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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 25, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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this region the future of the middle east. so. i believe that. which. we are in the middle east can do a lot of hummable russia can do a lot we all can do a lot. of them that way he has introduced us our own model in dubai and the people in the middle east can imitate can do the same for us yeah the ceiling is hard and the ceiling is high in saudi arabia and it must be like this every where and we can see later. we have seen let's abu dhabi has made a lot of improvements bahrain also has in that sense a nineteen ninety nine the achievements are big and enormous in
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bahrain and regardless what we are going to happen in the few five years you will see a lot and kuwait also has a grade people suzanne financial resources and will achieve a lot. today in egypt the last year age it has achieved fire percent growth in a kaname this year more than five percent unemployment rates are the grazing rapidly in aid of housing properties infrastructure projects in egypt are increasing to the extent that i cannot even believe that i visited some place in egypt and i have seen some of their crying to do their job in order to restore their grades contrail they tipped and despite that they believe that whatever has
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been achieved in the last three years is nothing and they need to do more and more and more the work is great and you have seen lebanon has access a prime minister as well as the job there and the progress will be enormous in lebanon and the efforts of his excellency will be very successful together with the other liberties leaders in golden that we have projects and we are taking part in our man also there are big broadens their world clout to transfer our man to another error and you know what about saudi arabia are i think or europe the new europe will be the middle east that's why i think. the kingdom of saudi arabia within the coming five years will be completely different bahrain kuwait even after this by the differences they have
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a great economy and they will be doing a lot at the next five years the united arab emirates golden age of iraq also has a lot of chances if we are successful during the five coming years you will see some of the greatest run the sense in the middle east. the war of the south is this is my war this is what do we. want to die before seeing the middle east in the full front of the. thank you are it is very much. mom had been summoned the crown prince of saudi arabia standing ovation for him there in riyadh. obviously a very favorable audience there but really speaking very passionately about what he believes the middle east can grow into in fact i think he used the line there that the middle east could be the new europe talking about all this growth in abu dhabi
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dubai behind kuwait even cutter he said we just want to say. expect me to do in all those that. have the dignity we have the mountain we have their dignity as big as hard as that mountain. so yet rousing speech that wasn't there an address to that crowd in riyadh from. the crown prince of saudi arabia said he's talking a lot about the potential to be fair this is a future best meant initiative that's what they're to talk about and we've got south america with us in studio well what do you make of what you're hearing from him that you were just saying before we interrupted a little bit earlier that. he is putting everything and the world of business and economics and numbers but believes to be more than that
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a pretty list because thirty case proves that of course i think development and this is something unknown by now will not be built on the only economic success there should be other successes socially politically he is suspect of human rights otherwise he will just limp forward and will be exploited by other more established economies now i think his vision and what he is talking about is absolutely wonderful if he is able to really realize this is great but obviously he has not been taking a careful look at the out of development reports of over the last few years a lot of those countries that are praised have serious problems in terms of social economic development and we cannot ignore those issues and hope things will improve the first day would be to recognize the deficiencies that we have in the arab world and build on. and build forward to try and address those and move on and one of those deficiencies really at the moment is the number of conflicts and the issues
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between the arab states there is it's we are one of the poorest regions in terms of people's mobility it's very very difficult to go and seek job where opportunity exists even within one country and that is and that's one alan one aspect that is holding development back and to. accept the fact that he is in too many wars and they don't all have to be won is not the answer for this yes try to really sit down and go through this list and bring an end to one after the other and i would say from this conference point of view really yemen is number one for and you've got to address yemen it's very much in his hand and it offers him the opportunity also to come across as a as a peacemaker we saw the young prince as an ambitious businessman we saw him. it's a bit of a bully if you can you know using the language of threat and try and get his way by
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force now what the regime really need is a peace maker and his this is his opportunity here and the end of his little speech there he did say don't expect me to win all the wars. we talked about saudis having the dignity and as big as high as any mountain is he is not the representative speaking just now if you're just joining us on al-jazeera fifteen hundred hours eighteen minutes past the top of the hour we are watching the future investment initiative conference from this is the first time that we have heard from the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon since jamal khashoggi the saudi journalist disappeared and was killed many weeks ago now this of course the conference the initiative that has been boycotted by a lot of international politicians and major business players it has gone on however there is obviously a very pro saudi crowd there who gave mohamed bin salman a standing ovation after his speech a little bit earlier just to remind you what he did they have to say about the case
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because he did address that he talked about it being painful and unjustified that all the culprits would be punished and that justice will prevail obviously no reference there to how much he or anyone else in the higher echelons of the saudi royal family may or may not have been involved but then he also unself and i'll bring you back in on this one when he talked about cooperation with turkey to reach good results and then he said a lot of people are trying to seize this painful situation to create divisions and he said this won't happen as long as there's a king salmon and as long as there's a crown prince mohammed bin salman and as long as there's a president who's he talking about there. as far as the division goes obviously he's referring to countries with which he already has some difficulties he's probably referring to qataris probably frame two hundred euro trying to play a role in extending that rift but he seems to have forgotten the fact that the deal relationships were strained already in there were a lot of problems before this incident between order and saudi arabia. they
