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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 26, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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al jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter dhabi you're watching the news our live from our headquarters here in doha are coming up in the next sixty minutes. there's other information and evidence that we are holding turkey's president says investigators have more evidence yet to be revealed in the killing of jamal. as he calls on saudi arabia to disclose the location of the journalist body also the bush. we're doing everything we can everyone from the ministry of labor at the ministry of interior
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a frantic search for survivors after at least nineteen people were killed during flash floods in jordan most of the victims stupes they were on a school trip. also ahead japan's prime minister historic turning point for his country and china as the leaders of asia's to biggest economies forge closer ties plus i'm wayne hay in palo indonesia where it's been almost a month since the earthquake and tsunami so many people are still missing tens of thousands are homeless and there's ongoing concern for the welfare of children the most vulnerable in the aftermath of the disaster. turkey has ramped up the pressure on saudi arabia to explain who killed the journalist jamal khashoggi in the saudi consulate in istanbul earlier this month in his second speech this week the turkish president wretch up. i've heard one one the
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kingdom police have more evidence which will be revealed quotes when the time comes he called saudi arabia's explanations for how short she is disappearance from the consulate childish and comical he repeated his calls for riyadh to reveal the location of a short she's body and he said the saudi prosecutor will be heading to turkey on sunday. of course there is other information and evidence that we are holding and they will be used when the time comes but there is no need to rush because in the first instance the saudi officials have to explain who killed. on monday they sent the chief prosecutor to stumble they will meet with our chief prosecutor and have discussions covered what other saudi officials made certain announcements which gave us considerable concern because they said that he had left
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the consulate of course these explanations were quite comical personally. if he had left the consulate would he not pick up his fiancee who was waiting for him outside these childish excuses to not befits a responsible state and they did not befit responsible statesmanship correspondent joins us live now from ankara stronger language from mr erdogan today compared to his earlier speech this week how does that fold into the the overarching way we think the inquiry the investigation may be going. well yes peter everything is moving very fast but unfortunately there is no result and investigation case yet but let me give you a very new information right after prisons are don't deliver the speech almost an hour ago. turkey's foreign minister. and saudi foreign minister job where they had
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a telephone conversation about investigations while i couldn't confirm whether it was the saudis side or the turkish side who demanded this form talk but i learned that this happened right after dawn's harsh critics against saudi arabia well these statements are very important because first cizik using the saudis side for actually misguided investigation i remember at first before they admitted to. killing they sat he he went outside the general consulate building but how come he didn't take his fiance are done asked very important thing is that he's asking who the local call the greater is because the saudi officials were reported to have sat on some agencies that these fifteen. fifteen men who sat to be the squad cooperated with a local call the greater in turkey and. just by the might have been lent to this
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turkish local call of greater saw our dawn is after who dismantle is and he says it's crystal clear that. killed where is the bodies so this is what we all have been asking journalists politicians where is the body of jamal fish if you ok you confess that at first you confess he was killed unintended during a fistfight so-called fistfight and then last night they admitted that it was a premeditated murder and now add on to asking where is the body because if you can't find a body in an investigation a file. you can't prove that you can't prove that. is that or a lie in order to carry this out to a judicial process and continue and troy the suspects a you have to have the body and until now the saudi saudis have been saying that their corporate thing with their keep but what's on the ground is their kind of lax
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and bitter sit in thanks very much we'll talk to you later i'm sure well michel accuse the politics news that it's a daily newspaper an english language publication out of ankara and istanbul he says mr erdogan has hardened his stance on the saudis i think this is one of the harsher remarks are than made on the case and he named both king solomon and mohamed bin cell monday calm prince of saudi arabia i think the toning of the toning and the language he used was significant in today's speech he was definitely harsher he said the explanations so far made by saudi arabia were childish and you demanded more concrete and consistent answers from saudi arabia so if we look at our drones on tuesday. and the day after he made this was a morse more sturdy and definitely more than an attempt to basically
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corner saudi arabia and demand some substation answers from them one of the issues that he highlighted is that who is the killer and who ordered the the incident basically so this these two he answered he questioned the m.p.'s as he's known mohammed and the king solomon himself as well but he also brought to to the table their domestic collaborator that initially saw you prosecutors have said about someone from from turkey being collaborating the eighteen or the fifteen people from saudi arabia so this they have to answer he said as well but i think one of the more significant in today's talk was the toning and the language i don't use toward saudi arabia named crown prince which he didn't even use during his on his tuesday speech well in russia a criminal spokesman has made
