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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 22, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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initially said she had left the consulate which they now admit was false all of this leaves unanswered questions what was the original order given to the fifteen member squad saudi arabia says they wanted to negotiate jesus' return to the kingdom and the make up of the squad though suggest something more sinister some were members of special forces there was a forensic pathologist a doctor and even a security guard of crown prince mohammed bin sandman. well let's look at what else the turkish investigation has revealed so far jamal khashoggi entered the saudi consulate in istanbul on october the second he was killed within seven minutes his body was dismembered in fifteen minutes investigators were finally allowed into the consulate almost two weeks after her job to went missing they were able to isolate exactly where the murder happened there were traces of blood found suggesting a violent death or the mutilation of his body turkish sources say the hit squad contacted the private secretary of crown prince mohammed and sandman in saudi
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arabia four times during the window of time when the crime was committed and this suggests the crown prince was getting updates we also know the consul general was in the building during the time of the murder he later gave journalists a tour of the consulate in a bid to prove saudi arabia had nothing to hide but then he left turkey last week now turkish sources say this narrative indicates hit squad came to turkey with the intention to kill the ability of a crime committed in a consulate cannot be carried out without the knowledge of the senior officials of that country if this crime is really carried out as he said if the evidence is really leaked to that conclusion the situation will be dire and this must have very serious legal consequences. so where does the responsibility lie crown prince mohammed bin sandman is not only heir to the throne but also the de facto leader he's also minister of economy minister of defense and chairman of the council of political and security affairs which the general intelligence agency reports to
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with all those photos of course an undeniable responsibility on the crown prince then there are the sacked officials we mentioned earlier last cd they were close aides to mohamed bin salamander by their own admission they don't act on their own they take their orders directly from the crown prince. still ahead on al-jazeera standing trial at the international criminal court the commander of a group linked to one hundred thousand deaths we report from uganda. rallies on the right protests on the left and bring you the latest numbers increasingly divisive presidential election campaign. i will say some cooler air extending into parts of northern europe over the next
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couple of days behind they slide of cloud just spilling out of scandinavia not a grassy sink its way further south was allowing some cold notably blast by the end of next week ahead of that cold enough for the south quite lively showers down towards italy and the balkan southern parts of italy seeing some really heavy rain most of back in the mix in some shop showers longer spells of right western side of the mat someone driving terror that has been recently signs that cooler up to the north london is struggling to get to twelve degrees celsius nonsenses there in moscow here's a very a cloud here that's going to continue seeking its way further south with the cold air tucking in behind that quite a brisk wind as well wet weather there into northern parts of germany poland pushing up into the baltic states still that wet weather just swirling away across central parts of the mediterranean of course it will affect northern areas of africa then. seeing some heavy rain that's also the case into the coastal fringes of libya south of that as well but it's better dry and clear i would also westward
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northern parts of morocco seeing some very heavy rain algeria also seeing some bits and pieces of cloud with a spot or two of rain from time to time. welcome
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back you're watching out time to recap our headlines this hour. the deadline being set by turkey's president to reveal all details of the investigation into the killing of. the one and don't trump agreed in a phone call and the need for clarity about what the saudi journalist saudi arabia's foreign minister is describing jews death as a grave mistake saudi king and crown prince mohammed bin many suspect of ordering its murder have offered condolences to his family. germany's chancellor says. the saudi arabia can't continue on the wall she calls the current circumstances germany britain and france have joined forces to say more must be done to establish the truth.
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voting has ended in afghanistan after parliamentary election mogwai violence preliminary figures say less than half of eligible voters cast their ballots at least forty five people were killed in taliban attacks in the hours after polling stations opened and saturday technical issues with an electronic voting system called further problems voting in some places and to sunday the interior minister says forty four people have been charged with interfering in the voting process more now from charlotte in kabul. afghans queue outside this polling center in kabul patiently waiting for a chance to vote it's the second time they've tried. of the nearly five thousand polling same tis four hundred was slated to open a day late after a host of logistical issues because of security threats only two hundred fifty six actually opened it is imo my name being as he would see some of by me yesterday we
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came here to vote but there were a lot of irregularities and the biometric system was not working and there was lack of employees at the polling center systems. as the voting system is very weak and slow the voting started from this morning but so far only ten people have voted. their resilience is counted in ballot papers and lives. the government deployed seventy thousand security forces to protect votes is this weekend the taliban said it would target the polls disparate to stop the democratic process the armed groups sees as an extension of american influence joy that i. want to see this is the time to be proud of our national army national police and our intelligence forces for ensuring security but still violence slipped through the cracks the ministry of interior tell it up nearly two hundred taliban attacks nationwide on saturday. the worst came in kabul just after sunset voting seemed to should have been closed at
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the time but were extended to cope with the long queues of people still waiting to vote a suicide bomber tried to enter a polling station more than a dozen people were killed and the father was said there's a good i was there was a blast and i fell down on the ground blood was everywhere and there were many casualties but i don't know what happened next. afghans knew they were risking their lives to vote the taliban have reminded them many times and yet they turned out in the millions defiant. yet of the nine million registered to vote one third turned out on election day it's sunday will take up another million ballots with two provinces yet to vote initial results will be revealed in three weeks. these are the third parliamentary elections since the fall of the taliban in two thousand and one if this is the appetizer the main course is the presidential election in april despite logistical and security concerns forces themselves more engaged in.
