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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 23, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective by. raising the stakes turkey's president puts more pressure on saudi arabia to reveal exactly how journalism. was killed inside its consulate in istanbul. but. we have strong evidence this was a premeditated murder. a bird on wants all involved from top to bottom to face punishment. i'm generally not against all the coverage of the killing investigations and saudi arabia responds to err on statements repeating its promise to catch those
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responsible no matter who they are. so turkey's president has been ratcheting up the pressure on saudi arabia's leadership with a speech in parliament recha player describe the killing of journalist. as a brutal and premeditated murder he was last seen entering the saudi consulate in istanbul three weeks ago. an independent investigation into the killing well among the questions or surge who ordered the operation he says all involved from top to bottom must be held accountable for the crime and during the speech the president pointed the finger at eighteen suspects who he wants extradited to turkey to stand trial well saudi's king has promised to punish anyone found responsible for the death whoever they may be meanwhile turkish invest. gators have been searching
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a saudi consulate car that was abandoned after he was killed here we can see some of the items being removed from the vehicle meanwhile the trumpet ministration has warned death won't go without a u.s. response our white house correspondent kelly halkett has the latest on that side of the story while charles stratford is standing by as well outside the consulate in istanbul live to both after charles's report that wraps up all the latest developments tended in a little bit was that the no took as president to promise to reveal the make you to truth about how he was killed but after weeks of leaks by government sources to the media his speech to m.p.'s in ankara revealed little knew. that the saudi journalist was of a savvich premeditated murder and its three saudis went on a reconnaissance mission to a forest near istanbul presumably to look for somewhere to bury his body but.
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we have strong evidence that this was a premeditated murder in the eyes of the information we have everybody has questions here are the questions these fifteen people why did they come on the day of the murder who ordered them to come to turkey we need an answer. it's been three weeks since jamal khashoggi was seen alive entering the saudi consulate in istanbul turkey sources have identified a fifteen man saudi team including high ranking intelligence agents and an autopsy expert who flew to turkey they were seen entering the consulate hours before cars shores he arrived they left the same day turkey's president is demanding answers from the saudis the saudi foreign minister has said he was killed in a huge and grave mistake where's the body of. nobody knows where the body is it is alleged that the body was given to a local operator so who is the local cooperate we need to know who that is or to
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one said he didn't doubt the credibility of king solomon but notably didn't mention his heir apparent crown prince muhammad in selma the saudis deny he was linked to the killing of the journalist who criticized him. but a meeting of ministers in riyadh king solomon stressed what he called the directives and royal orders following the unfortunate event that led to the death of citizen jamal khashoggi the kingdom has taken procedures to clarify the truth and to hold accountable those who would negligent whoever they are king solomon added the king was shown meeting because she was his son and another family member to offer condolences alongside the crown prince i was later the crown prince who hasn't been seen in public but days appeared briefly at the saudi investment summit to champion the ceased twenty thirty vision but. some analysts are disappointed with what the turkish president revealed but the guard was asking what had been to
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the. well the people were expecting him to tell. what happened. which was a man said with the dismemberment of the but the have been the video recording the old you're recording these are all questions and said the murder of jamal khashoggi has huge implications for saudi arabia and its relationship with the world but the turks and the saudis are valid to continue their investigations but sri weeks after chris shows he was killed there are growing questions over whether the real perpetrators those who planned it and indeed sanctioned the murder will ever be fully called to account and will bring in charles now joining us from istanbul as the turkish investigation continues what are you hearing about the car that's been searched and what's been found inside the car. we understand now that the car and the contents of the car what was found inside
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have been removed from that car park in sultan gauzy stempel by investigates this we understand that there was some luggage found in it at least two suitcases a personal computer and some clothing so to say that all this evidence now is being taken all full of forensic analysis meanwhile as i said in that report the investigation continues to intensify the hunt full jamal khashoggi body in particular there's been lots of talk over the last few days about an area outside of stamboul a couple of areas one belgrade forest another rural forested area code yellow the. president heard a while and say that it is now been established that. consulate because was seen in the day be full shows he disappeared in these areas certainly
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implying that they may well have been. looking for a place to bury his body mr murtha one describing it as a reconnaissance mission also a lot of emphasis a lot of focus on finding this man again emphasized by president this man described as a collaborator who certainly last week government still sees sadie's believe could well have handled the ball to pull to the crucial as these body may well have been wrapped up in a rug. and placed into a car it's understood that this collaborates may well have handled the body so as i say the investigation continues. and it's taken more than a day for investigators to get clearance to be able to look inside this vehicle that has been. that was investigated in that car park and that's because all this
