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ok sorry i'm going to take you john take the camera go into the middle and there you're going to find emissary you're going to find middle eastern you're going to find everything and guess what we're not allowed to them in our car we want to say . too much to we quit the caravan al-jazeera didn't find anyone from the middle east north terrorists or isis all of which president trump has hinted at without proof but we have seen a single men women and many families like that of one half year old just south taking a breather by the side of the road with her father and aunt they like others here are aware of donald trump's accusations as i'm a bit of it's a lie that's your first reaction you feel bad about the discrimination because bin that gang members. but what many in the caravan aunts aware of is that the timing of their march could actually turn into a huge political gift for the u.s. president the caravan has inadvertently come it's just the right moment for
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president trump and the republican party and that's because the u.s. midterm elections just two weeks away and the images of thousands of people heading for the u.s. border coupled with president trump's inflammatory and unproven remarks are only going to mobilize his support. the one we talked to denied that some criminals could be mixed in with the multitude it's almost inevitable given the numbers here but they also said that they were heading to the u.s. to escape the violence i'm positive back home and to find work also will be the most we asked to be let through so that we can offer a better future for our children up parents who are already yelled and off families . ultimately the backlash in the u.s. to this movement of thousands of desperate people could push that dream even further out of reach for them and those who come off the john home and i would
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visit a shop this. hurricane wilma has been downgraded after it had mexico's north western state of sinaloa the storm is now a tropical depression as it moves inland but it's still typing heavy rain in some areas of the country emergency workers are struggling to reach some towns left without communication well it was one of the most powerful hurricanes to blow into mexico from the pacific and no injuries have been reported. it's called the biggest bank prod in south african history more than one hundred thirty million dollars was stolen from the b.b.s. which will bank leading to its collapse as finance minister has suggested the bank can we say if it isn't it's the poor who end up paying the ultimate price for minimal or has more from profits. corrupt and beyond saving that's the final word in a reserve bank report on the theft of more than one hundred and thirty million dollars at south africa's v b s mutual bank the only black owned bank in limpopo province
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it was supposed to have been a vehicle for empowerment but instead it was looted being allegedly by more than fifty people from bank executives to politicians some from within the ruling african national congress nor are on the plus why is one of ninety four employees who's been laid off because the bank has no war money for him but. i'm still shocked i don't have a job now i'm very disappointed because they still haven't explained to us exactly what happened but all we know is we don't have a job at least some would douses she deposited her life savings of almost thirty thousand dollars at the bank the money was meant to pay for her children's education she's only managed to get a quarter of it back it would be better if i listed no my children cannot even go to school because of all the money i have lost. it's also alleged that political influences convince local municipalities to deposit billions of dollars at the bank which is against regulations some of those implicated have said they'll pay back
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the money if they have to others have promised legal action for defamation or summat for the record a lot of political thought but for many south africans they are an answer questions about how such looting was allowed to happen at an institution that was meant to serve them. the bank is accused of granting any regular loan of more. a half a million dollars to former president jacob zuma and transferring more than a million dollars to the brother of this man. the deputy president of the opposition party the economic freedom fighters the party and both men have denied any involvement an idea of bribery corruption has become part of the south african cultural d. in so the mess that is going on in secular studies in v.b. as it solidifies of the thinking on the part of ordinary south africans that
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feeling and corruption is normal government figures last year showed corruption cost the economy almost two billion dollars a year and more than seventy thousand jobs but for people like lisa this is about more than just numbers it's about the loss of her children's future for me demolition al-jazeera limpopo province of africa. someone in the u.s. has just become a billionaire actually a billionaire and a half. million stick it was sold in the state of south carolina and it's the biggest prize ever and the u.s. one point six billion dollars whoever won. a one time payoff that would be nine hundred million dollars at one time or you could have the full amount spread out over twenty nine years there is no wrong choice.