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kabul a former senior commander of a ugandan rebel group who is standing trial at the international criminal court. facing seventy charges including war crimes and murder was a member of the lord's resistance army it's linked to the deaths of one hundred thousand people and the abduction of twenty thousand children during the twenty years of war malcolm webb reports from kids and the lingering impact of the violence. loom the carbo was sixteen years old when rebels abducted him forced him to meet a latent kill mutilated him to eventually escaped and open this bar in northern uganda now it's his livelihood but he told us he struggles with the memories every day. i keep complaining. to can me from my home suddenly cut off my finger and part of my lips to punish me.
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the rebel lord's resistance army fought the government in northern uganda for twenty years it was one of africa's longest and most brutal civil wars there was a cease fire in two thousand and six by then the n.r.a. had forced thousands of children to become soldiers and sex slaves this man dominic on when was also abducted as a child now he's standing trial at the international criminal court in the push he rose to become a commander the prosecutors say he was then responsible for war crimes the i.c.c. issued arrest warrants for five rebels including the l r a's leader joseph koni who still at large went on wednesday only one is being caught but not only the rebels who are accused of atrocities people living in the villages around here say when the conflict began in one thousand nine hundred six the rebels frequently used this part at night they say that government soldiers assumed the local community was
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supporting them and so rounded up forty five villages and shot them dead right here . the memorial but many people here feel the hasn't been justice. uganda's army known as the u. p.d.f. declined an interview but in the past it said the rebels committed the vast majority of the atrocities during the war and its own soldiers face justice in military courts it's provided the evidence the i.c.c. needs to prosecute rebels which campaigners say is a problem it's clear that this cooperation could require a bit of a hands off what are you p b f b i unfortunately this actually taints the process because victims see it for what it is victor's justice one other l r a commander thomas quijano is facing charges here in uganda proceedings of drags on for seven years and many wonder why only two people are being tried those from the rebel side it's not one sided to justice with their social programs that are there to help the
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victims that are coming and then with all other development but now that are coming to encourage the community to open up to speak freely it's going to take time and we believe with the time it will be normal a rights group set up this documentation center in what was once the war zone massacres committed by both sides have been recorded in a database visitors can come and see a fairly comprehensive record of what happened but it's something that many here feel hasn't been reflected in justice malcolm webb al-jazeera uganda taiwan's president is calling for a swift investigation into how to annex how an express train derailed eighteen died in the incident on sunday rescue teams work through the night searching through the wreckage for survivors the train came off the tracks as it went around the bend more than three hundred sixty passengers were on board. hundreds of chinese
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emergency responders are racing to save eighteen miners trapped underground in eastern chandon province rescuers managed to have to pull two miners out in the twenty four hours after a rock fall blocked their tunnel only one of them survived after reaching hospital two others died after being hit by four in debris on saturday. thousands of refugees and migrants are walking through mexico headed for the united states they're part of a so-called caravan of people from honduras el salvador guatemala u.s. president donald trump is threatening to deploy troops if they don't turn back john home and let them along the road. along the turf to kilometer young and old men and women they keep on trudging it's a multitude at least four thousand people in the caravan that began in honduras. now they've made it through guatemala and into mexico in the last eight days they slept in the open and crossed hills and rivers. jonathan is only fourteen and
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traveling alone he's here for the same reason as everyone else he feels he doesn't have a chance in honduras. back home there's no work and too much crime. many like you sending are trying to get a new start to provide for their families being i mean i mean i'm good at the you got a six year old boy my dad and my sister i have to help them there's not enough for food i've had my electricity and water cut everything is expensive and there's not enough to live on for many the end goal is the united states that's exactly what president trump is putting pressure on mexico to prevent. the police constantly seem about to close off the route the caravan bunches together tenses up in the end the officers simply watch the people go. it's an event locals in the villages turn out to have a look some give what they can see. spirits are high but there's still
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a whole country to go their sons really beating down our own people the already been walking at this point for six hours they carrying their few possessions on their back as they go men women and children but things are only going to get more difficult for them as they go deeper into mexico. the country is notorious for its web of migration checkpoint. and for the gangs who prey on those traveling through solving an illegal simple and then me they know they're going to do from the authorities in organized crime drug cartels kidnap them and even kill them and that's been well documented that's why the old group together. for the moment that's got them another small step closer to where they want to go john homan. choppers urban rallies in fifteen states across brazil in support of far right presidential front runner higher bunsen are polls put him in front of his leftist opponent had an underhand dad ahead of sunday's runoff election have also been
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protests against those racist homophobic and sexist comments straightly as prime minister has apologised to survivors of child sexual abuse hundreds of people gathered outside parliament in canberra to witness the address which was televised nationally follows a five year inquiry which found tens of thousands of children of the in abused in schools churches orphanages and other institutions over decades muffled cries in the darkness and acknowledged tears the tyranny of invisible suffering the never heard pleas of tortured souls bewildered by any difference to the thinkable fifty of their innocents to die a stray or confronts a trauma an abomination hiding in plain sight for far too long al-jazeera and the thomas has more from camera.
