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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 23, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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they must strike with the european union if it is to avoid crashing out of the e.u. in march of next year she highlighted that the issue of the money had been settled that britain will pay to the block the issue of e.u. citizens rights here in the u.k. and vice versa but she did refer to what she called a contentious issue of the border between northern ireland arts of the u.k. and the republic of ireland now she did go into some detail saying that. the original backstop as it's called the idea to avoid the hard border which would threaten not peace agreements the backstop that the proposed originally and which was agreed to by by ministers is not acceptable to her because it would create a division down the irish sea cutting off northern islands in terms of customs arrangements from the rest of the u.k. she's put her own proposal which hasn't been accepted by brussels so she has
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floated in the last few days the idea of extending that transition period to try to get a trade deal which gets around the irish problem but she was on the defensive and said that she is not at the moment considering an extension. the bricks it talks are not about my interests they are about the national interest and the interests of the whole of the united kingdom. serving serving our national interest will demand that we hold our nerve through these last ages of the negotiations the hardest part of all it will mean not giving in to those who want to stop bricks it with the politicians vote politicians telling the people they got it wrong the first time and should try. and it will mean focusing and it will mean focusing on the prize that lies before us how is all of this playing out for her and i deem in other words how much trouble is sheehan.
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well the pressure is mounting on her because that idea that she could extend the transition period and for further time keep the u.k. in the customs union and single market years after the referendum was held that's really angered a lot of her backbench m.p.'s you might meet them on wednesday she faces the cabinet to morrow but there are also already been briefings to newspapers here in britain some of her and he's talking about being in the killing. tract in criticism for being using violent language but suggesting that a leadership challenge is in the offing dozens of m.p.'s of try to start the ball rolling on that already and some of her allies within the party are now saying that her plans just won't wash the checkers plan as she calls it is the basis for what she's hoping for a deal with the you and that's just not pleasing
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a lot of her own party here in parliament the next few days will be very tough for her but it's very possible that in fact there is no alternative to theresa may to take the negotiations forward but the crunch time will come when if she does come back with a deal will it pass through parliament and if it doesn't they've been promised a meaningful vote there are many many unknown as yet all rights anything thank you . the weather is up next and then the ivory coast rubber growers are getting caught in the middle of the u.s. china trade war. hello again good to be back or watching a lot of rain here across parts of turkey and that is on the increase over the next few days and you can see that quite clearly here on the satellite image so we have
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here as we go towards tuesday as some rain here crossing over from syria into turkey but the big increase of rain as we go towards wednesday particularly in eastern turkey as we get that rain into those higher elevations a little bit further down towards the south baghdad it's going to be a cloudy day for you winds coming out of the south at thirty four because at city we do expect to see about thirty five degrees in your forecast well the shower threat here across the gulf has come down and we're not going to see as much rain as we had seen over the last couple of days probably not even any rain but we do so expect to see maybe a cloud or two in the forecast so for doha we do expect to see thirty six degrees it's going to be over here towards the western part of saudi arabia that we do see the clouds anywhere from mecca over here towards riyadh and in those clouds there is a potential to see a few rain showers or two as well then down here across parts of africa well not looking too bad for cape town most of the clouds will be towards the north and over the next few days warm conditions winds coming out of the north for cape town with the temperature there of twenty seven degrees durban at twenty five degrees and
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then as we go towards wednesday a lot of sun in the forecast and durban at thirty. u.s. citizens obstructed from saving their families as the crisis in yemen worsens some have fled the horror of war only to be entangled in bureaucratic limbo with their lives and dreams of a future. explores the old real effects of trumps immigration policies. between warring on the back on.