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time for sport with ana thank you very much former france international tell you only managed to avoid defeat in his first champions league game as manager of league side monaco to team drew one all with club group it's a reprieve who watched his team lose his first game in charge they lost. in
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the league on such a day before this they had been assisted coach of the belgian national team. and in almes is absence through injury doesn't seem to have hurt barcelona too much the catalans beating into milan at the nou camp. and jordi alba getting the goals and the second half. and other results often conceded a late goal to drop two two at p.s.v. eindhoven after having their goalkeeper hugo lloris sent off one homicide double helps a liverpool beat a red sabel great for an l. and p.s.g. were held to a two two draw and the group c. match against and not pretty. you know is on the few months into his job as arsenal manager but he's already close and in all one of the wreck or said by the london clubs most successful manager arsene venga if arsenal beat
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a sporting away on thursday and the european league they will not top a eleventh straight win in all competitions and as longest winning streak is thirteen matches it's a big turnaround for arsenal have scored thirty goals in their ten a match a winning run which followed a back to back defeats to manchester city and chelsea. it's not always to easy to call to three golds in the games but you know we have good personal friends of friends and yes we are happy moments all the players can score south american football's biggest club competition the chapala better dora's now are defending champions brazil have taken a huge step to the final off to beating river plate and when osiris play to are the three time continental champions but gremio got the crucial away goal in this first leg of the semifinal a second half header from a hail of put the visitors ahead they will hold on to the lead as well and take
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a back to porto alegre for the second leg in a week's time. and it was very nearly a goal for santa fe mathilda diego costa vino and all colombian american a semifinal and said it was the visitors deportivo cali who took the lead in the first leg in but what are through as again making santa fe got one back with wilson marlo's internal tea to square things off so if they had two late goals ruled out for offside fun result one zero four there's only a few more days left in the women's tennis calendar on the walls a top eight players are competing to be crowned a year and champion at the w.t. a finals in singapore following her dramatic win over serena williams and last month's u.s. open final expectations were high for japan's now me or soccer in singapore the twenty year old has failed to win a match yet though and despite. a loss to wimbledon winner angelica in three sets.
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it was really a tough burden specially in the third circuit and we both play on the really high level and i started really well but know me came back in the second set and i was just trying to you know fighting and not giving up so it was staying in the match and focusing on every single point of south korea luck after fifty sloane stephens beat kiki burton's in three sets making it two wins in two games the victory means all four players in the red group can still cause we live in a tip that going into the final games stevens takes on the top seeds on friday while birches plays also. i knew was going to be a battle she's obviously had a great season she's had a great hard court season as well so it was going to be really tough but looking forward to it obviously being able to be here playing its best players in the world is something not
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a lot of people get to experience so it is fun to be out here and it's fun to win and be playing so competitive with all these reporters for the denver nuggets have continued their strong start to the new n.b.a. season they have won all four of their opening games for the first time in nine years an offensive rebound from trey lyles signaling there would be no way back up for the sacramento kings almost too easy for the nuggets jamal murray getting nineteen points and one hundred twenty six to one hundred twelve when. they were fifty points for blake griffin as the detroit pistons edged it against the philadelphia seventy six is the man who spent his entire career with the l.a. clippers until the season had plenty of critics who say he's lost it in recent years or he definitely had it on tuesday as rising the philly defense and getting detroit over the line and overtime hundred thirty three two hundred thirty two and it's no accident that sidney crosby is the best known ice hockey player in the wall
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today or he took it upon himself to break a tide overtime game for the pittsburgh penguins it was a five all at this point against the edmonton oilers just seeming to wander around meaninglessly with the pocket but the canadian rarely does anything with dancing and out of the defense in a stick to win it sixty five this game the first time crosby has called a seven games into the season mixed martial arts fighters normal gum adult anaconda mcgregor have had the banns extended until the investigation into the post brawl is completed while habib was given a hero's welcome and that the sun and russia after beating mcgregor. and a u.f.c. title fight this month but both fighters were temporarily suspended by the nevada state athletic commission on oct fifteenth while one million dollars of spurs has
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been released and that's all is full for me i will have more later on thanks for joining me richelle carey for the news hour there is much more news for to come here on al-jazeera so keep it here because up on the other side of the break. the diagnosis he has been sick for around six months now the challenge ahead the ring one of these ninety six could be the new cure for a basis of a new cure for colors are near illness or disability al-jazeera examines pioneer mean treatments so this is the explosive yes it's basically a wearable robot like iraq revisited on how does iraq challenge your perceptions.
