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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 25, 2018 1:00am-1:32am +03

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any long term impact do you think i mean obviously the incident in in istanbul has really gone in the light away from from the conference the crown prince the united states and others would have very much like to go ahead with their discussion on the economic development without having the whole issue in the background but but now where we are now it is clear that trying to do the best of what we what they have and for example on the turkish side president or order and has from the very beginning come out in a very measured way he's drip feeding the information little by little he's trying his best to extend the focus in the news and i suspect also by calling for the the eighteen men to be brought to justice in turkey he's also trying to prolong it and keep turkey at the center of this and all of that leads us
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to think that what he's after is a reversal of the sanctions from the united states on turkey a significant improvement in the relationship with saudi arabia which has been strained over the last few years and possibly other advancement on other agendas in the middle east which brings in his to his mind would bring greater stability in the region including the war in yemen and the blockade against qatar so time barack had the rector of the center for a whole flick and humanitarian studies at the dove institute thank you thanks very much for that sir well to talk more about the international reaction britain's prime minister has followed the united states in canceling the visas of those suspected of involvement in her is this. i cannot take the house that no minister or official is attending the investment conference in saudi arabia and my right on
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befriend the home secretary is taking action against all suspects to prevent them entering the u.k. and if these individuals currently have visas those visas will be revoked today ok so that's a view from the u.k. for the latest on the u.s. reaction our white house correspondent kimberly how can joins us live now from washington d.c. kimberly it's interesting in the past sort of hours few days we've actually heard quite strong statements from president trump himself beyond his rhetoric where do things actually stand in terms of the next steps from the united states. right well certainly the tougher stance by the president is being welcomed by members of congress both democrat and republican who had been pushing him for weeks essentially to take a strong stance with regard to saudi arabia to say that in fact that there are concerns about the explanations given thus far so there is applause if you will from members of congress that now there is this opportunity for congress to work
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with the white house on the next steps whether that be sanctions will be blocking arms sales there are a number of ways in which it could proceed the only problem with this barbara is the pace there of course we're talking about there is a u.s. election happening in november november sixth to be exact that means the u.s. congress is in recess is not even working right now after that election it'll come back but it's going to be interrupted by a series of holidays so the next official opening of congress happens in january and that is a long time not the pace perhaps that many would like so there are a couple of options there is the global magnitsky act that has been triggered that is a form of timeline as well for the white house to put in place sanctions at the highest levels of the saudi government if it feels it has violated human rights so there are a number of options moving forward but it may not be the pace that many are looking for speaking of that pay so you say many are looking for do you think the president's actions are actually supported by public opinion which perhaps
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surprisingly for some has focused on this case quite a moment since the show g.'s disappearance and now of course because in killing. you know it's funny because americans typically are very a domestic focus very insular in their television news consumption but this is a story the case of shows he has been one that has consumed american viewers and that's pretty significant given we have these looming election deadlines that are happening so this is important because the public is focused on this white house and this president's reaction to that in a hasn't been all that favorable in fact just thirty seven percent of republicans are rather thirty seven percent of republicans believe it has been too soft on saudi arabia when you ask democrats that number it goes up to seventy eight percent and when ordinary americans are asked what they feel about the u.s. saudi relationship because donald trump has been defending that even as he's had these strong words that have been coming out of the white house as of late he still
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underscored that he believes the u.s. saudi relationship is important that is not shared by the american public in fact many describe it as a friendly some have even used the word according to this poll as the enemy so this is a challenge for the president to to walk that tightrope while at the same time still trying to get clarity on all of this you'll remember that gina housefull a cia director was in turkey she is to brief the president along with other intelligence officials here sometime this afternoon we are told but we're not being given a specific time in terms of when that meeting will take place but i can tell you it is being watched very closely as is an event that is coming up with the president that is set to begin in a couple of hours whether or not he might talk further about this case can we how can we believe his from the white house can really thank you. much more to come on the program including we're going to have more of the turkish investigation into charges that's including the forensic teams search for the body.
