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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 26, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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through the korean peninsula a lot of wet weather on this and in the north now that it's cold we are seeing a fair amount of wintery weather too that's working its way eastwards and behind it is turning fresher a maximum in pyongyang of ten. al-jazeera . hello i'm barbara sarah this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thanks for joining us coming up in the next sixty minutes blood on their hands a top u.n. official calls demolish an extrajudicial execution by the saudi state. son seen two days ago meeting the saudi king and crown prince has flown to the u.s.
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to read travel ban was lifted at least eighteen people mainly children have died after a school bus was swept away by flash flooding in jordan more parcel bombs found in the u.s. trump blames what he calls fake news for creating anger in society. and. be here with all the sporting kidding arsenal extended their winning streak to eleven games with a victory over sporting and the your public. pressure is mounting on saudi arabia over the killing of the journalist vanished after entering the saudi consulate in istanbul more than three weeks ago saudi arabia's attorney general's office says it's looking into the possibility that your militia killing was a premeditated murder in the light of information received from a joint investigation with her well cia director gina haskell has briefed the u.s.
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president on her findings after spending two days in turkey u.s. media say housefull heard a recording of a killing inside the consulate a statement from the white house is expected in the coming hours and the top u.n. official says that saudi. was the victim of an extrajudicial killing a little earlier i spoke to agnes alomar the un special rapporteur on extrajudicial summary or arbitrary executions she believes her shoulders killing was authorized unlawfully by the saudi government there are several elements as to what we know about the disappearance and the killings further look ation of the killings this is a consulate it's you know it's certainly a reprieve santa chief of the state of saudi arabia the individuals present at the time of the disappearance and then the alledged killings where every present chief
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of the state subsequently over the last few days at least the saudi authorities i've recognized that individuals at the highest level of the government of the structures of authority within the government where involved in the disappearance and the killings there were two weeks during which period the government of saudi arabia denied knowing anything about what had happened there for filling in their duty to paul vi and to undertake a thorough investigations all of those elements and he kate that the disappearance and now killing of a mr jamal catch shogi that bear the hallmarks of an extrajudicial executions z. investigation is obviously still ongoing and one of the big question marks is effectively who ordered the killing how far up it went in the saudi government big
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question mark is whether of course the crown prince mohammed bin salon was aware of it why do you think that that doesn't necessarily matter. i am not suggesting that she does not matter i am suggesting that what we do know already is sufficient to suggest very strongly that mr cash was a victim of an extrajudicial executions and that the saudi arabian government is amply kit to in one way or the other including because of its reluctance to undertake an investigation and the beginning of the allegations including according to what turkey's government is now saying because of its reluctance to provide informations so the responsibility of the government is directly involved it will be up to a thorough impartial proficiently investigation to determine how far up in
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the authorities of that government who is we will see early teammate decision maker when a saudi arabia's attorney general's office says it's looking into the possibility that killing was a premeditated murder in the light of information received from a joint investigation with turkey saudi arabia initially said i showed you walked out of its consulate in istanbul after visiting the building on october the second child stratford has worn out from istanbul wearing traditional saudi dress of a hama been sold. and red dye depicting blood on his hands the message is clear these medium freedom activists human rights defenders turkish politicians and friends of the killed saudi journalist want. on this occasion and from this place were the spirit of their man has been lost. we clearly state that we do not
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and will not accept compromises in the case of his murder and that we will not keep silent demo question and i can assure that. as a friend of jamal khashoggi here we stand for his values is no longer standing alone but as many stand for democracy and freedom of expression and accountability in the muslim world. saudi arabia has described the killing of jamal khashoggi inside its consulate in istanbul as a mistake committed by rogue elements it is arrested eighteen men reportedly fifteen of whom were part of a team who the turkish government suspect came to turkey specifically to kill khashoggi they all reportedly left the country the day of the killing their work done. both turkey and saudi arabia are conducting their own investigations but turkish government sources told al jazeera that working together is proving more difficult. the sources said the saudis were denying access to turkish investigators
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to thorley inspect a well in the garden of the saudi consul general stone. both the turkish and the saudi investigators have repeatedly stressed the importance of working together in this investigation but it's been two weeks since the joint investigative group was announced and turkey's foreign minister is suggesting that the saudis may not be keeping their word there. today smiley said the process is unfortunately dragged on because there are still questions that need to be answered for example these eighteen people why were they arrested who gave them or that these questions were already asked by our president but i am repeating them in order to remind you however jamal khashoggi body has not been found yet where is it they confessed to killing so why they are not saying where is it saudi arabia says it doesn't snow where body is and has denied crown prince muhammad bin so man ordered the killing
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but on wednesday for the first time saudi prosecutors indicated that they are now investigating premeditated murder after information received from the turkish investigators. turkey's president received the one sit on choose day that evidence gathered by the turkey side show was the victim of a savage murder. so more pressure from turkey raising the question again what more evidence to the turks have from a reporter you already are according made inside the consulate on the day the crucial she was killed a chance not that al-jazeera to stumble. well demolish algy son and his family have arrived in the u.s. from saudi arabia after having their travel ban lifted salau bin jamal has shoji met with the saudi king and crown prince in riyadh on tuesday was subject to a travel ban but they had missed lifted and is now on his way to the u.s. where mike hanna joins us live now from washington d.c.
