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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 22, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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sure and there were there was a definite. what had caused this outbreak. in one thousand nine hundred eighty six the d.m. a dam was built across the cynical ready to boost agriculture in the river basin. it stopped the rivers flow near the sea and this was the start of the problem. locals remember that after the dam was completed his desire is. no more number they're not. he looked at. me go to. consider the impact of this one small dam on the population of the
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river above it it was absolutely devastating. in a matter of eighteen to twenty four months villages that had never had intestinal just as my sis went up to ninety percent prevalence ninety percent of every man woman and child in the village was infected. the down that was built to boost development the chilis stopped it for the rural poor. sisto causes stunted growth should still causes low physical performance shows still makes you feel sick how do you expect development to be successful at ending poverty if the people are sick. there's something called the poverty trap and she says my sis is the biggest
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element in it it really boils down to education if you can finish school you're going to do pretty well in life if you have just as my says it's not likely that you'll finish school. functions or maybe could be. useful for. improving slightly in the same or brought to my circus all of them to blues. but imo. you should download probably . investment. around them are forever. looking for new what to do while i'm building ghosts on three b.n. in dickens' on monday but i'm on. their performance doing.
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it's a chronic disease it does not kill people today it kills people later but consider this seventy five percent of the people in the senate race and have just as my says today you won't have economic development until that problem is under control it's already been proven it takes a very small effect at six level if you fix that problem you have a gigantic effect i mean you don't make development. the clue to how the damage caused this devastating outbreak lies in the complicated life cycle of she's still some isis like other parasites it is a marvel of evolution. it has survived over millions of years by lurking in rivers waiting for someone to enter the water. so what you see doodling around it's like a floating wiggle is the just so much self this is exactly how they would be if you could see them in the water as the clutter around like that and then find
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a human bridge is what they're looking for and burrow their way right into the skin without fluttering motion and. this is an act to love about to penetrate human skin. it's like a cycle of disaster those little arbor enter your body they lose their tail when they penetrate the skin and they travel through the bloodstream and lodge either in the liver or the blood or and reproduce they reference elves up together and start making eggs which is this pair is going to make around four hundred exhibit. some of the eggs get logged in the organ where they're stuck. and they rest of them get eliminated by the body in urine or stool. on contact with the river water the eggs hatch into microscopic luvvie that seek out fresh water snails
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in which to grow and multiply into thousands of human infecting organisms in the senate gold base and the dam slowed the water flow and created a vastly expanded habitat for snails. more snails meant to greater risk of infection and across the river basin and the snail population erupted. so a solution was required that did more than treat the symptoms it had to deal with snails . just downstream of lumps of village is a water point choked with reeds and aquatic grass and ideal breeding ground for snails. you know the length of the argument before you will be allowed to refute. the people khobar india ferebee bill or. your even peabody will.
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alison and a research team collect snails. a set of time to capture periods ensures accurate comparisons between weekly collections. we do two things we follow the humans and we follow snails because the humans get just zero from sales so every week we go to the water points of the villages and we collect snails we bring them back to the loud and see if they're infected or not. we wash them in distilled water not tap water because the chlorine could kill them then we put each snail they can spread to stow the under the light perhaps an hour and at that point we'll look at them in the microscope one by one and will be able to see the. larva infected snails. the
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intense light mimics the midday sun the time of day that snails shed the dead leashes to some minuses lobby. it also happens to be the time when people escape the baking heat to cool off in the river. we look to see which trails are shedding the larva because you can see them with a ling around in there so then we know what percent of the cells are infected. amadou is one of the children who raised his hand in the classroom and. walk to work why is it illegal only deledio but it's a little down settle down the good. to say of.
