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zero. and three. this is zero. and i'm richelle carey this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. has to be some kind of retribution the best of the. promises consequences for those behind the killing of journalist and puts the ball and congress's court. we've identified at least some of the individuals responsible and . takes action against specific individuals suspected to be involved in the murder
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. but. we have strong evidence this was a premeditated murder or to typewrite long lines all involved from top to bottom to face punishment. and human rights support uncovers abuse and torture in the occupied palestinian territories. and the u.s. warns us i'll call my grand caravan you will not cross our border under any circumstances. they had states has taken the first tranche of action yet in the case of murdered saudi journalist. us president donald trump has called it quote the worst cover up in the history of cover ups but insists on staying away from economic sanctions is now putting the onus on congress for response. nothing that they've done that its government has done well and certainly has not been. spoken of properly they did
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the wrong thing even thinking about the idea they certainly did a bad job of execution and they certainly did a bad job of talking about it or covering it up if you'd like to say that but i would say it was a total fiasco and now the u.s. is revoking basis for twenty one saudi nationals secular state might pompei is also warning of additional measures we are taking appropriate actions which include revoking bases entering visa lookouts and other measures we're also working with the treasury department to review the applicability of the global sanctions to those individuals these penalties will not be the last word on this matter from the united states we will continue to explore additional measures to hold those responsible. accountable we're making very clear that the united states does not tolerate this kind of ruthless action to silence mr coo shogi a journalist through violence turkey's president wants the suspects to be tried in
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his country or to type or to one rejected saudi arabia's version of what happened to democracy and called it a political murder i'm now to mike hanna who is in washington d.c. so mike how high up the distraught will trump think this cover up goes. well donald trump still making very clear that he's spoken to the saudi king and the crown prince now on a number of occasions saying that they tell him that they have nothing to do with it whether or not he believes that he's not saying at this particular point but making clear a statement he says that this is at a lower level now he adds that he will be meeting with a whole lot of his advisers in the next twenty four hours he says people in saudi arabia are getting on the plane as we talk and after that meeting with people both from saudi arabia and from turkey they should be more clarity about what president
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trump's position is critically of course will be the report back from the director of the cia gina has bill who's been in turkey she'll be coming back with whatever details she's managed to get from the turkish authorities like what and what additional punitive measures is speaking about what is he talking about well at this stage he appears to be talking of about measures against individuals he's isolated those twenty one individuals whose visas have been revoked he says that the global magnitsky act could be evoked this is an act which governs human rights accountability among individuals or indeed states around the globe these measures can be in the form of economic sanction against individuals freezing of funds the inability for them to transfer money to any point in the globe but this is particularly in reference to individuals at this particular stage the secretary
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of state not talking about measures against states at this particular point is limiting his conversation and the punitive sanctions that may be executed against the named individuals all right mike hanna live for us in washington d.c. mike thank you. now as mentioned earlier on tuesday all eyes were on target president roger typewriter one who had promised to reveal all about instead his speech cable in terms of new evidence but it flatly dismissed saudi arabia as explanation that he was killed by a rogue operatives stratford has more. sri weeks up to jamal khashoggi was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul turkey investigators examine more potential clues forensic experts searched a saudi consulate car believed to have been abandoned in an underground car park on the day he was killed clothing the suitcases and a computer are among the items taken away candid in a group members of the during
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a speech to his party m.p.'s in ankara turkey as president received type the once that the saudi journalist was the victim of a savage premeditated murder he said that three saudis went on a reconnaissance mission to a forest near a stumble presumably to look for somewhere to bury his body. uniondale we have strong evidence that this was a premeditated murder in the light of the information we have everybody has questions here are the questions these fifteen people why did they come to the temple on the day of the murder who ordered them to come to turkey we need an answer to is government sources released muz security camera video on choose day of the suspected fifteen member hit squad the video reportedly shows the men including high ranking intelligence agents and an autopsy experts at istanbul airport before leaving on two private jets on the evening of october the second the same day the
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khashoggi was killed in the consulate the team which also included a bodyguard of crown prince muhammad bin salma rived earlier in the day and was seen entering the consulate hours before arrived. turkey's president is demanding answers from the saudis the saudi foreign minister has said he was killed in a huge and grave mistake whereas the body of jamal nobody knows where the body is it is alleged that the body was given to a local operator so who is the local cooperate we need to know who that is or to one said he didn't doubt the credibility of king solomon but notably didn't mention his heir apparent crown prince muhammad and selma the saudis deny he was linked to the killing of the journalist who criticized him. but a meeting of ministers in riyadh king solomon stressed what he called the directives and royal orders following the unfortunate event that led to the death of citizen jamal khashoggi the kingdom has taken procedures to clarify the truth
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and to hold accountable those who would negligent whoever they are king solomon added the king was shown meeting his son and another family member to offer condolences alongside the crown prince was later the crown prince who hasn't been seen in public but days appeared briefly at the saudi investment summit to champion the ceased twenty thirty vision but. some analysts are disappointed with what the turkish president revealed god was asking what had been to the. well the people were expecting him to. what happened. which was a man said with of the dismemberment of the but the have been the video recording the old you're recording these are all questions and said the murder of jamal khashoggi has potentially huge implications for saudi arabia's relationship with the world now the turks and the saudis say their investigations will continue but
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three weeks since the shows he was killed there are growing questions as to whether the real perpetrators those who planned his murder and those who sanctioned it will ever fully be called to account. stumble. into hers tracking developments and. announce that from my pompei oh you know that there are sanctions and there is punishment that's being looked at how how will turkey react to that. well it is clear the trumpet ministration is hardening its stance taking concrete action this of course will be welcomed by turkish officials who really believe that the u.s. was not taking a tough enough stance really what we've seen over the past three weeks the leaks of information to the press from security sources this was not just to pressure saudi arabia into a corner to actually admit the death of. but this was also to pressure the u.s.
