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so that border until they get there the mexican authorities themselves haven't done anything to impede the progress of this caravan although they are offering asylum to many people but the real test is in the times to come if they manage to make it through mexico what's going to happen when they get to a large very hostile united states. a japanese journalist is safe and well in turkey after being freed from three years imprisonment in syria. my name is dubious when the journalist it was initially kidnapped by fighters linked to al qaeda and held captive by other groups since then the japanese government says no ransom was paid and is thanking the turks for helping with the freelance reporters release. the u.n. says nearly as more people in yemen are facing famine than was previously believed the u.n. humanitarian chief has given the security council an update on the situation there mark local says the three year conflict has left some fourteen million people on the brink of famine and they are completely reliant on aid. india is struggling to
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stop the so-called murders at least twenty seven men have recently been beaten to death by frenzied mobs who wrongly accused them of being child snatchers they were attacked after false rumors were spread on the most popular social media platform in india and are thomas reports now from new delhi. these are the grieving parents this is their son who died and that is how he was killed. we've frozen the video here it's too graphic to show but what provoked this attack was a rumor spread through what's up mr. i saw my son spear fate has a body lying the back of a police car i did not have the strength to look at his face my wife and others went and saw our son's face but i couldn't i just couldn't. let pulled us was popular and smart
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a musician in june he and his friend drove two hours from their parents' homes in goa hearty in the northeast of india to go fishing on their way back they were stopped in a village people there had been sent whatsapp messages warning them of so-called child snatches in the area the murders of das and his friend was streamed on. facebook live. we never watch those fire of videos of his staff others describe him to us he was punished so badly so cruelly it's all in those videos everybody told us yeah yeah that pulled us as parents and friends find it hard to accept that it was just social media messages but whipped up a murderous frenzy they think there must be more but india's state and national governments do think the attack was the latest in a string to have been provoked by rumors circulated on was this video which is going to viral on whatsapp is supposed to show child snatches that work it's actually axis playing roles in
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a pakistani child safety film according to india spend data journalism organization since may the twenty seventh fatal attacks in india provoked by a social media frenzy eighteen of them blamed on rumors spread on whatsapp the messages with graphic and gory images claims that children are being kidnapped and killed so they fail all those can be harvested the so called murders a big news because they're happening so often what's up knows it has a problem in july to try to slow the speed of rumors it limited indian users from forwarding a message to more than five people at a time zone two hundred million people regularly use whatsapp in india that's a higher number than in any other country it is by some way india's most popular social media platform. but many in rural areas.
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we always make way for santa with the sports thank you very much peter while the boston red sox have taken an early advantage in major league baseball's well series they powered pasta los angeles dodgers eight four in game one of the contest on tuesday having leeson has more players through the dodgers and the red sox to have major league baseball's most famous teams got the twenty eighteen world series under way on a cold and windy night that boston spend way park twenty seven thousand runners up the dodges are betting to win the full classic for the first time since one nine hundred eighty eight while the red sox are looking for their full title in fifteen years. in the. red sox keep that shared his intent stealing second base early in the game. back to loud and you bend intensely the chance to bring that since the red sox first run off the nights. she was. in.