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the like on the top stories on al-jazeera turkey is really our party says it has a responsibility to reveal the truth about what it calls the savagely planned murder of journalists. and saudi arabia's consulate in istanbul turkey as government has rejected allegations its bargaining with the kingdom about its investigation and in the search for a body police have been inspecting a saudi diplomatic car found in istanbul three weeks after his disappearance meanwhile in tunis as president has joined a growing chorus of world leaders calling for a thorough investigation djoko we doto told the visiting saudi foreign minister a full transparency was needed his comments echo those from germany the u.k. and from. we fail to listen and we failed to provide justice those were some of the words delivered by australia's prime minister as he gave
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a national apology to survivors of child sexual abuse scott morrison emotional speech follows a five year inquiry which lifted the lid on decades of horrific crimes in churches schools and other institutions andrew thomas reports from the capital camera. for most the apology is decades over a five year inquiry which ended last year heard from thousands of victims who asked children suffered sexual abuse by people they were supposed to trust priests in churches teaches in schools carries in orphanages coaches in sports clubs the stories of what they inflicted are appalling to die a stray or confronts a trauma an abomination hiding in plain sight for far too long there are so many survivors as most prefer to be called that a ballot was held to get into parliament to hear the apology others watched outside
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well then ian demarco fought off a catholic teacher who tried to abuse him and he saw the teacher abuse others demarco was selected to hear the apology in parliament but last week he was wary of what we said yeah i would like to hear what i have to say. and what they plan to do is ensure that it doesn't repeat itself. after hearing the apology demarco approved of the tone and nature just fantastic. this isn't the end this is the beginning this is the beginning of a new era hopefully where people in prison so authority. interest the children for their own personal interest during his two speeches and meeting people on the lawns outside parliament scott morrison was at times heckled some feel he's a hypocrite but what his government is currently doing to refugee children held in the prison island of nuru is
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a new form of child abuse others feel this apology is too little too late hundreds of people were here in person to hear the apology but thousands were not many don't wait before they got the chance to hear an apology to them by an australian prime minister a chair was left empty at the front of the hall to symbolize them and many others boycotted the apology altogether some feel angry that institutions such as the catholic church continue to receive hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayers' money to run schools and that compensation schemes don't go far enough so many people lost their large in committed suicide what are we doing for their families. sorry only goes so far after thomas al jazeera camera or the latest suspected attack by rebels in the democratic republic of congo has killed at least fifteen people fifteen others mostly children were abducted the attack in beni near the border with uganda could be
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a major setback to containing an outbreak of the ebola virus marianna hons has more . yes they are techies came in the middle of the night as they have so many times before the true cost of the violence in and around the northeastern city of binny only clear the following morning in addition to the deed at least fifteen a missing most of them children aged between five and ten years old the fear is they'll be forced to fight alongside they kept is just our right and they took people outside and shot them in our neighborhood they can seven people living here down there nobody in a man is now able to operate without fear so on a public. street in all these no security you know any more of them was not the funeral procession became a protest march mourners confronting congolese troops who day say have yet again failed to protect them they believe rebels from the ugandan elijah democratic
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forces are responsible it's a safe guess idea if rebels have killed more than seven hundred people in the last four years. the i.d.f. was formed in neighboring uganda back in the one nine hundred ninety s. moving to the democratic republic of congo after failing to tune uganda into an islamic state in ghana says they're aligned with somalia's fighters and binny is vulnerable to another killer at least one hundred eighteen people a did from an a bola outbreak but the world health organization has suspended operations due to the violence oh people in the north face say president joseph kabila has abandoned them. but he does how many times we can so did in the home as soon as it is time for us to take charge of security if you're here now believe the president's promises that the killings only and maybe on the whole and al jazeera.
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africa's all this leader has won a seventh term cameron's president won seventy one percent of the vote despite a low turnout and election violence eighty five year old has been in power since one nine hundred eighty two opposition parties are calling on supporters to rally against a legit vote rigging and fraud despite a ban on any protests last week cameron's constitutional council rejected opposition calls for a rerun on sunday several cities were placed under lockdown with troops deployed outside a number of opposition candidates homes. rubber tree growers in ivory coast are emerging as the latest casualty of the trade war between america and china it's africa's leading a exporter of the valuable commodity nicholas haq reports from the ground law who forest where this white gold is collected.
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they call this bleeding the tree. for substance the world is addicted to now at the center of a global trade war it's lee takes it is purest form found in tires phones toothbrushes satellites or mattresses it is an essential element of daily life and so deep in the ivorian forest where you get a book goes from tree to tree scarring them for the precious liquid. it's a craft passed on from generations it's an art form that keeps us fed and brings us a regular wage unlike cocoa or coffee natural rubber is collected all year round planters sell it to factories that pay them a monthly fixed wage but prices have been slashed by almost half since the beginning of the year. trump is imposing two hundred billion dollars in tariffs on china the world's largest manufacturer of rubber goods. china in response imposes tariffs on synthetic rubber the west produces while in the short term this