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administration because turkey wanted to make sure from the start that the united states was on board turkey wants to avoid a direct confrontation with turkey and riyadh of course iran riyadh being too regional powers who have been vying for influence so turkey wanted to avoid that then president are gone really has been treading carefully trying to avoid pointing the finger of blame at the saudi royal family even today during his speech he reached out to king salmen he appealed to him do what is right do what is correct and he was very respectful to the king your majesty the custodian of the holy shrines because what he's trying to do really is to separate saudi arabia as a country and those he believes are responsible for this act even though the belief in turkey is that this murder was ordered by mohamed bin so man the crown prince who is the defacto ruler of saudi arabia so erdogan treading very carefully doesn't
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want to damage relations with saudi arabia keeping you know bridges open but really making it very very clear that it believes that this was a premeditated murder and those responsible those higher up should be held to account for her life for us in istanbul zain i thank you. so as you mentioned donald trump says he's leaving it to congress to decide on possible actions against saudi arabia so let's take a closer look at what politicians on capitol hill could actually do they can force the president to impose sanctions against the kingdom using them in its key act both democratic and republican senators have already said that process and motion by triggering the law which allow sanctions on foreign officials who have committed human rights violations the white house has one hundred twenty days to act congress also has the power to stop any new arms sales to the kingdom can reject a deal by passing a law prohibiting the sale a month before it is agreed upon but that means
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a majority vote is needed if that doesn't work congress can put pressure on the kingdom with the law on terrorism passed in two thousand and sixteen that allows victims to sue saudi arabia for what the families claim is the country's collusion in the nine eleven attack likes blumenthal is author and editor of grey zone project. dot com pardon me an online news website he joins us from washington d.c. maxim thank you so much so. donald trump's language seems to be changing a little bit of all things somewhat on what happened to jamal khashoggi but he said it was the worst cover up ever and said that it was a bad deal does that still sound like a strong enough condemnation to you to actually for considering what actually happened to this reporter. it's a really strong condemnation but what does it mean in terms of concrete steps i mean if this is the worst conk worst cover up in history then why did the trump
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administration impose a much heavier cost on russia for the still unsolved screen paul case and expel half of their diplomatic staff and close consulates around the country what we're seeing from the trumpet ministration so far is pretty weak applying the global magnitsky act possibly to the fall guys in this whole saga we don't know who the officials are whose visas will be sanctioned but it's only twenty three so this you know is pretty weak sauce compared to what we've seen meted out against other countries that aren't allied with the u.s. and you know another thing that congress can do in addition to the steps that you named is it can enforce the war powers act and actually force a vote on yemen or saudi arabia with the u.s. and u.k. assistance is carrying out the worst humanitarian crisis in the world and as you mentioned arms sales to saudi arabia a vote narrowly failed in the senate and that was done it failed thanks to
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extensive lobbying from lockheed martin and raytheon two groups whose profits trump says he aims to preserve in protecting the special relationship with saudi arabia is there the political will to to accomplish either of those things that you just said we know politicians talk a lot and say a lot but is the will there to actually force those issues. well there's you know i don't know how much political will there is on capitol hill but right now is a really opportune moment for congress and there's also a letter in the house right now to demand that the cia and the u.s. intelligence agencies reveal what they knew in advance about threats to jamal we should also know what role the saudi embassy in washington under the watch of mohammed bin someone's brother khalid bin zalman played in coercing. into istanbul where this heinous crime could be carried out in a more convenient location that may open up more opportunities for legal sanction
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against saudi arabia in washington so we're right now what we're seeing is a big blow to saudi soft power there so many people in washington have been bought off by saudi arabia this has been a really humiliating week for them the washington post has been forced to acknowledge that two of its columnists have been in the pay of saudi arabia and the new york times ran a giant front plate page splash for the first time finally on the saudi war in yemen yesterday so in terms of soft power saudi arabia has been hit extremely hard by this would you like to see congressional hearings on this. we should see congressional hearings but how about an international investigation so far washington has only called for saudi arabia to investigate itself that's the language we hear president after president ask of israel whenever it commits some kind of human rights crime against palestinians the flotilla massacre for example