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do not see eye to eye on a number of issues in syria in the gulf the issue of qatar the war in yemen and they disagree on a lot of policy in east africa saudi arabia has come on the side of the united states when they place sanctions on turkey which is have a little. dog please say is good now. free full of free in saudi arabia say. i'd like to see something. in every success. so we just caught the end of that. it's quite amazing isn't
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it so to the point a year ago we were a sensibly looking at a situation where that man on screen saad hariri had been kidnapped and forced to resign and now shaking hands laughing about it saying hey you've been in saudi arabia for two days and don't say you've been kidnapped it's it's just like a business as usual thing isn't it. well it has to be very i think given his position both inside and outside level and i think the options are very limited really in terms of what he can say. it's also business as usual for mohamed bin solomon is that he has to as i pointed out this is a future. investment initiative he needs to try to deflect as much as i mean this is sort of a master class and deflection of address the question do you think and now look at how great the region didn't look at how great the country is doing and everyone applauds for him. absolutely what would have been really good had he come up with a regional plan we for this conference to succeed it needs some big ideas big
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regional ideas starting by the conciliation of certain issues offering developmental opportunities and i hope this is what they will be discussing in details later on south america for now thank you very much we're just looking at pictures from the future investment initiative in riyadh the conference where we have seen and heard for the first time the crown prince of saudi arabia mohammed been some address the issue of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi he talked about it and just to reiterate again for those of you just joining us he talked about it being painful and unjustified and that all the culprits would be punished that is as much as you're going to get from him it seems at this point next to him of course was saad hariri the lebanese prime minister. so we're going to deal with some other developments in the shoji case saudi authorities have also given turkish investigators the green light to search a whale in the grounds of its consul general's home in istanbul that previously been denying the access which was just the latest twist in this investigation into
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the journalists apparent murder police have already searched both the consulate and the consul general's home also a bigger push in the united states president trump is due to be briefed on the investigation by his cia chief senior house who's been in turkey that visit coinciding with a change in tone from the u.s. president who called the show g.'s death a quote botched operation let's start with child but here he is in istanbul for us chancellors about developments today a lot of focus on whether the investigators would be allowed in or not to the saudi consul general's home again. that's right now the government now saying that they have been granted access to have a full look at this well at the consul general said home we understand that the during the joint team investigation the saudi and the turkish investigation last week the saudis denied access to what we understand will firefighters because their
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names were not on the list it's understood that the well is around twenty five minutes meters deep so overseas important the forensic experts get access to the base of that well into what may or may not be at the bottom of it for any kind of analysis so as to say we understand that investigation jus to go forward we don't know whether it's going to happen today or in the coming hours other developments. a still photograph of what we understand is c.c.t.v. footage of a b.m.w. vehicle that with concert that has consumed at plates a saudi consulate plates that has been released by the turkish government to the media the turkish government saying that this car this photograph this car is a was taken around the belgrade forest the day before because sean g.
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i went into the consulate and was killed and of course we heard yesterday president emphasizing that it's believed the turkish investigators say that a team of consulate workers a saudi consulate workers went up to that area north of istanbul of the belgrade forest the day before or to one described as a reconnaissance mission suggesting that it was done to try and find a suitable place possibly to bury because shawn jesus' body the two big developments there as this investigation goes forward and as we've seen in the last three weeks in a mold. of information coming from the government more pressure on saudi arabia we also hear from the turkish president's office that on the asking of the crown prince of saudi arabian crown prince himself mohammed bin salma. on him insisting that the telephone conversation be had between him and president that
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telephone conversation happened earlier today and again it was a press release was was given to the press not many details coming through on that telephone conversation with what seems to be yet again a joint statement. from both insisting both sides the turkish side and the saudi side insisting that they will cooperate fully with each other and bring the culprits whoever indeed is the sponsor of the killing mr kosofsky to justice charles stratford with the update from istanbul thank you charles as he mentioned there the turkish president has spoken to the saudi crown prince over his killing but earlier reject tie her to one repeated his calls to hold the killers to account he says there is strong evidence the attack was premeditated region it is jani knew the shots and this incident is being dealt with in a manner which befits the turkish state you do not want anyone to be implicated and
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we've strived to ensure that evidence is being brought to light that we did not allow propaganda to disrupt the episodes our security and intelligence forces have findings which have all been confirmed and yesterday in our group party conference i share this but it is also true that some people are disturbed by this sharing the sensitivity and the determination and transparency which turkey has shown has been appreciated by the whole world and not just the fiance of the victim from the person who gave the order to the person who exit q did the order we are determined not to let anyone escape justice. so in kosovo you know with us reporting from them so president one there reiterating i guess what he said from his big speech on tuesday he is putting his strong foot forward and saying we will find these people it was premeditated but then also we just heard the saudi crown prince talking about all the cooperation with turkey is that important i guess for a chip type one not to push things too far with the saudis.