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five years the ended at the end of last year looking into decades of allegations of sexual abuse of children in all kinds of institutions in australia and i heard some appalling evidence priests abusing children in church teaches abusing them in school sports coaches abusing them in after school clubs really horrific abuse going on and on and even though it was complained about by children time whistleblowers told local people local representatives politicians in some cases nothing was done the children simply weren't been leaked and this apology is in some way to address that along with four hundred recommendations about what can be done better in future this was a huge huge inquiry heard from over eight thousand survivor of sexual abuse or use the word survivors doggedly but i use it consciously because many many children didn't live long into the adult lives by other took their own lives because of the
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abuse they had suffered or in some cases there were some murders that went along on all of a so they were and they don't see themselves out of all of us the apology was given by australia's new prime minister scott morrison but it was a previous prime minister julia gillard who set up this inquiry back in twenty twelve and the real applause was for her in parliament during the apologies now all those listening in the hundreds inside polman house who were they've now come out and they're having lunch on the lawns behind me the prime minister is among them they really want this to be a line in the sand so that this apology marks the sport's the time at which nothing like this could ever happen again. and let's take you through some of the headlines here now just there now choose day is the deadline being set by turkey's president to reveal all details of the investigation into the killing of jamal khashoggi raja tired out of the island dawn trump agreed in a phone call and the need for clarity about what happened to the saudi journalist.
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saudi arabia's foreign minister is describing for sure g.'s death as a grave mistake the saudi king and crown prince mohammed in salamander many suspect of all during his murder have offered their condolences to his family germany's chancellor says arms exports to saudi arabia can't continue under what she calls the current circumstances germany britain and france have joined forces to say more must be done to establish the truth voting has ended in afghanistan after a parliamentary election marred by violence preliminary figures say less than half of eligible voters cast their ballots at least forty five people were killed in taliban attacks in the hours after opposing stations opened on saturday technical issues with an electronic voting system calls to further problems pushing voting in some places into sunday the interior minister says forty four people have been charged with interfering in the voting process taiwan's president is calling for
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a swift investigation into the deaths of eighteen passengers in a train crash dozens were injured as the humor expressed the rail does it spread around the bend on sunday rescue teams work through the night searching through the mangled wreckage hundreds of chinese emergency responders are racing to save eighteen miners trapped underground in eastern shandong province rescuers managed to pull two miners out in the twenty four hours after a rope for what the tunnel only one of them survived after reaching hospital two others died when they were hit by falling debris on saturday. the straightest prime minister has apologized to survivors of child sexual abuse hundreds of people gathered outside parliament in camera to witness the address it was televised nationally and it follows a five year inquiry which found tens of thousands of children being abused in
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schools churches orphanages and other institutions over decades it's inside story now every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories in the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they were called on the stories that matter the most listening pounced on al-jazeera. are not satisfied and apparent about face from donald trump after saudi arabia once again changes its story about jamal khashoggi killing but will he put pressure on riyadh and do his arguments about saudi arms deals convince anyone this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program on iraq on u.s. president donald trump says there is clearly deception and lies about how saudi
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journalist was killed and he says he's not satisfied until he finds answers his cause doubt on saudi arabia's explanations which have changed several times since crucial g. disappeared it's been criticized for defending the kingdom and refusing to give up lucrative arms sales to riyadh worth billions of dollars we'll speak to our guests in a moment but first party culhane reports from washington d.c. . trying to campaign on the west coast us president donald trump couldn't get away from the questions about jamal khashoggi is murder it was pretty much all reporters asked about as for the saudi explanation the president had this response well i'm not satisfied until we find the answer but it was a big first step was a good first step but i want to get to the answer he says that could come by tuesday but he again insisted that what is most important to him the money that saudi arabia spends in the u.s. the amounts of been changing over time one hundred ten billion four hundred fifty
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billion gets four hundred fifty thousand jobs four hundred fifty billion dollars six hundred thousand jobs it's over a million jobs but experts say those numbers are simply not true not accurate not even close the administration the white house is operating on this false narrative that saudi arabia that we are dependent saudi arabia that saudi arabia has arms purchases support american industry that they you know they we need them they don't need us that they can go someplace else that's not an accurate narrative and it isn't persuading saudis critics in congress or in the press who are increasingly pointing the finger directly at the saudi crown prince mohammed bin psalm on the publisher of who should use former newspaper the washington post is accusing saudi arabia of trying to cover up his murder and the editorial board is urging people worldwide to shun saudi arabia intil the kingdom changes writing the first step in