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back in two thousand and ten and now we're at we were being we're hearing that the perpetrator is asked to investigate itself the should be investigated by the un and not just by the turkish government and we should also be aware that gina has pulled the cia director is on her way to istanbul to present the findings of turkey to the president will she present the real findings will she come back with the mother load in the form of this supposed audiotape or will she disappear elements of this investigation just as she disappeared the tapes of the owner of the torture sessions that she participated in in two thousand and five k.-max one and for us in washington max thank you now saudi arabia's version has changed several times over the past three weeks and we are still far away from knowing exactly what happened to jamal khashoggi or his body king solomon has promised to punish anyone found responsible for the death whoever that may be he and the crown prince megachurch a son who is banned from leaving saudi arabia ostensibly to offer their condolences
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but questions remain on the alleged role in the operation it's over shattering his showpiece investment conference where he made a brief appearance other foreign leaders and company executives refused to attend because of the killing. as we all know these are difficult days. for us the kingdom of saudi arabia we are going through. a crisis of sorts resulted from a. very good activity and a boring and sit in that took place in turkey nobody in the kingdom can justify it or explain it and from the leadership on down we. are very upset about what has happened. and of course the king has made it clear that they will be. investigation of justice and distribution to those dispose
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billions of dollars a flight into u.s. high tech companies for years since the killing questions about morals and ethics are being asked and there are also issues being raised over the relationship between ultra rich members of the royal family and silicon valley in california reports. in the aftermath of the killing of jamal khashoggi at the hands of saudi government agents tech companies and their executives are distancing themselves from saudi investment but how each one of them makes that decision on their own i think is probably driven very much by their own moral conscience but also their understanding that other people are looking at them in their formal leadership positions for cues about what to do right now several tech leaders have already bailed out of crown prince mohammed bin summons investment conference including google cloud c.e.o. diane green a.o.l. founder steve case and c.e.o.
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darren shockey who said he was very troubled by reports of cars show g.'s death khosrowshahi as public comments were seen as significant because the saudi wealth fund holds a three and a half billion dollars stake in the right ailing app saudi arabia has also invested heavily in tesla motors door dash the work space company we work and others much of the saudi money is funneled through the japanese bank soft bank the world's largest investment fund so far saudi arabia has put forty five billion dollars into soft bank so-called vision fund and the crown prince says he'd like to double that amount as tech companies recoil from the saudis on ethical grounds it will be difficult if not financially impossible to unravel their saudi tie as a complex tangle of contract stock preferences and legal obligations tied companies
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hands in such matters ordinarily companies and financial institutions follow the lead of their governments but president donald trump's response to the khashoggi killing has been tepid and vacillating leaving corporations to find their own way in some ways this. case is providing an opportunity for companies to really provide some ethical and moral leadership maybe at a time when they're not seeing or experiencing with the like to see from leadership in other sectors silicon valley corporations face a dilemma choosing between an ethical response to a shocking crime and the abundant funding that makes the tech industry flourish rob reynolds al-jazeera san carlos california from the koreas a professor of journalism at american university it a root and a senior fellow at harvard's kennedy school and he joins us live from new york thank you for joining us obviously that the kingdom has obviously at this point
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admitted that something happened that something went wrong as they say but they have been resistant to the accusations that you know he was deliberately murdered and that his body was desecrated and chopped up why that specific detail is something they would push back against so strongly well i think you mean the detail of his body being chopped up yes. well an islamic tradition that's a desecration of a body and there are rules and traditions of how to deal with a dead person dead body with with dignity. so this is one problem that the saudis leadership probably has to deal with the bigger problem is that very few people in the world believe them anymore given the way they have done and they have responded to this situation in the last two weeks or so they just keep coming up with different stories on the. crown prince of something and the king says something the
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foreign minister says something him and they keep changing so that they have zero credibility and the evidence that has been put out there by the turks is pointing fingers at them and now even the american president who was supporting the so the leadership is now really a question of them quite seriously so they're they're in a really deep hole that they dug themselves i mean they can't get out of it just by coming up with more let me ask you this then so yes it is as you described that they don't have a lot of credibility now which obviously seems that mohammed will be would be weakened on the international stage because of that does that weaken him internally as well and at some point can you see a king someone doing something about it not necessarily to punish him but simply because it's some point he cannot be effective as a crown prince anymore if he has no credibility. this remains to be