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in there only good would open the gate when you put it in a huge meal in the song to soon want blood used because your still a difficult. task i'm all in it ending in. the next year. design bob's really good at analogous one. they did on metal a sad. little. money. i'm a do and his father work a small and not meant where they grow rice. the damn brought water for irrigation but these irrigation canals extend the reach of the disease. whatever is in daddy moved in the biggest i don't know just did the lid a little good they would just let them it was a sound that it can really do if it can learn to be i just do going to die i need
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to lie down. in an attempt to control the disease the world health organization recommends that every child in affected areas receive a free dose of the drug prezi quanto once a year. i don't i'm not. going to want to. it's not the first time i do has had to take the drug he has lived with just to summarize this for some time and they're going to be the vote of all the government i'm wondering defames on new name you know google it to don't know what. another part of our job as health representative is to ensure that all children get
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their treatment. that would mean we. won that year was the logic of leading down a good many different lou this is about our border there would have been. a dog up for. good don't know when the top would sum i mean listen. to the throughout it all morning. the number of pills a child needs is determined by the height. of . the. market now and then and for michael but he'll get up and i'm not going to be. me down we'll get to.
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zero. in the summer i. mean my island enough but the hole in some. bigger children need to swallow a number of pills in a single dose a tough challenge for. a. rally on the. local. was a hell of a son of a doctor so i knew of economical. blue rolled well mughal in one lady obama but i didn't get a blur. yet even if they do manage to get the pills down it is not enough to keep them free of the disease on them all. but you don't know
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the. wealth of. the only drug that we have kills them worms inside you but it won't prevent you from getting reinfected tomorrow when you go to wash the dishes or three days later when you go to swim in. thirty years later there's actually no cure. piled up there. at all or not if you're. in the part of pacifism. but distribution of even a single dose a year seems impossible only a small percentage of the millions of people who need to present on to get it. the biggest problem i think that anybody faces in trying to treat or control
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schistosomiasis is the scale of the disease it is everywhere. besetting all river basin itself is larger than the u.k. it's huge so imagine trying to find small communities of five households spread out all over the landscape. it's tragic they can't distribute prize he caught all in any meaningful way i'm sorry to say had been in senegal fifteen percent of the people at risk actually get the treatment. elizabeth was convinced that there was a completely different solution to the problem and the two was back at the dam wall . but boy and his sons lived by fishing in the estuary below the dam wall. like his father before him budge fishes for prawns
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a once abundant species now they're difficult to find. boss agog get. up get a bit. before the dam prawns thrived upstream in thousands of kilometers of freshwater away and only migrated to the salty estuary to lay their eggs laying in the new. agreeable get up and. they were having a feed bottle. you know i mean if you bald. bud to only find prawns against the dam wall he's convinced they can smell the sweet water on the riverside. border be. with us most of the harm done. by out. do you live
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in that a global sort of. it would be. worth a thousand. you deal with would be a fairly. the province life cycle involves needing to go to salt water to reproduce the female only migrates it goes to estuaries lays its eggs there and then she and the larva move back up the river that's the natural cycle because the dam prevented them from reaching their breeding ground the species became extinct but the wall. could it be that the poor ones are the missing link between the building of the dam and the disease it's triggered they knew the dam system they knew that we know that dams cause she says my sis but how does it cause just as my says. we
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discovered that by removing the predator of the snail this population exploded. the prime disappeared this snail population exploded the disease exploded so bringing back the problem is like understanding the mechanism of disease you understand the mechanism of infection you bring in the predator back to control that snail population and any you can control system. elizabeth solution lies outside a medical approach she plans to bring prong back into the river but had dam wall sits between a good idea and its realisation. most memorable moments with al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square talking.
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if something happens anywhere in the world al-jazeera is in place we're able to cover news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. and that is our strength. when the going gets tough many bangkok slum dwellers are forced to borrow. she may be kinder than your average money lender. she may have more patience. but make no mistake. she means business. granny loanshark because of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. challenge your perceptions. colorful documentaries.