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that process is determining the full truth about the coup shoji murder and holding its likely author mohammed bin solomon fully accountable for the vice president joe biden seemed to agree the rest of the world is watching the united states of america we have let the world and they're wondering where the hell are we what's become of us and now. n.b.s. saudi arabia well i know my lord he's making excuses by the way you know that all expression some people bring a gun to a knife fight where you don't bring your own saws to flights the anger shows no signs of abating this is the straw that broke the camel's back as far as the united states is concerned that these other incidents i think he's gotten a pass on. he's not going to get a pass on this. it seems the biggest question in washington now how big of
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a price could saudi have to pay pedicle again al-jazeera washington. let's bring in our guest joining us here in doha manager professor of conflict resolution at george mason university in london andrew smith spokesman for a campaign against arms trade and in istanbul joining us on skype andrew finkel a co-founder of p twenty four and a foreign correspondent in turkey for over two decades a warm welcome to you all i would not so with you my how in chicago here in doha first in the last twenty four hours we've seen u.s. president donald trump go from saying the saudi investigation is credible to saying he's not satisfied but it is a good step at the same time we've had the saudis release a little bit more information about what happened inside that consulate when jamal khashoggi was killed why the about face why the turning around both from the u.s.
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president's and why the saudis releasing more information that seemingly contradicts everything else that's come in the last eighteen days the common link between the media and washington is both sides are trying to manage a crisis not to resolve the main question what happened and who should take the blame so it's more of a symbolic gesture of half admission the narrative in riyadh has shifted from oh he left the concert now he something happened and maybe he was killed by mistake it reminds me of the textbook of the views of the local to be crisis where he deny then after a few years to start admitting you know they buy it and then at the end he was dick he took the blame so from this side the from power i think he is trying to contain all of this shift within. that some congressmen some senators are pushing for a rupture with the area they believe it has become
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a liability he believes it is still an asset he is trying to manage both ways he has delivered in more than one not if to each community why the saudis what are the saudis up to they seem to be throwing out. summation the hope thing that something like stake in the narrative might change but it isn't nobody's believing exactly it's a tooley to wake of a narrative they did not they haven't given us in a thing to work with in terms of a cliffhanger coming up with some justification or illogical into the petition of what happened so this is the typical realists kind of behind normal conspiracy once it's blue in their faces they don't seem to have an adequate response then i don't i think they have also and that is to maintain the international pressure europe has pushed away and some other voices are now asking for the question what happened so this is i think something that m.b.a.'s and his advisers did not even think about it of that he was sure he was a symbol a guy who could have been raised from the first of the earth and nobody would ask
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a question and also believe this is something that illustrates a higher degree of overt of confidence and b.s. believed that he would have the cover up all of them but a lot of trump all the way but i think now it has blown up in his face let's bring in the view from istanbul overhead and you think a long time foreign correspondent in turkey surely all the turks have to do is release a comprehensive report of all the leaks that have taken place over the last eighteen days and that blows the saudi narrative out of the water why haven't the turks done that yet well in a sense they've been clever in that they're innocent drip drip drip at least the terrorists i think possibly to their own surprise have been in the driving seat behind its own narrative and they're the ones of course who have made it impossible for the cover up to exist they let it be known every day
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a different little story and different little different detail about what's been going on and the true horror of what happened when when. we went inside the consulate so in a sense it suits their interests better to keep the story on the boil this way rather than to just you know produce an indictment and then get it over but why is that why the drip drip drip why keep the story on the boil. well i think there's two reasons that i think one is that those that don't read genuine sense of outrage that this horrible murder happened on turkish soil and it happened you know under their sovereignty and now and in defiance so they're. already mr kershaw p. was fairly well connected with the turkish establishment and i think you know there are people who feel a genuine sense of outrage but on the other hand the they do have it does strategic interest in this in which they are trying to embarrass and undermine the you know
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the saudi leadership the crown prince they don't like him they may are on different sides of the fence in many issues america very happy to see is our party and status undermined radically in world opinion let's bring in andrew smith campaign against arms trade in london andrew the us president donald trump is almost ring fenced the sales of arms to saudi arabia saying it's just not worth putting that in jeopardy keeps using this figure of one hundred ten billion dollars a quick fact check of the figures suggest that it's nowhere near that amount of money a lot of this was negotiated on the obama administration and much of it is just letters of interest and no actual sales yet however the arms trade is now between the u.s. and saudi arabia is in thermally in the spotlight because of this all this ring fencing that's going on why has it taken the death of a journalist to put a spotlight on the arms trade between saudi and the u.s.
