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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 297  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2018 8:32pm-9:00pm +03

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i was. going to see the good it. was the mccrum one of pakistan's greatest places was another captain tainted by match fixing allegations as was india's former captain muhammad as a routine. in two thousand and ten three pakistan internationals accepted two hundred thousand dollars to underperform in a test match in england. four years later lou vincent the new zealand batsman admitted fixing matches are the views my position as a professional sportsman by choosing to accept money and fixing. any player no matter how strong is no matter how righteous he is is always open at a weak point to be approached and people will keep on praying to your managers to your friends because they feel that they can influence the players of times you have players in every national team. in part to coles an unnamed
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english cricket. or. anything. and further evidence of menow is wrote in fixing international cricket because a large chunk of the history of the gang. wishes to be questioned. they're the children of jailed chinese criminals with nowhere else to go one shelter is giving them a home when he speaks the children growing up with their parents behind bars on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera.
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logan pieces over here in doha the top stories from al-jazeera for the first time since jamal khashoggi was killed three weeks ago the u.s. president has hinted at the involvement of the saudi crown prince in an interview with the wall street journal donald trump says mohammed bin cell man is running saudi arabia so if anyone were to be involved it would be him mr trump has described the kingdom's handling of the journalists killing as quote the worst cover up ever and he says whoever organized the plot should be in big trouble is a ministration plans to revoke the visas of twenty one suspects britain's prime minister to resign may so she's also taking similar action to stop suspects entering the u.k. turkey's president turns repeated calls to hold these killers to account.
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this incident is being dealt with in a manner which befits the turkish state you do not want anyone to be implicated and we've strived to ensure that evidence is being brought to light we did not allow propaganda to disrupt the episodes our security and intelligence forces have findings which have all been confirmed and yesterday in our group party conference i share this but it is also true that some people are disturbed by this sharing the sensitivity and the determination and transparency which turkey has shown has been appreciated by the whole world and not just the fiance of the victim from the person who gave the order to the person who executed the order we are determined not to let anyone escape justice. the saudi crown prince is due to speak soon the investment conference in riyadh dozens of high profile business leaders and politicians boycotted the summits over the kingdom's involvement in the murder of jamal khashoggi in other news russia is accusing the u.s. of planning to build up new ballistic missiles the kremlin says that would make the
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world more dangerous donald trump has announced he wants to withdraw from a thirty year old nuclear weapons treaty if russia and china don't stop developing their own intermediate range missiles a crime and spokesman also says the possibility of president vladimir putin visiting washington for a summit with trump has been discussed. a japanese journalist is safe and well in turkey after being freed from three years in prison in syria jump was initially kidnapped by fighters linked to al qaeda and held captive by other groups since then those are your headlines the news continues after we return to al-jazeera investigations i'll have the news for you when we come back in thirty minutes i'll see you then. the manaul files shed light on the role of organized crime in cricket match fixing. an hour describe the people who work for us in the company. of nice dining building
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almost. all more. there is some schools offer us the phone six zero zero the company no one on one of the of nor have you nice to see it's hardly any of these this. sharma is an indian detective tasked with fighting organized crime. days after the broadcast of our first investigation sharma confirmed the identity of the now us company. get arrested six people in a city near by they've been charged with organized crime offenses including illegal betting. among them was a high profile match fixing. to move on the book your first from mumbai or the order. in the biggest group normally. differently there would be three. the rate under interrogations
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yielded a trove of information with varying mobile is some cars left. here was the number from august. the way to. london. john's arrest also exposed the links between illegal betting and bollywood stars. actor khan was arrested after he admitted betting on the indian premier league the world's first popular cricket tournament. interrogation of july also revealed a link to our investigation. who got on board us you're also one person right. now we're. hearing even. on the name of minnows company was