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well this call was a very surprising call come out because presidents are gone never talk with the crown prince mohammad the cell mom says jamal khashoggi disappeared on october the second he always spoke with the kit with king cell mon and during his speech yesterday here praise king samar by calling him the custody and of the to haul him also he he imposed he reminded the responsibility to king sound man as the leader of the sin new world which is millions of muslim muslim population but however. the phone call came right before mohammad been so must speech at this conference and a couple of a couple of hours before that present our don had a phone talk with a jordanian king up the law so when you look at this diplomatic phone traffic you see that there are some mediators who are who are trying to build up between it
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turkey and saudi arabia nothing mentioned else then the will for a corporation to enlighten the murder of gemayel has shook and the continuation of corporation nothing more than that that we know and it's protection of the civilians but new laws that are that can actually or amendments to laws that can actually oppress of billions are very quick to be passed and that is what i meant that there are steps that the civilian government has a lot of power to do and i presented the list to the legal affairs committee it is important when you when you met all these with donald trump statements from last night you can see that mohamed bin sound man feels pushed into a corner in a way but of course does it mean president air down will soften his stance against him does that mean present are gone we'll give up on finding the real person who
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gave the order for this killing. time will show and everybody hopes he doesn't give up on chasing the real perpetrator or the person who ordered jamal's killing but when you look at his speech yesterday he was very straight he remained in a diplomatic framework but what does the talk between with the crown prince mohammed bin soundman means. actually the results will come up in the couple of hours or maybe tomorrow because we don't know much about the content but a heap he promised a lot i mean i've done promised a lot for everyone to international community to journalists and to to the family of jamal so he has to be after this he he shouldn't give up and just the x. expedition of eighteen people who are arrested in saudi arabia right now we hope that this case is carried to international level and other international player players
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are involved too so that turkey can can try the people who are responsible of this murder so inconsiderately thank you for that waiting to hear what the contents of that conversation between order one and mohamed bin salman were little more international reaction before we move on you got the u.k. which has joined the united states in banning any of the suspects in killing from entering their countries has promised that the reason why. the claim that has been made that mr shocking died in a fight does not amount to a credible explanation so the does remain and remain an urgent need to establish exactly what has happened in relation to this the foreign secretary of the foreign ministers and our ambassador has been making our position very clear to the saudi arabians i myself expect to speak. later today and i cannot take i cannot take the house that no minister or fishel is attending the investment conference in saudi arabia and i write on befriend the home secretary is taking action against all
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suspects to prevent them entering the u.k. and if these individuals currently have visas those visas will be revoked today so that's the u.k. france is also vowed to take punitive measures if riyadh's role in his murder is proven and the german chancellor also talking tough on saudi arabia's handling of the case. and in the oldest england's allowed pursued this what happened in the saudi consulate is inconceivable it reflects that human dignity isn't respected in many parts of the world some treaties are now being cancelled and reversed which again prompts us to work more for world peace we must find solutions we must strive to preserve your act together because it's a society based on shared values and we must not lose sight of our gains we must continue to fight for the payments of seven decades of peace. u.s. reaction now with our white house correspondent kimberly how could in washington d.c. hi kimberly maybe you can just i guess wrap it all up for us and bring it together
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the u.s. perspective of the moment what is the latest that donald trump has has said what is his current position and also the visit of the cia chief to turkey. right so there certainly has been favorable reaction from members of congress with regard to the president directing the revoking of the visas of those saudi nationals and also the promise to work with congress now and more punitive action the only problem with directing this towards congress is the timeline it's not going to be is immediate as many would like. of course the u.s. election this taking place in about thirteen days to choose control of congress that means congress is it in session it's not working right now so it can't deal with this legislatively when it returns after the election there will be a series of holidays so the likelihood that there might be some substantial movement without tremendous will is very very slim it seems that the time like could even be extended as far as january so this is certainly not sitting well with
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the american public the american public feels that the president should be acting even more strongly in fact when it comes to the handling of this case new polling shows just thirty eight percent of republicans think the president's done a good job in this case so far seventy eight percent of democrats believe that the president has been too soft when it comes to dealing with saudi arabia and there is not this feeling of the shared strategic interest between the united states and saudi arabia as the president continues to underscore in fact just the opposite many americans describe according to this poll the relationship is being and friendly some even viewing saudi arabia as an enemy so certainly there's going to be a lot of spotlight on the visit by the cia director she comes to the white house campus she won't be the only intelligence official there will be others we don't know when that meeting will be taking place but certainly following that meeting and following the briefing there is a push by this white house to get more information it shares the view of the world
