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the lights are on and there's no way up front. this is al-jazeera. you're watching the headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes raising the stakes the turkish president puts more pressure on saudi arabia over. killing inside the kingdom. i mean. i have no doubt about how frank and open his. president calls for an independent investigation into the killing which took place three weeks ago today.
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we have strong evidence this was a premeditated murder. those involved from top to bottom should be punished and there should be a trial in turkey. saudi arabia responds to his statement saying it will assign accountability for the journalists killing. let's get going the turkish president has been ratcheting up the pressure on saudi arabia's leadership in a speech in the parliament in ankara. described the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi as a brutal and premeditated murder ashaji was last seen entering the saudi consulate in istanbul three weeks ago mr calls for an independent investigation into the killing to do. he says he has no doubts about the saudi king's cooperation but he
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didn't comment on of the royals among the questions it wants an answer to who ordered the operation he says all involved from top to bottom must be held accountable for the crime in a thirty minute speech the president pointed the finger at eighteen suspects who he wants extradited to turkey to stand trial and he said riyadh should reveal the identity of a local person in istanbul they say helped dispose of ashaji is remains the saudi cabinet chaired by king solomon repeated its promise to hold to account those involved in the killing of jamal khashoggi codes whoever they are victoria gave me reports on earlier ones much anticipated speech. jan didn't know who that was other now after weeks of leaks about the murder of jamal khashoggi turkish president ret chip type dressed his ruling party to announce officially what turkish investigators know so far you're going to assume it was said that it was planned
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days in advance and included reconnaissance missions by saudi officials to the forests around istanbul. we have strong evidence that this was a premeditated murder in the light of the information we have everybody has questions here are the questions these fifteen people why did they come to the temple on the day of the murder who ordered them to come to turkey we need an answer before his speech and had promised to reveal what he called the naked truth over the killing of khashoggi his address made it clear there are still many unanswered questions and the turks are demanding answers from saudi arabia. where is the body of jimmy hoffa shoji nobody knows where the body is it is alleged that the body was given to a local cooperate or by who is the local operator we need to know who that is. i do and he's spoken to king solomon about the show she's murder says he doesn't doubt
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the credibility of the king he didn't refer to crown prince mohammed bin salmond but did say that everyone involved in the killing from top to bottom must be held accountable to that and one is demanding a full independent investigation and that the trial of the queues to be held in turkey general washee viewed you know you so far the evidence we have shows jamal was murdered brutally such brutality cannot be covered up in any way it would hurt humankind's conscience we would like saudi authorities to show the same sensitivity to this murder that. party has described can show she's killing as a monstrous operation it's clear the president is determined to keep up the pressure on. saudi arabia to reveal the whole truth about what happened in istanbul three weeks ago gate and be al-jazeera. but we have full coverage of this developing story our white house correspondent kimberly hellcats in washington
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diplomatic it is a james bays joins us from the united nations stratford is outside the saudi consulate in istanbul first let's speak to simple sort of who's in ankara so your take away points from that thirty minute speech from mr. peter the takeaway points should be first present are doan's call to sell month because since the beginning of this case is president i don't want speaking on the ticking cell mom well u.s. president donald trump was talking to the crown prince mohamed bin so month and these two different preferences actually show the policy difference between the two countries to what saudi arabia don said i have no doubt about this in syria man in a day in in a specific diplomacy according to this region he made a call to the king and this was actually perceived as
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a hint that king solomon take care of your child to take care of your friends and try to try to hold the responsible people accountable for the situation and other important point by president add on was that he made a call that those eighteen suspects can be face they can face trial in turkey via an independent investigation which is ongoing in turkey so he made this call but of course have said your thirty's are going to react against this suggestion is unknown there is no feedback about this yet but if that happens this will also be a big outcome of his speech today. on the other hand i can say that prisons are done right to me and this is not only about to mount a shoot you ok this investigation is jamal to shoot is murder case but also it is a case for chokey and he needed this murder as
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a political murder and if there are any other countries involved in this murder they should be held accountable too so this is a sign that there are some signals in this investigation that third parties might have been involved in this in this murder along with saudi officials is so probably in the coming days we might be might soon be hearing some new countries involved in this murder in incidents in istanbul well business the investigation is going to go deeper along with the new evidence is it coming up to the court sinan thanks very much correspondent charles stratford joins us live from istanbul so charles the belgrade forested area not far from where you are that seems to be highly significant mr the one if we view that through the prism of the ongoing investigation. that's right there had been
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leaks to the media earlier this week that there was indeed interest on they say where the belgrade forces around about an hour or two us drive from istanbul there's also that area yellow over a forest a rural area in yellow vote according to mr or the president or to one team of consulate workers understand count saudi consulate workers were seen in that area the day before. she disappeared where on surest whether there is a concentrated for a body going on in that area but it would it would it would not be difficult to presume that indeed investigators will will be having a look there of course this turkish investigation. those all and that's one of the reasons why people are saying that dirda one was playing his cards very close to his chest in the speech today and other areas of focus in the investigation we have
