the world's journalists these two voices journalists were one of the few. journalists that were actually doing investigative work join the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter and demand steve bice the rights to those stories but then he never publishes those stories they're listening
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post on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories turkey's president has set a deadline of tuesday to reveal all details of his country's investigation into a journalist. inside the saudi consulate in istanbul. and spoke to his u.s. counterpart donald trump on the phone and the two agreed on the need for clarity in the case meanwhile britain france and germany have joined forces saying more must be done to establish the truth and german chancellor angela merkel says on boards tucson jury cannot proceed cold under the care and second steps.
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afghanistan has wrapped up two days of voting in parliament tree elections millions turned out to cast their ballots despite knowing delays and threats of violence at least forty five people were killed in attacks during the first day alone one off from charlotte betis in kabul which saw than just turn a. afghans queue outside this polling center in kabul patiently waiting for a chance to vote it's the second time they've tried. of the nearly five thousand polling same tis four hundred was slated to open a day late after a host of logistical issues because of security threats only two hundred fifty six actually opened it is imo my name being as he would see someone by me yesterday we came here to vote but there were a lot of irregularities and the biometric system was not working and there was lack of employees at the polling center systems. as the voting system is very weak and
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slow the voting started from this morning but so far only ten people have voted. their resilience is counted in ballot papers and lives. the government deployed seventy thousand security forces to protect us is this weekend the taliban said it would target the polls disparate to stop the democratic process the armed groups sees as an extension of american influence joy that i. honestly this is the time to be proud of our national army national police and our intelligence forces for ensuring security but still violence slipped through the cracks the ministry of interior tell it up nearly two hundred taliban attacks nationwide on saturday. the worst came in kabul just after sunset version seem to should have been closed at the time but were extended to cope with the long queues of people still waiting to vote a suicide bomber tried to enter a polling station more than
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a dozen people were killed at the foot it was said there's a good i was there was a blast and i fell down on the ground blood was everywhere and there were many casualties i don't know what happened next. afghans knew they were risking their lives to vote the taliban have reminded them many times and yet they turned out in the millions defiant. yet of the nine million registered to vote one third turned out on election day it's sunday will take up another million ballots with two provinces get to vote initial results will be revealed in three weeks. these are the third parliamentary elections since the fall of the taliban in two thousand and one if this is the appetizer the main course is the presidential election in april despite logistical and security concerns forces themselves more engaged in a shallow ballasts. and al jazeera investigation has revealed secret cemeteries in areas of yemen under the control of an on group backed by the united
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arab emirates documents show how the brigades controlled areas up to hold the rebels were pushed out one of his leaders says the u.a.e. continues to fund its fight is that assassinate rival opponents the leader of the group has been included on the list of people the u.s. considers terrorists jordan says it won't extend a peace treaty with israel allowing it to use two areas along its border the two territories out. in the north of israel and in the south were included in the one thousand nine hundred four peace deal between the two countries israel says it was planning to negotiate an extension on the jordanian land which it says is mainly used by israeli farmers but the twenty five year lease will now expire next year are serious from minister scott morrison has apologized to survivors of child sexual abuse in australian institutions hundreds of survivors gather outside the house of representatives in the capital camera to witness the address which was
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nationally televised it follows a five year inquiry which found tens of thousands of children had been abused in schools churches orphanages and other institutions over decades by those responsible for their care the government says a national tragedy has been exposed and is compensating victims. cries in the darkness and acknowledged to you is the tyranny of invisible suffering. the never heard pleas of tortured souls of the willed binding difference to the unthinkable fifty of their innocence to die a stride here confronts a trauma and abomination hiding in plain sight for far too long. there is andrew thomas has more now from canberra. the hundreds of it's impossible as most of us to be cool to listen to the apology in person
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inside have now come out on to these little fountain lunch listens to music and it's a tolerable is on this symbolic traits a mark the fact that they were here and what they see as a very important day scott morrison the promise that came out of poland and he put a ribbon on match himself a few minutes ago now this apology as a recommendation over a royal commission of inquiry that went on in australia for five years it will be the end of last year one of his recommendations was an australian prime minister the majority of the form of the nation decades of abuse of children by people who should be looking after priests in churches teachers in schools coaches at sports clubs only some able were allowed to get away with her britain. because of the politicians and others right through the situation to the australian starts and most people here please the apology has taken place the last some had played a lot of people but not about the millions of dollars of public money still got the