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debate some discussions you've been out there with the protesters on the streets where they've been telling you. discover a wealth of award winning programming from around. the world from a different perspective. on al-jazeera. the headlines on turkey's president says he will reveal all on tuesday about his country's investigation into the killing of. earlier wretched time i want to donald trump spoke on the phone and agreed on the need for clarity about what happened to the saudi journals indonesia's president has joined other leaders in calling for
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a thorough investigation into these deaths djoko we don't know told be visiting saudi foreign minister that the world expects full transparency these comments echo those from germany the u.k. france and others earlier saudi foreign minister either bad describe the show to use death as a grave mistakes mistake and denied that crown prince mohammed bin sandman was involved saudi king and crown prince who many suspect of ordering the killing have called family to offer their condolences on his death. european leaders say they are concerned over president trump's plans to pull the u.s. out of a cold war era deal on limiting nuclear weapons germany wants nato members to assess the consequences of the move u.s. president donald trump said on saturday it was scrapping the deal because russia was violating its terms russia has rejected the allegations and warned that a possible u.s. exit would make the world a more dangerous place rebels in the democratic republic of congo have killed at
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least fifteen people and abducted a dozen others most of them children it happened in beni a region on the border with uganda where many armed groups operate it is also the epicenter of the most recent ebola outbreak the world health organization has suspended operations because of the violence australia's prime minister has apologized to child sex abuse survivors for what he calls a national tragedy some survivors were in parliament for scott morrison's televised address some welcomed his apologies other say it was too little too late five year inquiry detailed how the children were abused for decades by people in positions of power and trust in churches schools orphanages and other institutions a rescue teams in taiwan works through the night searching through the mangled wreckage of sunday's train crash the poor human express deal railed while speeding around a bend killing eight hundred passengers those are the headlines we're back with the
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news hour in half an hour right now it's back to life lines. ever since the d.m. a dam was built thirty years ago the people of the senegal river basin have been ravaged by schistosomiasis also known as bill has here. when the down was built the river prime which is a migratory species disappeared from the dam that allowed the snail population to explode and once the interaction between humans started happening and the infection big was present. just just exploded. in two thousand and twelve elizabeth started to project chris vet to test
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a theory that poems could solve the she still problem. the project aims to measure how effective they are in getting rid of the snails that a host to the parasite in the river. but first she and local health worker and a son and i run a trial at a small test site at village. because this is a migratory species we thought well how are we going to keep them there so we built a enclosure around the water point. at. the water point is used by over eight hundred people if just a few individuals urinate in the water it will keep the cycle of infection going. what's interesting about this parasite is that can actually change the behavior of the human and give the human the urge to be when the human is up to in the water
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because the parasite wants to survive it wants to get in the water to hatch the egg these are hundreds of swimming larvae that hatched when fed to do urine was mixed with water in a laboratory. when the project started almost every snout at the test site was infected elizabeth will need hundreds of protons it had idea is to work. and so it is to her roots are more than three and a hostiles and kilometers away that she must go to find them. the low b. rate and is much the same as the senegal weather was before the dam was built. like the fishermen in senegal my ban in london traps prawns but there is no dam here and
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so they are abundant. as off the land or shall i. get over my compound fund for sick ok first call today as far. as a marginal cubical my. thank you for local mass salted aopa and should i let it run. my banner has caught three hundred and kept them alive for elizabeth. these problems occur in rivers unknown the entire west african coastline.
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why are we re storing this animal that has to migrate to reproduce why don't we bring in some other prime the reproducers and precious water that will do the same job and the reason is that we really are dedicated to restoring biodiversity restoring indigenous species is the best thing to do. in to no be rethought the poem my cycle hasn't been interrupted not even i want to fold will stop them from climbing up to fresh water off that they have bread in there with a mouth. even tiny juveniles propel themselves upstream by hopping from rock pool to rock. under natural conditions this plan would migrate fifteen hundred kilometers up river it's range is fifteen hundred kilometers so it's actively travelling up and down the river all the time. we were really worried about the cost of air freight because the most expensive aspect of shipping fish is the
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weight of the water that you have to ship in. makes me kind of nervous because it's a really really long journey it's four or five hours from here to do. a seven hour flight time on the ground and then another five hours to santa we where we even get to take them out of the boxes and then we still have to transport them to the river to reverse so there can be casualties. the plane lands at two in the morning eighteen hours off to the poem's left.
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there's always a risk that it won't work but we're trying very hard to do it. i don't think this is a crazy idea. i think we're doing it the most responsible way that we can. next is a number trip to san luis and then on to the red. dawn and the last leg to the water point at lums. the entire trip has taken twenty six hours. looks like they're looking for just let me go out that way if i don't run at third of the poems have not survived the journey from chama right. now they are going to
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do. that. little bit is a little. less sun intently transfers what's left of the precious predators to the new environment. what i've been rewarding to get rid of them in the next i want to hold their good for neck laid them from two other to good. they're going down you know and you know part of me on feeling that i'm going to read you mind to be good when you know me with them when you deftly cribbage you definitely made my thunder think i'm grooving on my to do that i may have to go left keep you as you can for them the whole not going to read you know if you were in that and. told.