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is bad for african producers in the long run some hope the continent could benefit from this trade war. so a little more are tunneled come we have a lot better you have the labor and the know how to one for eight eventually the water will come to us to get there obama and all month. ivory coast is africa's biggest producer research is underway to develop more efficient seedlings to produce more and better quality rubber natural rubber has been around for hundreds of years and yet scientists know so little about this it's in its purest form it's stretching in strong and no one yet has been able to reproduce it researchers here are trying to protect natural rubber plantations because the world appetites for this substance continues to grow. the quality of synthetic rubber does not match what is found in nature scientists are genetically modifying seedlings to make them
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resistant to disease discovered deep in the amazon forest and planted across africa in asia by colonizers it was nicknamed the devil's milk because it fueled conflict and destruction unaware of the global trade war and despite falling prices at the calls rubber white gold at least for now nicholas hawk al-jazeera ivory coast. well you may have not have heard of her but mary marisol was once considered the darling of europe's far right youth movement sees recently shunned the political spotlight but the niece of marine le pen leader of the national front in france has a new venture as an assassin butler reports on the aussie set up a political institute which critics see as a platform to spread a toxic ideology. she has dropped the look pen name but mario marshall is part of
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france's famous far right political family his marine le pen leader of the anti immigration national front party marshal quit elected politics last year to embark on a new venture opening a conservative institute called essent in the french city of lille included he said the idea of essential is to offer an alternative education one that will train new leaders in politics or economics with a new approach elites who are patriotic and rooted in culture and history. there were sixty students it isa and more than a dozen lecturers the marshal a former m.p. the school is another way of doing politics and religion different tomorrow in a dozen different critic i saw today we are seeing a moral and political capitulation in this country there's a sense that france is weak and no longer wants to be powerful we are not political activists our teachers are not elected officials but we have a political approach in the noble sense africa's politics for me is serving the community what is the. student take nair is
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a young prison or to put her involved in right wing politics what if in the going to caress her group or more is most business schools teach the same thing capitalism is destruction of the family multiculturalism like shells africa service of education to create a pattern of the leaders and face of unbridled liberalism but critics of the institute say it's a thinly disguised training camp for the far right party of and their firm. is also part of the far right that wants to train managers candidates and activists and bypass a university system run by people whose beliefs the despise each separate location in leo is not by childs ancient goals made this their capital so to the resistance for those looking for french roots they run deep here mariel marshall says that her instinct is about selling her political. rants of racism campaigners here and they
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are disagree they say the school is propagating far right i did in an attempt to give them mainstream acceptability of. creating the school allows the far right to spread their ideas and teach students to communicate them there to which messages work and which don't they learn propaganda which is what you would expect from a political party but not a school. wants to make france great again to do so she'll need the support of a new elite power has so far eluded her fresh spin on far right politics to put it within her grasp it's al-jazeera france. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera turkey's ruling ak party says it has a responsibility to reveal the truth about what it calls the savagely planned murder of journalists. in saudi arabia's consulate in istanbul turkish government
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has rejected allegations it's collaborating with the kingdom about its investigation and president order wants spokesman says his government will go to the end to reveal what happened to. this matter is going to be brought to light with no reservations and no questions whatsoever this. the president has had to telephone conversations with the king of saudi arabia the joint will was to find an acceptable solution to the matter rather than create problems between the two countries on the search for her body police have been inspecting a saudi diplomatic car found in istanbul three weeks after he disappeared and indonesia's president has joined a growing chorus of world leaders calling for a thorough investigation jochen we doto told the visiting saudi foreign minister full transparency was needed africa's oldest leader has won a seventh term cameron's president paul b. i won seventy one percent of the vote despite
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a low turnout election violence eighty five year old has been in power since one nine hundred eighty two opposition parties are calling on supporters to rally against a legit vote rigging and fraud despite a ban on any protests last week cameron's constitutional council rejected opposition calls for a rerun. the european union is urging the u.s. and russia not to scrap a cold war era treaty which bans short and medium range nuclear missiles the german government says donald trump's plan to pull out of the i.m.f. treaty is regrettable u.s. president accuses russia of violating the deal signed in one nine hundred eighty seven kremlin says u.s. withdrawal will make the world more dangerous and australia's prime minister has apologized to child sex abuse survivors for what he calls a national tragedy survivors were in parliament for scott morrison a televised address some welcomed his apology others say it's a little too little too late a five year inquiry details how the children were abused for decades by people in
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positions of power those are the headlines inside story is up next on al-jazeera. can saudi arabia get away with murder the kingdom continues to deny crown prince mohammed bin selman ordered. killing turkey's president is promising to reveal the quotes naked truth about what happened in istanbul the saudis be pressured to hold a credible investigation this is inside story. hello