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money and particularly the company church that was full brunt of recipes and out of that's their place the apology has happened but they want it to be the start of a process of redress and not the end they never want what happened to them to be allowed to happen again. thousands of refugees and migrants are marching north across mexico heading for the united states they're part of a so-called caravan of people from honduras el salvador and guatemala u.s. president trump is threatening to deploy troops if they don't turn back home and reports from an impromptu shelter in the mexican border city of tapachula. these people most of them home durance resting now off the walking america today they will from one mexican border town. go through another one here in tapachula and as you can see people are just camped out here in the main plaza of the town the first estimations coming through from local authorities in mexico although there are more
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than seven thousand people about half of the men half of them women will be adults and then on top of that more than two thousand children they're trying most of them to get to the united states and so far in mexico the authorities haven't spoke to the border bridge was sealed off from guatemala she met strong friday there were a few scuffles so most of them managed to get in via swimming under the bridge by the river or just taking rocks across and now on sunday federal police a couple of times lined up as if they were going to seal off the roads and then open the place back up against the people could get past their literally carrying most of what they own mobility what they own on their backs they say they left on duress basically because of a lack of opportunities they say that they're not earning enough to survive in that country and they need to search for a better life for themselves and for their families one person that's not happy
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about that is u.s. president going to trump he said that he's going to send the military to the u.s. border if i make it far out but he's relying on mexican authorities to stop them before they get from that point it seems like those mexican authorities now have a bit of a dilemma how do they stop these panels of people without turning into human rights crisis really as they trying to carry a whooping. of pain was once considered the donning of europe's far right youth movement by the niece of the national front need a marine le pen stepped out of the political spotlight. now mario mashallah ban has set up a new political institute in lille but as natasha butler reports critics say it's a mystery spread far right ideology. she has dropped the look pen name but mario marshall is part of france's famous far right political family his marine le pen leader of the anti immigration national front party marshal quit elected politics
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last year to embark on a new venture opening a conservative institute called essent in the french city of leo oakley did he said the idea of essential is to offer an alternative education one that will train new leaders in politics or economics with a new approach elites who are patriotic and rooted in culture and history. there were sixty students at isa and more than a dozen lecture is the marshal a former m.p. the school is another way of doing politics only those indifferent and more are in a dozen different critic i saw today we are seeing a moral and political capitulation in this country there's a sense that france is weak and no longer wants to be powerful we are not political activists our teachers are not elected officials that we have a political approach in the noble sense is enough because politics for me is serving the community what. the. student take nair is a young priest you know or her involved in right wing politics what if they go to
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caress. most business schools teach the same thing capitalism is destruction of the family multiculturalism like shells africa service of education to create a pattern of the leaders of unbridled liberalism but critics of the institute say it's a thinly disguised training camp for the far right party of and their firm. is also part of the far right that wants to train managers candidates and activists and bypass a university system run by people whose beliefs the despise each separate location in leo is not by chards the ancient goals made this their capital so to the resistance for those looking for french roots they run deep here mariel marshall says that her institute is about selling her political. rants of racism campaigners here and they are disagree they say the school is propagating far right i did in an
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attempt to give them mainstream acceptability of. creating this school allows the far right to spread their ideas and teach students to communicate them their tool which messages work and which don't they learn propaganda which is what you would expect from a political party but not a school. wants to make france great again to do so she'll need the support of a new elite powell has so far all eluded her fresh spin on far right politics to put it within grasp natasha al-jazeera fronts. the and again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera turkey's president has set a deadline of tuesday to reveal all details of his country's investigation into death. row on spoke to his u.s. counterpart donald trump on the phone and the two have agreed on the need for