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seen these are all decisions that are done on a calculated basis what's the price of doing nothing if i had been selling man as weakened loses credibility but his father insists on keeping him as a crown prince will this damage the saudi arabian linkages with people all over the world or will it not damage it very much just a little bit that they can handle we've never experienced anything like this i mean this that the leadership including some of the settlement are being accused of lying repeatedly and committing assassination so these are very serious. accusations and we've never experienced this kind of situation before no political leadership will sacrifice anybody including members of their own family if it is the price of their survival the other part of this actually a question we just don't know what the majority of saudis feel about this because
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saudi arabia is a country especially now under my madness of man's rule that doesn't allow public opinion to actually express itself i've talked to individuals so these students in the united states and other people and i've heard their views and you get different views but most people are afraid to make any kind of open criticism so we just have to wait for the so the system to. alert us to for instance is there a big backlash in the private sector to the way he rounded up people and put them in jail and took their money is there a backlash in the religious community as a backlash among young people who are happy that he allowed women to drive in the cinemas to reopen but maybe they're upset by these bigger accusations of make their country look very bad on the world stage on the front page every day yet for the last two weeks and it's getting worse it's not getting better because a. still more evidence that the turks apparently will will or will be able to
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resist that so if i can get in for just a moment you mention the turks and i'm glad you brought it back to that what does it play the dynamics between turkey and saudi arabia especially considering how turkey is very slowly and methodically releasing the information that they have. you have two really big issues i think at play one is that the turks and the saudis see themselves as competing for the leadership of the islamic world which is really nonsensical because there isn't any one country today that can be the leader of the islamic world it's not like in the old days when you had a single caliphate and the kaleb but now they so it is on the turks feel that they should both play they dominant role in speaking for some the say so that's one competition that's there another one is who is going to be the favored
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partner of the united states in the region and the major trading and investment partner of the whole world basically in the middle east iran has problems israel has problems it can deal with most of the arab world turkey and egypt is in the deep mess of its own making canonically him politically and and is often accused of similar crimes as happened so turkey and saudi arabia are both trying to make sure that they remain the favored partner of major international players because as you're talking of hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars of trade and then defense issues and of course security guarantees and if you can be the more powerful party in the region than you will assure your own well being and your own national interests or the search for instance don't want to see occur just state the so these have their own concerns in the region so there really is some huge
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issues at play here and there is a competition going on between turkey and saudi arabia the iranians are the third leg but they're just sitting back and watching for now ok rami corey thank you so much for joining us from new york we appreciate it. there has been widespread widespread skepticism that is a resounding version of events with several world leaders pushing for clarification about what happened they used foreign policy chief and remembering a house address the european parliament she said a crime against one journalist is a crime against all freedom of speech and information a greenie joined foreign ministers of the g seven group of nations saying saudi's explanations so far leave many questions unanswered britain canada france germany italy japan and the us all signed off on the statement condemning killing so head in the news hour what's rallying voters for right presidential front runner. connecting the chinese main line with hong kong the world's longest crossing bridge
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opens. and coming up in reaction to those winning return to manchester united peter we'll have that in just a bit. hello again well across north america we're looking at a change of temperatures of course it is that time of year as we go towards a lot of part of october a lot of air is coming in from the north so that means temperatures are going to be dropping particularly across the great lakes and also into the northeast so a lot of single digits coming into play otto is only going to be getting to about nine degrees toronto at seven new york is going to be a bright day but thirteen degrees for you as we go towards midweek then we also have a lot of rain down here towards the south though from dallas over here towards new orleans over towards mobile we'll be seeing some very wet conditions as well but for atlanta it is going to be a cloudy day with
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a temperature of thirteen or across mexico of course we're watching two storms making landfall those storms have made landfall in our dissipating but we're still dealing with some of that moisture across the area so localized flooding could be still a problem in that region but for central america we're looking quite dry where the rain is going to be down here towards the south as costa rica as well as into panama that is going to be rainy for the next few days temperatures into the low thirty's here across managua but across cuba we're looking quite nice with a temperature of havana twenty nine degrees there and then very quickly across south america we are seeing some rain across the sun sea and that's keeping the temperatures down to about twenty five degrees and a rainy day for rio at about twenty seven. seven years after muammar gadhafi is controversial rain came to a violent end libya is frozen in time.
