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tv   Svetlana Zakharova  Al Jazeera  October 22, 2018 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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vote would basically destroy a huge amount of trust in british politics from the people who voted to leave the e.u. twenty six they would say we want to vote in twenty sixteen we were told our vote would be respected and now the good old politicians got together and basically cancelled our democratic vote that's clearly an absurd proposition because the people can't betray the people what will happen in this case is that having looked at the terms of bracks it's actually a different question from the ones who years ago that have seen the terms of break sit there live see that many of the things that daniel hadn't told us would happen two years ago because everything was going to be milk and honey when we did breaks it they haven't happened and they've reached a judgment what is significant i haven't seen the terms of writing that it's a ridiculous her oh this would be like saying we want to have an election and then have another level to have all this going is not a chance to be formed out on they will do by the time we have the referendum daniel because that's the whole purpose of having it is that move actually see what to make comes about from brussels with the first time we've seen it because two and a half years after the last referendum she still hasn't negotiated anything when we
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actually see that we the people then get the chance not the elites you're talking about we the people don't get the chance to give our view and it's done you let me ask you this question down there because you came on the show in twenty sixteen during the referendum campaign you made the case very eloquently at the time for breaks it your side won the referendum but clearly if somebody called for a second referendum a week afterwards we would laugh them out of town but given two years later things haven't quite got to go into those i'll hold on but where we are now is well done a lot of the cold beef there where we are now you know very well we have reports from the national farmers union saying food won't run out doctors saying there might be a medicine shortage the government saying we have to deploy troops to the border you know this is not how it was supposed to go there's no deal in sight there might be a no deal breaker there but there's no doubt i love those are regulars although not northern ireland was not debated in the referendum campaign the way it is now with there may be violence again in northern ireland which three quarters of english conservative voters say they're fine with as long as the happens things have changed surely must concede that you must have some you must be able to look back
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and say this is not quite what we promised i think it is extraordinary chutzpah. four people who immediately after the referendum started working to undermine it started signaling to brussels or they should hang tough and not concede anything we had three senior british politicians writing an article this week in a german newspaper saying don't concede anything to reason may because hang in there and we'll have a second referendum so people who have spent the last two years attempting to undermine any kind of settlement now have the front to turn around so all it's not going very well we'd better have a second vote i think the public will see through that but it's not going well can you please concede that large no i'm absolutely i'm absolutely confident that we will look back on bricks it is the right decision the european project is like a conveyor belt going in an undesirable direction towards more centralization more integration of fiscal harmonization military union all the rest of it brics it was a decision to step off that conveyor belt and within
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a few years will look back and wonder what took us so long and do you have confidence in your prime minister a woman who did not support brooks it and has as has lost the confidence of a lot of conservative m.p.'s and voters do have confidence in her to deliver that she won't deliver precisely the bricks that i wanted but i have no doubt that breaks it will still leave us better off than remaining would andrew bracks it's going to happen isn't it that's the reality and shouldn't you get on board rather than trying to undermine it i think then your hand is on another planet if he thinks the people in the look back and see this is anything other than a disaster but we're a democracy we still have the opportunity until next march to put an end to this nightmare that's where the public is and that's why i believe that the right course is a people's vote and if there is a people's votes then i think that breaks it will be overwhelmingly rejected when people see what the last one of penguin voters that their jobs are in jeopardy that they're going to be that they're going to be poor that there's the danger of when you're a paramilitary activity in northern ireland if there's a new border and defense and our security in jeopardy is well we'll have to leave
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it there this story isn't going away hundred journalists down your hand and thank you both for joining me on up front. there are some who say my next guest represents the future of the democratic party who here on kustra a former mayor in texas and secretary of housing and urban development under barack obama has been talked about as a future presidential candidate and was on hillary clinton's vice presidential short list in twenty six scene in a new book an unlikely journey waking up from my american dream castro tells the story of how he and his twin brother joaquin now a u.s. congressman both rose to national prominence with historic midterm elections around the corner what's his vision for the democrats in an age of trump. thanks for joining me on up front in your new book you describe your shock at trump's election back in november twenty sixth and you've said that people were quote trying to send a message about their frustration with washington d.c. but doesn't mean their frustration with the people in power in washington d.c.