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for the latest developments so mike if we can start with what has been our sort of lead development and now that statement from the u.n. rapper turk effectively saying that this could amount to extrajudicial killing well this is a very important statement and d. that's the first time you've had this type of statement from a senior official importantly to she made reference to the fact that there might be moves to get either the secretary general or the security council to actually order an investigation to set up an international committee to investigate these allegations now obviously if this did happen what's to happen it would require u.s. support so that is something we'll be watching in coming hours as to the u.s. reaction to what the report to had to say soon that donald trump at this point has actually been briefed by gina housefull the cia director who was in turkey and has
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returned has anything been announced since her return and her briefing. nothing has been announced as yet we keep getting told that there will be a readout as it is put off this particular meeting not these discussions were critical president trump has been saying that before taking any action or doing anything he needs to get all the information he's been speaking for days about his very very valuable information people who were in saudi arabia he said and turkey and who would be returning to brief him so now jeana has been the most senior the cia director has briefed in the course of the day an absolutely crucial briefing in terms of determining what the u.s. reaction is going to be whether president trump is finally going to announce some kind of punitive measure in response to the killing but this is something that we should be knowing in the hours ahead once the report the readout of that particular
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meeting with the cia director is released and just another point mike it's quite interesting the timing of salah. jamal has shown g.'s son the travel ban being lifted presumably he's heading to the united states now he's a jew do you will saudi us says it is in all of this just two days after many people insinuate he was forced to shake hands with king solomon and mohammed bin someone the crown prince how is that being received in the u.s. . well the timing is very interesting obviously he has been under a travel ban in saudi arabia for a long period of time and now apparently being released and reportedly on his way already in d.c. now one must remember that jamal khashoggi is also a dual citizen and has a house in the suburbs of washington. so it's possible that the son will be going to that house we're not quite sure but there is questions obviously as to why
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he has been allowed to travel at this particular time as to what kind of context he will have in the u.s. whether he will have formal contacts with the trumpet ministration what the procedure is going to be once again something that we will be following closely mike hanna with the latest there from washington d.c. mike thank you and for more on this story we're joined in the studio by roxanne farmer and from mayan who is a lecturer in politics and international studies at cambridge university here in the u.k. welcome again to others there it's always good to have you here i know that you were watching the interview that i did a few hours ago with agnes kalimat the un special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions are you know is she coming out very strongly saying that effectively we don't even need to find out if been someone was directly involved because what we have is enough to consider this an extrajudicial killing how much of a difference do you think that makes the dynamic that we've seen so far over this well it certainly brings it up to the next level doesn't it makes it a much more international ng gaged issue very much puts
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turkey and earned on its leader in a position of being able to provide international bodies the materials that they are hoping to be able to use for this investigation so it has certainly played into the hands of one of the main actors in this in this imbroglio and the benefits that turkey is gaining from this are clear. or if i may point out one thing about what i for i see happening on the saudi side certainly they are moving to do damage control on all sides the the crown prince was making several very. warm statements towards qatar for the very first time at the davos in the desert meeting he was saying things about turkey that were very warm and we have not heard
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this kind of language and certainly his father has now been speaking to and live markel. i mean i'm going to ask you about relationships with other countries but i found interesting that saudi arabia's attorney general's office is now saying it's looking into the possibility that this was premeditated it was premeditated murder which again takes it one step further do you think that we might be seeing factions emergence of the arabiya there's a lot of talk about who of its among not remaining the crown prince but how do you read that the vote that well it was interesting that mohamed bin selma in fact mentioned davos that shit as long as he and his father remained in power they could guarantee their relations as it were there he. and certainly it seems that there are factions that are becoming increasingly concerned and i have a wonder whether turkey also the one had not demanded of. mohamed been. the faction that still there in power that they
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ensure that an investigation be made public in those words i would say is very shaky things are becoming very frail there for the moment and looking sort of beyond the main players which are saudi turkey and the u.s. the european countries putin now as well i mean how do you read their role in all of this well each is playing a different role certainly and i think one of the key. players we really haven't seen act very much but it has a great deal of leverage is the u.k. so it has simply put restrictions on visa. access by the eighteen that have been restraint in what would you want to see them do arm sales for example while they have. the united states as is is the largest producer of arms sales for the saudi but the u.k.
