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to exactly what happened in the death of jamal khashoggi in the course of the day two comments from a former director of the cia he had this to say referring to the crown prince by his initials m.p.'s whether or not he authorized the dismemberment the through thick and brutal killing and torture of him in the reported dismembering of the battery but i don't know but i have no doubt my mind. was fully aware of what was going to happen to the market shoji in had approved and the current director of the cia is on her way back to the us she will be briefing president trump on her return this is the key issue president trump has said he is waiting for the full information from her g the house bill has been fully briefed it is reported by her turkish counterpart she will have all the information that president trump needs to take a decision as to how the u.s.
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should react to the death of joe palca shuggie also in the u.s. explosive devices and other suspicious packages were sent to top the u.s. democratic politicians and the offices of c.n.n. bill and hillary clinton former president barack obama and billionaire george soros were among those targeted at a rally in wisconsin and president donald trump called for unity and said those responsible for the bombs will be prosecuted. the federal government is conducting an aggressive investigation and we will find those responsible and we will bring them to justice hopefully very quickly the any acts or threats of political violence are to attack on our democracy itself. no nation can succeed that tolerates
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violence or the threat of violence as a method of political intimidation coersion or control we all know that such conduct must be fiercely opposed and firmly prosecuted a bill schneider is a political analyst he says president trump needs to tone down his divisive rhetoric to bring americans together. trump is a divider he governs by dividing he was he ran for president as a divider he got elected as a divider and he is governed by creating an even exaggerating division in the united states sometimes using incendiary rhetoric where he tells his supporters that they should beat up protesters. things like that he's a divider and he is exaggerating a lot of division in the united states and that can encourage some unhinged character characters to do some rather dangerous things which is apparent apparently what happened some who are trumped supporters are saying this is all
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a false flag and it's being done really the these devices were set by liberals by democrats in order to blame republicans before the midterm election things have gotten just that out of hand i think the president's responsibility is to trying to tone things down to try to diminish the division in the country i don't know the he'll do that we'll see what he does at this rally but certainly this threat of violence that came through the mail this is in an invitation to him and to many others in our political life to try to calm things down. all right still ahead on al-jazeera on the move again the central american migrants call value marches across mexico toward the u.s. as washington missions in a war. from the clear blue sky of the doha morning. to the french autumn breeze in the city.
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hello there for many of us across the middle east the weather is turning cooler and wet and now in fact if we look at the satellite picture we can see plenty of cloud working its way in from the mediterranean that's giving us some heavy downpours some snow at times too and certainly dragging down the temperatures so if we look at the charts for thursday then lots of what weather across this whole region and that works its way eastwards turning more wintery as we head into friday behind it the temperatures in ankara tumble so a maximum just of nine degrees that weather actually sees a long way further south so for some of us through parts of iraq and iran we're also likely to see some outbreaks of rain come friday towards the south and here in doha is should be mostly fine a dry towards the west of us though more in the way of cloud here over many parts of saudi arabia that will we think enough to give us one or two showers it begins to break up there as we head through the day on friday and then more of us getting away with a dry and very bright today down to was a southern parts of africa and we've got a fair amount of cloud to the stretching through angolan out towards the east but
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it's giving us a few outbreaks of rain most of them over parts of i'm going to hit a few shops showers and only a couple more particularly around the coast as we head through the day on friday to the south of all of that it's looking fine for us even talk a maximum about around thirty degrees there should also be rather woman cape town will maximum up at twenty seven. the wind sponsored by the time. when they're online for humanity has been taken out of this discourse of this we're talking about numbers on a spreadsheet or if you join us on the same i guess. no one has a back story like yours is a dialogue i'm tired of seeing. stereotypes about native americans everyone has a voice. bring them into the cell join the global conversation on how to zero.