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the vienna convention the diplomatic community that applies it will see to consider the workers officials and indeed their cause and their belongings are right up for giving us the update from istanbul thank you meanwhile the u.s. vice president mike pence spoken out on the case here's some of what he had to say earlier. the brutal murder of jamal khashoggi at the saudi consulate in turkey. was a tragedy for his family for his loved ones and for your colleagues here at the washington post it was also an assault on a free and independent press and our administration is determined to use all means at our disposal to get to the bottom of it live to our white house correspondent kimberly howard kurtz so strong words from the vice president and kimberly what do we make of the timing of his comments. i will it certainly is matched up by the
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action we've seen by this white house in the last forty eight hours the president giving us a signal that he was sending his top intelligence chief to turkey we now know that the cia director gina housefull on the ground there that's been widely reported why this is happening well the trumpet ministration by its own admission the president saying he doesn't believe that he's getting the whole story in fact his words were he believes instead he has gotten lies and deception so not only are we seeing the cia director but also previously the secretary of state might pump a zero because the president essentially seems to be well defending publicly the denials of the crown prince about what happened to the missing journalist shows he that we now know his death has been confirmed. despite those public denials it appears that the actions of the administration seems to indicate that they believe there's much more to the story in fact the president saying he's not satisfied with
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all that he's heard and when asked about the killing directly he also told the reporter domestically that he felt what had happened was both foolish and stupid so we're waiting anxiously to hear what the secretary of state has to say to reporters when he speaks at nine hundred forty five for an update on this case but certainly you're getting the impression from the very strong wording that this administration is formulating and getting the information in anticipation of imminent action and do we expect the president himself to be coming out and saying anything about this . the president does have a publicly scheduled event and it is possible that he could talk it out but if i had to gauge from my experience it's unlikely but this is an unpredictable president if he feels moved enough if he's angry he will seek out reporters so that's what we're watching very carefully in the coming hour certainly whether or not he will speak publicly beyond the scheduled event what we're watching most
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closely though is mike pump ale that has really taken a lead on this story in terms of being the face of it from the administration he's well skilled given the fact not only is he the secretary of state but prior to this he was the head of the cia himself he's also known in this is notable for being very hawkish on iran when he was a u.s. congressman why is that important well you have to remember as the white house walk this tightrope in terms of a response to the killing of jim. they're also thinking about preserving the relationship between the united states and saudi arabia one that goes back to the early one nine hundred thirty s. why are they doing this they have some very important sanctions on iran that are coming up next month on oil exports and they are looking to saudi arabia to help with supply and to compensate the loss of supply potentially from iran so these are all the calculations that are going into this decision that is being made imminently by the president now when i say imminently this could be in
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a matter of days but at the same time there is a difficult calculation to make but what you can see from the strong comments coming from the vice president is in fact that the impatience of the president is beginning to show increasingly all right kelly thank you well the rest of the day's news is the head including the un's warning two fronts about a ban on islam a face veils and connecting the chinese mainland with hong kong and macau the world's longest bridge over the sea opens details coming up. hello there we're seeing a bit more unsettled weather across parts of the middle east at the moment we've got one area of cloud hey that is edging its way eastwards there's not really a great deal of wet weather coming out of that so it's just making things
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a little bit gray at times here it is making its way across tashkent there as we head through wednesday and behind it there's a good deal of dry weather but not for the western parts here there's more cloud more rain and if anything that system is looking more intense as we head through into thursday and you can see the white patches that develop that snow so really the temperatures a tumbling his a very stormy as we head through thursday a not to warm its whole a bit further towards the south and of course we've had a lot of thunder reactivity across the arabian peninsula recently wednesday should be a dry one for thirty five should be our maximum so we're going to be dry for all of us though out towards the west there's still a good deal of cloud here and that is likely to give us one or two outbreaks of rain that extends further eastwards as we head through thursday so more of a risk of seeing one or two a shop showers as we head down towards the southern parts of africa there's a good deal of cloud with us at the moment to see it stretch you all down the western parts here and across down into the northern parts of south africa it's in
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the north where we see the majority of the wet weather for wednesday some of the outbreaks of rain quite heavy and working their way into number of the. you. start. with everything you.