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has deals of twenty five percent of arms that are going to saudi arabia so its leverage is very great now it is saying it can it would not have as much leverage if it cut those sales but we see that it was and glen markel who has cut those sales that is the one that was on the phone with months of i am waiting to see the u.k. can watch more involved on this of course they're preoccupied with things right now with the ball as well so a double edged sword i guess would be very interesting to see the vitamins from their roxane from and from my in the lecturer in politics and international studies at cambridge university thank you. well much more to come here on the al-jazeera news hour. a political punch for gender equality in ethiopia points its first female president in one of the world's feel gender balance cabinets trying falce to send troops to the mexican border as
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thousands of central american migrants march on in the hope of entering the u.s. and then scored the l.a. dodgers have a mountain to climb in the world series santa will have the details a little later in the program. but first police in the u.s. are investigating more x. x. plosive packages addressed a high profile critics of president trump the reuters news agency says investigators believe the bombs designs came from the internet one package was addressed to the actor robert de niro one of his properties in new york as you call him has more. another day another shot of a crude bomb being carted away to be deactivated on thursday in full open pipe bomb similar to this found a business owned by actor robert deniro two more devices found in delaware addressed to former vice president joe biden the targets are
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a who's who of the president's critics the very people the president has personally attacked many say this is proof the president has gone too far this has come from trump trump has used to describe people who disagree commits enemies of the people so people who support the other party are dangerous hateful crazy anti-american so it's very very hard to look at this and not lay a fair amount of the blame both squarely at the foot of donald trump but also what the other republicans who stood by for years let this happen at first donald trump to the conciliatory tone do you see how nice somebody. this is like i do you ever seen that it didn't last long he sent out tweet a. just hours later blaming the mainstream media for the anger in the country his spokeswoman followed soon. an appropriate way to do so every day people have used on your network a number of times not only to describe the president but many people that work in this administration absolutely day in day out there is a negative tone ninety percent of the media attention around this president is
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negative despite historic job creation supporters in the media but even further claiming both sides are to blame were and do not sit there and point to what the other team did to cause this we don't know the perpetrator we don't know the motivation the only interesting because hillary clinton says we can't we can't step aside from hateful rhetoric and tell democrats have bullied their way she was talking about policy america is a country divided so much so that even an attempt to carry out the mass killing of the country's political opposition is now seen as something to debate petty calling al-jazeera washington ok that's crazy retired f.b.i. special agent and more on the seventeen year long unabomber case in the one nine hundred ninety s. he's now a lecturer at the university of new haven and joins us live via skype sir thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera now based on your experience and what
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you're seeing come out of the media and on these suspicious packages what do you think which lines do you think the investigation is going to take. so there's a number of different things that are going on and there is the examination of the prices themselves trying to see if they match any known profiles any known signature for bombs there is a composition of the bomb so you may be able to get investigatory leads based upon the materials that are used the types of part bombs the types of heights the collapse of wire e the packaging itself the are below this the stamp said it went on there the markings on the outside of the obligates the labels. the stamps ever used on there the markings showing how it went through the mail system and they are so potentially fingerprints or d.n.a. so there's a number of different investigative steps that are ongoing right now a lot of different agencies and by our f.b.i. be a.t.f.