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zero again you're watching a reminder of our top stories this hour the latest fallout over the murder of journalist several members of the u.s. congress have introduced new legislation which could end arm sales and aid to saudi arabia. saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin men have spoken publicly for the first time about the killing which he described as painful he said justice will prevail the washington post is reporting the head of the cia head audiocassette train the moment of. explosive devices and other suspicious packages were sent to top u.s. democratic politicians and the offices of c.n.n. bill and hillary clinton former president barack obama and billionaire george soros
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were among those targeted. u.n. investigators say range of muslims in myanmar still facing genocide they head of the united nations fact finding mission on me and told the u.n. security council that up to four hundred thousand ranger who remain in myanmar faced severe restrictions and repression on diplomatic editor james mates with more . i think it was the meeting they tried to stop russia china and bolivia voting to attempt to block a briefing by the un zone fact finding mission on myanmar china said it was an internal issue here were even though over seven hundred thousand people fled the country into bangladesh to escape the violence russia said the report of the mission was biased and unreliable even though it runs to four hundred forty pages of searing testimony as the security council veto doesn't apply to procedural
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matters the chairman of the fact finding mission was eventually able to give his damning conclusions our report characterizes the recent events in the right hand. as a human rights catastrophe that was foreseeable and plan one that will have severe impact well many generations to come if not for ever. the details of the report clearly had an impact on some i never thought in my diplomatic career and that i would hear as briefing to the security council as compelling detail being such awful treatment of a peoples as we have heard today the u.k. was one of the european countries suggesting the situation be referred to the international criminal court that won't happen because in vaca case
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a security council veto could and almost certainly would be used bar to investigation into the crime of forced expulsion is a possibility because the country so many people fled to bangladesh has signed up to the court's jurisdiction james bowie's al-jazeera at the united nations russian president vladimir putin says his government will respond in kind if the u.s. withdraws from a thirty year old nuclear weapons treaty he says it would make the world that more dangerous in his words put in at a european countries hosting u.s. missiles would be at risk from russian strikes us president donald trump has announced he wants to withdraw from the treaty if russia and china don't stop developing their own into medium range missiles. now the biggest nato military job since the one nine hundred eighty s. will begin in norway in a few hours thirty one countries are taking part in the war games which will go on for several weeks they come at a time of increasing pressure on the alliance as alex got topless reports now from
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norway. they've been arriving in norway since august for the biggest exercises nato has wrong since the end of the cold war soldiers from every nato country plus finland and sweden are here to train for the next world called trident juncture the maneuvers take place across most of scandinavia involving fifty thousand troops two hundred fifty aircraft sixty five naval ships including the harry s. truman aircraft carrier and ten thousand military vehicles the exercises come at a time when the alliance is facing fierce criticism from an american administration that is frustrated with fellow members it says are not pulling their weight i think that nato was not doing what they were supposed to be doing a lot of the countries and we were doing much more than we should have been doing frankly we were carrying too much of a burden that's why we call it burden sharing president trump was especially critical of germany but the senior nato partner is the war game's biggest contributor with eight thousand of its troops participating. in these high
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visibility exercises and not just about training they're designed to bolster nervous alliance members especially those bordering russia. and with good reason russia held two huge military war games over the last two years as a paddle west in two thousand and seventeen and voss talk or east earlier this year involving three hundred thousand soldiers the wolfing natives can exercise. with this pressure on the alliance in a time of rising regional geopolitical tension nato's nervous allies will be looking to try conjuncture for reassurance topless of zero time norway. a funerals have been held for two palestinian students killed by israeli forces twenty two year old mohammed bashar it was shot in the chest when israeli troops raided the village of town moon early on wednesday morning in gaza city mourners bury seventeen year old contessa elbaz who was shot in the head by israeli troops
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during a protest along the border fence on tuesday. thousands of central american migrants crossing mexico towards the united states have resumed their long trek to the border that's the spot a warning from u.s. president donald trump that they won't be allowed to enter the country the issues dominating campaigning for november's mid-term elections in the u.s. john heilemann reports from chap us in southern mexico. they resumed their truck at four in the morning trying to make some headway before the baking midday sun even then it was hard work several thousand men women and children dispersed in a long exhausted trail their goal is to reach the united states a country where they've now become a political football in a bitter election race. with the ability to. take your cameras and search. certainly going to take you john take the camera go in the middle and you're going
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to find emissary you're going to find middle eastern you're going to find everything and guess what we're not allowed to them in our car we want to say. the most a week with the caravan out syria didn't find anyone from the middle east north terrorists or isis all of which president trump has hinted without proof what we have seen a single men women and many families like that of one half year old just so taking a breather by the side of the road with her father and aunt they like others here are aware of donald trump's accusations islam and beat up it's a lie that's your first reaction you feel bad about the discrimination because when the. gang members. but what many in the caravan aunts aware of is that the timing of their march could actually turn into a huge political gift for the u.s. president the caravan has inadvertently come just the right moment for president trump and the republican party and that's because the u.s.