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. well for decades now the u.s. government has been by far the largest arms dealer in the world where it's been under republican rule where it's been under democratic rule and saudi arabia has been by far one of the largest buyers of u.s. arms in time and it shouldn't take the death of a journalist to put a spotlight on except shouldn't take the death of a journalist for politicians to reconsider whether it is right or wrong to sell weapons to one of the most abusive dictatorships in four bottles right now you are seeing the backdrop of the terrible compartment of yemen which has created one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes in the world and u.s. weapons have played a central role in that bombardment and yet the politicians who are no reason questions were all very happy for these arms sales to continue then they were perfectly happy for the arms sales to continue when u.s. bombs were destroying hospitals and u.s. bombs were destroying schools and when u.s.
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bombs destroyed a school bus only two months ago killing dozens of children what we need to see is a fundamental change an end to arms sales are varying from world ends to the idea of profit should be pure to head of human rights and human lives and i hope that if there's any good to come if this terrible atrocity i hope is but it does lead to change and that politicians do take action and that the voice of arms companies is no longer so dominant in the corridors of power but is always going to be the case when something is so valuable in this thought just the u.s. you have great britain as well which supplies much of saudi arabia's air force with its technology and weaponry of germany as well now germany has actually come out and says we're taking a look at arms sanctions however britain and the u.s. have not used such strong language why is germany leading the way on this why isn't it the u.s. all or britain. well in the case of germany actually what
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the german government has said and what the german government have done have not necessarily been the same thing for years and i have a german government is always an instance reconsidering arms sales to say to arabia and yet the arms sales have always continued it's the same with first spanish government which six weeks ago and instead was going to end bomb sales decided abia and then five weeks ago and i inspire actually it was doing a u. turn and they were going to continue the sales so it isn't just the u.s. and the u.k. that have got a rank hypocrisy at the heart of their foreign policy but in terms of what's happening in the u.k. we know where public opinion stands on the matter because paul after paul has shown that the vast majority of people here are firmly opposed to arm sales to say deity they are in fact paul taken in february fine but only six percent of people in the u.k. support these arms sales and with no reason to believe that the public and other countries is any less skeptical because ultimately the savior regime is one of the most oppressive dictatorships in the world and has committed terrible atrocities
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not only against its own people against the people of yemen and every government which has been selling these weapons as utterly complicit in the destruction which has taken place let's bring in mohammed should go you hear you've heard our guest there talk about both turkey both arms sales very central key components of the whole crucial g. affair is a geo political game being played here as well iran is clearly one factor saudi arabia and the u.s. will formulating a partnership sanctions are coming against iran what is royals view right now is why hasn't it weighed into the affair in a much bigger way this is what would call a smart strategy but by saying nothing oh wait for the regime to wane and maybe fade so the iranians have better have made the bait bet on how m.b.a.'s would screw up. religion and politics and i think now there is this immersion balance of power
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where the iranians have gained a lot of momentum in lebanon in yemen and elsewhere so i think that this soon. rivalry has come to a final point where however the been sort of man is normal pushing the saudis strategy forward at the same time i think trump is looking at both sides where he can do double containment both ways by talking about sanctions visibly the saudi regime if proved guilty of the hotshoe scandal as well as exit in the nuclear deal back in may so i don't see that it is an exit of this open ended search for a new bottles of power as a conflict analyst i would like also to mention that i have been skeptical about this turkish investigation i would say the same thing now about this report saudi investigation if these took up it was serious about giving us truth and they have
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nothing to hide it's about time the invite to your mission or a u.n. team of investigators to come and do a proper job or they're wise we will have more cup in addition on what is going to be able to remain a long process of investigation however the diplomatic the political pressure takes over more than anything else it's interesting you talk about the sunni shia rivalry but this is slightly bigger than that as well there is a sunni sunni rival going on here as well let me bring in and you think will from istanbul the turks of long viewed saudis dominance of the sunni muslim world with let's say jealousy or suspicion that they would like to take that role for themselves does this. present the turks with an opportunity to swing things back in their favor. well. i think they would like it to be an opportunity for you
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to do what you describe to gain control of the city well it is is it is or the leadership is is quite an ambitious and big project i'm not sure this incident will result cannot happening but yes they are on opposite sides are on many issues they were very upset with what happened in egypt in the fall of the muslim brotherhood in egypt in politics in the supports that the saudis gave to the successor regime their support of qatar perhaps turkey's close it that close its value at the moment there were and of course they're angry at the saudi treatment bad as you know a dispute in kuwait so where the turks are becoming more involved militarily so yes turkey is trying to flex its leadership and. this does give them an opportunity to undermine the major rival but of course what saudi has and turkey doesn't is