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a comment on the case of jamal khashoggi dmitri peskov says russia believes there is no reason to doubt that the saudi royal family was not involved in his murder alexey kalashnikov is a middle east specialist of the russian international affairs council he joins us on skype from moscow electing an eclectic of what are they basing this on what they've been having conversations with either the turks the saudis or is this just speculation. well in the first place russia's main rationale is to stay. about both hold these. speculations that incidence so basically it waits until you know. investigation we've finished and then the clear facts will be you know presented on the table that firstly secondly it's very important that yesterday we saw that king solomon and cold blooded would you know they had
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a conversation and during that conversation they all were also discussed this case of a question and what. makes it very important is that king solomon chose russia to put to make this first call to international leader after this you know new notorious case started to become public firstly because russia is treated in a new it's also it's kind of harper stayed with a kind of. bad attitude towards journalese and freedom of speech and also because russia has quite good problems with the west and secondly saudi arabia by calling him. send signals to the west that look guys we have quite good relations with russia and we also can't consider it as an alternative to you. i think that's quite important although we should not you know by one hundred percent because however i mean whatever saudi king or prince might say i think
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leaders and politicians in the west won't bother much about what what this saying in that won't take it seriously as a geo political crisis does this stance on the part of the kremlin sort of expose another area of division here because we've got undoubtedly an improving relationship between ankara and washington because of andrew bronson the u.s. pastor who was released who is now back we understand in the united states and that's on one side on the other side we now have the saudis it would appear communicating and getting on very well with the russians. well in the first place that would indicate that. one of the main features of russia's foreign policy is that it tries to compartmentalize its relations which means that it separate its you know business political ideological issues with other countries
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so let's say. russia and saudi arabia has quite a lot of differences on the ability to earl a sions including iran. its role in syria syria itself rebels groups in syria. libya other other topics but still they prefer to concentrate and focus on things in common like britain and their g. economic oppression so on and so forth so i would say and the same with turkey despite having good cooperation and a good of experienced syria russia also has quite significant differences. with turkey on the basis on. gaspin and other issues so i would say that we don't we shouldn't see that as an indication of or shift in
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changing improving. you know deteriorating over relations i think it's just another crisis or incident which will show in which direction those relations i'm going and i won't say that the overall trajectory of russia took the relations or russia saudi relations will will shift overnight it's after this incidence ok alexy climate call for there in moscow thank you it will be saudi journalist jamal hush l.g. was the victim of an extra judicial execution that's the assessment of the united nations special rapporteur on summary or three killings diplomatic out of the james bays now from new york. agnus color mark does a very specific role for the united nations and it covers exactly the crime committed in the saudi consulate in istanbul three weeks ago she is the special rapporteur on extrajudicial summary or arbitrary executions with regard to the
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gruesome exit q sion of saudi johnny's jamal khashoggi i want to add my voice to that of my colleague david cave the un special rapporteur on freedom of expression. to call for an international investigation into this murder after she raised the case in the u.n. committee that deals with human rights the saudi representative said she was exceeding her remit right up there with i think in my did a geisha wish like to denounce this statement by the special rapporteur we call on her not to exceed her mandate on extrajudicial executions going to the do not give us any personal opinion in this official meeting thank you question but she later went further in a news conference the special rapporteur telling me she believes on current
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evidence saudi arabia as a state is culpable for the murder when where where do we stop the where do we begin where do we stop our construction of the state they where we preventing the state when they acted as he acted the state cannot twice sheets and for me to throw sponsor abilities so it doesn't matter whether the crown prince or the king say they didn't know of course it matters but that does not mean that the saudi state is not responsible. the special rapporteur has added her voice to the growing call for an international investigation but it's not clear how that would be launched the u.n. secretary general says he will only form a panel to investigate the case if he gets the referral from one of the main bodies of the un the security council the general assembly or the human rights council or from one of the countries concerned james. at the united nations last more on still