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midterm elections are just two weeks away and the images of thousands of people heading for the u.s. border coupled with president trump's inflammatory and unproven remarks are only going to mobilize his support. the one we talked to denied that some criminals could be mixed in with the multitude it's almost inevitable given the numbers here but they also said that they were heading to the u.s. to escape the violence and poverty of back home and to find work by the more we asked to be let through so that we can offer a better future for our children our parents who are already old and our families. ultimately the backlash in the u.s. to this movement of thousands of desperate people could push that dream even further out of reach for them and those who come after john home and i was dizzy chopper this hurricane wilma has been downgraded after it hit mexico's northwestern
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state of sinaloa storm is now a tropical depression as it moves inland but it's still dumping heavy rain in some areas of the country emergency workers are struggling to read some towns left without communication. the parents of victims killed in india's so-called whatsapp murders are demanding action at least twenty seven men have recently been beaten to death by frenzied mobs who wrongly accuse them of being child snatches andrew thomas reports when you delhi these are the grieving parents this is their son who died and that is how he was killed. we've frozen the video here it's too graphic to show but what provoked this attack was a rumor spread through what's up missa i saw my son spear face has a spotless body lie in the back of a police car i did not have the strength to look at his face why wife and others
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went and saw our son's face but i couldn't i just couldn't. let pulled us was popular and smart a musician in june he and his friend drove two hours from their parents' homes in a hottie in the north east of india to go fishing on their way back they were stopped in a village people there had been sent whatsapp messages warning them of so-called child snatches in the area the murders of das and his friends was streamed on facebook live. and we never watch those fire of videos of his death others describe him to us he was punished so badly so cruelly it's all in those videos everybody told us yeah yeah. pulled at his parents and friends find it hard to accept that it was just social media messages but whipped up a murderous frenzy they think there must have been more but india's state and national governments do think the attack was the latest in a string to have been provoked by rumors circulated on was this video which is
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going to viral on whatsapp is supposed to show child snatches that work it's actually axis playing roles in a pakistani child safety film according to india spend data journalism organization since may the twenty seventh fatal attacks in india provoked by a social media frenzy eighteen of them blamed on rumors spread on whatsapp the messages with graphic and gory images claims that children are being kidnapped in their office can be harvested the so-called murders a big news because they're happening so often what's up knows it has a problem in july to try to slow the. speed of room is it limited indian users from forwarding a message to more than five people little time to hundred million people regularly . in india but a higher number than in any other country it is by some way india's most popular social media platform. but analysts say many in rural areas often believe what they
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see on social media when they see a video with or worse or worse that indicated something they don't know why they should disbelieve it they don't know why this would question and police now shut down areas entire mobile phone networks when messages are spreading faster than they can trace them but whatsapp is too popular to suspend for long and among billions of messages murderous lies are spreading andrew thomas al-jazeera new delhi. with the headlines on al-jazeera in the latest fallout over the murder of journalist. several members of the u.s. congress have introduced new legislation which could end arm sales and aid to saudi arabia the saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin sandman has spoken publicly for
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the first time about the killing which he described as praying for crown prince said justice will prevail. what would. you have to show. first of all it's very painful to perceive it to all sound it is painful to everyone in the world it's a brutal attack not accepted investigations are happening we work with the turkish government to reach results the perpetrators will be brought to justice this is something that has to be taken by any government and undoubtedly the cooperation between the turkish and saudi government is good and we know a lot of people are trying to seize this painful situation to create a rift between turkey and saudi arabia and i want this place to send a message that you will never be able to do that as long as you have a king called. crown prince and i'm one hundred and some in saudi arabia. and
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a turkish president named one. of the washington post is reporting that the head of the cia has listened to all the capturing the moment of question she visited turkey as part of a white house investigation into the killing explosive devices and other suspicious packages were sent to top u.s. democratic politicians and the offices of c.n.n. bill and hillary clinton for president barack obama and billionaire george soros were among those targeted u.n. investigators say revenge of muslims in myanmar still facing genocide ahead of the u.n. fact finding mission on the anmar told the security council that up to four hundred thousand reinjure who remain in me and ma face severe restrictions and repression seven hundred thousand others fled to bangladesh last year after a brutal military campaign china tried to block investigators from briefing the council those are the headlines we're back in half an hour right now it's the
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strain. ok and i really could be here in the stream allegations of bias at one of the most selective colleges in the us the university will look at an ongoing lawsuit and what the case could mean for the future of race pace university admissions policies
