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tv   Journalism Is Not A Crime  Al Jazeera  October 23, 2018 11:00pm-11:57pm +03

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and hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. or intel or not in the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump said he will leave the u.s. response to the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi up to congress in consultation with him he's also described saudi arabia's actions since in istanbul as quote the worst cover up ever earlier turkey's president. chris the pressure on the saudi leadership describing the killing as a brittle premeditated murder he demanded an independent probe and he's counting on saudi cooperation charles tracked the reports from istanbul. sri weeks off the job market shows he was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul turkey
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investigators examining more potential clues forensic experts searched a saudi consulate car believed to have been abandoned in an underground car park on the day he was killed clothing the suitcases and a computer are among the items taken away candid in the eyes of the during a speech to his policy m.p.'s in ankara turkey president received type her to one said the saudi journalist was the victim of a savage premeditated murder he said that three saudis went on a reconnaissance mission to a forest the istanbul presumably to look for somewhere to bury his body. we have strong evidence that this was a premeditated murder in the life of the information we have everybody has questions here are the questions these fifteen people why did they come to the temple on the day of the murder who ordered them to come to turkey we need an answer. turkish government sources released musa curity camera video on choose day
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of the suspected fifteen member hit squad the video reportedly shows the men including high ranking intelligence agents and an autopsy experts at istanbul airport before leaving on two private jets on the evening of october the second the same day the khashoggi was killed in the consulate the team which also included a bodyguard of crown prince muhammad bin salma rived earlier in the day and was seen entering the consulate hours before arrived turkey's president is demanding answers from the saudis the saudi foreign minister has said he was killed in a huge and grave mistake which is you know where is the body of tamara showed nobody knows where the body is it is alleged that the body was given to a local operator so who is the local cooperate we need to know who that is or to one said he didn't doubt the credibility of king solomon but notably didn't mention his heir apparent crown prince mohammed bin salma the saudis deny he was linked to
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the killing of the journalist who criticized him. but a meeting of ministers in riyadh king solomon stressed what he called the directives and royal orders following the unfortunate event that led to the death of citizen jamal khashoggi the kingdom has taken procedures to clarify the truth and to hold accountable those who were negligent whoever they are king solomon added the king was shown meeting his son and another family member to offer condolences alongside the crown prince i was later the crown prince who hasn't been seen in public for days appeared briefly at the saudi investment summit to champion the ceased twenty thirty vision but. some analysts are disappointed with what the turkish president revealed god was asking what happened to the but. while the people were expecting him to tell us what happened to the body of john hodges which was a man said with the dismemberment of the but the have been the video recording the
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old you're recording these are all questions that are not and said the murder of jamal khashoggi has potentially huge implications for saudi arabia's relationship with the world now the turks and the saudis say their investigations will continue but three weeks since the show she was killed there are growing questions as to whether the real perpetrators those who planned his murder and those who sanctioned it will ever fully be called to account. istanbul. she joins us now from washington d.c. within the last few minutes we've been hearing again from president on the tell us what he's been saying. right it's interesting in fact because we were we were waiting we were standing by for some comment from the secretary of state from the state department he's running about twenty minutes late now and then while we were waiting these comments started filtering through the was well don't trump was signing a bill and he said that this was the worst coverup ever that he will leave the
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consequences for saudi arabia up to congress in consultation with him and also he believed. he said that he wants to see the facts first trump wants to see the facts first and says that iran was pretty rough on saudi arabia in his comments on tuesday some of these things we did hear in an interview with usa today on monday night where he said look we he supported some we had some skepticism for the turkish narrative yeah actually said well you didn't really necessarily believe the bones or narrative and so on but he did also say in that interview that he would act in conjunction with congress once the facts were known now the question is when will the facts be known do the even really want the facts or do they actually want some sort of way to move past all of this especially before the next round of sanctions against iran goes into effect in november we are waiting for secretary of state mike compared to speak to the press will entirely sure what he's going to be
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talking about but we know that the cia director gina hospital is in turkey right now and vice president mike pence said this morning in the u.s. that once she returned she would brief the administration and then the administration would make some sort of determination on what they think actually happened we've been hearing this for several days now judge cushion on monday saying that the u.s. is still in fact finding mode now it seems a lot is riding on what gina will find the cia director finds in tacky and what she says the demonstration upon her return she had to mention the line that put out about the leaving the consequences for saudi arabia up to congress in consultation with himself but it is that you can get a shift in position and remind us what what congress his position has been on this . seems to be a huge shift in the sense that congress has already forced the administrator to take some action last week i believe it was they invoke the magnitsky act which