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to cover for you here on the news hour including these stories which are all just joins us with more of an update on the flash flooding in parts of jordan today. and later russia welcomes a saudi statement that says the kremlin had nothing to do with the murder of jamal khashoggi more on that story we've just been discussing and the sports news the former world number one tennis player caroline wozniacki reveals her battle with arthritis leader will have the details later in the news in about thirty minutes. the search and rescue operation is now underway near the dead sea in jordan after at least nineteen people were killed in flash flooding there most of the victims were children on a school outing charlot ballasts has the latest. the headlights of risky vehicles illuminator ravine on the did see. this searching for school children
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swept away in a flash flood on thursday. the sound of rushing water is drowned out by helicopters seen from israel as only she could hear the mameluke we're doing everything we can everyone from the ministry of labor the ministry of interior civil defense down in the water and up in the mountain they won't be leaving the area until we know the fate of every student every citizen jordan has experienced heavy rains this week witnesses say the children were visiting popular hot springs in them from the did see and then. switched into a valley by a flashlight most of the children were under fourteen years old risk families picnicking at the holiday spot were among the dead and injured and. when the flash floods came to this site it swept the students forty five kilometers from the hot springs to this valley which leads to the dead sea there were people who ended up in the sea water and there were people who managed to reach rocks and save themselves. jordan's prime minister tweeted this image of alyssa between amman's
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victoria college and the ministry of education showing they only had permission to go to as rock a two hour drive east of the did see it where there was that i mean there were many warnings from the metrological department. and that's why i really don't understand how this indicates and and such a day. we did see is the lowest point on earth and prone to diddley floods in april taynton agents who were hiking in southern israel also. a few kilometers from the site a procession of ambulances pushed through crowds at southern shewn a hospital doctors treated more than fifty patients. each time the door was opened relative schools hopefully might reveal the fate of those still missing challenge ballasts al-jazeera. crossing live now to the dead sea and correspondent
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coming to what's the latest information there where you are. actually down by the shore of did we miss some. rescue trying to pinpoint actually basically they are looking at anything that is floating in that sea there are boats also that are combing this area with their help i would say of the local people living here who have been helping out from what we understand from the civil defense ever since these floods flash floods happened last night now we understand according to the civil defense that four people are still missing. they say that it is still a bit to get the final tally at this stage simply because not all the bodies that have reached the hospitals and morgues have been identified for. search and
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rescue operation or just a search operation. well they would say that it's a search and rescue operation but when you ask them do you think you could find anyone alive anyone these four missing people well they don't answer but there's a lot of skepticism that that will happen just to give you an idea about what happened to the children in question that we've been reporting about well they were a bit further inland near some hot springs behind those sort of lower hills that you see here in the foreground now there when the flash flood came their body was swept all of the their bodies were swept all the way down past this puddle of water that you see on this route here it is a bridge behind it and that bridge collapse now after that this. road is also covered completely was mud so that is really the disaster's area there but we can't reach it the sort of the civil defense is not allowing us to go there saying it is
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still very dangerous and anyway you cannot reach the other side because of the big quite impressive bridge that basically collapsed but ok we'll leave it there many things will come back i'm sure in the coming up as well with more on the flash flooding in jordan meteorologist joins us here on set. this was a coming together of an awful weather system but also the geography of that area that's right. four hundred meters below sea level and the mountains around there around two thousand meters high so the water that fell didn't necessarily will have to fall in the same place it just had to fall in the mountains and then it would just stream straight down the valleys. and that's what we saw here so the children were actually very close to a model which normally is draw i can walk around and it's fine but if there is a flood that's where the water will go the weather system is it still there or has it moved someplace else it's moving but it's a huge thing it's actually covers the whole of that region all the way up to the
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southwestern parts of russia is the deadly flooding in the same. west of russian assault she is well there's been a lot of snow in turkey particularly in the east and the whole system is now working its way eastwards i wouldn't be surprised if we hear more flooding from mont particularly over parts of iraq and the southwestern parts of iran very close to kuwait because that looks really bad for tomorrow regular is this kind of thing in jordan we often at this time of year start to see systems from the mediterranean move across overland and that happens at this time of year and then happens during the winter and then eases off during the summer so this is the time of year we start to see that this system that they've got was particularly bad even over the mediterranean it's very cold there and it's really given a some explosive weather as it hit the hot air that's been over this region for the whole summer so this is the one that also gave us problems say in cyprus and around parts of greece with some very violent weather there too hot air goes up cold air wants to go to how and when do they meet in the middle when they hit there's just