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. postal police a secret service since one of the devices with the president obama so a lot of different players are involved with doing a lot of different best gait of steps i guess what so is hard to tell at this stage of the investigation is how long a it could take now you worked on the unabomber case in the one thousand nine hundred that was seventeen years long if you wouldn't mind just reminding very briefly to i guess the younger members of our audience about the unabomber case and also i'm guessing that one of the big differences is that a lot of expertise now could be found on the internet how much does that change the investigation to when you were working on that case so that's a real game changer there's a lot more information out there to help someone along with making a device like this but one of the big differences between the two is that ted kaczynski the unabomber over a seventeen year period put in mail a lot of bombs that actually went off so far none of these devices have actually
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gone off and back some of the devices have been described as not being capable of going up so that's a major difference another difference is that ted kaczynski. was able to see different things into the bombs to make it look like someone else had planted it. who knows with this current bomber this investigation could go very quickly there might have been in the states such as d.n.a. so just fingerprints such as photographs or surveillance camera photographs that may lead us to the to the right guy or it could take a very long time so it does not tell you at this point you mentioned that none of the devices have gone off and now we're talking about several suspicious packages now obviously you know neither you nor i are involved in this specific case but those that strike you as all that none of them have gone off that maybe it was the intent of whether put these together to send them a sort of a warning rather than you know a threat and an actual explosion so it very well could be
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a hoax devices that were sent not with the intent of actually going off but meant to send some type of political message as certainly within the realm of possibilities kenneth grave retired f.b.i. special agent sir thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us thank you you thank. let's go to ethiopia now because the country has appointed its first female president sally works. like that unanimously by the parliament in addis ababa it comes just a week after the prime minister appointed a gender balance cabinet which half of the posts are held by women paul brennan reports. ethiopia's new president was warmly applauded into the parliament as the unanimous choice of the gathered assembly. has the credentials and the credibility to give genuine weight to have presidency despite the role being largely ceremonial go into english and french as well as her native language
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she was born in this arbor studied in france and has been an ambassador to france djibouti and senegal and most recent post she says the un is top official of the african union. women's rights and peace are top of her priorities one. on one action the absence of peace mainly victimizes women to during my presidency my main focus is to ensure peace by moving all ethiopian women peace loving men and all peoples of the world who love peace. change is underway ethiopia's reformist prime minister ahmed last week appointed a streamlined to twenty person cabinet in which half the posts are held by women including in charge of the defense ministry and the newly created ministry of peace supervising police and domestic security the new president is also a strong advocate for an end to religious ethnic and gender discrimination it is
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the prisoner shows. that motion every fiscal year two boys houses the opera and there are houses to guide you know the guy the guidance of the government's activities for in coming years so it's it's not just their morning and i would say but from her speech this morning i also gathered that the president's office can become what you make of it the determination in her speech is quite quite impressive. so what becomes africa's only serving female head of state as president she's expected to serve two six year terms paul brennan al-jazeera at least eighteen people most of them schoolchildren have died after flash flooding in jordan heavy rain caused the floods near the dead sea for thirty seven children and seven teachers were in a school outing witnesses say the children were traveling on a bus to a resort area when it was swept into a valley by raging floodwaters a major search and rescue operation is underway israel has sent helicopters to
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assist the search for them in authorities say they were able to save a group of people from the raging waters. and i could hear my going to see if there was a school trip for thirty seven students with certain supervisors meeting there and forty four people in this location there were people who ended up in the sea water and there were people who managed to reach the ropes and save themselves thank god we managed to save several people without any injuries they're watching al-jazeera still ahead an arrest in the ivory coast we report on the deepening inequality is one of africa's fastest growing economies the man known as russia's most famous prisoner is awarded the european union's top human rights prize and in sports a beauty added to the board there say it's brought home to her as a force for the better torres sound.
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as though there is settling even cooler across europe now you can see on the satellite picture we've got this leading edge of the cool air and then there's just plenty of cloud following it bringing a fair amount of unsettled weather and plenty more in the way of cooler weather as well and the winds will turn increasingly northerly as we head through the next few days of the temperatures will continue to tumble london will see a top of eleven degrees that on friday by saturday on maximum will just be eight that cold air will be digging further south through many parts of france and then we'll also see that work its way into spain as well here's the leading edge of that cold air this is where it's the warm air so here we've got some very heavy rain and a fair amount of snow is expected across the alps as well for the other side of the mediterranean the temperatures have also dropped here for some of us as well look at cairo on maximum just twenty five degrees towards the west is where we've got the unsettled weather a few outbreaks of rain making their way of
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a pulse america is still going to be fairly disturbed weather wise as we head through the day on saturday so a maximum in robots of twenty one expect some outbreaks of rain at times two for the central belt of africa it's looking generally quite dry at the moment the showers and now being chased away towards the south so we're looking at a few showers here in the southern part of our map of the west africa a lot of the dry forest lagos getting to around thirty. the final version. of.