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yet to see investigators look at that car that car that was found yesterday in we understand is not a ground car park in istanbul the reason why that hasn't been searched so far is because of the vienna convention the diplomatic immunity that of course the saudi officials the consulate workers here had and it includes the vehicles with diplomatic plates that they use we also know that at least forty five people have been questioned or certainly. to be questioned we understand at least half of them have been questioned already these are called sulak because many of them turkish the investigation very much focused also on finding this man who's been described as a local collaborator a local cooperate we heard an odo a speech basically he called out where is this man we need to find him because he's being suggested certainly by leaks earlier this week that he may well have handled
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because shows he's body that leak that we heard a couple of days ago saying that shows he's body was rolled into a rug before being transported away from the away from the consulate so that man is also key and of course there's this audiotape the audiotape that we've been talking about the days now the government sources say they have an audio recording that was taken inside the embassy. transcriptions of some of that recording of have been leaked to the media we wait to see what other leaks come our way in the hours and indeed the days ahead. certainly present over the. on speech i think it's safe to say it was far less specific than we were expecting i mean he described it as being able to he was going to reveal the naked truth i think he was very circumspect in the speech and whether this had anything to do with
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conversations that he's had with u.s. officials we know that the cia chief is in turkey today what sort of pressure is put on the president from that side and indeed obviously the saudi side and other international players in this crisis it's difficult to say but turkey president or the one saying this investigation will continue and i won't stop until the whole truth is found out charles thanks very much kimberly joins us here on the news from washington kimberly so we got you know how spoil the cia boss in turkey very very soon we go in riyadh you get the feeling there where you are that they're finally getting ahead of the curve on this. i don't know if they've gotten ahead of the curve in fact donald trump is increasingly expressing some frustration with the lack of information you'll recall that he requested not only audio but video
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intelligence and that request was not honored by the turkish investigators and authorities so it's not surprising now that we are seeing the cia chief gina haskell heading to turkey given the fact that donald trump likes information he doesn't look like to look like he's being played as a fool as certainly he because of his large ego may be interpreted this to be the case given the fact that the world is watching expecting him to react given the fact that. she was a u.s. resident living in virginia just outside of the city of washington d.c. so there's an awful lot of pressure on the president right now as well you asked about steve minutia i think that's donald trump trying to keep all of his options open on the one hand sending his cia director to gather more information as still keeping that relationship with saudi arabia somewhat intact despite the fact that
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there is increasing pressure not just internationally but also domestically from the u.s. congress to to sever some of those ties so while you have the treasury secretary withdrawing from that davos in the desert or saudi investment conference that's taking place he still went to meet with saudi officials with regard to their cooperation when it comes to anti terror financing there's a reason for that peter and that is the relationship between the united states and saudi arabia is critical with regard to not only generating jobs in the eyes of donald trump because of the arms sales deals that are in place and still to be executed but also because saudi arabia is a foundation when it comes to the iran strategy for this administration it's preparing sanctions to be leveled against iran's oil exports early next month it is . counting on saudi arabia for that cooperation as it continues to confront iran so these are the calculations going on the president's mind at the same time we have not had direct reaction to president or to one speech we've reached out to the
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white house for that but his comments are very much in tune with the fact of his frustration saying that given the fact that he's had conversations with the crown prince given the fact that he is not comfortable with these denials increasingly he was asked directly by a domestic reporter here in the united states if in fact these allegations are proven to be true what would your response be the president saying i would be very upset about it does that mean that if he reacts directly or has to react directly to what mr irwin was saying what three hours ago now he has to repaint his earlier line that it was in fact a plot gone wrong. you know he certainly has been again keeping those options open for him what he has done we've seen him doing is vacillating essentially trying to kind of keep his critics calm while at the same time sort of preparing to move on all fronts the one thing that he said is that he
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has continually defended this relationship between saudi arabia and the united states saying they're an important ally but that is not how the u.s. congress is seeing it and the u.s. congress we have to remind our viewers is the one that holds the purse strings in the united states they're the ones that can block the arms deals they're the ones that can put in place sanctions at the highest level even if the white house through the treasury refuses to do that so there is a lot of pressure coming and we have to underscore this because we're two weeks out from a midterm election in a very divided nation but the one thing uniting members of congress is the issue of saudi arabia and the fact that there is a believe that this white house needs to issue a very strong response one that so far it has been dragging its heels to do kimberly thanks very much diplomatic it is it james bays joins us from the united nations james you just have to scratch the surface on any aspect of the story to work pretty quickly it's about so much more than just one meeting