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you can share your thoughts with us through our live chat or via twitter. does harvard university discriminate against asian american applicants that is the question being asked in a lawsuit company being heard in the u.s. federal court the plaintiffs students for fair admissions says asian americans all held to a higher standard in the admissions process they argue that admissions offices scored academically qualified asian americans know a personality and character rankings that has denied any form of discrimination and defends its quite cheerio which it says uses race as one of many factors including academics juggle fee and social economic background so to what degree should race be a factor in college admissions and what else is at stake in the harvard case well joining us to discuss these issues in boston jangly a senior at harvard he's been assisting with the and he can spree for in support of
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affirmative action in harvard admissions and boston swanley co-founder of the asian american coalition for education that's a group that believes affirmative action discriminates against asian americans in new york part of the harvard asian american alumni alliance one of the harvard affiliated groups campaigning in support of affirmative action policies and in new haven connecticut roman khandahar a high school senior who was against affirmative action welcome everyone to the stream want to start with a voice from harvard this is kelly she's a student a junior at harvard university and here's what she had to say about this hot button issue. this isn't a case of potential discrimination this is a case of real discrimination these affirmative action policies are negatively impacting asian americans and unfairly treating them simply because of their race discrimination on college campuses isn't something new this is something that organizations such as the leadership institute campus or form have been reporting
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on for years and this is communication is really happening right now as she of justice john roberts once said the only way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race and that's exactly what affirmative action policies do right now in the only way to change that is to get rid of them any strong perspective there from cali so break this down for us what is harvard's admission process and why do people like calley find it so problematic . i think the reason that some people have issues with it i mean the process is a holistic admissions process a whole person admissions process and i think that you know we've all i learned a lot about harvard's admissions process over the last few weeks and one of the things that we've learned as it it is how carefully the admissions office considers each person as an individual and and in terms of considering race it's only one factor among many many many factors i'd considered and we were told that it is it
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is only considered as a plus factor for a for a candidate but we've seen many files of applicants now and what's clear is that admission is not at all determined by scores and grades it's determined by a full consideration of what the admissions office believes that students potential the potential to make the most of their education at harvard and to go on and and make a difference in the world with that education and so our audience a little bit of what it might be like to get into a hospital how difficult it is to get into harvard have a look on my laptop this is what harvard college admissions and financial aid have that she shared with the general public and this is a profile of the middle class a twenty twenty two look at the applicants forty two thousand look who is admitting it or who will be admitting to two thousand it is incredibly difficult to get into
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harvard generally you know one of the few people who managed to do that ad and you saw you had missions file and what was written on it what did you know from that. yes i think the biggest thing i learned is that it takes the very holistic perspective and a very straight so it's not just the grades and test scores that i have written it is to the three shitted so from my own experience here as. undergraduate you know to call it. that is very experienced as and we have a lot really really smart students right it's also that they are like so cash and. so i think that harvard is right to take a holistic perspective when deciding whether or not. and i think that's really the biggest takeaway learn from me i have that style and you also pool how can the court understand what the application process is like what it's like to student and you go over the information what can you tell us about the information you gave the
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court to help them understand the situation better. just to look i've talked a lot about my own personal experiences with diversity years so i come from a very white suburb of texas i grew up with that much diversity most of my students most of my peers were white race and so after sort of my time here i really realized just how necessary crucial diversity is to my harbor experience if it hadn't been very diverse your perspectives on the different people of color my causes my experience here would be completely different in the worst way and so i didn't i just like really wanted to put it in that student perspective of why they were just diversity is so important why did actually. to me what's your biggest issue with this current court case saying that harvard discriminates against asian americans my biggest issue with this case is that it is being brought by someone who or who has never been an advocate for the even american community who has been
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fighting against race conscious admissions policies at multiple universities he's suing multiple universities he's taken the says the supreme court and failed twice and after he failed the last time in the fisher case he went out looking specifically for asian american applicants so the this case is about ending affirmative action and his only remedy that he seeks is for admissions to be completely race blind and i think what's really important to remember is that race blind is not race neutral you know this is a country that is not where race is a factor in so many parts of our lives especially in educational achievement and educational opportunity it factors in to the way that teachers and counselors look at you if factors into the kinds of schools you have the kinds of access you have to things like tests perhaps that is why. you know race and ethnicity should.