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well again the top stories on turkey's president is increasing the pressure on saudi arabia over the killing of journalist. pre-meditated murder he called for an independent investigation and declared. but he did not comment on other oil. president wants all saudis to be extradited to turkey. operation. saudi arabia has responded to the cabinet. repeated its promise to hold to account those involved in the killing of. a man is accused by many including
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senior u.s. politicians ordering operation journalist. well mohammad been sandman appeared briefly at a saudi investment conference in riyadh which was meant to promote foreign investment in the kingdom but the outcry over these death for several business executives government leaders and media companies to pull out of the summit some of them are prominent figures in california. reports on the relationship between silicon valley and ultra rich members of the saudi royal family. in the aftermath of the killing of jamal khashoggi at the hands of saudi government agents tech companies and their executives are distancing themselves from saudi investment but how each one of them makes that decision on their own i think is probably driven very much by their own moral conscience but also their understanding that other people are looking at them in their formal leadership positions for cues about what to do right now several tech leaders have already bailed out of crown prince
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mohammed bin some on's investment conference including google cloud c.e.o. diane green ale well founder steve case and guber c.e.o. darren shockey who said he was very troubled by reports of cars show g.'s death khosrowshahi is public comments were seen as significant because the saudi wealth fund holds a three and a half billion dollars stake in the right hailing app saudi arabia has also invested heavily in tesla motors door dash the work space company we work and others much of the saudi money is funneled through the japanese bank soft bank the world's largest investment fund so far saudi arabia has put forty five billion dollars into soft bank so-called vision fund and the crown prince says he'd like to double that amount as tech companies recoil from the saudis on ethical grounds it
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will be difficult if not financially impossible to unravel their saudi tie as a complex tangle of contract stock preferences and legal obligations tied companies hands in such matters ordinarily companies and financial institutions follow the lead of their governments but president donald trump's response to the killing has been tepid and vacillating leaving corporations to find their own way in some ways this. case is providing an opportunity for companies to really provide some ethical and moral leadership maybe at a time when they're not seeing or experiencing what they like to see from leadership in other sectors silicon valley corporations face a dilemma choosing between an ethical response to a shocking crime and the abundant funding that makes the tech industry flourish rob reynolds al jazeera san carlos california well moving to other news in the russian
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president vladimir putin has been meeting donald trump's national security advisor after the kremlin warned against the u.s. withdrawing from a cold war era nuclear weapons pact john bolton speaking right now as you can see in moscow's visit to moscow follows putin's warning that russia would respond in kind if the u.s. starts developing new missiles russia is also deny trumps assertions that it's violating the treaty or trump is also concerned that china is not covered by the treaty and is free to develop missiles hurricane wilma is closing in on mexico with winds of more than two hundred kilometers an hour the storm has been described as an extremely dangerous category four it's due to slam into the pacific coast in the coming hours sops hotels and schools are shots and thousands of people have left their homes some places are expected to get up to forty five centimeters of rain.