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a grizzly and inside the consulate building. absolutely as ever in the middle east it's a battle for influence in a regional power play let's first look i think these two countries that are at the center of this and what they actually want right now saudi arabia desperately wants to draw a line under this it's all about the media narrative they don't want this to be a story any more it's been the lead headline on global news for three weeks they want time to regroup think about this get the pressure off them what to turkey want well clearly the turkish judicial system want to try and solve the case and get justice but in terms of turkey's influence present owner one i think has played it very carefully he's not answered all of the questions that still a lot of mystery in this story i think he knows that he'd bought in audiotapes if he bought in the crown prince that his speech today the saudis would have reacted furiously they may well have said we're not cooperating with you he said we
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cooperate you with you and look at all these unfounded allegations you've made they may even of cut off diplomatic relations instead he's kept the story going he's kept the drip drip going which is so damaging to the saudi leadership and may well be felt well beyond saudi arabia because saudi arabia such an important regional player this may have an effect on big issues in the middle east like syria like libya like yemen and like iran you get the sense james that perhaps you know mr earth one he's not frightened of reading the riot act to any other world leader and yet this speech to the a.k.p. was tempered it was thoughtful it was robust it was definite but this was a head of state sending a very very clear signals to other heads of state in a way that perhaps would discombobulate the united states because they'd be thinking oh this isn't the one we know this is a more measured mr. i think it was
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a very carefully constructed speech and i think the audience was well beyond saudi arabia as you say a very difficult relationship between the u.s. and turkey in recent years and on the issue of syria which is one of the key regional files it's actually turkey that's doing business with russia rather than the u.s. turkey doesn't agree with russia on syria but turkey believes russia is the country that can actually get a solution with turkey and turkey can negotiate with with regard to syria you look at yemen i think the turks are thinking that perhaps this will put some pressure on saudi arabia again with regard to that damaging war in yemen worth telling you six hours from now the u.n. security council be meeting on yemen this wasn't a scheduled meeting you won't hear anything about the istanbul consulate in that meeting but i can tell you that that is part of the reason to call
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a meeting right now put pressure on saudi arabia when saudi arabia is already under pressure and maybe you can then get concessions everyone in this very volatile region is looking at a moment of change a big moment of change potentially with saudi arabia under such pressure and the role of the crown prince because he's only the crown prince you're not there for life until you're the king in some question at the moment and also mr erdogan signaling very clearly he wants this investigation to go to and i quote the end for him the end of the investigation at the beginning of the end is eighteen people being extradited to turkey from saudi arabia that's maybe an end point that the united states wouldn't feel particularly comfortable with because they want it wrapped up well before it gets to that stage perhaps. well certainly the saudis do and the u.s. will be different elements in the u.s.
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on this because clearly in congress there's a great appetite from many for getting to the truth here of finding out exactly what happened but of course if the truth is an involvement in any way by the crown prince who is so close to the president's son in law that's deeply embarrassing for the white house so yes the idea that you would get those suspects in a turkish court in the open speaking about who ordered this that could be deeply embarrassing for the saudi leadership but also deeply embarrassing for washington and the drip drip damage of this continuous story that doesn't leave the headlines will continue to do lasting damage for some considerable time and and threatens i think real change in the middle east thanks james well according to mr
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plan against was launched on september the twenty eighth on that day the saudi journalist went to the consulate and booked an appointment for three days later when he returned to his sources say a saudi team led by the crown prince's bodyguard abdul aziz was lying in wait andrew symonds looks back at october the second jamal has charged he's final day. and. it started here at ataturk international airport in the early hours of october the second the sequence of events that led to the death of jamal khashoggi based on the leaked video surveillance this is the timeline. at three twenty eight one of two private jets on the runway is picked up by investigators transfer vehicles take their passengers to the private jet terminal at three thirty seven it's the first sighting of one half of the team from saudi arabia it's now four twenty nine they're leaving the airport the processing is
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taken nearly an hour just over thirty minutes later at five o five part of the team arrives here at the mo of a big hotel the trip is seen in the foreground of this lift it isn't until nine forty that he's seen again leading the team fifteen minutes later my friend arrives here at the saudi arabia consulate he goes inside the treatment other members of the team including salah mohammed al to buy an autopsy expert make preparations their target jamal khashoggi approaches more than three hours later with his fiance at t.j. it's thirteen thirteen they agree that if anything goes wrong she should alert a trusted contact a turkish government official it's the last her t.j. sees of her fiance as he walks into a trap at thirteen fourteen inside the turkish and saudi versions of events
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conflict gruesome accounts of torture and alleged murder in transcripts leaked from an audio recording held by the turks and seventeen days after what happens here the saudis say the team were acting with no orders from mohammed bin salim on the saudi crown prince. was killed in adversity they said when he was restrained in real time his fiance was waiting anxiously outside at seventeen thirty three she had made the call for help but it was too late. the man who had risked his life to get a document proving his marital status allowing his wedding to go ahead was dead although confirmation. to take another seventeen days it could have been a script from a hollywood movie set but in real time a trauma is beginning to play out for how t.j. and turkish intelligence and security agents start to race against the clock.