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that the explanation by the saudis so far has not been credible in fact in an internal memo to the state department put out by my pompei oh he told state department employees the united states won't be satisfied until the u.s. gets quote perfect clarity on what has transpired so still a long way to go in terms of getting that perfect clarity excellent thank you for that at the white house. now we briefly touched on this with sultan barakat a little while ago saudi arabia's king and crown prince expressing their condolences to jamal khashoggi his son and the simple fact is it has not gone down very well it already does looking at the reaction to that has not come all it's all about this moment an image that speaks a thousand words and it's not only just made headlines but sparked a social media storm showing how jamal khashoggi son shook the hand of the crown prince mohammed bin someone with quite a pained expression at this moment was captured when king solomon and the crown prince met with can show she sons slot and saw hell at the young mum of the palace
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where the world's gave their condolences the people online have condemned what many are now calling a grim photo op we're not sure if we'll see that tweet up for you now monella sharif is the saudi activists living in the u.s. says that they brought him to the royal court to accept condolences the look on his face this photo makes me want to scream and throw up now sly is believed to be under a travel ban since his father started being writing critically about the kingdom for the washington post and may not be acting on his own will will give its gilbert says that is a p.r. move gone wrong this is disgusting no human should be forced to enjoy this level of torture because that's what this is another is also shit talking about how the photo of. the law and the m.p.'s crown prince is now what he sees as quite haunting and yasha than as a salon has been banned for over a year from leaving the kingdom and he has not been able to mourn with his siblings
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who and are currently in the united states we will continue to monitor the story and all the latest developments of jamal khashoggi cases to let us know what you think tweet us use the hash tag grades or hiller thank you for that so a little earlier about twenty thirty minutes ago we did hear from prince mohammed bin salman of saudi arabia the first time he had spoken publicly since the killing of jamal khashoggi his first comments on the panel were about to show g.'s killing he said it was a heinous crime have a listen. what would. you had to show first of all it's very painful to the saudis to all saudis it's painful to everyone in the world it's a brutal attack not accepted investigations are happening and we will work with the turkish government to reach results and the perpetrators will be brought to justice this is a thing that has to be taken by any government and undoubtedly the cooperation between the turkish and saudi government is good and we know
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a lot of people are trying to seize these painful situation to create a rift between turkey and saudi arabia and i want from this place to send a message you would never be able to do that as long as we have a king called man been. the crown prince now mohamed bin selman in saudi arabia and a turkish president named one shop where much of the focus has been on the crown prince's alleged role in the operation something riyadh has been at pains to downplay and obviously mohamed bin some wouldn't say anything that what it has done though as arrest suspects in relation to the case that includes these fifteen men identified by turkish media as part of the so-called hit team as well as three people who worked at the consulate at least five high ranking officials have been sacked one of them saddle company a trusted adviser to the crown prince and one of the most powerful men in his inner circle but while the state presidency announced he'd been fired has an advisor to the royal court its title remains chairman of the saudi federation for cybersecurity programming and drones he also tweeted last year it was more than one
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million followers that he wouldn't do anything without the crown prince's approval and another official fired over the operation is syria who was the deputy chief of intelligence and former spokesman for the the iraqi coalition fighting in yemen so we want to talk about all of these players with simon mobile who is a senior lecturer in international relations director of the richardson institute at lancaster university nice to have you with us today. yes sir let's deal with all those people who i just address they the fifteen or the eighteen as it were in the end and then the high ranking officials have been demoted is any of that enough do you think to appease those who are looking at the situation thinking it's just a horror and what has happened i think many in riyadh certainly hope so i think we've seen that being a mom had been some in the crown prince have tried to to to deal with this by giving the public a number of very senior saudi officials with the hope that these individuals would
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be i guess the sacrificial lambs to try and take the sting out of this the shoji affair but we've seen that that many of the people invested in this many of the states with close ties to saudi arabia have said this is not enough and if we look at how security works in the saudi kingdom we look at how mohamed bin someone has such a prominent role in much of what happens across the kingdom then i think for many the idea that these prominent officials would be operating without the that explicit order from the crown prince is is hard to fathom and i think that's why many it becomes vicious that this is actually the end of it and actually the bottom of the of that the fact is it's very unlikely to get anything more out of muhammad and so not wait that means he's here on a world stage where obviously he wants to talk about his country and about the region and make it all sound very positive but what he just said today and we heard
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it in that clip just before we came to you that's probably going to be it hasn't it . i think it depends on the way that mr trump response that's how president trump response today we have said that we heard him say that he suspects that there was a link to mom and then some money and i think if that type of rhetoric continues and that type of pressure from external act those actors that i've got a strong relationship with with the crown prince i think that could really have a role to play let's not forget that mr trump was possessing very strong links with mohammed bin some and he wants to eat it he's our guy we put our guy on top that the crown prince we have complete trust in him now if he's starting to say well we think that they he might have been involved the nut if that starts to build and that's going to suggest that the crown prince has to address that he has to address those rumors so if this continues to snowball if it continues to gain pace then we may well see the need for the crown prince the come out and say something more in