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allows the us or at least makes the us administration conduct some sort of investigation there one hundred twenty days to conduct that investigation and if at the end of that there is some wrongdoing found then sanctions theoretically should be imposed on those who are found to be responsible although that could be tested in the court of law ministration could could resist those sanctions by saying look actually it's up to the commander in chief to make foreign policy but theoretically that's already in train and we do have lots of talk in congress about sanctions about further action being taken against saudi arabia there were votes in recent months for example on arms sales to saudi arabia which are going towards bombing yemen in previous rounds of votes in congress there weren't enough votes to stop those arms sales now we're hearing noises from pretty senior people both in the republican party and the democratic party that they might be prepared to vote for some sort of action against saudi arabia on weapons that will end up being used in
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yemen for example so there are all these these mechanisms underway it is unclear though whether house again whether the congress for that matter really wants the truth if the truth is completely unpalatable given how much given how much the u.s. has invested in the saudi leadership particularly crown prince mohammed bin so many times in the time being thank you very much indeed. well crystal a director for the council of arab british understanding joins me now and i just want to pick up on the position that trump has taken with saudi you have been in the past is that immigration ship with it been sound man and adamant today stopped short of from virtually blaming. but he indirectly did in that he sort of praised king solomon and didn't mention. the crown prince what do you think the position is now for from the been someone you think that he's that he's
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potentially at risk of being moved. and i think is possible in this extraordinary crisis really for saudi arabia i mean who saw this coming a month ago the idea that saudi arabia would be the subject of harsh criticisms from many of the every major power in north america including the united states and in europe we have germany has now suspended arm sales so yes certainly a lot of powers that be in saudi arabia will be placing some of the blame on him you know for where they got now whether they can do anything about that it is not really clear because he has got so much power that he has managed to crawl to himself personally far more than any other crown prince even potentially king in saudi history he has ripped away various other princes from their fiefdoms in the past is no longer sharing of the cake of saudi power it's focused on him so
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how they actually manage to move him but of course the fact that the united states has been making some pretty strong noises and we're seeing that from congress in particular and occasionally from donald trump vice president mike pence today was pretty forthright that does bring into question something which is quite fundamental to the to the saudi regime this relationship that they depended upon since. the end of the second world war that is potentially under threat so will they actually think well perhaps this young guy is not experienced enough we can't leave him at the helm and we need somebody perhaps a little bit more sober in the way he conducts affairs at the head of this crucial kingdom so i mean that the consequences of that trump has mentioned he said he'll leave the consequences for saudi about to congress in consultation with him what kind of things might they do i think congress might be minded to try to put some
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holes on some of the arms sales which course wouldn't get the approval of the white house tour president trump has been quite clear on that he doesn't want to see that happening beyond that what sort of options there are fairly limited. perhaps we might see some individual sanctions against certain visuals that deem to been responsible but i can't see they're going to take action anything that would impinge upon the crown prince himself i think that would be probably. too much at this stage. they have other options in trying to clip the wings of saudi arabia in the region and to to limit its influence or perhaps they may make overtures. on issues that saudi arabia will not be very keen to see so it's really very very unclear and that's what the problems with this presidency of course we can never really predict it from one moment to the next christo thank you very much indeed for analysis thank you you. now the e.u.
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is demanding a credible and transparent investigation into the shelties killing foreign policy chief today the committee says the blocks reaction will depend on saudi ounces. against one. when i've been in the woods is a crime against freedom of speech freedom of information and such things a crime against i want to cite everywhere in the would i want to life. in unity on principles of values it's a crime against all of us. next take you into some remarks a moment ago it was a terrible thing that ok yes ma'am go ahead i'll you believe him when he says he believes the saudi arabian leadership i want to see the facts here's a good look so he really is a bit of really great ally there's been one of the biggest addresses maybe the biggest investor of our country. they are doing hundreds of billions of dollars
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worth of investments and there are so many jobs so many jobs thousands and thousands of jobs and if you look at the other array and you look at what they've done to people vicious horrible and that still took years for what happened with reagan no excuse whatsoever but you take a look it's a rough part of the world it's a it's a nasty place it's a nasty part of the world but if what happened happened and if the facts check out and it's something that's very bad at the same time they have been a very good ally of ours they've been helping us a lot with respect to israel they've been funding a lot of things. i will tell you that russia and china would love to have that military order i mean i can say to my democrat friends to everyone they would love this is one hundred ten billion dollars worth of military