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and welcome to the program i'm peter adultery the naked truth about the killing of jamal khashoggi techie's president is vowing to reveal a whole on tuesday three weeks in and this will be the first official release of the details on officially tech you sources have repeatedly leaked gruesome accounts of how the journalist was killed and his body dismembered three weeks ago he was missing for two weeks before saudi leaders eventually admitted his killing by mistake inside the consulate in istanbul their story has changed since then the phrase rogue operation is the latest what isn't changing as the kingdom's insistence that the crown prince mohammed bin solomon did not order any killing as the international outcry continues critics a skeptical that the heir apparent didn't know anything about it and that's why guests in just a moment but first let's hear now from turkey's president. we are going to make it
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clear what happened to jamal khashoggi and god willing on tuesday i will have a group meeting and hopefully by then i'll be able to find out what happened because we are looking for justice here we want simple and street justice it will not be achieved by some simple steps we will make everything clear fifteen people came here subsequently eighteen people are arrested or detained so all these pieces of information need to be clarified and on tuesday i will go into details of the situation. saudi arabia's foreign minister his death was quote a huge and grave mistake to be denied the crown prince mohammed bin so mom knew about the operation the minister telling fox news the crown prince is not aware of this even the senior leadership of our intelligence services were not aware of this this was an operation that was rogue the individuals who did this did this outside the scope of their off already there obviously was a tremendous mistake made and what compounded the mistake was the attempt to try to
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cover it up that was unacceptable in any government these things unfortunately happen we want to make sure that those who are responsible punished. ok let's get going let's bring in our guests today all in washington we have alley who's the director of the gulf affairs institute and a former saudi political prisoner we're also be joined by matthew broad skee a senior fellow with the security studies group in d.c. and finally on skype is mustapha senior fellow with the cato institute center for global liberty and prosperity he's also a contributing writer to the new york times welcome to you all. first if i may come to you how isolated are they feeling in riyadh right now i believe they feel extremely isolated for the first time in the western governments have
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targeted. saudi arabia in general but specifically the rolling family for criticism when you see the u.k. specifically who has been the greatest the greatest defender of the saudi monarchy making such statements then this is a great indicator of the isolation of saudi arabia is still however the country or the government feels it has allies within the arab world in egypt in the u.a.e. and others but. you know that only it's in the west it's position has as diminished greatly in the past two weeks matthew coming to you also in washington horses it's about the leadership they don't seem to understand that since day one they've been hemorrhaging credibility with this. i think now that it turns out that they decided to say that they were responsible for it or at least elements within the government
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were responsible for that it was taking time to figure out exactly how they were going to handle the situation as far as credibility certainly it has taken a shot as a result of this i think a lot of the reporting has also taken a shot most of the leaks which came out happened to come from a state run news organizations that were that and that up giving out details that happened to turn out not to be true so there was also a way in which other regional governments were of course trying to use this crisis in which to in order to benefit themselves but i mean it's a tough situation clearly for the kingdom mustafa as far as the ultimate response is concerned and we don't know what will be yet will probably several weeks away from that perhaps months does that rely on the troops coming from riyadh not riyadh's truth not even a truth that's acceptable to washington but from the administration but the real
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truth. well first of all let me say that riad taking responsibility in this is not very credible because right after the disappearance of two marco shipped to the first thing they said for four days after the incident the crown prince is he came in and he left and you can search the consulate we're all safe and you know we're proud nothing nothing went wrong so they insist that there was nothing wrong and all three weeks of exposure is by the turkish authorities by the turkish media and ultimately western media going after after after day finally had to admit that democracy it was killed on that day but now they're saying giving us another story saying that he was accidentally killed and so on and so forth and i think that's not credible either and i think we will see the exposure of this second line of defense if you will in the days and weeks ahead i think a lot of people who look at this objectively without falling into the agenda of any
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government that bianca or washington or riyadh can see that there is really good but i also think that this was a yet another operation to crackdown on dissent by the saudi crown prince and his is all establishment which was the very thing that jim allchin she too was writing about this was one reason he was out of saudi arabia and he didn't raise his voice and that is the main reason he was killed. the more that donald trump. because he has to because he has to react towards what people might pump aoe saying does that make the powers that be inside the royal palace in riyadh does that make them look even more alone. absolutely i want to make sure that the to point this out that the president despite his. detractors has been the most vocal american presidents on the saudi human rights issues. into this
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this case so no american president before him has even spoken this way in public and even you know talked about the punishment of sanctions or so on but his private feelings apparently are also doubting his public statements i don't take them face value sometimes but i think his private feelings and some of his public statements are making the riyadh fearful that he may turn against them and their sway to see but this is the greatest american the action to anything coming out of saudi arabia it's greater than september eleventh. and it's different because it started it in the market this time it's not dark it's not blaming the people of the country or the so-called extremists in the country splay me the monarchy and in particular the man in charge of the country mohamed was helmont and