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once alerted undercover agents rushed here to ataturk airport one of the planes is searched and baggage checked between nine hundred fifty seven and twenty eleven at least some of the team is seen leaving hotels in small groups of twenty one hundred this is the second of the private jets is preparing for takeoff it's a timeline that lasted nearly eighteen hours a day jamal khashoggi who dared to criticize the rule of mohammed bin sound man is declared missing but he's really dead the only thing that is missing is his body. iran's right keeping us company here on the iran is professor of conflict resolution the doha institute for graduate studies i see that the saudi king has received members of the her family in riyadh is that a hariri lebanese prime minister receiving of somebody that you want to work with or is it more than that or less than that i think it should be taken into the
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context where it is happening now and i think my own reading of the king solomon is taking genuine steps this is that in a trial in order to read their relationship with the victim with the victim's family and that's something actually this is came up in the nose more than one time because just two days ago he the king extended called the family and extended his condolences for the family for you know the loss of jamal khashoggi so i think that's what he's trying to do now is trying to engage with the family as a starting point in order to fix the. the problem that they have living in now now you know if the if he's able which i highly doubt by the way to get the forgiveness from his from jamal's family which is i think that's what the king is the trying to do is that to keep him to keep the family on his side in order to be
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able to reconcile and work out a solution if he's able to receive or to you know to secure this forgiveness from the family i think you know things can be much easier and let's keep in mind that the dean actually the president of the gun mentioned in his image that a sharia law can be as so the idea is applying sharia law can or should do something about this now in the sharia law and so if you are able to get the forgiveness from the victim's family then it becomes a whole different issue then it becomes much easier much much softer and so that's what these i think he's trying to do in order to engage and weaken science and to try to fix that if there's a show with with the family which is also what his foreign minister has been saying that we are holding those accountable for what they did but he needs to secure some kind of acceptance from the victim's family which i don't think it is possible at
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this moment will they become of will there come a time however when that reconciliation that circle of reconciliation might include the crown prince because you were told earlier one speech there apart from one fleeting almost dismissive of the cough reference to the crown prince mr irwin was talking exclusively and only and clearly to king saul monks he seemed to be basically saying if it's the king i can work with it is not the king i can't actually you are absolutely right the very major takeaway you know from speech to the there are many important ones but the most important is that he tried to differentiate between king selma and counterprotest the. yes and that the message was very clear he's you know talking to the king calling him with his favorite title as the custody and of the holy shrines so but not mentioning anything about the conference on the contrary actually he is meant he mentioned
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that responsibility should be accountability should be applied to the from bottom to ceiling and by seeing many could read this as he's referring to the conference so for that reason i think we can take this. visit that king someone is preparing for jamal's family as a matter of responding to all the guns. speech that the that he is talking to the king and the king is doing something and this is this pointing and his working with with all of the gun and i think that's one another major takeaway from all of the give speech today that he kept the door open for working with the king and that it seems that they came to trying to work with them ok we basically because to me we have four drivers involved in this we've got president one in turkey we've got king solomon people are talking to him you've got donald trump's you got gina housefull in turkey you've got a statement from the treasury secretary in riyadh and you've got the europeans who
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are making a little bit of noise this time yesterday and the day before germany getting on to the moral high ground when it comes to doing arms deals with saudi arabia out of the square relationship turkey the u.s. at sentra who is driving this now i think the americans have a view has the most important role in this why the turkish government has the information that americans can make the call about what what to do next and that's why it was not surprising to see the cia director being in turkey today before the speech you know and it could it could be easily seen that here the prisoners that had an impact on making all of the gun speech mind the. what we expected and i think the changes in the in the in the american position and especially with it with the let the two or the gun and let the caution that he was talking about we will work with the whoever is in charge of all who can help with interest and
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there's nothing fixed we can we have able you know we're willing to change i think he was sending a message to the crown prince the american position should be concerning to the crown prince that as the way he expressed that that they're against him and we are seeing a very hawkish position being taken within the senate house with over forty senators so far pushing for i count ability and responsibility towards this and literally we are seeing though he was a swinging in the beginning is still think more towards. holding those accountable and where king with the with king someone and also seeing judge course not and now the cia that if that so there is a lot of noise within the american position all not in favor of working with with the conference abram for the moment thank you so much thank you we'll recap all the main developments for you on that big story when we come back after the weather