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these boiling under storms that's what you get at this time of year you see it over the u.s. you see it over europe you get the cold day digging down hits the the hot air that produces violent thunderstorms and the results we can see for ourselves thanks very much. the japanese prime minister shinzo says his country's ties with china reached a historic turning point mr is the first japanese leader to visit beijing on a formal visit in seven years the two countries have signed a series of trade of course we will all talks with president xi jinping in the coming hours despite growing trade ties in recent decades japan and china have a strained relationship since the end of the second world war. well the rivalry between asia's two biggest economies stretches back to the early years of world war two generations of chinese have been taught about attacks by japanese forces most prominently the nanjing massacre in one nine hundred thirty seven the commemoration of war dead in japan remains an issue for many in china who consider many of the
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japanese soldiers to be war criminals to countries also disagree about the sovereignty of islands in the east china sea which lie on huge oil and gas reserves japan is trying to develop an improved trade partnership with the u.s. after the trumpet ministration pulled out of the trends that led to partnership china on the other hand has been operating a free trade area for asian countries since twenty ten. joins us live from beijing adrian so where are we today with this relationship. well peter i think it's fair to say that japanese prime ministers were not always welcome here in beijing just a few years ago a visit a red carpet welcome for japanese prime minister would have seemed unthinkable because back them relations were essentially frozen as you pointed out in your introduction this is a relationship that has been marked by historic hostility as well as rivalry let's
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remember this time thirty years ago it was japan that was the world's second largest economy today it is china back then thirty years ago china's economic reforms heard only just begun japan was the dominant power in asia today china feels that it sort of eclipsed japan as the dominant economic force in this region and that accounts for the continued rivalry now shinzo r.b.a. has had meetings with all the right people the chinese prime minister president xi jinping and the message that he's been stressing again and again is let's put our differences to one side and focus on areas where we can have some cooperation and one of the areas he wants to cooperate with china in is that situation that you mentioned in the east china sea where both countries are rival claimants for these uninhabited cluster of islands well shinzo rb has been outlining his ideas on how to reduce tensions in the east china sea to also father georgia it from
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competition to cooperation relations between japan and china are in the process of entering a new era we agreed to move forward towards realizing peace cooperation of friendship this includes taking measures towards averting maritime accidents in the east china sea and working towards establishing a hotline as soon as possible between maritime an aerial communication mechanism it ranges think we can carry on seeing this relationship improving as the months and years tick by from here on in. i think it's interesting peter i think what we're seeing is this the increased uncertainties in these two countries respective relationship with the united states is driving beijing and tokyo closer together shinzo r.-b. worries about declining u.s. influence in the asia pacific region where as president xi jinping once shinzo rb
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to do what he can to limit the impact of the escalating trade war between china and the united states he also wants shinzo abhi not to be drawn into a strategy which seeks to contain china so shinzo abi has a difficult job here it's something of a balancing act yes he wants to have improved relations with china but he doesn't want to upset president donald trump because of the end of the day the united states is the main security guarantee for japan adrian thanks very much stephen naggy is senior associate professor of the tokyo christian university he says both china and japan can benefit from improving ties both countries would like to move their relation relationship back to focusing on economics focusing on trade and to push aside some of the difficult political issues that really is a division between the two states who has the most to win this is very difficult
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question to ask but i think we can clearly understand that beijing is concerned about the sino u.s. relationship they're concerned about the trajectory of that relationship and they would like to it they're taking in economy and enemies approach and what i mean is that they'd like to put fires out within the region they'd like to warm relations with traditional rivals such as japan and concentrate the diplomatic efforts on the united states. well china is looking for to take some of some of the heat off the auth off china japan plays a very important role in building norms within the region japan's trying to support something called the free and open in the pacific which focuses on rule based behavior in terms of trade but also in terms of maritime policy and china feels that by warming relations with japan we can get more economic. we can forge a better economic relationship. it may be able to. use economic leaders to
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induce tokyo to put some distance between washington and tokyo but i think that's unlikely and last i think china is worried about its own economic slowdown and its economic slowdowns going to require more technological infusion from japan most lucky more f.b.i. foreign direct investment from japan and more trade which apparent. a few moments steps back with more weather for you and also still ahead here on the news our. sins continue north through mexico on which the u.s. is concerned extra troops to its southern border but some americans offer a helping hand. there's a close call for the boston celtics the brunt of the action of the sports news in about twenty minutes. through trying to brave you. free since