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that stuff moustapha with the leadership perhaps feel less isolated if they could point the world towards where the body is but if we believe the reports they can't do that because they desecrated the body for a muslim in the worst possible way. i think so i mean i don't think they i think they said the minimum they can say for a cover up they said he accidentally died and we don't know and the body was this pows and they don't even explain how that happened and this is not a credible story and and turkish intelligence has been leaking to the turkish press and let's say ok turkey has a pull to goal agenda here or so some bias against riyadh or but there is evidence there's evidence like a footage we do know footage for example showing that a team of hit squad came from saudi arabia that they specifically for this alternately as i think they desegregated the body they cornered into pieces and
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buried in different parts of the stumble turkish police is in search of body parts and if they find that that will be a another blow on the not we see as the night of coming from saudi arabia and of course turks are turkish sources are speaking of the tape audiotape that was recorded inside the consulate and how that came to be it's not that clear but if that tape tape exists and i do think it does based on my contacts in turkey and based on what i heard from other people who might have heard the tape but if that comes out too i think that would be the end of the book but when let's not forget that for example today turkish daily initial publish in the very important story as well apparently based on some leaks from intelligence sources it's there have evidence that the head of the squad who killed him out the ship called the secretary of crown prince mohammed bin soma four times that after that again goes
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against the narrative we're now hearing from saudi arabia that this was a rogue element and stake in the crown prince didn't know and now he's going for the after the killers for justice and yet another reason now this is to think that this is not credible well as we've been hearing during the last two or twenty days of the saga international pressure continues to mount the u.k. france and germany are going to calling for an urgent clarification of what happened they say the investigation needs to be backed by credible facts the german chancellor angela merkel has suspended arms sales to saudi. first we condemn this act in the strongest tense as we might today second there is an urgent need to clarify what happened from having this cleared out and those responsible held to account thirdly i agree with all those who are saying that it will be it already limited and six bullets can take place in the current circumstances. matthew why the germans happy to up the pressure in this way up the end well i mean
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the germans or the europeans have nothing to lose in this and frankly the main pressure is on the united states and on washington and really that's what this entire affair gets down to is what washington is about to do about the situation in which case there might be the type of sanctions according to the magnitsky act which is something that was to punish for humanitarian violations that started in the context of russia of course the us applied those to the interior and justice minister of turkey when it came to the arrest and detention ongoing detention of pastor bronson so this is some type of middle ground where the u.s. could sanction some royals depending on who it would be and still send a hard message that the u.s. is not going to tolerate such type of behavior especially against the press i will say though that the united states especially the trump administration is quite aware of the deplorable record of many of those who have been in the accusing role
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right now when it comes to media especially of course how turkey locks up all kinds of journalists and of course pastor brunson as it turned out so there are really bad records that need to go to the united states might do well to promote a humanitarian type of agenda and a freedom of the press and those type of ideals throughout the region as opposed to merely focusing on saudi arabia i mean let's also remember right now the interpol chief has been gone disappeared apparently resigned. so we hear from china no one really talks about that and that kind of seems to be something along the exact same lines that we're seeing here i don't particularly want to get into a book horse about these of the people conversation matthew and i think we we do need to keep this focus on what we discussing today. does king solomon have a clear vision of where he's going with this at the moment. i mean.
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regardless of what you hear the media is not in place capacity to to run the state his health is not well his age and he is basically isolated he hasn't seen his wife for four years and. his son mohammed his cell man has control absolute control over home his he controls his access so he is he is the picture in the frame but he is not the person holding the wheel of the of the state it is mohamed bin cell man like him or hate him he is the man in charge and he makes all the decisions. the father is used as as a shield here. her medicine man finds it useful so the king is not in a capacity to make any decisions themselves having said that i think it's important
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now with the us or in government it's not enough to rely on saudi and turkish investigation that's why an international investigation i think by the un security council to conduct this investigation and this has a strategic value because it's not only going to tell us the truth of what happened and who did what but also it will go. to play an important part in improving the human rights records of saudi arabia and its neighbors because what happens saudi arabia is central country that will impact the rest of the muslim world and another thing is. this murder happened in the consulate which is bill which is under the control of our villages where the saudi foreign minister so i hope somebody will start talking about what did he know and what was his role because the council is his employee and some of those people in the team. saudi diplomats so let's talk about also i did
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a deal where not only m.b.a.'s and what he knew about this murder and what was his role in to it moustapha let's just stay with that talking point that ali just mentioned the crown prince a k a is also known as m.b.'s moment in samarra what's your reading in amongst this isolation that they are apparently feeling in riyadh what's your reading of the way that we're told it's reported they may just be leaks we can't confirm them that the crown prince does feel dismay he feels anger he feels confusion because he apparently completely misread the signals when it was coming to the international reaction to what happened you know i can imagine i'm not going to get expert on saudi more likely and it's dynamics but i can imagine that the saudi crown prince is angry at the reactions but what we would he expect or what would anybody who does this expect i mean. there is a there is a dynamic here and there is this dynamic of this new young crown prince liberalizing his country doing social reforms some good reforms in need of the