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with steph. and either thanks peter ever got a lot of flooding in southern mexico at the moment and i can guarantee there's more still to come in fact for the eastern parts of the country this is what it looked like a lot of water has fallen and we have seen a lot of flooding already the main problem here has passed because that storm responsible has worked its way towards the west and it's now within this huge massive cloud here there is that more wet weather still to come for many of us though from the system in fact this to system and this is what it's looking like a by that coast at the moment you can see already a lot of flood water there and we're expecting some places to get another five hundred millimeters of rain from this storm so two storms really at the moment the first one here that's will that's by far the largest system but we've also got this center which is just coming ashore at the moment that's the weakest system is expected to give us around two hundred fifty millimeters of rain so still giving a significant flooding there to the southwestern parts but it's this huge storm
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will of that we really watching because this is a huge category four system with winds of around two hundred fifteen kilometers per hour and although it's weakening it's still going to be a major hurricane when it makes landfall and along this coast we don't see major damage. still to come here on the news for you the much vaunted study conference in the desert opens but many global leaders of state away look at what it means for investments in the saudi economy and indeed the global economy. where on line for humanity has been taken out of its goals as it were talking about numbers on a spreadsheet or if you join us on assange i guarantee no one else has a back story like yours this is a dialogue and i'm just tired of seeing the negative stereotypes about native americans everyone has
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a voice mistress and that's your comments your questions i'll do my best to bring them into their cell join the global conversation on how to zero the cricket world isn't much fixing i mean you have to think why would you give me a god because then we didn't burn the media in the eye you know the big bang theory . al-jazeera is investigative unit reveals explosive new edit documentary confirms to my now as a very hard profile figure in much fiction an international cricket team can go. al-jazeera investigation cricket match fixing the files.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera news hour i'm peter these are your top stories the turkish president is increasing the pressure on saudi arabia over the killing of the journalist. in a speech in the turkish parliament. demanding accountability over his death. described killing as a brutal and a premeditated murder he called for an independent investigation and declared his full confidence that the saudi king would cooperate but he didn't comment on the members of the royal family. the turkish president wants. to be extradited to turkey to stand trial on a time line of the operation mr erdogan said investigators had evidence that consular staff scouted a forest before she was jews in the consulate. well the ripple effects of the killing of jamal khashoggi being felt far beyond istanbul at on the u.s. west coast questions are being raised about the relationship between members of the
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saudi royal family and tech companies in silicon valley rob reynolds is in california. in the aftermath of the killing of jamal khashoggi at the hands of saudi government agents tech companies and their executives are distancing themselves from saudi investment but how each one of them makes that decision on their own i think is probably driven very much by their own moral conscience but also their understanding that other people are looking at them in their formal leadership positions for cues about what to do right now several tech leaders have already bailed out of crown prince mohammed bin some ons investment conference including google cloud c.e.o. diane green a.o.l. founder steve case and guber c.e.o. darren shockey who said he was very troubled by reports of cars show g.'s death khosrowshahi as public comments were seen as significant because the saudi wealth
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fund holds a three and a half billion dollars stake in the right ailing app saudi arabia has also invested heavily in tesla motors door dash the work space company we work and others much of the saudi money is funneled through the japanese bank soft bank the world's largest investment fund so far saudi arabia has put forty five billion dollars into soft bank so-called vision fund and the crown prince says he'd like to double that amount of soft bank's chief masayoshi son apparently still plans to attend the saudi investment conference even as tech companies recoiled from the saudis on ethical grounds it will be difficult if not financially impossible to unravel their saudi tie as a complex tangle of contract stock preferences and legal obligations tied companies hands in such matters ordinarily companies and financial institutions follow the
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lead of their governments but president donald trump's response to the khashoggi kill. has been tepid and vacillating leaving corporations to find their own way in some ways this case is providing an opportunity for companies to really provide some ethical and moral leadership maybe at a time when they're not seeing or experiencing what they'd like to see from leadership in other sectors silicon valley corporations face a dilemma choosing between an ethical response to a shocking crime and the abundant funding that makes the tech industry flourish rob reynolds al-jazeera san carlos california. well the crown prince mohammed bin solomon has tried to project himself as a reformer and a modernize but he has shown she caves this one spotlight on the other policies he's led to in the past eighteen months he's consolidated his power base in that time he is understood to be responsible for the blockade of cattle saudi arabia