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al-jazeera. every your. saudi crown prince mohammed bin sandman makes his first public comments on the killing of. saying it's a heinous crime. members of the u.s. congress call for a review of american arms sales to saudi arabia in light of the. law
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and have them thinking this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. in a major federal investigation is now under way suspected bombs have been found in mail sent to several democratic leaders including hillary clinton and barack obama . it is an ongoing genocide that is taking place at the moment the u.n. is briefed about atrocities uncovered in the fact finding mission on me and my. ally in the latest fallout over the murder of journalist members of the u.s. congress of introduced new legislation which could end arm sales and aid to saudi arabia the saudi crown prince broke his silence over the murder of journalists calling it a painful crime and saying justice will prevail how much been sandman says or
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culprits will be punished and that he'll work with turkey the prince himself is widely suspected of ordering the journalist death although he denies all knowledge and would feel that you had to show little first of all it's very painful to the saudis to all saudis it's painful to everyone in the world it's a brutal attack not accepted investigations are happening we will work with the turkish government to reach results of the perpetrators will be brought to justice this is something that has to be taken by any government and undoubtedly the corporation between the turkish and saudi govern. is good and we know a lot of people are trying to seize these painful situation to create a rift between turkey and saudi arabia and i want this place to send a message that you will never be able to do that as long as you have a king called son of man in a duel is this. there's a crown prince named mohammed bin salman saudi arabia. what is the top here and
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a turkish president named earlier one that the. body still hasn't been found more than three weeks after he was last seen entering the saudi consulate in istanbul turkish investigators got permission to search a well in the saudi consul general's residence and the washington post is reporting the head of the cia has listen to audiocassette the moment of question which is not a she is expected back in washington on thursday after visiting turkey as part of a white house investigation into the killing a turkish officials say shortly before the saudi crown prince left for the investment conference he spoke to turkey's president on the phone their conversation since their first conversation since the killing wretch of type one is demanding saudi arabia extradite those responsible to face trial in turkey. you know it's interesting to note that messina we are determined not to allow a cover up of this murder and to make sure all those responsible from those who
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ordered it to those who carried it out or not be allowed to avoid justice this is not only our responsibility to try shoji he was murdered viciously on our country's borders but also to the international community law and justice. a let's get more now on the turkish investigation and the forensic teams search for the body of jamal khashoggi alan fischer reports. even the routine looks suspicious now. i think the consular residence in istanbul they were cleaning sewers it happens a few times a year this street was due. but with turkish forensic teams searching everywhere possible for clues to look eat jamal khashoggi his body this takes on a new significance it's no but trying to piece together a complex gruesome jigsaw with huge international implications you would think that the whole effort would be to see that justice was done early seemed to be done at least to name the guilty parties but of course it's much more complicated than that
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because it involves a whole web of relationship in this very complex region and also course the united states that is the car park in istanbul suburb where the soli consular car was discovered it was searched turkish police found a computer and clothes but still don't know why it was here then there is the place where an alleged should you body double the clothes he was wearing when he left the consulate all done to suggest the right or left the building the turkish president says a saudi team came here to this forest a short drive from istanbul the day before jamal khashoggi died the suggestion they were looking for a place to dump a body the implication his death was premeditated and not the result of a fight that got out of hand each and every day there seems to be new information revealed or leaked the latest this was the car used for that mission in the forest caught by security cameras now an important part of the investigation but there's
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the feeling turkey's president was far more than has been made public clearly. the president of turkey is trying to use this incident to weaken. the saudi arab parents but how it's a dangerous game to play if he plays his cards as it were to roughly or if he still insists there are too forceful things could rebound so he's playing them still a little bit carefully. the turks seem to know what happened in great detail who may have been responsible and we are no bringing them in front of a turkish court seems unlikely but they're pushing on with their inquiries and promise to soon sure what they know with their allies and the rest of the world alan fischer al-jazeera istanbul. well let's talk about zeno harder who is tracking those developments for us in istanbul and what more we hearing on the investigation . well turkish investigators are planning to search