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clarity in the case saudi arabia's foreign minister has called death a grave mistake the saudi king and the crown prince mohammed bin salman who many accuse of having ordered is murder have offered their condolences to his family despite international outcry the kingdom has given contradictory explanations for the killing inside its consulate in istanbul meanwhile britain france and germany have joined forces saying more must be done to establish the truth and german chancellor angela merkel says oms exports jury b i cannot proceed quote under the current circumstances australia's prime minister scott morrison has apologized to survivors of child sexual abuse in australian institutions it follows a five year inquiry which found tens of thousands of children had been abused in school needs churches orphanages and other institutions over decades by those responsible for their care the government says a national tragedy has been exposed and is compensating victims the polls have
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closed in afghanistan's autumn entry elections which were marred by violence and long delays at least forty five people were killed in attacks during the first day of voting less than half of the eligible voters cast their ballot on two days of polling according to a preliminary tally. thousands of refugees and migrants have entered mexico after crossing the guatemalan border they're part of a so-called caravan of people from honduras el salvador and guatemala trying to reach united states in search of a better life u.s. president donald trump is threatening to deploy troops if they don't turn back many say if violence poverty and corruption in central america at least eighteen people have been killed after a train derailed in north eastern taiwan officials say five carriages overturned as a train travel south from taipei towards thai tome at least one hundred eighty seven of the passengers on board were injured the cause of the accident is being investigated you're upset with headlines on al-jazeera coming up next it's
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a listening post do stay with us. whether online or humanity has been taken out of its goals of this we're talking about numbers on a spreadsheet or if you joined us on sat i guarantee you no one else has a back story like yours this is a dialogue i'm just tired of seeing negative stereotypes about native americans everyone has a voice the sort of thing that's your comments your questions i'll do my best to bring them into the cell join the global conversation on how to zero. a new report from the united nations climate panel warns. magic cure is a new record of the change and it is now it is now. it would be track or you could show the church caused by human activity is pretty recent. hello i'm barbara starr and you're at the listening post here are some of
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the stories we're looking at this week covering climate change requires a media change a rethink of how the world's biggest most persistent story is reported in the media model pushing viktor or bands and the migrant and the e.u. politics beyond hungary's borders they've been called propagandists for the saudi royal family before but now the scrutiny of some pro saudi journalists in the west has intensified and that is their life after reading the news. in your resume you read the news for the years two thousand and five to twenty fourteen and worked as a television news reader but i decided i needed to change our lead story this week tackles an issue that considering its magnitude could be a fixture on every episode of our show it's climate change and how the media are grappling with how to cover it only a small percentage of news audiences would have heard about the report released earlier this month by the un's intergovernmental panel on climate change or the
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i.p.c.c. and that's not because the report was that or in consequential no in fact it's. called the landmark study warning that the world has just twelve years left to limit global temperature rise to one point five degrees celsius and higher and the risks of drought floods and the extreme weather will soar coverage of the i.p.c.c. report was a flash in the pan like so much climate change reporting is the initial wave of headlines receded as quickly as it had emerged climate change is the world's most significant existential challenge and those who want to cover it are still figuring out how to convey its size and scale the listening post meenakshi ravi now on the coverage of the i.p.c.c. report and what it reveals about the state of climate change reporting.
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it's a story as because this planet affecting every country every economy every individual and its oceans he ratchets up higher every year and yet climate change coverage nearly always seems to need a crutch and event to pick it on a global conference to protest or as it was this time around the release of the intergovernmental panel on climate change is a special report on global warming the report's findings were monumental this is the most dire report we've had from the i.p.c.c. yet they're basically saying we need to move now we need to take really serious action if we want to prevent the worst impacts of climate change the report is something of a call to arms telling us that the survival of our species depends on a political revolution these are the overwhelming scientific findings that created over the world scientists and it is going to overwhelm journalists as well. the
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headline in the i.p.c.c. report is stark it says rapid far reaching and unprecedented changes are needed in all aspect. society if mankind is to contain the average global temperature increase to one point five degrees celsius the timeframe the i.p.c.c. has set for this is just over the decade twelve years in the absence of a paradigm shift a rethinking of how the world functions the droughts food shortages environmental degradation and poverty being experienced already are going to get much worse much faster. and some cases where i think. the sort of shocking some of the report i think the end of the coverage then jumped to a kind of you know where near the end there is no hope no one wants that storm intensity wildfires past outbreaks will increase which quite a worry that if all this you know we have this new study and if i thought making progress on climate change has to be so drastic better it's more