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competing forces each running for power and influence continue to disrupt a broken state but time forgot. in the second of a two part series the big picture asks who's to blame the lust for libya on al jazeera. this is a really fabulous news for one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in but something i feel every time i get on the chair every time i interview someone. often working round the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well.
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rajan al jazeera let's recap the top stories for you right now the pieces of twenty one saudi nationals are for the killing of journalists and warning of further measures president donald trump says riyadh's handling of the situation has been a total fiasco turkey's president wants those behind the murder of the shochet to be extradited to face trial and his country type hard won call for an end to pending the investigation and said he's confident that the saudi king would cooperate but he did not comment on other royals. of the u.s. and russian presidents could meet in france next month over washington's plan to withdraw from a landmark nuclear weapons deal donald trump and vladimir putin will both attend a world war one commemoration event in paris on november eleventh one says they plan to hold a bilateral meeting on the sidelines it comes after u.s.
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national security advisor john bolton held talks with putin in moscow meeting was to discuss the fate of a three decade old arms pact to eliminate some categories of nuclear and other ballistic missiles and has more from moscow. john bolton didn't make it any clearer about how and when the united states wants to pull out of the i in af nuclear treaty he said there wasn't any clear timeframe yet what he did say though was that the united states hasn't started the official withdrawal from the treaty which takes about six months to do he did say and that's what they say most what the president was saying over the last couple of days is that russia has been violating this treaty time and time again but interestingly also said that the russians agree with the united states that the tweet is outdated and none of the russian officials have said that in public but he said the russians agreed to back down when the treaty was signed in one thousand eight hundred seven it was
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a different world the only two major nuclear superpowers all you the soviet union and the united states well this situation has changed now there's also china he mentioned and he said to bear information china has a ha for one third of their missiles that would actually violated this treaty this is what we had to say i think you were primarily perspective as president trump said on saturday he said again yesterday to deal with the question of russian violations of the i.m.f. treaty to position russia russia doesn't agree with which we feel very strongly and was a major factor in our decision to withdraw when bolton was asked if he was worried about another arms race he basically referred back to two thousand and one when the united states pulled out of the a.b.m. the antiballistic missile treaty everyone was worried that would be some kind of
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collapse of global securities sat well that didn't happen and he promised that didn't it wouldn't happen again when the united states would pull out of the i.m.f. . the united nations says millions more people in yemen are facing famine than previously thought the u.s. military in chief has given security council an update on the situation there. says the three year conflict has left about fourteen million people on the brink of famine and are completely reliant on aid. just to be clear my assessment my advice to you is that there is now a clear and present danger of an imminent and great big famine in gulf in yemen much bigger than anything any professional in this field has seen during their working on our revised assessment the results of new survey work and analysis is that the total number of people facing pretty famine conditions meaning they
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entirely reliant on external aid for survival could soon reach not eleven million all fourteen million that's hof the total population of the country saudi arabia and bahrain have added iran's revolutionary guard corps to their national anti-terrorism lists revolutionary guard as an elite division of the iranian army saudi arabia has long accused iran of supporting armed groups across the region iran dismissed the latest move as an attempt by the saudis to distract the world from the murder of jamal khashoggi. palestinian teenager has died after he was shot by israeli forces at the gaza border last week the seventeen year old was shot in the head during a protest on friday at the hospital israel says he breaks the border fence during a protest and was then shot palestinians have been holding weekly protests against the israeli occupation and blockade of gaza since march. parallel police states
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that's how human rights watch described the occupied palestinian territories of gaza and the west bank and it in your investigation it found dozens of cases of arrests and torture which it says shows systemic repression free speech reports in gaza. hamas internal security offices carry out a raid in gaza city. to secure the area one to provide cover and the third to go to the target a heavily armed criminal. it's all happening in a police compound this is a training exercise on a day colleagues elsewhere were involved in the real thing rounding up a suspected gang of illegal drugs traffickers but hamas forces facing criticism for going off to other targets accused merely of disagreeing with the government. i mean our bet is a member of hamas is rival political faction he says during days of questioning he was forced to stand in stress positions all because of facebook posts. they