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well seven thousand refugees and migrants are defying warnings from donald trump by continuing their march towards the u.s. border to escape poverty and violence and honduras as john homa reports they've reached southern mexico. all to move than a week walking the offer of a ride was too good to miss. trailer drivers were among the many mexicans on monday giving a hand to a migrant caravan of more than seven thousand people most of them hondurans a grateful hitchhikers clung to where they could. but. this was on my way and we're all human beings i couldn't turn them down they've made it this far god bless them. they're trying to get to the u.s. other locals waited by the side of the road to get the water sandwiches and even the peace for the many children manuella had come from the nearest town to help out but our son we want to give them what we can from our hearts it doesn't matter that
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we're out in the sun. and the sun was theists thirty degrees of heat women and children were among those struggling on until for some it became too much. that's why so many flock to get a lift the distances that people have been traveling in the last couple of days a fairly epic about the equivalent to a marathon so they're really taking advantage of any offer of transport that they can i'm not i was told that that came to an end briefly with this young man who fell and was cool to under the wheels. the multitude continued they will give the same reason for their odyssey i'm relenting poverty and under-employment back home . with my job i could barely afford food. the it's going to florence he says still working out how to deal with such a desperate influx more than one thousand have requested asylum here the rest of
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the term into moton and despite the fact that they entered the country illegally the main immigration chip point on the route was closed as they passed it they shouted in unison. yes we can yes we can join home and. chop us government leaders in australia are under pressure to remove child refugees from a remote island in the pacific ocean because many of them are mentally ill doctors have made a video to highlight their concerns about conditions on the island off now roo andrew thomas reports from sydney. some refugee children have been held on nauru for more than five years according to doctors most are mentally ill self harm is rife. refugee activists have campaigned for years for them to be taken off the island six thousand doctors in australia have just signed a petition calling for the same some have made a video explaining why we're in
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a crisis situation the refugees must be evacuated from offshore to take. now political momentum is growing too for them to be taken off the island at the weekend in sydney an independent candidate beat the government it what should have been one of the safest parliamentary seats is when you. should see. these unseen. and. pressure is growing on prime minister scott morrison to act on monday he gave a national apology to people who asked children were sexually abused by those supposed to be looking after them in state supported institutions but some accuse him and the labor opposition leader of hypocrisy for supporting a policy which detains refugee children off shore critics say that too is abuse or this is institutional abuse that's being perpetrated by government is trying taxpayers' funday systems i find keeping the people there to deprivation of hope is
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suffering physically suffering mentally and that deprivation of hope is what's really driving people to spare on monday eleven children and their families were taken off the roof and brought to australia for urgent medical attention for the remaining fifty two children the answer may be a transfer to new zealand so far astray as government has resisted an offer by new zealand's prime minister to resettle refugees there because of a quirk in australia is a visa rules just aboard a plane to come here foreigners need a proof rice australian visa but new zealand do not the government says refugees might start in new zealand but then they come across to australia later breaking it's never australia terence policy. the government wants to put lifetime bans on refugees from ever coming to australia even if they become citizens something the labor opposition party has been against but compromise may be needed to get
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children off the roof fast after thomas al-jazeera said. the plight of journalists has topped the agenda at a media summit in among the main cases highlighted was that of. a sane he's been imprisoned in egypt for almost two years without charge the summit urged egypt to allow him medical treatment and legal rights which he's been denied it's the french government's ban on face veils is being described as a violation of women's rights the u.n. human rights committee is calling for a review of the law and compensation for women who have been prosecuted france became the first country in europe to ban full face veils in public seven years ago david chaytor has more from paris. this case was brought before the u.n. human rights committee by two women who each fined one hundred seventy dollars for wearing the full face veil now this is that this lesion that was brought in by nicolas sarkozy back in twenty ten and it was meant to make sure for security
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reasons that nobody could disguise their face and it's been real debate ever since i would say was passed about the secular traditions inside france the fact that there needs to be social cohesion but what the un human rights committee have said is that essentially has marginalized these women it's meant they've had to stay within within their own communities it's meant that they they can't go out and they in the way they want to it's restricted their religious freedom and they've given france one hundred eighty days to review the legislation and they've also asked for compensation for the two women but of course the u.n. human rights committee ruling is not binding on france in fact the european court of human rights supported the french ban in twenty fourteen so this