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factor that can be taken into account situated emissions office and you need a person that you mention it would have a conservative activists and his aim is to get rid of affirmative action in the united states here he is talking to fox news in december havenot college administrators and bureaucrats in admissions officers are with the idea that your race should be used to help you or your race should be used to harm you in your admissions process racial preferences that favored whites back in the forty's fifty's sixty's and seventy's was wrong yet now racial preferences that favor african-americans and hispanics that's wrong as well you cannot you cannot remove the past discrimination with new discrimination and that's what colleges so our audience and people online as well have a lot to say about this is natasha who says give us
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a little reminder history lesson here if you will she says he funded fisher versus texas which is an affirmative action case which he lost then he turned to asian american plaintiffs he's never cared about racial discrimination this case is purely about dismantling affirmative action but it is americans as cover another person also weighing in on that same theme there and swann i will give this to you . ed blum says he's suing harvard to fight racial discrimination but anti affirmative action crusaders like bloom never attack a legacy admissions which are effectively affirmative action programs for wealthy white kids we know what this is about not your cover i'm wondering what your take is on. you know all this use actually music representation i mean you act i mix and special interest groups if they go to a harbor trials at the boston federal court they would know the real situation i was there and actually you. did fight against the missions asked to remove it
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emissions and x. admission that the original considers you are of them together in ten american states after the band the so-called which is not to be or can be over which was already. into the civil rights act one nine hundred sixty four title six so added were boom and the s f is using going to go up from an action to fight the fake action which is really just the mission and the constant use mostly asian apps because asian africans even though they're just five percent of the high school graduates in your. book you're often punished most of the american comics use this suffer from the lowest acceptance rates so when people are picking at her skin cover without looking at the situation of americans being discriminated all over the country that means the regal have a case they have nothing to so they have to pick on a legal consultant skin color and that is very simplistic and just not sounded so i hope when you have people working to asian americans since one this is their state
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of being discriminated against when the really just them are apparently safe people are happy right now so when the reason that i wanted to share with our audience a clip of edward blum was not for the skin color but also he's a very well known campaign against affirmative action and this goes back many many years so nothing about his color but definitely about his platform and what he's keen to do so do you mind that there's this collaboration between you and a activist who wants affirmative action to go away not destiny concerned about asian americans and how they are being viewed by harvard application process but affirmative action for stop to end it is actually to claim that he's fighting against affirmative action because if you read his washington post. opinion he clearly said. it was based on firmly action and actually you have offered action on the lookout and the critique critique i would imagine there is not of her actually
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act what you really at the current racial tension. and the fish are to haze and there is no way to control how much current is used. in the process so the most vulnerable members of society often get made the scarecrow damage which is that and when you treat a whole group of people millions of people as just one type of person you are really doing justice to most of the. applicants the students are really tribal just really struggling to. work out with their families or with their head is really chevys we think this is a pipe chart have a look at this pipe we put it together using the statistics from harvard for that class of twenty twenty two admissions going to leave it on screen for a little while. have a look at this so the minority of students in terms of a broad will be white american students and then we can look at fifteen percent of
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african americans going to be in the class of twenty twenty two asian americans or twenty two percent a little over twenty two percent and we have a spandex at twelve percent and native americans at one point nineteen percent and then need to hawaii just a tiny tiny little seven point four percent there so looking asian americans twenty two percent of this class of twenty twenty two is that problematic is that a figure that you'll think this is for romance remains that problematic do you see anything in this point out that you're thinking this is not diversity that i'm seeing right here i was raised after i listen to row row and hello come into the thank you. we really want you to do what's been happening mystery. current the race based affirmative action is again feet affirmative action it is important that we figure out a way to make it into race neutral what we see currently right now is not only race neutral at all it is pure discrimination when we look at that i charge all we're
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looking at it's just a bunch of numbers you're just putting people into kreutz as and then we have a certain number of people as this is in a city we have certain number of people of this in that city it's not what we want to look at what is a holistic review a holistic ruse to make sure you look at someone in every way possible but when you look at the recent automatically create some sort of discrimination and we don't want that at all what john and jeannie both sad with the applications process they want to stick with you john go ahead yeah i don't i think maybe there's some like fundamental misunderstanding of what a holistic miche process just right so if you're not an idiot applicant explosives leave because there was a right we are taking and you are not and there are there is a process. you're not very well the most improper you are not mr officer official i don't argue that you were never involved in the process you will i will not release the one that i was not i will drive the car shiela as i heard you can cite anything
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else i'll let me just was that i wanted to hang out on a long time to finish it still and then you can connect at the same light you have the actual image processing. so i thought i'd get up but the whole thing is about students and you can say just a student just go ahead and that's when you come back and just again like from my experiences you're not getting africans just because they're black just because they're a different race race you're taking into consideration all these different factors like social economic status where they're from etc and likes want your earlier point about how it's a race based very action we should have action based that's based on social economic economic status i don't think that's an adequate. replacement of race actually because that totally ignores the fact that racism still exists race still believe matters in how we live our lives right if you have a white abacha and you have a black african all these are well these two people are still going to have very different experiences because institutional racism still exists except chop and if
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you look at the numbers all the people of color black and brown students might be more just for show or you have the actual number of white africans are part is going to be extremely more so in reality this is again only a policy that is going to affect only one benefit. it's not a matter of when you think i don't bloom and s f it's not just do it for americans but for all americans. especially the working class americans because right now when they use the racial quota. snatch opportunities for income students and that's not fair i went to the court at boston federal court and i listened to. how they are just you find their racial consideration and everything they said about how i mean students using pencils to practice how are african-american act and you know have certain kind of career goal and that isn't all that was evidence