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and russia would pick it up very quickly and china would pick it up very quickly and france would pick it up very quickly france makes a lot of military equipment it's very competitive market. i did a great job when i sold them or that's why i went to saudi arabia first i went to saudi arabia the bases that they would buy hundreds of billions many billions of dollars worth of things and the ultimate bumper there's around four hundred fifty billion dollars one hundred ten for military four hundred fifty billion i think that's over a million jobs a million to over a billion so we do that which is hurting ourselves we just hurting ourselves and i know that from a certain standpoint you could also say well. it doesn't matter because it is a terrible thing but we would be really hurt it ourselves would be hurting our companies would be hurting our jobs and so we'll see what happens but i should have a pretty good report couple of seconds i should have a pretty good report very soon yes but rather just on your comments about being
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a nationalist there is a concern that you were sending coded language or a dog whistle to some of those remarks from president trump reiterating that saudi arabia has been a great ally and that it by is large numbers of weapons that are so. restating the huge arms sales that he has managed to arrange with saudi arabia and he's saying that if the facts check out it's something really bad what's happened because he's been asked if he believed the one he said he wants to see the facts first and he said to. cover up was the worst cover up ever he's also said in these remarks earlier that he would leave the consequences for saudi arabia up to congress in consultation with him. but everybody had to james bays is that with me now from the united nations so james earlier on in the day we had added one saying that there needs to be a proper investigation perhaps in of an independent investigation into what's
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happened with is there any momentum towards a u.n. investigation into these facts. the u.n. would not as a body as the secretaries of the u.n. led by antonio terus who happens to be in washington d.c. meeting among other people the u.s. secretary of state the softer noon where they would launch an inquiry they say unless they were requested to do so and that would be a request coming from one of the main bodies here at the united nations the security council the general assembly or the human rights council or one of the countries that are directly involved in this and that could of course be turkey saudi arabia or the united states there's not been no indication even though i think you're hearing a slightly different comments from president trump and certainly more questioning comments from president trump there in the white house a short time ago i don't know there's any indication at this stage that any of
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those countries would invite in the u.n. to carry out an investigation but they are ready and this is a fast moving developing story where things could change just referring i think it's worth us referring to what president trump just said there he said we need to get to the facts of all of this and it's worth telling you lauren that his facts seem to be completely off because he said that saudi arabia was the biggest investor in the united states well you look at the official figures and it's nothing like that the biggest investors are european countries and canada in fact the u.k. is by the official figures the biggest investor in the united states canada germany those are the biggest players and there's been lots of question marks too about his figures on the arms deal and actually how much money and how many jobs are provided
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by saudi arabia certainly saudi arabia has sold its importance very much to this president. james just about to move on to other issues that you've been reporting on over there what are you hearing at the u.n. on the situation in yemen well this is a very serious issue it's obviously a very connected issue because it is until now the issue that the international community has been the most concerned about with regard to saudi arabia because school saudi arabia leads that coalition operating in yemen and the death toll there continues to mount well the u.n. have come out now the humanitarian chief of the u.n. mark lowe caught with some really strong statements are paying their estimates of those that are affected in yemen he actually spoke to the security council last on the twenty first of september so only a matter of weeks ago and said that he feared that eleven million people in yemen
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were going to be at risk facing pre famine conditions he's now put that up by another three million to fourteen million people that is half the population of yemen and he told the security council there's now a clear and present danger of an imminent and great big famine engulfing yemen and he said it would be much bigger than any humanitarian professional has dealt with in their working lives james bass thank you very much indeed for that update from the u.n. . the plight of journalists has topped the genota media summit in gambia among the main cases highlighted was that about as there is more to say he's been imprisoned in egypt almost two years without charge for some it urged egypt to allow him medical treatment and legal rights which has been denied. russia has accused donald trump of taking a dangerous position by threatening to ramp up production of nuclear missiles u.s. national security advisor john bolton met president vladimir putin in moscow to
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discuss a cold war treaty which limits missiles the us president says he'll withdraw from the treaty and boost his nuclear arsenal in response to alleged russian violations steadfast and has more from moscow. john bolton didn't make it any clearer about how and when the united states wants to pull out of the i and after nuclear treaty he said there wasn't any clear timeframe yet what he did say though was that the united states hasn't started the official withdrawal from the treaty which takes about six months to do he did say and that's what they say most what the president was saying over the last couple of days is that russia has been violating this treaty time and time again but interestingly also said that the russians agree with the united states that the treaty is outdated and none of the russian officials have said that in public but he said the russians agreed to back then when the treaty was signed in one thousand eight hundred seven it was