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it's a. hello there well we were hearing about the flooding in jordan and you can see from the satellite picture behind me that it's an enormous system that's given us that disastrous weather you see there there's jordan but this is the huge area of stretches across the arabian peninsula and all the way up into the southwestern parts of russia where we've also seen some deadly flooding these pictures are from the sochi region you see just how much water we've had there and this war and other places that have seen some rather disastrous weather as well you can see over parts of turkey there's been some heavy rain in the east that's now cold enough to have given us some snow so beautiful conditions there very very cold and it looks like there's more wet weather still to come for some of us over the next few days as well i think for the western parts of our map though the worst is over because that system is now edging its way eastwards two patches of particularly heavy rain to watch out for there was we had through the day on saturday the first ones there around the caspian sea heavy downpours hey could be some flooding and also for the
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southern parts of iran as well quite close to kuwait system really does look pretty nasty i won't be surprised if we hear reports from flooding from that one either that system is them working its way steadily southwards and i think here in doha we'll see increasing amounts of cloud during the day on sunday and quite a few thunderstorms as well. the weather sponsored by cats and nice. u.s. citizens obstructed from saving their families as the crisis in yemen worsens some have fled the horror of war only to be entangled in bureaucratic limbo with their lives and dreams of a future court on call. phone lines explores the old two wheel effects of trump's immigration policies. between war and the ban on a new jersey. welcome
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back you're watching al-jazeera news our live from our headquarters here in doha these are the headlines the turkish president mr says police more evidence in the murder of journalist jamal. will be released when the time is right he said he's
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called on saudi arabia to disclose the location of. rescuers to searching shorelines around the dead sea in jordan after flash floods killed at least nineteen people most of them children on an outing organized by the school almost forty people were rescued off the helicopters and divers were brought him. japan's prime minister shinzo rb says his country's ties with china have reached an historic turning point he's on a three day visit to china and mr smith the chinese president xi jinping in the coming next few hours. three journalists have been released on bail in mean mom after the president intervened and work for the country's biggest private newspaper they were arrested earlier this month following the publication of a story alleging officials in yemen gone mismanaged public funds are facing two years in prison. in a tweet to the u.s. president donald trump has addressed criticism over the recent attempted bombings
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of top democrat leaders mr trump says this on twitter funny how lowly rated c.n.n. and others can criticize me at will even blaming me for the current spate of bombs and ridiculously comparing this to september the eleventh and the oklahoma city bombing yet when i criticize them they go wild and scream it's just not presidential. the f.b.i. has sent teams to search mail sorting centers in the u.s. to try to trace who's been sending those bombs to high profile critics of donald trump so far ten suspicious passes have been found among those targeted former president barack obama his vice president joe biden and the former presidential candidate hillary clinton to call heinous more. another day another shot of a crude bomb being carted away to be deactivated on thursday in the loping pipe bomb similar to this founded a business owned by actor robert deniro two more devices found in delaware
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addressed to former vice president joe biden the targets are a who's who of the president's critics the very people the president has personally attacked many say this is proof the president has gone too far this has come from trump trump has used you know describe people who disagree with him as enemies of the people so people who support the other party are dangerous hateful crazy anti-american so it's very very hard to look at this and not lay a fair amount of the blame both squarely at the foot of donald trump but also what the other republicans who stood by for years let this happen at first donald trump took a conciliatory tone do you see how nice somebody. this is like i do you ever seen that it didn't last long he sent out a tweet just hours later blaming the mainstream media for the anger in the country his spokeswoman followed soon very inappropriate way to disown her people used on your network a number of times not only to describe the president but to many people that work in this administration absolutely day in day out there is
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a negative tone ninety percent of the media attention around this president is negative despite historic job creation his supporters in the media when even further claiming both sides are to blame were and do not sit there and point to what the other team did to cause this we don't know the perpetrator we don't know the motivation but it was interesting because hillary clinton says we can't we can't step aside from hateful rhetoric and tell democrats have bullied their way she was talking about policy america is a country divided so much so that even an attempt to carry out the mass killing of the country's political opposition is now seen as something to debate petty calling al-jazeera washington. well staying in the states the u.s. president says he's sending eight hundred u.s. troops to the southern border with mexico he wants them to stop thousands of people from entering the u.s. a seven thousand strong migrant caravan as it's being described as being walking