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them not to. let. people know that you did. a lot rests on the success of project prove it not only is just to some isis infecting those who entered the river but their teen years after the construction of the dam a new disaster is starting to be felt. cancer and organ failure killing young adults who have grown up with chronic she's to some biases. a mom i damaged lost a son to the disease. control look at who were going to. be the old bill would be would.
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have been. able to. google it will remember homework that. we. may be going to be duped on your new home if you want to be. or woman more or less. doctors have not been making the link between chronic she's to some isis and it eventually consequences but alison and other local health witness noticed the connection. we. know moment i. mean what i'm learning dr. affair with in their mortgage if i'm over without hartman me i'm in your hometown you me going in and you're without a home when you're done whatever. so. we're just.
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not removing them at the moment. you know if i want to begin our. eye doctor to make of it didn't work out a minute you only one other. cancer is taking young adults in their prime all along the river their stories of loss. also lost his son to the disease it's. hard to give but. when we would. when we do get out. need i like a boat get own land. lugano i'm not going to be marrying them would marry up what i thought. now you put a manifesto in three about. the fallout on a lot. when we did that. yeah the devil again.
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i was in the mornings i woke again and diaphragm and. it's. back at the richards told hospital where the crisis was first recognized dr tom let's talk turns to the link between schistosomiasis and the epidemic of all good family and cancer. it's a crisis that adds to the burden of those who have already suffered the disease for yes. or no worse than the other don't call for said. our legs i'll be able get off the ship before we're out of. there to complete the choice but to call them are not issues. in the but the beginning of.
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this it with you that goes on to a. hindu culture. if i think that the circuit better may go to the very same co-operated not just going to show you prove your god to get out of those interests you know for what i want to see my little ball in little circles in your pool because you'll. move in on do it while it is just a song if you keep it on tilt also likely see this you those sixty six ers working for the devil will sleep on the local. self itself then fuck off to the us you still in the delta. don't think for the other fifty a lot of. a lot of us successful.
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they've been where we are in the in the mood to need a homely with something a clue didn't have. to do we were there because you're bright and. friendly do you do it will because it will but in what i'm going leaving would be good. i'm going to take their way they'll buy them a. new table of home without you don't get what i'm going to sound like what we in new he does in yellow in the movie to hell you couldn't think what i'm going to certainly could be doing though there would be seal to one who did it. but nearly all of the one of whom we did one can we did.
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at regular intervals and his son runs a test to check how affected the on the water point had been. the menu with either the much anticipated putting new bit of wood even with yourself. when you buy the item it. will really have. to. draw my jake. or that children swim all day all year except when they're in school. they're in the water and you can't blame them because the temperature is a hundred degrees you know it's impossible to get people out of the river and we
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wouldn't want to that's their culture the river is like the recreational center a leisure center for the whole village. if the pronto eating this nails at the test site they urine specimens will indicate a drop in infection but the results are better than expected. and five we knew it was absolutely stunning to realize that in six months you could reverse a thirty year old problem that's been completely out of control the primes eat the snails transmission is completely down and. at consequence of this drop in infection is visible at the annual wrestling tournament which pits boys from lamsa against those of other region it's a. four
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bedroom world grew up from a lot. of pressure. to win is to bring on a village. in the past and themselves had struggled to put a team together but today i listen and watch as the healthy young villager compete and ring his ballot for the fair hearing. so if green fiction is dropping how can this trend to be extended into the river basin thousands of kilometers of waterways. project prevent strategy to restock the whole river basin with prawns is ahead cherry. but these west african problems have never been bred in captivity before one of the most challenging aspects of this health program is nothing about health at all it's about breeding the pran in captivity in and out with culture setting. it it's never
