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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 297  Al Jazeera  October 25, 2018 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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don't look but my goodness. this is. the bottle of once done. for go out because you can't legally do it. alone obviously others are on this that often obama doesn't mind if your book. was felt about his mother going to the money you got was going to want to watch. the video because one of. the going to. the limo. might not. know that. we had eight. days experience since. we had to take
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it out before she died is of no money because refusing enough know my situation. on the little. things. like i said before now one of the only way a human being change their behavior is if they see the kind of pain. listening is a measure that is going to god we had missed. your reading your own teach another you couldn't cope and punishment that someone else would courted us all. we are pissing you sordid changed in mexico would be interesting to. the reason why was to die when all those way in kabam and in positions of responsibility cannot fight can cannot empower people.
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to see the damage they're using can you use a small force first planning something way to duty quintuple you. know you come with an obsolete a shelf or what have you me once. new year. when lightning when a t.v. others too. me everywhere you do everywhere you take. well look at the cost rule we ask and i'll be fooled fellow who may wish to hold it is no zero. if you click on not we you click to complete the feeling that the chance us. these i'm
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looking is to be charged just to be neat for like i will train. you not us not us. not. the file the cut off. of that never let you get out of here. in the home well you know a lot about i want to talk about all the problems coming up out.
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of the yellow is the only thing that helps me the next school will get dad to do your best when you school people selected me when it's you ones police she aids you is the cure i guess the only thing. you need keep a lid on it in mind it's to ask your board for those other things that they keep you safe. just. joined only the only food as if you. read the money
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now you need you plates that you cannot leave the church. you say to them one of them on a stage to. the geishas please give us well your duties. you . know you're going to jail no. way police officer i'm working in community college sure our enemies want to skype but the only thing they just i kingston is their manner in which the two things even go one on dusting the frustration no one is that i took us with. us that you just picked the great crew and i drank a lot. i think this is a nation of the program when it comes to twenty six issue a feeling because the show or so members of the manpower i do believe that one day
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we will be able to work together with them but it's just the systems that one did to say ok what type of punishment does this person does if so it's not true most of these. we as one of those we don't have a beef i think the police we. also. found that they do not have to necessarily also so we don't want to be better than the police because we are not the police we don't want to be compared to the police on we want is. a relationship where all of us who. was the fight against time.
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yeah spawns move on. that's a meeting in the oval and you say. no but you know yeah i've just. come off or. i'm only wanting to vote if if by. fighting each other it is well. and we can't afford to have. those old against lose so we can afford to have kings and. the. pressure. coming from financial rules are no
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there are not. all right but it did not help young. man for. those are the to complain about today on the say by those people be a millionaire get jealous of you have meals go up to the normal say five busy popular young adult and i was saying it sales of those have identified one of the other funnels going on do as well also going to. know you so that he actually has to help but just in terms of going to work for. who got it that does that but i actually anybodies of what could be some excellent going fine if a fan who played and for once a canucks. imagine going to edison and i'm sorry david i'm not predicting you're going to like you buy as usual what you would have to do and on time almost any community if you will you'll be guns on the ground good honest i'm a little bit mean but fun we've got to. remember out on the third left general as i
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mentioned on the ice every day i thought you want to. leave me do i get off going to go on the top forty forty some of you i'm going to off now and i'll put your money if gonzales when he is yes yes why not all of these the council up to party first the. simple money on the news was just as obama does something you so little if you go commuting muscles for from the get go was gone cause i was human so i want to ok let's build that's a. good good good little you're running i don't belong to me anymore i stand for you society down to you must be going to say deduct indefinite future but i have never been posting what you want i will tell you that if you saw beneath my grandson on the punch and landed on the underground the result of the round leader legitimate and the general
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you would get on the uptake he demanded thompson one up and. there comes a time when one of us because that night. i realize that a no human being should be denied that when you got it when she was like mice and it is something that is you know this is this in person. but is something that needs to be done. we're going to pick up at sepang i does my daughter my first born i i i think not i think i believe that of god in a good job with i think that to my daughter. who was she is one person who. never disappointed. those early has been chosen to say would you most one choose the fifteen may never
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be is that of other. what i've been doing you go to school. well you think. that feeling now or did you come i must give those reasons for. making it yeah and by oh god what else you need to read dog things i've not. said no man. those are my all springs made of female has been a wife has no personal old one to be in a relationship with absent. and i was for ever not at home so the manager of you go up because they can. between the two of you. we always have the in the best into us off. as long as
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long. in the situation that i'm in it's better that i don't know this. makes me feel. good. and have already given each user another human got a phone didn't bother me so much the time of them are wrong i know people are just mean guy rundle.