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a different world the only two major nuclear superpowers only the soviet union and the united states well this situation has changed now there's also china he mentioned and he said to their information china has a heart for one third of their missiles that would actually violated this treaty this is what we had to say i think you were primarily perspective as president trump said on saturday he said again yesterday to deal with the question of russian violations of the i.m.f. treaty position russian russia doesn't agree with which we feel very strongly and was a major factor in our decision to withdraw when bolton was asked if he was a worried about an arms race he basically referred back to two thousand and one when the united states pulled out of the a.b.m. the antiballistic missile treaty everyone was worried there would be some kind of
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collapse of global securities sat well that didn't happen and he promised that didn't it wouldn't happen again when the united states would pull out of the i am after. seven thousand migrants and refugees are ignoring donald trump's protests continuing their march towards the u.s. border to escape poverty in central america as your home reports they reach chap us in southern mexico and the u.s. president has threatened to cut aid to countries along the route which don't stop some migrant caravan. this is really quite a rare moment for the people that are in this caravan it's the first time that they've had a day of rest since they entered mexico the last couple of days they've been walking a marathon basically every day and they're using the time as you can see here to wash their clothes and wash themselves and just basically to relax a little bit many of them are coming with family so the families are taking a little bit of time here on the banks and in this river. also in the center of
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town is when so many people there they spent the night most of them out in the open they're just trying to recuperate a little bit reese beaking to one family that came from nicaragua most of the families here are from us some of them from el salvador guatemala we asked this family and they can argue why it is they're traveling you know only any kind i want to get on. because there are do jobs even when you're trying to find a job you face vital even my child at school gets beaten up and i'm a single mother i can't leave my children alone when i work. we estimate that this caravan has at least a month to go at the rate that it's currently traveling on until it gets to the u.s. border and of course there are things that get to get even more difficult really for this massive more than seven thousand people president trump has said that there is no way that he's going to let them pass the border he's threatened to send
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the military to that border until they get there the mexican authorities themselves haven't done anything to impede the progress of this caravan although they are offering asylum to many people but the real test is in the times to come if they manage to make it through mexico what's going to happen when they get to a large of a hostile united states. brazilians head to the polls in the country's presidential election on sunday to choose between two very different leaders and under her dad from the workers' party is the country's left wing candidate but it's his controversial right wing rival shi'a both so narrow holds a wide lead in most polls than usual no went out on the streets of sao paolo to find out why both sonora has become so popular. he's reviled by the opposition as racist homophobic and sexist. but. growing number of supporters say he's not of those things he's a victim of what they call fake news. one that he's an honest politician firstly
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there are no charges of corruption against him second place he's conservative a family man he's bringing back all the values and principles that we've lost over the last few years people are becoming conservative again and fighting for morals and ethics in the first round of the election the rival left wing workers' party led by fernando a dad did well only in the poor northeast of brazil where when the government introduced social programs that lifted millions out of poverty and. also not all swept the rest of the country by big margins than predicted a self-starter stablished promising to be tough on crime and to fight rampant corruption in many ways the only the only argument that he has to justify his entire stablish with positions is the fact that he has he has been honest or he hasn't been involved in corruption scandals for twenty two years but
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we have to to consider that this is not enough for a candidate to present himself as as a savior or as somebody who is able to change brazilian politics right he has no experience but that doesn't seem to concern many of those who previously backed the workers' party power from two thousand and two to two thousand and sixteen. the corruption allegations the scheming everything disappoints me i wouldn't vote for the workers' party any more i will vote for both. paulson are also has the support of much of brazil's business community which prefers him to the left wing alternative just six months ago diable so now it was custom not accounted. for. twenty percent opinion poll rating since that is sinful stock a very strong quarter with the brazilian electorate disillusioned with the corrupt political establishment the struggling economy and rising crime he says that some of the privileged problems these people seem to believe that he. was popular among
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many has left others fearful of uncertain. polarizer that has been since military rule in the one nine hundred sixty s. seventy's and eighty's that there are some powerful. france has rejected a call from the un human rights committee to review its prohibition on clothing that covers your face a committee described the twenty ten law as a defacto ban on islamic veils and said it violated women's rights the french government says it's necessary to guarantee the conditions of full exercise of civil and political rights and will was introduced under president nicolas sarkozy he said it was justified due to security threats the world's longest sea bridge that links hong kong to the chinese mainland has opened as part of a plan to bring together a dozen cities into one high tech hub but while the fifty five kilometer crossing is a remarkable feat of engineering it's been criticised for going over budget and not