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the cricket world isn't about match fixing i mean you have to think why would he give me the yes then we didn't bring him again it's a big big. al-jazeera is investigative unit reveals explosive new evidence documentary confirms the moment now is a very hard profile figure in match fixing an international cricket team could go this al-jazeera investigation cricket's match fixing the manoa files. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera a top u.n.
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official says that saudi journalist her mother was the victim of an extrajudicial killing friends and colleagues have been holding a vigil for her shoji outside the sun to consummate this temple at least eighteen people most of them schoolchildren have died after a flash flooding in jordan heavy rain because the floods near the dead sea were thirty seven children and seven teachers were in the school. and police in the u.s. are investigating more suspicious packages addressed the high profile critics of president donald trump actor robert de niro and former u.s. vice president joe biden are the latest targets in a string of attacks. us president on trump as the man that the military send troops to the border with mexico where thousands of migrants are heading now they started to walk to the u.s. from honduras to escape poverty and gang violence trump has vowed to stop the migrant caravan which he has described as a national emergency rob reynolds reports now from the us mexico border as
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thousands of migrants from central america make their way north preparations are underway in san diego the largest port of entry in the u.s. and ridge guerrero directs the immigrant's rights group alliance san diego we have a robust shelter network on the other side of the border and we have a robust service network here on this side of the border and so we will be coordinating with our sister organizations to provide assistance where needed once the migrants reach the border they can apply for asylum as refugees and or international law under u.s. law anyone who presents themselves at a port of entry and asks for protection. must be provided an opportunity to present their case immigrants rights lawyer elizabeth come on gives migrants in detention free legal representation but most have no attorneys to
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represent them in a confusing legal process you're talking cultural differences you're talking linguistic differences you're talking legal concepts even if they understand that they are fleeing for might not be able to articulate in the legal terms that me those requirements advocates with years of experience dealing with central american migrants agree on why they are coming all of them share one thing in common they are fleeing the violence in their home country this is where the us mexico border plunges into the pacific ocean now the migrants are still hundreds of kilometers away from this spot but here on this side of the border president donald trump is using them to score political points ahead of the u.s. midterm election he says many of the migrants are hardened criminals and that they somehow represent
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a kind of national emergency trump falsely claims the opposition democratic party encourages migrants and wants completely open borders trump is using it abusing vulnerable people to advance his own political agenda u.s. agencies say over the past twelve months most people detained at the border were parents with children or children from legal loam now many more are on their way robert oulds al-jazeera at the us mexico border. reynolds is at the border of a john home and sent us this update from mexico southeastern state of chop us and he's with the migrants who are currently traveling to the u.s. border. the dynamic has really changed on this caravan of people the been heading so many miles from home duress trying to get to the u.s. border you can see now that instead of those images of a river of people really heading by foot now a lot of people are either getting rides from willing members of the mets
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compulsion elation all paying about two and a half dollars to get on these small buses they call them here come base and what that means is that there are bouncing quicker than when they have to get there on foot there are lots of women also lots of children in this caravan of more than seven thousand people to covering big distances but we still estimate that it's going to be probably more a month more than a month until they reach the united states of course there's something happening before that time and that's the u.s. mid-term elections and this is now being seen as one of the crucial issues in the election race president trump has certainly been using it to talk about the fact of this a mass migration to the u.s. border and using that really as a sort of a weapon to say that only he can guarantee stronger borders he requested for the military to actually be sent to the us mexico border we understand that's going to
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be about eight hundred twelve thousand troops they won't be arresting and detaining people they can't do that without permission from congress they'll instead be helping out more with administrative tasks but it definitely sends a message as this group of people go through mexico they say that they're really unaware of that political dimension for them this is about pure survival they say they're not earning enough even to live in their homeland for many of them that's home douras and that they're also having to pay extortion to the many gangs that are really warring in parts of that country for them this is simply about trying to get out of an untenable situation and find a better life. as brazil nears the climax of its most polarizing election in decades the electoral court is trying to identify and punish groups promoting misinformation on social media last week facebook was forced to remove dozens of
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links to factually incorrect stories targeting manuella villa the vice presidential partner for leftist candidate for the head that there is a board reports. this fact checking agency is working nonstop in the days prior to the final round of brazil's presidential elections they're trying to detect false information that's being spread around the country better than the left says the volume of misinformation in this campaign has been unlike anything she's seen before usually the elections in brazil it's a strong relation with television people usually usually vote on the candidate that has more time on the t.v. campaign and this is the first year that didn't happen the candidate that had more time on t.v. didn't get that much forbes what we see this time is the presence of the social media and the phone apps spreading a lot of choice for almost half of brazilians is said to be the messaging app