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that used to justify racial concentration and. racial consideration it's all for the app you can just package the material that you from all there are even then even though that the recycle all that information is already in the applicants package all that is for me is there what they're not saying is that. it actually associates. that if you really i know you want to get in there but i want to play and then i want to bring in a couple of tweets from our community is this really was brought up in my mind when i heard a couple of phrases from the swan this is an op ed by a member of our community this is the title or front of action harbor doesn't hurt most asian americans because we more often go to community colleges and the idea behind this he writes in this tweet ryan says the main point of this op ed was always to emphasize how our community should remain dubious when folks like edward
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blum also best known for challenging voter rights laws claim that they suddenly and solely care about our success as a group but moving on from that point though keeping that in mind but moving on just a little bit i want to bring into this tweet this is from jim now who says spending my life conducting research on and teaching about asian americans has mean me keenly aware of how race has shaped the experiences of the. americans and made more aware of how asian americans fit into the larger us racial landscape i don't buy charges of discrimination at least asian americans many who are chinese american like me are enrolled at yale at a rate three times greater than their numbers in the population this is of inclusion so i bring that up to me because i wonder and what she's saying is there not a danger that there might actually be discrimination here that will be swept under the rug because of the larger issue of affirmative action. i think that it's
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important not only for the admissions office to be to be carefully monitoring their processes at all times i hope that the admissions office has very strong training around implicit bias you know that's something we haven't quite discussed yet and there has been some evidence that there may be implicit bias that creeps into the process for instance when teachers and counselors write recommendations and how do you how do you work against against that i think that you know it again . there are i'm sure there are always ways for an admissions office to be improved and to guard against any kinds of discrimination i have to go back though and again challenge the assertion that edward bloom is pro affirmative action that is absolutely not true he is very much said he is against it and in terms of as jang mentioned socio economics if you know the research has shown that if you just try to admit based on socio economics you crease the diversity of the class
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dramatically so if you're going in that direction again that is a solution that is taking us back in time to becoming a less diverse college community and and a society that is you know less educated around issues of diversity and you know one of the things that hartley tries to do that's build leaders for all different communities and that means that they need to admit a class that that includes students from all those communities who are committed to those communities who have experience in those communities and are going to go on to serve those communities that include students from chinese american immigrant communities that includes students from vietnamese communities from south asian communities from bangladeshi american communities from puerto rico and american communities i mean this is why hard just trying to create diversity and. also this
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diversity benefits asian americans i mean the asian american students out of harvard and out colleges need to learn their words our environment and our lives so that they can go on to work in and lead this incredibly. you know diverse society that we live in that's becoming more and more diverse and i can't what universities like harvard is trying to do are trying to do is to you know build that leadership for the future ok so and i just want to say this john if i may let me let me share this with you this comes from. who is following the the court case that's happening right now regarding harvard and its application process and kirk says that it's stating the harvard discrimination case on the stand and he previously worked to universities office of institutional research and he sworn testimony hanson says asian americans are at a disadvantage in harvard's admission process and then the daily student magazine newspaper the have a crimson also says internal harvard review show disadvantage for asian applicants
1:43 pm
nobody has spelled out in this conversation so far what disadvantages swan can we say that for us in a sentence be very clear what are its racial stereotyping and regional bigotry and official profiling the college admissions process not just wasted bucks for everybody i want to come to a margin you can't just point out how they are trying to bring in representing different communities but that's what he just profanity students of any additional book are good enough to leave any racial group on the beach they're not a community that's of their own as is it i think a fake government actually just looks well for what supremacy to perpetuate racism and look down at how just spiritual defeat and how you subjugate the white students at eight colleges i think that's really very problematic and just morally wrong i tried mightily. and that i did not personally right now so that i like you sparked
1:44 pm
something there but i want to bring in our community member another harvard student this is daniel he sent us a bit comment on the way forward pushing this conversation a bit ahead this is what he told the sting when he will talk of finding a solution to the alleged cap on asian americans and harvard admissions the first point out that it's not actually clear whether or not discrimination is actually happening that's still being contested in court but if it is i think it's much more likely that a solution would be found looking at other missions for rooms like athletic recruitment legacy admissions the dean's list and children battle the all of which have been shown to disproportionately favor white students over asian students and keeping in mind that our is still around half way i think maybe cutting back on legacy and recruitment could do more to get at the heart of the problem rather than cutting back on affirmative action some people also think so so konami class work as an alternative i don't think that's viable at least on a loan given that race till hurt your opportunity america regardless of your class then in
1:45 pm
a sentence what do you make of your classmates thoughts there yeah so i mean i completely agree with. like social economics that is a good replacement for action and the kinds of things i raise for actions try to get at because they still matters and lives and as mentors to everybody. you know so when it comes to this i've always the same exact thing when we look back at history when we look at race that's exactly what caused discrimination that's what's causing this rumination right now i want to go back to the topic of man we've got thirty seconds left so thank you so much i really appreciate your input for our conversation we will take it online and the conversation and continue to watch this court case. we're talking about the application process for asian americans at harvard university so i swung round jeannie and john thank you for being part of the conversation and i will see you on line so i will continue to
1:46 pm
debate but we have to wrap up the shell thank you everybody take. stories of life. and inspiration. and series of short documentaries from around the wilds. and celebrate the human spirit against the arts come on come on that's ok it's ok. i al-jazeera selects change me.