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along with the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt cut ties with the in june of last year in november there was the mysterious detention of the lebanese prime minister right hariri in riyadh he announced his resignation on saturday t.v. buttons druids after returning to lebanon the crown prince is a major driver of the saudi led coalition's war in yemen reactions there have drawn international condemnation not least in august when an airstrike killed a bus load of school children forty of them and finally he spearheaded the so-called anti corruption crackdown dozens of saudi princes officials and prominent businessman were detained without charge at the ritz carlton in riyadh let's talk to a c.v. he's a saudi human rights activist he joins us from london will do this interview live yeah siri it will be translated from english to arabic back to english so thank you for going with us as we unpick to one's speech just a few hours ago and the broader questions coming out of this ongoing three week
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saga first off the speech from mr on this morning how do you think that will have been viewed and listened to in riyadh. can a low and high lot of a lot of things a lot of people that are on the weren't waiting for the spirits of are gone and they. there are a lot of expectations about what the one is going to say he as if in their way has hinted to the accusations and he has said that the man has to take certain decisions by himself will be because the behavior of the kingdom is not accepted now in the mode in a part of the world it's not only one who said that but some other countries around the world have also said that they are not convinced that mohamed bin some man is
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a threat and is not accepted in the morning and the pastor as human activist when we met other organizations politicians or officials talk about the threats of one hundred instead of they used to say that he is a reformist because they believe the propaganda around him but today i don't think anyone in the world can trust mohamed bin cement ok i think it is that if all most of the pleasures are on go in going one hundred percent man to sack one hundred percent man on dog certain procedures to release those in prisons who are on the real threats and also at the start of the war in yemen and to stop such behavior that have been done with democrats a-g. you're saying nobody trusts the crown prince we hear you what if the king king solomon maybe doesn't trust him wholly yet but he might believe the king might
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believe he can get the royal household to a stage where he can trust the crown prince once again one hundred percent. not look at. this the leadership in saudi arabia has only two options one sack. and real procedures to reform the situation there and to release the prisoners because the prisoners might face the same fate of. g. and they are now under the threats of this leadership that killed the children in the consulate or any day in the a number of yemen's have been killed due to the wall so i'm a bit sad man has been sacked because he is not accepted internally or outside the
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country and to release the prisoners and to stop all the violations and stop the war in yemen this is the first option referred to by the world the second option is to look if mohamed bin so man but there is an adverse decision not to accept him as a real partner because he is that threat and he has started assad did journalist in other studies it was. my target the day after tomorrow politicians here and that the leadership in saudi arabia has no experience and has no with at all. mr herder one seemed to be saying i can work with king solomon i can't work with the crown prince we're being told in the last half hour literally in the past thirty minutes. the king has met with members of the her family in riyadh he's looking for it's the beginning of
4:43 pm
a process we think of reconciliation. if that process of reconciliation brings out the umbrella of sharia law that might work in the context of saudi arabia it might work in the context of the region it might work in the context of turkey will it work in the context of the united states because in some senses the u.s. administration is driving this is very engaged with this but sharia law at the risk of sounding glib they don't get it they won't understand it they might think that will just slow everything down and they obviously don't want to slow down they want to speed it back up because the us president donald trump he's thinking about jobs he's thinking about a midterm election which is just around the corner. it called. a lot of points the first one was has been done again is captured the
4:44 pm
family is not. towards salsa with the problems. and the other members of the family are not allowed to travel in the should not be prohibited from travel of these should be given that freedom it's enough or more than enough they have to live their father so we cannot put more pressures on the family of germany such edgy it's not the right way to blackmail of the family of such o.-g. they have black males out there ideally they have a black male than the one who was in saudi arabia this is the nature of the saudi leadership when it comes to sharia sharia has nothing to do with what is being done by the saudi leadership they are committing what they have committed and it's right there just to far you are they have committed under the name of sharia because the world doesn't know about this cheri either they have to abide by the international
4:45 pm