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just. might not end up. there i said i call it a little i'm losing. me maybe did wouldn't. they are going to give us a certain amount of money if we chain and question their taxes. i don't know how or what motivated those two hundred tonight is when we're young. if it is about a thousand to the big city guys they won it quick it's not often. we have quite a few skated. so load of. love is one of. the . least now we see that there is
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a bunch of. people of course if you didn't so it helps a moment. if y. not since you must never established. my life with him in five bed. you know but i sleep when that night i know dent at least half made a difference. there come days where i've seen. enough is enough and i have three million made use of and. that you don't give out because you've got that fire blindness settle for you that you cannot just leave the people to end up. being feed himself when you when they something it could well more than.
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survival for haiti's poorest depends on illegal charcoal production. but for park rangers sworn to protect the dominican forests it can have deadly consequences . witness discovers the hidden world where the stakes for the environment and those who make their living from it couldn't be higher. death by a thousand cuts on al-jazeera. this is a really fabulous news for one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in but something i feel every time i get on the chat every time i interview someone we're often working round the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well.
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u.s. citizens obstructed from saving their families as the crisis in yemen worsens some have fled the horror of war only to be entangled in bureaucratic limbo with their lives and dreams of a future caught on. fault lines explores the all too real effects of trumps immigration policies. between warring on the ban on a dozen. island has i'm sick and the how with the top stories on al-jazeera in the latest fallout over the murder of journalist g. several members of the u.s. congress have introduced new legislation which could end arm sales and aid to saudi
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arabia crown prince mohammed bin sandman has spoken publicly for the first time about the killing he said justice will prevail the washington post is reporting the head of the cia has listened to all capturing the moment of murder jean has for went to turkey as part of a u.s. investigation into the cute. turkish officials say the saudi crown prince has spoken to turkey's president about the case on the phone and their first conversation since the killing of type two when is demanding saudi arabia extradite those responsible to face trial in turkey. you know it's interesting to note in messina we are determined not to allow a cover up of this murder and to make sure all those responsible from those who ordered it to those who carried it out or not be allowed to avoid justice this is not only our responsibility to try shoji he was murdered viciously on our country's borders but also to the international community law and justice alan fisher has
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more now on the turkish investigation and the forensic team search for the body of a shonky. even the routine looks suspicious now. i say the consular residence in istanbul they were cleaning sewers it happens a few times a year this street was due but with turkish forensic teams searching everywhere possible for clues to look each jamal khashoggi his body this takes on a new significance it's now about trying to piece together a complex gruesome jigsaw with huge international implications you would think that the whole effort would be to see that justice was done early seemed to be done at least to name the guilty parties but of course it's much more complicated than that because it involves a whole where about relationship in this very complex region and also course the united states that is the car park in istanbul suburb or so the consular car was discovered it was searched turkish police found
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a computer and clothes but still don't know why it was here then there is the place where an alleged should you body double the clothes he was wearing when he left the consulate all done to suggest the right or left the building the turkish president says a saudi team came here to this forest a short drive from istanbul the day before jamal khashoggi died the suggestion they were looking for a place to dump a body the implication his death was premeditated and not the result of a fight that got out of hand. each and every day there seems to be new information revealed or leaked the latest this was the car used for that mission in the forest caught by security cameras now an important part of the investigation but there's the feeling turkey's president goes far more than has been made public clearly. the president of turkey is trying to use this incident to weaken. the saudi or apparent but. it's
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a dangerous game to play if he plays his cards as it were too rough for he still insists there are too forceful things could rebalance our so he's still a little bit carefree. the turks seem to know what happened in great detail who may have been responsible and we are now bringing them in front of a turkish court seems unlikely but they're pushing on with their inquiries and promise to soon sure what they know with their allies and the rest of the world alan fischer al jazeera istanbul explosive devices and other suspicious packages were sent to top u.s. democratic politicians and the offices of c.n.n. bill and hillary clinton former president barack obama and billionaire george soros were among those targeted the u.n. investigators say a range of muslims in myanmar are still facing genocide the head of the u.n. fact finding mission on me and mark told the security council that up to four hundred thousand ranger who remain in me and ma face severe restrictions and