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everyone can use it sarah clarke has the story. the chinese president xi jinping officially opened the mega bridge it's fifty five kilometers long has four tunnels and two manmade islands and it now holds the title as the world's longest cross breach. i declare the hong kong. bridge officially open. it's taken almost a decade to build and cost around fifteen billion dollars but the bridge is central to china's master plan to integrate the pole with the delta region and drive economic growth hong kong macau and you high or no make up to a dozen cities on the mainland the journey once took four hours the commute will now take around thirty minutes. you currently need to use vessels to transport
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cargo to macau when the bridge is open the freight land transport can reach macau in a much shorter period of time and i believe cargo owners will prefer our service the bridge will be run by trade ministrations hong kong but how and china traffic will go by china's rules how to drive on the right and told to be paid in chinese currency i want some private vehicles will be given permits to mine mine or transport will be tourist buses and trucks easing the flow of cargo from the mine. but not everyone supports the new bridge it was over budget behind should you and up to ten workers died during construction critics also say it's another attempt by china to tighten its grip on hong kong and undermine its autonomy it's not just for visual impact it's almost like a political weapon to remind hong kong is that as us now apartments likes to tell and be reminded that you're physically connected to the
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a motherland and that the public will get a chance to test the bridge when roads open tomorrow sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. one of the top stories on our jazeera u.s. president donald trump said he will leave the u.s. response to the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi up to congress in consultation with him he's also described saudi arabia's actions since constructors murder in istanbul as the worst coverup ever but he's described turkey's president response to the killing is pretty rough anybody a rough one so the record i would say that i would get the full recap as you know i have people in turkey and i have people in saudi arabia and other places and they're all coming back as we speak heading back on the whole i think everything in a very short period it's a bad situation but certainly president or what was not complimentary of what
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happened there was a terrible thing that. when i was president of russia to about one addressed parliament he called the killing of jamal khashoggi a brutal and premeditated murder jamal because you watch. so far the evidence we have sous jamal was murdered brutally such brutality cannot be covered up in any way it would hurt humankind's conscience we would like saudi authorities to show the same sensitivity to this murder that saudi king solomon and the crown prince mohammed bin soundman have met members of jamal khashoggi his family in riyadh including his son sullivan jamal khashoggi king solomon has promised to hold to account anyone found responsible for the journalist death whoever they may be well shortly after that meeting the crown prince briefly attended a conference designed to attract foreign investment in saudi arabia had been
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salmond said he was satisfied with the summit despite dozens of business executives and government leaders canceling plans to attend. meanwhile the investigation into killing continues in istanbul police teams have found a suitcase and other items in a car belonging to the saudi consulate russia has accused of trump of taking a dangerous position by threatening to ramp up production of nuclear missiles u.s. national security adviser john bolton but president vladimir putin in moscow to discuss a cold war treaty which limits missiles president says he'll withdraw from the treaty and boost his nuclear arsenal in response to alleged russian violations just a with us witness is coming next we'll bring you more news as it happens by now they're the children of jailed chinese criminals with nowhere else to go. is giving them a home when he speaks the children growing up with their parents behind bars.
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one way in. to take it in. we went. with pot was spades everywhere but doctors there they can't remember. we went out. and displeased because we know they're not what tell i.
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see most of their existence i think this or. that side. is an old town going to move this year were sam started from the same small home desolate place where you are going to get most of the. loving home investment most. most of these people are so dumb or employed and most of the drugs on the fine dust but you mustn't. let's listen in to michael payers after state talking of state department karalee
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act of terrorism are the heroes who came in peace and gave their lives that day. president just spoke as many of you know five topics i want to address today that will add color to some of the things that the president said first. we're encouraged by the high voter turnout in the afghan parliamentary elections this past week and we commend the afghan security defense forces in their efforts to facilitate credible elections there were some technical issues but despite that we remain committed to assisting the election commissions especially in their work for the presidential election that will come in april of two thousand one thousand second the migrant caravan is violating mexico's sovereignty laws and immigration procedures president trump will not stand for this to happen to the united states to those who they say this is
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a hard hearted stance let's not forget that the united states is a historically generous nation when it comes to immigration where one million people per year are granted permanent legal status here in the united states over thirty three million people to total are currently here who have immigrated to this country illegally to those who want to come here come here legally illegal immigration is the surest way to obtain the better life you're looking for here in the united states of america from a security standpoint there is no proper accounting of who these individuals in the caravan are and this poses an unacceptable security rest to the united states moreover many of these people are right targets for human traffickers and others who would exploited them we don't want that to happen i've spoken twice in the last two days to my counterpart foreign secretary been a great we trust that mexico's leaders know what the best steps are to resolve this