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the contest was tight throughout and at the top of the seventh inning with the bases loaded the dodgers manning machado's hit allowed max months each school and make it a one run games. but up steps boston's hero of the night at the water nunez. shared the base three run homer unproved too much for the dodgers to become. so first close to the red sox but the dodgers won't have long to lick their wings attains return to fenway park later on wednesday for game two alan grayson al-jazeera. christan arnaldo had a winning return to his former club manchester united in the european champions league he set up the all the goal of the game for apollo seventeen minutes as event to speak. united won there at old trafford and extended their lead over the english
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team to five points in the group a pitch and they managed to get two or naldo and was rewarded with a selfie the focus continues to be on rinaldo off the pitch aswell as though as he fights a rape allegations sports correspondent was at the match for us so the going into this night there was a big spotlight on christiane of an hour for off the field issues but was hard on the pitch was confirmation again you ventus off far from being i born months so yes for now though usually sparkles for them but in the goalscorer for instance pollard's a ball of i have one of the best players in the world at the moment he really is on form one has just got better and better over the last few seasons sold e.g. ventus defense again when you ventus around play and in twelve games they dominate in italy and in fact there's talk that this could be the best you've heard just a minute i think that's
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a bit premature but i was certainly part of the much thought and i will certainly be one of the strongest contenders for this champions league for much snorted owners far from lost because by remind second in the group because of the draw between young boys and valencia but this much is not it's not on the job as a radio who still on the pressure is a power shot out of some of the great united teams that are out here. fast travelling to the champions league game with a romo were caught up in the escalator accident on the wall metro. broke at the city center republica station at least twenty people are reported to have been injured after being flung down the stairs when the escalator gave way for the majority of those involved are believed to have been c.s.k. supporters making their way to the pic stadium police have opened an investigation . south american football's biggest club competition the corporate event to doris now are defending champions claim your brazil have taken a huge step to the final after beating river plate in the cyrus replay to are the
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three time continental champions above got the crucial away goal in this first leg of the semifinal the second half header from it so that put the visitors ahead gremio held on to the lead to as well and take it back to the porto alegre for the second leg in a week's time. and those are very nearly a goal up for santa fe midfielder diego quest everything and all colombian so the marikana semifinal he said it was the visit is the poor devil kali who took the lead in the first leg in bogata through. parliament santa fe got one back with the wilson no more a penalty to square things off set of a had two late goals ruled out for offside the final result one one earring in club purse for this are through to the final of the asian champions league for the first time in their history said one nil going into the second leg of the semifinal but it was the cutter is who opened the
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scoring into her on the host equalise four minutes later through it. and would hold on the for a two one aggregate when this by a golden chance of four all said captain a former barcelona midfielder shabby late on a spot this will play either the so are doing all the kashima and says in next month's final. to the n.b.a. or le bron james and the l.a. lakers a world gone friday will be up against a one of the league's form teams as they try to get their first win of the new season the denver nuggets have won all four of the games for the first time and nine years ahead of their clash with the lakers an offensive rebound from trail eyes a second milling there would be no way back for the sacramento kings almost too easy for the nuggets a gym amare getting nineteen points and one hundred twenty six two hundred twelve
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win. or it's no accident that sidney crosby is the best known ice hockey player in the wall that today he took it upon himself to break a tide overtime a game for the pittsburgh penguins it was a five all at this point against the edmonton oilers. just seeming to wander around meaningless with the puck but the canadian rarely does anything that without a purpose dancing in and out of the defenseman insists takes to win it six five tool signals of for the oilers a this game is the first time crosby has scored seven games into the season. england's cricketers have slumped to their heaviest ever one day international defeat against sri lanka in colombo england had already won the series but the home team were keen to restore some pride in the final game okasaki mendis a club the fifty six of from only thirty three bowls captain to has got eighty
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as the sri lankans posted a formidable three hundred sixty six of a six or a kilo then and dad took four wickets for the host before the rain came counting for adjusted target india and lost by two hundred nineteen runs. well we'd all be forgiven for taking it easy on our birthdays but not if you're one of the boxes heavyweight world champion is an american w.b.c. belt all the time while the turn thirty three on tuesday but spent the day in the ring of preparing for his fight it with britain's tyson ferry why they met away meets on december the first with both of them on beaten was a has thirty nine and knock outs from his forty victories he was given a cake and a beautiful with the happy birthday by his team. of whom. you've heard of my. own on
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earth move. move. move or they definitely should keep their day job. absolutely sunny thanks very much let's just get a very quick shot of what's going on in riyadh saudi crown prince mohammed bin salma is expected investor conference in the next fifteen twenty minutes or so we'll bring it to you live here on al-jazeera also use on. a journey of personal discovery my great grandfather he was a slave of the lead property al-jazeera as james gannon exposed his family's legacy of slave ownership you know like my family status and wealth has benefited from your choice to save people and america's debt to black people today some over so scar we even scared to speak out because it's a problem. al-jazeera correspondent
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a moral debt. the latest news as it breaks the saudis narrative contradicts the information about turkish officials have been giving for the past two weeks with details coverage this whole life area of mud was shops and houses and it was completely washed away along with the people who were inside from around the world the government doesn't call this a detention center but it's surrounded by barbed wire fences and it's exits are manned by armed guards. the diagnosis he has been sick for around six months now the challenge ahead there when one of these ninety six could be a new cure or a basis of a new cure for colors are their illness or disability al-jazeera examines priam meaning treatment so this is the xo suit yes it's basically
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a wearable robot like iraq revisited on al jazeera. divorce rates in taiwan are soaring and as a marriage consultant helen knows this and lead to well. but as the sixtieth wedding anniversary approaches own parents are locking horns rather than alms let out without a doubt cannot daughterly love and professional expertise make them see eye to eye . my father my mother part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. take two turkish investigators will be heading back to the saudi consul general residence in istanbul to search a well in connection to the death of jamal khashoggi.