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which was your boss then president barack obama well every now and then people will throw the middle finger at washington d.c. and you'll have a massive change election and there have been times when that has benefited democrats in times when that's benefited republicans. we have to remember that hillary clinton still got two point eight million more votes than donald trump in that election and so really it was your concerns that certain parts of the country have more than others and did a good job politically of appealing to certain folks raising dog whistles so that is that is that is the corollary to that that the democrats failed to reach those people in the same way that trump did it was a failure on the part of the democratic campaign and twenty sixteen you know the the election results speak for themselves around i mean we didn't win michigan we
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didn't win ohio we didn't win pennsylvania and so of course there was a failure there to persuade enough folks that president obama. i had persuaded just four years earlier but i think overall that the democratic message of trying to create opportunity for everybody making sure that folks get health care investing in things like brainpower and education that more people believed and believe now in that so you don't agree with someone like senator bernie sanders who lost the democratic primary standards and who said that the republicans didn't win in twenty sixteen the democrats lost he says that's his line well i think you know i agree that there are ways that we can make sure that we motivate folks more to get out and vote. and that anybody would acknowledge there are improvements to be made from two thousand and sixteen going into twenty eighteen and twenty twenty. what i think we can't say with the same confidence is whether with a different nominee there would have been
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a different result i think that's just you know i don't think you can say that you spend a lot of time discussing immigration in your book in your extremely critical of trump's cruel immigration policy of course family separations at the border putting kids in cages you'll based in texas how bad is the situation right now the border in your view well they're kind of to a sensor that number one donald trump has painted this picture of a crime ridden border zone this place where people are coming across the border like crazy in border crossings or near a forty year low and those border cities in my home state at least of texas like el paso and mccalla brownsville a few others are some of the safest cities for places their size in the united states and so you know he's sold a lot of americans a bill of goods with respect to the border and then secondly how bad is it well for those kids that are sleeping in the detention centers in that camp near el paso
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that are separated from their parents that are crying out for them every night that are going to be traumatized. as for a life it's a horrible situation i consider that an abuse of human rights what they're doing i consider it state sponsored child abuse and basically kidnapping of kids from their parents and so from that standpoint donald trump is an abysmal failure when it comes to treating people the way that they should be treated so it's great to hear politicians such as making some noise about what's going on it is outrageous what's happening at the border and you say it's state sponsored child abuse isn't the problem though that when democrats like yourself speak out against this a lot of people say well hold on you first have to reckon with your own record in office president obama was called deporter in chief by a lot of immigration rights groups he deported more people from the u.s. than all of the u.s. presidents of the twentieth century put together more than two million people and when unaccompanied children came to the u.s.
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in twenty fourteen he didn't take kids from their parents or the policy has trumped it but he did put kids in detention where some of them were abused according to recent reports that reckoning has to happen doesn't it within the democratic party with that part of the obama record i think that you have to look at the totality of the record there were also a lot of folks progressive democrats. and i think most proudly a lot of the dreamers the activists who pushed to the administration in two thousand and eleven two thousand and twelve thirteen fourteen to implement dhaka and then to implement. the way that president obama. and the administration handled a lot of these issues was night and day compared to the trumpet ministration and i think it's fair to say that the obama administration got better and better in terms of how it dealt with the issue of immigration as undeniably true and i think immigration going to be but the reality is children were detained under obama
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children ended up being abused in detention under obama and lots of people innocent people who would not commit to major crimes were deported some of them were killed . to being to put that don't need to be some expression of regret apology from the democrats that if we're going to trump on this rightly so we need to also be a bit more critical of our own record and i think people were critical during that time both within the democratic you were in ministration did you raise can there in the budget in fact i talk about in april of two thousand and fourteen. the fact that i said that i was not comfortable at the time with the way that the administration was handling the issue of immigration but yeah i mean i think what you see is you think you're going to see a future democratic administration should pledge not to do what trump or obama didn't put kids in detention under any circumstances i think that future administrations should say we're going to find a different way to do this we're going to find a way that both both these humane and keeps families together.