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what's up around one hundred and twenty million brazilians have access to this app because mobile service providers allow i'm limited access to subscribers we're going to be some of the people who are fighting them if information campaign by the amount about we don't know and we are part of a network around the country who are not only detecting this information but hitting back with facts they send the information that they question that somehow think that might be in the senate to us we analyze and then we verify it and we send it back to then he was in the water so this is our main source of communication we create any masons with very fight information so it's easy to read this is why we want. share this information. for. sure last week a local newspaper reported that companies had been hired to bulk transmeta what's have users messages attacking the leftist candidate in the race for the man who had
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that and alerting about the possibility of fraud in the lections and even though the extreme right candidate for now has denied any wrongdoing the federal police and electoral court are currently investigating the companies that could be behind the massive spam well stadiums emails we would love to have a radio and effective solution but in fact we do not have one big news is not new what is new in this election process is the speed of circulation and the fusion of this news which is really damaging what's up has already said it was taking measures to stop companies using its service to send out bulk messages but for many the damage has already been done they said what religion iraq there is a growing unrest in the ivory coast over pay and conditions teachers are on strike and police officers and civil servants are threatening to walk out there were more
12:39 am
money and similar cash bonuses to those given to soldiers last year after staging two mutinies nicholas sought reports though john. too ashamed to show his face. he wants us to call him sergeant lou so last year he turned his guns against his superiors and the people he swore to defend taking part in a nationwide mutiny that brought the country to a standstill. they were all disgruntled former rebels who supported president ouattara during ivory coast a civil war wanting money for their support during the crisis. because i don't like what i've done but we had to do it sometimes you to do things in order to get what you want when you've only a penny in your pocket you need to do what's needed to get things right and get the money you deserve. the state met his demands paying him off along with two thousand other soldiers to stop the rebellion and leave the army. and so went from foot
12:40 am
soldier with a basic primary education to motorcycle dealer landlord. and chicken farmer clings to the twenty six thousand dollars the state paid him in cash. the yearly earning of professor kwame after thirty five years of teaching physics at. a university. it's shocking to us that means using force is the only way to get heard our whole education system needs more help so that we can educate young people to not use violence but peaceful means to communicate and so teachers are on strike civil servants and police officers to want cash bonuses and threatened industrial action saying they deserve more money for their work. rico says economy is one of the fastest growing on the continent the country is improving but the inequalities that triggered the possible war remain and so the challenge for the government is to address these grievances before they turn to popular resentment. presidential
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elections are just a year away the divisions between those that receive support from the state and those that haven't are creating a rift which politicians now are exploiting. despite the country's new wealth ivory coast continues to be haunted by a past it cannot yet escape the hawk al-jazeera. former french president nicolas sarkozy has lost an appeal against the decision to put him on trial over illegal campaign financing the case known as the big merely an affair goes back to scicos is reelection in two thousand and twelve he is accused of colluding with a public relations come to this guy's the true cost of his campaign france says limits on how much candidates can spend on election campaigns. are you crazy and filmmaker who's been called russia's most famous prisoner has been awarded the top human rights prize all expense of has been jailed by russia on charges of plotting
12:42 am
terrorism he's a fierce critic of the kremlin and openly condemned russia's annexation of crimea in two thousand and fourteen. reports the. filmmaker writer and a symbol of defiance in ukraine like sense of may be hailed as a hero by those campaigning for the release of political prisoners in russia but it has cost him his freedom his arrest in twenty fourteen by russian security forces following an accession of crimea on charges of conspiring to commit terrorism catapulted his case to the world stage sent soft has always denied the charges yet he remains one of the most vocal opponents of the takeover of his native region by russia he served three years of a twenty year sentence the european parliament continues to call for his release.
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the prize has been awarded to him because of his courage and his determination the ukrainian filmmaker all extensive has become a symbol of the fights for the release of political prisoners in russia and all over the world. by granting him this award the european parliament would like to show their support to him and his cause. in the. sense of is serving his sentence at a russian penal colony north of the arctic circle in may he began a hunger strike demanding old ukrainian political prisoners be freed but his health deteriorated and he ended his protest after one hundred forty five days to avoid being force fed by prison authorities. the supporters have vowed to continue the fight and hope that this prize could further pressure russia to release him but most go has so far ignored any calls for his freedom or that of others sunny diagonal al-jazeera. so ahead on the program.