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is a huge amount of petroleum well and that of course makes it difficult to. write how to do to get a better handle andrew smith in london we're talking about countries head to have a terrible record on human rights saudi arabia turkey even to a certain degree when it comes to looking at prisoners the u.s. has a very sketchy record when it comes to human rights and now we're talking about the fact that human rights are but yet on the table where how do you to how does somebody like you take advantage of that. well yes i mean very as it's a really bizarre situation we're seeing rumors an issue of press freedom which the turkish government to some home on the right side of because i don't date that the turkish government i don't date the turkish government is motivated by some kind of geopolitical consideration as well because i don't believe it cares about journalistic freedom i don't believe it cares about human rights either but
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ultimately there is iran kapok or see at the heart of any foreign policy which is talking about human rights and democracy while carrying out the exact opposite against their own citizens and insofar as the u.k. position goes i think it's been influenced largely by arm sales in the u.k. government will do almost anything it can to maintain was arm sales to us a duty and will happily look the other way while it is committing atrocities that is what we've seen in yemen that's what we have seen after decades of abuse of saudi people and that is unfortunately what i think we are going to be intending to do in this situation as well but ultimately the question has to be asked that if the humanitarian crisis which has been inflicted on yemen is not enough to end the arms sales and that support been more would it take if the death of a journalist is not enough to end those arms sales and support what more would it take let's say actually that's an interesting question that's also that's also add to the other guess what would it take let's start with what would it take to change
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. i think we are looking at this worldwide more of an. opinion so i think this is a moment of through to where. souder is pushing for more rigid politike and realism while the rest of the world is considering some more politics so i think that roller has exhausted its political couple overseas and i would like also to add another point since you asked earlier about the geopolitics aspect of this i think now having not having studied how are the gun has managed to describe as i can tell that he has played his cards right and he has proved that he could be the only strategist within the game since he mannish to globally with washing them visit varia as well as mundane in his cups right with the kremlin in
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a more school with the iranians with the israelis so this is an open circle of shifts that are coming together and i think the saudis happen to be the and the overall loser of this process to a stumble now andrew think will praise their father the one always there he's played his cards very well that he's almost the only strategist in the region would you agree with that well over this incident of course they have played their cards well and one of the reasons they've been able to play them well is because they're in the riches this is on their side there was a murder committed on their territory and they expose that murder in you know way that you know the people may not approve but it was done in a very you know drip drip drip sort of way rather than simply laying their cards on the table but yes you're right is that on their side and they use that example of righteousness to very good parents but of course you know at a certain point they're going to be obstacles to just out. you know how they can
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move this agenda they've people said that you know this they're actually doing the american bidding over over this affair by by revealing what happened but of course it sent by their becoming an embarrassment to the united states and it did it has to be said that turkey is actually the thing that will that mitch turkey's ability to take a lead in the region is the fact that its economy is very weak moment and it's on the brink of a fairly serious economic crisis and in order to forestall that crisis in order to sort of get out of this situation is it really does require the goodwill of the international community the united states particular possibly let's say oh it's salary or qatar people who can can lend it money but so it is trying to end its isolation and that that. is a big priority and. there are limits to just out are you can play this game so it's
4:43 pm
all about limiting mode so as with limiting its isolation now it's your call you want to bring you in here limiting the isolation a lot of moving parts to this going on however at some point things have to get back to normal consolidation arabia can crown prince mohammed bin someone just very quickly weather the storm i don't think i can be optimistic about the future of m.b.a.'s because he has been tainted with crime and his legitimacy is gone so i think believe us the palace will try to push him to sort of skewer him for a while find a way to bring him back but visa vi what it's not just the case it's also the screw up it's also the a many war it's also how he did with heavy duty how he did it with several. governments so i think now he has become his own
4:44 pm
enemy is number an enemy number one to the regime itself the question remains is still is there is there is there any more power left to the king to decide or maybe m.b.'s has only to establish his own deep state that the regime cannot defy so this is a mother of. inside dynamics within the palace and that's just but let's just bring in the other i guess we are running out of time just very quickly andrew smith and london you see you say you have public opinion on your side when it comes. to saudi arabia a lot of the same question at some point the money will talk louder than public opinion and things are going to get back to normal of like. well we would hope that if there is any positive to come from this situation is that there is a fundamental it leads to fundamental revaluation because ultimately the saudi regime has been able to get we've been far too much for far too long but about has
4:45 pm
been the oppression of women in saudi arabia where it has been the treatment of political prisoners group has been the hundreds and hundreds of executions which have been carried out wherever it has been the humanitarian catastrophe which has been waged in yemen we hope that it isn't return to business as usual and we hope that there is a fundamental change thanks again to all our guests should go away andrew smith and andrew finkel and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by the visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story from am wrong card and the entire team here and life and up.