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a loss and possible then people will start to get really dismayed and lose hope and this is always the challenge of climate coverage the new york times. in their main piece covering the report at a photo of a like a lone child playing in the sand with these bones and that's the kind of the style of coverage you generally get which seems this seems to indicate that they are more more capable of imagining an apocalypse time is running out than they are for instance of imagining increasing taxation on the ultra wealthy on corporations you know that creates millions of good good green jobs and regulates corporations and phase out fossil fuel production they find it impossible to imagine a political alternative other than kind of apocalyptic scenarios. that climate change isn't the most covered ongoing news story in the world is it
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a fiction of just how many times the opportunity is missed. in the u.s. alone frequented into. over the past few years would have justified it being in the headlines every day however the league between climate change and aware that incidents that are increasing in intensity and frequency is often never meet the two thousand and seventeen study by the d.c. beast media matters group into the coverage of heidi can harvey found that over the span of two crucial weeks to mean people news outlets a.b.c. and n.b.c. didn't do a single segment mentioning climate change and its link to such weather events. this study isn't the only one of its kind by media matters in july this year it found that coverage of the heatwave across the united states followed a similar pattern. we looked at reporting on three big t.v. broadcast networks and found that those programs mention the heat wave one hundred
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twenty seven times and only one of those mentioned climate change the media is not able to grasp this linkage so for example this year if you just see a lot floods in india we heard historically unprecedented flood within a period of two to three days something like twenty five trillion liters of water fall over the smallest state but if you look at the media reported in india they were talking about you know local logical disaster local changes in ecology cutting off orders and those got of things but the link is we've been climate change and love loads was not there this is a real problem and a missed opportunity climate change can seeing like a really distant or theoretical problem but when there's extreme weather that's a real opportunity for the media to talk about climate change and how it affects extreme weather and exacerbates extreme weather when you think what can i do this
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is a fixture in much of climate change reporting is the notion that individual action can help stave off the existential threat point. by global warming you're changing your life driving a different car maybe you're eating less meat whatever you're doing to help the world is rubbing off on your neighbors individual awareness is vital but media emphasis on it however is out of proportion the real action needs to come from industry. in two thousand and seventeen the u.k. based nonprofit the c.d.p. group published a report quarterly to specific volumes of greenhouse gas or g h g emissions with the industries responsible for them it found that since one thousand nine hundred eight just one hundred corporations have produced more than seventy percent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. this is not just a problem of me or a problem of you there are companies or oil companies natural gas companies coal companies who are responsible for the vast amount of the pollution that is causing climate change where there is progress. and many of them have
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waged dissin from asian campaigns that they have tried to downplay and distort the science they have which got politicians in their pockets who are discouraging or blocking climate action if there was a list of criminals who have polluted the climate exxon mobil at the front british petroleum to the top climate polluters so little companies in india in saudi arabia many many countries who are polluting the climate but also have a huge influence on media in terms of their contributions to it but these men and support the media so media is very quick to talk about what governments need to do or what people need to do but they will rarely talk about what corporations need to do for instance there was there was a widely panned. c.n.n. tweet the tweet was scared of the new climate report here's
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a few things you can do. and of course all the prescriptions that it made had to do with individual consumer changes and it completely neglected the actual structural forces and corporate power that underlies the climate crisis and i don't think the stress on the changes that individuals can make rather than on what corporations are doing is an accident i think it is a function of the dominant ideology of our era namely neo liberalism. which has persuaded us or tried to persuade us that the market is a kind of magical entity that will solve all of our problems. unprecedented changes that's what the i.p.c.c. report says is needed to deal with global warming as media outlets covered the report almost none of them this network included reported on changes the would make in their own newsrooms or to their own journalistic practices one piece it might be
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wise to start stop dealing with the climate change issue as separate it from if you know the story if you other beat. i find. it's a story in time to remember new sometimes because you will be going from this report that's really. staggering and its implications and then on the next page there will be an article about the potential you know renovation of j.f.k. airport doesn't say anything about the role of flying and the air travel in. contributing to carbon emissions and how we might need to change that quite drastically i think that they all are very deeply connected and i think that's particularly true for reporting on the economy and economics and job growth and all of these things that make no mention of climate change but it is our economic model that is driving climate change and those things have to be put together much more than they are now.