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hello again it's good to have you back well here across parts of vietnam as well as laos was seeing some very very heavy rain showers in the heating of the day seen popping up and then kind of dissipating so that is going to be the trend as we go towards thursday hanoi you're going to sing a very warm humid day about thirty one degrees over towards young gong it is also going to be very humid with the temperature there of thirty one but the rain showers are going to continue across parts of china as well we do expect to see it increase here across much of central china and fuzhou oh by the time we get to friday night it is going to be rain if you temperatures are going to be coming down by the time we get towards the weekend down here across parts of southern india as well as sri lanka well rain showers just down here towards the southern end we don't expect to see too much in terms of rain maybe a little bit to the north but for better probably bengaluru we're going to be
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seeing temperatures into the low thirty's kolkata at thirty three katmandu at twenty three and then as we go towards friday rain shifts a little bit more and i think for colombo it is going to be a little bit more active few with thunderstorms at twenty nine degrees and then very quickly here across much of the arabian peninsula the clouds are going to remain here across much of saudi arabia riyadh mecca medina you can be seen those clouds as well but temperatures from mecca are going to be quite high with the temperature there of thirty seven and riyadh thirty four. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories . providing a glimpse into someone else's world. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. with nace
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documentaries to open your eyes on al-jazeera. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin someone has spoken publicly for the first time for the killing of saudi journalist. which he described as painful speaking in riyadh the crown prince insisted that justice will prevail in the case and all brits will be punished but it's been more than three weeks now since she was last seen at the saudi consulate in istanbul turkish investigators have now been given permission to search a well in the consulates garden. the u.k.
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meanwhile has announced it's following the u.s. and revoking the visas of saudi officials suspected of being involved in the murder . more now on the turkish investigation and the forensic team search for the body. alan fischer reports now from istanbul. even the routine looks suspicious now. i think the consular residence in istanbul they were cleaning sewers it happens a few times a year this street was due but with turkish forensic teams searching everywhere possible for clues to locate jamal khashoggi his body this takes on a new significance it's now about trying to piece together a complex gruesome jigsaw with huge international implications you would think that the whole effort would be to see that justice was done early seemed to be done at least to name the guilty parties but of course it's much more complicated than that because it involves a whole where but relationship in this very complex region and also of course the
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united states there is the car park in istanbul suburb. or car was discovered it was searched turkish police found a computer and clothes but still don't know why it was here then there is the place where an alleged body doubles the clothes he was wearing when he left the consulate all done to suggest the right. left the building the turkish president says a saudi team came here to this forest a short drive from istanbul the day before jamal khashoggi died the suggestion they were looking for a place to dump a body the implication his death was premeditated and not the result of a fight that got out of hand each and every day there seems to be new information revealed or leaked the latest this was the car used for that mission in the forest caught by security cameras now an important part of the investigation but there's the feeling turkey's president was far more than has been made public clearly the
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president of turkey is trying to use this incident to weaken. the saudi or apparent but. it's a dangerous game to play if he plays his cards as it were too rough for europeans to insist are too forceful things could rebound so he's trying them still a little bit careful. the turks seem to know what happened in great detail who may have been responsible and we are no bringing them in front of a turkish court seems unlikely but they're pushing on with their inquiries and promise to soon share what they know with their allies and the rest of the world alan fischer al jazeera istanbul in other news the white house has condemned the string of attempted bombings targeting major public figures in the u.s. law enforcement officials the scuppered suspected explosives addressed to the holes of hillary and bill clinton former president barack obama as well as the billionaire george soros the time warner building in new york which is home to
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c.n.n. has also been evacuated after a device was found shepparton c. is live now inside the obama's residence in washington so she had first of all what else have the secret service. the secret service says there was never any danger of either hillary clinton or barack obama would have actually received these packages they were immediately discovered record identified as potential explosive devices as part of routine mail screening for example the mail wouldn't actually even reach anywhere near where we are president obama's house is just a few doors down behind me here the screening is done off site somewhere away. meanwhile there we having various reports suggesting that all of these packages all linked various law enforcement officials saying that the package that that attempted to be mailed or arrived this morning at president obama's residence the package that was intercepted at hillary clinton before it arrived hillary clinton's residence on tuesday night and the package the did arrive at george soros is
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residence the liberal billionaire philanthropist or have similarities that's a huge suspicion that they are all connected meanwhile as you mentioned there was that device in new york at the time warner center which led to the evacuation of the c.n.n. studios c.n.n. reporting that two was a device that was a pipe which had various was coming out of it that was very similar to the description we had from george soros is the device that said to george soros on monday it's different in a way that these actually were exposed devices yet or whether these have just been you know these are just made to look like explosive devices a live gold source device that have gunpowder inside it apparently the white house very quick to condemn all of this mike pence actually tweeted out we condemn the attempted attacks against former president obama on the clintons and c.n.n. and others and then donald trump read tweeted that tweet with the simple preface i agree wholeheartedly but sarah saunders the white house press secretary went into small detail. the white house condemns these types of horrific in the spectacle