loans they have nothing else and the moderate religious people should be allowed to say what they know about the sharia why they have arrested see them and they're all dead and other religious moderate people who can understand better the human rights and the sherry are low and then even more they are armoring people. who know nothing about the sharia in islam or not the one hundred but been said man so sharia is only a pretext used by the saudi authorities to justify its behavior the foreign relations caused saudi arabia a lot and the prince will harm a busy man they are a lying around mohammed bin sentiment to get more money and more deeds and these coast this price is very high those dealing with the humble been selling men out of
4:46 pm
dealing with a criminal with a killer that's why they will face a lot of pressures from their people it is for on the human organizations in that country is. the free people of the world and the human rights organizations to stand firm against the government they want to deal with muhammad said man regardless of the crimes committed by one hundred percent man the foreign governments have to be always puts on the pressure by the people because one hundred percent man is a threat it in south ok we'll leave it there yeah syria thank you so much for joining us from london we do appreciate your time. well let's just show you some of the latest pictures coming to us out of riyadh we've been talking of course about the international investor conference we understand that the crown prince mohammed bin cell man is there the guest list was long it was wealthy the guest list
4:47 pm
of people that actually turned up turned out to be shorter and poorer than the original list of invitees people like richard branson the space exploration multi billionaire didn't go m s n b c didn't go various newspapers of course did not go various media giants global media giants decided not to go the u.k.'s trade secretary liam fox along with the entire u.k.'s british trade government delegation decided not to go because they were saying there are so many questions that have to be asked and given an accurate truthful answer over the death of jamal khashoggi three weeks ago today will the international outcry over the show she case is overshadowing that investment conference which is as you can see there officially now has been opened in riyadh dozens of top business executives government leaders media companies have pulled out since. disappeared the judge ruled the event as
4:48 pm
part of a drive to attract foreign investment because they are according to some reports strapped for cash cornelia meyer joins us from burn in germany cornelia great to talk to you again how much money has saudi arabia lost out on is it possible to quantify that. i don't think it's possible to quantify on but certainly they have lost on some money and certainly they have lost on some of the big names but when you look a little bit deep into debt guest list they have they have to still the second tier of leaders are there for instance kitty speace the head of figure did not go to jones did not go but he still sponsors the conference because he still wants to choose the banking license and a kingdom which he had to go into to try and get so you see a lot of these things happening that people are that talk to you is not going but they're sending the second tier h.s.b.c.
4:49 pm
ditto they're doing the same thing but when you get people like christine legarde the i.m.f. boss kind of vacillating you know on day one saying i see what i mean and i mean what i say fast forward forty eight hours she just puts out there via her p.r. people actually by the way i'm not going to attend one wanted a supplementary dawn one wanted on a den dement least a chance to say will hang on why not. you know that's that's absolutely true and way way you way you're looking at it it's not good foot image of care say it certainly is not good and there is a mean this just you know this seems to have been a horrific horrific incident. that's that. much for the business people they just say ok days edition twenty thirty and there's lots of investment opportunities so day may look at it that way but when i look at how much investment really went into the kingdom last year saying i think it's something like one point four billion and the multitude off that has left the kingdom because remember last
4:50 pm
year we had the same the first installment of the future investment if initiative that big investors conference and about a week later a lot of the a lot of the senior business people and even some people in the royal court were rounded up on corruption allegations exactly in the ritz carlton and that they just not the rule of law is important if you put money somewhere rule of law is important and you need to be able to depend on the rule of law where is the business relationship between the u.s. and riyadh going forward. well that's a very very good question i think there is certainly you know as mr trump always puts out a certain beat. that the arm steal steal that defense relationship and they are also they are you know their feet u.s. companies who are very important you look at mckinsey day where. they were very
4:51 pm
important also in helping mohammed considered meant to think through this whole vision twenty thirty and where what he wants to do with the country economically then you have to be companies like jamie diamond didn't go from che p. morgan but you know think back p. morgan has had a relationship with the kingdom since one thousand nine hundred thirty and they still have a you know there's a saudi aramco is a big client it was a cash management for saudi aramco do a lot of the emanate transactions so there's a lot of lot of people one of the things step maurice me aboard a bit is start you now see a lot of the big guys you know the first tier of the big guys not going and you see a lot of the sort of the bottom feeders the turnaround managers and i'm not sure it's good for the kingdom to have them engaged i'd rather see the big companies you know further for the sake of g.c.c. for the sake of things coming down i'd rather see the corporate world maybe. slowly but steadily accepting some some some good pressure cornelia thanks very
4:52 pm