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whole praise in the past few years but then uses that to in brownie points in the us and then to crack down on opposition and this this murder is not an isolated incident so we have read reports in the washington post that saudi officials go to canada and threaten the saudi dissident in canada saying that go back go back to saudi arabia otherwise your family members will go to jail and they said we are giving you the blessings of crown prince so this was going on and i think he had this naive idea that he can crack down on dissent silence all those critics and then make whole the whole world love him and how the world doesn't work that way luckily so ultimately the strategy that blowed up and it just worked against him and i want to say one more thing on the what about ism i think and that. turkey my country is not great on press freedom either so let's talk honestly about that and i am a critic of the journalists who are in jail in turkey for trumped up charges the
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death of that very fact but. but this is an incident in itself and something like this is too wild for turkey no turkish journalist has ever been killed and it recently and in his body got lost and every incident i think should be looked at itself in this case turkish officials turkish media have been leaking giving to the press helpful information to show what really happened thanks to that we know that the saudi squad came from saudi arabia that they fifteen men into the private planes and got the body of democracy and then killed killed him and now as we understand that i mean if that didn't happen you wouldn't know this so the states might have their own political interests and pose a political positions they might have on their glass houses but every incident should be i think deserved in itself and at this point in the job market incident we had a i thing a state assemblyman called bloody right hand it matthew the crown prince we
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understand is in charge of reforming his intelligence services that means point number one how does he do it in point number two it also means his father king selma clearly still sees him as a repair and. right yeah and i think it would be completely ludicrous to think that there would be reform of intelligence agencies that would be open and transparent and that goes against everything that intelligence agency is so of course he's going to be the one who redoes the intelligence agency i mean the lesson is hopefully that you can't act in such a manner and get away with it without having some form of punishment but the overall perspective of the united states is of course going to be as you said focused on the long term idea of the twenty thirty reform plan which the united states stands fully behind it understands the trump administration that it's going to occur and evenly and this is of course
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a extraordinary divergence from that plan but the idea of a reformed modernized saudi arabian society serving as an example for the rest of the region is something very important and the united states of course needs them in a coalition to push back on iran which happens to be the number one goal that the president has articulated for the region which outweighs the idea that some are peddling which is that the united states should of course just sever its relationship with saudi arabia and then essentially stab itself in the foot as it comes to its own interests and its foreign policy. was undoubtedly the front line of free thought as that front line no jump to the border into serbia arabia has that front line fund itself inside the in the chambers of the royal palace.
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when the what i'm getting from palace is that many are shocked and dismayed and fearful of mohammed of his man and. the his his action on this. you know but killing and murdering the this. but saudi arabia supported by the united states has only was silenced critics and executed critics and opposition. figures and the saudi monarchy would not have been able to do this and maintain control and would deprive roman of for example from driving to be the last country in the world in cinemas without american support i want to make sure that the saudi palace would would not have been able to do what it does without american british support so i i decide i disagree completely with the notion that the u.s. is wanting to reform the country building some projects in
2:43 am
a car economic product that's not ready for of otherwise we should call mr you know kim jong un in korea as a reformer because he actually built more. buildings in north korea says he took over than saudi arabia did so this is not the the reform this is reform is when when you allow the people of voice when you allow people participation in the government that is a reform but building a project in this or project or something that's not reform these are just merely economic projects and any anybody can do that so ali i just wanted raises because i want to get one final point if i may moustapha is this is a huge wakeup call for the saudis in as much as do what you wanted yemen no consequences pick a fight with the canadians no consequences steer the g.c.c. blockade of plants are no consequences snuff out one reasonable voice of free speech and do it in the way you allegedly did it there will be consequences.
2:44 am
there should be consequences and president trumps that there can be so we are sponsors and that should happen what i want out is and i think the u.s. should take a much more tough stance against saudi arabia after this incident i also want to say one more thing if there will be a genuine reform in saudi arabia that would be turning into a constitutional monarchy not an absolute monarchy where a young prince can come and grab hold of power and kill and silence whomever he wants and make some cosmetic reforms but a constitutional monarchy when there's an elected parliament where people can join the system the balance of the monarchy is the power of the modern monarchy is balanced a system like in morrocco or late late autumn an empire otherwise a despotic prince may go another one may come may be a good christian go by somebody else can come the question is how he could constrain power inside bravia and in the rest of the muslim world and i think the
2:45 am
path for that is structural reform not just one young prince coming up it's an offense the ideas and doing some social cosmetic things but also butchering his dissidents in foreign consulate that's not acceptable and i think that's not the kind of reform that we should go for and we should hail in the gentleman we have to leave it there but thank you so much for your time today thanks to all our guests. matthew broad ski and mustapha and thank you to you for watching you can see the show again any time via the web site al jazeera dot com is the address and for more discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story for me peace at all be on the team here in doha thanks for watching i'll see you soon.