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north through mexico for more than a week most from on jurors and guatemala and say they're trying to escape poverty and gang violence john holeman has this update from the state of chiapas in southern mexico. the dynamic has really changed on this caravan of people the been heading so many miles from home duress trying to get to the u.s. border you can see now that instead of those images of a river of people really heading by phil now a lot of people are even getting rides from willing members of the mets compulsion elation all paying about two and a half dollars to get on these small buses they call them here come the and what that means is that they're advancing quicker than when they had to get there on foot there are lots of women also lots of children in this current band of more than seven thousand people to covering big distances but we still estimate that it's going to be probably more a month more than a month until they reach the united states of course there's something happening
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before that time and that's the u.s. mid-term elections and this is now being seen as one of the crucial issues in the election race president trump has certainly been using it to talk about the fact of this a mass migration to the u.s. border and using that really as a sort of a weapon to say that only he can guarantee stronger borders he requested for the military to actually be sent to the us mexico border we understand that's going to be about eight hundred twelve thousand troops they won't be arresting and detaining people they can't do that without permission from congress they'll instead be helping out more with administrative tasks but it definitely sends a message as this group of people go through mexico they say that they're really unaware of that political dimension for them this is about pure survival they say they're not earning enough even to live in their homeland for many of them that's
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home douras and that they're also having to pay extortion to the many gangs that are really warring in parts of that country for them this is simply about trying to get out of an untenable situation and find a better life. well staying with that story the u.s. president donald trump describing the approach of the so-called migrant caravan as quote a national emergency rob reynolds reports now from the u.s. mexican border as thousands of migrants from central america make their way north preparations are underway in san diego the largest port of entry in the u.s. andrea guerrero directs the immigrant's rights group alliance san diego we have a robust shelter network on the other side of the border and we have a robust service network here on this side of the border and so we will be coordinating with our sister in is ations to provide assistance where needed once the migrants reach the border they can apply for asylum as refugees under
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international law under u.s. law anyone who present themselves at a port of entry and asks for protection. must be provided an opportunity to present their case immigrants rights lawyer elizabeth come on a night gives migrants in detention free legal representation but most have no attorneys to represent them in a confusing legal process you're talking cultural differences you're talking linguistic differences you're talking legal concepts even if they understand that they are fleeing for might not be able to articulate in the legal terms that me those requirements advocates with years of experience dealing with central american migrants agree on one they're coming all of them share one thing in common they are fleeing the violence in their home country this is where the us mexico
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border plunges into the pacific ocean now the migrants are still hundreds of kilometers away from this spot but here on this side of the border president donald trump is using them to score political points ahead of the u.s. midterm election he says many of the migrants are hardened criminals and that they somehow represent a kind of national emergency trump falsely claims the opposition democratic party encourages migrants and wants completely open borders trump is using it abusing vulnerable people to advance his own political agenda u.s. agencies say over the past twelve months most people detained at the border were parents with children were children from legal loan now many more are on their way robert oulds al jazeera at the us mexico border. the u.s. is imposing new sanctions on the lebanese group hezbollah donald trump signed the
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measures into law before attending an event to mark the thirty fifth anniversary of the attack on the u.s. marine barracks in beirut two hundred forty one u.s. service personnel were killed in the bombing during lebanon's civil war. the islamic jihad organization claimed responsibility for the attack senior members of but group went along to join hezbollah. over the past year we have levied the highest number of sanctions ever imposed on has blown in a single year by far just a few moments ago i signed legislation imposing even more hard hitting sanctions on hezbollah to further starve them of their funds and they are starving thank you all and we will target disrupt and dismantle their operational and financing networks of which they had plenty they don't have
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plenty now and we will never forget what they did to our great marines in beirut we will never forget. a leading aid organization says spiraling inflation in yemen has nearly doubled the cost of feeding a family while at the same time having incomes save the children says the crumbling economy is worsening the suffering of children who are dying from easily preventable causes has been smith. doctors have told needs to buy a course of three injections to treat his daughter for diarrhea and inflammation but he can only afford one course because of soaring inflation and the collapse of a yemeni reactor. on one of the moments in the past month before one injection cost two dollars now it's three dollars and sixty cents she needs three but they can only afford one we're suffering because of the high price of medicines and even children's milk prices have gone up in