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been done before it's a huge challenge to get it right and to get it right in a way that can be replicated here in senegal. ordinary we need f.s.b. to hold in the main gate in the new development of a more targeted than you're going to wind my mum they're part of a modern. very them didn't do them but have been the legs were the part of the good you're going to internet. what if it really only works after the third generation that they adapt themselves to the conditions of a hatchery so that they're producing at the levels of nature so it's a very very painful process of trial trial trial getting to the point where you finally get the first. eventually we should be able to release about ten thousand a month that's not
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a lot in terms but it's completely irresponsible to release that many crimes into the river knowing that they can't reproduce. and soon it's back to where the problem started in the first case. and the dam will cannot be wished away but there is a tried and tested solution that works of elsewhere. environmentalist's in other parts of the world have built fish that is to allow salmon and other species to maintain their migrations but in africa many dams and few fish lead is. at the. elizabeth means adama the engineer in charge she hopes to convince
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him that restoring the health of people upstream is in his hands. c o busying is this because of that so where did all this to begin to us is this in sort of every day when he does sound. margaret people say may says is used in india more often to be fair. one i would say is certainly. what i think about a lot of people. following plenty of you. can do so if it's a facade looking for more. of have a better beverage to say just go to ski specified with me to sleep or do they make the c.d.c. . says invisible. one testimony. that was stuck in focus that. if you knew enough to do this is real politik.
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so days one more challenge the d.m. a dam is jointly operated by four different countries all will have to agree that the prawn is a good idea. we need to understand that were ever dams are built it will have negative consequences on the environment and on human health i think the dam builders need to assume their responsibility to fix the problem that they are creating it. and this it is for me. are you speaking late at length the idea of crohn's is catching on and babs for good reason.
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eighteen months into the project and a new round of tests reveals that less than six percent of lumps. show any signs of she still some biases the prawns have done their way. you. don't want to. rolled out one where you can get can it really when you know we often don't have the logo my thought on a. monitor don't want to be ignored if. i'm going down the maybe i'm aware of only from. now when you call every new door. that's going to bring up the i'm going in and out of it i'm going to call for you without you. and down the
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test site there's a small celebration. we have not had an infected sale at this site for the last eight months it's phenomenal. we don't need to change people's homes we don't need to change people's lives to to ensure those minuses we can and just do today with the province and present mantle. think of the children think of development in the future if you can come up with a solution that controls the snails and treats the disease which we have both in and you can change people's lives without changing their culture and you're restoring their environment too. it's our job to tell people to stop swimming in the river it's our job to make the water clean.
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he said and you are deaf and they think could have written a new doctor standard transmission of the new york on the control room for you why do research when economic time is something out of one hundred. when you mean when you are measuring muscle i've been aboard of her home running on gentlemen for the amount of time do i. i mean knowing just how many american you know what our college. toss kind of interest is in a while but when you can get. rolled out of the make known and when you can.
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from dusky sunsets if you springs event. to sunrise the top in asian metropolis hello again welcome back to international weather forecasts or are seeing some nice weather here across parts of southern brazil the frontal boundary causing some weather we saw earlier is to the north and from rio over here to us and c.n.n. we're looking at partly cloudy conditions quite warm for since you know at thirty one degrees but that's going to change as we go towards tuesday where we are going
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to see more rain in the picture as well as some cooler temperatures down here for one as odd as in some up partly cloudy conditions there as well or speaking of rain we are looking at a lot of heavy showers here across parts of western mexico and that is all due to two tropical systems there on the map right now one hurricane want to tropical storm and those are going to bring some flooding rains now over the next few days the tropical storm we do think is going to become a tropical depression and weekend but that hurricane is something we are going to be watching because it is going to bring some flooding rains in the possibility of some mudslides and landslides over the next few days and then here across united states we're looking at some very cool air coming in from the north all the way down here towards the southeast not a lot of clouds but a lot cooler air in temperatures only getting into the mid teens across much of that region and as we go towards tuesday it is going to stay quite cool still across much of that area with clouds down here across much of the south. the