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situation and we urge timely action on their part. united states also has a message for those who are currently part of this caravan for any caravan which follows you will not be successful at getting into the united states illegally no matter what i repeat the caribbean will not cross our southern border illegally under any circumstances if you seek to come here go through the normal refugee process if you apply for refugee status a permanent solution is possible in mexico or in a third country but i can tell you with certainty we are determined that illegal entry into the united states from this caravan will not be possible third the state heart will continue to seek all relevant facts consult with congress and work with other nations and work to hold accountable those responsible for the killing of jamal khashoggi the administration is also taking appropriate actions
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now given the information currently available to the united states we have identified at least some of the individuals responsible including those in the intelligence services the royal court the foreign ministry and other saadi ministries who we suspect to have been involved in mr to show his death we are taking appropriate actions which include revoking bases entering visa lookouts and other measures we are also working with the treasury department to review the applicability of the global magnitsky sanctions to those individuals these penalties will not be the last word on this matter from the united states we will continue to explore additional measures to hold those responsible. accountable we're making very clear that the united states does not tolerate this kind of ruthless action to silence mr khashoggi a journalist through violence. we continue to maintain a strong partnership with the kingdom of saudi arabia but neither the president nor i am happy with this situation. our shared strategic interests with saudi arabia
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remain we continue to view as achievable the twin imperatives of protecting america and holding accountable those responsible for the killing of mr q shogi. fourth last week a delegation of cuban diplomats through a childish temper tantrum at a u.n. sponsored gathering at the un was a meeting highlighting the cuban regime is intolerance of political opposition and the plight of political prisoners just me hearing the from a secular state might prepare reaction on the khashoggi killing a said that the u.s. would revoke visas for those identified as responsible for the casualties death they said that he said that they were taking appropriate action now and they had identified some of those responsible including those in the intelligence branch and in the royal court and some of the action was revoking visas and possibly reviewing that the likelihood of sanctions on some of these people he said the u.s.
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would not tolerate this kind of ruthless action to silence a journalist as being in a she had her tansey who's in washington she had this is where the strongest indication yet of a reaction or of a response from the u.s. administration in this. but it really does seem increasingly that they are all going to go down this congressional route which is which is something a mechanism that's already under way under the magnitsky act which is congress is also the administration to have an investigation into what happened to show that one hundred twenty days to do that if the administration identifies individuals who are deemed to be responsible for what happened to them bay may be sanctioned by congress with the participation of the white house if the white house doesn't stand in the way of that so that seems to be the route of that definitely going down we just had as you as you were reporting earlier in the hour but all trumps common saying once again that he will take congress's lead in this or least he will he will act in consultation with congress in some sort of sanctioning or some sort of
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she had surgery because he is from a conservative my to my pay's taking a question on the show here just listen i'm sorry i was being a bit disingenuous by telling them to apply for refugee status when this administration has slashed the number of refugee. number of refugees it would make i said i take a few questions you just asked three assume everyone in the room would be very disappointed in you for having taken all the questions. so let me take the last one first this is a nation that is historically generous with respect to accepting refugees and persons from all around the world where there is no mistaking that it will continue to be so. and so those who want to come here legally have every means available to do that people can also fall to be refugees in other countries other than the united states of america and so what we know is this we're nation built on laws we have an obligation the president has an obligation to protect american sovereignty and to secure our borders to make sure that we know who's coming in our country is not only appropriate but is a duty of the united states come we'll continue to make sure that we execute that
11:42 pm
with great energy and vigor and professionalism. second i'll get you the numbers. we have but i want to make sure that i'm sure i'll make sure everybody gets a chance to see the numbers there's not a lot more that i. and say about other than to say that this is certainly not the last step that we will take that we will continue to do our own efforts our own fact finding to make sure that the decisions that the united states makes are based on real facts and real data that we can confirm ourselves will certainly take information that comes from other sources the turkish intelligence services the saudis we will evaluate that information validate that information inform our own judgments about the facts and then hold those responsible accountable based on the facts that we determine are appropriate we will we will work with congress i've spoken to our allies around the world we want to make sure that everyone understands the united states doesn't believe this that the killing of democracy it was was anything other than a horrific act and we hope that we can work together both with congress and our
11:43 pm