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asked me who gave me the order to write those comments was it an israeli officer or a palestinian officer from the made me stand for three hours under the sun in a miserable heart situation and they carried on for a month. such accounts tally with a new report by human rights watch based on a two year investigation of security force practices in gaza and the occupied west bank and its report human rights watch points out that israel routinely violates palestinians most basic rights but it argues that's nervous. is it to ignore what it calls systematic repression carried out by too high or low police states. one case cited in the report was in june when the palestinian authority security forces crack down on a protest in ramallah against the authorities economic sanctions on gaza if you dissent today not in the west bank or the gaza strip you face the likely prospect of detention and when detained routine threats taunting coersion and even in many
2:38 am
cases torture these are not isolated cases this in fact is reflective of a machinery for oppression tarik says he was caught up in that machinery as a reporter in the west bank for hamas linked to television he's been detained four times twice he says he was tortured and i did this all accountable and no i have a strong feeling that i can be detained any time without any need to press charges they can open my facebook and consider any post charge because a cybercrime law is very vague. the p.a.'s interior ministry didn't make anyone available for interview in its response to human rights watch it denied any arbitrary arrests of a political speech adding anyone with an allegation of mistreatment could lodge a complaint the hamas interior ministry had a similar response. in twenty sixteen twenty seventeen we had three hundred fourteen complaints about mistreatment after we investigated it became clear that
2:39 am
in ninety of these cases the officers acted badly and we punish them on. human rights watch says its report shows that such cases aren't aberrations but part of a system which defines insulting high or thirty's or causing sectarian strife is punishable crimes are a force that al-jazeera gaza. in iraq at least six people have been killed in a bomb attack two soldiers were among those killed when a car exploded near a restaurant a crowded market in the northern city of. several people are in critical condition and it's not clear who is behind that attack. seven thousand people fleeing poverty and violence and three central american countries are defined by continuing their march towards the u.s. border now heading north through mexico u.s. secretary of state says the caravan poses a danger and warn the migrants to turn back from a security standpoint there is no proper accounting of who these individuals in the
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caravan are and this poses an unacceptable security rest to the united states moreover many of these people are right targets for human traffickers and others who would exploited them we don't want that to happen united states also has a message for those who are currently part of this caravan for any caravan which follows you will not be successful at getting into the united states illegally no matter what i repeat the caribbean will not cross our southern border illegally under any circumstances nearly seven hundred migrants who left the caravan have already applied for refugee status in mexico on hallman is with those who are still on the road in southern mexico. this is really quite a rare moment for the people that are in this caravan it's the first time that they've had a day of rest since they entered mexico the last couple of days they've been walking a marathon basically every day and they're using the time as you can see here to
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wash their clothes to wash themselves and just basically to relax a little bit many of them are coming with family so the families are taking a little bit of time here on the banks and in this river. also in the center of town is when so many people there they spent the night most of them out in the open they're just trying to recuperate a little bit reese beaking to one family that came from nicaragua and most of the families here are from some of them from el salvador guatemala we asked this family from they could argue why it is that they're traveling you know when they have any that i woke up when i left nicaragua first because there are no jobs even when you're trying to find a job you price violence even my child at school gets basin up and i'm a single mother i can't leave my children alone while i work. we estimate that this caravan has at least a month to go at the rate that it's currently travelling on until it gets to the u.s. border and of course there are things that get to get even more difficult really
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for this massive more than seven thousand people president trump has said that there's no way that he's going to let them pass the border he's threatened to send the military to that border until they get there the mexican authorities themselves haven't done anything to impede the progress of this caravan although they are offering asylum to many people but the real test is in the times to come if they manage to make it through mexico what's going to happen when they get to a large very hostile united states r.k. well is closing in on mexico what wends of nearly two hundred kilometers an hour at a one of the most powerful storms to hit mexico's pacific coast and recent years shops hotels and schools are shut down and thousands of people have left their homes some places are expected to get up to forty five centimeters of rain. brazilian voters will choose between two radically different candidates when they cast their ballots in sunday's presidential election. and are as currently leading
2:43 am
opinion polls against his left wing rival fernando had died. from sao paulo and what's behind boston are a surge in popularity. he's reviled by the opposition his racist homophobic and sexist. but. growing number of supporters say he's none of those things he's a victim of what they call fake news. one that he's an honest politician firstly there are no charges of corruption against him secondly he's conservative a family man he's bringing back all the values and principles that we've lost over the last few years people are becoming conservative again and fighting for morals and ethics in the first round of the election the rival left wing workers' party led by fernando adat did well only in the poor northeast of brazil where when the government introduced social programs that lifted millions out of poverty in.
