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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 23, 2018 5:00am-5:23am +03

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as they passed it they shouted in unison. yes we can yes we can join home and how does it chop us a president trump is blaming his political opponents for the caravan and once again vowed to stop it entering the country he was speaking at a campaign rally in texas ahead of next month's midterm elections a large group of people they call a caravan. you know the caravan started as everybody but this bridge. i think the democrats had something to do with it and now they're saying i think we made a big mistake because people are seeing how bad it is how pathetic it is how bad our laws are they made a big mistake so as they can look that is an assault on our country that's your story. and in that caravan you have some very bad people you have some
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very bad people and we can't let that happen to our country and it's not and the former president barack obama he's been speaking at election rally he called the elections more important than any in his lifetime he was speaking in nevada on behalf of the democratic party without mentioning president trump by name. a bomber said the current government and so divisions in the u.s. and the educators to cast their ballots for the sake of america's democracy november's elections are more important than any i can remember in my lifetime and that includes when i was on the bell let's say and some politicians say every time there's the most important election this one's really that important the stakes are higher. the consequences of anybody here not turning out and doing
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everything you can to get your friends neighbors family to turn out that the consequences of you staying home would be profoundly dangerous to this country britain's prime minister has told parliament that directs it negotiations a ninety five percent complete but the reason may have mislead the issue of the irish border is yet to be resolved there's been no agreement on how to avoid customs checkpoints between ireland and e.u. member a northern ireland which is part of the u.k. so trying to break this impasse prime minister may has indicated she couldn't set a longer post divorce transition period but that has angered her pro colleagues who fear being tied to the e.u. for years to come. the backseat talks are not about my interests they are about the national interest and the interests of the whole of the united kingdom. serving serving our national interest will demand that we hold our nurse through these last
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stages of the negotiations the hardest part of all it will mean not giving in to those who want to stop bricks it with the politicians vote politicians telling the people they got it wrong the first time and should try again. and i and it will mean focusing and it will mean focusing on the price that lies before us more now from our correspondent in london nadine barbara. or the pressure really is mounting on prime minister to resign may she may be telling the commons of the withdrawal agreement is ninety five percent done but she did admit that there was still a huge challenge to try to find the solution to the irish border issues and there has been talk in the last few days that she's be in negotiating behind the scenes with her european counterparts and entertaining the idea of extending what she
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calls the implementation period which some people call a transition period after march of next year until the end of twenty twenty year time in which the british government hopes that a trade agreement can be struck with the european union recently has suggested that that would be a way of getting an agreement which would avoid the so-called backstop for the irish border having to be brought into the backstop in theory according to how the european union sees it would actually create a customs border between northern ireland and the rest of united kingdom something that theresa may says just isn't acceptable and something that is extremely worrying for many. of her own party and has been out like outright rejected by her unionist her allies in northern ireland the d u p a d u p are actually planning to join efforts this week by some brick city or members of parliament to make it
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illegal in effect for there to be barriers between northern ireland and the rest of the u.k. and that really could scupper the idea of a deal a toll which would lead us looking at a no deal breaks it's something that some people are calling the doomsday scenario in terms of its impact on business the next few days she'll be meeting with the cabinet possibly with backbenchers but to resume a really does find herself squeeze harder and harder right now for the u.s. president his own he'll build up america's nuclear arsenal to pressure russia and china to stop developing theirs donald trump's comments came after he announced his intention to pull out of a cold war era nuclear weapons treaty he accused russia of violating the agreement has been in place for three decades while china never signed the deal president chavez has beijing is developing arms that are banned under it muslim children has more from washington. even though the trumpet ministration has been roundly
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criticized by its allies in western europe for announcing that it's going to pull out of the i.n.f. treaty on monday the u.s. president donald trump doubled down and said that not only is the u.s. going to pull out of the i.n.f. treaty but that it's also going to start rebuilding new into media range nuclear weapons and that's something which is raising a lot of eyebrows that said this is what the president had to say don't be. out of here to the agreement they should have been done years ago don't people come to this that we have more money than anybody else by far we'll build it up until they come to their senses when they. go the dark and cold. and by the way not only will we do which i would love to do but right now they haven't done that