allies to hold those responsible accountable. that. city thank you very much to talk about afghanistan election it was the daily unique thanks we had ready had that but unfortunately pakistan has to do something wrong you know would us return now to should have autonomy from all the action to these nations lines coming from that might complain has been saying that he's had to revoke visas on those identified as responsible for casualties death but this may not be the end of it she had he was quite clear that this is the initial response and they're going to continue to look into the facts and that may mean more after that i suppose that gives them some latitude doesn't it. and again we go back to what donald trump was saying on monday when he again cause doubt on the turkish narrative he said that he as far as he was concerned it looked like a plot to go on a ride those were his words he questioned the use of a bone saw that has been publicized greatly since since the death of john the
11:44 pm
disappearance of his shoji was announced the administration line seems because lessing around a sense that we will get a fax and then not necessarily what you what the truth is necessarily what you've heard and we know gina hospital is in turkey the cia director mike pence the vice president said on tuesday morning that once she returns in the coming days she will fully brief the administration and then they will they will come to some sort of conclusion to their satisfaction as to what exactly happened but once again from pompei or from trump there they're saying look we we are going to rely on our own facts we're going to rely on our own fact finding and just because you're hearing all of the all of these stories in the media clearly leaked by the turks that doesn't mean the we're going to necessarily accept this they don't trump is always saying as a postscript whenever he talks about this stuff that there is a very serious incident and if m.b.'s if the crown prince i would been silent all
11:45 pm
the king himself is found to be involved he'd be very disappointed to see me personally betrayed but that doesn't necessarily mean that what we do is sort of figure out there we don't want that personal element and trumps in trump's discourse about all of this what effect that's going to happen on the rail politic of the geo strategic relationship between the u.s. and saudi arabia as they try to move on from this particularly before the next round of iranian sanctions kick in the next november they really want to get this off the front pages before the iranian sanctions come in because the whole point about those sanctions when they come up is they have a whole thing saying that iran is the greatest most malevolent power in the middle east it would be very difficult to make that argument of saudi arabia still being accused of what evidence see in the middle east. sheva tanzi thank you very much. let's bring in nick restore the director of the council for arab british understanding his they're with us in the studio and showing that this moving story as it went from there saying that he's going to work with the treasury to review the possibility of sanctions on individuals who want responsible is also going to
11:46 pm
talk well with congress and also he mentioned the allies for a response what do you make of that these latest lines for what it seems the american administration is going to target those people at saudi arabia as props or already. themselves sort of allocated the blame to in other words those people who are quite close to the crown prince mohammed bin sama and those around him the eighteen that we've already heard about so the danger in this perhaps for those who would like to see full accountability from bottom to top as president president talked about today is perhaps it stops there perhaps there is no further real discussion about whether that's going to include more senior people within the saudi regime and they think that that will be enough i'm not sure that that's going to convince allies of the united states nor leaders in congress if further revelations come out from turkey over the next few days because it's quite clear that the president is still holding back stuff and that's always the way so the
11:47 pm
narrative also that we hear here they're not going to accept the turkish story that's fine but that turkish story is getting harder and harder i mean only yesterday we saw this body double wearing the same clothes that jamal was wearing leaving the concert which indicates it was premeditated that's not i know to what not compos said that this is you know an act not a premeditated one that's the turkish narrative if it's premeditated premeditated that really implicates the saudi leadership so what do you think turkey's going to do next i mean there's this drip feeding of information has is worked and it's to the extent so far for three weeks it has built the pressure up it can they could end up over. a plane that had to have they really got to the no need to share what they've got if they if indeed they are holding it back i think turkey has played this very craftily very well it's played this game well from the point of view of getting what's best for turkey so they obviously are trying to get some reward out
11:48 pm
of the united states and or saudi arabia for this holding stuff back because that's their leverage so if they get no there bride price whatever that might be investment billions who knows then maybe we'll never hear this so-called audio recording maybe we won't hear any evidence that could really implicate leading people in saudi arabia if that exists so but they could go too far they could overshoot they could make mistakes in terms of the evidence so they've got a big careful and they don't want to land up having a mortal enemy in saudi arabia who may be on the phone for the next fifty years that would be very damaging to long term turkish interests and it was interesting that my papa said that he would they would look they didn't find some of the individuals responsible and it included people intelligence but also in the saudi court i mean i suppose that does doesn't tell us who that is but i suppose it does
11:49 pm
suggest that they are prepared at least to look at the very senior leadership well absolutely but remember that those people who have been dismissed and arrested were also within saudi court and within intelligence and my my guess is that they are following that saudi narrative at this stage and by going after them they're going to give over the pretense that they're really pursuing accountability for this they're waiting for the evidence and the facts and they're being responsible about it but they're going to be very wary of risking in the medium to long term the u.s. saudi relationship they want to keep that was looking strong on the issue of accountability so a very very tough balancing act trying to ride two horses at the same time christiane thank you very much indeed thank you. well as we know saudi arabia has been one of the biggest investors in the u.s. tech industry for years but as questions grow over casualties death these ties are under scrutiny reports from silicon valley. in the aftermath of the killing of
11:50 pm