2:44 am
the rest of the country by bigger margins than predicted a self-starter. promising to be tough on crime and to fight rampant corruption in many ways the only the only argument that he has to justify his entice that wish with positions is the fact that he has he has been honest or he hasn't been involved in corruption scandals for twenty years but we have to consider that this is not enough for a candidate to present himself as as a savior or as somebody who is able to change brazilian politics right he has no experience but that doesn't seem to concern many of those who previously backed the workers' party power from two thousand and two to two thousand and sixteen. the corruption allegations the scheming him. everything you support i mean i wouldn't vote for the workers' party any more i will vote for both. paulson are also has the support of much of brazil's business community which prefers him to the left wing
2:45 am
alternative to fix months ago triable for now it was just the not accounted for the next and twenty percent opinion poll rating since then he's in for stock of very strong calls with the brazilian elektra disillusioned with the corrupt political establishment a struggling economy and rising crime he says that the solution to brazil's problems these people seem to believe that he. was popular among many has left others fearful of uncertain. polarizing that has been since military rule in the one nine hundred sixty s. seventy's and eighty's that there are some. it's a bridge too far for many drivers in hong kong and other cities in southern china on a special permit for a trip on the world's longest sea bridge or vehicles which are allowed the engineering marvel will dramatically cut joining times or clarke as a story. the chinese president xi jinping officially opened the mega bridge it's
2:46 am
fifty five kilometers long has four tunnels and two manmade islands and it now holds the title as the world's longest cross breach. i declare the hong kong. bridge officially open. it's taken almost a decade to build and cost around fifteen billion dollars but the bridge is central to china's master plan to integrate the pole with a delta region and drive economic growth hong kong macau and you high or no make up to a dozen cities on the mainland the journey once took four hours the commute will now take around thirty minutes. you currently need to use vessels to transport. to macau when the bridge is open the freight land transport can reach macau in a much shorter period of time and i believe cargo owners will prefer. the bridge to
2:47 am
be run by trade ministrations hong kong but how and china for traffic will go by china's rules cattle drive on the right and told to be paid in chinese currency i want some private vehicles will be given permits to mine mine to transport every tourist buses and trucks easing the flow of cargo from the mine. but not everyone supports the new bridge it was over budget behind should you and up to ten workers died during construction critics also say it's another attempt by china to tighten its grip on hong kong and undermine its autonomy it's not just for visual impact it's almost like a political weapon to remind hong kong is that this is now a pub and likes china and be a reminder that you're physically connected to the a motherland and that the public will get a chance to test the bridge when royds open tomorrow sarah clarke al-jazeera hong
2:48 am
kong the us government is pushing forward with plans to create a military space force vice president mike pence says that will form the sixth branch of the west military and aims to protect america's national interests and space.
2:49 am
thank you very much we start with the champions league and cristiana rebel enjoyed
2:50 am
a winning return to his former club manchester united he set up the only goal of the game for paolo di to seventeen minutes as events a speed united one nil at old trafford it's now three wins from three for the italian champions and they've now extended their lead at the top of group h. five points clear of united in second sports correspondent lee willingness was at the match for us certainly going into this night there was a big spotlight on christiane of the now die off the field issues but what happened on the pitch was confirmation again that you ventus off far from being i born mine so yes for now though usually sparkles for them but in that goal scorer for instance pollard to paul of i have one of the best players in the world at the moment he really is on form is just got better and better over the last two seasons that's sold e.g. ventus defense again i mean you ventus around play and in twelve games they dominate in italy and in fact there's talk that this could be the best you've read
2:51 am
just a minute i think that's a bit premature but i was certainly proud of the much not and i will certainly be one of the strongest contenders for this champions league for much started owners far from lost because by remind second in the group because of the draw between young boys in palencia but this much is not inside under joe's i'm over you know who still on the pressure is a power shot out of some of the great united teams that are out here now by munich and manchester city were also away winners on the night just like events as meanwhile they were home wins for former champions i.x. and real madrid who won for the first time in six matches two draws on the night as well including a three three thriller between hoffenheim and leon. now on wednesday thierry henri manages his first game in the champions league a competition he won as a player with barcelona it took over as monaco head coach earlier this month and they face club in belgium a country close to his heart off to two years working as they were assistant coach under burton martin it's. little of course i'm proud to be
2:52 am
a frenchman i had one adopted country and that was in england and now i have a second one of these which i never thought i would go through the sort of emotion this is from the beginning i arrived in belgium on the tip toes some people accepted me some didn't i understand you arrive somewhere and it's up to you to adapt to show that you can make a difference together with roberto martinez we have a vision and maybe we were the only ones who believe one word succeeded for president giani in france you know is impressed how much progress is being made with preparations for the qatar world cup in two thousand and twenty two infants made a whistle stop tour of qatar on tuesday including a trip to the stadium which is soon to be completed four years out from the tournament starting that was on foot and been in frontin or took a helicopter ride over the other six venues the challenge the organizers to make the world cup better than the one we've just seen in russia. rushmore promise me
2:53 am
the best ever the world coming to do encounter has to be even better i want to say i'm here is absolutely impressive stadium which speaks to the football fan when when when you enter here you can immediately feel. how imposing it is and you know the progress which made here four years before the kickoff of this world cup he's it's great it's fantastic we'd all be forgiven for taking it easy on our birthday but not if you're the heavyweight will boxing champion american w.b.c. belt holding on to a wall that's in thirty three on tuesday but spent the day in the ring preparing for his upcoming fight with britain's tyson fury the pay meet on december first with both of them unbeaten wilder has thirty nine knockouts from his forty victories he was given a cake and a pretty weird rendition of happy birthday by his team.