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repression seven hundred thousand others fled to bangladesh last year after a brutal military campaign those are the headlines next al-jazeera investigations. are all over. you evidence fifteen cricket matches fixed at the highest levels of the international game. betting and i gotta. put it up. for. al-jazeera as investigative unit has obtained recordings of a match fixing speaking to a notorious engine bookmaker. the
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new evidence of corruption follows the documentary cricket match fixing which rocked the sport in may two thousand and eighteen we are investigating maxine on an international scale you know i actually corrupting the game economy and gave the guy sense of match fixing during its case treasurer of the council he's conducting an investigation he does on fraud and my practices said i'm going to get some dozen best occasions on flights a sickening reality. we discover the much fixer involved in recent england and australia tests has been corrupting international cricket since two thousand and ten on many years have you been doing this fixing matches six goes on his. name on a woman now an operative for a powerful south asian mafia. he looks after the bidding syndicate because. come on in the now is a very hard profile figure in match fixing in international cricket this is
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irrefutable. menorahs seen near cricket staal is there's no suggestion that these players are involved in match fixing it is disturbing the the most famous player in cricket should have been so easily accessed by. the recordings include a call made by man. to an unnamed english cricket a lot in the autumn only they don't need big enough not. after they do it's there i get in a bit but it has been happening is going to last chunk of the history as a guy. has to be questioned. just for. coming out of cardiff i met midnight on five occasions in two thousand and sixteen and two thousand and seventy is here very. you know i was introduced to now by
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a middle manager who's worked for underworld bosses we filmed using concealed commerce sixty to seventy percent met yes. we began say the safe exam jase. i was posing as a british businessman looking to buy information about fixes for crooked investors . the now describe what he could offer. the players who take the custom house on the yes very big. yes case closed let's close the. doors. that's winnings of up to one and a half million u.s. dollars per fix that's ok now was central to our eighteen month investigation that triggered headlines around the world. fixing scandal heads to international cricket are india is certainly are these examine the very highest level of the international game the allegations indeed in an al-jazeera don't give entry like to
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the good taste between destroyer in india in ranchi last year. one of the more high profile allegations involve two australian players whose danes we've withheld. in our set there were paid to under-perform us a match in india in march two thousand and seventeen worked exactly watching and the run rate just slowed down. and he said. australian players dismissed al-jazeera is evidence and tonight that the fix the taken place. the crimes the ups unsubstantiated and as far as i'm concerned you have nothing to argue. in another much publicized claim. manaul provided advanced details of a fix during england's tour of india in two thousand and sixteen. which team of you call does it even though india is he in.
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the england and wales cricket board at the e.c. he denied that any of its players had carried out spot fixes stuff from players projected al-jazeera have a dog's. nose you can spit right just to be honest he's lived up to your c.v. to do with outrageous saying in place i've been accused of this but if there's something there that needs to be investigated i can assure you would be sweeping it under the carpet. now how to serious investigative unit has obtained further evidence of menow its role as a prominent match fixer files establishment aus connections with the betting underworld. the dossier includes evidence of two dozen fixes in fifteen international matches played in two thousand and eleven and twelve. in at about. five down. come at the new nova. betting that. the file
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suggested the fixes are carried out by batsmen who agree to underperform. some of the world's first celebrated players were batting when the fixes allegedly occurred . and if you like of them high price all the late international players. want to get. the recordings appear to indicate the two will three players were involved in each fakes. and it was not always the same players from each team delivering the fix. the evidence points to a small group of any. unplaced carrying out spot fixes in seven matches. straight it plays in five matches and pakistan plays in three players from other teams
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carried out spot fixes in one match. in some cases both teams deliver to fix historically england australia most of us be sixty lashes and that will. stop. the crushing world. but they got our. monday. as another game here where the now appears to have both teams fixed for him. is just mind blowing it is been exposed in such detail. and the game so rushed. the now story starts in and about the largest city in the indian state of gujarat.
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people playing to audioboo according to a source who worked for a notorious bookmaker now is unaware of the recordings for the.


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