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weather sponsored by qatar airways. bolshoi ballet's prima ballerina discusses the pain and sacrifice behind the two to the wall of origin putin's russia the pain starts from the very beginning of the ballet school. our bodies are not physically prepared for what we have to do so had lama zarko told talks toward his ear when the news breaks and the story of billions the fight against isis is still continuing in the arm bar desert when people need to be heard. and the story needs to be told by families status and wealth has benefited from their trust outside of people al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on air and online i'm his story say for the people every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories told through the eyes of the world's journalists these
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three reuters journalists were one of the few journalists in baghdad that were actually doing investigative work join the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter them and see bias the rights to those stories but then he never publishes the stories they're listening post on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes turkey's president vows to reveal more of what his country knows about the killing of. in
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the saudi consulate. international pressure grows on the kingdom indonesia joining calls for a full and proper investigation into. germany suspends weapons sales. concern in europe over u.s. plans to scrap a deal on limiting nuclear weapons russia says it would make the world a more dangerous place. plus attacked in the night with no one to protect them congolese villagers accused their army of abandoning them to rebels. who you sportswear. cristiana rinaldo prepares to make his return to manchester united in the champions league. international pressure is growing with every day on saudi arabia to reveal exactly
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how journalist. was killed inside its consulate in istanbul almost three weeks ago indonesia's president djoko we doto delivered the call for a transparent and thorough investigation to saudi foreign minister bear a few hours ago they met in the indonesian city of volgograd it is believed to be the first meeting with a foreign leader since g.'s disappearance of turkey's president richard type one says he will reveal all about what his country knows of the killing on tuesday turkey's investigation goes on five turkish employees of the saudi consulate have been giving statements to prosecutors but riyadh continues to give conflicting explanations about how was killed. reports from istanbul. on sunday turkish president rich of tehran seemingly set to that line releasing the details of how he was murdered and by whom. we're going to make it clear what
9:51 pm
happened to jamal khashoggi and god willing on tuesday i will have a group meeting and hopefully by then i will be able to find out what happened earlier yet another narrative was presented by saudi officials who had on saturday finally admitted to killing the journalist albeit by accident this time an unnamed senior official told the reuters news agency that special she died of suffocation after agents sent to negotiate his return to the kingdom put him in a chokehold and covered his mouth after he tried to resist by the afternoon the saudi foreign minister either debate had another story true telling us pro trump news network fox news that his government still didn't know how she died and insisting that crown prince mohammed bin sandman had no knowledge of the operation there want people closely tied to him who were involved in this operation there were pictures of some security officers who may have been part of his security detail from time to time but this is normal security people who deal into the
9:52 pm
security details rotate among different officials close to mr conform and so having somebody in a picture does not imply that they're close to at all companies has denied this a compass is not aware of this even the senior leadership of our intelligence service was not aware of this this was an operation it was a rukh operation that doesn't explain however why this man madam a trip reportedly made four phone calls to bin said man's personal secretary during the time that's for sure she was being killed and if as dubious is the senior leadership of saudis intelligence service was unaware why then hasn't made an r.c.d. it's deputy had been fired by royal decree questions too as to why send an autopsy experts if the plan was only to kidnap and why not quote a paramedic rather than dispose of the body and why would saudi officials have contacts to local criminals who specialize in disposing corpses unless they were intending to use them from the outset or jim attache or joins me live now from istanbul such about what more on the investigation.