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stories of life. and inspiration. and series of short documentaries from around the mountain. that celebrate the human spirit against the odds come up with something something. al-jazeera selects change me. see. yami the sunday sun roof got a funny thing because of mama. raised on this roof is the name under which i reporter a regular user can record music is really going to trip my love for a very young musician it may come from jamaica what i feel that. it talks about just it's the quality books of all people old elizabeth are great in music has
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a message that's deeply relevant to this drug especially for the i think this is kind of all in all the right wing assault on our freedom to last questions and generally all freedom of expression and people you know are being targeted like students teachers activists filmmakers writers base all of them have been intimidated that's one of the arrested and people are on the street see the protest has reached our doorstep saw images as a weird legs all attempts to contradict something and it's. if you're in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when miss was that somehow time is aiming to replace america and going to run the world well the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china to on
4:48 pm
a just. al-jazeera it's swear every day you. turkish president. whole details about. killing will be revealed by tuesday. international pressure grows meanwhile on the german chancellor saying this is spending. over the killing indonesia calling for
4:49 pm
a transparent. this is down to syria live from also coming up a trumpet ministration says. thousands of south american migrants reached mexico on the way to the us. and australia as prime minister apologizes to survivors of child sexual abuse in australian institutions. turkey's president says all details about the killing of saudi journalists will be released buying choose day budget tiber the one says he'll make a statement from killing during his party's meeting at the parliament international pressure is continuing to mount on saudi arabia indonesian president joke
4:50 pm
a widow those joined calls for a transparent and thorough investigation into the killing this as the saudi king and crown prince mohammed bin man who many accuse of having ordered the killing offered their condolences to her family jamal begins our coverage with this report from a stumble. on sunday turkish president. really releasing the details of how he was murdered and by whom. we're going to make it clear what happened to jamal khashoggi and god willing on tuesday i will have a group meeting and hopefully by then i will be able to find out what happened earlier yet another narrative was presented by saudi officials who had on saturday finally admitted to killing the journalist albeit by accident this time an unnamed senior official told the reuters news agency that special she died of suffocation after agents sent to negotiate his return to the kingdom put him in
4:51 pm
a chokehold and covered his mouth after he tried to resist by the afternoon the saudi foreign minister either roberto had another story true telling us pro trump news network fox news that his government still didn't know how she died and insisting that crown prince mohammed bin said a man had no knowledge of the operation there want people closely tied to him who were involved in this operation there were pictures of some security officers who may have been part of his security detail from time to time but this is normal security people who deal into the security details rotate among different officials close to mr conform and so having somebody in a picture does not imply that the host at all companies has denied this a compass is not aware of this even the senior leadership of the intelligence service was not aware of this this was an operation it was a rukh operation that doesn't explain however why this man madam a trip reportedly made four phone calls to bin said man's personal secretary during the time that's why should she was being killed and if as dubious sees the senior
4:52 pm
leadership of saudis intelligence service was unaware why then hasn't made an r.c.d. it's deputy had been fired by royal decree questions too as to why send an autopsy experts if the plan was only to kidnap and why not quote a paramedic rather than dispose of the body and why would saudi officials have contacts to local criminals who specialize in disposing corpses unless they were intending to use them from the outset it seems that with every day that goes by the saudis have a different story as to how she was killed the only common error. it's of being that crown prince mohammed bin son man did not order this assassination nor was he aware of it but officials as well as u.s. congressmen and senators say that's a lie what president early one sees on tuesday in true sister or feel will not only prove crucial to this murder case but could potentially have an impact on the political future of saudi arabia. stumble. and of course all of joins us now live from and chris says that i'm way expecting. to go on to
4:53 pm
speak what are we expecting him to say. well sammy as prisons are gone the volunteer day he is expected to deliver each detail every single detail of this investigation the case which has been conducted by you stumbled prosecutor's office by the chief prosecutor's office is since the disappearance of john oktober the second of course until now the official statements given by the turkish authorities were actually a little and even the prosecutor's office didn't make in a statement or much statement let's say and the ministers that we have been speaking especially the turkey's foreign minister and justice minister have been saying that there is a judicial process ongoing that's why they don't want to speak anything in order not to harm this judicial process and in order to not to drop a shadow on the evidence is because since the beginning of jamal is this appearance
4:54 pm