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and ensures that we don't inflict the kind of trauma the trump administration is inflicting on these kids and then also of course meets the needs of border security and we can do both of those and one of the ways trump is inflicting trauma is by using immigration and customs enforcement basically is a kind of some of called secret police but if you want to call it to stop oh yeah going into churches courthouses rounding up all sorts of people who should be rounded up a lot of democrats are now saying abolish ice including leading senators do you support that move to abolish i support figuring out how to reconstitute that division and i know that is somebody who headed a federal agency that these divisions of the federal government get improved and get reconstituted all the time and so to think that this division of the federal government is somehow saying quote saying it is not true it is confusing just when you say reconstitute is a abolition install the british are talking about is that we're no longer going to
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have any kind of in forstmann than i would say no you're always going to have border enforcement however. if what you mean is are we going to have the same kind of tactics the same kind of culture of the same kind of abuses that we've seen or even the same sort of structure that we've seen if it is to be honestly but not replace though i'm saying that the i think that ice can be reconfigured reconstituted ok just before we finish you haven't exactly been shy about your own presidential aspirations right now you have a democratic field of frontrunners of some pretty big names like vice president former vice president joe biden senators elizabeth warren and bernie saunders how do you expect to break through when you have these kind of big hitters already staking out their places in the field give make a decision after november as to whether i'm going to run or not if i make a decision to run then i don't worry about that i believe that when i start talking
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to folks there in those early states and. talking about my vision for the future of the country that i'll do great and if it is warren or saunders of biden one thing they will have in common all excellent politicians in different ways and they're all white and they will be in their seventy's do you think actually in two thousand and twenty the democrats should be putting forward a person of color who is younger i believe that next nominee is going to be somebody who's the opposite of trump and so it's going to be somebody that's trying to unite people instead of divide people somebody that is focused on the future instead of the past somebody that seen as honest instead of corrupt and someone i think who what about someone who is left enough for the democratic base is that you you've been called a pragmatist in the past you think you know progressive enough is quite a left wing democratic base right oh i believe that if i decide to run that i'm going to be fine in that regard yeah i don't have a concern about that i do think that that whether the issues health care or tax policy and so forth that the next nominee is going to be somebody that captures
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the spirit of where we are right now as democrats and there are a number of people that are. very talented they're looking at that race so more they thing else whether i run or not i'm glad that we're going to have just a whole bunch of folks up there and a lot of people to choose from and the question for you what happens if you and your brother joaquin both end up running for president one day because how would that work i mean i wrote a book about it he was a lay believe it was about to get his brother david miliband didn't work out so well for both brothers i'm going to do that have a range with that you'll want to get older in twenty twenty and he'll try if you don't do that. we are more like the klitschko than the military ok we're not going to fight each other. after thank you for joining me on that front. that's our show up front will be back next week.
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al-jazeera. swiss and. turkish president about job time out of the one says all details about jamal show jesus killing will be revealed tuesday. international pressure grows on saudi arabia and the news should join calls for a transparent probe into the culture of g.'s killing germany's suspends weapon sales to riyadh.
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i'm sam you say this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the trump administration says it won't let him fountains of south america mountains mexico on the way to the u.s. . and strangely as prime minister apologizes to survivors child sexual abuse in australian institutions. international pressure continues to mount on saudi arabia to reveal exactly how the journalist was killed turkey's president says he'll reveal all that turkish investigators have found out on tuesday indonesia's president has joined a growing chorus of world leaders calling for a thorough investigation djoko widows are told the saudi foreign minister full
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transparency was needed as a meeting in jakarta on sunday riyadh said the killing was a huge and grave mistake most observers are highly skeptical of the saudi story and the crown prince and king who many accuse of having ordered which of jesus killing have contacted sun two of offer their condolences on the death but almost three weeks since the journalist was last seen alive but we are just giving contradictory explanations about how he was killed jamal begins our coverage with this report from istanbul. on sunday turkish president seemingly set a deadline for officially releasing the details of how he was murdered and by whom . we're going to make it clear what happened to jamal khashoggi and god willing on tuesday i will have a group meeting and hopefully by then i will be able to find out what happened earlier yet another narrative was presented by saudi officials who had on saturday
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finally admitted to killing the journalist albeit by accident this time an unnamed senior official told the reuters news agency that special she died of suffocation after agents sent to negotiate his return to the kingdom put him in a chokehold and covered his mouth after he tried to resist by the afternoon the saudi foreign minister either dr baird had another story true telling us pro trump news network fox news that his government still didn't know how she died and insisting that crown prince mohammed bin sandman had no knowledge of the operation there and want to people close to him who were involved in this operation there were pictures of some security officers who may have been part of his security detail from time to time but this is normal security people who deal into the security details rotate among different officials close to mr conform and so having somebody in a picture does not imply that they're closed at all companies has denied this a compass is not aware of this even the senior leadership of our intelligence
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service was not aware of this this was an operation it was a rukh operation that doesn't explain however why this man madam a trip reportedly made four phone calls to bin said man's personal secretary during the time that's why should she was being killed and if as debate sees the senior leadership of saudi's intelligence service was unaware why then hasn't made that i.c.d. it's deputy had been fired by royal decree questions too as to why send an autopsy experts if the plan was only to kidnap and why not quote a paramedic rather than dispose of the body and why would saudi officials have contacts to local criminals who specialize in disposing corpses unless they were intending to use them from the outset it seems that with every day that goes by the saudis have a different story as to how she was killed the only common error. of being that crown prince mohammed bin son man did not order this assassination nor was he aware of it but officials as well as u.s. congressmen and senators say that's a lie what president heard one sees on tuesday in true sr