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acts and will work with law enforcement to make sure anybody responsible is punished to the full extent of the law certainly it's ok to disagree in politics but it's never ok to take action against another individual and we certainly don't want to see that happen so it seems that the packages are laying there now there are also reports of another package being found in florida what do we know. and this is where the plant really seems to be worse i'm sure the former chair of the democratic national committee very close to hillary clinton received a package of her office in florida so her office was evacuated and we're still getting details as to whether this is all connected but what is very odd is just the last few minutes we've been getting reports that the packages addressed to george soros hillary clinton and barack obama all had the same return address and that return address was to be wasserman schultz in florida interesting i know that you'll be digging to try and find out more about it for the moment thank you. now
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russia has described the u.s. president's plan to develop new ballistic missiles as extremely dangerous donald trump says the u.s. will develop new intermediate range missiles unless russia and china agree to stop the development of their own russia says that will make the world more dangerous trump and russian president vladimir putin are expected to meet in paris next month dozens of refugees and migrants have clashed with police while trying to cross the border into neighboring croatia the migrants managed to surge through an initial police cordon before being stopped by a second barrier local media say several people were injured during the scuffles thousands of migrants have been camping in northwestern bosnia hoping to cross into croatia by foot and then onward to other countries. funerals have been held for two palestinians who were killed by israeli fire twenty two year old university student mohammed best shot out was shot in the chest when israeli troops raided the
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village of maroun early on wednesday morning and then gaza city mourners buried that seventeen year old. son was shot in the head by israeli troops during a protest on the border on tuesday. thousands of central american migrants are continuing their march towards the u.s. border with plans to travel another seventy five kilometers north on wednesday john homan is with the caravan in chap us southern mexico. they started walking at four o'clock in the morning to try and escape the intense heat of the day it rises to more than thirty degrees where we are in chapter south mexico and these are not just men but also women and children that have been traveling now for more than a week from honduras through guatemala and entering into mexico it's been very hard for them but they say that they've got to a point where they can't give up now i'm not stopping i'm continuing full and i
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want to build a future for my children and i'll do it this far and i'm not going back there's more than seven thousand people marching although you wouldn't guess but to look at the they've really dispersed along the motorway some people as well trying to catch rides as they head further north they're heading there they say because life is really unsustainable in their homeland for many of them that's on douras that country has an extreme poverty rate of more than forty percent of the population people saying that even when they can get jobs those jobs don't pay enough and when you add on top of that the level of criminality in that country and the extortion from criminal gangs that many people have to pay they say they just had little choice but to get out they still by our reckoning more than a month away from the united states border but already president trump ahead of the midterm elections has unleashed some pretty furious rhetoric against them. when
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they. take your cameras it's very. serious going to take you john take the camera go inside the middle and you're going to find emissary you're going to find middle eastern you going to find everything and guess what. we're not allowed to them in our cars we want to say we've been with the caravan for almost a week now and not that it would indicate anything but we haven't seen evidence of anyone from the middle east or evidence of any sort of terrorists here in the caravan what we have seen a lot of is not just men but also women children lots of families trying to get to the united states in search of a better life. and the reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin has spoken publicly for the first time about the killing of saudi journalist.
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which he described as painful speaking in riyadh the crown prince insisted that justice will prevail in the case and all culprits will be punished the prince unself is widely suspected of ordering the journalist death as though he denies all knowledge. and if it hadn't been misread the first of all it is very painful to all saudis it's painful to everyone in the world it is a brutal attack but it's not acceptable investigations are happening and we will work with the turkish government to get results and the perpetrators will be brought to justice this would have to be done by any government undoubtedly cooperation between the turkish and saudi government is good and we know a lot of people are trying to seize on this painful situation to create a rift between turkey and saudi arabia and i want to send them a message you will never be able to do that as long as we have a king called solomon been his or the crown prince called mohammed bin salman in saudi arabia or the turkish president named. it's been more than three weeks since the show jew was last seen at the saudi consulate in istanbul turkish investigators
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have now been given permission to search a well in the coastal general's garden turkish officials say the crown prince also spoke to turkey's president of the hun their first conversation since the killing the two reportedly discussed how to quote shed light on the case. then u.s. president donald trump has condemned several attempted bombings targeting major democratic party figures law enforcement officials the sky suspected explosives address to the homes of hillary and bill clinton former president barack obama as well as the billionaire george soros who is a democratic donor the time warner building in new york which is home to c.n.n. c.n.n. has also been evacuated after a device was found in russia as the scribe the u.s. president's plan to develop new ballistic missiles as extremely dangerous trump says the u.s. will develop new intermediate range missiles unless fresh and china agree to stop development of their own well those are the headlines i'm going to have more news
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for you in one thousand g. my colleagues in the i will have more in half an hour stay with us though coming up next it's witness thank you for watching about.
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