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i'm joined now by one of our producers flo phillips of the sky or some of the other media stories that we're looking at this week flo the story of the saudi journalist emotional gee is really taken on every twist and turn and one of the media fallout has been that some journalists in the ways think leading journalists that work at the washington post which of course is where ashaji used to write have actually been called out for their pro saudi reporting what else do we know about this barbara the washington post has understandably really been quite aggressive in its campaign to find out exactly what happened turning the heat up on saudi arabia's allies in the u.s. they even put out one op ed with the headline will you work for a murderer but soon after that piece was published the investigative website the intercept pointed out a rather unfortunate fact that washington post columnist ed rogers and contributing writer carter eskew perfective been working for the saudi government by the
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lobbying firms that each of them runs within twenty four hours of that intercept piece going up the washington post put out their own article saying that both lobbying companies have now canceled their contracts with saudi arabia and so apart from these journalists stroke lobbyists who else is the story really shine the spotlight on well there is one more name from the washington post itself david ignatius the paper's long time foreign affairs columnist critics have taken issue with his prose saudi stance this two thousand and seventeen op ed about the crown prince is a prime example although he was hardly the only person to write such pieces the new york times is thomas friedman is in the same camp and while he attempted a weak mayor culpeper about the news of disappearance i'm not sure many people are buying it it's important to know that this isn't just american journalists being called out for their prose saudi writing in britain the daily telegraph defense editor concord flynn has written a couple of articles echoing the saudi line about the show she's disappearance. one
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political commentator took kaufman's writing apart not just this piece but other articles too accusing him of churning out saudi propaganda kaufman deleted his twitter account soon after and neither he nor his paper have responded to the allegations a lot of fallout continues from the case moved to me and more now though because three senior journalists have been arrested there who are they and what else do we know about the case so these journalists are from the eleven media group editor in chief sure lynn along with managing editor nine men and chief reporter for why when now they were all arrested following a story that they were doing scrutinizing the funding of a transport project in yangon city the journalists were charged by the regional government using a colonial era law they said that the report could cause fear or alarm to the public and the rest of these men and indeed the practice of using years old laws to
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charge them is part of a growing passing that we've been seeing in me i'm just last month two burmese john that's working for what is why lone unsure so who began serving seven year jail terms for violating the official secrets act which dates back to nine hundred twenty three that ruling it's really important to remember it was handed down despite one of the government's own police offices telling the judge that the journalists had been the victims of a setup so thank you. after two consecutive terms in power and another landslide election victory this past april there seems to be little that can threaten the rule of viktor orban in hungary but that doesn't mean the project to consolidate his power in the media has in any way eased off in the eight years since or bands for their party swept to victory in twenty ten numerous media outlets have been shut down or seen drastic changes in their editorial line often after changes in ownership which is why our lawn bells rang last month when orban
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allies closed in on index dot h.-u. the last remaining outlet read and respected on both sides of the political divide in hungary so far so familiar you might say but hungary watchers are now observing the or banned media model gain a foothold in other european countries like russia donia and slovenia on the back of investments that some say seek to promote the hung garion prime minister is pan-european agenda the listening posts will young reports. april two thousand and eighteen. a landslide election victory gives young kerry and prime minister viktor orban the majority he needs to change country's constitution and the confidence to accuse media criticize him with being fake news minister going to get the thing i want indexed over there i feel he is going to. hit the
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next significant because of it in the index is read by about one million people daily where the prime minister calls one of the largest and most important independent news outlets a fake news factory it means he considers these one million people to be stupid in . less than four months after all brands like ization in september a member of the prime minister's ruling coalition took a few. fifty percent stake in the company that controls indexes advertising revenues. index journalists such as editor in chief the border crossing are on high alert. because of political additionally the most important question is how the ownership change will affect our independence we set up an independent barometer on a separate web domain from index if we feel that someone is influencing our work then we will change the barometer from independent to either risk or not free received and well you know what my name's over it is right for indexes there to be
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very very the other situation in the works was established back in line in ninety nine so i present this national together with online media in hungary it's sort of thing buys is online journalism quality online journalism in hungary as soon as a government proxies appear near these media outlets. it can move very quickly. in a change in its coverage or it can also essentially be shut down as it happened with vietnam. was one of hungary's last major left leaning newspapers when in two thousand and sixteen it was purchased and quickly shot down by investors linked with more brands for days party. since then more changes in ownership have been followed by more closures as well as notable shifts in editorial wind my garden and not build up your modern memes at one of hungary's most prestigious daily newspapers shut down immediately after the election ninety