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in. the fight to change laws in the last the. beginning with the. leading the way. the details. business updates. going places together.
12:45 am
business updates. going places together. malta is the only country in the european union with
12:46 am
a total ban on abortion it's still a taboo subject for many and it's estimated hundreds of women leave the country each year to have an abortion abroad but a more peace playwright wants to open up the debate has taken his fight against the law to the stage as barker reports now from capitol. you get the groups to pray for the so that. in rehearsal the cost of a new play called determining. if each is seven characters male and female or based on interviews with people on both sides of the feast abortion debate with the subject of them are really the end. they have the right to. the right or hopes fears it will help tackle a subject if you are willing to discuss in public this is the most delicate subject and. nothing else and we discuss politics we discuss migration we get hot on the collar where it comes to abortion we simply don't discuss it it's you know there
12:47 am
are no shades of gray it's black and white. not her real name travel to the u.k. for an abortion of following an unplanned pregnancy the only people when you are to try to have my best friends how aware are you of other women in similar situations or who have gone through similar things here in malta so many. even six of my friends of course. it's probably much more common than we think paolo was able to borrow money to pay for her abortion others don't have the choice despite the human rights groups say the island's abortion rates are no different to countries where it's legal they are pretty much in the every average as the rest of the world so it's just a matter of it's just because it's utter bull. and that was another reason as to why we feel that this needs to be because women should not continue living in shame
12:48 am
and fear despite malta strict stance on abortion in recent years there have been a series of seismic social and cultural changes here divorce was legalized in two thousand and eleven rights equivalent to marriage had been given to gay couples and contraception is no longer frowned upon but when it comes to abortion there are ethical and. moral reservations that have an awful lot to do with tradition and religious beliefs. ninety eight percent of multis are robot catholics the church prohibits abortion many are devout believers such as the island's former finance minister we see fundamentally a child and of a mother as a human being a fully human being that needs to be respected there is something ingrained in the maltese population that value life from the from the real beginning from conception multi societies undergone major change in recent years but abortion remains to be
12:49 am
too sensitive a subject for successive governments to risk losing votes over or even openly discuss i accompanied. to the this place attempting to widen the debate beyond the stage. for letter multan. case and to get all the sports news now here santa. thank you very much barbara starr with football an arsenal have increased their winning streak to eleven matches they beat a sporting in the open league one nil arsenal had scored thirty goals in their ten previous so wins above sporting frustrated the spaniards they waited until the seventy seventh minute for danny welbeck at school and there is a closing in on the longest winning run of his predecessor us and then go out which stands at thirteen wins plenty of other games and they are
12:50 am
a paralegal red bull made it three wins from three they beat the three nil and top a groupie zana top group c.l. to take in three points against bordal in group d. and the latter are still winless after three games in their wins for the spanish side that's a severe and very out and ruben scored a hat trick for chelsea they told the group well with three wins and three. south american football argentinian giants boca juniors have one foot in the final of the copilot better doris officer to know when all the brazilian rivals. or not a bad crowd for this semifinal first leg bone burnett and when osiris by maris caper over don put his body on the line a key part the new class sizes. but a bucket went one nil up from the resulting corner through daddy oh when it it wasn't finished a moment of magic from vanity took wrong footing at the defense and leaving will
12:51 am
help helpless while the teams will play the second leg in sao paulo next wednesday for a place in the final against either river plate or gremio. to the wall series where the boston red sox have taken a two game lead over the los angeles dodgers and if history is anything to go by things are looking bleak for l.a. and has more but shucks once again the world series is a marathon not a sprint for the red sox will have been feeling pretty confident after that comprehensive victory over the dodgers in cheese days opening game. and it wasn't long before they were on top of the scoring in game two as ian kinsler hit a single of high engine review to drive ins and the focus. to. the dodgers finally got him on the scoresheet that the top of the fourth inning kemper tying the game. the for yourself we put last jets runners up ahead for the
12:52 am
first time this series. she. didn't damage in riyadh time she didn't last long there dodges manage a day rabbit hole in the fifth inning with two outs and the bases loaded and reliever ryan madson allows d.p.s. to level things. j.d. martinez then put the red sox back in control with a two run thing go through them now halfway through their force championship in fifteen days. and the odds are stacked in their favor eighty four percent of teens who led the world series to nothing have gone on to win the title. there's there's no other say jets is going to be better than pitching in a world series game unless it's a game seven of the world series so you know to be able to do that.