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getting to the heart of the matter the three big challenges facing human prine in the twenty first century they are nuclear war climate change and technological disruption facing realities whatever it is they have to fear is not in me it is in the people of uganda hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. it's. from the roots of this thing the problem. is the name under which i record a. record music is really going to trip. a very young. but i feel that. the talks of or just want to. belong to those of our great music i think. that's deeply relevant. especially for a good thing this is kind of all the right wing assault on our freedom to ask
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questions and generally all freedom of expression and people you know are being students teachers activists in their class rights it's nice all of them but it's going to do this on the. blog on the streets the protest has reached our doorstep saw. attempts to. get. crown prince mohammed bin man makes his first public comments on the killing of jim moussa shoji saying it's a heinous crime. members of the u.s. congress call for a view of american arms sales to saudi arabia in light of the. this
1:49 pm
is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. a major federal investigation is now underway suspected bombs are found in mail sent to several u.s. democratic leaders including hillary clinton and barack obama. it is an ongoing and in fact that. the u.n. is briefed about atrocities uncovered in the fact finding mission on me and mark. in the latest fallout over the murder of journalists members of the u.s. congress have introduced new legislation which could end arms sales and aid to saudi arabia the crown prince broke his silence over the murder calling it a painful crime and saying justice will prevail mohammed bin sandman says or culprits will be punished and that he'll work with turkey the prince him self is
1:50 pm
widely suspected of ordering the journalist death although he denies all knowledge . that was at the show but first of all it's very painful to pursue it to all saudis it is painful to everyone in the world it's a brutal attack not accepted investigations are happening we will work with the turkish government to reach results that the perpetrators will be brought to justice this is something that has to be taken by any government and undoubtedly the cooperation between the turkish and saudi government is good and we know a lot of people are trying to seize these painful situation to create a rift between turkey and saudi arabia and i want from this place to send a message that you will never be able to do that as long as you have a king called solid month in. crown prince name hamad bin salman saudi arabia. egypt here and the
1:51 pm
turkish president named to one of. these bodies still has. and been found more than three weeks after he was last seen entering the saudi consulate in istanbul turkish investigators got permission to search a well in the saudi consul general's residence the washington post is reporting that the head of the cia has listened to all capturing the moment of her murder jeanne asper was in is. part of a u.s. investigation into the killing. turkish officials say shortly before the saudi crown prince left for that investment conference he spoke to turkey's president on the phone their first conversation since the killing much of type one is demanding saudi arabia extradite those responsible to face trial in turkey. you know it's interesting to note in messina we are determined not to allow a cover up of this murder and to make sure all those responsible from those who ordered it to those who carried it out or not be allowed to avoid justice this is
1:52 pm
not only our responsibility to try shoji he was murdered viciously on our country's borders but also to the international community law and justice. more now on the turkish investigation and the forensic team search for the body of a sheltie al official reports. even the routine looks suspicious now. i say the consular residence in istanbul they were cleaning sewers it happens a few times a year this street was due but with turkish forensic teams searching everywhere possible for clues to look eat jamal khashoggi his body this takes on a new significance it's now about trying to piece together a complex gruesome jigsaw with huge international implications you would think that the whole effort would be to see that justice was done early seemed to be done at least to name the guilty parties but of course it's much more complicated than that because it involves a whole where about relationship in this very complex region and also course the
1:53 pm
united states that is the car park in istanbul suburb or so the consular car was discovered it was searched turkish police found a computer and clothes but still don't know why it was here then there is the place where an alleged should you body double the clothes he was wearing when he left the consulate all done to suggest the right or left the building the turkish president says a saudi team came here to this forest a short drive from istanbul the day before jamal khashoggi died the suggestion they were looking for a place to dump a body the implication his death was premeditated and not the result of a fight that got out of hand. each and every day there seems to be new information revealed or leaked the latest this was the car used for that mission in the forest caught by security cameras now an important part of the investigation but there's the feeling turkey's president goes far more than has been made public clearly the
1:54 pm