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that idea was also shut down then had to balance a conservative weekly which had been critical of the government was also closed. this summer a new investor both here the hungary's most watched cable news channel on the day the new owners arrived a popular evening talk show was replaced by a dog or bad speech the intention. something new or there's a clear to everyone that's all that. but the majority or me or ego used to be a competitor of index and it used to be independent by now it has been completely degraded and has become a propaganda mouthpiece for the government all the tabloids cater for even more particular needs demands they do not function as media but rather as subsidiaries of the ministry of information directly executing government orders. one of those tabloids is ripostes just one of
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a host of relatively minor outlets that serve the bottom end of the hungary and media market. low information high on sensation and what news these outlets actually cover is dominated by outrage against the e.u. against migrants and against or brands political opponents. after two thousand and fifteen many new outlets appear out of thin air it's actually this something that you would probably characterize as this tabloid journalism it's a comic a version of him for america. it has been spreading conspiracy theories or essentially imported something from another country and now he is exporting its to other countries in the balkans. in recent months hungary and investors linked to or buy and businesses close to him effectively been subsidizing highly politicized sensationalist media in macedonia i'm slippin you're pushing m t migrant euro
1:42 pm
skeptic narratives with a large smattering of smears of opponents of the populist right much of the image of hungary under for days these investments seem to have little to do with profit making and everything to do with promoting a certain brand of politics at this early in the intervening media that is the right wing nationalist populist party the s.d.s. viktor orban personally campaigning for s.d.s. leader younis yang shot during the last election campaign. in macedonia and darien and media ark it's called for a boycott of a referendum on changing the country's official name to join the european union birth and in slovenia and gave media disseminates far right populist messages meant for them and you know recently slim is committed to comply with the view of the brit it is not possible in slovenia for a company to invest so much in
1:43 pm
a loss making media house these media nova twenty four t.v. scandal and democrats are not really separate entities but a single media what is published by one will appear on the others democrats see as an entire segment dedicated to immigration and each example is worse than the last there will be attacks on political adversaries based on unverified information i see it all as one big political propaganda machine which feeds on hate discrimination and lies things that are typical of propaganda not journalism. and the minute we must. get the investments in both countries have been crucial partly because they arrived just after the parties here were the previous owners lost power and as a consequence also the resources to sustain these costly media operations such investments cannot be rationalized by market incentives without this one david and many numerous media operations would have shut down if. i want to
1:44 pm
ask you colleagues today what's the state of our union last month the european parliament voted to trigger a so-called rule of law or procedure against hungary or government for its rolling back of civil liberties and human rights including freedom and to reality in the media the hungary and government has effectively silenced independent media a setback for bands of european projects but with elections to the european parliament just months away media investments in countries like slovenia and massey don't. could help keep european ambitions of mine. because it. is building relationships with other politicians in the central and eastern europe region in countries both inside and outside the e.u. on the one hand they provide know how to the media landscape how to set the public agenda how to run a propaganda media network on the other hand we see shopping to christians we know
1:45 pm
genuine business motivations as in hungary it is not lucrative to run a propaganda machine however it does pay off in politics as it sometimes often serves as a sort of early warning system when it comes to political developments because institutions or vicar here so political entrepreneurs come in and try to influence them they can be more successful. is simply finding his way through those vulnerabilities and i think it's something that could have in other countries as well if the media becomes this big. and finally a job in journalism isn't forever news rooms are cutting staff reporters get burned out and many other professions have better pay and better hours luckily though
1:46 pm
journalists have skills that can be useful in other lines of work writing researching interviewing and news readers have an additional skill set and all their style and clear precise delivery but doesn't guarantee us a future outside the studio this sketch by irish comedy trio for arms and hog imagines life beyond the cameras it's a bit close to home for me but i hope you will enjoy it and we'll see you next time at the listening post so. good evening it's. well that's just an informal chat so you can write. it says in your resume you read the news for nineteen years two thousand and five twenty fourteen i worked as a television news reader but i decided i needed a change change for the better the change for the best ok and then after you left news reading a word you were a little twenty fourteen with unemployment levels at record lows we find it hard to
1:47 pm
get work in other areas turning to hobbies i enjoy making oprah and social gatherings with friends or look at my sports we go over to college or if i can turn to a sporting interests include so i decide soccer but i was going to try bach is of course wishful thinking but into things govern when you look at the stars you just hope that work will commence in the spring or see what we can get lucky and good not. ok i was going to ask you to leave. millions of people across india miss out on medical care but a hospital train is delivering doctors and hope to those most in need. one want to use boards indios lifeline express. an al-jazeera. survival for haiti's poorest depends on illegal charcoal production. but for
1:48 pm
park rangers sworn to protect the dominican forests it can have deadly consequences . witness discovers the hidden world where the stakes for the environment and those who make their living from it couldn't be higher. death by a thousand cuts on al-jazeera. the naked truth the turkish president promises to reveal on tuesday the evidence he has about death inside the saudi consulate in istanbul german chancellor i'm going to merkel freezes on exports to. britain france and germany condemning the killing .