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a field will not only prove crucial to this murder case but could potentially have an impact on the political future of saudi arabia. stumble. sin and cos all new joins us now live from ankara so way expecting as one to speak tomorrow what's he expected to say those in the. some air down is expected to reveal each and every detail they are known details of this investigation case regarding jamal is disappearance one thing was important during his speech yesterday he said i will i will speak to morrow but in a different way but of course we don't know what that different way is but we expect that. as the top office will of turkey and the leader of turkish people he's going to be revealing every detail because turkish officials
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and turkish people also see this incident as just disappearance and murder as a violation of turkey so very nitty that's why turkey needs accurate responses because the saudis state rhetorical regarding democracy does this appearance have been changing in every minute and one of the new statements by the officials have contradicted contradicted the pier of yes once you know they have denied that jamal khashoggi. was lost inside the consulate they tried to dress up a saudi official in jamal for ship juice clothes and there are some information and pictures and footage leaked by some turkish authorities to the media which actually have to put pressure over saudi arabia and made them confess about jamal his ship is murder but of course for to morrow are done as it is expected to give political details what kind of measures should be taken by the international
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community or by the turkish government regarding this case besides the criminal case details. so we've got reports that some of the turkish staff of the consulate have now been interviewed by authorities that tell us where the investigation is going. well you know the investigation case is not filed because democracy which is body is still unknown i mean no one knows where the body is despite the saudis say that he was killed by an accident during a brawl inside the consulate but of course and now it is very important for turkey to reveal the details out sami but of course now the saudis are expected to give a brief. brief report actually to the turkish officials in a couple of hours today and regarding those turkish employees i will that's the
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prosecutor's office started to enter a get them last friday if forty five names were on the list regarding among the consulate employees then by the end of the we can't at this went to five of them were interrupted by the by the prosecutor's office so now this is a continuation the prosecutor's office is trying to finish questioning all four to five employees until prisons are gone makes a speech but one thing is very interesting about this into a geisha and. twenty of the employees the turkish nationals the employees were from martin southeastern city which is mainly are out and they all said the same thing we didn't see we didn't hear you were off you weren't working today so it's really it's we're really curious about the rest of the interim details all right thanks so
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much so in that. the u.k. and france have also demanded riyadh allow full investigation strongest european criticism has come from germany chancellor angela merkel says european countries should suspend arms sales to saudi arabia. first we condemn their sect in the strongest terms as we made clear yesterday second there is an urgent need to clarify what happened we're far from having this cleared out and those responsible held to account thirdly i agree with all those who are saying that albeit already limited arms exports can't take place in the current circumstances. party call home has the latest now from washington d.c. where the trumpet ministrations mixed response to a high sugar juice killing is drawing growing criticism from across the political spectrum. it looks like this is shaping up to be a critical week when it comes to the u.s. response to the death the murder of jamal khashoggi the u.s.
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congress has been talking about this pretty much nonstop they are demanding that u.s. president donald trump take some strong action the president trying to said let's see what happens on tuesday when they hear from turkey i think the best description and explanation of exactly how the trump ministers is handling that is to look at the travel of the treasury secretary see when newsham he was supposed to go to this davos of this the desert this in beslan forum and it was days and days of the top c.e.o.'s in this country from the tech sector from business. basically all the top media people they were supposed to go to this conference as well they pulled out the minutia and said he was still going to go then he said no he wasn't going to do that that on monday secretary minissha is going to be in saudi arabia he's attending a conference on terrorism financing so really sending the message that they think saudi is an important ally but at the same time that they want to show that there will be some consequences so the president's going to try and find something that
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would keep the saudi relationship intact but appease congress because this sending the message that if they think what he's done is not tough enough then they'll act on their own or the murder of jamal shoji has gripped the world the narrative's very turkish prosecutor then evidence indicates these killing was planned saudi arabia the country accused of his murder has changed its tone several times since october the second that's the day such a jew walked in the saudi consulate to the length routine paperwork but never walked out. according to officials royal court advisors so they'll call danny and saudi deputy head of intelligence and law to see if he were responsible for sending a fifteen member team to turkey and that group was sent to me. or saudi arabia says happened next in turkey goes as follows. g m to the consulate there was an argument and some screaming members of the team tried to silence him they choked him and he
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died panic ensued and so with the help of a local collaborator they dumped his body as a diversionary attempt someone water jug juice clothes and left the consulate through the back door saudi officials initially said it had left the consulate which they now admit was false all of this leaves unanswered questions what was the original order given to the fifteen member squad saudi arabia says they wanted to negotiate closer of jesus' return to the kingdom and the make up of the team suggest something more sinister though some of the embers of special forces there was a forensic pathologist a doctor even a security guard of crown prince mohammed bin sultan man let's look at what else the turkish investigation has revealed so far or jamal khashoggi entered the saudi consulate in istanbul october the second he was killed within seven minutes his body was dismembered in fifteen minutes invest.


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