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here to the agreement don't trust comments came as his national security adviser john bolton is in moscow for two days of meetings with top russian officials including with the president vladimir putin on tuesday mr bolton told a local radio station in moscow between his meetings with the secretary of the security council and with foreign minister sergei lavrov that even though u.s. intelligence said that the russians interfered in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election that at the end of the day that interference did not have an appreciable impact on the outcome of the election mr bolton also said however that because of the ongoing concerns about russian interference in u.s. political affairs the amount of mistrust of among americans of russia has increased considerably and that is an issue that has to be resolved now palestinians have been protesting emotions. northern girls against israel's tightening of fishing
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zones presses on boats were hit with tear gas near the maritime separation border with israel israel has cut gaza's fishing zones from sixteen to eleven kilometers in response to months long protests along the israeli gaza border fence that one of africa's longest serving leaders is one a seventh term in office cameroon's president paul beer so already been in power for thirty six years the opposition say the election was rigged and security forces are on high alert in case of protests victoria gave him the reports. moved in two weeks after the polls closed supreme court judges finally confirmed what many already suspected. was. africa's oldest president eighty five year old beer is celebrating yet another victory beer has dominated political life in cameroon since independence from
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france fifty eight years ago this win will see him extend his rule into his ninety's there is revealed is a drug a deal this is a victory that has been hard won into all cameroonians i would like to reiterate that this electoral process this election is one of the most exemplary elections in this country in a many years of opposition supporters who tried their best to stop becoming president for a seventh time are angry but not surprised at the result even before polls closed some alleged voting irregularities but cameron's constitutional council rejected petitions calling for a rerun of the presidential election. goes into opposition. sure that the incumbent president did not win that election and that's why we will not recognize the lease was proclaimed by the constitutional council.
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is reelection comes at a time when the country is already tense some voters weren't able to cast their ballots because of fighting in western cameroon english speakers that make up twenty percent of the population accuse the french dominated government of marginalized ation and some have taken up. their fight for independence has displaced more than two hundred thousand people in the last two years. with violence between rival parties the call to the possibility the government has deployed troops in cities nationwide and banned opposition rallies government leaders say that's designed to protect people not intimidate them but opposition leaders aren't buying that they're encouraging cameroonians who feel cheated by the vote to go out and protest victoria gay to be out there the case of imprisoned journalist mark wood hussein was top of the agenda at
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a press summit in gambia the forum in the capital banjo focused on attacks and violations against journalists in africa hussein has now been imprisoned in egypt for six hundred seventy two days despite not being charged participants called for him to be given access to medical treatment and legal rights which is being denied .
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thank you very much we start with christiane a rinaldo who is aloft all for the rape allegations being made against him by women in the united states and so these lawyers are confident he will be cleared we're not to hold a news conference they have events this is game against manchester united and despite it being in the u.k. no english reporters were allowed to ask a question but a couple of the tenney and journalists did quiz him about catherine mejor has allegations that he sexually assaulted her in two thousand and nine claims he fully denies. he didn't listen what i say. i'm up here man this is not this they read this statement. so weeks ago if i'm not wrong so i'm glad of course i'm not gonna lie on this situation i'm very happy my lawyers the they are confidence and of course i am to solve the
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most important i enjoy the football i enjoy my life the rest i have people who take care of my life and of course i do true always coming in first position so. i'm good i know that i'm example i know hundred percent in the peach and outside the peach so. smile be a man i'm blessed that i play in a fantastic club i have a fantastic family i have four kids i'm healthy i have everything so the rest doesn't there for on me so i'm very very glad. so rinaldo is confident in his lawyers and is fully focused on tuesday's champions league game against these former club manchester united this was him mandy's eventers teammate taking a walk on the pitch at old trafford where he spent six seasons united manager as a marine who has nothing but praise for the man he used to coach at real madrid is
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one of the best players of all times. and nobody can tell different than then that is one of the best players of all times is as simple as as not. in that same news conference marina dismissed reports he's being lined up for a return to coach real madrid tensions are running high at the spanish giants after four defeats in five matches as if things weren't bad enough their captain surgery has now been involved in a training ground bust up with a teammate he reacted angrily to a challenge by youth player sergio reggae lawn he kicked the ball at him not once but twice afterwards ramos tweeted that he should not have reacted in that way but defended himself saying these things happen a lot on training pitches rael are preparing to play victoria polson in the champions league and current coach who remains defiant despite speculation is going to be sacked much she looks good if you're expecting to see