1:49 pm
this is al jazeera live from doha for me back to you both also ahead. as a nation we found. we thought. and. now shari australia's prime minister apologizes to survivors of institutional sexual abuse in a nationally televised address plus the long march north thousands of central americans looking for a better life head for the us despite president trump's rights to call in the military. thank you for joining as pressure is mounting on sanjay arabia to reveal all facts surrounding the matter. inside its consulate in istanbul turkey surprises and has set a deadline for tuesday to disclose details of his country's investigation into the
1:50 pm
killing saudi arabia's foreign minister has called death a grave mistake the saudi king and the crown prince mohammed bin simon who many accuse of having ordered his killing have offered their condolences to his family is continuing to give contradictory explanations about what happened jamal child begins our coverage with this report from istanbul. on sunday turkish president was a tape around seemingly sort of learned pool officially releasing the details of how he was murdered by. we're going to make it clear what happened to jamal khashoggi and god willing on tuesday i will have a group meeting and hopefully by then i will be able to find out what happened earlier yet another narrative was presented by saudi officials who had on saturday finally admitted to killing the journalist albeit by accident this time an unnamed senior official told the reuters news agency that special she died of suffocation after agents sent to negotiate his return to the kingdom put him in
1:51 pm
a chokehold and covered his mouth after he tried to resist by the afternoon the saudi foreign minister either roberto had another story true telling us pro trump news network fox news that his government still didn't know how she died and insisting that crown prince mohammed bin sandman had no knowledge of the operation there and want to people close to him who were involved in this operation there were pictures of some security officers who may have been part of his security detail from time to time but this is normal security people who deal in security details rotate among different officials close to mr conform and so having somebody in a picture does not imply that the host at all companies has denied this a compass is not aware of this even the senior leadership of our intelligence service was not aware of this this was an operation it was a rukh operation that doesn't explain however why this man madam a trip reportedly made four phone calls to bin said man's personal secretary during the time that's why should she was being killed and if as debate sees the senior
1:52 pm
leadership of saudis intelligence service was unaware why then hasn't made an r.c.d. it's deputy had been fired by royal decree questions too as to why send an autopsy experts if the plan was only to kidnap and why not quote a paramedic rather than dispose of the body and why would saudi officials have contacts to local criminals who specialize in disposing corpses unless they were intending to use them from the outset it seems that with every day that goes by the saudis have a different story as to how she was killed the only common error. of being that crown prince mohammed bin son man did not order this assassination nor was he aware of it but turkish officials as well as u.s. congressmen and senators say that's a lie what president one sees on tuesday in true sister or feel will not only prove crucial to this murder case but could potentially have an impact on the political future of saudi arabia. istanbul. well the murder of shogi has gripped the world the accounts vary but turkish prosecutors are sold on
1:53 pm
jazeera their evidence indicates he skilling was premeditated and planned the country accused of his murder has changed its stance several times since october second that's today has walked into the saudi consulate to collect routine paperwork but never walked out according to officials oil court adviser south qahtani and saudis deputy head of intelligence ahmed a siri were responsible for sending a fifteen member hit squad to turkey that group was sent to meet high shogi what saudi arabia says happen next in turkey goes as follows the end of the consulate there was an argument and some screaming members of the his squad trying to silence him they choked him he died an iq ensued and so with the help of a local collaborator they dumped his body as a diversion attempt someone wore high shelby's clothes and left the consulate through the back door a false report was then submitted which raises questions what was the original
1:54 pm
order given to the fifteen member squad where they are sent to turkey to negotiate kidnap or kill. says they wanted to negotiate a show of his return to the kingdom and the make up of the squad suggests something more sinister somewhere members of special forces there was a forensic pathologist a doctor and even a security guard of crown prince mohammed bin salman. speaks to al-jazeera simcoe lose in ankara for circus capital sim so all eyes are on turkey as president arroyo and says he will reveal what he calls the naked truth about demolish ogust killing and we know that he's had a phone conversation with present donald trump what can we expect on tuesday from president out on. well for all of the phone conversation between donald trump and dan is that to be. both sides agreeing that being determined and that everything everything related to juice case is clarified
1:55 pm