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logan peter will be here in doha these are your top stories so far today taking action for the death of the saudi journalist first the u.s. now the u.k. announcing sanctions against those responsible for his death. the u.s. president appears to hint at the possible involvement of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salma. there's been a shift in tone from the u.s. president about the killing of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi inside the kingdom's istanbul consulate for the first time since he died three weeks ago donald trump has suggested the crown prince mohammed bin cell man may have been involved donald trump called the kingdom's handling of the murder the worst coverup ever and his administration now plans to ban twenty one suspects from entering the
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united states more from mike hanna in washington for the first time a tone of anger in president trump's remarks they had a very bad original concept. it was carried out poorly and the cover up was one of the worst in the history of coverups very simple. bad deal should have never been thought of. felt but he really messed up. and they had the worst cover up ever. and were chittister is at the deal standpoint when they thought about it because whoever thought of that idea. i think is in big trouble late in the day at a meeting with military offices he was awestruck what level in the sol the leadership the cover up occurred i spoke with the king. i spoke with the ground bridges' yesterday. and. he strongly said that he had
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nothing to do with this this was at a lower level. we have people right now in saudi arabia literally just now getting in place and then in an evening interview with the wall street journal president trump gave an even harsher assessment as he repeated his conviction that king solomon did not know about the killing in advance but in regard to the crown prince's possible involvement is reported to have said well the prince is running things over there more so at the stage he's running things and so if anybody was going to be it would be him and first punitive measures introduced by the secretary of state to get specific saudi individuals total it's not clear with that they are all the ones previously identified in the contentious saudi report we have identified at least some of the individuals responsible including those in the intelligence services the royal court the foreign ministry and other sorry ministries who we suspect to have been involved in mr to show is death. we are
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taking appropriate actions which include revoking visas entering visa lookouts and other measures we're also working with the treasury department to review the applicability of the global magnets the sanctions to those individuals congress has already invoked the global magnitsky act which gives the administration a maximum of four months to investigate the killing and decide what sanction should be imposed on individuals or states found responsible norma's the vice president also expressed his horror at the killing and added that the information gathered by cia director gina has bill in turkey will be key in the coming days and i know that when the cia director returns and she'll be briefing the president myself and our entire team on what the turks have assembled and president trump has made it very clear. the the full resources of our intelligence community are working with the
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intelligence officials in turkey in our interactions with saudi arabia and also with other countries around the world are going to follow the facts and then decisions will be made the cia director is likely to be one of those who president trump says will gather at the white house wednesday to go through the evidence that has been collated in recent days the one common message from old in the trumpet ministration is the importance of the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia but there would be no greater test off this relationship than if it was determined that this killing was indeed an assassination ordered at the highest levels of the saudi kingdom mike hanna al jazeera washington. joins us live here on al-jazeera of istanbul so charles the investigation focusing in on a well inside the consulate compound. inside the consul general holmes. grounds we understand p.t.'s according to government
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officials one of the reasons why this well was not all released around a week ago now when the joint turkey saudi team win team is because the saudis were unhappy with the fact that it's going to stand the firemen that would do to search this well which is on the studies around twenty five million me tuesday were not on the agreed list of personnel allowed into the premises so yeah we understand that this investigation now is going forward it hasn't started yet and we can't confirm indeed whether it's going to start even today but yet another example of how how intense this this investigation has become and indeed turkey's insistence that no stone is left on turns also very interesting some what we understand is still photographs taken from c.c.t.v.