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a well in the garden of the saudi consul general is a residence later today they were supposed to have searched that well when they combed the residence last week but they were not able to do so because of a technicality really because they needed. to do this and the team members they didn't have their names on the list so the saudi authorities did not permit them to do so it's not clear what they are going to find in that well but what turkish investigators are still looking for is somehow for sure she's body or his body parts you heard alan there mention a saudi consulate the a cold. doing a reconnaissance mission really in the belgrade forest not far from istanbul president there is a gun himself mentioning that a saudi team was out that force the day before she was killed which is really an indication to the turkish authorities that this was a preplanned murder we have to remember turkey insists that this was
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a pre-planned more murder ordered from a higher from the high up in the saudi the saudi government while the saudi narrative has been jamal khashoggi was killed accidentally and it was a grave mistake but what is the most interesting development is what the cia chief reportedly was presented with what we understand is that the cia chief who was in turkey on tuesday and how the seven hour meeting with her turkish counterpart us presented with all the evidence that has been gathered which included video images and that's audio recording which everybody really has been talking about for the past three weeks according to a person familiar with the meeting quoted by the washington post the c.i. a chief listen to that. a recording of the murder and the person described it as compelling and the cia chief's assessment really will be the determining factor on how the trumpet ministration is going to act towards the saudi government what is
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clear is that turkey has presented evidence showing that he has been killed but what's the evidence that we don't know that turkey has whether they have their direct evidence that muhammad in salamander saudi crown prince ordered this murder and say in a while that investigation continues there is the whole delicate balance of managing saudi turkey relations how is that playing out. well yes from the start of this crisis president of the guard has been trying to avoid a direct confrontation with reality treading carefully to remember their relationship has been strained before the crisis as it was a cordial relationship but these two regional powers have differences they are standing at opposing sides of regional politics turkey for example supporting qatar while saudi arabia is trying to isolate qatar turkey even sending troops to qatar when saudi imposed that embargo saudi arabia unhappy with turkey's alliance with
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iran turkey unhappy with saudi arabia support for the coup that defoe's the elected president in egypt morsi so so these two countries really have differences and now mohamed bin man holding a phone conversation with president with a gun the first phone conversation since this crisis began and according to turkish presidential sources it was mohamed can someone who requested this call and then a few hours later the saudi crown prince addressing this investment conference in riyadh saying that the culprits will be punished and that cooperation is continuing with turkey and then we heard him make a remark about qatar really softening his rhetoric talking about the qatari economy so is the saudi crown prince reaching out some people will can describe you know his moves really as as him reaching out because at the end of the day what is clear is he has become increasingly isolated his credibility is at stake his political future is at stake and what the turkish investigation has done the leaks that we
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have seen over the past three weeks really has tarnished his image and we have to remember it's not just the killing of even before that his image has been tarnished human rights groups saying that the crackdown in saudi arabia criticizing that that crackdown that crackdown on dissent zeina thank you zain a holder in istanbul mike hanna has the latest reaction now from the u.s. . what proposed legislation has been introduced in the house of representatives it's come in the form of a letter signed by a number of congressmen including some republican representatives so it is in effect bipartisan legislation basically what it does is says that saudi arms deals must be reviewed in particular those pertaining to intelligence training and equipment unless president trump provides a report which establishes saudi arabia and innocence in this whole affair now this is legislation that has been introduced before some type of legislation and at the
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moment the house of representatives and indeed the senate is holiday they will not be returning and to lock to the midterm elections but what this is is a warning to president trump that they are going to continue to maintain pressure on his administration to conclude its investigation into exactly what happened in the death of jamal khashoggi in the course of the day to comments from a former director of the cia he had this to say referring to the crown prince by his initials and b.s. whether or not he authorized the dismemberment the truth you can brutal killing and torture of him in the reported dismembering of the battery buddy i don't know but i have no doubt my mind. was fully aware of what was going to happen to.


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