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the meantime can he just carry on and i use this phrase with an earlier guest just business as usual the way he spoke at this conference the way even saad hariri spoke at this conference when one year ago he defected they've been kidnapped by mohamed but some are now just carry on bags that. i said i think they certainly hope so i think that many in saudi expected this to be brushed under the carpet by now i think that the way in which there's the saudi regime has dealt with with dissent in the kingdom internally they expected to be able to just get on with things business as usual as you say i don't think anyone expected this type of outcry which perhaps tells you a great deal about the arab and so some of these individuals that they expected the world's attention to be elsewhere or they expect that the economic ties with the king that was so important that norman's have common sense and human rights were going to be whitewashed and ignored so i think certainly mohamed bin some hopes that that it will be business as usual and i think the king probably has those type
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of aspirations too but from the saudis that i've spoken to there are many people who are increasingly concerned about what's happened that devastated at that country that leadership being involved in such a sordid affair and i think that the more this happens the less likely it is that this will be able to be ignored and business as usual can continue on my been great talking to to get your thoughts thank you so much for your time thank you for a little bit more reading on mohammed bin salman germ akron from the arab center washington d.c. wrote this piece for out of the red dot com he talks about the one man rule of the crown prince the cult of personality and how it may finally be crumbling in the face of his death it's in the opinion section that the moda and the one man rule of m b s. just before we move on because we have got some other developing news to deal with just some of your questions and comments which have come through and had
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a whole lot on facebook live is it m.b.'s mohamed bin someone maybe popular at home but recent developments of his popularity they've all gone down at the international level i guess this is ironic saying let's hope for the best for him and also one point made by elizabeth and we addressed this a little bit earlier with our guest she says this is creepy they kidnapped that man and now he's smiling on stage with them that's the lebanese prime minister saad hariri they were laughing about the fact that one year ago he was pretty much taken hostage if you like by muhammad bin salman the way the government saadi the u.s. covering up all these crimes against humanity is creepy your thoughts your comments your questions facebook dot com slash al-jazeera for the live stream now a developing story which about an hour ago we heard about this the u.s. secret service now having to investigate suspicious packages sent to former president barack obama and former first lady and secretary hillary clinton investigators say they could be explosive devices shihab rattansi with the latest
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now from washington she bring us up to date please. several developments just in the last few minutes but the secret service says that the device sent to the obama's residence which is behind me behind the foliage here in washington d.c. was intercepted immediately through routine mail screening immediately identified as a potential explosive device the obama's were never in any danger of actually receiving the package that happened a few hours ago wednesday morning local the same is true for the device addressed to hillary clinton in upstate new york where that happened on tuesday night local no danger of ever receiving it and several sources now suggesting though that these are connected to the device. that was received by a billionaire liberal philanthropist george soros on monday also in upstate new york he received a pipe bomb in the mail so several anonymous law enforcement officials now say telling the media that they think that these are all connected one all of this is going on the c.n.n.
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studios in new york was evacuated out of an abundance of caution but it seems now c.n.n. is reporting that they also received some sort of pipe device with was not clear whether it was indeed an explosive and now students reporting that was in fact addressed to john brennan president obama's cia director who is a frequent flyer of donald trump meanwhile the white house very quick to condemn the mailing of all of these suspicious packages the white house condemns these types of horrific in the speckle acts and will work with law enforcement to make sure anybody responsible is punished to the full extent of the law and certainly it's ok to disagree in politics but it's never ok to take action against another individual and we certainly don't want to see that happen. it doesn't take for road to make some sort of connection between george soros c.n.n. hillary clinton barack obama all frequent targets of the of the trumpet ministration that we should note that the trumpet ministration itself has been
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people connected to the drug of inspiration have been mailed suspicious packages donald trump children the pentagon earlier this month this has become a rather bipartisan feature of u.s. politics women thank you so much for that update she has in washington d.c. to another story now more than seven thousand central american migrants continuing their march towards the united states they have about seventy five kilometers ahead of them to reach the mexican border with the u.s. actually it's a better me to show you on the map actually many of them sick and exhausted but the term and despite around five hundred of them dropping out and returning home has that perspective just have a look at the map here the caravan is way down here at the moment close to the guatemala mexico border and if i actually just pop the crosses there and show you how far it is to go now a lot of the richer a coming out of the united states seems to suggest that this is right on the u.s. his doorstep well as the crow flies you can see it's a long long way over two thousand kilometers to get to that actual border so it's just a good little bit of perspective for this particular story through the google map
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there let's get an update now from john heilemann who's with the caravan. they started walking at four o'clock in the morning to try and escape the intense heat of the day it rises to more than thirty degrees where we are in chapter south mexico and these are not just men but also women and children that have been traveling now for more than a week from honduras through guatemala and entering into mexico it's been very hard for them but they say that they've got to a point where they can't give up now i'm not stopping i'm continuing full and i want to build a future for my children and i built this fire and i'm not going back there's more than seven thousand people marching although you wouldn't guess that to look at the they've really dispersed along the motorway some people as well trying to catch rides as they head further north they're heading there they say because life is really unsustainable in their homeland for many of them that's on duress that