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a downcast crestfallen coach you shouldn't look this way on the contrary i'm all excited ambitious and i can't wait to win by playing a great match you in the premier league arsenal extended a winning streak to tain games across all competitions you know i am rees team fought back from a goal down to beat lester three one pm eric obama young scored two in three minutes then mesut ozil got the other it's the first time arsenal of won ten straight since october two thousand and seven. it's turning out to be a good few weeks for spanish golfer sergio garcia after helping europe win the ryder cup is now won he's third straight title at the end the lucille valderrama masters the twenty seventeen masters champion failed to replicate that kind of thing for much of twenty eighteen but he was a key player in helping the europeans take back the ryder cup from the americans in paris last month becoming europe's all time leading point scorer and on monday he completed his final round in spain after a rain delayed things over the weekend
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a thirty eight year old winning by five shots at the w.c. a finals in singapore this year's u.s. open champion was up against the immediate predecessor on monday soccer was playing sloane stephens in the round robin phase both of playing their first match of the tournament and it was the american stevens who started out with the slight edge taking the first set seven five but the world number four from japan hit back to winning the second set six four to set up a third however she was blown away by stevens in the decider it was one way traffic of steven steamroll their way to a six one victory. yeah the atmosphere was great obviously playing someone that's from an asian countries a little bit tough this is more of her home crowd but just the crowd is great here and they roared it was awesome so it's perfect and it's environment. former world number one from germany angelica herbert looked to be strolling in her match against key versions of the netherlands kirby took the first to six one but then
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the wheels came off so it ends for bet to take the second set six three and then completed a magnificent fight back to take the third set six four and win the day. i . i the most successful left arm in test cricket history is set to retire sri lankan spinner rang and i had a four play he's lost last for his country against england in goal next month needs one more week at the venue to take one hundred wickets at the ground he would join countryman with here modalism if he can do that the forty year old also made his debut at the stadium way back in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine meaning he is the only active international cricketer who made his debut in the previous century with four hundred thirty test wickets he is also the tenth most successful bowling in five day cricket remarkably all but thirty six of those wickets have come after he turned thirty one. and he's a legend i'm going to i'm quite happy and proud to play with him and he can print
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just as well so i've been around him as well so it's a great achievement here so we're going to work one hundred test wickets and number one. in the world at the moment in death and it's not surprising me he's a gent he has done a lot of things to prolong our cricket and to the world and very many third rate game has to go and he has i think he has made their ideation baseball's world series starts on tuesday at fenway park in boston when the red sox host the los angeles dodgers l.a. are back in the sport's most celebrated contest after losing out to the used in their stories in twenty seventeen while the red sox are making their first appearance in the world series since twenty thirty. you don't know when you will come back again always you want to do it every year with sometimes folks i wanted to do just that good and you don't make it but it does enjoy it and understand importance of winning each and every game each and every pitch. try try to make the
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mistakes we live with it and that's how you will goes for the other thirty two you want a lot of people that has the women experience and a veteran leadership on a team that we had was that was was you know if the red sox and dodgers want to give their players some extra motivation maybe they can copy what the nashville predators head coach did in the n.h.l. peter said he do we're a ball masks or face the media if they want to away games in canada and they did just that beating the calgary flames in the edmonton oilers which resulted in a post match interview like no other. we had to challenge him in the worst encounter against two good hockey teams. think four points. and this is the back end of the challenge and the top spot from arsenal another up and coming up again later. and that's all for me i'm off but don't go anywhere because sammy will be in this season just a moment o.t. . but. we have to challenge him in the worst encounter against two good hockey
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teams. think four points. and this is the back end of the challenge and the top spot from arsenal another up and coming up again later. and that's all for me i'm off but don't go anywhere because sammy will be in this season just a manager to save us. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of the lives. of the storm. and groups that attract young people around the world on november fifth the u.s. will impose additional sanctions on iran targeting the oil sites out we'll look at the impact that may have when migrant lives are in danger and see who should come to their aid people in power investigates the united states is getting ready for
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the u.s. midterm elections on november sixth join us for live coverage and analysis and a listening post continues to examine global media coverage and look behind the headlines november on al-jazeera. to. the town. just. bang lucozade outside that western centric sphere of influence we're able to bring a different perspective to global events when you peel away the list a cove a minute tree in the financial dog and you see the people in those words and those policies are affecting see the emotion on the faces the situation the living and that's when all the us can identify with the story.
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we have people over thirty arabia now we have tough intelligence people in turkey we're going to see what we have. donald trump sends the head of the cia after saying he's not satisfied with saudi arabia's account the killing of. spite trumps lack of satisfaction is treasury secretary steve menuhin meets with the crown prince mohamed bin some man in riyadh and all eyes turn to. turkish president prepares to reveal exactly what i'm chris says happened to jim our social.


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