we don't know any other detail about their conversation regarding jamal khashoggi but i must sell that prisons are damn has been very determined since the beginning of jamal g.'s disappearance and he has been individually a follower of this case he has been in touch with the prosecutor's office and this is a tricky security who are tracking the details of this case tomorrow he is going to be speaking of around eight g. during during a parliamentary group meeting of his party but also today there is going to be a cabinet meeting and we are expecting that president talks to the cabinet members and ask for an inventory of bilateral relations what is this in the entries going to be about of course he is going to ask the ministries what kind of oil trade. which will in turkey and saudi arabia trade will the riches of their political relations cultural relations so he's going to have an in mentary to until to morrow
1:56 pm
but of course what is going to be another determinant about our don is also what donald trump is going to say because this is an open and situation this can end up with sanctions this can also end up with a moment when someone's dismissals if they if the case has enough international support from western countries we're not quite there yet but we are hearing that tamara shogi sin m. de marshal his fiance has been placed under police protection in turkey tell us more about that. well you know what the one of the most important a witness of jamal has shipped just this appearance was a teacher a turkish woman who said who is engaged with jamal khashoggi and according to the latest newspaper reports we have their. pictures from c.c.
1:57 pm
cameras that they have rented their house and they were about to get married and that's why. he went inside the building and she is the one who informed the turkish officers and jamal her shift is friends about his the ference after he went inside the consulate and she had him all while forms of jamal khashoggi so. what we know is that her teacher appealed to a stumble governor's office saying that she's facing she is she's risking her life safety and that's why stumble governor's office provided her so one twenty four is security protection beginning from yesterday but of course she has been outspoken and she has written she has written some pieces for washington post and other media and she has been informing the media about what went wrong how everything happened so it's quite understandable that she is facing some risks regarding her life thank you for that scene in kosovo live for us in ankara now let's look at what else the
1:58 pm
turkish investigation has revealed so far jamal khashoggi entered the saudi consulate in istanbul on october second he was killed within seven minutes his body was dismembered in fifteen minutes investigators were finally allowed into the consulate almost two weeks after the show he went missing they were able to isolate exactly where the murder happened there were traces of blood found suggesting a violent death for the mutilation of his body turkish sources say the hit squad contacted the private secretary of crown prince mohammed bin salman in saudi arabia four times during the window of time when the crime was committed this suggests the crown prince was good at getting updates we also know that the concert. general was in the building during the time of the murder he later gave journalists a tour of the consulate in a bid to prove had nothing to hide but then he left turkey last week this narrative leads us to believe the hit squad came to turkey with the intention to kill. a crime committed in a calm she looked cannot be carried out without the knowledge of the senior
1:59 pm
officials of the country if this crime is really carried out as he said if the evidence is really lead to that conclusion the situation will be dire and this must have very serious legal consequences. so where does the responsibility lie crown prince mohammed bin salman is not only heir to the throne and de facto leader he's also the minister of economy minister of defense and chairman of the council of political and security affairs which the general intelligence agency reports with all his portfolios there is an undeniable responsibility on the crown prince then they are the sacked officials we mentioned a tiny end of the theory where close aides to bin salman and by their own admission they don't act on their own they take their own insurrection from the crown prince paddy kohei now has more on us developments from washington d.c. . it looks like this is shaping up to be a critical week when it comes to the u.s. response to the death the murder of jamal khashoggi the u.s.
2:00 pm
congress has been talking about this pretty much nonstop they are demanding that u.s. president donald trump take some strong action the president trying to said let's see what happens on tuesday when they hear from turkey i think the best description and explanation of exactly how the two of the ministers is handling that is to look at the travel of the treasury secretary see what new sion he was supposed to go to this davos of this the desert the vestment forum and it was days and days of the top c.e.o.'s in this country from the tech sector from business. basically all the top media people they were supposed to go to this conference as well they pulled out minutia said he was still going to go then he said no he wasn't going to do that that on monday secretary minissha is going to be in saudi arabia he's attending a conference on terrorism financing so really sending the message that they think saudi is an important ally but at the same time that they want to show that there will be some kind.


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