president of turkey is trying to use this incident to weaken. the saudi or apparent but. it's a dangerous game to play if he plays his cards as it were too rough for he still insists there are too forceful things could rebound so he's playing them still a little bit carefully. the turks seem to know what happened in great detail who may have been responsible and we are no bringing them in front of a turkish court seems unlikely but they're pushing on with their inquiries and promise to soon sure what they know with their allies and the rest of the world or an official joins us live now from istanbul also on what's the latest we're hearing on the investigation. while turkish investigators want to search a well in the air the consul general zz. apartment his home which is a short walk from where i'm standing no they didn't notice the well the first time
1:55 pm
they were in the garden when they finally supported it they decided that they wanted to check inside it it was six miles done so they had to bring in a specialist team at that point the saudis said there was twenty seven people named on the document that allowed them to search the garden the firefighters weren't included therefore they couldn't come in for a straight to the tuck slightly they did carry some water samples the results of those water samples are back it doesn't suggest that there's any body or any body parts in the well but the talks still want to cross every t. dot every i and make sure that they can go down and check this out well and rule out. a place where a body may well have been placed and so they want to go back in there they've got to get separate permission for that that's the way this works if they want to search a car if they want to search a building if they want to search a certain area they need separate permission from the saudis under diplomatic rules
1:56 pm
each and every time the saudis the turks see aren't always quick to give their approval even though they say they're working with the turks during this investigation but they will go back to that garden they will check that well they will send someone don't and just rule it out as a place where jamal khashoggi body or body parts may well have been placed and that of course is the big search at the moment they know nor jamal khashoggi was killed the saudis have admitted that what they see is they don't know where the body is this so do you see a local help that helped dispose of the body and that is why the release of the pictures of the saudi car near the forest becomes important part of the jigsaw because where the scouting a place where a body could be placed and is that where jamal's could should use body was taken after he was killed in the consulate behind me and what implications does all of this have for turkish air saudi relations which had not been in their best before
1:57 pm
this began. exactly there's been tension between the two countries over the relationship that turkey has with iran which so he doesn't like over the aleutian ship that turkey hides with the former egyptian government led by the muslim brotherhood which the saudis didn't like there is tension because turkey has supported the tar during this embargo or all of that country and so there is a question on who is the real regional power is that turkey they would like it to be or is it so do you revere and certainly we are told from diplomatic sources that there is some antipathy between the president and mohamed been someone he doesn't particularly like him and so this is an opportunity to perhaps. if not have him replaced certainly rein in his power at the call between the two was interesting that's the first time that the two have spoken to mohammed bin solomon of course
1:58 pm
then went on to the investment conference and made quite conciliatory noises towards qatar which is something he hasn't done for more than a year so that some people are suggesting is a sign of president the ones influence but of course what we know is that the turkish intelligence services nor lot more about what happened inside the consulate and immediately afterwards that has been made public the president everyone has made public and so he might be holding back some of those important details as leverage something to use in future discussions with the crown prince mohammed bin salman with sodium arabia and something he can use in the days weeks months and perhaps even years to come alan thank you alan fischer in his town. and mike hanna has the latest reaction now from the u.s.
1:59 pm
. what proposed legislation has been introduced in the house of representatives it's come in the form of a letter signed by a number of congressmen including some republican representatives so it is in effect bipartisan legislation basically what it does is says that saudi arms deals must be reviewed in particular those pertaining to intelligence training and equipment unless president trump provides a report which establishes saudi arabia and innocence in this whole affair now this is legislation that has been introduced before was similar type legislation and at the moment the house of representatives and indeed the senate is holiday they will not be returning until after the midterm elections but what this is is a warning to president trump that they are going to continue to maintain pressure on his administration to conclude its investigation into exactly what happened in
2:00 pm
the death of jamal khashoggi in the course of the day to comments from a former director of the cia he had this to say referring to the crown prince by his initials and b.s. whether or not he authorized dismemberments the truth you can brutal killing and torture of him in the reported dismembering of the battery but i don't know but i have no doubt my mind. was fully aware of what was going to happen to be in had approved and the current director of the cia is on her way back to the u.s. she will be briefing president trump on her return this is the key issue president trump has said he's waiting for all full information from her g. the hospital has been fully briefed it is reported by her turkish counterpart she will have all the information that president trump needs to take a decision.


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