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well a bit more information again coming out today just in the past half an hour the state run television here in turkey to see is released still picture of a diplomatic vehicle a saudi diplomatic vehicle which police say that they've just located in one of the car parks in istanbul so interesting to know that the the vehicle still had the diplomatic plates on it the fact that this information is being released almost three weeks to the day when. she went into the building never to come out again is interesting but this comes off the roll so more footage was released by the security services this time through american news network c.n.n. which showed just how complex the plan an operation to assassinate jamal khashoggi was according to this footage that was released by the security forces
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here in istanbul you see this body double essentially that was flown mino by the saudis entered the consulate he comes out swearing or the late eighty's clothes wearing a fake beard in an attempt to try and show that dramatic she left the consonants when he never did remember that was the initial narration that the saudis gave. and then he gets into a taxi that taxi goes through one of the central areas of istanbul and without any kind of sense of emotion at least on the face the man who's wearing this. goes into a toilet takes them off comes out has lunch and then he's seen joking with his accomplice just a couple of hours after it's believed she was killed and his body dismembered the fact that the turks to release this now again in light of this idea that the saudis have been pushing that they were just merely trying to rendition him is telling they're trying to say that this is not the case if you wanted to take him on kidnap
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him why send the body double why go to all the. those lengths to. to try and convince people that he was still alive that he left the building and so forth if it wasn't in in their intention from the very beginning. and tomorrow we know that president turkish president has been meeting with his cabinet today and he says sent to make further announcements about the investigation tomorrow what more are we hearing about that well i mean it's telling because while as this is taking place and the people monitoring this story have been following gets through the closest of details. there has been this concern particularly amongst human rights organizations and amongst friends and family of. some sort of diplomatic deal would happen that would maybe whitewash or at least cover up some of what's happened however today just in the past couple of
9:56 pm
hours i'm not sure if this folks person of the ak party the ruling party president one party said that any talk of a deal is unethical this will not happen and continued with the promise that the turkish officials have been giving from the very first day that they would not allow for a cover up so everybody is waiting to see what the president will say on tuesday will he come out and disclose more information will he take political measures in terms of maybe reducing diplomatic representation expanding such some people demanding that some people who are accused of this murder behind it over to turkish authorities we're not quite sure about turkey's position with regards to whether they will be looking and viewing get this primarily i won't say wholeheartedly because i would be naive but primarily as a criminal investigation primarily as a murder investigation primarily as something that's threatens international law and the vienna convention all of that will be scrutinized depending on what
9:57 pm
president. sees on tuesday. thanks very much jim in istanbul. now the u.k. and france have also demanded riyadh allow a full investigation but the strongest european criticism came from germany chancellor angle of merkel saying european countries just suspend arms sales to saudi arabia is there some of the first we condemn this act in the strongest terms as we made clear yesterday second there is an urgent need to clarify what happened we're far from having this cleared out and those responsible held to account thirdly i agree with all those who are saying that there will be it already limited and six ports can't take place in the current circumstances. or hushovd is murder is increasingly becoming a bipartisan issue in washington with members of the u.s. congress strongly condemning saudis latest admission and pressing for strong action here's mike hanna from washington. in his element on the campaign trail but
9:58 pm
president trump cannot get away from persistent questions about jamal khashoggi initially described the saudi report concerning the killing as credible but less than twenty four hours later retreated from this position in our washington post telephone interview strongly criticized in the saudi explanation saying obviously there's been deception and there's be lies at the same time he continues to defend saudi arabia as an incredible ally and keeps open the possibility that the crown prince had no knowledge of the murder. this is at odds with members of congress the powerful republican chairman of the senate foreign relations committee accusing the crown prince of complicity using his initials and b s if you look at the rocky mistake he made and carter where without even talking to us they put in place the blockade he also has made some mistakes and obvious they've gone forth and murdered
9:59 pm
this journalist he's now crossed the line and there has to be a punishment and a price paid for that in and again i'm not rushing to judgment do i think he did it yes i think he did it and a bipartisan call for punitive sanctions we are expel formally expelled the saudi ambassador from the united states until there is a completion of a third party investigation into this kidnap murder and god knows what followed that occurred in istanbul this ought to be a relationship altering event for the u.s. and saudi arabia that we ought to suspend military sales we have to suspend certain security assistance and we ought to impose sanctions on any of those that were directly involved in this murder this really ought to be something that causes to do a reexamination of our relationship with saudi arabia this is something that president trump is reluctant to do but he would find it politically damaging to veto
10:00 pm
sanctions legislation in congress that would likely get strong bipartisan support mike hanna al-jazeera washington well kimberly how could say joins me live now from washington so kimberly how how people they have been digesting all of these particular the shifting narratives coming from saudi arabia. yeah well if the us. administration terms of the trumpet ministration certainly is taking a cautious stance and in advance of us elections i can tell you that this is not playing well with ordinary americans given the fact that it seems that this is ministration is currently speaking out of both sides of its mouth what we heard my colleague mike hanna reporting there certainly donald trump is now acknowledge that there has been some deception but at the same time we still hear the administration defending its relationship with saudi arabia calling it an incredible ally.


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