much good to talk to you as ever here on the news i will stay with those live pictures of you joining us here on the news are the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sama flanked by king abdullah the second of jordan big investor conference you look heard it discussed over the past ten days or so in the desert that's the short term there's so much money involved it's the closest descriptive term the people who manage to come up with to put together how much money is put on the table saudi arabia tries to diversify because even the saudis there is a realisation that the oil eventually will run out they have to diversify they have to find other. ways to make money and it kind of dovetails with one of the reforms that the crown prince has been very keen to put forward and to get in place one of his initiatives i think they went public with it about eighteen months ago was to create jobs for for saudis for local people because that was something that they realized they had to do his critics then said at the time all that means is that
4:53 pm
twenty five or thirty thousand ex-pats will leave saudi arabia and those jobs will be done by saudis so there won't be wealth creation jobs but that was one of the the component parts of one of the job creation initiatives that he was trying to push through which came together with a tranche of other reforms women driving cars for example but irony of ironies the women who had campaigned to be able to drive a car. detained some of them primarily we explored this on sister program inside story five six months ago they were detained because instead of praising the crown prince and this is what this is what they said to us on that program instead of praising the crown prince they said great we can drive a car and the images little videos of themselves driving on social media platforms on instagram on twitter etc and the powers that be didn't like that so
4:54 pm
those people were detained anyway that's the latest coming to us of a slightly smaller than planned investor conference in rio. grande still to cover for you here on the news hour including the sports news on the boston red sox and los angeles dodgers limber up for the shot but the big time in the world series piece is here with us when we come back.
4:55 pm
time to. thank you very much christiane a ronaldo insists that he is not being distracted by the rape allegations being
4:56 pm
made against him the event is player returns to his former club manchester united in the champions league on tuesday night he denies claims by catherine that he sexually assaulted her in las vegas back in two thousand and nine and then paid her money to keep quiet for now this is he's conscience is clear and that he's legal team is feeling positive about the case. my lawyers the they are confidence and of course i am to solve the most important i enjoy the football i enjoy my life the rest i have people who take care of my life and of course i do true always coming in first position so. that we're here eighteen a world series starts later the stews that fenway park in boston when the red sox host the los angeles dodgers ground staff are putting the finishing touches to the pitch ahead of game one the red sox and dodgers are to have major league baseball's most famous teams and among the best supported with
4:57 pm
a large fan base beyond their own cities boston are looking for a first world series title since twenty thirty whereas l.a. are in their second season finale in a row but haven't actually won it since one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. realistically you going to spring training you know every team says they want to roll the series but realistically that's probably not an option for you know at least half the teams so for us for me really say we really mean it we're going to go the postseason six times in a row it becomes that much more evident that. we're very fortunate to be on a great team but we're still missing that ring and. you know there's no secret that we want to one. ok we'll leave it there for the whole sport again later peter thanks very much want to come back we'll get you across all the latest developments from istanbul ankara. and also washington and new york the forget you can keep up to date with all the main aspects of the how should she story with a website called i'll see you in a couple minutes. travel
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off to. my tranquil borders and forests may provide valuable. ox if only. i can see the. valleys and skylines. this adventure. because far away places closer. going since together with cats i always. a journey of personal discovery by a great grandfather he was a slave of the lead property al-jazeera is james garner and expose his family's legacy of slave ownership you know like my family's status and wealth has benefited from their choice to enslave people and america's debt to black people today some over so scar we even scared to speak out because it's
4:59 pm
a problem. al-jazeera correspondent a moral debt the latest news as it breaks security officials said that they were treating crucial she's disappearance as a murder investigation. with detailed cover each the area here was the preschool people thought it would be a safe place to run to the grounds beneath them turned to mud and swallowed them up from around the world the local government has been trying to clean up their we don't want him in the more dangerous to the cons to those who need a rounded. what makes this moment is you know we're living through something unique. we haven't seen the president this unpredictable freedom of speech is a valid bottling plants and that is a perfect formula for authoritarianism and here in the early years the lights are long and there's nowhere to hide let me ask you straight out here is the two state
5:00 pm
solution no upfront retellings on al-jazeera. welcome peter they'll be here in doha with our extended coverage of the latest developments surrounding the killing of the saudi journalist jamal. raising the stakes turkey's president puts more pressure on saudi arabia to reveal exactly what happened to jamal. we have strong evidence this was a premeditated murder. all involved from top to bottom to face punishment. saudi arabia responds to the statement from mr promising to catch those responsible.


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