jamal khashoggi at the hands of saudi government agents tech companies and their executives are distancing themselves from saudi investment but how each one of them makes that decision on their own i think is probably driven very much by their own moral conscience but also their understanding that other people are looking at them in their formal leadership positions for cues about what to do right now several tech leaders have already bailed out of crown prince mohammed bin some ons investment conference including google cloud c.e.o. diane green a.o.l. founder steve case and guber c.e.o. darren costner a shoddy who said he was very troubled by reports of cars show g.'s death khosrowshahi as public comments were seen as significant because the saudi wealth fund holds a three and a half billion dollar stake in the right ailing app saudi arabia has also invested
11:51 pm
heavily in tesla motors door dash the work space company we work and others much of the saudi money is funneled through the japanese bank soft bank the world's largest investment fund so far saudi arabia has put forty five billion dollars into soft bank so-called vision fund and the crown prince says he'd like to double that amount as tech companies recoil from the saudis on ethical grounds it will be difficult if not financially impossible to unravel their saudi tie a complex tangle of contract stock preferences and legal obligations tied companies hands in such matters ordinarily companies and financial institutions follow the lead of their governments but president donald trump's response to the shoji killing has been tepid and vacillating leaving corporations to find their own way
11:52 pm
in some ways this. case is providing an opportunity for companies to really provide some ethical and moral leadership maybe at a time when they're not seeing or experiencing what they like to see from leadership in other sectors silicon valley corporations face a dilemma choosing between an ethical response to a shocking crime and the abundant funding that makes the tech industry flourish rob reynolds al-jazeera san carlos california. the list i return to the breaking news about the reaction from pompei and the united states press begins in a hunter who's live outside the saudi consulate back in istanbul so i know we've heard quite a lot now from from pompei what you think the reaction of there will be to it to his comments. well turkey at the end of the day would like to see the united states line up behind it in this case from the very beginning turkey
11:53 pm
has been very careful treading carefully because it wanted to avoid really a direct confrontation with saudi arabia turkey saudi arabia to regional powers which really are have been vying for influence in this region for years now so turkey wants the united states to be on board and that is why maybe we didn't see the president or dog on the naked truth on the table today because his speech his promise speech coincided with a visit by the cia a chief to turkey and the cia chief as we understand was reviewing the evidence so turkey is showing this evidence to the united states making sure really that it is water tight that the evidence that they have really implicates people higher up in the government and it's an open secret that turkish officials believe the assassination of she was ordered by the defacto ruler of saudi arabia the crown
11:54 pm
prince muhammad bin salmen so turkey of course like i mentioned didn't want doesn't want to enter into direct confrontation we heard a gun appeal to king sound man during his speech more than once really giving him a lot of respect calling him as a custodian of the holy shrine do what is right do what is correct implement the sharia islamic law so he was giving these messages to king sound man and but the question is what has been the response from saudi arabia because just a few hours after erdogan speech can sound man had a cabinet meeting and mohamed bin so a man was present in that meeting and following that meeting yes they issued a statement they said that the we are going to hold those responsible whoever they are and they're going to be punished but at the same time in that camp. that statement they rated this ministerial committee that was set up to reform the intelligence agency that is going to be headed by mohamed been some men so there is
11:55 pm
no indication that mohamed bin sound man is being sidelined and this is what turkish officials want to see they believe that mohamed bin man was involved in this assassination and he should be sidelined and even in the turkish press the government media they do say that this case will not be closed until muhammad bin sound man is held to account and they cannot see mohamed bin so man ascending to the throne staying in power for four or five decades and he will be an enemy of saudi arabia so there's a lot of geo political and strategic interests at stake here to move this turkey to get out of this from the united states specifically and will we see in the past the last few weeks when they haven't been happy with what they've heard from the united states they've they've been up to the ante with more leaks coming out what reaction do you think we might get lost you think we may have lost or are there in.
11:56 pm
we're getting a reaction there to the latest news from the united states from my palm payers that he's been working with the treasury to be the review the applicability of global magnitsky sanctions on the individuals who are responsible for the killing of jamal khashoggi we also heard from him the the was consulting with allies and also with congress we'll bring you more on that story in a moment but first let's so i haven't some move on to some other news about the prime journalist which was atop the agenda at a media summit in gambia among the main cases highlighted was that of. mahmoud hussein he's been imprisoned in egypt for almost two years without charge. of the summit urged egypt to allow medical treatment and legal rights which he's been denied. russia has accused donald trump of taking
11:57 pm
a dangerous position by threatening to ramp up production of nuclear missiles u.s. national security adviser john bolton met president vladimir putin in moscow to discuss a cold war treaty with limits which limits missiles u.s. president says he'll withdraw from the treaty and boost his nuclear arsenal in response to alleged russian violations france has rejected a call from the u.n. human rights committee to review its prohibition on clothing that covers your face you initially are described the twenty ten law as a defacto ban on islamic veils and said it violated women's rights the french government says it's necessary to guarantee the conditions for full exercise of civil and political rights of the law was introduced under president nicolas sarkozy who said it was justified due to security threats.


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