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debate continues it's a very controversial area and as i say. the most recent case way this came to notice was that a criminal who made a spectacular escape from a prison in a hijacked helicopter was only spotted by police because he was wearing a burka or apparently disguised himself but they notice he was walking like a man and that's how he was actually apprehended by the police so that's very much always coming up in press coverage here in france. britain's prime minister is urging government ministers to hold their nerve during the tricky final stages of bricks at negotiations to resume a told parliament on monday that a divorce the ninety five percent complete major stumbling block remains the border between ireland and northern ireland which is leaving along with the rest of the u.k. remains facing a rebellion within her conservative party for proposing delaying brecht's it until the border problem is settled. it's
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a bridge too far for many drivers in hong kong and other cities in southern china they will need a special permit for a trip on the world's longest river crossing for vehicles which are allowed the engineering marvel will dramatically cut journey times sarah clarke has the story. the chinese president xi jinping officially opened the mega bridge it's fifty five kilometers long has four tunnels and two manmade islands and it now holds the title as the world's longest cross breach. i declare the hong kong. bridge officially open. it's taken almost a decade to build and cost around fifteen billion dollars but the bridge is central to china's master plan to integrate the poll with the delta region and drive
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economic growth hong kong macau and or now make up to a dozen cities on the mainland the journey once took four hours the commute will now take around thirty minutes. you currently need to use vessels to transport cargo to macau when the bridge is open the freight land transport can reach macau in a much shorter period of time and i believe cargo owners will prefer us the british will be run by trade ministrations hong kong but how and china traffic will go by china's rules cattle drive on the right and told to be paid in chinese currency i want some private vehicles will be given permits to mine mine to transport every tourist buses and trucks easing the flow of cargo from the mine. but not everyone supports the new bridge it was over budget behind should and up to ten workers died during construction critics also say it's another attempt by china to tighten its grip on hong kong and undermine its autonomy it's not just for visual impact it's
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almost like a political weapon to remind hong kong is about as us now apartment and be reminded that we are less likely connected to the motherland and that the public will get a chance to test the bridge when roads. open to sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera turkey's president is increasing the pressure on saudi arabia over the killing of journalist. described killing as a brutal and premeditated murder he called for an independent investigation and declared his full confidence that the saudi king would cooperate but he did not comment on other whiles but. we have strong evidence that this was
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a premeditated murder in the life of the information we have everybody has questions here are the questions these fifteen people why did they come on the day of the murder who ordered them to come to turkey we need an answer why was the building of the consulate general not open for investigation on the day only after so many days why so many credible explanations whereas the body of jamal. nobody knows where the body is it is alleged that the body was given to a local cooperate or so who is the local corporator we need to know who that is. the president wants all saudis suspects to be extradited to turkey to stand trial outlining a timeline of the saudi operation ergo onside investigators had evidence that consulate staff scouted a forest before he was due in the consulates and saudi arabia has responded to our statement the cabinet chaired by king said a man repeated its promise to hold to account those involved in the killing and no
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matter who they are. also making news russia is accusing donald trump of taking a dangerous position by threatening to ramp up production of nuclear missiles the u.s. national security adviser john bolton is in moscow as you can see he was been meeting with the president vladimir putin to discuss withdrawing from a cold war treaty which limits missiles russia denies it's violating the treaty. hurricane wilma is closing in on mexico with winds of more than two hundred kilometers an hour it's now being described as a category three storm due to cross the pacific coast within hours shops hotels schools are shut thousands of people have left their homes those are the headlines and side stories next on al jazeera.
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clashing over the killing of. turkey's president says the saudi journalist was the victim to the savage premeditated murder but the questions remain unanswered and of blaming the saudi leadership so what now this is a. hello and welcome to the program. president had promised what he called the naked truth twenty four hours later the one delivered his much anticipated speech to m.p.'s and he gave more details about the killing of jamal khashoggi but the president said no .


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