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country has an extreme poverty rate of more than forty percent of the population people saying that even when they can get jobs those jobs don't pay enough and when you add on top of that the level of criminality in that country and the extortion from criminal gangs that many people have to pay they say they just had little choice but to get out they still by all reckoning more than a month away from the united states border but already president trump ahead of the midterm elections has unleashed some pretty furious rhetoric against them. but they can't. take your cameras it's very. serious going to take you john take the camera go inside the middle and you're going to find emissary you're going to find middle eastern you're going to find everything and guess what we're not allowed to them in our country we want to say we've been with the caravan for almost
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a week now and not that it would indicate anything but we haven't seen evidence of anyone from the middle east or evidence of any sort of terrorists here in the caravan what we have seen a lot of is not just men but also women children lots of families trying to get to the united states in search of a better life. well as the migrants march towards the u.s. border a lot of misinformation regular about what's actually going on i pointed out this village but they are still quite far away what have you found there's a lot of different cases we've seen online kemal so this is just a snippet of what we've been able to analyze but it's important to remind viewers that this all started on facebook with the news of the caravan spreading on social networks and then media outlets hundreds of people began marching from san pedro sula in northern hunters towards the u.s. border and has since joined hands have since been joined by thousands and along with this is the misinformation that's currently being shed online now some claim
12:40 am
the number of people is much higher indicating the caravan will soon merge with more than forty thousand mexican migrants and to flood the u.s. border this uses says that he's calling it's an invasion force but the united nations says that the actual group is roughly saying it sitting at about seven thousand with people from honduras guatemala el salvador and nicaragua now with the u.s. mid-term elections just two weeks away politicians are hoping to use fears of immigration as a way to galvanize support ahead of the polls president trump tweeted calling this a national emergency saying the caravan contains criminal elements and some migrants from the middle east now journalists including our own have been challenging this as well daniel says that there's no proof to suggest this and then another journalist holed from a.b.c. this is matt gutman he adds that he's also embedded with the caravan migrants and has not seen or heard about a single middle eastern or now this also there's also another video that's been
12:41 am
shot as well this is by the republican congressman matt gates alleging to show. who are he says are being paid to join the caravan asked whether the billionaire george soros or u.s. n.g.o.s are being up currently behind this but local media reports say that these migrants were in guatemala and were exchanging their currency before crossing into the mexico border. now a number of images also spreading online this post was shared by thousands of people on facebook and on twitter depicting attacks on mexican police by immigrants but through a verification tools we found that these pictures are actually a few years old the photos of the officer covered in blood is actually from twenty twelve and it was really about a student protest a clash that took place with police in mexico and another image of an officer with a bloody nose was actually used in twenty eleven and it was
12:42 am
a report about clashes between teaches and police in hawkins states. now these are just some of the most recent examples that we've come across online but since time salta talking about the caravan there's been growing interest in the such name on google trends as well as you can see from that map will continue to monitor the story and we do know about a case that has been debunked regarding the migrant caravan let us know use the hash tag a genius grant receive a thank you is also a very strong picture gallery from our online team here at the time which you know puts the human face to these thousands of people making this journey as you see many of them women and children who if and when they reach the u.s. border will likely be met by border patrols and the military have a look see itself in pictures with its own dropdown menu at al-jazeera dot com. just time for some sport here on the newsgroup with paul kemal thank you very much now for most basketball players losing three games in a row is painful but not entirely unexpected but if that player is le bron james
12:43 am
and it's the first three games of the season and it's for his new team the los angeles lakers who support supposed to be leaning back in triumph to the glory days it's a bit more of a problem now king james isn't exactly playing badly he high scored in the opening game with twenty six points but lost in portland high scored again against houston where his physical presence came in handy to break up a fight but this was a loss on home court and on choose they they lost on home court again by one point the browns sending it into overtime here but missing a couple of free throws which could have won it and it's those three three misses that were crucial because it means le bron is now haunted by the ghost of kobe bryant in the middle some lakers fans simply can't accept kobe is retired and don't see the brown as a good substitute n.b.a. means rub salt in the worm wounds posting this tweet of how easy koby supposedly used to find life from the free throw line this video has been doctored by the white bronze three championship rings with miami in cleveland clearly on snuff to
12:44 am
impress some people this is really turned into something of a battle on twitter aren't beyond saying the brawn lost the game for us the lakers coby would have made those free throws this is why kobe is better than the brawn and while brown will never be greater than michael jordan well michael jordan himself chimed in ok this is a parody account koby made both his free throws with a torn achilles just saying referencing a famous win for the lakers in twenty thirteen ko brick cry and putting in a bit of a check for lakers fans who haven't had a championship since two thousand and ten le bron james has more playoff game winning buzzer beaters in a one week stretch than kobe bryant has in a twenty year career le bron does have a chance to put things right against the phoenix suns on thursday by the way. well while the basketball season is just getting underway there is only a few more days left in the women's tennis calendar and the world's top eight players are competing to be crowned year and champion at the finals in singapore following her dramatic win over serina williams in last month's u.s.