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a crazy meaningless way. children end up in hospital because parents can't afford enough nutritional foods the cost of basics such as flour rice salt oil and sugar has nearly doubled since the war began three and a half years ago pharmacies are running out of medicine in the besieged port of the data gathered about them some drug companies have increased prices by fifty to sixty percent and there was a radio price hike two or three months ago sales have dropped because patients are only buying a quarter of what they need and that affects their health. data is yemen's major port and controlled by hoofy rebels yemenis who live here are in the middle of a battle for control between the who thinks and the saudi u.a.e. led coalition fighting alongside yemeni government forces months of fighting a school severe shortages and soaring inflation that's compounding the nationwide humanitarian crisis. with guns and then within their behinds the price of bread
1:44 pm
has doubled now if we have we eat and if we don't have we don't eat we don't ask for help from anyone we drink when we can afford to buy water if not well can we do that now my. were hit by the exchange rate we don't make any profit sell something for a certain price then you go back to the wholesaler and are shocked to find the same thing cost more than i just sold it for. save the children says ten million people risk slipping into preform in conditions by the end of the year if the conflict continues bernard smith al-jazeera. tens of thousands of people remain homeless on the indonesian island of sin that we see a month after a devastating earthquake and tsunami and for children who lost their parents life does remain a day to day struggle wayne hainault from palo. in the shadow of destruction some schools have reopened as much as possible given the scale of the earthquake and
1:45 pm
tsunami rebuilding classrooms will take a long time as well rebuilding the confidence of the children on the first day back after the disaster less than a third of students showed up at this school just outside the city of palu and on the. access many students have difficulty getting here the roads in the north are still cut off in many places some of them are also injured so maybe they're still too traumatized to come to school. for those who did attend the makeshift classroom offered a form of healing and a sense of togetherness. and i really wanted to go back to school i was waiting and waiting but i didn't hear any news about the school. there are many children who remain unaccounted for probably way more than the officially registered number of just over one hundred the children who have lost their parents or have been separated from immediate family members there's an increased risk of
1:46 pm
abuse or becoming victims of child traffickers. of course we worry there could be trafficking cases especially if the children are still babies they can't say anything yet so confirming identities can only be done through the parents and people around them. social workers visit camps to try to educate people about the need to report details of children who may be in need almost a month on from the disaster still receiving tipoffs every day on this occasion they investigate a report of an eight year old boy seen in a nearby house they find that his aunt and uncle had been caring for him but he's now being taken to another city far away to stay with distant relatives this case highlights the challenges that social workers are facing in trying to find missing children they've been able to confirm some details about the boy whose entire immediate family is believed to have been killed in the disaster and are now
1:47 pm
recommending that he be brought back here to palu where he used to live but the point is that until now no one in an official capacity knew that he even existed. with candidates is still in disarray it's a confusing scary time for the youngest survivors in some camps the government and aid groups of set up safe places to children to play and receive psychological support when given the opportunity to draw what they want they often choose houses perhaps reflecting on happy times and looking forward to their return wayne hey al jazeera palu indonesia election officials in brazil are the problem of misinformation on social media as the country is the end of its most polarizing campaign in decades from rio de janeiro. this fact checking agency is working nonstop in the days prior to the final round of brazil's presidential elections they're trying to detect false information that's being
1:48 pm
spread around the country better value less says the volume of misinformation in this campaign has been unlike anything she's seen before usually the elections in brazil it's a strong relation with television people usually usually vote on the candidate that has more time on the t.v. campaign and this is the first year that didn't happen in the candidate that had more time on t.v. didn't get that much for what we see this time is the presence of social media and the phone apps spreading a lot of choice for almost half of brazilians is said to be the messaging app what's up around one hundred and twenty million brazilians have access to this app because mobile service providers allow unlimited access to subscribers we're going to be some of the people who are fighting the misinformation campaign by the amount about we don't know and we saw part of
1:49 pm
a network around the country who are not only detecting this information but hitting back with facts they send the information that they question that somehow think that might be false condoned this energy to us we analyze and then we verify it and we send it back to them he was in the water so this is our main source of communication they create animations with very fight information so it's easy to read this is why we want to share this information videos are. short last week a local newspaper reported that companies had been hired to bulk transmit to what sub users messages attacking the leftist candidate in the race but a man who had that and alerting about the possibility of fraud in the elections and even though the extreme right candidate for not a. has denied any wrongdoing to federal. investigators or the companies that could be behind the massive. will steal his e-mails we would love to have
1:50 pm
a radio and effective solution but in fact we do not have one fake news is not new what is new in this election is the speed of circulation and the fusion of this news which is really damaging me whatsapp has already said it was taking measures to stop companies using its service to send out messages but for many the damage has already been done. still to come. from. final season. shot at history.