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seven is often muammar gadhafi is controversial rain came to a violent and libya is frozen in time. competing forces running for power and influence continue to disrupt a broken state that time forgot. in the second of a two part series the big picture who's to blame the last for libya on al-jazeera. we understand the
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differences and the similarities of cultures across the wound. sentiments have an equal hand al-jazeera international bringing the news and current of fines that matter to. al-jazeera. volcano kill way erupted explosively last thing boiling clouds of steam and ash and rock high into the atmosphere scientists say it's not unusual for eruptions to stop and start up again later as for kill away a it has been spilling lubbock continually for more than thirty years. native hawaiian spiritual beliefs say eruptions reflect the mood of the goddess. us as native hawaiians family is always nice to us whether she takes our home or not we accept this type of event. a journey of personal discovery like
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great grandfather he was a slave of the leave property al-jazeera is james caan and expose his family's legacy and slave ownership like my family status and wealth has benefited from their choice to enslave people and america's debt to black people today some of us we even scared to speak out because it's a problem. al-jazeera correspondent a moral debt. this is al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from a headquarters in doha. coming up in the next sixty minutes a murderer planned in a savage manner turkey's ruling party ramps up its language about the killing of
2:49 am
saudi journalist. vals to fight a coverup meanwhile turkish police find a saudi consulate car missing since the journalist disappeared international pressure grows on the kingdom in tunisia joins calls for a full and proper investigation into. the sport gets ready to return to manchester united and ramos in a rage real madrid's captain lashes out at a youth team player in training as pressure builds on the spanish giants. hello turkey's ruling ak party says it has a responsibility to reveal the truth about what it calls the savagely planned murder of jamal khashoggi and the party is vowing to stop any coverup attempts international pressure on the kingdom to reveal what happened to the journalists is
2:50 am
increasing saudi rulers deny crown prince mohammed bin said a man is linked to the killing of his critic meanwhile indonesia's president jochen we doto delivered a call for a transparent and thorough investigation that's as he welcomed the saudi foreign minister their meeting in the city of bogor is believed to be first with a foreign leader since she disappeared and turkey's president says he'll be revealing on tuesday what he calls the naked truth about the killing in istanbul of five turkish employees of the saudi consulates have given statements to prosecutors and turkish forensic experts are combing a saudi consulate car found in istanbul almost three weeks after she disappeared and president's spokesman says his government will go to the end to reveal what happened to. that kid ilish this matter is going to be brought to light with no reservations and no questions whatsoever this is our duty the president has had to
2:51 am
telephone conversations with the king of saudi arabia the joint will was to find an acceptable solution to the matter rather than create problems between the two countries joining us from istanbul to talk us through the comments that are being made by the act party this ahead of her to ones statement on tuesday. well during you know there's been an increase in not only the number of statements made by turkish officials over the past forty eight hours with regards to the patrol to case but also an increase in their tone adamant they say that they will be releasing all the information they will not leave anything uncovered they will not allow for a cover up or anything but the truth to come out as you pointed out their president saying he will ensure that the naked truth be revealed on tuesday obviously a lot of emphasis now a lot of attention being turned to anchorage through the leadership here that has been pretty decisive in making people aware of the events that surrounded.
2:52 am
his disappearance from the beginning they didn't allow for the side with the narrative to essentially take hold they ensured that people were first made aware that time out of control she never left the building by releasing the c.c.t.v. or of him entering and making sure that the saudis had to prove that he exited obviously they failed to do that and then when the narrative started going that maybe he was being he had been kidnapped maybe that this was rogue elements that tried to kidnap him but failed but killed him by mistake again the turks decided to leak information throughout so they have been very much in the driving seat when it comes to how the world has been informed as to what happened to you however they have failed to provide the conclusive evidence that shows how they were able to set saying what happened to him they have failed to up to the information that they have been leaking they have failed to come out and say specifically that even though they have alluded to the fact that this operation was done and could have
2:53 am
only been done by a directive of the most senior levels in the saudi monarchy namely crown prince mohammed bin ten month by releasing footage of some of his closest on inside the country at the time and by releasing information that's this person had motive made for phone calls to the crown prince his personal secretary wildstorm out of such a view was being. they feel to come out and say that explicitly so that's why everybody is waiting to see what president will see in ankara on tuesday because this will be determined decisive rather in telling us will turkey follow through on its promise to deal with this in terms of the or on the basis of seeking justice on the basis of ensuring that the laws that have been broken the international norms that have been essentially trashed by those who came to kill this journalist and lure him into the diplomatic building behind me whether they will base their assessment of the conclusion of their investigations on that or whether they will
2:54 am
be taking into consideration some sort of deals or other. political kind of considerations that may influence just how much they see so far the turks say that would be immoral they wouldn't do that they will not do that they will prove decisive and what about the developments related to the saudi a diplomatic car that's now been found in istanbul. well again more evidence or more information let's say being given by the turkish officials they've now would disclose pictures of this vehicle that is registered to the diplomatic mission has diplomatic number plates on it which they found in a car park in one of the areas in istanbul they had been looking for it for a while now now what they say is that based on traffic camera footage that they've examined this car into the car park it was followed by a second car the second car was then loaded with objects we're not sure if that's
2:55 am
documents or actual bags or objects from the diplomatic vehicle and then it drove off they have wanted to search this vehicle but because this vehicle is a diplomatic vehicle essentially that enjoys the same immunity that the building behind me does as well as those who are diplomatic attaches here or in any other country based on the vienna convention the authorities still haven't been able to search that vehicle they're still waiting for the saudis to give them the go ahead before that they had also released footage of this double that the saudis sends part of this fifteen man squad that was sent here to assassinate. this guy dresses up as clothes exits the building from the exits behind puts on a fake beard in attempt to trick police into thinking that jamal had left the building were no longer he had been killed inside he then goes to one of the most busiest places or one of the busiest places rather in istanbul in an attempt to kind of get lost amongst the crowds but the footage or the c.c.t.v.