12:45 am
open final expectations were high for japan's nomi of soccer in singapore the twenty year old has failed to win a match yet though and despite a gutsy effort loss to wimbledon winner undulate courbet in the last hour or so assad has been the crowd's favorite she's the first asian players qualify for the event since it's been held on the continent but it's not just the crowd who are big fans. i think she's amazing player i think she's got. she's got the head heart and guts together like even with the serie a match i knew she was going to win that match because she was playing better than serino and she was not going to let anything nothing detour her from winning i know it was tough it was just crazy and chaotic but in the end she prevailed and i knew she prevailed because her head was in the right place she stayed focused sun i will be back with more sports at eight hundred g.m.t. for now and you back to call a poll thank you so much for that and that'll do it for this newsgroup a busy one as we heard from crown prince mohammed bin salman
12:46 am
a little bit earlier in riyadh lots of your thoughts coming through the show i couldn't get to all of them but thank you for keeping in touch with us with the hash tag a.j. newsgroup on twitter facebook and whatsapp we're right back you studiously to bring fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. on for. wish the world innovation summit for health one community of two thousand health care experts in of ages and policy makers from one hundred countries. one experience sharing best practices and innovative ideas. one goal a healthier world through global collaboration. apply now to attend the twenty eighteen wish summit.
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the cricket world isn't an odd about match fixing i mean you have to think why would he give me a go because then we didn't bring the media into the eye you would know it because . al-jazeera is investigative unit reveals explosive new evidence documentary confirms to my man hours a very hard profile figure in much fiction and international cricket do you know this man al-jazeera investigations cricket's much fixing the manoa files.
12:48 am
al-jazeera where ever you are. if inscribed at the wild west previously where the average person couldn't touch and tell if a post had been said all paid for and thought why does this updated nafta have the kind of support that it needs for we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. saudi arabia's crown prince says the house was a heinous crime but will not drive a wedge between his country and turkey in istanbul where he was killed police start to search a well in the grounds of the saudi consul general house. hello
12:49 am
i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up suspect that bones have been found in mail sent to hillary clinton and barack obama and to the offices of c.n.n. and on the move again before dole the central american migrants convoy resumes its march across makes. saudi arabia's crown prince has broken his silence over the murder of journalist calling it a painful crime and saying justice will prevail addressing the issue for the first time since a soldier was reported missing in istanbul earlier this month the crown prince mohammed bin solomon insists all culprits will be punished and that he'll work with turkey on that matter the prince him self is widely suspected of ordering the journalist though he denies all knowledge.
12:50 am
first of all it is very painful to all saudis it's painful to everyone in the world it is a brutal attack but it's not acceptable investigations are happening and we will work with the turkish government to get results and the perpetrators will be brought to justice this would have to be done by any government undoubtedly cooperation between the turkish and saudi government is good and we know a lot of people are trying to seize on this painful situation to create a rift between turkey and saudi arabia and i want to send them a message you'll never be able to do that as long as we have a king called solomon bin of the losses of the crown prince called mohammed bin solomon in saudi arabia or the turkish president or one. well he still hasn't been found more than three weeks since he was last seen at the saudi consulate in istanbul turkish investigators have now been given permission to search a well in the saudi consul general's residence meanwhile u.s. president donald trump us piled on the pressure calling it the worst cover up in the history of cover ups and that the ultimate responsibility for his show g.'s that could lie with the crown prince. well turkish officials say that shortly
12:51 am
before the saudi crown prince left for the investment conference he spoke to turkey's president thresher type at the one on the phone the first conversation since the killing at the un is the man thing that saudi arabia extradite those responsible to face trial in turkey. you know it's interesting to note that messina we are determined not to allow a cover up of this murder and to make sure all those responsible from those who ordered it to those who carried it out it will not be allowed to avoid justice this is not only our responsibility to jamal khashoggi he was murdered viciously on our country's borders but also to the international community law and justice will tell stratford is outside the saudi consulate in istanbul with the latest for us says so charles where does this leave turkey's relations with saudi arabia. it was interesting that that phone call was stationed between president and the
12:52 am
crown prince mohammed bin salma and was actually. fooled by the crown prince himself the statement from presidential sources we've spoken to basically reinforcing the importance of this joint initiative this joint investigation to try . and find a balance of a promise to find the culprits and to bring them to justice but we know how strained saudi arabia and turkey relationship has been in recent years i mean they've been a major problem since the support of the muslim brotherhood in egypt in two thousand and thirteen they've also been differing opinions with respect to the war in syria took his relationship for with iran for example as well that the saudi arabians not happy ways and then of course there is the saudi led blockade on cuts which the subpoena obviously very helpful in supporting the countries in
12:53 am