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footage all of what government still sees a saying is i'm a sadie's vehicle with saudi diplomatic plates that was seen a photograph of the speaker was seen around the belgrade forest area the day before she was killed of course as we heard in president earlier one speech yesterday it's believed the government here say that they think that a team all the consul workers of saudi culture stuff was doing what he described as a reconnaissance trip in that area potentially even looking that would hint at looking for a place to bury. his body so you got two developments today another example of just how how efficiently saving the government is just repeating this information to the media and putting increasing pressure on the. on the saudis is there a risk here do you think charles that maybe if and when they manage to actually get
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close to that well they send. i guess it would be safe to assume that it might be wrapped up in the same on again off again stop starts maneuverings that we saw in the run up to the joint team of investigators going into the consulate building where they couldn't seem to agree on when it was going to happen how it was going to happen or who was going to be involved in it. was it all depends on what's found in the well evidence suggests the way this investigation where the information from these investigations as i say has been given to the media so far. could well be the case that if indeed there was some solid evidence found of shorty having been. body parts for example or even a body being found inside that well it's not known whether indeed that would be announced immediately i think it's important to recognize as i say just how the
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turks are playing this game they very much in control of seemingly a narrative as we saw yesterday with president trump's sudden change in tone in his remarks we understand that as a result all the conversations that were held between. the cia director who was here speaking to the turkish government and let's not forget that you know turkey has a lot to gain out of this investigation in terms of its international standing in terms of its relationship with the u.s. that has been very pull for a number of years. as a result solve turkey's policy on iran for example as a result of the man that key ses was behind the failed coup attempt in two thousand and sixteen that he's living in the states. it would be very difficult to say whether even if there was solid evidence or even proof that. a body was found in that well body was found in that well whether indeed we would hear anything
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immediately at all certainly the way that's been playing it so far that seems doubtful but ted will have to wait and see and we're expecting these investigators to potentially arrive at the consul general maybe even in the next couple of hours understood charles thanks very much. well we'll return to the aftermath of the death of jamal who showed she very shortly but first some other breaking news this time coming to us out of the united states where the secret service is investigating suspicious packages sent to two former presidents the f.b.i. says it intercepted mail near bill and hillary clinton's residence in new york and a package identified as a potential explosive device was also sent to barack obama's home joining us live from washington is our correspondent shihab rattansi she what else do we know that's pretty much it actually be the point is though that what the secret service identified as suspicious packages potential explosive devices were immediately
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found during what they say was routine mail screening at no point were any of those whom the packages were addressed in any danger of receiving any of these packages we. do you think that the new york times appears to have confirmed with a law enforcement official that these were indeed explosive devices beyond that where it's where the very early stage right now the package to hillary clinton not to bill clinton to hillary clinton was was discovered on tuesday night a package addressed to barack obama's residence discovered on wednesday morning but this follows another package that was discovered on monday addressed to the billionaire liberal philanthropist george soros that was discovered to be an explosive device in fact in that case it was a number of pipe about six inches long filled with explosive powder that was detonated by authorities the investigations are under way now into the clinton obama packages to see whether those are related to the soros package but we're at
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a very early stage we have no claim of responsibility no sense of motivation and very briefly she has been clearly former u.s. presidents they all have security their mail must be screened they have teams of people who are working now on their business interests their charitable interests so the chances of addressing a package to bill hillary barack obama whoever the chances of that package actually getting to them on opened pretty slim rakim a suggestion from the secret service is that these packages were intercepted during that routine screening and were off site and as you say there was no danger of any of either bill clinton or hillary clinton or barack obama receiving i'm not certain george soros is phrase that was actually opened by his own staff at his house ok she have stayed close with more information when you get it we'll talk to you later . ok let's go back to our top story the death of jamal khashoggi for more on the political fallout in the u.s. let's go to our white house correspondent kimberly hellcats can be in the last hour
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you were running us through what we think jeanne a hospital must say she must impart information to donald trump and then crucially we need to know how he will react to that the information she's gonna.


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