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confirmed by july through the uncertainty of knows when our new goals will inform us that is connected to. if you look softer the bidding syndicate of big open. the company is named after. one of the world's most wanted men. who salute you. and many more. they're over it on behalf of the. company and much success of training. but they're also the most powerful and organized crime network probably the world has ever seen and their own touch. the indian authorities claim that de company is not just a criminal syndicate but also a militant organization that serves india's regional rival pakistan. is supposed to be in pakistan the pakistani authorities know exactly where he is. if
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the indian government really went after company. is a powder keg situation for the range of. the company has expanded from its roots in india. india is the absolute hub to buy in recent years has got really really big. a brain is said to be trains and running around to buy you a. so he is protected about his business as no doubt about what. it was in dubai in thousand two. been sixteen that we first met my knowledge he told us the scale of the match fixing he was involved in. there is more success but not enormous. it is ten minutes we're going to flood
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it in at least six nights we could fix the no revealed few personal details that did say that he travelled extensively. he showed us a selfie taken as a cricket ground it's very blah here much less this. ephemeral this is you. despite living in india is what sucked just shows an allegiance to pakistan. and also paid to spend much of his time in dubai. a lot of the syndicate heads lost the match fixes are based to buy and that's where the orders are coming from. cricket's popularity is growing in the u.a.e. and so are the opportunities for the match fixes base that. the no files include evidence of several fixes in the emirates they were carried out during a series of test matches between england and pakistan. as
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usual and all calls the bookmaker beforehand. it's a fix first session of ten overs. i don't know. the score will be below the market prediction for the fixed tenth of a session and he adds a second part of the fix. a lot of thought of going on. the last of the ten. will be a maid with no running school. and i was predictions are accurate. said the exactly as he suggests this is a clue somebody else sitting in for lunch the cannot reject.
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the next test match is in abu dhabi. cools to get the details. but. it's a fix for a ten over session. they will score below the market prediction and no more than two rounds will be scored in the last over of the session. such changes in the pace of the game all subtle and for spectators unnoticeable during a much lost in five days. ninety i was in and so apply a manipulating won all to i was here all that. and. protecting his work and not actually scoring runs thank probably would even think his match fixing.
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now calls the bookmaker again for a second fix during the same test match. now just before the start of the innings. you're not allowed. yes. it's a repeat of the previous fakes attentive a session low score lost over amanda. the fix is retained. that for me and i there often involving signed play as. the third test of the series is back in two by.
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the noddings in yet another fix. the pattern is familiar fix sessions of ten of us this go below the market prediction on the last of the ten it was. once again when i was information is correct. and you've got to fix is in the same gang. and the six nations three test matches. which is rather stunning. because test matches are not supposed to be vulnerable to match faces us what the i.c.c. always told us. test cricket is p.r. is pedestal tainted by corruption. the
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finals include photographs as well as odeo recordings. on the knights of the fakes in the third test in to a member of the pakistan squad was in the lobby of the ground tires hotel. he met a month described by all souls who was in the hotel at the time as a de company associate of menow. iciness a table talking to the man. the man then gets up and walked to another table where a second associates of menow is waiting. to shake the second man's hand and is given a bag. then peers into the bag to inspect its contents. the photographs do not show whether he left with the bag. acknowledge did not respond to our request for comment. the pages of whom are now
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meeting in our society. they know. they look suspicious. rings around bells for people who know about. in two thousand and eighteen acknowledgement that he'd been offered two hundred thousand dollars to carry out spot fix an offer he said he refused the i.c.c. is investigating. in two thousand and twelve three lanka close to the twenty twenty world cup where each team goes twenty overs per match. the world's top teams were staying at hotels in the capital colombo. so women now antisocial. men are is seen alongside some of the world's most
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celebrated cricket stars. there is no suggestion that any of the players in these photographs are involved in corrupt activities. and she was in the background until such time as you guys in a conversation this is a tactic that's very well nine. pages of now and his associates with top level players. here are. probably the greatest. it is disturbing that the most famous for playing cricket virat kohli should have been so easily accessed by.


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