2:56 am
cameras in so far nothing about where he was pick him up show him going into the toilets an accomplice gives him a bag that has clothes he changes into those takes off the beard goes to have some food dumps the clothes on the way back and then is seen quite. let's say mercilessly at least or insensitively if that's an understatement actually laughing after having completed his role in this elaborate elaborate assassination plan so the. it's other information that's being given as well as also footage that's been played by the turkish media of officials in the consulate behind me burning documents just twenty four hours it's believed according to the turkish channel which brought across this burning documents in the garden of the consulate behind us so a lot of suspicious movements a lot of suspicious objects of vehicles and other things that are pointing to even more guilt with regards to the saudis thank you donald trump special adviser and son in law says he's counseled mohamed bin said man on the case he's known to be
2:57 am
close to the crown prince. what kind of vice if you give in this in this situation just to be transparent to be fully transparent there with the world is watching this is a very very serious accusation and that's our white house correspondent kimberly how to tell us what more jerry kushner had to say what was the message that he was trying to send out in that interview considering that pressure has really been building from both sides on president trump. the white house remains cautious on its stance in terms of its reaction it is waiting for the outcome of the not only saudi but the turkish investigations and that is something that remains a priority for this white house not only did he remind the crown prince of the world is watching but he also was asked directly whether or not the united states and this white house trust the saudis to investigate themselves he said in fact that the united states is not relying solely on that investigation but is instead
2:58 am
getting information from quote multiple places and then the secretary of state will work with the national security team to make a determination in terms of how to react moving forward and you're right this white house is getting a lot of pressure from capitol hill from the u.s. congress to take action not only potentially to block arms sales but also perhaps to put in place economic sanctions and even is just suggesting in discussing the expulsion of the saudi ambassador to the united states still the white house tends to continue to emphasize that it believes that saudi arabia is an important ally and as well that there are u.s. interests at heart namely we have to remember that coming up next month there is the important sanctions that are being put in place towards iran that the trumpet ministrations very focused on because that would certainly put in jeopardy some of the oil supply given the fact that this is targeting oil exports and certainly the
2:59 am
united states is counting on saudi arabia to help and compensate for that so would be treasury secretary heading to saudi arabia himself what message is the aiming to send. well it's not clear what message she is aiming to send but i can tell you what message is being sent or how it's being received it is not very positive certainly there was a lot of pressure on the treasury secretary to not participate in the so-called davos in the desert or that saudi investment conference that is taking place this week we've seen a whole string of executives officials from the media world the business world finance attack all of those sectors withdrawing and the treasury secretary centrally said look i've got to make my determination and i will do that finally he said he would not be attending many people assume that meant he wasn't going to saudi arabia but that is not the case in fact that trip in general is still just not attending the conference and he is defending that decision in fact saying that
3:00 am
the united states believes saudi arabia is an important ally when it comes to combating terror financing and that is why he is making the trip but i can tell you that is not being received not only very well by the u.s. congress but by ordinary americans and particularly since we have a congressional vote coming up in just a matter of weeks this is certainly not going to be well received and could be risky for donald trump at the ballot box all right carol thank you well website for saudi arabia future investment summit really was just saying wu davos in the desert has gone down it had earlier been hacked with messages calling out the kingdom over because you case and accusing the saudis of sponsoring terrorism so two main narratives appear to be emerging on she's killing one from turkey's investigation to the other is the changing saudi explanation turkish investigators say they have evidence the journalist was violent think killed in the saudi call.


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