2:54 am
on earth. we're going to follow you know as of right now. louise ortiz it's office he's the most skillful he was the toughest fighter in my career thus far with tyson fury be still is still to be terry determine you know we haven't for yeah i don't look no none has passed by even when you for klitschko because all those guys are different from me you know i bring the different attributes to the table and we're going to see what happens when you're defending champion caroline wozniacki is off the mark at this year's w.e.t.a. finals in singapore of the overcoming fourth seed petrak of its of in three sets on tuesday both players had suffered defeats in their opening group matches and so victory was doubly important on this occasion the danes at the first set seven fall
2:55 am
. five but the chair kicked back to take the second set six three to set up a decider after two and a half hour battle it would be wozniacki that emerged victorious winning the food say it six two. and ukraine's alina's with alina is one step closer to the semifinals of throw three said victory over catalina fishguard with alina have already won her opening round robin match against the ukrainian one bisan counselor six three two six six three she'll face was an iraqi in the last group game the day it will have to win on the field could still see so it will either go through to the final four anyway. egland slumped to the heaviest ever one day international defeats in the first thirty i against sri lanka in colombo in that had already won the series but the home team were keen to restore some pride in the final game of the series. had ninety five up front in a one hundred thirty seven run opening partnership to get them on their way to cement this club fifty six from only thirty three balls ball caps and the nash
2:56 am
chandimal also contributed eighty as the sri lankans posted a formidable three hundred sixty six to six in a fifty overs. in the brain trouble early on as dismantled took through tickets to reduce them to twenty four four when the eighth over ben stokes hit sixty seven in the base show of resistance with the you wish it stumps to one hundred thirty two for mine after twenty six point one overs done on giant took four wickets along the way before the rain had the final say accounting for the adjusted target england lost by a whopping two hundred nineteen runs. like i've said previously we haven't played a full game on the whole tour which is disappointing but you know for fifty over sid i will put on there some serious pressure and we didn't have a lot of answers some went on so it gives us a real good opportunity to go back and look at everything from a preparation write down break down to the end result which was a scale as to why we didn't exit. so that is always
2:57 am
a good exercise but it's better when you know you've been put on a lot of pressure. i mean really good happy movement especially. beating against number one team in the word so. give us a happy moment and. all of the players as. the that be able to. be in there and they are the one who said ditto on and off and out. and and and also been. brilliant so i mean this is all a really good performance and i'm sure boys will continue the scene going forward and that's all the sport for months from now we'll have another update for you again later. that's all for me for the news hour much more it is though on the other side of the break.
2:58 am
to. the final finisher.
2:59 am
the cricket was about match fixing i mean you have to think why would he give me up because then he didn't bring the media in i think. i'll just zeroes investigative unit reveals explosive new at the same documentary confirms to my now as a very hard profile figure in match fixing and i should like you to. i'll just zero investigation cricket's match fixing the files. volcano kill way erupted explosively last thing boiling clouds of steam and ash and rock high into the atmosphere scientists say it's not unusual for eruptions to stop and start up again later as for kill away it has been spilling lava continually for more than thirty years native hawaiian spiritual beliefs say eruptions reflect the mood of the goddess. says native hawaiians to the
3:00 am
family is always nice to us whether she takes our home or not we accept this type of event. as to be some kind of retribution that has to be. consequences for those behind the killing of saudi journalists and puts the ball and congress of course. we have identified at least some of the individuals responsible in. effect our state might pompei it takes action against specific individuals suspected to be involved in the murder. and we shall carry this is al jazeera life into how also coming up in a human rights important congress.


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