1:51 pm
1:52 pm
thank you it's more snooze thank you peter well we start with tennis where the semifinal lineup will be set at the women season and in tournaments and singapore it later this friday carolina pliska over and a linux village to serve the teeny will place their get their places in the w.t. finals last four on thursday and just a short time ago the kiki burton's of the netherlands join them there she went through after u.s. open champion naomi osaka was forced to retire from their group match with an entry so just one group match remaining reigning wimbledon champion angelica kerber and last year's u.s. open champion sloane stephens will take to the court shortly to battle it out for the last semifinal berth. now defending champion caroline wozniacki was eliminated from the tournaments on thursday and after her loss to spitz alina the former world
1:53 pm
number one revealed she's been suffering with rheumatoid arthritis for the past few months the auto immune disease causes swelling and sickness of the joints but was an iraqi is confident that the condition will not impact her career. well it's all about just trying to figure out what works for you. you know obviously it's not ideal but you know it's something that you can manage and something you can work with and you know i'm proud of myself for the season and i'm very happy. to be here and have done everything. to football now columbia's junior will take it to nil lead into the second leg of their copa suit amerikana quarter final with argentine club defense jr got the breakthrough in the seventy fifth minute of the game and derek lewis dia's finding the back of the net for the hosts then they doubled their lead from their penalty spot in stoppage time after myron was taken down in the box rafael perez converting the spot kick the sides will meet again on
1:54 pm
in argentina on nov first. now elsewhere arsenal increase their winning streak to eleven matches in all competitions with a one nil victory over portuguese sides fourteen in the europa league danny welbeck scored the only game goal of the game for the english premier league club in the seventy seventh minute the result means arsenal boss unite emery is just two victories short of the longest winning run of his predecessor arson the anger we want to go do we need we want also. each much. for every player has to. take. personal. here are some of the other results from thursday's group games victories for spanish sides betis sivia and via ryall and chelsea made it three wins from there thanks to a hat trick from ruben looked this chic at the beginning of the season. i thought
1:55 pm
that he he was a really a very good player. now i think the same. but maybe i think also that he is mostly most suitable to my food but he's improving. in the n.b.a. the los angeles lakers have ended the denver nuggets undefeated start to the season a triple double from le bron james helping the lakers to a one twenty one one fourteen when meanwhile the boston celtics rallied to a win over the oklahoma city thunder jason tatum scored twenty four points to work the celtics out of a sixteen point deficit at half time celtics eventually coming out on top one hundred one to ninety five the sundered thunders though still gets when the season elsewhere the portland trail blazers beat the orlando magic portland's damian lillard set a franchise record with a thirty four points in the second half after scoring only seven in the first the
1:56 pm
magic fought hard to come back in the fourth quarter cutting the deficit to just thirteen but it was not enough portland taking the game won twenty eight to one fourteen. now in the n.h.l. the boston bruins made it four wins from four at home this season as they beat the philadelphia flyers on thursday so they know chara scored twice and just love how twenty six shots on the way to the three nothing when the bruins are second in the eastern conference atlantic division. now tony is the new leader at the halfway stage of the world golf championship event in shanghai the twenty nine year old american overcome a double bogey to a court card of five under par round of sixty seven overnight leader patrick greed was even par though his second round his he's three back in a tie for second alongside tommy fleetwood and defending champion justin rose. and
1:57 pm
the gymnastics world championships are underway and the men are on their second day of qualifications ahead of the team final on monday japan are the reigning olympic champions from rio and defending world champions from two thousand and fifteen the top three teams will secure a place in the twenty twenty games in tokyo now the spotlight is once again on lindsey vonn as she enters her final competitive skiing season the american needs just five more world cup wins to break the all time record. there's that there's that me a lot of opportunity this season and i'm going to try to capitalize on every race to try to get a bad record but you know like i've said in the past i think that you know even if i don't get the record i'm i'm still way beyond what i ever thought i could possibly do and i'm very very happy. and that's all for sport back to you peter thanks very much adrian is in this seat in a couple of minutes i'll see you at thirteen g. with news out until she very soon but.
1:58 pm
my would have been out of the into. the muscle to. a lot he blew his head up. on the nineteenth of december twenty sixth he mahmoud hussein was detained by the egyptian authorities he remains behind bars without a trial al-jazeera world investigates his case and media repression in egypt journalism is not a crime on al-jazeera. volcano
1:59 pm
kill way erupted explosively last thing boiling clouds of steam and ash and rock high into the atmosphere scientists say it's not unusual for eruptions to stop and start up again later as for kill away a it has been spilling lava continually for more than thirty years. native hawaiian spiritual beliefs say eruptions reflect the moods of the goddess. native hawaiians the belly is always nice to us whether she thinks our home or not we accept this type of event. it is. going to send. her some. short documentaries from around the world about those who will give up their fight
2:00 pm
for justice. al-jazeera selects justice. there's other information and evidence that we are holding kids president says that investigators have more evidence to be revealed in the killing of jamal khashoggi as he calls on saudi arabia to disclose the location of the journalists body. although i'm adrian for the getting this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up she. nominate we're doing everything we can everyone from the ministry of labor at the ministry of interior a frantic search for survivors out for at least nineteen people were killed in a flash.


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