dealing with that crisis and it was interesting to hear crown prince mohammed bin solomon later on in the conference say that there were efforts being made to to drive a wedge between he and the saudis but as i say there has been arguably a wedge between them with a long time and this latest crisis over the of course shows he has has made that that relationship even more fraught and meanwhile the pressure continues to mount on saudi arabia as we heard in odo on this speech that statement he made today again demanding justice we've seen this gradual drip feeding of information from what seemed to be you know agreed upon by the leadership agreed upon government sources feeding the media increasing. that pressure on saudi arabia
12:54 am
i think what's so ironic is well let's talk about that conference for a little bit the vestment conference to see the saudi crown prince walk into the building there walking to the whole smiles with the lebanese prime minister saad hariri next to him let's not forget that it was last year that it was reported that the saudi crown prince actually kidnapped a rare himself and forced him to resign as a means so we were told of trying to foment trouble the crisis in lebanese politics and weaken hezbollah that the crisis was not resolved until it was until intervention by by the french president emmanuel macro and. it's questionable you can you can imagine questions are being asked about the competence if you like of the decisions that are being made with respect to saudi arabia is he all understanding or on the world stage he's been a. catalogue of p.r. disasters for saudi arabia since. i have been sol mine became the de
12:55 am
facto leader in the country that's not forget yemen let's not forget again the siege on gaza. and i'm not incident with with hariri so. it's important obviously for saudi arabia to try and in some way pull themselves back from the brink the statements made by the saudi leadership in the conference saying that this was a terrible crime and those will be brought to justice but i mean that doesn't belied the fact that certainly here in turkey the turkish leadership here is still putting all the pressure and demanding all it says and one can all get we say very much in the driving seat driving the narrative in terms of getting justice in this case and of course trials for there to be justice i guess we need to find out exactly what happened so tell us what the latest is on the investigation itself is now apparently that they're still searching the consul general zod residence.
12:56 am
we we heard today from from the government the government that the investigation now finally turkish investigators have got clearance to go and investigate a well at the consul general. in the on those premises we understand that last week when the joint invest beauty went down there the saudi arabian side were not allowing what we understand to be firefighters forensic experts with those firefighters to get a thorough look at that well which is believed to be about twenty five meters deep because the names of these men these five hundred forensic experts were not on the list we have heard that now as i say they've got clearance to go and really investigate and look at that well it hasn't happened yet it may happen later today or even tomorrow in other developments interesting lee a still photograph has been released by again government sources which is understood from c.c.t.v.
12:57 am
footage showing what these government sources say is a b.m.w. saudi consulate very cool close to belgrade forest the day before she was killed inside the consulate and of course yesterday we had president her to want very much emphasizing that saudi investigators have established that a group of consulates around the consulate workers were believed to have been scouting around that area or was present heard a woman described as a reconnaissance mission with the implication that they may well have been looking it's believed for a place to bury his body but meanwhile as they say that that's because shorties body continues to intensify child straffing latest on that investigation here in istanbul for the moment charles thank you and let's get more from sultan barack katz director of the center for conflict and humanitarian studies at the doha institute as sir thank you so much for joining us so we i guess finally heard from
12:58 am
the one they'd been sound mahi and spoke in public for the first time. since the killing of jamal khashoggi what did you make of not only what he said because many thought that he wouldn't actually mention at all but i guess of how we said it in the whole atmosphere of that. of that meeting i thought it was interesting that he actually referred to it he obviously did not and in any new information to what we already know and i think that is where a missed opportunity exists he should have he could have really preempted the dropped off news that's coming from turkey and with the exploitation of the situation they find themselves in by simply saying we know there has been a murder we called the ones who are responsible for it and they have confessed
12:59 am
to where the body is and what happened to two hundred three exactly i fear the fact that he has not done so it does seem like a deal is being prepared between. saudi arabia and turkey and possibly with their warmth of the united states to come up with the softest landing for this issue in the days and weeks to come so you say a potential deal between turkey saudi arabia and the us do any of the other players i'm thinking of the european countries for example any of the other players strong enough to really sway this one way or another i mean for example this investment conference at davos in the desert has actually been boycotted by quite a few leaders and business leaders but is it going to make any long term impact do you think. i mean obviously the incident in in istanbul has really gone in the light away from from the conference the crown prince the
1:00 am
united states and others would have very much like to go ahead with their discussion on the economic development without having the whole issue in the background but but now where we are now it is clear that trying to do the best of what we what they have and for example on the turkish side president or do that and has from the very beginning come out in a very measured way he's defeating the information little by little he's trying his best to extend the focus in the news and i suspect also by calling for the eighteen men to be brought to justice in turkey he's also trying to prolong it and keep turkey at the center of this and all of that leads us to think that what he's after is a reversal of the sanctions from.

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