12:53 am
feels good for sure you know. come from myself from my teammates and coaches for us to to be two wins away and to nothing right now in a world series that's a good feeling. game three takes place in l.a. on friday where the judges will be hoping to avoid a third defeat in a row a deficit from which no theory has ever recovered felling trees been out. and in the root of the twenty ninth in a tour de france has been unveiled and in a first includes a poor suburbans area of the country saves twelve all of next year's race that will see a riders travel through the outskirts of the city of toulouse organizes that have also said that next year's edition will be the highest ever with thirty categorised climbs and five mountain finishes it begins in brussels on july sixth before the traditional finish in paris on july twenty eight. it always is.
12:54 am
a major moment days which will be hard to control for the team also. a lot of times over two thousand meters which will be a big factor as well. i think it is still going to. the artistic turn nasty x. world championships are underway in qatar the team that will be in most focus is the u.s. women medal charge it will be led by four time olympic champions and one of bile sail malik reports from doha. she's the biggest daryn gymnastics. the usa simone was the lit up rio twenty sixteen winning four gold medals and won bronze and she's in qatar for the artistic gymnastics world championships looking for even more success i'm really excited i think our team as a whole was shine a lot of light at this competition and hopefully will bring back some medals in
12:55 am
every good will make memories. took a year long break from competition after the olympics she's picked up from where she left off since her return becoming the first woman to win five u.s. national all around title of the northwest and in doha she be leading a team with far less experience to take on the world's best american team is training behind me simone bars of course is their headline act she love the chance to get six medals here in doha will give a boost to gymnastics as a whole in the country and particularly american gymnastics back in the headlines for the right reasons. the image of usa gymnastics has been tainted by the sex abuse scandal involving former team doctor laurie nasser who's been sentenced to more than three hundred years in jail because you are guilty and since then the national governing body has faced heavy criticism for not taking serious steps to reform and implement changes to ensure their gymnast's are protected sufficiently. they've also had
12:56 am
a crisis of leadership earlier this month interim president mary bono resigned just days into her job making it for high ranking officials to leave in the last six months right now we have people that really are not in tune with what really is happening within our community and what has happened and they're refusing to make really really huge changes which no one is going to move forward until we do now as was one of nearly one hundred sixty women who accused of sexual abuse the twenty one year old has that speaking about what happened to her was empowering and she feels now that she has the responsibility to be a role model in doha however i was and the team had been told to focus strictly on competing well you know that we're here to compete internationally so all the other stuff we don't care about we don't talk about every day we focus on what the plan is from workout to workout we really take it one workout at a time we know we have a good experience and so our chances of finishing in the top three are good the u.s. women's biggest competition at these championships is likely to come from china and
12:57 am
russia what's on likely though is that any one gymnast will outshine bottoms. al-jazeera. tennis now former wall number one a carline and is the cesspit through to the semifinals of the w t a season ending tournament in a single defeated set of czech petra because it of us of the first time in her korea early on thursday took her place in the last full twenty eleven a chance to give it to rise eleven eighty dollars to losing all three of her round robin matches. defending a swiss indoors champion roger federer booked his place into the quarter finals at the home favorite. in straight sets to make it seventeen wins in a row and twenty grand slam champion is aiming for his nice title in basle. that's it from him back to barbara said i thank you very much for that and that is the. it for this news hour do stay with us though going to be back in just
12:58 am
a few minutes with more of the day's news and the latest developments on the killing of the saudi journalist. who joined me to fight. i mean his story is a for the but i mean pete every week a new cycle brings a series of breaking stories told through the eyes of the world's journalists these two voices journalists were one of the few journalists in burma that were actually doing investigative work join the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the man city
12:59 am
buys the rights to those stories but then he never publishes the stories they're listening posts on al-jazeera and monday ported world on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries have been truly unable to escape the you're. getting to the heart of the matter the three big challenges facing human crime in the twenty first century and they are look real war climate change and technological disruption facing realities whatever it is there for fear is not in me it is in the people of you gotta hear their story on talk to al-jazeera.
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to stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. blood on their hands a top u.n. official calls beth and the extrajudicial execution by the saudi state. on the scene two days ago meeting the saudi king and crown prince has flown to the u.s. after a travel ban was lifted. low there are you watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program at
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least eighteen people mainly children have died after a school bus was swept away by flash flooding in jordan more parcel bombs found in the u.s. there are reports that they were made from.


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