and since the investigation has been lunch we have been witnessing that saudi arabia has been trying to spoil the evidences by conflict take conflict take conflicting narratives the state narratives so to morrow we will be hearing done explaining each day each detail for instance according to what has been delivered to media until now we know that there is an eleven minutes of voice recording beginning from the minute jamal khashoggi entered inside the consul general consulate building that eleven minutes recording is full of sounds of brawl and fights between jamal khashoggi and three other saudi national men so it is that it is the only evidence credible evidence right now besides the confessions by the saudi arabia but how ever we know that no one has has been able to learn get this voice recording so we will be hearing the details from prisons are gone
4:55 pm
and we just heard that took issue authorities made to me. listen to this voice recording when he came to visit on korea last week but foreign minister to wish all the said that they haven't submitted a track evolve to us u.s. officials until now it is also because turkey is watching very closely especially the moves of mr donald trump with mohamed mom because they are also sees that the u.s. administration at least trump and his and to raj do not want to give up on mohamed immediately as there are lots of contracts the years waiting and on the table for united states which means hundreds of billions of dollars that's why turkey try to be very careful about protecting the evidences everybody is waiting waiting waiting for president don speech tomorrow while holding their breath sami
4:56 pm
or now we understand sort of the investigation apparently turkish employees of the saudi consulate are being interrogated tell us what we know about the investigation so far. yes last friday it stumbled chief persecutors office started investing started. launched into a gate of forty five percent of the general counsel eight in istanbul and until the weekend do we know that twenty five of them were questioned by the prosecutors and twenty of them were turkish nationals nationals but most of the majority of the turkish nationals were from south the sin city of martin which is and are up to a native city in turkey that's why when i spoke to some some analysts and some
4:57 pm
officials they said that you know and in their statements were like we were all it was in our working day and we don't have any idea we didn't hear anything about that that's why. this source is the officials that i have been talking. just remind me that because of this blood connection because they are also are up the are a turkish national are employees in the late wouldn't be willing to give a lot but the interim continues the prosecutor's office is expected to complete four to four into a gate in four to five employees until tomorrow all rise in of course all new and so much. you know as growing international outcry over the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi in europe the strongest criticism came from germany with chancellor angela merkel calling for a halt in our to riyadh. first we condemn this act in the strongest terms as
4:58 pm
we made clear yesterday second there is an urgent need to clarify what happened we're far from having this cleared out and those responsible held to account thirdly i agree with all those who are saying that there will be a already limited arms exports can't take place in the current circumstances had to call home has the latest now from washington d.c. where the trumpet ministrations mixed response to her show jews killing is drawing growing criticism from across the political spectrum. it looks like this is shaping up to be a critical week when it comes to the u.s. response to the death the murder of jamal khashoggi the u.s. congress has been talking about this pretty much nonstop they are demanding that u.s. president donald trump take some strong action the president trying to said let's see what happens on tuesday when they hear from turkey i think the best description and explanation of exactly how the terms of ministration is handling that is to look at the travel of the treasury secretary see when you ssion he was supposed to
4:59 pm
go to this davos of this the desert the best man forum and it was days and days of the top c.e.o.'s in this country from the tech sector from business basically all the top media people they were supposed to go to this conference as well they pulled out the minutia and said he was still going to go then he said no he wasn't going to do that that on monday secretary minissha is going to be in saudi arabia he's attending a conference on terrorism financing so really sending the message that they think saudi is an important ally but at the same time that they want to show that there will be some consequences so the president's going to try and find something that would keep the saudi relationship intact but a peace congress because to send in the message that if they think what he's done is not tough enough then they'll act on their own. the murder of john g. is gripped the world the narratives vary but turkish prosecutors tell al-jazeera
5:00 pm
their evidence indicates his killing was planned saudi arabia the country accused of his murder has changed its stance several times since october the second that said they walked into the saudi consulate to collect routine paperwork but never walked out now according to officials saudi court advisors so the danny and saudis deputy head of intelligence at last siri were responsible for sending a fifteen member team to turkey that group was sent to me her job g. or saudi arabia says happen next in turkey goes as follows g. entered the consulate there was an argument and some screaming members of the team tried to silence him but they choked him and he died panic ensued and so with the help of a local collaborator they dumped his body as a diversion attempt someone was shown g.'s close and left the consulate through the back door and saudi officials initially said he had left the consulate which they now admit was false all of this leaves question unanswered.


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